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     ABC's of Health, Inc. is a South Carolina Corporation, established in January 1986 by Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as founder and president (Willoughby is pronounced Will-o-bee). 

     Lon has worked in the alternative health natural healthcare field for many years.  He has acquired a lot of important and valuable knowledgeable about many vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts and is a skilled natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, healthy lifestyle coach.

Overview of ABC of Health

     NOTE:  We will provide some background information that will enable you to get a good overview of  what our company did from January 1, 1999 to April 24, 2014, and since that time.  This is relevant information because it will enable you to see clearly the kind of very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge that our corporate president has acquired and used with customers.

     Our ABC's of Health Corporation owned and operated a unique Health and Wellness Store in Greenville County, South Carolina for 14+ years.  We permanently closed that store on April 24, 2014

     Our unique natural healthcare store stocked many nutrition supplement products such as: vitamins, minerals, herbal products, several enzyme formulations, essential oils, quality parasite cleanses, probiotics, proteins, and other sports products, and many other nutrition supplements.  

     We also stocked quality built air filters and air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizer and ionizers, quality built CHI exerciser equipment and rebounder type exerciser equipment.  In addition to those products, we stocked and displayed a portable type Infra-red (IFR) sauna (excellent device to help with body detoxification).  

     Our store also had a classroom and we were equipped to teach classes about our special natural healthcare concepts.  We could also provide personalized natural healthcare consultation sessions for people who wanted to get some natural healthcare concepts education in a quick and easy manner.

     As you can see from the brief listing of healthcare products and services presented above, we were truly in the Health and Wellness Business in a comprehensive manner - like no other health store in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

     Although we permanently closed our Health and Wellness Store, as explained above, our South Carolina Corporation is still doing business as (dba) ABC of Health without the health store.  We are now using our 14+ years of natural healthcare concepts education experience to specialize in providing very important and very valuable Alternative Health natural healthcare concepts education services

     The Home department of this Website provides information about our current natural healthcare concepts education services.  That department also explains why we closed our health and wellness store and explains our improved plan of action regarding our ability to provide a much needed advanced healthcare concepts education program for selected "qualified education clients."  

     These "qualified clients" will be natural-born American citizens who are citizens of this state and have a permanent residence Zip Codes of 296 _ _ .  These Zip Codes include the entire Greenville area and much more of the upstate area, including Anderson, Spartanburg, and many other locations.

Relevant Information About

Our Health Store History

     Our first health store location was within the city limits of Greenville beside Laurens Road, U.S. Highway 276,  near the Ford auto dealership - from January 1, 1999 through February of 2000.  We quickly outgrew the limited 1250 square foot floor space at that location so we relocated to a much larger store on Wade Hampton Blvd. (near Bob Jones University area) in March 2000.  Our new store had 4200 square feet of floor space and included a spacious classroom area. 

     We remained in the Wade Hampton area for almost 10 years, and then moved to our Mauldin location after Christmas day in 2009, and began doing business in our Mauldin location on January 5, 2010.


     Our Health and Wellness Store was located in the Golden Strip Shopping Center at 437 North Main Street in Mauldin, South Carolina (Mauldin is adjacent to Greenville, SC - just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville).  Four years and four months later, we permanently closed the store on Thursday evening of April 24, 2014 - after 14.3 years of health store business in the Greenville area.

     The Mauldin store location was on the Greenville side of town in a large shopping center that is across the highway (U.S. 276 - Laurens Road) from the Wells Fargo Bank, the Mauldin Post Office, Palmetto Car Wash, Goodyear Auto Store, Sherwin-Williams Paints, and several other stores. 

     We were just two blocks from the center of Mauldin (the intersection of Butler Road with U.S. Highway 276 - this highway is commonly known as Laurens Road).  This major four-lane highway goes through the downtown area of Mauldin and is named Main Street within the city limits of Mauldin.     

     The Golden Strip Shopping Center sign tower has a very large red sign at the top for AutoZone - people could look for the AutoZone sign to clearly identify this shopping center.  The large parking lot can park more than 150 cars.  There are two large buildings in this shopping center, one is parallel to the highway (AutoZone is here) and one is perpendicular to the highway (closer to the highway).  

     We were in the building that is closer to the highway, and we were next door to ABS Cakes (439 North Main Street) - also known as Gretchen's Bakery.  They are a bakery for cakes and pastries for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.   They also have a nice restaurant area for breakfast and lunch meals - this is a popular place to eat in Mauldin.  

     The neighbor store on our other side was Tailor Made Eyewear (435 North Main Street).  They are a complete eye-wear store that can provide professional eye exams and also make prescription eye glass lenses at this facility.  They also sell quality contact lenses, eye glass frames, sun glasses, etc.  

    Lon and his wife Janie have both had their eyes evaluated here three times during the past six  years, and both Lon and Janie purchased their updated prescription eyeglasses from this company.  They found the personnel to be very competent, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and easy to work with. Lon and Janie are very happy with their experiences with Tailor Made Eyewear. 

    Contacting ABC of Health:  We encouraged first-time visitors to our health and wellness store to call us at (864329-0004 to inquire about our exact location because we could usually help people select the best route from their location to our health store facility.  A convenient phone call could also verify that we had the products in stock that they might want to purchase.

     The Health and Wellness Store described above has been closed, but our Corporation is still in the Alternative Health natural healthcare concepts  education business - as explained below.


More Information about ABC's of Health, Inc.  

     The founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie Willoughby, has developed a practical and sensible balanced approach to achieving a healthy-living lifestyle that is cost-effective and economical to use.  This Website was designed to introduce people to our natural healthcare concepts education business and share some of our valuable healthcare concepts with our visitors. 

     Please understand that about 49,800 people die in America each week.  We understand that many of those people, perhaps most of those people, die because they had not learned how to use the very valuable alternative health natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in the  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.   We are currently developing this program - it will have three phases of education - Level One, Level Two, and Level Three

     Unfortunately, our remarkable natural healthcare education program was not available to the people that have been dying monthly in America so they were not able to acquire access to our incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare education program.  However, for many years, we have been sharing some of our natural healthcare concepts with visitors to this Website. 

     To get a good over-view of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts, a person would need to attend several hours of classroom education.  We learned that this is an impractical education method in today's very busy society.  Unfortunately, trying to conduct education in a classroom is also a cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive way to try to educate large numbers of people. 

     Consequently, we have been working on developing a home-study type education program that can help a large number of individuals and families obtain our very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts education in the convenience of their permanent residence, wherever they live in the upstate area of South Carolina with a Zip Code of 296 _ _

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will have the potential to improve the lives of many people and do this conveniently in their residence, without any travel time for attending classes, and it will be done at a reasonable cost.  This special natural healthcare education is worth many thousands of dollars for most individuals and families, and it can be worth million of dollars and more for wealthy people.   

Background Information about Lonnie Willoughby

     Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. is our Corporation founder and president,  He was born a long time ago (June 5, 1936), and he is still enjoying good health - with no chronic aches or pains, and he does not take any  prescription drugs at his advanced age of 81 years.   His medical health exam statistics for many years have looked like a healthy young man, but his health was not always so good. 

     Lon developed a serious health condition before he was 29 years of age, and his confusing health condition continued for many years thereafter because he had no idea what was wrong or what to do about this very confusing and very frustrating situation.  

     Yes, Lon consulted with several medical doctors over a ten-year period regarding his concerns about diminishing health and vitality, reduced energy, and periods of anxiety with frequent serious  mood swings for unknown reasons along with frequent periods of intense sleepiness (two to three hours after eating a meal).  Unfortunately, like most people, Lon did not know much about organ functions of the human body.  Consequently, he did not understand what was not working properly in his body;  he just knew that he did not have the reliable stable health that he had enjoyed all of his life, and he knew that his confusing, frustrating, and unstable health was getting progressively worse.

     He had no idea what was wrong and he did not learn any helpful healthcare information from the several medical doctors that he had consulted, over more than a ten-year period of time.  Consequently, Lon finally gave up on consulting with medical doctors.  He had suffered for many years with very confusing and frustrating health variations in energy levels, vitality, sleepiness conditions, and emotional instability and the medical doctors that he had consulted with had no idea what was causing those symptoms. 

     Lon finally realized that conventionally trained medical doctors had not been educated and trained to understand the type of health problem symptoms that he was experiencing frequently (eventually became daily symptoms).  This very important realization came to Lon in the early 1970's, and he did not know what other kind of healthcare services he should seek to get some help for his serious health problems that were obviously getting worse as the months and years went by. 

     Due to those serious health problems, he almost lost his career job with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and he almost lost his wife (potential divorce), and he almost lost his home and the ability to care for his two teenage sons.  All of those domino effects were caused by his very serious health difficulties.  He could tell that his health problems were getting worse progressively and he did not even know the name of his very confusing and frustrating health condition. 

     Thanks to his wife Janie, Lon eventually learned from an inexpensive paper back book that his symptoms indicated a condition named hypoglycemia - kind of the opposite of diabetes.  He learned about the blood test procedure that could check for that health condition, and he had a consultation with his local family medical doctor to arrange to get tested for that suspected health condition. 

     The doctor stated strongly "you do not have hypoglycemia" (without any testing), but Lon requested that the blood test be scheduled anyway.  The test was scheduled and conducted at a local lab facility.  When the test results came back a few days later, they definitively confirmed that Lon did have a serious hypoglycemic condition.

     Unfortunately for Lon, a series of medical doctors had not understood his symptoms- big mood swings during periods of very low energy and getting intensely sleepy for no known reason - during the afternoon and then again later in the evening.  The medical doctors did not understand or recognize those symptoms at all so they were not able to offer any beneficial help to Lon Willoughby.  

     Today, after many years of alternative health natural healthcare education, Lon is much more knowledgeable about many types of healthcare conditions, issues, and actions.  Due to his extensive natural healthcare concepts education, he understands that some health problems can be very confusing and very complicated to learn about, understand, and treat effectively.  

     Lon understands that the medical profession has many types of serious healthcare issues to contend with, and in many cases they do excellent work that is very helpful to many people.  However, Lon's condition was confusing to the several different types of medical doctors that he consulted with over the years. 

     The medical doctors did not seem to have any understanding at all about how to evaluate the symptoms of his health condition.  Consequently, Lon continued to get worse as the months and years went by (for many years - from age 28 through age 44).

     Near the end of this department, you can read a brief overview of Lon's health challenges and his determined efforts to try to learn how to regain the good health that he had enjoyed until he was about 28 years old.  You can learn about some of the natural healthcare concepts that Lon eventually discovered that turned out to be vital natural healthcare concepts; learning about them and then understanding how to use them properly enabled Lon to gradually regain most of his health. 

    It took many years of ongoing efforts for Lon to get good control over his hypoglycemic condition, due to his lack of adequate knowledge about nutrition and how the complex body systems function.

     Lon is much healthier today at age 81 (physically, emotionally, and mentally) than he was many years ago (the years when he was age 28 through age 44).  Due to his serious interest in alternative health natural healthcare studies during the past 36+ years, he gradually acquired very important natural healthcare concepts knowledge about many subjects.  His diligent advanced nutrition studies eventually enabled him to learn how to manage his hypoglycemia health condition much better.  

     He has studied many thousands of hours about very important natural healthcare issues: vitamins and minerals, herbs, probiotics, proteins, improving digestion of nutrients with food combining techniques and enzyme supplementation, improving bowel elimination actions, pH balance of body fluids, air quality improvement equipment technology and water quality improvement equipment technology, health improvement and maintenance type exercises, emotional stress management techniques, and effective ways to develop and maintain positive and constructive mental thought processes throughout each day (no matter what challenging circumstances occur during each day).

     Lon has also studied numerous other relevant natural healthcare subjects.  His dedicated study of important natural healthcare issues, over a period of 36+ years, enabled him to become a skilled natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach.


     Lon has a lot of personal experience with regaining abundant health.  Fortunately, he has also learned how to help practically everyone learn how to enjoy a substantially improved healthy lifestyle.  He also learned how to help people obtain convenient access to quality health-promoting products and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness services at competitive discount prices. 

     He also learned how to help customers spend money wisely when they are trying to improve various healthcare conditions - or when they are trying to improve their overall health and vitality and extend their longevity potential (enjoy living longer in better health).  Lon had learned how to help our natural healthcare education clients achieve the healthcare objectives expressed in ABC's Health Mission Statement (presented in our Home Extension 1 Department at Topic 6).  


     We used to ship products to many states, but we stopped shipping products to new customers in other states because Lon gradually learned about the outrageous level of "elitist" self-serving corruption that can easily exist within the American judicial systems (state courts and federal courts). 

     He learned that it can be very dangerous for a small business to ship healthcare type products to customers in other states due to the unpredictable "legal situations" that might occur due to various legal statutes in different states. 

     You can read about some of Lon's legal experiences by visiting the Judicial Department at this Website and then learn more at our ABCofHealth.biz healthcare education Website - use the hyperlink below to go directly to that Website.  Please read the next paragraph before using this link.


     Select the Justice department link at that Website.   Read Lon's 13 page Short Story about the appalling and disgusting level of self-serving elitist judicial corruption that can occur anywhere in America with very little chance of a fair-minded responsible investigation or prosecution of unfair, unethical, and corrupt members of the elitist "legal brotherhood."  You will then understand why Lon Willoughby will not allow our company to ship products to new customers in other states.

     He will also not allow members of the elitist "legal brotherhood" to have any access to our very valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs or any other healthcare and wellness services offered by ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health.  Those restrictions also applies to any attorney's spouse, their children, and their employees, or anyone else that is working within any county, state, or federal judicial systems in any capacity. 

 Our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services  

      ABC of Health closed our health and wellness store in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24, 2014.  We had a health and wellness center operating in Greenville County for 14 years and 4 months.

     Throughout that time, we has competitive prices for more than five hundred nutrition supplement products in major high quality brands, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, digestive enzymes, probiotic supplements, artery cleaning products (plaque reduction and removal), special immune system boosters, and several potent cancer-fighting natural compounds and extracts. We also had weight loss products, and we had muscle gain and weight gain nutrition supplements (sports products).

     Merchant processing fees for Credit Cards and Debit Cards sales:  Some people do not understand that merchants pay substantial processing fees for each credit card sale - a $200 sale has about a $6.00 to $9.00 processing fee that must be paid daily for each sale.  Credit card processing fees can vary somewhat because they are affected by the "free services" involved with each credit card.  

     Debit cards also have merchant processing fees, but they are usually less than credit card fees. The processing costs for debit card sales is greater than for credit card sales until the transaction amount gets to about the $20.00 level.  Beyond that amount, the credit card processing fees begin to exceed the debit card processing fees (due to the way debit card processing fees are structured). 

     Consequently, a knowledgeable merchant will prefer credit cards for small purchases (under $20.00) and debit cards for larger purchases - if the customer gives the merchant a choice in this matter.  

     Sales clerks in stores are not aware of the complexities involved with processing fees so they generally do not understand these issues unless they are the store manager or owner.  Many merchants (managers or owners) do not understand well the differences between credit card processing fees and debit card processing fees. 

     It is important for everyone to understand that the free services provided with credit cards (frequent flier miles, free insurance, cash back points, etc.) are actually paid for through the processing fees that are automatically charged to the merchants daily each time they process a credit card sale. 

     Consequently,  ABC of Health could usually provide additional discounts to our Preferred Customers because they paid with cash or with a local bank check.  Banks generally charge reasonably small fees for processing merchant's deposits of customer's checks.

 Competitive Prices and 

Special Discounts for our Preferred Customers

Air and Water Processing Equipment 

Lon Willoughby started studying water filtration and purification equipment in 1978, and bought his first water purifier in that year.  His continued studies enabled him to gradually acquired substantial knowledge about water processing equipment for home or office use.  Several years later, he began studying air filtration and air purification processes and equipment, and he purchased his first air purifier unit in 1983.  

Lon understands that a good healthy lifestyle should give proper consideration to improving air quality and water quality.  Consequently, we offered our customers important information about quality air filters, air purifiers, food and water ozonators (can destroy microbe contamination on raw foods or in water), bathing filters (for shower or tub bathing), water filters, water purifiers, and water alkalizer - ionizer units.  We routinely stocked these special products and had them on display so our customers could view these products and have easy and convenient purchasing access to these quality products  at fair competitive prices.

Lon could provide competent helpful information about these special healthcare products at our unique health store because he knew how to help people understand the features and benefits of the quality products that we had on display.  Lon could help customers understand how to make a wise selection of a suitable air filter or air purifier, shower filter, water filter or water purifier for their home or their office application.

People used to be able to learn valuable information about improving the air quality and water quality in their home or office by visiting the pure air department and the pure water departments of this Website.  If you select the appropriate link at the top or bottom of this article to visit these very important departments, you will not be able to gain access because the air and water departments are  reserved for "qualified education clients" access after completing Level One of an education program.

Very Important Health-promoting Equipment

     This About ABC department provides a good explanation of the various types of health equipment that we stocked.

Healthcare Consultation Services

     Lon Willoughby used to provide personalized alternative health natural healthcare consultation sessions for special situations.  Generally, Lon preferred to do this for people who had already completed our Level One Health and Wellness Classroom Education Program.

     This valuable education could enable clients to learn very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts, and understand how to integrate some of our very valuable health-promoting advanced natural healthcare concepts into their daily lifestyle.  

     For many people, completing our introductory healthcare concepts education would provide the natural healthcare concepts education that they needed to begin improving their lifestyle substantially.  However, in some healthcare situations, a personalized natural healthcare consultation session with Lon as soon as possible could be very helpful. 

     A consultation session might enable some people to quickly minimize continued frustration and minimize pain and suffering with some confusing healthcare conditions that they did not understand adequately.  

     Lon Willoughby can still provide these types of personalized consultation sessions, but he now does this very conveniently for the client by telephone.  He will generally do this for qualified clients who live in the upstate area of South Carolina, within about 50 miles radius of downtown Greenville. 

     Please call our office for additional information about this very important and valuable natural healthcare consultation type education serviceOur office phone number is 864-329-0004 and our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

     If we do not answer the phone when you call, this indicates we are busy with other people or other important issues.  You can leave us a detailed voice mail message on our high quality voice mail system, and we will call you back - please let us know the best times to try to return your phone call.

     Visit our Consultation department to learn more about the personalized Consultation Services that Lon can offer our customers.  A very important example of this specialized knowledge is the Kidney Cleanse  and the Liver/Gall Bladder Flush Protocols that we offer to some of well-established qualified consultation clients (on an as needed basis).

     Our natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach, Lon Willoughby, knows how to enable a body to cleanse the kidneys of stones and other debris (flush through the urinary system).  He also knows how to flush the liver and gall bladder of stones and other debris (flush through the bile duct into the small intestinal system and out of the body through bowel movements).

     Lon uses an alternative health natural healthcare procedure that is remarkably effective; he knows how to help people avoid some very serious health problems by using these important
cleansing protocols in an appropriate and timely manner as a preventative measure.

     Consider this situation for a moment: thousands of people have their gall bladder removed each year due to improper function; however, many of those people, perhaps most of them, could have avoided gall bladder surgery and kept their gall bladder if they had utilized an easy liver/gall bladder flush protocol (one and one-half days to complete each time). 

     This proven protocol costs less than $8.00 per session to complete and uses items that are readily available in most grocery stores (grapefruit, olive oil, Epsom Salt, and some purified drinking water). 

     When used with the proper protocol, these ingredients can enable the body to flush many stones and other debris out of the liver and the gall bladder.  Both organs can be flushed simultaneously with this procedure through the common bile duct that connects to the small intestines (for bile release - this is also the escape route for stones and debris to flush from the liver and the gall bladder into the small intestine and be removed from the body later in a corresponding bowel movement).

     The liver and gall bladder have a teamwork operation that provides important digestive functions each day of your life. It is therefore very important to keep the liver and gall bladder in good working condition so they can perform properly.  Unfortunately, it is normal for both organs to get clogged up over the years (somewhat like an automobile oil filter getting clogged up with debris when it is not replaced at appropriate intervals).

     Since we cannot replace our liver or gall bladder conveniently in a low cost manner (like replacing an oil filter), it is very important for us to learn how to help the body cleanse these organs periodically using a flush procedure that easy to accomplish in a practical and sensible manner. 

     Fortunately, the flushing protocol that we used was easy to accomplish overnight (in less than 36 hours per session), and it was a low cost procedure, as indicated above.  Lon's personal experiences with this remarkable protocol, plus information provided by numerous customers, indicates that most adults probably have many liver stones and gall bladder stones (hundreds likely) that need to be flushed from these two very important organs (liver and gall bladder).  

     Lon completed nine liver/gall bladder flushes (over a period of about six years).  He was amazed to see many green or tan colored stones and other debris that flushed out of these two organs.

     It was easy to see this stone debris (green or tan colored stones)) because the stone debris floated in the commode bowl.  Consequently, at his advanced age (born June 5, 1936), Lon still has his gall bladder, and it is functioning well because he flushes it periodically. 

     Lon still enjoys very good health and looks years younger than his age because he learned how to develop a healthy lifestyle that nourishes and protects his health and vitality on a daily basis in a holistic manner.

New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language 

holistic - adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole

holistic medicine - noun - treatment of the whole organism,  not just the symptoms of a disease

PCP - Positive, Constructive, Productive Attitude Consultation 

     Lon has developed a lifestyle protocol that can help our qualified consultation clients become happier, healthier, and more productive individuals using his PCP Attitude Adjustment Concepts: PCP = Positive,  Constructive, Productive.  This is the best and smartest attitude to instantly choose to have for coping more effectively with challenging or difficult or stressful circumstances and situations.

     We used to offer a class about this exceptionally important subject to enable clients to have an opportunity to learn how to incorporate this exceptionally valuable 'attitude adjustment concept' into their lifestyle.  Lon knows how to help people learn how to greatly reduce their stress level on a daily basis using his proprietary copyrighted PCP Concept

     Using this PCP Concept daily can make a remarkable improvement in the achievements, happiness, joy and self-satisfaction that can become a regular integral part of a person's improved lifestyle.

     This special education could likely enable a person to be much more successful in their chosen vocation and in their personal relationships with family and friends. Attending one of our Health and Wellness Education Classes (fee based) could enable people to learn the ABC's of Health and Lon's proprietary copyrighted Healthy Lifestyle Concepts. 

     People could quickly improve their ability to achieve optimized health, with more happiness, and more productivity and creativity.  They could also increase their longevity potential by learning how to use Lon's ABC's of Health and his vital Healthy Lifestyle Concepts.

     Our Level Two education class could enable people to customize a lifestyle improvement program that would enhance their ability to accomplish exciting and vital health objectives daily Healthcare  enhancement concepts could be accomplished in an easy, convenient, and economical manner. 

     Since we closed our health store facility on April 24, 2014, we no longer offer those natural healthcare education classes.  In the future, these very important and valuable healthcare concepts will be available in our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

     Members of our Healthy Lifestyle Club can obtain valuable information about very important advanced healthcare concepts by visiting our Lifestyle department and our Nutrition department - that helpful information can enhance the potential for improved energy and vitality and optimized health

     This exceptionally valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts information is login and password protected so those departments are not available to people that are not members of our Healthy Lifestyle Club (must have completed Level One of our home-study education program to receive the login/password codes).

 Helpful Nutrition Information for You

      1)  Many people take vitamin C and vitamin E supplements, but our many years of natural healthcare experience found that most people are not taking the forms of vitamin C or vitamin E that are most beneficial (and therefore provides the best value long-term).  We used to stock the best kinds of these very important nutrients - the more effective forms of vitamin C (natural or buffered) and vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols).

      2)  Unfortunately, many people, and probably most people, that take a probiotic supplement will not get a lot of benefit because they do not understand how to time the taking of probiotics to get the most benefit from this special type of health supplement.  The hydrochloric acid (HCI) in the stomach can severely damage and destroy most probiotic strains of beneficial microbes unless they are packaged in a way that protects them from a bath in stomach acid. 

     Some probiotics products use an enteric coating to help with this condition, but there are better, more effective ways of providing the badly needed protection.  Our Amazon.com clients can ask our health consultant about this issue because he understands this situation very well. 

     He also knows which probiotic supplements use the best methods of protecting these very important beneficial microbes from strong stomach acid.  He also knows the best times to take probiotics, and he can help our Amazon.com clients understand the importance of timing properly the taking of probiotic products for best results.

    3)  Many people take calcium supplements that are cheap powdered limestone (crushed up chalk) that does not assimilate well in the body (5-10 % assimilation) and can leave lots of unusable calcium buildup within the body that can cause some serious health problems over the coming years. 

     In addition, some of these people may not be taking a complementary amount of a good form of magnesium and complementary amounts of boron and vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7). Consequently, these people will not get the bone-building results that they are trying to achieve, and they may not learn about the serious deficiencies of these calcium products until many years later when their bones have deteriorated badly (and they have wasted money taking cheap products that did not work well). 

     They will also likely have dangerous calcium plaque clogging their arteries because they were not taking enough vitamin K2 (to help prevent that situation).   Customers could talk to our natural healthcare consultant to learn how he personally selects a quality bone-building and bone enhancing  product.  After all, we also use these quality products for ourselves and our family members. 

     4)  Most people do not understand the vital importance of using enzyme supplements when a person is consuming cooked foods (all enzyme activity can be destroyed by heat), and most people do not understand which enzyme formulation will provide the best effectiveness for a particular type of diet - mixture of flesh foods, vegetables, and carbohydrates (breads, carrots, cereals, corn, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.) or flesh foods and garden type vegetables; or a vegetarian diet or vegan diet.  

     The enzyme supplement selected for purchase should correlate properly with the type of diet that is usually consumed by the person purchasing the enzyme formulation for their personal use.

      Our natural healthcare consultant (Lon Willoughby) is also a nutrition consultant and a healthy lifestyle coach.  He has the specialized knowledge to help our Amazon.com clients make wise nutrition supplement selections.

     From these few examples, you can see that it can pay very important and valuable dividends over the period of a lifetime to shop in a health store that has a skilled natural healthcare consultant on staff who has the specialized nutrition knowledge that is needed to help customers optimize the benefits that can be achieved from the nutrition supplements that customers purchase there.  

     You usually cannot achieve these important objectives if you purchase nutrition products at mass-marketing discount stores.  In many situations, they have lower quality nutrition products (much lower amounts of some vitamins, and cheap low quality minerals that do not assimilate well into the body cells, and they usually contain undesirable chemical lubricants, fillers, and coloring agents, etc).  

     The mass-market stores do not usually have staff people available who are knowledgeable about many health conditions and nutrition supplement products.  Consequently, the customer may find it difficult to make wise choices when purchasing the store brand of nutrition supplement products.  

     Please do not be "penny-wise and pound-foolish" with your nutrition supplements.  It can cost you serious disease conditions, pain and suffering, and a premature death - as frequently happens to many people each week throughout America (about 49,800 people die each week in America).

     Our natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant (Lon Willoughby) knew how to help our health store customers become more knowledgeable consumers of quality nutrition supplement products.  This is the really smart way to shop for nutrition supplement products on the Internet - team up with a skilled natural healthcare consultant who is also a skilled nutrition consultant that can help you make the smart choices.  Lon Willoughby knows how to do that for our Amazon.com clients

     It is well worth any small amount of cost that may be involved when comparing prices to a deep discount Internet seller or mail-order company.  You can easily compare Amazon.com prices with other competing Internet companies.  The prices are usually similar for the same nutrition products.   

 Our Communication Services 

     We respond to telephone call voice mail messages as soon as possible.  Some of our customers (only in South Carolina) may prefer to communicate with ABC of Health via Email because they can give us a detailed written account of their health interests and concerns.  This additional information is helpful to us, and we try to respond to ABC Client E-mail inquiries within 24 to 36 hours.   You will find a very convenient Email Form in the Contact ABC of Health department.

     If your E-mail needs an urgent response, please call and let us know that you sent an E-mail.  This will help ensure that we look for your E-mail as soon as possible (ASAP).  It is always best to title your Email as:  ABC Client - last name and Zip code number.  

     This enables us to search through a lot of Emails and quickly find all of the ABC Client Emails.   Example:  ABC Client, Wilson 29607, or your Email could be titled as ABC Visitor, Thompson 29615; use Client or Visitor, whichever is most appropriate  for your situation.

     We usually get 80 - 100+ Emails daily from many sources that are not ABC Clients so we have a lot of Emails to look through to find client inquires.

     Thank you for contacting ABC's of Health by telephone or by E-mail.  Because we get so many Emails daily, please take a few seconds to select a title as suggested above and below.  This will enable your E-mail title to stand out in a backlog of E-mails that usually contains several hundreds of E-mails - all waiting for Lon's personal review (we get E-mails from many companies that are communicating with our business, many health articles and newsletters, and miscellaneous communications).    

Example of E-mail subject title:  ABC Client or ABC Visitor, last name, and give your ZIP code #. 

ABC Client Wilson 29607

     It is helpful when a customer provides their location information in the Email.  If this is your first contact with ABC, we would also like to know how you learned about us - referral from an ABC client (name), referred by a company (name), or you saw one of our ads (which ad? Internet ad, newspaper ad, magazine ad), or you found us via an Internet search (which browser?  Bing, Google, Yahoo, or some other search engine?).

     WATER ISSUES:   If you are inquiring about water filters, shower filters  or water purifiers, we need to know the source of your water.  Do you use municipal processed water?  We need to know:

   1.  the name of the community or town that you live in,

   2. the name of the water processing company serving that area, and also

   3. the source of water for the system - lake, river, well). 

     If you use a private personal water source, we need to know about your source water (lake, river, shallow well, deep well, etc.) 

     Please understand that water is a very complicated subject because it can originate from several sources and it can contain many contaminants.  With more than 50,000 chemicals in the marketplace, it is possible for numerous chemicals to get into private well water and also get into some municipal water systems.  In addition to those chemical considerations, private wells can also have serious  microbe contamination and other contaminants such as heavy metals (copper, lead, mercury, etc.) or radioactivity that can be extremely dangerous over time (water passing through granite rock, etc. can pick up dangerous radioactivity). 

     If similar chemical contamination occurs in a municipal water system, they will probably detect the conditions quickly and  take responsible actions to minimize dangerous contaminants (organics, inorganics, and radioactivity).

 Voice Mail Messages on our Telephone Answering Service   

      You may contact us by telephone or by E-mail to inquire about information related to your health concerns, various nutrition products, air filtration, air purification, shower filters, water filters, and water purification products. If you send us an E-mail, it is best to also telephone or fax us to alert us to look for your E-mail because we get many E-mails per day from various sources other than people communicating with us about their health concerns.

     Our phone, fax, and E-mail contact information is provided at the top of this department information. Thank you for being smart, having good judgment, and wanting to learn how to take much better care of your precious health.

     Our knowledgeable healthcare and nutrition consultant will be happy to respond to your E-mail inquiry about your health-related concerns.  Lon Willoughby enjoys helping our consultation clients learn about the ABC's of Health and some of our natural healthcare concepts.  Lon knows that our valuable healthcare concepts can help our consultation clients live a longer, happier, healthier, more productive life, and also help them enjoy a more successful life (in their career work and in their personal home life with family members and friends). 

     Select our Consultations department link below to obtain additional information about our valuable consultation services.  Some quick health tip consultations were free for customers in our health store, but inquiries that involve complex healthcare issues needed a consultation session (can still be provided by telephone for a reasonable consultation fee - major credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa can be accepted over the telephone).  

     We are currently developing our remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  When it becomes available, "qualified clients" will have a practical choice available to learn how to protect their precious health.  Would you like to live a better, more enjoyable, more productive, and more satisfying life?  Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable selected American citizens to do that. (our "qualified clients")

     Lon is confident that our education program will be the best and most effective natural healthcare education available in America for ordinary people (not healthcare practitioners).  In fact, all healthcare practitioners could benefit a lot from our education program, but we will not allow them to lease one of our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs because they are our competitors.

They would almost certainly use some of our special natural healthcare concepts to compete against us more effectively.  You understand why we cannot allow those multiple situations to help put us out of business (using our own proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts).

 Constructive Comments

About The Medical Profession 

     Medical doctors and nurses in America complete very difficult college-level education programs and training internships.  Together, working as a team, they are able to provide many very important healthcare services for millions of Americans each year.  

     They work in a very complicated business and they should be respected for dedicating their lives to this kind of very important professional healthcare service.  Lon believes they should be generously commended for the many beneficial healthcare services that they have learned how to provide for people suffering with various health conditions, especially emergency and trauma situations.  

     Because Lon works in the alternative health and "complementary health" side of the healthcare business, he understands much better than most ordinary Americans that human healthcare is a very  complicated subject area that can have many variable factors.  He understands this well because he has extensive education and experiences in the natural healthcare field

      His healthcare education and experience cause him to have a lot of respect for medical doctors and nurses.  They are human beings and they cannot know everything about all healthcare conditions.  In general, they do the best that they can within the limits of their education, training, and experience and the short amount of time that they can spend with each patient.

     Unfortunately, Lon's personal experiences in trying to get help for his deteriorating health during the late 1960's and early 1970's resulted in no significant help from a series of several medical doctors over a period of more than ten years. 

     Lon's later experiences with an alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant were much more successful than his experiences with the medical doctors.  Lon's then had later natural healthcare experiences working with hundreds of our health store customers, and those valuable experiences enabled him to learn that some people suffer with healthcare conditions that most medical doctors apparently do not understand. 

     Consequently, medical doctors do not always know how to evaluate those conditions properly or treat them effectively.  Lon has seen situations with many health store customers where medical doctors did not offer treatment in a practical and cost-effective way - without using potentially dangerous prescription drugs.

     Due to Lon's experiences working with many of our customers over a period of 14+ years, it is quite clear to him that many medical doctors are "drug-oriented" physicians who usually try to help patients correct most healthcare problems by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs (frequently known to have toxic side-effects that can cause serious harm such as:  liver damage or liver failure, kidney damage or kidney failure, heart damage or heart failure, etc.).  

     Lon understands that some conventional medical procedures result in death for large numbers of people - several hundred thousand people per year in America.   Consequently, Lon learned to prefer the alternative health natural healthcare methods and protocols that are available for some people in some locations for many health conditions.

     However, Lon also realizes that there are some healthcare situations that really do need a conventionally educated and trained medical doctor, and that is especially true for emergency situations where serious bodily injury and trauma have occurred.

Alternative Health Natural Healthcare Consultant Actions

     In contrast with the medical profession forms of treatment, an alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant will likely help the client understand how to make some important diet improvements and lifestyle improvements that can work together to help the client improve their health in a practical, responsible, and sensible way. 

     This type of natural healthcare consultant may also suggest the benefits available from some nutrition supplement products that may help ensure that the client's body will have reliable access to important nutrients that may help develop a healthier body.  The holistic-minded natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant will likely understand the importance of helping the client develop a healthier mental and emotional state of mind with much improved mental functions using positive attitude adjustment concepts.    

     They will likely help the client focus more attention on developing a more positive and more constructive attitude about the challenges caused by frustrating and disappointing situations in life.  These are natural healthcare issues that Lon Willoughby routinely considers when he conducts a natural healthcare consultation session with a client - depending upon their personal healthcare situation and their expressed objectives for the consultation session. 

     Holistic-minded natural healthcare consultants and nutrition consultants may recommend consideration of the use of appropriate herbs, vitamins, minerals, healthy oils (EFA's - essential fatty acids), enzyme supplements, protein supplements, and also consuming cleaner water and cleaner air, eliminating the junk foods and junk drinks that are so common in America.  

     This common-sense, practical, and sensible approach to natural healthcare can be more effective and a lot less dangerous than the medical profession's drug oriented programs.  The natural healthcare program is usually at much lower cost (but it will not likely be covered by health insurance). 

     Which of these two kinds of healthcare programs makes more sense to you (for general short-term  and  long-term healthcare improvements)?   Based upon Lon's extensive natural healthcare oriented experiences, it is very clear that medical doctors, medical nurses, chiropractors, dentists, healthcare consultants, dietitians, nutritionist, massage therapist, and other healthcare related specialist can be important people in the total healthcare maintenance and improvement process for individuals.  

     Lon understands that it is very naive for adults to assume and believe that medical profession personnel understand the best methods for coping with practically all healthcare conditions. 

     As Lon's personal experiences proved conclusively, and as his natural healthcare experiences with many of his health store customers and consultation clients disclosed, there are some healthcare conditions that conventionally trained medical doctors and medical nurses are not trained to understand properly or treat effectively - without likely causing more harm than the condition causes. 

     Consequently, one should be responsible and sensible about their own healthcare actions and learn as much as they can about taking good care of their precious natural healthcare assets.

     A serious "medical profession deficiency" was clearly evident in Lon's long-suffering health deterioration situation over a period of more than ten years while he tried to get help from several kinds of medical doctors.  They did not recognize his symptoms as indicating the condition of hypoglycemia, and they did not understand what actions Lon could take to manage his "unknown condition." 

     Consider these situations:  None of the medical doctors asked Lon any questions about his diet or his lifestyle.  The medical doctors apparently did not understand that his deteriorating health might be related to his diet and relevant lifestyle factors.  They apparently did not understand that those factors might be causing him to have a deficiency of some vital minerals and vitamins and perhaps other desirable nutrients. (That was probably because they knew very little about nutrition supplements).

     Consequently, none of the medical doctors offered any recommendations about improving his food or beverage choices or the way that his food was cooked, and they did not recommend any nutrition supplement products of any kind.  They also did not recommend that Lon consult with a "nutrition consultant" about possible nutrition deficiencies or lifestyle improvements.    

     The medical doctors did not recommend a health book for Lon to read so he could begin learning about important nutrition concepts.  At that point in time, Lon's knowledge of those concepts was practically zero, even though he had completed his high school education and had also successfully completed several years of college level training (including a health class, biology, chemistry, and physics classes).  

     Years later, Lon learned that his deficient diet and lifestyle situations were the primary cause of his badly deteriorating health.  He was not deficient in the tranquilizer drug that one of the doctors quickly prescribed. 

     Lon was subjected to many more years of serious health problems and outright suffering daily due to the deficiencies in the medical doctors' "healthcare knowledge."  That ongoing situation  also adversely affected Lon's family members in very serious ways, and it adversely affected his job performance for many years.  His deteriorating health condition almost totally wreaked his life. 

     He fortunately read two natural healthcare type books that helped him make some progress in learning how to improve his diet and his lifestyle conditions in a cost-effective manner. 

     Those books introduced Lon to the subject of nutrition consultants, but he did not know how to locate someone that could provide nutritional consultation services in the small Florida town where Lon lived.  This town did not even have a "health store" when Lon was looking for help in 1971 - 1975. 

     After a job transfer to Greenville, South Carolina in October 1977, Lon began looking for a natural healthcare consultant or a nutrition consultant whenever time permitted.  He found a local medical doctor that specialized in allergy issues, and he was much more helpful than the other medical doctors had been.  However, he did not understand Lon's hypoglycemia and his conscientious efforts to help Lon resulted in no significant health improvements over a one year period of time.

     Eventually, in 1980, Lon was more successful in that respect because he had a very beneficial and valuable learning situation occur due to his multiple fee-based consultations with a lady that owned a health food store in the Greenville, SC area.  She was a very knowledgeable natural healthcare consultant and a nutrition consultant and a healthy lifestyle consultant.  Due to her impressive knowledge level, she helped Lon learn how he could improve his diet and his lifestyle substantially.  

     Her extensive alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge helped Lon in multiple ways, including her ongoing recommendations (with each of six consultations) that he purchase two or three specific natural healthcare type books that she had selected from her health store book department.  

     Over time, Lon purchased all of the books that she recommended, and he studied those books in the same way that he had studied his college text books.  The natural healthcare knowledge that he gained from those books was very valuable, and that alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge helped Lon gradually learn how to get a lot of his natural health back (over the next three years). 

     That lady's dedicated healthcare consultation services enabled Lon to learn how to save his life.  Remember that he had gotten no help from consulting with six medical doctors over a period of more than ten years.

     Lon now understands that many healthcare problems are related to lifestyle deficiencies and nutrition deficiencies.   Over the years, he learned that typical medical doctors and nurses have not been educated or trained to understand nutrition deficiency situations and lifestyle deficiencies.

     Lon Willoughby now understands that these conditions are very common in the adult population in America, and they are likely the primary cause of many types of health problem conditions that can eventually develop into some very serious disease conditions.   

     He eventually understood that the conventional medical profession's drug-oriented training for most medical doctors and nurses (and apparently many dietitians) is inadequate education and training for understanding many of the fairly common health conditions that millions of people suffer with daily.  

     Consider this question:  Is it conceivable to you that the specialized medical profession's drug-oriented type education and training for medical doctors (and medical nurses) might not be adequate education and training for understanding the natural healthcare actions that many people should take to cope effectively with common healthcare problems that might be related to fairly typical nutritional deficiencies?  

     Over the years, Lon Willoughby learned that this very special alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge is essential for developing a good understanding of why health deterioration conditions routinely occur for millions of Americans. 

     These health conditions can persists for years - maybe the remainder of their lifetime.  Those conditions can continue to get worse as the months and years go by - because their medical doctors did not recognize the symptoms of their health deterioration condition. 

     Were the good doctors adequately educated and trained to understand how to treat those nutrition deficiency conditions?  Lon's personal experiences with medical doctors, plus his extensive experiences with a lot of health store customers and consultation clients, proved convincingly that there are big deficiencies in the education and training for medical doctors and medical nurses. 

     Eating a recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables can be helpful of course, but that is a long way from having the natural healthcare and nutrition knowledge that is needed to develop a cost-effective high quality healthy lifestyle. 

     If a lot of the nutrition components that people need is not actually contained in the foods that people eat, it should be clear that they will not get all of the nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy brain and a healthy body structure for the long-term from the foods they consume.  They will clearly need to obtain some additional nutrients from some other source, other than their food.  

     Lon has learned that quality nutrition supplements are the practical and sensible cost-effective way to help ensure that one will obtain important nutrients in adequate amounts and types so they can be efficiently assimilated into the body cells.  He has also learned that many dietitians apparently have been educated to believe that people can get all of the nutrients that they need to be healthy long-term by eating a good "balanced diet" - without any need for nutrition supplements.

     Lon Willoughby's healthcare experiences with more than a thousand health store customers (over 14+ years) proved again and again that such dietetic advice does not help satisfactorily with many common healthcare conditions.  He learned that using quality nutrition supplements appropriately was needed to improve some healthcare problem conditions, and in some situations, positive noticeable results could be obtained with three or four days.


     The founder and president of ABC of Health, Inc., Lon Willoughby, has developed a practical balanced approach to achieving a healthy-living lifestyle in a cost-effective economical manner.  He was born a long time ago (June 1936), and he is still enjoying good health - with no aches and no pains, and he takes no prescription drugs.  His health (medical) exam statistics currently look like a much younger man although his health was not always so good. 

     Unfortunately, Lon acquired a very serious health condition before he was 29 years of age, and his health deterioration continued for many years, although he consulted with several medical doctors (over a ten-year period) regarding his concerns about diminishing health and vitality, diminished energy, and serious mood swings frequently for unknown reasons.  

     Lon eventually concluded that medical doctors did not understand his seriously deteriorated health condition, and he finally gave up on consulting with medical doctors about those issues.  Left with no practical alternative, he began a study of natural healthcare by reading alternative health type health books, hoping to learn why his previously healthy body was no longer healthy and was continuing to get worse as the months and years passed by.   

     Unfortunately, Lon experienced many more years of confusing and frustrating suffering, due to his lack of knowledge about his health condition symptoms.  It is important to understand that an alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant was not available to Lon in 1971 when he  began trying to cautiously learn about actions that he could take to improve his health.  He lived in a small town in North Florida (Panama City), and he had never been inside a "health food store" in his entire lifetime.  There was no such facility in the town where he lived in 1971. 

     Fortunately, a small independent "health food store" was established in the town a few years later, and Lon was able to obtain "nutrition supplement products" at a local health store for the first time in his life (at age 40) in 1976.  That was his first experience with "health store products" and due to his college level health education, he was very skeptical about the need for taking any "vitamins and minerals supplements." 

     After all, many years before this time, Lon had completed college courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and physical health education.  He had learned a little bit about vitamins and minerals, and he had been "educated" to believe that a person will get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals by simply eating a good balanced diet (whatever that is?).  

     Due to that "college level training," Lon had never considered trying to find health store "nutrition products" to supplement the nutrition components in his regular diet.  Consequently, he had no knowledge about "nutrition supplement products" and he had never tried to find a "health store" where those kinds of products could be purchased. 

     WOW, things have really changed for the better during the past 45 years.   We can now purchase nutrition products in numerous health food stores, in drug stores, in grocery stores, from mail order companies, on the Internet, and even from friends and associates selling health and nutrition products through network marketing companies.  This situation has improved tremendously and that is truly a really good change for many millions of people across America.

     FLASHBACK:  Lon's deteriorating health caused substantial health problems for him, physically and emotionally (he had serious mood swings), over a period of many years (1962 into the 1980s).   Medical doctors did not understand his health problems, and they were unable to provide any help except to prescribe taking a tranquilizer prescription drug to help with relaxation and reduce anxiety.  

     Lon began studying alternative health natural healthcare information in 1971, and those self-education actions gradually enabled him to begin improving his lifestyle in some important ways.  Those changes did not actually correct his health problems because he did not understand the complexities of his health problems.  He did not know what nutrition supplements were needed, and he did not understand that he needed to make major changes in his lifestyle (the foods and beverages that he routinely consumed).

     Finally, during 1980 Lon began to see some significant improvements in his health condition as a result of six healthcare and nutrition consultation sessions with a knowledgeable holistic-minded alternative health natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle consultant.  She also owned the local health food store in Mauldin, South Carolina. 

     Lon agreed to pay her $50 per hour in 1980 for each consultation session, and the new knowledge that he learned in six consultation sessions (over a period of about three months) enabled him to quickly make substantial improvements in his lifestyle. Those changes began to improve his health gradually, day by day, and he made a lot of progress during the next twelve months.   

     It is very important to understand that the natural health consultant also recommended that Lon read several health books that could expand his knowledge of important holistic type healthcare concepts.  He studied those books like a college student preparing for exams, and that very interesting healthcare information enabled Lon to understand how to nourish and protect the health of his body cells much more effectively than anything he had ever done in the past years.  

     Looking back 36+ years, Lon understands that those natural healthcare consultations enabled him to turn his life around in very important ways, and that is when he began making steady progress toward regaining the abundant health that he had enjoyed when he was a teenager and into his early twenties.  In essence, Lon now understands that those natural healthcare consultations enabled him to learn how to improve his lifestyle and nutrition a lot. Those lifestyle improvement actions effectively saved his life, even though the health improvements came gradually during the next three years.  

     Lon's alternative health natural healthcare studies enabled him to acquire a better understanding of the complexity of the human body.  Those studies enable him to understand some of the many factors that can influence a person's health and vitality, physically and mentally.  He was fascinated with what he had learned thus far, and he continued to purchase other alternative health type books, and he continued his study of various natural healthcare concepts - as presented by various authors. 

     As a consequence of his dedicated study over a period of 36+ years, Lon regained his health to a large extent.  He is healthier today (age 81) than when he was 30 years old.  He understands the remarkable value that several combined natural healthcare and nutrition consultations can provide to an individual to greatly speed up the process of achieving natural healthcare improvements

     CONSIDER THIS:  If Lon had not chosen to spend the modest amount of  money for those six consultations back in 1980 ( three hundred dollars plus book purchases ), and if he had not purchased the nutrition supplements that were recommended for consumption during the next year, it is likely  that Lon would have suffered daily with further serious deterioration of his health.   

     It is also likely that he would have eventually become a very miserable person, unable to work, and he would have probably died many years ago.  Consequently, the very reasonable fees that he paid for six healthcare consultations, some inexpensive paperback books, and the recommended nutrition supplements turned out to be an excellent investment in healthcare.  Lon was enabled thereby to learn how to improve his lifestyle, and his diet, and nutrition - those actions clearly improved his health. 

     Needless to say, Lon is very glad that he chose to pay for six natural healthcare consultations with a nutrition oriented natural healthcare consultant.  That situation was a big improvement when compared to his very frustrating and very discouraging efforts to get his health deterioration under control with multiple consultations with a series of several medical doctors.  The alternative health holistic natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle consultant helped Lon a lot.  She enabled him to gradually reverse his health deterioration process during the next three years.

     Lon's extended natural healthcare-recovery journey, over a period of more than 50 years, proved that trial-and-error healthcare improvement actions are not the best choice available to people who sincerely want to improve their healthcare actions in a knowledgeable way as quickly as possible. 

     He understands that a fee-based natural healthcare and nutrition consultation program with a very knowledgeable holistic-minded natural healthcare and nutrition consultant can save a client a lot of precious time (probably many years) and also save a lot of money, while also minimizing the pain and suffering that may be caused by a very confusing and frustrating healthcare condition.  

     People need to understand that a person can begin to make important progress in improving their lifestyle and their healthcare actions by purchasing one or two healthcare consultation sessions with a knowledgeable holistic-minded natural healthcare and nutrition consultant.  That is frequently the really smart, sensible, and most cost-effective way to get started on the fast track to better health

     NOTE:  Our natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach, Lon Willoughby, knows how to help our clients improve their lifestyle, and diet, and their nutrition supplement purchases.  He  knows how to help them get on the fast-track to better health (enjoy more energy, vitality, and brain power).  Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program clients can learn how to have more enjoyment and personal satisfaction in life on a day-to-day basis. 

     You can now understand why Lon considers his serious healthcare condition many years ago as a blessing in disguiseWithout that very confusing and complex healthcare problem to cope with for many years, Lon would not have acquired the extensive alternative health natural healthcare education and experience (thousands of hours) that he gradually acquired over a period of 36+ years. 

     That special healthcare concepts knowledge enables Lon to understand how to help many people with their healthcare concerns in his capacity as an alternative health natural healthcare educator

     The Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and his wife Janie are developing will enable our company to substantially expand our efforts to help many more people than we could have ever helped by continuing to work at our health and wellness facility.   

Nutrition Supplements Can Be Very Important   

     Lon has had a lot of experiences with nutrition supplements helping improve the health of our customers.  He understands that there are still many people who ignore their need to learn about nutrition supplements, and how to use them properly.  This usually occurs because many people stubbornly refuse to give up their simplistic naive belief and hope that they will get all of the nutrients needed for good long-term health from the foods they consume. 

     This has not been the case for most American during the past 80+ years, due in large part to vital mineral deficiencies in most commercial "plant food" growing soils.  (plant food crops for people and  for animals that eat plants grown in those deficient minerals soils)  When humans eat those deficient plants, or eat the animal flesh from animals that ate those deficient plants, the needed minerals will not be supplied adequately from those deficient sources (plants or said animal flesh).

     Look around and observe the people in hospitals and nursing homes, and consider the people who went to an early grave due to various disease conditions, and then answer the following questions:

     1.  Did those people get all of the vital nutrients that they needed for long-term good health from the foods that they ate? 

     2.  Is this nutrient situation getting better, or is it getting worse, as the commercial growing soils become even more depleted of essential minerals, year by year with each growing season?  

     Fertilizer Information:  Remember that commercial fertilizers are made up of three primary nutrients that are needed and suitable for plants - Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) - thus the typical N P K ratios of 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or some other ratio that is suitable for specific plants or crops of these three primary minerals. 

     You need to understand that commercial fertilizers generally do not contain the 20+ minerals and 70+ trace minerals that are beneficial for human beings (it would be very expensive to fertilize plants with all of those important minerals).  However, it is easy and relatively inexpensive for people to supplement their diet with those desirable minerals on an as-needed basis.  This situation also has the advantage of allowing the individual to exercise control over this mineral supplementation. 

     Mineral supplements are more important than vitamin supplements in this respect:  minerals can work properly in the body without the presence of vitamins, but vitamins need certain minerals to work with in order to function effectively in the body.  

     The pH benefit or harm caused by consuming certain foods is due to the mineral content of those foods.  For instance, all flesh foods (meats, fish, chicken, turkey, etc.) and most grain products (corn, oats, rice, rye, wheat, etc.) are high in phosphorus (an acidic mineral) and low in calcium and magnesium and potassium (alkaline type minerals).  Consequently, flesh foods and grain foods will help move the pH of body fluids to a more acidic condition each time they are consumed. 

     What foods or alkaline type minerals are you going to consume along with those acidic type foods to help ensure that the body pH values will be enabled to remain in the healthy pH range?

     Everyone should learn about the tremendous importance of pH balance in body fluids, and learn that  minerals are what enable the body to maintain the proper pH balance (pH = potential of Hydrogen  or parts Hydrogen).  Improper pH of body fluids can help cause osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease conditions, heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, and some other serious health problems.  Consequently, minerals are very important nutrients for the human body, as well as being very important for many types of animals.  

     Consider this question:  Is the food that you consume daily providing all of the vital minerals that you need for long-term health?  (major minerals, minor minerals, and trace minerals)  Would it be wise for you to take time to learn more about this incredibly important healthcare subject?  We will teach these very important nutrition concepts in our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program.    

Alternative Health Natural Healthcare Concepts - Improvements  


     It is now better understood that most health deterioration conditions are related in some way to the field of nutrition and inadequate natural healthcare concepts knowledge, rather than being related to prescription drugs type deficiencies. 

     It should therefore be clear that many people should seriously consider consulting  with a holistic-minded alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant so they can quickly learn about vital natural healthcare concepts that can be very helpful with their health condition. 

     During the past 25 years, there have been many advances in alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge, and there have been many improvements in nutrition supplements, with expanded knowledge about those supplements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lon has worked diligently in trying to keep up with many of these healthcare advances and protocols.  Due to his extensive study, training, and experiences with many people, Lon now knows how to teach the alternative health natural healthcare concepts that everyone needs to know. 

     He knows how to teach these healthcare concepts so that it takes much less time than it used to take to make substantial progress with healthcare improvements.  The alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge that Lon has acquired is worth many millions of dollars.  It enables him to know how to help our consultation clients learn how to get on the fast-track to better health.

     With Lon's current natural healthcare concepts knowledge, our home-study education program clients can learn how to make much more healthcare improvement progress in just a few weeks than Lon was able to achieve previously over a period of three years - after his series of six healthcare consultation sessions in 1980. 

     However, Lon's alternative health holistic-minded natural healthcare and nutrition consultant in 1980 was knowledgeable enough at that early time to help him much more in three months than a series of  six medical doctors had accomplished with Lon over a period of more than ten years.

     It is now very clear that Lon's holistic-minded natural healthcare and nutrition consultant was able to help him get on the right track toward real health improvements.  The various alternative health type health books that she recommended enabled Lon to increase his natural healthcare concepts knowledge substantially in just a few months.  

     Consequently, Lon understands clearly that the healthcare consultations fees that he paid her was the best money expenditure that he has ever made regarding his serious efforts to improve his badly deteriorated health. 

     Lon will be eternally grateful to his natural healthcare and nutrition consultant for the valuable healthcare knowledge services that she provided to help Lon learn how to take much better care of his health.  A big bonus that occurred was that wife Janie also got to benefit greatly from that situation.

     The vital natural healthcare concepts information that was provided during the consultation sessions, and the very important alternative health natural healthcare knowledge that the consultant  helped Lon gain from the health books that she recommended, enabled him to quickly learn how to help his body improve his natural healthcare actions substantially. 

     Lon eventually came to a clear understanding that his physical and mental health were the most valuable possessions that he would ever have, and he consequently learned to focus more attention toward  "managing and protecting his health" on a daily basis.  Those easy and simple lifestyle enhancements enabled Lon to make major improvements in his health over a period of several years. 

     From those valuable experiences, Lon wants you to enjoy the benefits of making important lifestyle improvements, and he hopes that this report about his previous health problems will encourage you and hopefully motivate you to begin learning how to make improvements in your diet and lifestyle.


How Does This Information Relate to You and Your Life? 

      You are a very special person and there is no one else just like you.  You have many special abilities that no computerized robot can duplicate - no matter how many millions of dollars it may have cost to develop.  Please take your mental and physical health very seriously because their combination is worth more than all the money on Planet Earth!  

     After you review all of the information presented in this About Us department, you can select the  Consultations link (at the top or bottom of this article) to visit this department and learn about some of the exceptionally important vital healthcare concepts that Lon discovered through extensive study over a period of many years.    

     You will also find valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts information in several other departments of our Website.  Visit these departments to gain additional valuable healthcare concepts knowledge that can be very beneficial to you for the years ahead. 

     Please understand that some departments of our Websites have restricted access - the exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts presented in some departments are available only to members of ouHealth and Wellness Club. (need user name and password to get into these restricted access departments)  


Relevant Background Information About Our Company

     During April 2009, about two months before the end of his 72nd year of life, Lon applied for some additional life insurance (10-year level term) with Prudential Insurance Company, one of America's top rated Life Insurance companies.  Due to his advanced age, a comprehensive evaluation was made of Lon's vital health statistics, consisting of blood sample tests, urine sample tests, an EKG, an MD's physical evaluation and a second EKG, and then a Cardiologist Clinic review of Lon's health condition, including a detailed 28 minute Echo-cardiogram evaluation of his heart valve functions.

     All of that test data was submitted to the insurance company underwriters for their evaluation.  They subsequently rated Lon's health status as Preferred Best - an excellent health rating for a man that was 73 years old. This detailed extensive health status evaluation by professional medical test data clearly indicated that Lon Willoughby really does know how to maintain very good health into his advanced age.  He knows how to talk the healthy lifestyle talk, and the test data proved convincingly that Lon also knows how to walk the  healthy lifestyle walk effectively. 

     Lon has acquired a very good understanding of the alternative health natural healthcare knowledge that is needed to help people learn how to improve their health and their lifestyle substantially.  He sincerely wants other people to have a fair opportunity to benefit from the extensive and very expensive natural healthcare education that he acquired over a period of 38 + years. 

     Prior to closing our health and wellness facility on April 24, 2014, Lon usually worked six days per week (14 to 16 hours daily) with activities related to that business.  He was dedicated to the operation of our very complex educational type healthcare business because he was challenged to help as many people as possible learn how to take much better care of their precious health - before they lose their health

     Lon understands that hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year because they do not have an understanding of the "advanced natural healthcare conceptsthat Lon acquired over a period of many years of study and work. 

     He understands that millions of Americans have died (during the past five years) from this lack of healthcare knowledge, and Lon realizes that more than 49,000 people die in America each week due to their lack of knowledge about the advanced healthcare concepts that he has developed over the years.

     Although they are copyrighted trade secrets of our corporation, Lon has shared some of those healthcare concepts with the general public at this Website.  This valuable healthcare concepts information is free but it must be used according to our Terms of Use conditions 

     Consider this situation:  On average, about ten thousand people die of cancer conditions each week in America and an even larger number die of cardiovascular disease conditions each week.  Many of those people could have been helped a lot if they had acquired and used the natural healthcare concepts that we have been presenting free at our Websites for many years.  

     Would you like to understand how to improve your overall health, increase your energy level, improve brain functions (learning, memory, recall, etc.), and decrease the potential for sickness and disease conditions (Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, hypoglycemia, excess weight, etc.)? 

     Would you also like to understand how to enjoy more vitality and zest for life into advanced old age, like Lon enjoys now at age 80?   If you answered YES to these questions, you will find that our unique health and wellness Websites are a very good place to visit for important free healthcare information.

     The advanced natural healthcare concepts education services that we offer can probably change your life for the better in remarkable ways.  You can visit our Consultations department to learn more about our the types of healthcare issues that Lon knows how to help our clients understand. 

Background Information About Lon Willoughby

     The founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie Willoughby, was born on June 5, 1936; he was graduated from high school in June 1954.  Lon grew up on a farm in North Carolina (about 40 miles from North Myrtle Beach, SC).  Consequently, he learned a lot about farming and the process of growing many kinds of food produce.

     That very valuable farm experience made it much easier for Lon to subsequently understand that we cannot depend upon the food that we eat to provide all of the vital nutrients that we need to be healthy and maintain good health for a long lifespan. 

     Lon eventually learned why most commercial farming soils (in America and many other countries) do not  contain adequate amounts of all of the vital minerals that humans need to obtain from plant foods (or animals that eat plant foods grown in mineral depleted soils).  If the minerals are not in the growing soil, they cannot be in the plants grown in that soil, and they will therefore be deficient in the flesh of animals that ate plant foods grown in that mineral depleted soil. 

     He remembers taking big trailer loads of dried plant food to the local feed mill (about four miles away from the farm) and having it ground up to produce a powder that was bagged in large cloth bags.  This powdered plant food could then be used to help feed their cows (beef cows and one milk cow). Lon remembers that his father paid an extra fee to have the plant food supplemented with minerals during the grinding process.  His father also provided a mineral block that the cows could lick whenever they wanted more minerals, including salt. 

     It is interesting to look back and consider that Lon's father understood the need to supplement the cows' food with minerals, but the Willoughby family did not take any kind of nutrition supplements to enhance or enrich their own diet.  There was not even a store in the nearby small town where one could purchase nutrition supplements of any kind.  Consequently, that situation was probably common practice for most farmers in America at that point in time (1930's through the 1950's).  

     Some advanced farmers (Lon's father) had learned that they needed to supplement their cows' dry powdered food with minerals, but they had not been taught that it would also be a good practice to supplement their own diet with vital minerals that were probably not adequate in their food.     

     Many years later, Lon learned about a very important nutrition report that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) had made to the U.S. Congress in 1936 (the year Lon was born).  That very important nutrition report explained that most commercial growing soil areas of the United States were likely depleted of some of the vital minerals that humans need to maintain a healthy body, 

     The report explained that mineral supplements were needed for the farming soil to correct these mineral deficiencies in plant foods that humans consume.  This exceptionally important and valuable USDA nutrition oriented report explained that the mineral deficiencies were so important that if they were not corrected, we would likely have multiple generations of people who would develop chronic health problems (disease conditions) due to important mineral deficiencies.  

     So what happened as a result of this exceptionally important USDA report?  Nothing happened.  Let's remember that this is a free country and the U.S. Congress had extremely limited funding capability  to take substantial actions to correct the reported mineral deficiencies in many millions of acres of commercial growing soils for independent farms across America.  Consequently, nothing of any substance was done about this looming growing soils mineral deficiency problem. 

     Please understand that the same types of farming conditions were very likely happening in commercial growing soils in the developed countries throughout Asia, Europe, etc.   

     During his late twenties (about age 28), Lon noticed that he had developed a confusing health condition, and it got progressively worse until he was age 48.  Over a period of more that twenty  years of very confusing and frustrating suffering daily, Lon gradually learned how to regain a lot of the health that was lost in earlier years (in the 1950's - 1980's).  As it turned out, Lon's health problems were directly related to his tendency to eat foods daily that produced too much glucose in his blood system (carbohydrates and sweets of many types), and he had some important mineral deficiencies.

     Fast forward to the present time - 2016 - 80 years since the USDA Report in 1936:   Lon is now quite healthy for his advanced age (80), and he enjoys each challenging day with no aches, no pains, and a vigorous lifestyle (he typically works 12-16 hours per day).  He does not take any prescription drugs or medicines, and his annual medical exam data looks like that of a much younger healthy man.

     The healthcare knowledge that Lon gradually acquired about vital and advanced natural health concepts (during the past 36 + years) enabled our company (ABC of Health) to develop the  very important and valuable vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that will be taught in the Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon and Janie are developing

     Some of those valuable healthcare concepts are available to you at this unique introductory healthcare concepts education Website.  These concepts can help our visitors understand why it may be important to supplement their normal diet with quality minerals and other nutrition supplements.    

     There are important healthcare concepts available free in several departments of this Introductory Education Website.  They can help visitors learn how to take more control over their own healthcare actions.  Visitors can gain an understanding of some of the important actions that they can take to  help protect their natural healthcare assets into old age.  

     Our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program clients will also be able to obtain access to very important information about air quality equipment, water quality equipment, special exercise equipment, body detoxification equipment, and advanced lifestyle improvements concepts that are not available free to the general public at our Websites. 

Lon Knows How to Help Our Clients Take Much Better Care of Their Natural Healthcare Assets

for their Long-term Healthcare - Mental and Emotional Functions, and Overall Physical Health 

     Our "qualified education clients" will also obtain access to very important information about air quality equipment, water quality equipment, special exercise equipment, body detoxification equipment, and advanced lifestyle improvements concepts that are not available free to the public. 

     Lon understands that nutrition supplements [vitamins, minerals, essential oils, herbs, proteins, whole foods nutrition supplements (capsules, powders, tablets), etc.] should not be used as a replacement for a quality balanced food diet.  However, he understands that quality nutrition supplements can be used to reliably and conveniently and cost-effectively add to (supplement) and complement the important complex nutrition that we hopefully "might" obtain from the foods that we consume. 

     Our natural healthcare education program clients can gain a lot from Lon's extensive knowledge about advanced nutrition concepts, and this is the only way to gain access to this incredibly valuable, life-changing healthcare information.  This can be life-saving information for many people!  

     Please take advantage of the important and valuable opportunity that this Website information provides to our visitors about our advanced healthcare concepts education program.  It is your future and your life that is at stake here.  You can use the link below to detour to our special Website to obtain more information about our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.



 Additional Information About Lon's Health Condition

     During the 1960's, Lon Willoughby developed some serious health problems that took many years to resolve. He was able to regain his health over a period of more than 40 years because he started searching for vital holistic type health concepts in 1971. 

     Over a ten-year period, Lon had consulted with six different kinds of medical doctors (different specialties), but Lon eventually concluded that medical doctors did not understand his deteriorated health condition.  None of them offered any helpful information about what had likely helped cause his health problems, and they offered no helpful information about how he could cope more effectively with his health problems (the only thing that any of them proposed was to prescribe a tranquilizer type drug).

     Lon finally gave up on consulting with medical doctors because it gradually became rather obvious that medical doctors did not understand the nature of his health problems. Unfortunately, back in the early 1970's, Lon did not know who else he should consult with about his health problems. Consequently, he gradually began to study holistic type health care books in a determined effort to understand the cause, or causes, of his gradual health deterioration.

     Lon started purchasing natural healthcare related books so he could have convenient access to information about various healthcare subjects whenever he could make time available to study those books. Since that initial time of self-study, more than 38 years ago, Lon has continued his alternative health natural healthcare studies, year after year, and he gradually acquired an extensive library of more than 800 healthcare-related books. 

     His very serious interest in learning health care knowledge continued over the years up to the present time, and he continually strives to learn more healthcare knowledge as each week passes. During each year, Lon routinely purchases numerous alternative health natural healthcare type books for our corporate health library (at a cost of more than $700.00 annually - this is the typical average cost of the health books that Lon purchases each year).

     Over a period of many years of ongoing efforts to determine the causes of his health deterioration,  Lon gradually acquired a lot of exceptionally important alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge. He had completed all of his high school and college level science training successfully - with classes in biology, chemistry, physics, and physical education.

     However, with all of that education, he had not learned hardly anything about developing a healthy lifestyle or the main healthcare concepts that he needed to learn to understand how to take good care of one's precious healthcare assets (body and mind) for a long and healthy life. 

Lon's Education

     Although Lon has completed about five years of education beyond the high school level, he now understands that his education did not teach him about the major organs and organ systems within the human body.  As a consequence of that inadequate healthcare education, like most Americans, Lon was not adequately informed about the complex metabolic conditions and deficiencies that were gradually causing him to have serious health problems that were getting worse as the years went by.

     He had learned how to study complex science subjects at the college level in a diligent systematic manner that was time-efficient, and he was able to use those important skills many years later when he began his self-directed study of natural healthcare concepts and protocols

     Through continued study with many healthcare reference books and manuals (hundreds), and more than 100 audio and video training sessions, and attendance at numerous health care type seminars, Lon has acquired some of the most important and useful natural healthcare concepts knowledge that is available in America (on numerous healthcare subjects).

     Consequently, he has acquired an advanced level of natural healthcare concepts knowledge from many accomplished healthcare authors and practitioners.

     Acquiring exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge during the 1980's enabled Lon Willoughby to slow down his aging process.  His physical and mental health improved substantially over the years due to his greatly improved lifestyle. 

     His extensive natural healthcare concepts studies enabled Lon to gradually understand how to develop a healthy lifestyle that includes daily attitude management and stress management techniques, frequent physical exercise routines, and a much improved diet (better food choices, healthy beverages, and supplementing his diet with quality nutrition supplements - vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients, essential oils, probiotics, etc.).

     Lon also acquired special healthcare knowledge about improving air quality and water quality in homes and offices.  He purchased his first water purifier in 1978 (quality stainless steel water distiller) and then purchased his first air purifier in 1983 (quality HEPA filter system). 

     As you can see from the information presented above, Lon has been continually studying and learning about very important alternative health natural healthcare concepts for a long time (since 1970 - 40+ years).

     Lon Willoughby has become a very knowledgeable holistic-minded natural healthcare consultant, and nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach.  He is also a competent healthcare and wellness classroom instructor.  Lon knows how to help our healthcare and wellness classroom clients and our personal consultation clients begin an exciting and very rewarding journey toward achieving our Mission Statement Goals (see our Home department).

     He knows how to help our clients accomplish these very valuable healthcare goals in a convenient, practical, and cost-effective manner - while enjoying daily the many benefits of taking much better care of their precious health.  Lon's advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge enabled him to understand how he and his wife Janie could develop our major breakthrough Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs. 

     We will provide the first natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs of this type in America because we own the 50+ copyrights of the special advanced natural healthcare concepts that will be taught in this education program.  No other company will be authorized to teach our special healthcare concepts, and those copyrights of our natural healthcare concepts will protect our ownership of these very valuable proprietary corporate trade secrets for more than 60 years. 

Judicial Systems Information

Extreme Corruption Exposed

     Lon has been an Independent Representative of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Ada, Oklahoma) - since December 1984.  Lon was licensed to market Pre-paid Legal Services memberships within the State of South Carolina for many years, and he initially helped Pre-Paid Legal Services get started in this state.  He was the first person in South Carolina to be a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

     That is part of the reason we included a Justice department at our other education Website and also included the word Justice in the company logo for that Website (our ABCofHealth.biz Website). 

     That Website has several departments of information related to alternative health natural healthcare issues, and it also contains one special department that is devoted to exposing the outrageous level of elitist judicial system corruption problems that can easily occur in any American courts.

     Lon has had a lot of litigation experiences in multiple courts in America, and that valuable "legal experience" enabled him to develop a good understanding of the "justice systems in America"  - both federal  and state courts.   He had to learn how to be a competent legal researcher in a complex law library, and he learned that some state court rules of civil procedure are very similar to the federal judicial system's rules of civil procedure.

     Lon shares some of his legal system knowledge with visitors to our ABCofHealth.biz Website because Lon realizes that all adults in America (140+ million citizens) need to learn about the disgusting and outrageously corrupt self-serving elitist nature of the "judicial systems" that Lon experienced in multiple trial courts and multiple appellate courts in a distant state's judicial systems. 

     Unfortunately, Lon also found the same kinds of self-serving elitist judicial corruption in the federal court judicial system (trial court judges and also in appeal litigation before appellate court judges). 

     In unrelated civil litigation in South Carolina, Lonnie Willoughby also found a similar kind of "elitist" self-serving judicial corruption in the trial court system.  When Lon Willoughby subsequently exposed that unfair disgusting "elitist" type judicial corruption in a timely filed appeal case to the state's Supreme Court, those judges improperly transferred the appeal case down to the appellate court. 

     It took months of legal brief arguments for Lon Willoughby, acting as the legal representative of his South Carolina company, ABC's of Health, Inc., to convince the appellate court system that his appeal case was properly before the Supreme Court, not the Appellate Court.  The Appellate Court judges  eventually agreed that the Appellant, ABC's of Health, Inc., was right about this issue, and they eventually transferred the appeal case back to the South Carolina Supreme Court. 

     The Supreme Court then ordered Appellate ABC's of Health, Inc. to pay the appeal filing fee a second time.  The court stubbornly maintained that unfair opinion even after Lon's Willoughby's subsequent legal brief arguments, made on behalf of ABC's of Health, Inc., showed clearly and convincingly that it was their mistake that has caused the appeal to be transferred down to the Appellate Court. 

     This extremely unreasonable legal argument continued for months before the Supreme Court judges finally agreed to hear the appeal of ABC's of Health, Inc. (after paying the appeal filing fee twice). 

     However, one of the argument issues on appeal was extraordinarily important because that argument issue challenged an earlier long-standing decision of the state's Supreme Court as being a null and void decision.  The appeal brief argument showed that the challenged decision was clearly in direct conflict with the state's Constitution in two specific instances, and it was also in conflict with a relevant appeal case ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States.  Consequently, the challenged ruling was clearly null and void and had no relevant legal standing in the court's of South Carolina.

     Rather than adjudicate that very important appeal argument and rule on it in a fair and responsible manner, and overturn the Supreme Court's challenged prior ruling as being an improper ruling, the court apparently managed to get the plaintiff in the litigation below to dismiss their case against ABC's of Health, Inc. Consequently, Appellate ABC's of Health, Inc. no long had an effective appeal because the underlying case had been dismissed by the plaintiff (a major insurance company). 

     At this point in time, about 13 years later after all of that happened, the clearly null and void decision that Lon Willoughby properly challenged, still stands as the law regarding those issues.  The Supreme Court did not rule on said issue to correct the erroneous prior ruling that has stood for many years.

     Lon Willoughby proved convincingly that "elitist" self-serving judicial corruption exists with the judges in the state's appellate court and with the justices of the state's Supreme Court.  They clearly  cooperated with each other to make said appeal as cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive for ABC's of Health, Inc. as possible.  (Lon Willoughby is the founder and president of said corporation.)

Back To The Litigation In the Distant Southern State

     In essence, Lon's extensive litigation actions in the distant southern state went on for 20+ years due to the extremely unfair and unethical judicial schemes and legal tactics used against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby.  The attorneys and judges cooperated with each other to systematically harass Lon Willoughby in a ruthlessly and maliciously manner many times over the 20+ years. 

     Lon found that the attorneys involved in his litigation actions, and all of the trial court judges, and most of the appellate court judges, demonstrated that they were "elitist" who were confident that they could operate outside (above) the legal standards and laws that theoretically apply to everyone. 

     In effect, attorneys and judges demonstrated again and again, through multiple litigation actions in the trial courts, and in multiple appeal cases that Lon Willoughby had filed pro se (without attorney assistance), that the self-serving elitist judicial systems would always act as if the attorneys and judges involved were above the laws and the legal standards that apply to everyone else. 

     The attorneys and the trial court judges and the appellate court judges demonstrated again and again (numerous times) that they could always find a way to manipulate the judicial process to effectively protect any person involved in the litigation process that was a member of the "legal brotherhood."   

     Lon's 13 pages "short story" about those situations is presented in our Justice department at Website www.ABCofHealth.biz/.   Lon understands that all responsible patriotic Americans need to review this very important report. 

     It is a real eye-opener about extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving elitist judicial actions that can be conducted anytime a trial court judge chooses to do so, without any concern or fear of a fair-minded responsible investigation by state or federal law enforcement agencies. (The documented case records show that there is seldom ever such an investigation and fair-minded  responsible prosecution of corrupt attorneys or judges.)

     Lon learned that this situation was a foregone conclusion, no matter how diligently he tried to get appropriate law enforcement agencies to investigate his responsible, legitimate, and his very well documented complaints about some of the unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him by multiple "officers of the court" (attorneys and judges). 

     All of the law enforcement agencies that Lon contacted (state and federal agencies) simple refused to responsibly consider Lon's valid complaints about unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded judicial actions that had been taken against him in a ruthless and malicious harassing manner by various "officers of the court" for several years. ( elitist members of the "legal brotherhood" )  Those agencies refused to even take a responsible look at the responsible documentary evidence that Lon Willoughby had compiled to responsibly support his complaint issues. 

    In fact, the state's attorney general's top legal counsel personally told Lonnie Willoughby (in the attorney's office at the state capital complex) that if he (Lonnie Willoughby) attempted to file a complaint about criminal actions by a circuit court judge, the attorney general's staff attorneys would probably defend the judge and would also prosecute Willoughby.  Lon had traveled about 150 miles within that state to have that unscheduled meeting with the attorney general's top staff attorney. 

     Lon then visited the governor's legal staff's office (same building) and the bottom line of that meeting was that Lon was told that the governor could not do anything about my complaint about alleged judicial corruption by a circuit court judge because the state had separation of powers between the executive office (the governor) and the judicial system. 

     When Lon subsequently researched that specific issue, he found that the state's constitution specifically stated in effect that the governor is the chief law enforcement officer for the state, and he has a clear duty to see that the laws of the state are properly enforced.  He has an attorney general to help him accomplish that specific duty.   

     In Lon's years of diligent and responsible efforts in trying to get law enforcement agencies (state and federal) to make a responsible investigation of his very serious complaints, Lon was quickly given the run-around and no one ever evaluated Lon's evidential documents that proved convincingly that a series of judges had conducted outrageously unfair and corrupt "elitist" judicial actions against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby (involving numerous instances of unfair and unethical judicial corruption - several instances of falsifying official judicial orders, etc.). 

     Please take advantage of this easy and convenient opportunity to learn exceptionally important  information about the very dangerous potential for self-serving corruption in judicial systems in America.   Lon Willoughby found that it can be dangerous for a person to travel outside their home county area, and it can be much more dangerous to travel outside of a person's home state. (that individual then become a "foreigner" when in a different state)  This was demonstrated repeatedly to Lon Willoughby in  the 20+ years of ongoing "elitist" self-serving judicial corruption in a distant state. 

     He was stone-walled again and again (numerous times by numerous trial court judges and also by numerous appellate court judges) when Lon tried to prosecute a very important civil litigation action about an unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded attorney that had knowingly and willfully conducted unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions against Lonnie Willoughby (who was trying to prosecute the attorney and his law firm for deceit. fraud, and legal malpractice while that attorney was supposedly representing co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby in a family dispute civil litigation process). 

     The litigation had started in March 1989 and continuing in an ongoing manner through several related trial court litigation actions and a dozens appeals by Lon Willoughby that extended the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt litigation process for years.  The related litigation actions went on in a ruthless and malicious harassing manner against Lon for 20+ years thereafter.  

Those litigation actions took up more than 15,000 hours of Lon's time, and they interfered greatly with Lon's diligent efforts to conduct the management and business operations of his corporate health and wellness store, ABC of Health, in Greenville County, South Carolina.

     He found that a series of trial court judges and appellate court judges would do anything conceivable to protect the extremely corrupt attorney that Lon Willoughby was trying to prosecute in the distant state's civil action trial courts.  The judges involved repeatedly prevented Lon Willoughby from having a fair and impartial judicial forum in which to litigate his complaints against that extremely corrupt attorney. 

     After the first year of litigation actions, Lon Willoughby began prosecuting all of his litigation actions pro se (by himself - without attorney representation) because of deceitful betrayal litigation actions by attorneys that he had hired to represent him in litigation actions (trial court attorney and then Co-trustee Lon's appeal attorney in the distant appellate court).  Both of those litigation actions proved that his own attorneys (in the trial court and then in the appellate court litigation actions) had acted unfairly and unethically toward Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby to knowingly and willfully prevent him from getting fundamental due process of law standards for his litigation interests and actions.

     Lonnie Willoughby was shocked, appalled, dismayed, frustrated, and disgusted at the very unfair and unethical litigation tactics that were systematically used against him (as a "foreigner" from another state).  The attorneys and judges cooperated with each other in any way possible to make the litigation actions come out the way that was "best" for the local "elitist good ole' boys legal brotherhood."

     Those outrageously unfair and corrupt judicial actions were taken against Willoughby, irrespective of the facts in the case, and irrespective of the well-documented evidence, and irrespective of the relevant applicable legal standards that clearly and strongly supported Lonnie Willoughby's litigation argument issues.  Lon found the distant state's judicial systems operated in an extremely corrupt self-serving manner - in any way conceivable that well-trained attorneys and judges could make them operate for their own self-serving "elitist" legal brotherhood benefits.

     Those numerous unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt judicial situations are why Lon Willoughby will not travel to any other state in the United States, even though he is a natural born citizen (Columbus County, North Carolina), and served in the United States Air Force with distinction for a four-year enlistment, and he then worked for 19 years as a federal employee with the Federal Aviation Administration.  He also served with distinction during those 19 years.

     If Lonnie Willoughby has to participate in any more unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation with trial court judges, or appellate court judges, as explained above, he is going to do that in his home state, and preferably in a much more convenient manner in his home county (Greenville County).  

     Fortunately, in spite of all of the extreme judicial corruption reported very briefly above, and the many years of delay caused by corrupt attorneys and corrupt judges, Lon Willoughby and wife Janie have managed to accomplish a lot of work in developing a revolutionary major breakthrough alternative health natural healthcare concepts home-study type education program that will be remarkable when it is finally completed and ready for leasing type distribution.  We have good reasons for believing that this remarkable natural healthcare concepts education program will present the most important natural healthcare concepts education for ordinary citizens that has ever been developed in America. 

     Due to the extreme level of "elitist" judicial corruption that Lon Willoughby was subjected to over 21 years, as reported briefly above, Lon will not allow anyone involved with the legal profession, in any capacity, or their spouses, or their employees, or their children, to lease or otherwise obtain access to our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program proprietary and copyrighted education manual guides.  

     That is also one of the reasons that we will very carefully lease our education program (rather than sell the program), and it is also one of the reasons why we will generally restrict the distribution of our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study educational program to only natural-born American citizens that are citizens of South Carolina and can meet our "qualified education client" standards. 

     We will initially restrict distribution of our remarkable natural healthcare education program leases to people who have a permanent residence in the upstate area with a Zip Code of  296 _ _  (these Zip codes are applicable to a major part of the upstate area of South Carolina).

     There will be three phases of education in our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program; therefore, there will be three education manual guides involved with this healthcare education program, one education manual guide for each level of education.  Lon and Janie will develop each of these education manual guides.

     Our copyrighted healthcare education manual guides will be incredibly valuable, and we must therefore control very carefully who will be authorized to obtain access to this very special advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study educational teaching material.

     We will not sell our natural healthcare education manual guides because the purchaser would then own our manual guides, and they would likely feel like they could share our education manual guides with other people (loan them to others, or give our healthcare education manual guides to someone else, or even sell our education manual guides to someone else).  Our lease contract will strictly prohibits loaning, or sharing, or giving, or selling any of our education manual guides to anyone.  

     Our "qualified clients" will not own any of our healthcare education manual guides and there is no way for anyone to purchase any of the three education manual guides for our education program

     Our lease contracts will require that the client return each education manual guide to ABC of Health upon completion of each separate phase of our home-study education program.

     The next phase of the education program (Level Two or Level Three) will not be mailed to them until we receive the education manual guide for the phase (Level) that they have just completed. 

Overview Summary of Our

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and valuable natural healthcare education services that ABC of Health offers to qualified American citizens.  Similar information is also presented in other departments because key words are contained herein that help various Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

     After you have reviewed this helpful summarized information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain a similar summary.   

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we present very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education at our multiple Websites.  This very important natural healthcare concepts information can be helpful to anyone who visits our Websites - by helping motivate them to begin improving their lifestyle in interesting and enjoyable ways. 

     We also offer natural healthcare concepts consultations by telephone for people living in the upstate area of South Carolina - living within an approximate 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure)   We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that may be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with teenage children. 

      We suggest that all such consultations be conducted via a landline type telephone  connection (to avoid cell phone type radiation into the very sensitive head area for an extended period of time).

      We can structure the telephone consultation to also be very beneficial to teenage children, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents.  (depending upon the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information involved in the consultation session).

     Our telephone consultations can quickly introduce new clients about relevant health care concepts that may be very helpful in regards to specific health care issues.

     Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for our new clients to learn about important alternative health natural healthcare concepts that can be directed to some specific healthcare concerns or issues.  This very convenient consultation opportunity can enable new clients to quickly obtain very valuable relevant healthcare concepts information at a very reasonable cost.

     Lon and Janie (company officers) are currently developing an incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  This program will initially be available for lease to qualified American citizens who are also residents (citizens) of South Carolina and live in the upstate area (have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ ).   

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable us to provide special healthcare concepts that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding some very important healthcare issues.  Over time, this more comprehensive healthcare concepts education can be much more effective for an individual, or a married couple, or a family with children living at home, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

     The proprietary copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study type education program can educate "qualified education clients" about our incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare, wellness, and fitness concepts

     We know how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to learn, and easy to understand, and easy to use to achieve remarkable improvements in the lifestyles of our "qualified education clients."  These natural healthcare improvements can benefit our clients in many very important ways.  They can learn how to live much more enjoyable lives with more productivity and much more success in life than they would have likely achieved with their previous lifestyle. 

     You can learn more about our natural healthcare concepts education program at a special Website designed for that purpose.  The convenient link below will enable you to quickly detour to  that Website and review information about our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education programs.  You know how to use your back arrow to come back to this exact location.


     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be available only from our company because we own the 50+ copyrights that are explained in the advanced natural healthcare concepts that we teach.  No other company in America is authorized to teach or use our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts (our very important and valuable proprietary corporate trade secrets)

     Our corporate office is located in the very nice modern city of Mauldin, South Carolina.  (population of about 23,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).

     ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important natural healthcare concepts  about various subjects such as:  health care consultations, health classes, health care classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

     We have also acquired special knowledge about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder type exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health food stores, etc.  

     The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of natural healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby)

     Lon has acquired specialized healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts and services.   (natural healthcare concepts = no prescription type drugs are offered)

Information About Greenville, South Carolina

      Greenville is an outstanding southern city with many special features including Furman University, Bob Jones University, and Greenville Technical College, one of the best community technical colleges in the United States. Clemson University is in Clemson, South Carolina, about 40 miles south of Greenville.

     The city of Greenville is located in the western section of the state, in the beautiful foothills of the majestic Great Smoky Mountains. This is about 65 miles East of Asheville, North Carolina. You can obtain additional information about Greenville by clicking on the hyperlink below.



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