Background Info About Lon's Healthcare Education and ABC of Health
     This background information about Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health will enable visitors to understand how we got to the very important natural healthcare and wellness major educator position that we are in today.  This background information will also help you understand why alternative health type  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can be very  important for most American adult citizens.

Relevant Background Information

About Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health

Part 1 of 5 Parts

How It All Began

     ABC's of Health, Inc. is a South Carolina Corporation, doing business as (dba) ABC of Health. Our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby (Lon Will-o-bee), began a serious study of alternative health type natural  healthcare and wellness concepts in July 1980.  Lon had developed a health problem by age 28 (back in year 1964) and that health condition continued to get worse as the years went by.  That situation caused him to take a serious interest in learning how to take better care of his health.

     Over an approximate 10 years period of time, Lon consulted with six different medical doctors about his health condition; none of the doctors recognized or understood what his health symptoms pattern indicated.   Unfortunately, Lon got 
no significant help from any of the medical doctors for his serious health condition, which was getting worse as the years went by.   During year 1980, Lon finally gave up on getting any help for his hypoglycemia from conventionally educated and trained medical doctors.  

      In July 
1980, Lon consulted with an alternative health type natural healthcare consultant  that owned a health food store in Greenville County, SC.  That was a very helpful consultation session; Mrs. Dorothy Christopher provided more beneficial healthcare information in one hour than Lon had received from the six medical doctors combined during the previous 10 years.  

     Lon quickly realized that he had been consulting with the wrong kinds of healthcare practitioners during the past 10 years.  Think about this situation: 10 years of very disappointing and frustrating "no help obtained"  experiences with six different types of conventionally educated and trained medical doctors 

     None of the medical doctors had asked Lon any questions about his diet.  None of them tried to inform (educate) Lon about anything associated with his health problem condition.  If they didn't have a magic pharmaceutical drug to quickly prescribe (such as a tranquilizer), they offered no other healthcare advice or help. 

     The medical doctors did not refer Lon to any other kind of healthcare practitioner.  Consequently, Lon was effectively left to fend for himself about his very confusing and very frustrating worsening healthcare problem - which he knew nothing about.  He had no useful knowledge that would help him cope better with this health condition and that situation went on for many years.

     Back to his healthcare consultations in Year 1980:  Lon continued having consultation sessions with the natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant until he had completed six consultation sessions with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher during a three-months period of time (at $50 per hour).  She was a very good natural healthcare and wellness consultant, and Lon was a good student who responsibly followed her natural healthcare and wellness concepts guidance 

     Over a period of several weeks, Mrs. Christopher saw that Lon was a responsible student and she gradually became Lon's healthcare mentor, and that  professional caring relationship  gradually helped Lon a lot.  Like the six medical doctors that Lon had responsibly and trustingly consulted with over the years, she did not understand Lon's hypoglycemia symptoms pattern.  Consequently, she did not know how to help Lon cope more effectively with that specific healthcare problem.  

     However, Mrs. Christopher knew how to help him learn how to develop a healthier lifestyle.  She understood actions that Lon could take to improve his diet, and she also  suggested several nutrition supplements to help Lon improve his deteriorating health.  Lon followed her suggestions closely about diet and lifestyle improvements, and he and Janie made numerous improvements in their family diet and their choices of food.

     You have already been educated briefly about Diabetes and Hypoglycemia (when you recently reviewed our Healthcare Problems in USA Department).  You now have some understanding of the hypoglycemia condition that Lon was trying to cope with daily.  

     That is very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts information that all  American adults (and their smart teenagers) need to understand and begin using in their daily lifestyle ASAP.  Remember, 100 to 130 million Americans are likely affected by these two conditions and most of those people probably know very little about how to cope more effectively with their glucose instability problems.  Those people can be helped a lot by reviewing the "free to review" relevant healthcare concepts that we present in our Healthcare Problems in USA Department.


Back to Lon's Consultation Sessions During Year 1980

     At each consultation, Mrs. Christopher (the healthcare consultant), had selected two or three paperback books (from the book department in her health food store) for Lon to purchase and study.  (books about alternative health type natural  healthcare and wellness subjects)  He bought and then studied all of the recommended books with serious interest.  Lon had completed his college level education, and he knew how to study text books effectively and efficiently and take good notes. 
     Those very important healthcare books enabled Lon to quickly increase his knowledge a lot about very interesting and very beneficial natural healthcare and wellness concepts During a three-months period of time, with a one-hour consultation session at two week intervals, Lon gradually read and studied numerous natural healthcare type paperback books (typical cost: $3.95 to $11.95 each).   

     He also
 improved his diet and lifestyle substantially in very important ways, as Mrs. Christopher recommended.  Lon and Janie started consuming the healthier food nutrition  and several nutrition supplements that she had recommended for Lon's consideration.

Summary of Lon's Healthcare and Wellness Benefits
From His Six Consultation Sessions In Year 1980
  What a remarkable difference those six consultation sessions and those natural healthcare books made in Lon's life.  He was enabled to learn how to take charge of his health responsibly  (for the first time ever), and he learned how to greatly improve his lifestyle - enabling his body to have much better opportunities to improve his deteriorated cellular health 
(Those amazing 
natural healthcare improvement situations will be explained later to our CQV's).  Lon still had serious hypoglycemia problems, but his body was getting healthier which helped him in several ways. 

    The $300 that Lon spent for her consultation fees ($50 per hour x 6 consultations) and the additional expenses for purchasing numerous inexpensive books and several nutrition supplement products monthly was a fantastic natural healthcare and wellness concepts education bargain for Lonnie and Janie Willoughby.  

   Those healthcare education experiences changed their lives for the better in several very important ways, and they have benefited from that vital education routinely since that time (for more than 37 years now). 

    That very helpful  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education in the summer of 1980 helped Lon develop a strong motivation to learn all that he could about those very interesting and very beneficial alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness subjects.  He could see that this natural healthcare concepts education was incredibly important.  Those six consultation sessions reoriented Lon's life in very beneficial ways.  

     Lon Willoughby very fortunately found a natural healthcare and wellness concepts  consultant in 1980.  Mrs. Dorothy Christopher helped him a lot - especially by selecting  important alternative health type  natural healthcare books that could help educate Lon quickly about some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     The outstanding natural healthcare and wellness improvements that occurred due to those six very helpful consultations, and those books, laid the preparatory groundwork for Lon to want to continue learning about  natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     Another department of this Website will explain to our CQV's why Lonnie developed additional motivation (in 1982 - 1985) to make a dedicated and diligent study of natural  healthcare and wellness concepts.  (Lon's Motivation department - also requires two security codes for entry)
He continued his studies of these exciting and fascinating and very interesting natural healthcare subjects in a responsible, determined, and diligent manner, whenever his very busy time schedule allowed, up to do so - up to the present time (37+ years later than the summer of 1980).  

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education enabled this Website to offer millions of American adult citizens special education opportunities that can improve their understanding of very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  This vital information can be life-changing for all American adult visitors at this special Website, and they may be life-saving concepts for many visitors.

Relevant Background Information

About Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health

Part 2 of 5 Parts

Very Fortunate Circumstances

     At age 82, Lon Willoughby's very good physical, mental, and emotional health are living proof that his special natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge can be very helpful in maintaining and protecting  good natural health into the golden years of life.

     Lon's advanced level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge enabled him to become a very competent natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, healthy lifestyle coach, and natural  healthcare and wellness concepts educator.      

     Fortunately, Lon had completed Academic Instructor School Training  in the U.S. Air Force in the fall season of 1955, and he had then prepared for and had taught many classroom lectures on a variety of military education subjects.  Consequently, Lon had learned how to teach other people important subjects in a classroom setting.  

     That excellent military training and experience and his developed teaching skills helped Lon a lot with his later self-education actions about natural healthcare and wellness concepts  (1970 to the present time).  Due to his college level science education and his science oriented work experiences in the USAF and the FAA, and his military instructor teaching education and experience, Lon understood how to teach himself anything about natural healthcare and wellness concepts that he could find explained reasonably well in text books.  

     Lon continued his natural healthcare and wellness self-education year after year because he had learned that there was a lot of important alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness education  information available in hundreds of natural healthcare type books 

     His research discovered books written by some very intelligent and well-respected authors (some were MD's or Ph D type nutritionist) who were early pioneers in presenting very valuable education about practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare and wellness  actions that readers could take to improve and protect their natural health.

     This Website will explain later that Lon Willoughby actually began his natural healthcare concepts education by himself in 1970 (at age 34).  However, he made very slow progress with this education until July 1980 - when he began the series of natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultations that were related briefly above.       

     He continued buying and studying natural healthcare type books and learning more about  natural healthcare and wellness concepts as the years went by, but he still had to cope with some serious problems frequently with his hypoglycemia glucose reactions 

     Those situations improved a lot during 1984 due to some very important nutrition supplement knowledge that Lon very fortunately acquired from a very smart man who owned a nutrition products company.  Lon and Janie met Mr. Tyson at a major healthcare type trade show - at his display booth for some of his company's nutrition supplements.  

     Mr. Tyson had acquired some specialized knowledge about nutrition supplements that could be very helpful for hypoglycemia, and the nutrition supplement knowledge that he shared with Lon that day enabled Lon to improve his hypoglycemia management a lot during the next month.  Lon is still using that special nutrition supplement knowledge daily, more than 33 years after that very special beautiful summer day in 1984 

     You will learn at this Website that it has been a long and difficult, very confusing, very frustrating, and very expensive learning process for Lonnie Willoughby to get to his current  advanced level of natural  healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  He now
has convenient direct access to more than a thousand very good natural healthcare and wellness concepts text books in our corporate library. 

     Lon's many years of determined and diligent natural healthcare research and study  has uniquely qualified him to be able to help educate millions of "qualifiable" American citizens about very important and very valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts.

     We teach basic and fundamental level natural healthcare concepts education in this Website in ways that are convenient, easy to learn, and at no cost for all American adult visitors. 

     As explained previously, we have three levels of education available at this Website: Level One Education (our "free to review" education), Level Two Education (very low cost education), and Level Three Education (for our CQV's - very practical and reasonable membership cost).

     This introductory-level educational Website offers "qualifiable" American citizens some excellent opportunities to begin learning about how to take much better care of their precious natural health in convenient, easy, and affordable ways. 

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

     We have a separate department titled Diabetes and Hypoglycemia 
(restricted access) that provides some very important information about these two glucose instability health conditions that affect millions of American citizens adversely.  These two conditions probably affect 100 to 130 million Americans, and probably affect 50% to 65% of Americans directly or indirectly (men, women, teenagers, and younger children).   

     Many millions of Americans are affected by one of these serious health conditions to some extent (by some family member).  Therefore, all American adults need to learn about the basic healthcare concepts associated with responsible glucose management in the human diet. 

     It is very important for all American adult citizens, especially parents and their smart teenagers, to learn how to reduce their daily consumption of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and several carbohydrate foods that easily and quickly produce substantial glucose increases in the blood system (fruits, breads, cereals, corn, pasta, rice, and many other grain type products, and also beets, carrots, potatoes, etc.). 

     This very important healthy lifestyle management can help a lot in managing glucose problem conditions or for helping avoid development of one of the very serious healthcare problem conditions discussed herein. 

     Our Diabetes and Hypoglycemia department presents some very important information about these two serious healthcare conditions.  However, this very special security code protected department is accessible only by our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's). 

     Consequently, we also present some very helpful information about  Diabetes and Hypoglycemia in another department that is accessible to all visitors to this Website.  This very important helpful information in located in our Healthcare Problems in USA department.. 

       Lon Willoughby understands both of these healthcare problem conditions well, and he knows that these are two very serous health problem conditions that are typically not being addressed in a competent and responsible manner by typical medical doctors in America.  Why? 

     Because medical doctors in America do not usually have adequate education, training, and experience with the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very helpful and very supportive for diabetics and  hypoglycemics.

     Many American medical doctors can prescribe special pharmaceutical drugs that can help in the management of glucose levels for diabetes, but they are usually not adequately educated about providing the detailed  diet, lifestyle improvement, and nutrition supplement information that a diabetic (or hypoglycemic) needs to learn.  These are complex special nutritional subjects that are not studied by most USA medical doctors 

     It is usually difficult to find a local healthcare practitioner who is knowledgeable about these specialized nutrition support subjects, but some dietitians, nutrition consultants, nutritionist, natural healthcare consultants, or naturopathic physicians may have acquired some of the specialized natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that is needed to help educate diabetics and/or hypoglycemics about how to cope more effectively with their special glucose metabolic instability healthcare condition

     Unfortunately, most medical doctors in America are not educated adequately about these very important nutrition subjects, but there are some very good books available about diabetes.  Some of these books are written by medical doctors who have made special studies about the nutrition concepts that are very important for diabetics to understand.

     Lonnie Willoughby began learning about those special glucose management healthcare concepts in the summer of 1971, and he has continued to learn about these very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts since that time - at every opportunity that occurred. 

     It has been a long and confusing education process because Lon started from scratch, without understanding anything at all about  diabetes or his own hypoglycemia condition, and like most Americans, he knew very little about natural healthcare and wellness concepts 

     Learning about healthcare actions that might help him manage more competently his hypoglycemia condition was a continuing motivating force that kept him in a conscientious learning mode for years.  He broadened his interest in natural healthcare and wellness concepts over the years and that kept him in a learning mode up to the present time (1971 to 2018 - more than 46 years of ongoing education). 

     At this point in time, Lon has become an expert in understanding the healthy diet concepts that can be very beneficial to hypoglycemics, and also diabetics.  The very beneficial selective diet concepts that are  exceptionally important for both of these glucose management health conditions are essentially the same.  These same diet concepts are also very important for people who want to lose fat and weight and have more energy and vitality and live healthier and live longer lives.

     Lon has read 13 books about hypoglycemia and he has more than 50 years of experience in trying to cope effectively with this very confusing and very frustrating healthcare condition.   He has also reviewed eight books about diabetes - because both conditions have many common diet management requirements even though they are very different health  condition problems (in some respects they are actually opposites).  

     Lon's extensive knowledge about both healthcare conditions enables him to be in a natural healthcare educator position where he can present  very important and valuable introductory level educational help to millions of American adult visitors at this introductory natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website (our level one education).  

     All visitors can learn important information about both glucose regulation problem conditions, but our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) will get the most help because they will have access to our special Diabetes and Hypoglycemia department.

     The very important and very valuable educational information in that special security code protected department can potentially help many "qualified" American citizens in remarkable ways. 

Relevant Background Information
About Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health

Part 3 of 5 Parts

Purchase of Health Products
Retail Sales Store in Greenville, SC
      Due to Lon's very serious interest in alternative health type natural  healthcare and wellness concepts, and the fact that he had already acquired a substantial level of knowledge about those subjects (from 1980 to 1998 - about 18 years), he and Janie purchased a small health products retail sales store business in nearby Greenville, South Carolina and began their ownership operation on January 4, 1999.  The health store was only eight (8) miles from their home in nearby Mauldin, SC.

     Janie was a very busy school teacher in Mauldin, South Carolina - teaching about 150 high school students per day (5 classes X 30 students per class - average).  Consequently, Lon managed the operation of the small health store with one full-time employee (herbal and nutrition supplement products, air filters and water filters and water purifiers).  

     Within 10 months, they had outgrown that small store (1250 square feet), and within 14 months they had moved to a much larger facility about four miles away from their original location (but only nine miles from Lon's home).  

ABC of Health now had a larger health products showroom, a consultations office with a library space, and a large classroom area where Lon could teach classes about natural healthcare and wellness concepts and other healthcare related issues

     Things were looking much better for ABC of Health.  This was before the time when many of our customers began using the Internet to purchase most of their nutrition products at deep discount prices.

Routine Purchases of Natural Healthcare Type Books

     As related above, Lon began managing our health and wellness store  in January 1999 and those duties and responsibilities increased his attention and focus on learning more about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  He increased the number of natural healthcare books that he was buying and studying (he had little time for studying).  

     Since the year 2000, Lon has typically purchased $600 to $800 worth of health books each year, and those s
elf-education actions enabled him to gradually learn a lot of very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts By year end 2013, Lon had gradually and carefully purchased  more than 600 important books about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     When our complex health and wellness store was in operation, Lon typically worked 80 to 90+ hours per week (working six days per week and half a day on Sunday afternoon and evening - catching up on numerous administrative health and wellness store duties).  

     Unfortunately for ABC of Health, multiple Internet nutrition product sales competitors and several local big mass-marketing store competitors were causing greatly increased competition. (BJ's, Costco's, Sam's Club, Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, numerous large chain type grocery stores and chain type pharmacy drug stores, etc.)

     We finally closed the ABC of Health healthcare and wellness store in April 2014.  We could not compete with the large competitors' huge  buying power (enabling them to obtain much lower wholesale purchase prices than we could qualify to obtain).  They could afford to have deep discounted product sales prices due to their much lower wholesale purchase prices (for their large volume purchases of nutrition products).  

     Lon was still very busy during the remainder of 2014, developing our greatly revised business plan.  As a part of that plan, he increased his natural healthcare type book purchases.  This Website will explain later why that situation was a component part of our revised business plan - where Lon would specialize as a natural healthcare consultant,  nutrition consultant, healthy lifestyle coach, and as a natural healthcare and wellness concepts educator. 

      Over the years, Lon had placed those health type books in our ABC of Health corporate library.  By year end 12/31/2017, our growing health type books library contained more than 1,000 books about many natural  healthcare and wellness subjects 

     Those actions enabled ABC of Health to develop an outstanding library of books focused on alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts and protocols. (We probably have the best library of this kind in the State of South Carolina). 

     As you probably know, some people are eye-minded learners and some people are ear-minded learners - or generally a combination of the two.  Lon learns much better by reading printed material than by hearing lectures so having a very good library of alternative health type books readily available to him was an ideal self-education situation for Lon

      Those very important "health books" enabled Lon to conveniently and efficiently spend thousands of hours researching, discovering, and studying the teachings of the masters in America about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts, procedures, and protocols 

      As related above, Lon began using more natural healthcare concepts and protocols in his own lifestyle in 1980 (at age 44 and in the lifestyle of his wife - Janie - at age 38), as a direct result of his six consultation sessions with Mrs. Christopher.  Those much improved healthy lifestyle concepts worked very well for both Lon and Janie so they continued using those healthy lifestyle improvement concepts - up to the present time (since the fall season in 1980).

      Lon also continued studying and learning additional healthy lifestyle concepts,  and he also developed several ways to improve upon some of those initial healthy lifestyle concepts.  He and Janie have had a much healthier lifestyle since that fall period of 1980 (more than 37 years ago), and their much healthier lifestyle has benefited both of them greatly over those 37+ years.  They have enhanced their lifestyle in numerous ways over those years.

Research, Discovery, Study, and Evaluations Enabled Copyrights

 Lon's extensive research, discovery, study, and evaluation work about those complex and fascinating natural healthcare and wellness subjects  over the years gradually enabled him to develop and copyright more than 50 important natural healthcare and wellness concepts for ABC's of Health, Inc. (during the past 17 years - since year 2000).  

    Lonnie Willoughby developed a good understanding of the major healthcare problems in America, and he worked in a dedicated and diligent manner for many years while he was busy developing very important and valuable  natural healthcare and wellness education solutions that can help improve the health status of millions of American citizens. 
      Lon and Janie understand that almost 50,000 people die in America each week  (about 216,416 per month - year 2013 data at CDC (average monthly death rate).  Lon estimates that most of those people (90% or more) died prematurely

     His many years of experience with more than a thousand ABC of Health's health and wellness store customers enabled him to see clearly that hardly any ordinary American citizens (not active healthcare practitioners) know how to take good care of their very complex natural health and their natural healthcare assets. 

     That very unfortunate situation results in a lot of sickness and suffering and several common disease conditions that could have been reduced or minimized easily (or even avoided all-together in many situations) - if those people had known how to take good care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets.

     Lon and Janie understand that most American adults (160,000,000+) can benefit greatly from the very important and very valuable education that is presented "free to review" in this Home department's presentation about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts

Lon Looks Back Over His Life Experiences

     At age 82 now, and looking back at his life, and his 17+ years of "education" (12 years of public school education plus college education plus U.S. Air Force education plus FAA education), and looking at the typical public school education systems in America, Lon Willoughby understands that hardly anyone in America gets the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that all American adults need to obtain - to enable them to take much better care of their complex body's precious natural health 

      Lon's experiences with medical doctors and medical nurses also found that those good people 
did not get the natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education that they needed for their personal healthcare and wellness maintenance actions and their personal protective actions

     We developed two separate departments at this Website to report important information about some relevant American medical doctor situations.  One department is titled Unfair Healthcare Deck for Americans - it can be reviewed by all American visitors The other department is titled Diabetes and Hypoglycemia and it is accessible only to our CQV's.  (A security codes protected department)
The type of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that all American adults need is the specific kind of natural healthcare and wellness home-study education program  that Lon and Janie Willoughby have been gradually developing for ABC's of Health, Inc.,  dba ABC of Health, as they can make some time available to continue working on this very important and valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education project 

     As stated previously, this special Website has been modified extensively to include very important and very valuable basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that American adult visitors need to review ASAP. 

     After the closure of our complex health and wellness store on April 24, 2014, we continued in business as a natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and natural healthcare educator - providing natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services for our local Greenville area residents

     This Website's practical, responsible, and sensible report about natural healthcare and wellness concepts education in America is a very important copyrighted report to America adults about how we can help improve natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for millions of Americans throughout the United States of America (the USA).

Relevant Background Information 

About Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health

Part 4 of 5 Parts

Taking A Look At What's Ahead

     Due to Lon's extensive natural healthcare education, and his 15 years of work experiences with alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts, and our special work with more than a thousand health and wellness store customers (ABC of Health), he was able to recognize and understand the true nature of the massive healthcare education deficiency dilemma in the USA.

   Lon could also see the great importance of this vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education project He understood that this natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education is essential if we sincerely want to improve the natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions of millions of ordinary Americans.   

     Lon learned how to educate responsible American citizens about dangerous healthcare problem conditions so they can be forewarned adequately about those health conditions.  He realizes that visitors to this Website need to review relevant information about serious health problems in America before we try to educate them about their personal need to take  preventive actions and protective actions that can help them reduce and minimize their potential for developing some of those health conditions.  Those 
very important education concepts were included in this Home department's presentation.
      We are committed to helping "qualifiable" Christian-oriented patriotic-minded American citizens learn about some of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon Willoughby researched, developed, and copyrighted for our exclusive corporate educational useThese  natural healthcare and wellness education concepts can improve the healthcare actions of millions of "qualifiable" Americans. 

     We can also educate selected American citizens, "Certified Qualified Visitors" (CQV's), about very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they should consider when improving their lifestyle, and their family's lifestyle, to improve and protect health in substantial ways.   

      This Home department presents some very important and very valuable  introductory level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be reviewed by all visitors (at no cost).  All American adults should make special efforts to review this Home department as soon as possible (ASAP) 

     This Home department's lengthy presentation is provided "free to review" for all visitors - it includes seven additional departments that are linked within this Home departmentThis is very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.   

Relevant Background Information 

About Lon Willoughby and ABC of Health

Part 5 of 5 Parts

Conclusion of This Background Information

     The background information presented herein about ABC of Health and Lon Willoughby shows how we progressed to where we are today as a major educator for  alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  You now understand how Lon Willoughby became a very competent holistic type natural healthcare and wellness consultant, and a very competent nutrition consultant, and a healthy lifestyle coach, and a natural healthcare and wellness concepts educator.  

     The extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that Lon acquired over the years is what enabled him to be remarkably healthy today at age 82, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  He has improved considerably from the deteriorated health condition that he had in July 1980 (at age 44).  

     His gradual loss of health prior to July 1980 was due to common American lifestyle actions and a lot of ongoing stress at high levels for many years.  Lon did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol of any kind, and he had no other harmful lifestyle habits that would have likely affected his health adversely.  

     In fact, due to his hypoglycemia condition, he had become much more health conscious than most Americans.  He routinely shopped at local health stores, and he tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do healthy things for his body.  His healthcare knowledge level was also substantially better than most American citizens, but his hypoglycemia condition was a routine serious problemHis high levels of frequent emotional stress seemed to make his hypoglycemia and his general health degrading condition worse.  

     He had already learned some things about a healthy lifestyle, but consulting with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher in the summer of 1980 enabled Lon to improve his lifestyle and his life in very important ways that greatly improved his natural healthcare and wellness maintenance actions.   

     Since that time, Lon Willoughby has learned a lot about natural healthcare and wellness concepts and stress management techniques.  He is living proof that  alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and learning about stress management techniques can be very important for everyone.

     Lon's exceptionally valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education  enabled him to gradually learn how to improve the health of trillions of body cells each day, over a period of months, and then over many years.   He gradually regained his health in practical, responsible, and sensible ways that effectively enabled him to save his life

     With his advanced level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge today, Lon is confident that our natural healthcare education company can provide the very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education that can potentially enable millions of Americans to learn how to take control of their natural healthcare in practical, responsible, and sensible ways.  

     When you review our Judicial Corruption Exposed department later, you will learn that Lon Willoughby was maliciously and ruthlessly harassed, persecuted, and punished for 20+ years by unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt attorneys, trial court judges, and appellate court judges in a distant southern state. 

     They collectively tried to destroy him as a human being (because he had exposed and reported their extremely corrupt self-serving judicial system practices).  They also tried to destroy his self-employed healthcare and wellness store business in the Greenville, SC area.  They clearly tried to bankrupt Lon Willoughby and his wife Janie Willoughby, and they succeeded with most of that, including wrecking their family life for more than 20 years (starting in September 1989).  

     When you review that department's report, you will have difficulty believing that all of those bad things could happen in America, but they really did happen. 

     Lon could not get anyone in the judicial systems (a the state or federal level) to make any effort to stop those ruthless sadistic and vindictive persecution and punishment actions, and no one in law enforcement at the state level or at the federal level (the FBI) would do anything at all about his responsible well-documented complaints.  They wouldn't even responsibly look at and consider investigating his very serious criminal complaints (apparently because attorneys and judges were involved in perpetrating the complained about litigation actions).

     If Lon Willoughby had not acquired his advanced level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge, you would not be reading any of the information at this Website because Lon Willoughby would have been dead years ago. 

     The intense and extreme emotional stress of that catastrophic ordeal over so many years would have killed him for sure - but it did not kill him.  How did he manage to survive that terribly stressful ordeal over 20+ years?

     He survived due to his incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge, and because of his very helpful, loving, and supportive wife.  Janie Willoughby helped Lon cope in many ways with that horrendous litigation and judicial ordeal over a 20+ years period of time. 

     Lon would not have been able to cope with those very difficult emotional and physical hardships over such a long period of time without Janie's dedicated and diligent responsible help, again and again, many times during those years.  

     There were several times when Lon slept only about six hours during a three day period (72 hours) due to the extremely heavy legal paperwork filing deadlines that his legal opponents (attorneys and judges) forced upon him.  They collusively worked together (with each other) to make things as complex and difficult as they could for Lon Willoughby residing in South Carolina.  He was eating only twice per day and bathing and shaving every fourth day for weeks at a time due to his extremely busy legal work schedule.  

    His time schedule was really that difficult to manage because Lon was having to cope with an extremely unfair, unethical, and sadistically corrupt highly skilled attorney (the plaintiff law firm), and he was also having to cope with a series of extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court judges who did anything possible to help the corrupt attorney (and his law firm) try to defeat and destroy defendant Lonnie Willoughby.  They collusively made the ongoing litigation process as difficult and frustrating and perplexing as they could for defendant Willoughby.

     The evil-minded, extremely sadistic, and vindictive attorney did everything he knew how to do to harass, persecute, and punish non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. maliciously and ruthlessly from late 1989 until just before he died (four days before Christmas day in December 2001).  (About 11 years of ongoing evil, sadistic, vindictive, ruthless and despotic persecution type litigation actions against Lon.)

     The plaintiff attorney had almost all of the advantages on his side, including his location in the distant state.  His attorney office was across the street from the local county courthouse, where the trial court litigation actions were taking place over a period of 20+ years, but defendant Lonnie Willoughby was 500 miles away in South Carolina.  (An extremely awkward and very expensive position for a litigant to be in.)

     The attorney's evil-minded, sadistic and vindictive harassment litigation actions forced defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. to make seven trips to the distant state location, 500 miles away from Lon's home in Greenville County, South Carolina.  That was about 7,000 miles of automobile travel (seven trips at 1,000 miles per round trip). 

     There were several other times when Lon needed to travel to that distant location for additional litigation actions and judicial hearings, but he wisely did not make those additional trips.  He had anticipated that the local judge would have Lon arrested and put in the local county jail for many months if he had made any of those additional trips.  Later judicial actions confirmed his suspicions about those situations.  He managed to avoid their collusive criminal-minded unethical multiple attempts to have him arrested and put in the local county jail.
     Defendant Lon Willoughby, Jr. had two very important advantages that helped him cope and survive that terribly difficult and stressful litigation ordeal over 20+ years.  He had his very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge, and he had his very smart and very helpful and very supportive wife.

     Wife Janie Willoughby helped defendant Lonnie Willoughby as much as she could in his ongoing efforts to cope with those egotistically arrogant, haughty, and pompous "elitist" aristocratic and autocratic very corrupt and selfish self-serving "legal brotherhood" despots and tyrants. (attorneys and judges)

     Lon Willoughby, Jr. managed to survive that horrendous litigation ordeal, but his attorney opponent did not survive that ongoing litigation battle ordeal - he died at age 70.  His extremely evil-minded sadistic and vindictive attitude and his corresponding unfair unethical litigation actions against non-resident defendant Lon Willoughby, Jr. probably had a lot to do with his premature death.  That legal battle was then continued for about nine more years by two of that attorney's sons who were also practicing attorneys in that distant southern state.  

     That complex litigation battle continued in an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt despotic manner year after year until year 2010 when defendant Lon Willoughby finally refused to attempt to litigate anymore in their outrageously unfair, disgustingly corrupt self-serving "elitist" aristocratic and autocratic, despotic and tyrannical courts (their unfair self-serving trial courts and appellate courts).  

     Lon is now at age 82 and he is still strong emotionally and physically.  In addition to this very important Website, he also wants to have some time to write a book that will clearly expose the evil-minded, corrupt, selfish, self-serving, arrogant, pompous, "elitist" aristocratic and autocratic despotic and tyrannical judicial system practices that attorneys and judges ruthlessly forced Lonnie Willoughby to try to cope with again and again over an extended litigation period of 20+ years. 

     Lon's book will report that corrupt attorneys and judges can reliably get away with their corrupt self-serving actions - without fear of any competent responsible investigations (thus no prosecutions and no punishment actions). 

    Lon learned that the legal profession has effectively corrupted law enforcement agencies throughout America to such an extent that law enforcement personnel at all levels (state law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies) will not provide fair responsible law enforcement actions about serious  complaints about criminal actions by members of the "legal brotherhood."  (the legal profession in America)

     It is very important for American adult citizens to get educated about these situations and understand clearly that members of the "legal brotherhood" ultimately control all of the serious law enforcement prosecution actions throughout the entire USA.  Consequently, members of the legal profession are "protected" from responsible investigations, or prosecutions, or punishment actions - no matter how unfair, unethical, and corrupt they choose to be in a litigation process or in judicial actions.  Lon experienced those situations numerous times over a 20+ years extended litigation process.

     Our Judicial Corruption Exposed department at this Website will give you a good preview of Lon's expose' book about judicial corruption in American courts.  Lon learned that members of the legal profession, including trial court judges and appellate court judges, can be extremely self-serving in arrogant and pompous ways that exposed their very common "elitist" aristocratic and autocratic despotic and tyrannical attitudes toward ordinary Americans.  Defendant Lon Willoughby had those experiences many times during his 20+ years of related litigation actions. 

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Judicial Corruption Exposed

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     We have learned to be very careful in trying to help any Americans living anywhere, but especially anywhere that is outside of our local Greenville county area.  This is due to the potential for extreme judicial corruption and extreme law enforcement corruption in other locations.  It's not that it does not happen locally, but it is much less difficult for us to deal with local corruption than it is to deal with corruption that occurs in distant locations.  It is much less expensive and much less difficult for our company to cope with judicial corruption or law enforcement corruption in our local area.

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