Copyright Information For ABC of Health

Very Important Information About Copyrights

    The founder and president of our Corporation, Lonnie Willoughby, has developed and copyrighted more than 50 very important special natural healthcare and wellness concepts since year 2000. 

    This was a practical outcome of his thousands of hours of dedicated diligent study of many important books and related research data about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts - over a period of many years.

     Lon began his natural healthcare studies in 1970 (age 34), and he has continued that challenging and complicated study as much as his work schedule would allow up to the present time (46+ years). 

he special natural healthcare concepts that Lon developed and copyrighted for our company are very important and very valuable - they are our proprietary corporate healthcare trade secrets

    Our ownership of the copyrights involved makes it illegal (a serious federal crime) for anyone to present these natural healthcare concepts in the unique way that we do, on the Internet, or in any other format (audio, print, photocopies, video, verbal sharing of our company trade secrets, etc.).
    Consider this situation as being somewhat similar to having a patent on a unit of equipment; it is illegal for anyone else to develop or produce a similar copy of that equipment. 

    Copyrights are used to properly protect intellectual property rights - creative things like musical compositions, musical performances (CD's, DVDs, audio tapes, video performances), poems, works of art, creative and innovative discoveries, and publications of new ideas, concepts, and protocols.

     Think about this scenario:  You spent thousands of hours of diligent and dedicated study and work, over a period of many years, at a cost of more than one million dollars, and you eventually succeed in discovering major breakthrough alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very important and very valuable to millions of American citizens - and ultimately enable them to greatly improve their lifestyles and their health, and also enable many of them to save their lives. 

     Would you want your diligent creative hard work and your large financial investment in your special natural healthcare concepts protected by a U.S. Government Copyright?  Well, of course you would.

     A copyright could legally protect your creative natural healthcare concepts discoveries from being improperly used, modified, or copied by other people.  Please understand that many people will want to benefit greatly from your
very valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts discoveries, but many of those people will not want to pay you anything for your very valuable life-changing and life-saving type natural healthcare and wellness concepts discoveries.  

Many people will not want to take time to honestly and responsibly consider your many years of diligent research and study and your very complex natural healthcare work for many years and your accumulated million dollars investment in your development of those remarkable breakthrough advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     Most people will likely just want an easy way to benefit from your very important achievements as quickly as they can, and at the least cost possible.  That is just the way most people are by nature, so you may as well understand that situation right up front.

     Most people will not take any time at all to responsibly consider that they are not being fair-minded and honest with you  Will most people try to steal your copyrighted healthcare and wellness concepts without paying you anything for them?  Will they then "share" that information with family members, friends, work associates, and even your competitors?  If they can find a way to do that, most people will very likely do some of that - without giving it a second thought

     That is just how many people are - they have no understanding of copyrights and they have little or no appreciation for copyrights.  In addition to those conditions, many people have little real integrity. 
     Examples of stealing:
  When people copy a professional audio cassette tape or a music CD, or a music DVD or a movie DVD and then give the copy to another person as a gift, they are actually stealing the hard work and skills of the musicians and/or actors and all of the production people who were involved in producing and marketing the work that was unethically and illegally "copied." 

    The "copier" knows that the people involved in producing the copyrighted product are not going to be compensated in a fair and responsible manner for their skills, talents, and work, and expenses when illegal copies are made of their copyrighted production.  You see, stealing their work product is clearly the intended objective when someone decides to make an illegal copy of a copyrighted product.  

     The person making the unauthorized copy wants to get the benefits of the copyrighted product, and they may want to "generously" give it away as an illegal gift to family members or friends.  They know that their copying actions will not responsibly
compensate fairly the skilled people that produced the copyrighted product, and they also know that the way to do that is to purchase the product legally.

     Are those unauthorised copying actions stealing?  
Of course they are!  The fact that it may h be easy to make the copies is totally irrelevant.  In many situations, it will be very easy to make a photocopy of an important and valuable copyrighted written product, but it is illegal and unethical to make a photocopy of any copyrighted product unless proper permission to make copies was obtained from the owner of the copyrighted products.

     If we want to "give" a person one of those copyright protected products, we should purchase a legal copy of the work, pay for it in a legitimate manner, and then "give" the "legal copy" of the product to someone else in an honest, ethical, and responsible manner.  This is the ethical American way of "giving away" copyrighted work products in an honest, fair, and legitimate manner.

     Anything short of that is deliberate and intentional
stealing - it is clearly dishonest and unethical, but those people do not consider themselves to be dishonest unethical thieves.  They apparently consider themselves to be generous gift-givers of those "illegal copies" of copyrighted products.

     That is why it is very important for us to carefully educate each visitor to this Website about these very important ethical considerations and also provide additional information about our Terms of Use Conditions.  We must do this before we introduce more of our very important and very valuable copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets

     Over the years, Lon has copyrighted many natural healthcare and wellness concepts for our company, and his diligent proprietary healthcare and wellness concepts work is exceptionally important - they can enable our "qualified education clients" to make very important and very valuable lifestyle improvements that can be life-changing (and also potentially life-saving for many clients).

     Millions of American lives can be helped a lot and many lives can be potentially saved with the very important and very valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs that Lon and Janie Willoughby are busy developing at this time.

     Those healthcare improvements can enable major advancements in the quality of the lives of our clients and enable them to enjoy remarkable healthcare benefits daily for the rest of their lifetime.

     Can you understand how incredibly valuable those advantages can be to a person or a family?
  Carefully consider the benefits that these healthcare improvements can provide to a family with two children over the period of their remaining lifetimes.  The benefits can be absolutely incredible!!!

     Having copyright ownership of our very valuable 50+ proprietary natural healthcare and wellness concepts enables us to have exclusive control over the distribution of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts. These protective copyrights enable us to be the only company in America that is authorized to present these special natural healthcare and wellness concepts in the clear and easy to understand manner that Lon and Janie Willoughby are developing for our vital education programs.

     We have shown herein how numerous customers in our healthcare and wellness store and several of our "trusted" consultation clients (with Lon Willoughby) casually, carelessly, and willfully violated our trust with their irresponsible misuse and abuse of our very important proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness corporate trade secrets

     Lon Willoughby learned that most people apparently feel and think that anything that they learn from any natural healthcare and wellness consultation is free information that can be shared with anyone that they choose to share it with, including our main local healthcare consultant competitors

     Lon learned subsequently that several of our consultation clients casually conducted these types of betrayal actions routinely even though they had a copy of the one page non-disclosure agreement that they had signed with Lon Willoughby at ABC of Health - the agreement stated clearly that they were not supposed to share any of that consultation healthcare and wellness information with other people.

     Let's stop for a few moments and consider how grossly unfair and irresponsible those kinds of uneducated attitudes are about being "Free" to share our very confidential type proprietary and copyrighted corporate natural healthcare and wellness concepts
trade secrets with other people, especially with our main local competitor natural healthcare consultants.  If we were to conduct our healthcare education business in that foolish and irresponsible short-sighted manner, here is what would likely happen. 

     Each person that we educated about some of our very important and very valuable proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts trade secrets could now become one of our competitors to some extent, and that one person could produce a very serious situation if they also casually shared some of our very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness trade secrets with some of our local competitors (also natural healthcare and wellness consultants)

     In this practical and very realistic senario, the more people that Lon Willoughby helped educate abou
t some of our important and valuable proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness trade secrets, the more amatuer competitors (educated somewhat by Lon's consultation sessions) that our company would have actively helping some family members, relatives, friends, and other associates learn some of our very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness corporate trade secrets

     Over time, those unfair and unethical competitive actions (in clear violation of our one-page non-disclosure agreement with our consultation clients) would accumulate and gradually help put us out of business.  That was one of several substantial factors that caused us to close our very important complex healthcare and wellness store permanently on April 24, 2014

     You can therefore understand why we must educate American citizen visitors, who are Christian-oriented visitors, about these "uneducated, unfair, unethical, and irresponsible attitudes that are so common with American citizens (and perhaps others).  We therefore spend considerable time at this Website educating visitors about our requirements for some visitors to become
"qualified visitors" and be allowed full use of the very important and valuable education at this Website.

Our Terms of Use department will explain the conditions that apply to the use of any of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will introduce to "qualified visitors" (QV's) in this Website.  

    We encourage QV's to invite other people to visit this Website, but our Terms of Use conditions prohibit them from trying to inform other people about the special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we publish at this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.  

    Why do we require these restricted actions?  From many years of experience, we know that a partial or piecemeal explanation of our very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts, or our special home-study type education programs, or our current natural healthcare concepts consultation services will not be adequate information.  Furthermore, no one is going to take time to properly explain these Copyright Conditions or our Terms of Use Conditions

    The best way and the only legal way for qualified visitors to help family members and friends learn about our very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services is to simply encourage them to visit this Website.  They will then have access to the very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are available to all visitors in our Home department and the five departments that are linked within that department.

     All visitors will be educated about the very important ethical copyright considerations that are explained in this very important department, and they will also get educated about our very reasonable and responsible and very sensible Terms of Use conditions.

     This is the ethical, responsible, sensible, and legal way for visitors to share information about ABC of Health with their family members, relatives, friends, and some other associates about our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets.  

     Just remember that we estimate that more than 30,000 people die prematurely each week (on average) in the USA - primarily because they have not been educated about the healthcare and wellness concepts that we introduce to our visitors in this healthcare and wellness concepts education Website. Consequently, is all of this legalistic type education worth the time and effort to carefully and responsibly review by all potential "qualified visitors?"  YES, IT IS!!!  You will soon understand more fully why it is worth this effort, after you responsibly review our Terms of Use department.  

     We will now provide some very important and very valuable bonus education for

all visitors to this Website.   That special information is right below the green line. 

     After you review this exciting very helpful computer, tablet, or mobile phone bonus information, we will detour you back to our Home department so we can then detour you very conveniently over to our Terms of Use department - where we will be able to transfer you very conveniently back to our Home department

     These detours and transfers will work very quickly and very conveniently - trust us with these actions because we do know how to do these detour and transfers in the most convenient and most reliable manner.

     Now, let's review some really helpful computer technology that is very easy to use for great benefit by our "certified qualified visitors" (CQV's) throughout our six lessons natural healthcare and wellness concepts Education Program.

Important Find Information Tool - BIG HELP For Your Notes

For Computer Users, Tablet Users, and Smartphones Users

(The information below is helpful for these viewing devices)

      A very helpful tool that visitors can use with their computer to find certain information quickly is the "Control Function F Tool" - Control (Ctrl) and F (find); activate this tool by simply pressing the Ctrl key (lower left side of keyboard) and the F key simultaneously.  This will bring up a small horizontal window in the lower left corner of the display screen.  Move your cursor into that small window and  type a keyword or a key phrase in that window - to search for that subject within the department (chapter) that your are currently reviewing.  Please observe the review controls that appear to the right side of this small horizontal window. 

     This amazingly helpful
Find Information Tool is available whenever the viewing screen can be used with a computer style keyboard (a physical keyboard or an onscreen type keyboard).

     The computer system will instantly search for and find all locations in that department (chapter) that contain the keyword or key phrase that you want to locate.  Note:  If you do not see the small horizontal blank window in the lower left corner of your viewing screen, look for the window near the top left of your screen

Find Information Tool is very easy to use, and we provide two practice examples in the paragraphs below for visitors that are viewing this Website on a computer type display or a viewing unit that can produce an onscreen type computer keyboard. 

     Examples:  As a practice exercise for using this "Find Information Tool" we activate the find function by simply pressing the Ctrl key and the F key simultaneously.  Look for the small horizontal blank window that appears (lower left corner of screen - or upper left area of the screen).  Move your cursor inside the small horizontal window and then type the term "premature deaths" in the window.  Now select the "Highlight All" command to the right side of the horizontal window.

     Observe that this Find Information Tool will also tell you how many times it finds the "searched for term."  (look to the right side of the commands)  If the search finds more than one keyword or key phrase location, you can use the up or down arrow keys provided to the right of the window to look for the additional locations. 
Each "found location" will be highlighted in color (green or red).

     Simply delete the searched for key word or key phrase from the "horizontal window" to stop the function temporarily - until you want to use the function again.  If you will want to get back to the location where you will initially activate the Find Function, select a  key word or key phrase that will clearly identify your initial location, and make a note of your search for key word or key phrase - so you can search for this initial location later.

     Now search for the key phrase "computer tool" and see how the "Find Information Tool" works to find and highlight this current location that explains this computer tool.  This helpful tool is another important reason for using a computer when you come back to study our natural healthcare concepts during Phase Two of this very important Healthcare Concepts Education Program.

     Most tablets and smartphones will have a "Find on page" function if you know how to get this function to appear when you need it.  The information below may be helpful to many visitors.

     Tablets:  There are many types of tablets and many types of operating systems.  We use an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (which we really like).   We can get the "Find on page" function by selecting the 3 vertical dots icon at the top right of the screen, and then looking at the top of the viewing screen, select the search icon (looks like a round magnifying glass with a handle).  The "Find on page" function then appears on screen.

     If you are using a tablet to view this Website, check it out and see what you need to do to activate the "Find on page" function.  The information about smartphones presented below may also provide some helpful insight for tablet users.

     Smartphones:  If you are using an android type smartphone, look at the top right corner of your viewing screen and find a 3 vertical dot icon or a single colored circle.  Select the icon - get  a drop down menu that contains several functions - look for the Find on page function and select it

     Then look at the top of your viewing screen to see the small horizontal window that appears to enable you to type the word or phrase or title that you want to find within the Website department that you are reviewing currently.  An onscreen keyboard will appear when your curser function realizes that you are ready to type the first character.  The control functions that appear to the right of the small horizontal window will work just like they work for computer displays.

     We presume that an iPhone will have a similar "Find on page" function.  You may want to check this function activation process now if you are using an iPhone to review this department

     Whether you are using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to review this Home department's  information, this "Find on page" function can be very helpful any time you want to search for a particular paragraph or sentence or title or just a specific wordThe more specifically you identify the information you want to search for, the easier it will be to find that information. 

     Keep this very handy FIND INFORMATION TOOL in mind when you are taking notes about the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that you want to review more carefully when you begin making your Second Phase return visits to each of our five Home departments

     This super Find Information Tool can be very helpful to you if you make your notes in a way that will clearly identify a key word or phrase that can easily make good use of this "Find on page" function.  With a little practice at this type of note taking, this becomes very easy to do.

     Before we can begin introducing you to more of our special corporate healthcare and wellness concepts trade secrets, we need to have you transfer back to our Home department by using your
Back Arrow Function.  Use that function in just a few moments to detour back to the exact location in our Home department that you were at before we detoured you over to this Copyright Information department. 

     NOTES:  We had to relocate this absolutely essential copyright information and also this bonus information about the Find Information Tool in this separate department to avoid having too much information in our Home department (otherwise, the loading time for that department would have been too long to satisfy some major search engine requirements - browser requirements). 

     You can ignore the Overview Summaary below the blue line below.  That information was placed in this department to satisfy certain search engine key words requirements. 

     In a few moments, you can use your Back Arrow Function to transfer back to the Home department and land at the exact location that you departed from when we detoured you over to this Copyright Information department. 

     This east transfer should work instantly, as smoothly as silk cloth - Back Arrow now


Memorizing Short Amounts Of Information - More Bonus Info

If you want to memorize some information, this can be accomplished easily by using 3 X 5 inch index cards.   Write notes about the specific information you want to memorize on a series of index cards (front and back) and then carry these cards with you daily for several days.  Number the cards  (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and try to review each card several times (3,4,5 times) each day for several days. 

     Within a few days, you will find that you have easily memorized the information on each card, and you can probably visualize each card in your mind without actually looking at the index card.  This can work like magic for most people because of the multiple repetitions involved.  If you can read each card aloud several times per day, it will improve and speed up your learning ability during these repetitions.
Multiple learning actions greatly improve understanding of the material involved.  Read material once and it may not be clearly understandable, but multiple readings (two, three, or more) can greatly improve your understanding and also your memory of the material that you want to learn.  Reading substantial amounts of information (several pages) three times in one day is usually not as effective for learning as reading that information carefully (aloud) once daily for three days in a row.  Visualizations are important because we learn better when we can visualize a picture in our mind that is related to  some of the information that we want to learn.

    Remember that effective and efficient learning depends upon repetition of these learning actions.  If these learning and memory skills and techniques do not work well for you, send us an E-mail about your learning situation and your disippointing results. 

     We can
likely provide some very important nutritional information that can help a lot with improving your learning, memory retention, and recall abilities.  We know how to use certain nutrition supplements to improve brain functions in several important respects.

Restricted Access To Our Very Important

Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts

     You will learn herein that there are some substantial size groups of "elitist" citizens in America that we specifically exclude from having access to the most important and valuable healthcare and wellness concepts at this Website.  You will learn that several million self-appointed "elitist" Americans are denied this very valuable access due to situations that are explained in our Terms of Use department

     You, or some of your relatives or friends, may be associated with these "elitist" groups of citizens. If that situation occurs, those associated people will also be prohibited from having access to review most of the special healthcare and wellness concepts presented at this Website.  You will learn about these restrictive access situations down below when we detour you to our Terms of Use department. 

     Our Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts can be used and enjoyed by most visitors every day, for the rest of their life.  These very important and very valuable natural healthcare educational gifts can reward most visitors a lot for simply taking time to review the special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are published herein for healthcare benefits to millions of American citizens.

    Let yourself get excited about this natural healthcare concepts education adventure because it can enable you to change your life for the better in very important ways.  You can get started easily by learning about some of our very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Overview Summary of Our

Natural Healthcare Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and very valuable natural healthcare education services that we offer.  Similar introductory information is presented in some other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help numerous Internet Search Engines (Browsers) work better with our complex Website.

     After you have read this helpful information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain this same introductory information.   We do this to satisfy search engine (browser) requirements for getting a better rating for our Website with said browsers.  Our rating with each individual browser affects our listing location with that browser when our listing shows up on that browser.(This is very important to us.)

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website contains some special natural healthcare concepts that are Free (to most visitors to help them improve their lifestyles - if they agree to comply responsibly with our Terms of Use conditions - see Topic 3 of our Home Extension 1 department). 

     We also offer our natural healthcare and nutrition consultations by convenient telephone for "qualified" citizens living in South Carolina - within an approximate 50 miles radius of Greenville, S.C.  

     We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with children.  We recommend that teenage children be allowed to participate in the telephone conversation if a "speaker phone" capability is available. 

     If we know that teenagers are participating in the consultation, we can structure the conversation to include them. 

     We can educate our consultation clients quickly about important and valuable relevant natural healthcare, wellness, and nutrition concepts that may be very helpful to them about their healthcare concerns and issues.  Younger children can learn from their smart well-educated parents over time when they are capable of learning some of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Telephone consultation services offer the big advantage of being a very convenient way for our clients to obtain some very important alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts that can be directed to specific healthcare concerns and issues.  Our clients can obtain very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a modest cost (using a credit card for payment).

     Lon and Janie Willoughby are currently developing very important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs for "qualifiednatural-born American citizens [resident citizens of South Carolina that have a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ ].  We have a specific client qualifications evaluation process for "qualifying" our education clients, as explained in general terms at the special Website identified below.

     You can learn more about our natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs at another special Website - developed specifically for that purpose.  Use the following hyperlink (link) to visit that special Website: 

      When you visit the Client Qualifications department at that Website, you will  learn some very interesting and important historical information that will help you understand why it is critically important for us to have tight security standards for our qualifying process for potential applicants as "qualified education clients."

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable us to provide a more comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education about a broad range of very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts, lifestyle concepts, nutrition concepts, and wellness concepts.

    This comprehensive type of natural healthcare concepts education program can be much more effective over time, to an individual, or a married couple, or a family with children, than many hours of telephone consultations could provide.

    The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in our home-study education programs can educate "qualified education clients" about our incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts (healthcare, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness concepts)

     Fortunately, Lon and Janie Willoughby have learned how to teach these special natural healthcare and wellness concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use for improving a lifestyle in truly remarkable ways.    

     Our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will be available for lease only from our company because we will have tightly controlled security for leasing distribution of our education programs, as noted above.  

     We own more than 50 copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts. Many of those concepts will be taught in the various home-study education programs that Lon and Janie Willoughby are developing for ABC of Health.  We are the only company that will lease distribute and teach our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness corporate trade secrets.

    Where are we located:  Our ABC's of Health, Inc. corporate office is located in the modern and progressive city of Mauldin, South Carolina. (population of about 23,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).  Our Hi Tech, Hi Security office is in a private facility that is not open to the public - because we do not provide any walk-in type sales or services.

    ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important natural healthcare concepts about various subjects such as: healthcare consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, healthcare classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, weight loss and weight management, etc.

    We also present information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters (bath tub filters and shower filters), water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder exercisers, Far-Infrared (FIR) portable saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

     The relevant natural healthcare and wellness products and services identified above illustrate the broad range of natural healthcare concepts and issues that our natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby)

     Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and  experience with many very important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts, protocols, and services.

(natural healthcare = healthcare actions that do not depend upon pharmaceutical drugs)

Helpful Information For You

     This website is viewed best with Arial Font - Medium Size (10). You may be able to select parameters on your browser by using View (set text size) and Tools (Internet Options - select Font and then select the font Size).

     Our Contact ABC department provides a convenient E-mail Form that make it very easy to send a quick E-mail communications to ABC of Health.    Please title your Subject line as suggested.  

     If you are a visitor with ABC of Health and you appreciate the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts presented at this Website, It will be helpful to us if you will take a few minutes to visit our Comments and Reviews department and provide your comments about how the information presented in this Home department has been helpful to you.  We want to know how you feel about the first lesson in this Free education program.  We do like to hear from our visitors.  

     Your Visitor's E-mail can simply express how you feel about our dedicated efforts to help visitors learn some very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts that will enable them to begin taking better care of their precious health and benefit from those vital actions for the rest of their life. 

     If you have been a customer or client in our unique Health and Wellness Store or our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business, it will be helpful to us if you will take a few minutes to express your feelings about the way we served your natural healthcare concerns and interests - by using the convenient E-mail Form provided in our Comments and Reviews department

     Your constructive comments about us can be very helpful to first-time visitors who are trying to evaluate our credibility and trust-worthiness as natural healthcare and wellness concepts educators


      When we respond to your E-mail, our response may go into your "junk Email or spam file" until you direct your E-mail system to recognize our E-mail as a good E-mail and then send it to your Inbox.

      It is very important to always check your "junk Email or spam file" each time you check your E-mail to help you avoid losing some good E-mails.  We check our junk E-mail file daily, and usually have some good E-mails that got sent to that file instead of being sent to our Inbox.  We understand that E-mails that get stored in our junk Email file will be deleted automatically after ten days of storage if we have not taken actions to move any good E-mails into our Inbox (before the 10-day period expires for each individual E-mail)


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