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      ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as (dba) ABC of Health offers Alternative Health Natural Healthcare Consultation Sessions with Lonnie Willoughby, the president of ABC's of Health, Inc.

     This Website has previously explained that Lonnie Willoughby (Lon) has been studying and learning about alternative health type natural healthcare concepts for more than 40 years.  Consequently, he is very knowledgeable about many natural healthcare concepts, nutrition concepts, and healthy lifestyle concepts that are really important for everyone in America. 

      As a result of his advanced level of alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge, Lon has developed and timely copyrighted for our company more than 50 natural healthcare concepts that are revolutionary major breakthroughs in alternative health natural healthcare management actions. 

     Lon can use those special copyrighted natural healthcare concepts to help him provide remarkable combined healthcare, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle consultation sessions that can be very important to our consultation clients.

      We are the only company in America that is authorized to teach these special copyrighted natural healthcare concepts so we are the only company where natural healthcare consultation sessions can be obtained that can use some of these remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts.

     Lon Willoughby (A.S.) and his wife Janie (B.S., M.Ed.) are currently developing incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that will teach "qualified clients" remarkable healthcare concepts that have not been available before in America. 

     Our Deluxe education program will be divided into three phases of education:  Level One, Level Two, and Level Three.  Each client will complete all three phases to complete this remarkable natural healthcare concepts education program.

     When this healthcare education program is fully developed, and when it is being leased in our restricted area of distribution (Zip Code 296_ _ ), Lon will prefer to provide personalized consultation sessions for "qualified clients" who have completed the Level One portion of our natural healthcare education program (client has advanced into the Level Two part of the education program). 

     However, until that time arrives, Lon will continue providing natural healthcare consultation sessions with clients who want a consultation on an "as needed basis."  They will be able to learn some of our natural healthcare concepts whenever Lon Willoughby considers those concepts to be relevant to a consultation client's immediate healthcare, nutrition, and lifestyle concerns and needs.

      If you want to get a quick overview of the new healthcare concepts education program that Lon and Janie are currently developing, you can review the helpful information that is presented in the Home  department of this Website.  If you want a more detailed explanation of this education program, you can detour over to a special Website that we have developed for that purpose. 

     You can use the convenient hyperlink (link) below to make a quick detour to that Website.  You can conveniently review the "Overview Information" provided on the "landing page" (our Contact ABC department for that Website).   We suggest that you also review the "Summary of Health Benefits" department before you return to this Website. 

     That department presents a quick summary of the healthcare benefits that can occur from being educated with our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  Then consider this situation:  if Lon Willoughby knows how to educate "qualified clients" to achieve those remarkable natural healthcare results, then he obviously knows how to help our consultation clients understand how they can improve their natural healthcare actions in very important ways

     When you are ready to come back to this exact location in this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website, you can use your Back Arrow Function (may need to slowly select that function multiple times to get back to this location, or simply use the correct Tab at the top of your display screen (if your viewing device provides Tabs).

WELCOME BACK.  Let's continue with our presentation.

     Some people have specific healthcare issues that they need to understand better as quickly as possible, and they want a scheduled personalized combined healthcare, nutrition, healthy lifestyle consultation session with Lon Willoughby by telephone.  He can usually help clients a lot in learning what natural healthcare actions they can take to cope more effectively with their healthcare concerns.

     In some situations in the future, "qualified clients" who have completed the Level One portion of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will not need a personalized consultation session with Lon Willoughby because they will have already learned enough alternative health natural healthcare concepts to know what healthcare and lifestyle improvement actions they can take to improve their natural healthcare concerns and issues.

Fortunately, Lon knows how to determine when one of those personal type situations likely exist.

     1.  He talks (by telephone) with the individual about their healthcare condition or concerns, or he may talk with a close family member who is familiar with the person's healthcare situation. 

     2.  Lon also reviews the person's responses to the three pages of Client Information and Questionnaire that he always needs to review before proceeding with a consultation session.

     Please understand that we still provide information in this department about the healthcare products and services that we used to offer the public when our health and wellness store was in operation.  We do this because we understand that this information can be helpful in educating a new client about our the comprehensive nature of Lon's healthcare knowledge and experience. 

     Reviewing relevant information about our health and wellness store will enable a new consultation client to see clearly that we were truly in the Health and Wellness Business in a professional manner that was unique in the Greenville area.                                                                                                                                                                                                  The proprietary advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon can use in our healthcare consultation sessions were developed by him, as explained above.  These special advanced natural healthcare concepts are not available anywhere else in America because we own the copyrights to these proprietary corporate trade secretsLon is fully authorized to use any of our natural advanced healthcare concepts with our consultation clients - on an "as needed basis" (whenever this is appropriate).

Overview of Lon's Consultation Considerations

     Lonnie Willoughby is a skilled natural healthcare consultantnutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach.  He considers the holistic whole body situation when he is providing a consultation session with a client.  Lon considers important parameters of their physical health and their emotional health, including special stress-related factors that may occur in their work duties, or their home situations, that might be affecting their current health condition.   

     Lon also considers relevant lifestyle issues such as: air quality and water quality, food choices, cooking method choices, nutrition supplement product choices, work environment, and home environment situations that may be affecting the client's health.

     He has many years of experience working with alternative health natural type health-promoting programs and protocols.  He has also studied air purification equipment, and water filtration and purification equipment, and he has worked with these systems during the past 30+ years.

     Lon also knows how to
teach classes about the ABC's of Healthcare and Wellness.   He is also quite knowledgeable about very important weight loss and weight management concepts.     

     Our personalized Healthcare Concepts, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle Consultation Service has a very reasonable fee structure.  For people in a low budget or low income situation, Lon can consider  the available financial resources of each person involved because he wants to help as many people as possible with our remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts consultation services
     Modern day healthcare is a very complex field of work, and the knowledge available is continually  advancing and getting better all the time.  Consequently, Lon Willoughby is always learning as much as possible about advances in nutrition supplement products and alternative health natural type health-promoting procedures, protocols, and techniques. 

     That is why we have accumulated more than
1000 very good alternative health type health books in our corporate library.  Lon Willoughby frequently uses those reference books to increase his knowledge, and he also spends many hours each month on the Internet conducting research activities related to health products, important healthcare information, and learning about advances in healthcare technology. 

     Lon Willoughby knows how to help people understand that clean air, clean water, a healthy diet and quality nutrition supplements are very important components of enhanced good long-term healthy  life potential, 

     He also developed and copyrighted his Positive, Constructive, and Productive (PCP) mental thought processes healthcare concept, and this is one of his many major advances in advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  
     This very important concept will enable our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program "qualified clients" to understand why their thoughts and attitudes affect their short-term, medium-term, and long-term health in ways that can cause dramatic affects on body health.

     Lon will also enable our
Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program clients to understand how important appropriate physical exercise can be in helping optimize the health of body cells and brain functions (activation of numerous genes can occur with appropriate exercise actions).  Our education program will also explain why excessive exercise is actually harmful.

     We presume that you reviewed the valuable healthcare concepts information that is presented in our Home department before you visited this Consultations department.  If you have not carefully reviewed that information, it could be very helpful to read it as soon as possible. 

     The next section will provide a listing of some of the alternative health natural healthcare subjects that Lon is knowledgeable about and can discuss whenever needed with a consultation client.


Healthcare Issues That Lon Knows How to Help Clients

Understand Better and Utilize More Effectively

  1. Learn about vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, probiotics, protein supplements, etc.
  2. Learn about nutrition supplements formulated to help with many common health conditions
  3. Learn how to use nutrition supplements to enhance the intake of important nutrients
  4. Learn how to clean out arteries and improve blood flow in the body (including the brain)
  5. Decrease high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides - using natural protocol
  6. Improve mental attitude about life, responsibilities, challenges, and health conditions
  7. Reduce nutrition supplement expenses by using our affiliate account status.
  8. Cleanse and detoxify the body - control parasites and yeast (many people have both)
  9. Minimize constipation or loose bowel conditions - improve bowel health and functions
  10. Replenish probiotics in your intestines using the most effective and economical products
  11. Learn about pH balance of body fluids and food combining concepts - vital information
  12. Improve digestion of various foods and minimize reflux, bloating, and/or excessive gas
  13. Minimize food allergy reactions, discomfort, loss of energy after eating (digestion malaise)
  14. Stabilize glucose metabolism - helpful to all - especially for diabetics and hypoglycemics
  15. Lose weight or gain weight (if needed) in a healthy manner using ABC's special protocols
  16. Improve mental abilities - learning, memory, mental clarity, brain power, creativity, productivity
  17. Learn how to disable harmful microbes quickly - bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus
  18. Reduce long-term damage caused by microbial infections - bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus
  19. Boost immune system functions with special nutrition supplements and health protocols
  20. Learn about convenient super-foods (capsules, powder, tablets) - amazing cell nourishment
  21. Learn how to economize some raw food expenses using super-foods concentrates
  22. Enhance DNA functions and enhance stem cells functions (maintenance & repair of cells)
  23. Revitalize body cells and slow down the aging process - increase healthy lifespan potential
  24. Enhance the quality of your sleep and simultaneously slow down the aging process
  25. Decrease the potential for serious disease conditions and pain and suffering in later years
  26. Enjoy more energy and vitality - improve healthy longevity potential (increase lifespan)
  27. Learn how to cleanse and protect the kidneys, liver, and gall bladder from stones
  28. Improve sexual activity and pleasure (for men and women) - special nutrition supplements
  29. Learn how to manage pain and inflammation throughout the body - take control of body
  30. Learn how to control  the tendency toward anxiety, nervousness, and/or depression
  31. Learn important concepts about water filtration for drinking, cooking, bathing water
  32. Understand the importance of air purification using ozone and ions to control microbes
  33. Lon also knows how to speed up healing and recovery from injuries, surgery, etc.

This Section Contains Very Valuable Natural Healthcare Information 

That May Help You Gain Important Insight

About Protecting Your Natural Healthcare Assets  

     ABC of Health used to be a local distribution outlet for quality health enhancing products and services.  We could help our clients and customers select the appropriate products to provide the best cost effective value for their healthcare improvement objectives. 

     We could also help our classroom and consultation clients learn how to easily and cost-effectively improve their diet, their attitude about life and work, and substantially improve their lifestyle as it relates to better long-term healthcare.  It takes several hours to teach these inter-related healthcare concepts, so it important for people to understand that some special education is necessary to begin to enjoy the great benefits that can be achieved.  Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will make it easy for our "qualified clients" to learn how to obtain those benefits. 

Natural Healthcare Counseling Services
Advantages of Telephone Consultations
     Lon Willoughby used to provide healthcare and nutrition counseling services in our Health and Wellness Facility, and he would also provide these exceptionally valuable services by telephone in some situations for home-bound persons - if they were established residents of South Carolina and lived within about 50 miles of downtown Greenville, SC. 

     Now that we have closed our nutrition store facility (
April 24, 2014
Lon has decided to conduct most  of our future consultation sessions by telephone for the following reasons: 

     1.  We closed our health and wellness store on April 24, 2014, so we no longer have several hundred nutrition products on the display shelves to select from to meet the needs of our consultation clients for quality products at good prices. 

     2.  Conducting the consultation session by telephone is much more convenient for each consultation client.  Think about it:  they do not need to get dressed for travel to a consultation location, and they also completely eliminate the travel time, to and from a consultation location.

     3.  Consulting by telephone is much safer than traveling by vehicle (by at least a thousand times).

     4.  Our consultation sessions can usually be conducted at a time that is most convenient to the client, and may be scheduled to occur after normal working hours for Lon Willoughby (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).  If it will be helpful to the client, Lon can schedule the consultation at an evening hour.  This may be important for married couples because Lon usually wants both spouses to be present for a consultation session.  It is usually very important for both spouses to hear what Lon says about a healthcare situation - presuming that this is agreeable to the consultation client. 

     If that is not agreeable to the consultation client, the consultation can be scheduled when the client will be alone (spouse not present).  Having the consultation by telephone also enables the client to schedule the consultation to occur at a different location than their residence (if that will help with privacy) - this could be at a friend's home or another family member's home, etc.  (lots of flexibility is available here)

     5.  If there are young children at home, the consultation client may be able to avoid hiring a sitter to be with the children (compared to the client having to travel to another location for a consultation and leave the young children with a sitter). 

     6.  If there are teenage children in the family, scheduling the consultation to occur when the older teenagers will be home may be helpful if the subject of the consultation is about healthcare issues that the client would like the teenagers to be able to hear also.  (healthy lifestyle issues, etc.)  If we know that teenage children will participate in the consultation session by telephone, we can arrange the consultation conversation to bring the children into the conversation whenever appropriate.

     7.  Having the consultation by telephone will also enable the client to have a better opportunity to record the telephone conversation if they have a speakerphone capability with their telephone.

     As you can see from the listing above, there are some important advantages available with the flexibility that occurs when healthcare consultations are conducted by telephone, and you can probably think of some other advantages to you that are not listed above.  Needless to say, a telephone consultation is a very convenient way to participate in an alternative health natural healthcare concepts consultation session - paid for with a credit card in advance of the start of the consultation. 

     We have provided information below that will help you understand more about our company and about Lon Willoughby, as it relates to our healthcare consultation services or by the home-study education program that Lon and Janie are currently developing.  To obtain additional information about our company, and about Lon Willoughby, please review the information presented in the Home department and the About ABC department at this Website.

Primary Objective of ABC of Health
     Our primary objective is to provide very valuable beneficial natural healthcare education services for people living in the upstate area of South Carolina.  Lon Willoughby sincerely wants our company to help people learn about exceptionally important "natural healthcare concepts" and "healthy lifestyle factors" that can help them make major improvements in their potential for better long-term health.  
     These are the special healthcare concepts, nutrition concepts, and healthy lifestyle concepts that Lon learned over a period of 40+ years.  We also provide very important natural healthcare education services with our multiple Websites - with free natural healthcare concepts that can help visitors begin improving their lifestyles right away. 

     The exceptionally
valuable special natural healthcare concepts knowledge that Lon Willoughby has acquired over the years can enable our clients to improve their potential to develop and maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind into old age. 

     As you can easily see, 
this is incredibly valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge that is very difficult to find in one place, but Lon has developed advanced natural healthcare concepts that are easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use.  

     Lon Willoughby is confident that most people are capable of learning how to achieve these very important natural healthcare advantages, but he understands that people need some special natural healthcare education to have a real viable potential to achieve this very desirable healthcare goal. 

     He believes that most people can be taught 
advanced natural healthcare concepts that will enable them to develop more energy and vitality and improve their physical and mental performance on a daily basis (more brain power!), thereby greatly improving their potential to live a healthier, longer, and more successful life.  Once we complete it, our new advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program will make this learning process much easier than it has ever been before.
     Lon and Janie understood that people need a practical and reasonable opportunity to accomplish these very important natural healthcare, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle education objectives; unfortunately, that situation has not been available to the general public in South Carolina (or anywhere else in America that we know about).  Consequently, Lon and Janie are developing our unique Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program so we can help fill this educational void. 

     We will be able to help "qualified clients" learn how to
quickly get on the fast track to much better health and substantially improve their long-term healthy life potential. 

     We understand that this very valuable natural healthcare concepts education will
increase the longevity potential substantially for our "qualified clients" (their potential to live a longer healthy life with greatly reduced potential for sickness and disease conditions ). 
     Weight Loss:  Lon has also developed very effective weight loss strategies that can enhance substantially most of the popular weight loss programs that are readily available.  He knows how to provide special guidance for losing excess weight and fat that other weight loss programs do not utilize adequately. (Because they do not know about Lon's special weight-loss concepts?)
     Lon can provide consultation sessions for people who are serious about taking charge of their health and getting in better health while they also lose weight in a manner that is safe, and reasonably easy to accomplish, and usually more cost-effective than most other commercial weight loss programs. 

     We used to stock special nutrition supplement products that could help people accomplish their weight management and weight-loss goals better and faster.  Those special products can now be purchased at discount prices through our registered affiliate account.

     Weight Gain:  We can provide helpful guidance for people who are under normal body weight and want to gain weight and/or gain additional muscle mass and also improve their overall health condition.


 Taking Control of Your Health

      Lon understands that it is very important for people to learn how to take control of their own health, and he encourages people to begin this exciting and exceptionally rewarding lifelong venture as soon as possible.  In order to help many people learn about his ABC's of Health ConceptsLon started a health store and health education business in January 1999.

      He wanted to help customers learn about some of the exceptionally important healthy lifestyle concepts that he had learned during the past 18 years (since 1980).

     Lon eventually developed his exceptionally valuable
natural healthcare concepts knowledge into a vital healthcare concepts science that involves several very important proprietary natural healthcare parameters that he timely copyrighted for ABC's of Health, Inc

     He used to share some of these healthcare concepts with customers briefly on an 'as needed' basis where the  customer's time schedule and Lon's time schedule permitted this situation; however, it would take many hours for him to share many of his 
vital healthcare concepts with a client in an organized manner that would be easy for the client to understand and learn how to use properly.
     Consequently, Lon used to offer healthcare consultation sessions for clients to help them learn about several very important healthcare concepts easily and quickly (two to four hour sessions) - depending upon their ability and willingness to learn and their willingness to pay a reasonable fee for this exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts education
     Our vital natural healthcare concepts education is much more important than most people can anticipate in their mind.  It helps to understand this importance when one takes a few moments to think about the 7,115 people that typically die in America each day, seven days per week (about 49,800 people die weekly - that amounts to about 216,000 deaths monthly - year 2013 statistics). 
     Unfortunately, those people did not have an opportunity to learn the advanced natural health care concepts that Lon developed during his ongoing study of alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts, practices, and protocols during the past 40+ years. 

     Lon believes that many of the people that die each day in America could have lived a much healthier life if they had been able to attend a few hours of Lon's
special natural healthcare and wellness education classes
     Due to substantial overhead expenses (several thousand dollars per month) to operate our health and wellness facility, we had to charge reasonable fees for Lon's exceptionally valuable healthcare consultation sessions.  He has dedicated many years of his life to learning about special natural healthcare concepts.  We also spent a lot of time developing our easy to understand advanced health care concepts education classes about very important natural healthcare issues.
     Our business needed to earn sufficient money each month to pay our business expenses so we could keep our health and wellness facility operating.  Otherwise, we would have to stop providing very important healthcare products and healthcare services for people at our health and wellness facility.

     Lon's exceptionally valuable natural healthcare counseling services enabled his serious-minded clients to get on the fast track to better health; they could learn how to obtain more energy, vitality, brainpower, and wellness quickly, in a cost-effective manner. 

     He knows how to help our 
consultation clients 
learn how to take charge of their health quickly and conveniently;  they have a unique opportunity to learn from his extensive advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge
     Our consultation clients will usually be enabled to quickly gain more control over important body functions and processes that have likely been operating in a confused, disorganized, and poorly functioning manner.  

     We understand that people can have many types of healthcare problems to contend with such as: food digestion deficiencies, inadequate elimination of food residue, improper pH balance of body fluids, poor food combining at meal time, improper choices of cooking methods, improper and inadequate consumption of fluids (water and beverages), inadequate vital nutrients in diet, inadequate enzymes of various types, inadequate beneficial flora - probiotics in the intestinal system, clogged up liver, clogged up kidneys, and
exhausted adrenal glands. 

     Many people also have
way too much stress in their lifestyle, and may have unhealthy negative thought patterns, or a poorly functioning immune system, or inadequate personal body hygiene.  There are a number of other health conditions that can prevent optimum health, energy, and vitality.  

     As you surely know, healthcare problems can 
contribute to various disease conditions and cause physical pain and suffering and serious emotional stress and suffering, and ultimately cause a shortened lifespan for sick individuals. 
     Lon knows how to teach his advanced natural healthcare concepts in an easy to learn and understand manner that is exciting and enjoyable and easy to begin using to substantially improve one's health care actions.   When people become educated about these special natural healthcare concepts, they will have the practical healthcare knowledge that they need to begin improving their healthcare actions on a daily basis in a comfortable way that is easy to accomplish. 

and Janie eventually decided that they should work together to develop a remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program so selected American citizens ("qualified clients") could have a very good opportunity to learn about our advanced natural healthcare concepts in the comfort and convenience of their own residence - and study on their own time schedule.

Chief Executive Officer of Your Body  

     Lon developed the vital healthcare concept that each adult is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their very complex and delicate body system, and the value of each being is worth more than all of the money on Planet Earth.  Think about that statement for a few moments:  your mental and physical being cannot be replaced by spending any amount of money - not even all the money available on this planet! 
     You are a very special being and you are unique in the universe.  So how important is it for you to learn how to take much better care of  your health?  When should you begin in earnest to improve your knowledge about our vital natural healthcare concepts and begin using them daily for your benefit? 

     Ask yourself this question: How good am I as a body system manager?  Your ability to manage your complex body system will have a lot of effect on your health and vitality each day for the rest of your life.  Your natural healthcare knowledge can have a lot of effect on how long you will be able to live in good health with vitality, free of pain and disease conditions. 
FREE Introductory Telephone Consultation
(no longer available)
With Lon Willoughby About Healthcare and Nutrition Issues

     Lon used to typically work about 80 to 90 hours per week because operating and managing a complex independent health store and health and wellness store is very complicated and time consuming work.  We had purchasing accounts with more than 65 health products distribution and manufacturing companies.

     Consider the logistics and paperwork involved ( the large amount of administrative details involved ) with ordering and stocking several hundred health-related products from such a large number of health products suppliers.  

     The broad range of health-related products that we stocked enabled our customers to shop our facility with an excellent assortment of products such as: nutrition supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic formulations, enzymes, beneficial nutritional oils, immune system boosters, probiotics, protein supplements and other sports type products, personal care products including  quality soap products, shampoo, toothpaste (without fluoride), and many special food items and super-food products (capsules, powders, and/or tablets). 

     In addition to all of that, we also stocked special nutrition formulations for many specific health conditions (see our Home department information).  We also had quality air purification equipment, water filtration and water purification equipment.  In addition, we stocked other types of health promoting products like a FIR (Far Infrared Ray) type portable Sauna, a Deluxe Chi Exerciser unit, and we sold quality built Rebounder Exercise Equipment (40 inches diameter).  

     Lon has researched the rebounder market and he believes the brand that we used to sell is the best value available.  It is a best design and quality unit, and it has the best warranty, and it can provide a lifetime of remarkable healthcare benefits when used properly.  

Contacting ABC of Health for Your FREE Telephone Discussion

Note:  these free conversations are no longer available

     When you contact ABCplease be considerate of our limited time availability.  You can do this by thinking through your health care inquiry issues and then organizing your inquiry into a written listing of the main points you want to discuss with our health consultant before calling us.   
     NOTE 1:  Each local person was limited to one free ten-minute discussion with Lon about each of these subjects - health and wellness inquiries, air purification inquiries, and water filtration inquiries.  People could contact ABC by calling 329-0004 - our main incoming phone line, and let us know that they had visited this Consultation department and wanted to schedule their free ten-minute health discussion with Lon Willoughby about their choice of the subjects listed above.
     NOTE 2:  Lon was not always available for a free discussion period when people called because he might be busy working with another client.  However, people could be prepared to talk with him about their health care concerns because he might be able to take time to provide a free short discussion when they called our office.   Otherwise, they could leave us a voice mail message and we would take their contact information (in person or by voice mail) and then call them back as soon as possible (ASAP), whenever Lon was available to provide a free ten-minute discussion with them.  
     A more detailed fee-based consultation session with Lon could likely help them, or someone they cared about, more than they could imagine at that time.  People could use their Free Discussion Time with Lon to see if he could help them their health concerns, healthy lifestyle issues, questions about nutritional supplements. or questions about air filters, air purifiers, shower filters, water filters and water purifiers. 
     They might have questions about beneficial flora products (probiotics), supplements for digestive enzymes, the vital need for EFA's (essential fatty acids), immune system booster products, the best forms of minerals to use for supplementation of your diet, or the need for additional vitamins in their daily diet.

     Lon could help people obtain practical and useful information about the very important subject of pH Balancethis is one of the most important issues involved with developing a healthy lifestyle. The hydrogen atom (ion) activity within your body affects many vital chemical functions throughout the body.  Lon understands that it is very important for people to learn how to have more control over the pH levels in their  body fluids so they can enhance their potential for a healthy body with an abundance of energy and vitality and have a longer life.

     Customers might also want to learn about the super powerful whole foods that are now available in powdered form, capsules, and/or convenient tablets; these very important nutrition supplement products can provide an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to greatly improve nutrition in their daily diet. 


Air Quality and Water Quality Consultations 

      An Introductory Telephone Discussion about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, or water purifiers was also free (up to 10 minutes in length) for each subject (Air Quality and/or Water Quality).  

Fast Track to a Healthier Lifestyle
     As shown herein, we could help customers take charge of these vital areas their lifestyle, at home or in the office, as appropriate for their personal circumstances.  Customers could telephone ABC of Health at (864) 329-0004 if this was more convenient than sending us their inquiry by E-mail or Fax. 

     We could help people in distant locations in South Carolina (not other states) but people should check our hours of operation before they called us by telephone.  Our hours of operation are always shown in the 
Home department and the About Us department and the Contact ABC department of this Website - see hyper-link selections at the top or bottom of this department.    
     Lon knows how to help people develop a healthier lifestyle in a cost-effective manner.  Striving to accomplish this desirable objective daily should be viewed as an excellent investment in your long-term health. 
     Doesn't it make sense to take much better care of your health now, rather than waiting until some time in the future?  If you answered with a YES!, when would be the very best time to get started? 
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  
Our free Natural Healthcare Concepts department
can help you get started today if you like. 

Take a Good Look at Your Future Health

     Consider your future and what your mind and body can become with some helpful coaching.  Our healthcare and nutrition consultant knows how to help people develop a healthier lifestyle that is convenient and cost-effective. This can be viewed as an excellent investment in your long-term health and well-being. 

     Most people can easily afford to adopt some of the valuable lifestyle improvements that Lon will likely discuss. Several of his special healthcare concepts cost nothing, and some of them cost less in an improved lifestyle than what people were already spending for food, beverages, etc.


     It is in your best interest to consider this issue carefully and then get on the fast track to better health; getting started today would likely be your best choice.  Do not procrastinate because this valuable opportunity may not be available to you at some point in the future.  


Many people could enjoy much better health and have more energy and vitality by: 

     (1) simply using some of our special healthcare concepts and

     (2) supplementing their diet (food and liquid intake) with important nutrients - vitamins and minerals and some of the "special food supplement products" that Lon could recommend (in a consultation).

     Lon's alternative health natural advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge can help our consultation clients select health products and learn special healthcare concepts that can empower our clients to accomplish some of the very beneficial objectives that have been identified herein. 



     NOTICE:  You can learn how to improve your ability to protect and nourish your precious health by reviewing the valuable free healthcare concepts that we have provided in several departments of this Introductory Healthcare Education Website. 

We suggest that you tour these departments in this order: 



Home, Home Extension 1, Terms of Use, Home Extension 2, Home Extension 3, 

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    This Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website provides some very important special natural healthcare concepts that can enable you to be more responsible with your precious natural healthcare assets, and learn how to become healthier and enjoy more energy and vitality. 

     Those health improvements can help you become a more productive and more successful person in your work profession and in your personal family life.  We want to help you make some important improvements with your natural healthcare actions and your personal lifestyle.  

    Please remember that we can help our consultation clients develop a more personal level of understanding about some of our healthcare concepts with our healthcare consultation sessions.

    However, our "qualified clients" will be enabled to learn much more about our proprietary advanced natural healthcare concepts with the education contained in our home-study education program

   Thank you for taking a responsible interest in your long-term health.  Improving your knowledge about our special natural healthcare concepts can pay wonderful dividends daily - throughout the rest of your life. You have an opportunity to take advantage of the valuable free healthcare concepts that are available to you at this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.

     Please understand that this Website presents a lot of free natural healthcare concepts for your personal benefit.  You will be wise to take time to scan through the various departments to get an understanding of the valuable natural healthcare concepts that are available to you free from ABC of Health at this very important Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.

     We welcome your comments and constructive helpful suggestions about things that we might consider doing to serve your natural healthcare interests and objectives more effectively.


May you live long and prosper well in good health, 

Lon Willoughby, Founder and President of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health.


Overview Summary of Our
Natural Healthcare Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and incredibly valuable healthcare education services that we offer.  Similar introductory information is presented in some other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help numerous Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

     After you have read this helpful information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain similar introductory information.   

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we offer some special healthcare concepts (health and fitness concepts) that are free at multiple Websites (to help visitors get started quickly on improving their lifestyle). 

     We also offer healthcare and nutrition consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within about a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure) 

     These very convenient telephone consultations can be very helpful to individuals or married couples or families with some teenage children. 

     Lon Willoughby can educate our consultation clients quickly about relevant healthcare and nutrition concepts that may be very helpful about their healthcare concerns and issues.  Younger children can learn from their smart educated parents.

     Telephone consultation services offer the big advantage of being a fast and convenient way for our clients to obtain some very important alternative health and "complementary health" natural  healthcare concepts  that can be directed to specific healthcare issues.  These clients can obtain very valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a reasonable cost (using a credit card for payment at the beginning of the consultation).

     Our company is currently developing a very important and valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program for "qualified"  American citizens who are also residents (citizens) of South Carolina and live in the upstate area with a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

     This Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable us to provide comprehensive healthcare concepts regarding a broad range of very important healthcare, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness issues Our special natural healthcare concepts education program can be much more effective over time, to an individual or a married couple or a family, than many hours of telephone consultation services can provide.

     The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study education program can educate our "qualified education clients" about our incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts (healthcare, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness).  We know how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use for improving a lifestyle in truly remarkable ways.

     More information about our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program is available at another special Website that was designed for that purpose.  Use the convenient link below to make a quick detour to that Website:

     You will find information about the remarkable home-study education program that we are developing on the "landing page" - the Contact ABC department.  Also see the Client Qualifications department for information about our very reasonable security standards for the qualification of potential "qualified education client" applicants.

     Our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program is available only from our company because we own the 50+ copyrights that are used in the advanced natural healthcare concepts that we teach.  We are the only company that is authorized to teach our copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts (our proprietary corporate trade secrets).

     This healthcare concepts home-study education program will be available only from our company because we will have tightly controlled security for leasing distribution of this education program.   We own more than 50 copyrighted natural healthcare concepts that will be explained in our education program.  You can see why we will be the only company that will teach our corporate trade secrets.

     ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important healthcare concepts about various subjects such as:  healthcare consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, healthcare classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc.

     We also present information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters (bath tub filters and shower filters), water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

     The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of healthcare  issues that our alternative health type natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and  healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby) 

     Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and complementary health natural type healthcare concepts, practices, protocols, and services.  (we do not offer prescription type drugs)

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