Healthcare Beliefs That Are Dangerous Myths

These Healthcare Myths Can Prevent Responsible Healthcare Actions

for Many Millions of Good American Citizens - Resulting In Very Bad Effects

          Lonnie Willoughby, (Lon) the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., has been focused on evaluating very important alternative health natural healthcare issues for many years.   He had the specific objective of learning how to develop practical, reasonable, and sensible natural healthcare concepts education solutions for some of America's major healthcare problems

     Consequently, Lon 
now has a very good understanding of the primary reasons why so many Americans are frequently having to cope with low energy, low vitality, impaired and reduced brain functions, lots of STRESS (frustrations and irritations, anxiety, melancholy, depression), poor digestion of food, poor bowel functions, inadequate sleep, body aches and pains, body joint problems, etc. 

     Lon understands that some of these healthcare conditions can develop into
various types of  sickness that can cause a severely abused body that then develops one or more disease conditions.

     This special department will enable you to review and consider the six healthcare beliefs (myths) that Lon discovered over the years.  He understands that these myths are very detrimental causative factors in America's very serious natural healthcare concepts knowledge deficiency dilemma

     The very helpful revealing information in this department will enable you to determine whether or not some of these very common beliefs (dangerous myths) may have been affecting you adversely in the past and may have hindered you from being motivated to get educated about how to take much better care of your precious health and learn how to protect your natural healthcare assets.

     Our Home Extension 1 department (Topic 2) explained what the term natural healthcare assets involves in your body.  That explanation is duplicated down below as a review of that vital information.  

     Please understand that the relevant healthcare information presented below is very important and all adults needs to review it.  Teenagers and younger children can be taught some of these easy to learn natural healthcare management concepts by their smart parents.

     Over the years, Lon Willoughby has learned how to
help manage some of these natural healthcare assets in  an enlightened educated manner, and our copyrighted natural healthcare concepts and protocols can have remarkable beneficial effects on some of these natural healthcare assets

     This new and advanced healthcare management capability is one of Lon's exciting revolutionary breakthrough alternative health natural healthcare concepts.   He has also developed ways of explaining these remarkable natural healthcare management and protection concepts that are easy to understand.  Lon also knows how to explain ways to accomplish these vital natural healthcare objectives easily on a daily basis. 

     It will take only a few days of practice and repetition, using Lon's natural healthcare management concepts, for our "qualified education clients" to help their complex natural healthcare assets achieve a higher level of body wellness and reliability in remarkable ways. 
Yes, it really is possible to achieve these healthcare actions in convenient ways that are practical and sensible.  Some of these actions can be achieved at no cost at all - using a new way of "thinking" about the body's 
natural healthcare assets.  (using the power of the mind)

Your thoughts can have strong effects on your body's hormone production functions.  Lon has learned how to manage thoughts and attitudes for much more beneficial hormone production.  These advanced thought management concepts can also improve some important functions of the very complex immune system. 

     Lon also knows how to enhance substantially important functions in the lymphatic system and improve important functions in the blood system;  these affects can enhance the health of trillions of body cells throughout the body, including brain cells. 

     These are just a few of the remarkable natural healthcare benefits that Lon knows how to achieve on a daily basis by actively helping "manage"
the body's natural healthcare assets.  There are several other health benefits that can be accomplished easily, and Lon has developed ways to teach these natural healthcare management actions to our "qualified education clients."  (They are really quite easy to learn.)

     Our "qualified education clients" can learn how to provide management oversight of   their natural healthcare assets on a daily basis, rather than carelessly disrupting and mis-managing those
natural healthcare assets on a daily basis - as most American citizens probably do, day after day, throughout their lifetime.  Wow!  This can become an amazing transition in better natural healthcare with just a few days of practice. 

What Are Your Natural Healthcare Assets?

(This information was initially presented in our Home Extension 1 department - in Topic 2)

     When we use the term natural healthcare assets, we are referring to the following: the natural automatic functions of your body that are continually striving to maintain optimized health in all parts of your marvelous body.  Lon knows how to help some of those functions work better (more reliably).

     Your incredibly important natural healthcare assets include your amazing blood system with your fantastic heart, your remarkable lungs that supply essential oxygen and exhaust carbon dioxide, your incredibly complex immune system, and your amazing complex lymphatic system. 

     We also include your very complex hormone producing glands - with special attention to your amazing endocrine glandular system and all of the individual hormone producing glands within that very complex system.  We also include your amazing autonomic nervous system and your blood system pH balancing capability (which is a life and death matter).  We also include your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system functions. 

     Other vital organs are also included: your incredible brain, your fantastic liver, your amazing kidneys, and your remarkable skin system (your largest body organ natural healthcare asset). 

     Your remarkable thyroid gland, your spleen, the very important adrenal glands, and the amazing bone marrow component of your immune system also deserve special mention in this quick overview of your natural healthcare assets.   

     WOW!  You are an absolutely incredible creature.  Are you beginning to understand why it could  be very important for you to learn how to help your remarkable natural healthcare assets maintain optimized health throughout your body on a day to day basis?  Most people have no idea how to do this - or even understand that it is possible to do this in practical, reasonable, and sensible ways.

     In fact, most people probably go through their entire life without ever thinking about this situation, even one time.  Consequently, most people are very likely doing a number of things each day that are disruptive and quite harmful to the normal desired functions of their natural healthcare assets.

     This is one of Lon Willoughby's revolutionary breakthrough natural healthcare concepts.  As far as we know, we are the only company that teaches these incredible alternative health natural healthcare concepts.  Lon has copyrighted these easy and sensible protocols; therefore, you will not find these corporate healthcare trade secrets at any other company.   (We can teach these advanced natural healthcare concepts and protocols to our "qualified education clients.")

     Being an alternative health natural healthcare concepts educator, and having extensive experience working in this special natural healthcare field with more than a thousand people, Lon has repeatedly observed six major natural healthcare education problems.

     He understands that these natural healthcare education problems are incredibly important because some of these education problems will likely prevent many millions of Americans from getting educated about natural healthcare concepts that could enable them to live a healthier life and thereby live a longer life. 

     Unfortunately, millions of American citizens will not likely enjoy reasonably good health during their "golden years" because they allowed some of these healthcare myths to prevent them from taking responsible and sensible actions that could have improved their natural healthcare knowledge.

     Lon is now living in his "golden years" and he is currently enjoying feeling good, having no aches or pains.  He does not take any prescription drugs, and he still does modest amounts of exercise regularly.  Lon is still enjoying lots of energy and vitality, and he still enjoys good brain power - even though he was born a long time ago (on June 5, 1936)

     He is a living and walking testimony to the fact that he has learned some incredibly important things about obtaining and maintaining optimum health (emotionally, mentally, and physically).  Lon shares some of his very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts with most visitors to this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.  

     This Healthcare Myths department contains alternative health natural healthcare information that is exceptionally important and valuable to everyone who reviews this department in a reasonable fair minded manner.  

     Let's take a look at the six natural healthcare education problems that Lon discovered that will likely cause many millions of American citizens to eventually suffer with very serious health conditions that can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, diabetes, overweight conditions, etc.

Six Healthcare Beliefs That Are Dangerous Myths

    1.  Practically everyone wants to believe they know about all they need to know about beneficial natural healthcare concepts.  Over the years, Lon has learned that practically everyone falls into this very dangerous healthcare belief trap.  Unfortunately, this is a very deceptive myth that is apparently applicable to almost all adults (and teenagers) in America. 

     Surprisingly, this deceptive natural healthcare belief trap also catches many chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, eye doctors, medical doctors, medical nurses, nutrition consultants, and some other types of healthcare practitioners.  It appears that this "belief" comes natural to most human beings

     American citizens in general, like most people on Planet Earth, prefer to be comfortable most of the time.  It is easier to get "comfortable" about our perceived health knowledge status if we believe that we know about all we need to know about important natural healthcare and healthy lifestyle concepts

     Lon's extensive study and research about this exceptionally important natural healthcare subject over a period of 14+ years found that people in general do not know nearly enough about vital natural healthcare concepts.  They do not know how to take good care of their natural healthcare assets.

     This serious deficiency of very important alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge can, and usually does, cause tragic healthcare consequences - probably causing many thousands of premature deaths in America every week that passes, as shown below. 

Relevant Death Rate Data and

Healthcare Conditions That Are Common

     Think for a moment about the hundreds of thousands of blood clots that occur each year in America that cause heart attacks and/or strokes - more than 700,000 deaths per year - causing more than 58,000 deaths each month - more than 13,000 deaths each week.  (averages)

     Then think about the cancer conditions that kill more than 500,000 people in the USA each year.  Those cancer conditions cause more than 41,000 deaths each month - more than 9,000 deaths each week. (averages)

     Let's also consider the many healthcare problems caused by diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, and millions of overweight conditions (adults, teenagers, and younger children.) 

     Also consider these health conditions: low energy and vitality, chronic constipation problems or loose bowel problems, brain fog (mental confusion), chronic stress, anxiety, and/or depression problems, and other mental ability problems, including Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. 

     Yes, this listing of healthcare problems could be longer, but you get the point here.  People do not know nearly as much about helpful natural healthcare concepts as they want to believe they know.

+ + + + +   

     Now, let's consider the second dangerous healthcare myth that probably affects many Americans.

    2.  Most people want to believe that the natural healthcare concepts that all adults need to know do not require any special education.  Americans just automatically and magically know what they need to know about very important complex natural healthcare concepts - right?   Wrong!  This erroneous wishful thinking belief (myth) is closely related to the first belief (myth) explained above.

      In this belief area, chiropractors, dietitians, eye doctors, medical doctors, medical nurses, and nutrition consultants do know that natural healthcare education is very important because their healthcare education, training, and experience enables them to understand that human healthcare is a very complicated subject area.  They understand that special education about healthcare issues can be very important and valuable, and very helpful for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body 

     Unfortunately, most of these healthcare practitioners have not had any alternative health natural healthcare concepts education, training, or experience.  Consequently, most of these healthcare practitioners do not know hardly anything about the remarkable vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby has developed and copyrighted during the past 15 years.   

     It is apparent that most other Americans naively assume (want to believe) that important and valuable natural healthcare concepts are not complicated enough to require any special education.

     Yes, most Americans appear to believe that they do not need to make a special effort to learn how to take much better care of their very important natural healthcare assets.  They apparently believe that very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts are not that complex or complicated,  and besides that, they want to believe they know all they need to know about natural healthcare concepts.

People Do Not Know What They Do Not Know

     It is very important to understand that people do not know what they do not know about our special alternative health natural healthcare concepts - and about their own natural healthcare assets.  

     They do not understand how inadequate their knowledge is about these very important and valuable natural healthcare issues.  They also do not understand how beneficial it would be to them if they learned our special natural healthcare concepts (where they would learn our very important and valuable corporate healthcare trade secrets about how to help their natural healthcare assets work better with more reliability).  It is very clear that people do not know what they do not know.

     Yes, it appears that most Americans erroneously believe that they already know enough about very important natural healthcare concepts; they naively believe that they do not need to make any special efforts to get some special healthcare education about important natural healthcare concepts 

     It is very easy for most Americans to believe the two very convenient and very deceptive natural healthcare education myths identified above (# 1, # 2).  Those dangerous myths frequently result in tragic healthcare consequences for many Americans, as our Healthcare Problems in USA department shows.  We recommend that you visit that department after you complete your review of this special department.

    Lon Willoughby's many years of experience in his alternative health natural healthcare concepts education work has shown convincingly that most Americans will not likely have a responsible interest in leasing one of the Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that he and Janie are still developing at this time.

     Lon understands that people are not aware of what they do not know so they do not realize what they do not know.  He also understands that most people are caught-up in the two deceptive beliefs (very dangerous myths) that are explained above. 

     Consequently, Lon understands that it is very important for us to educate visitors about the commonly-held healthcare beliefs that Lon has found to be very dangerous myths - because those convenient beliefs prevent millions of Americans from taking responsible actions to learn how to take much better care of their healthcare assets

    + + + + +

     Let's discuss the next healthcare belief that is a very deceptive dangerous myth; you will likely be somewhat surprised about this one.

     3.  Americans in general want to believe they can eat anything they like and want, and drink anything they like and want, and do this in any way they want and it will not cause any significant problems.

    Almost everyone seems to believe that it is O.K. to put food and drink in the stomach in any manner that is convenient and tasty, and they erroneously believe that food digestion will magically work out just fine (no matter how they eat and drink at meal times). 

     It appears that most educated healthcare practitioners naively believe this myth also.  Lon has eaten meals at restaurants with a number of medical doctors and other types of healthcare practitioners - they ate and drank just like other people in the restaurant - no significant differences were observed.   

     Almost everyone assumes that their body will automatically take care of any technical digestive complications that may arise due to the following variables:  their selection of food choices, the order in which they choose to eat different food choices, their beverage choices, and the temperature of their beverages (cold, medium cold, hot, etc.), and the amount of liquids consumed with their meal. 

     Unfortunately for most Americans (adults, teenagers, and younger children) nothing could be further from the truth than this commonly held very naive belief (# 3 herein).  This is another convenient healthcare belief that is a dangerous myth for almost all Americans.  Our Natural Healthcare Concepts department provides additional information about this very important subject.

     Most Americans get captured by this belief myth from the improper "healthcare education" that they received from their parents, and then they casually stay in this convenient belief myth trap throughout their lifetime.  Unfortunately, they will probably also "educate their children improperly" about this very important healthcare mythical issue

     This natural healthcare belief (dangerous myth) is then passed on to the next generation, and this erroneous education process continues with each successive family generation into future years.

     American citizens pay a terrible high price for their erroneous beliefs and lack of understanding about human digestion.  Americans have a lot of blood clots that cause very high heart attack rates and stroke rates, as shown in the CDC data reported in our Health Problems in USA department.  This is the #1 killer disease problem in America, and Lon understands that the way people eat and drink has a lot to do with causing the problems that kill more than 700,000 people in the USA each year.

     Question:  Have you ever considered that the food you eat, and the liquids you drink, and the way you eat your food and drink your beverages, and the temperature of those food items and your beverages can have important effects on the production of blood clots within your blood system?  

     Our "qualified clients" will have a remarkable opportunity to learn easy, practical, and sensible actions that they can take to greatly reduce and minimize their potential for having undesirable blood clots that can result in heart attacks and/or strokes. 

     Please understand that people can have both conditions and they can have one or both conditions again and again until their cardiovascular condition is finally fatal.   However, a sensible alternative would be to learn how to reduce and minimize such cardiovascular conditions by leasing one of our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs

     The CDC data presented in our three Home departments and in our Health Problems in USA department show that Americans also have a high cancer conditions rate and a high diabetes rate

     Our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will educate our "qualified clients" about very important lifestyle improvement actions that they can easily take to  reduce and minimize their potential for suffering with these serious healthcare problems and some other healthcare problems that are quite common in America.

     Other health data show that we have a very high overweight and obesity rate in American adults and these serious healthcare problem areas are now affecting many young people (at an alarming rate!). 

     All of these common health problems combine to cause Americans to have shorter life spans and suffer with more health problems than people living in many other modern industrialized countries. 

     The comprehensive healthcare study released to the U.S. government in July 2013 provided important data about these very important healthcare issues.  (Topic 5 in the Home Extension 1 department reports this very important healthcare survey information.)

     Furthermore, please keep this in mind:  the people in other countries that are healthier than Americans have not had access to the vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby has developed.  Their better health is probably enabled by their healthier lifestyles (based on following long-standing lifestyle traditions that have worked well for many years in their country).

     Lon understands that a lot of those people are likely more health-conscious than most Americans, and they apparently do not make as many careless and foolish mistakes about natural healthcare related actions as Americans typically make. 

     It may have helped a lot that most of those people did not have access to the fast-foods, lots of processed foods, and the very harmful sweet beverages that  many Americans consumed during the past 40+ years.

     If most American citizens studied and used our advanced natural healthcare concepts, we would probably move up the healthcare condition scale until we eventually achieved the top healthcare survey position world-wide.  (As most of our citizens learned how to maintain healthier bodies.)

     Lon believes that American citizens could become the healthiest people on Planet Earth - if they learned our alternative health natural healthcare concepts  Later on, you can learn about some of our other Free natural healthcare concepts by reviewing the special department at this Website that is titled:  Natural Healthcare Concepts.

     We are confident that our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will present major breakthroughs for very desirable advancements in natural healthcare concepts.  Unfortunately, our natural healthcare education home-study programs will not be available to the general public due to very important security considerationsOur Top Secret advanced healthcare concepts home study education programs will be available only to our "qualified education clients." 

     There are very good reasons why we cannot mass-market sell our remarkable natural healthcare education programs, as explained later on.  Consequently, millions of Americans will not be able to  obtain access to one of our advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs due to our tight security safeguards for these very important and valuable corporate healthcare trade secrets.


      The very important Health Report that we explained in Topic 5 in our Home Extension 1 department shows that diet issues were the number one cause of disease conditions (in the USA and other modern industrialized countries).  Let's stop and think about that very important revelation for a few moments. 

     Diet issues are the number one cause of human diseases (and the cause of a lot of serious physical and mental suffering for millions of Americans each year).   Fortunately, diet is something that most Americans can improve a lot.  People simply need to get the right kind of alternative health natural healthcare concepts education to know what actions they should take to dramatically improve their typical American lifestyle. 

     This is the very important area of alternative health natural healthcare concepts that we specialize in providing to our qualified education clientsLon Willoughby has become a very competent expert in this critically important area of natural healthcare education.

     Lon's observations of many people over a period of many years has convinced him that most Americans are eating and drinking the wrong way on a routine daily basis, and those very serious dietary errors are affecting most Americans in serious adverse ways (men, women, teenagers, and younger children)

     Also consider that those eating mistakes occur thousands and thousands of times over the process of their lifetime.  This reoccurring serious abuse of the complex digestive process can cause a lot of damage to trillions of body cells, over and over, again and again, and that situation can gradually damage the overall health of the people affected by these recurring digestion system abuses.

     NOTE:  Lon Willoughby has studied these very important digestion issues in substantial depth, and he has a very good understanding of what most Americans are doing wrong when they eat food and drink their beverages at meal times and at snack time. 

     Consequently, Lon discovered, developed, and copyrighted incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts that can easily correct these very serious dietary errors.

     Lon understands that almost everyone makes some of these dietary mistakes on a routine basis, whenever they eat food and drink liquids - even chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, eye doctors, medical doctors, medical nurses, nutritionist, and most other types of healthcare practitioners. 

     Typically, it appears that practically all Americans make similar dietary mistakes because they have not been taught about the harmful dietary practice actions that contribute to many serious healthcare problems (and gradually enable serious disease conditions to develop within the body). 

     These damaging lifestyle diet actions are usually repeated daily for most Americans, and these harmful diet actions can damage trillions of body cells each day that they occur.  Unfortunately, those frequently reoccurring situations can cause a lot of serious body cell damages over the years.    

     This is one reason Lon Willoughby believes that practically all American adults could benefit greatly from studying one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  It is most unfortunate for many millions of Americans that they will not be able to obtain access to one of our incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs

     There are Important reasons why the distribution of our natural healthcare education programs will be restricted to our "qualified clients."  These reasons are explained in our Client Qualifications department, at Website  We will provide a convenient link for that Website later in this department (at a more appropriate time).  

+ + + + +

      Now we can discuss the fourth belief that causes problems for a lot of people.  This is really a rather childish and foolish and downright silly belief myth that is still quite popular with a lot of people (perhaps almost all Americans).

    4. Many American citizens apparently want to believe in the "magic pill concept."  They want to believe that whatever health problems they may develop later in life, it won't be too bad because they believe that there will be a "magic pill" that their medical doctor can prescribe.  That pill will take care of their health problem (without having to make major improvements in their lifestyle). 

     Unfortunately, that attitude is careless and irresponsible wishful thinking. It is clear that the pharmaceutical drug companies understand this widely-held "magic pill concept" and they can feed this "mythical belief concept" with numerous "magic pill" advertisements in magazines, on T.V., on the Internet, on various radio programs, and in other useful advertisement places.  

     Lon has worked with clients who were taking 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, and even more of those "magic pills" per week, and they were not healthy people.  The people taking the most drugs were in really bad health, and it appeared that their pharmaceutical drugs might actually be harming their health in substantial ways.  Could their drugs help enable trillions of body cells to get healthier day by day? 

     Did any of their pharmaceutical drugs contain substantial amounts of vital nutrition substances that could help trillions of body cells become healthier?  We had numerous very important nutrition products in our health and wellness store that could offer those kinds of vital healthcare benefits.  

     Lon has a lot of knowledge about natural healthcare concepts, and he does not believe that there is a "magic pill" now, or that there will ever be a "magic pill" that can take care of complex healthcare problems that are caused primarily by serious lifestyle deficiencies and dietary mistakes. 

     Most American adults can probably understand this concept, but they are still comfortable with their casual belief in the very convenient "magic pill" concept.  Why is this so common for people?

     Humans like to be comfortable, and this belief (myth) enables people to avoid having to face the reality that they really do need to take time, and put forth the effort, to learn very important natural healthcare concepts that can enable them to take charge of their health in practical, responsible, and sensible ways.  (They can begin managing their very valuable natural healthcare assets much better.)

+ + + + +     

     The fifth belief that is a very dangerous myth is more complicated than the first four beliefs.

     5.   Many religious people present special problems to contend with regarding natural healthcare concepts education.   There are some exceptions to this situation of course, but Lon has good reasons to believe that there are many millions of Americans whose religious beliefs are used in ways that help them avoid being responsible with their own natural healthcare and also the natural healthcare of their children

     Lon Willoughby has tried to help a number of fundamentalist Christian believers learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets, but that usually turned out to be a very difficult task and it usually became an impossible task to accomplish effectively. 

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge."
Hosea 4:6  (King James Bible)

     The fundamentalist Christian believers are generally "good people" as far as morality goes, but they usually have major flaws in their personal belief system regarding the importance of education about natural healthcare issues.  Those flaws (will be explained below) made it very difficult for Lon to help them very much during consultations about very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts.   

     The primary problem is this:  many religious people believe that their health and their present life is really not very important because they believe that when they die their soul will go to heaven and will continue for eternity as a spiritual being.  They believe that spending time, effort, and money to learn how to obtain and maintain a healthier body is not really an important objective for them.

     Another important factor in this complex problem:  many religious people believe that the faster they lose their natural health and then die, the better it will be for them personally because they believe they will get to heaven sooner (by having developed poor health that caused them to die sooner). 

     Lon has learned that this is a fairly common subconscious belief (very dangerous myth) for many religious people (of various faiths), and most of these people are probably not consciously aware of their inner beliefs and feelings about the very important healthcare situations described above.  

     They may not realize that they live with a "death wish" hovering over their life on a daily basis at all times.  They probably do not understand that their "death wish" has very detrimental effects on their body's natural and automatic capabilities to strive to maintain optimized health at all times.  They do not understand the very harmful effects this situation is having on their natural healthcare assets.


Human Beliefs Are Very Interesting 

     After working with and associating with thousands of people over a period of 60+ years, Lonnie  Willoughby has learned that most human beings appear to have a natural in-born capacity to believe anything they want to believe, or believe anything they choose to believe - irrespective of how unreasonable, or unrealistic, or irrational, or illogical their developed "beliefs" may be. 

     Think about how extremely unfair and unreasonable Whites vs. Blacks in America has been for millions of Afro-American people (blacks), dating back to 1619 (Jamestown colony - first black slaves were transported to this continent).  Fortunately, that type of extremely unfair and unreasonable racial prejudice has diminished a lot in the last 50 years. 

     The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 with the very important help of President Lyndon B. Johnson, Martin Luther King, and many other very important fair-minded people of good civil conscience who wanted America to become a better country regarding racial prejudice.

      Unfortunately, a substantial amount of racial prejudice is still evident in America, and it is still adversely affecting millions of Afro-Americans in very serious ways, including the very serious stigma that affects most Afro-American children in very harmful ways psychologically. 

     Think about this important thought for a few moments:  the darker skin children did not get to choose the color of their skin, and they did not get to choose their parents.  Should they suffer serious social hardships as children and then throughout their life because of the color of their skin? 

     We still have millions of "white people" in America today that do not seriously consider giving up their unfair and unreasonable racial prejudice - almost 400 years after the first black slaves arrived in the Jamestown colony in 1619.  Come on good folks, let's be fair-minded and reasonable about this very important social issue.

     Are you personally capable of rising above that type of petty and selfish "prejudicial belief" about certain other people?  Are you capable of believing that all races of humans should be treated with dignity and respect in a fair and reasonable manner, irrespective of the color of their skin?

     Familiar Important Words: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ----

     That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed," ----

     (second and third paragraphs of The Declaration of Independence, in Congress, July 4, 1776)

     What percentage of Americans consciously strive to live up to this very desirable standard?  Should all Americans sincerely strive to live up to this reasonable fair standard every day with every person?

Human Capacity To Believe Anything

     Lon Willoughby has learned that if humans want to believe it, or if they choose to believe it, or if they have been essentially brainwashed to believe it from childhood on (as many religious people have been educated to "believe").  They can believe practically anything with all of their heart, and be willing to die in defense of or in support of their beliefs. 

     Their beliefs may be unfair and unreasonable and they may be clearly wrong to other people who  have the capacity for clear thinking in fair-minded, logical, rational, and reasonable terms.  These very fortunate people have not been brainwashed enough to prevent their natural fair-minded, logical, rational, and reasonable thinking processes to continue sensibly guiding their "beliefs." 

     Stop and think about the above concepts for a few moments. Are you inclined to take offense at some of these statements?  Or, do they seem to be fair and reasonable based upon your personal life experiences with people?   If you find some of this information to be offensive to your belief concepts, you should carefully think about why this reasonable information is offensive to you. 

     If that "offensive situation" occurs for you, please stay with us to the end of this department.  We will present some very important bible verses, from the teachings of Jesus Christ, that we want all visitors to consider regarding their duty and responsibility to maintain a healthy body in this life.

     This department presents very important information, and you need to seriously consider where you are currently with your beliefs about these natural healthcare concepts education issues

     Please remember that many people really do operate their life in this manner:  "Don't try to confuse me with relevant facts, I've got my mind made up about my beliefs - I am not going to even consider the need to re-evaluate some of these important belief issues."

Flashback in time to September 11, 2001

     Let's take a few minutes to think about the obviously intelligent foreigners (religiously oriented men) who methodically completed the complex flight training in America that taught them how to fly large commercial airliner type passenger planes.  We now know that they wanted to be capable of hijacking large commercial airline planes in America and flying those planes to "their planned destination." 

     Some of those foreign hijackers then methodically captured four large commercial passenger planes while airborne, with lots of people on board, and they flew three of those airplanes into their crash targets on the morning of September 11, 2001.  Two separate planes were flown directly into the twin tower buildings in New York City, and a third captured airline plane was flown into the Pentagon Building in Arlington, VA, near Washington, DC.  

     Obviously, all of the people on board those three large planes were killed in a terrible collision explosion and horrendous fire due to the large amount of fuel on each plane. That situation was obviously part of the hijackers plan to create massive explosions upon each plane's crash impact.

     A fourth targeted crash site was not attacked successfully because that hijacked plane crashed before getting to the "hijacker's crash target site."   A male passenger on board that plane received a cell phone call from his wife that informed him about the two plane crashes at the twin towers site.  He quickly understood what the hijackers on board that passenger plane were likely attempting to do. 

     That passenger quickly informed some other men on board that plane and they fought with the terrorist (hand to hand combat).  That heroic situation prevented the hijackers from flying that passenger plane to "their crash target destination" and that combat action caused the fourth hijacked plane to crash into an open field in Pennsylvania, killing all people on board.  That situation probably
prevented many additional deaths and much more destruction at the hijackers' target destination

     Lon Willoughby understands that those terrorist really believed that they were doing the right things, according to their religious beliefs (their brainwashed religious teachings).  They knew they were going to die that day, and they apparently looked forward to doing so because they "believed" they were going to heaven and be rewarded in very special ways for the ruthless and brutal criminal-minded horrible actions they were taking to kill many innocent people in America in terrible ways. 

     Several thousand people in America were targeted by their terrorist schemes, and more than three thousand people were killed as a result of those four commercial airliner crashes.

     Those terrorist apparently "believed" that they were going to be rewarded by their God for committing extreme violence against thousands of innocent people in America.  They apparently believed that their God wanted them to kill those innocent people.  Could rational, reasonable, fair-minded men believe that a just type God would reward them for such outrageously unfair and unethical criminal actions?   Effective brainwashing techniques can cause people to do crazy things.

     Lon understands that the terrorist justified their ruthless criminal-minded actions by "believing" that most of the thousands of people working in the twin towers buildings were infidels, and the terrorist apparently "believed" that they had a religious right and duty to kill as many infidels as possible.  (Based upon their irrational and unreasonable self-serving brainwashed religious teachings.)

     They apparently believed their "religious teachings" about those issues so firmly and so strongly that they were willing to die a foolish, senseless, and tragic death to fulfill their extremely unfair, unreasonable, and irrational brainwashed religious beliefs.

     It is clear to Lon that the multiple terrorist combatants involved in those horrendous terrorist schemes had been successfully brainwashed to become terrible human beings in their insane religious desire to get to heaven and be rewarded generously for their heinous terrorist actions.

     Their ruthless terrorist actions on September 11, 2001 clearly indicated that they did not believe that their human potential in their earthly life was very important.  They voluntarily terminated their earthly life in suicidal acts because they apparently believed that their sacrificial death would enable them to quickly get to heaven and obtain their "heavenly rewards" from their God. 

     Do you believe that they got rewarded in heaven for their terrible terrorist actions?

     The situations described above illustrate that human beings can believe anything - no matter how unfair, unreasonable, irrational, and wrong it may be to fair-minded, reasonable, and rational people.  

     Recorded history has shown that large numbers of innocent people have been killed in brutal and ruthless ways in the name of religion.  Some of those actions were taken because of religion based decisions make by powerful kings or by powerful religious leaders of that time period.

     Over many years of living, Lon has learned that fanatics can be very dangerous people, and religious fanatics can be extremely dangerous people.  


Is This Earthly Life Very Important?

     Lon has learned that many religious people in America believe fervently that their earthly life is not really very important because this life is very short compared to the eternal life they believe their soul will have in heaven.  Consequently, their long-term health in this life is not very important.

     The stronger their belief and faith in this very naive, irrational, and irresponsible religious belief concept, the less likely they are to be interested in striving to obtain or maintain an optimized healthy body.  They have no interest in taking time to participate in a healthcare concepts education program, like one of the remarkable natural healthcare education programs that Lon and Janie Willoughby are diligently developing as a dedicated husband and wife team. 

     Consequently, most of these religious people will reject the incredibly important natural healthcare concepts that our healthcare education could enable them to learn and understand (how to take much better care of their incredibly important and valuable God-given natural healthcare assets). 

     Our advanced natural healthcare concepts could dramatically improve their lifestyle, for themselves and their children, and also offer them an opportunity for better short-term and medium-term health, and also improve substantially their long-term healthy life and longevity potential.  However, according to their religious beliefs, learning how to maintain better health in this relatively short life is really not important because they believe that when they die, their soul will enjoy eternity in heaven. 

    To compound these healthcare issues further, many religious people believe that all they have to do about their healthcare issues is to pray for support and God will supply all of their needs

     It appears that many religious people do not believe that they should take time to read good natural healthcare books, or take time to attend important local natural healthcare classes, or participate in a  natural healthcare concepts home-study education program - such as the remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and Janie are developing for our company (ABC of Health)

     As you can see from this explanation, Lon has found that it is usually an almost hopeless cause to try to educate fundamentalist Christians about very important natural healthcare concepts - unless we can get them to visit this Website and review the very important information presented in this special education department.   Can they carefully re-evaluate some of these important healthcare issues

     We are hopeful that this vital information will have an enlightening affect on their religious beliefs.  They may begin to realize that they are stewards of their current life, and it can be very important because they can probably accomplish some very important things for themselves, for their spouse, for their children, and for some other people.

Relevant Nutrition Concepts

      Many of these fundamental religious-oriented people appear to also believe that it is not important to take supplemental nutrition products to improve the nutrition content that they hopefully get in the food that they eat daily. They apparently want to believe that God will supply all of their nutrition needs if they simple pray and ask God to supply their healthcare and nutrition needs.

     They casually and irresponsibly ignore the fact that very important advances in science have enabled us to understand human nutrition much better than ever before, and the nutrition industry in America has gone to great lengths to provide people in America with very important nutrition supplement products that people have not had access to for most of mankind's history.

     Did the general public get along just fine without those nutrition supplements in earlier times?  When you review important history about these important nutrition issues, as Lon Willoughby has done, you will find that large numbers of people suffered and died painful and distressful premature deaths due to malnutrition, mental illness, and various diseases. (millions upon millions of people) 

     Please understand that at the time that America was being formed in the 1700's, the average lifespan of people in America was about 50 years of age.  Many adults died before they were 30 to 40 years old, and it was quite common for children to die - many children died before they were ten years old. 

 Vitamins and Minerals - Important Information

     We now know that essential vitamins are produced in plants.  Animals and humans eat plants (and eat some other animals) and thereby obtain some of the vitamins that they need, along with some of the minerals that they need.  (Minerals may be in plant food, but they are not produced by the plants.) 

     The minerals in the plants come from the soil in which the plants were grown; however, if the commercial growing soils in which plants are grown have been largely depleted over time of some of the important minerals that humans need, the minerals cannot be found in the plants, or cannot be found in sufficient amounts to meet the needs of people.     

    Consequently, the animals that eat those mineral deficient plants will also not have those important minerals in their bodies in sufficient amounts to nourish their own body properly, or nourish adequately the humans who eat the animals as an important part of their food nourishment. 

     Also keep in mind that soil has many forms; it is not all the same.  The mineral content of growing soils can vary a lot - some soils have too little of some important minerals and some soils have too much mineral content of some minerals (aluminum, cadmium, copper, iron, lead, mercury, etc.).     

     It is important to also understand that vitamins do not function properly in the human body if they do not work in synergy with the essential minerals that are needed to activate the vitamins

     Therefore, there are many situations where it may be necessary for humans to supplement their mineral intake for several important minerals by consuming quality nutrition supplement products that can usually be purchased at local health food stores. 

     Lon also understands that there are many situations where humans need more of some vitamins than they can obtain in their usual diet.  They may need additional vitamins to enable their body to achieve and maintain optimized health.  In many situations, people need additional vitamins of some types to help them cope effectively with the high level of stress that is rather common in their lifestyle.

     Consequently, it is usually wise for people to shop in health food stores where store personnel are available to help them make wise decisions about what nutrition supplement products are good choices to buy.  Health store personnel may also be knowledgeable enough to provide important information about how to take the supplements to obtain the best benefits.   

     Religious people and non-religious people who ignore these very important nutritional needs will likely suffer grave healthcare consequences at an earlier age than would have occurred if they had been more health-conscious and had responsibly learned how to take much better care of their very valuable natural healthcare assets.   (as identified previously)

     The hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices throughout the USA contain lots of people who had a simplistic "belief system" about their personal healthcare responsibilities - they did not utilize and benefit from the very important natural healthcare concepts that are presented Free at this Website. 

     Our many years of experience in natural healthcare education has found that many people will not take the time needed to visit and review this Website, and then benefit greatly from the important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that are presented herein Free - even when we encouraged them several times to take this very important action. 

Responsible Use Of Prayer

     The following information is not meant to diminish the responsible and sensible use of prayer, because Lon understands that prayer can be very beneficial and a powerful force when used properly.  However, Lon has observed that many Christians could be helped a lot if they would review and carefully study Matthew 4: 1-7

     These very important scripture verses show that Jesus clearly taught that people should not tempt God to take care of them (or do things for them) when they are quite capable of acting responsibly and sensibly and taking care of themselves. 

     If religious people (any faith) need a new set of tires for their car, will their praying likely get them a new set of tires, with all four wheels balanced, and installed properly on their car

     When Christians need to replace the roofing shingles on their home, will prayer likely eliminate the need to shop for and select the replacement roofing shingle (brand, model number, color), get the old shingles removed, and get new shingles installed properly?

     If Christians want to learn a complex skill or obtain a certificate of training or a college level degree in any subject discipline, will prayer likely cause any of those objectives to be accomplished without the person involved actually going through the prescribed education program, studying diligently, and completing the program successfully in a responsible manner?

     Should Christians be encouraged to "believe" that they can obtain the benefits of very important special natural healthcare concepts by simply praying for that knowledge and then taking no responsible actions to actually acquire the specialized alternative health type natural healthcare education that will be needed to learn the desired special natural healthcare concepts?

     Unfortunately, the hospitals, the nursing homes, and the hospices in America have lots of patients who took a naive and simple-minded "faith" approach to life.  Lon has known numerous people that "believed" like this and quite a few of them are already in their grave, at much younger ages than Lon is currently.  Some of them are still alive but had strokes that left them paralyzed severely.

     This naive belief situation is difficult for Lon Willoughby to work with.  He understands that it is irresponsible for intelligent and reasonably well-educated people to use their religious beliefs in ways that will enable them to willfully avoid making responsible efforts to learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets.  These people will likely ignore the very helpful and valuable natural healthcare concepts that are presented Free at this Website.

     Those irresponsible "faith" promoted in-actions will also enable those Christians to want to avoid teaching their children the very important and very valuable natural healthcare protective concepts that Lon has developed and copyrighted.  Those special healthcare concepts will be taught in our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

     These special natural healthcare concepts could help their children so much during their entire lifetime - better health, better brain power, better judgment and better decisions, less stress and anxiety, become more agreeable and cooperative with others, enjoy more competent and successful actions with everything they will do during their lifetime. 

     But you see, their grown children will also likely reject any opportunity presented to them about leasing one of our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programsThey will likely be captured in some of the dangerous healthcare belief myths described herein.  Unfortunately, they will likely feel that they do not need our advanced natural healthcare concepts education because they will believe that all they need to do is believe that God will supply all of their healthcare needs.

     Parable of the Talents:  many Christians apparently missed the very important lessons that Jesus  taught in the Parable of the Talents.  See Matthew 25: 14-30.  This parable is about a man going on a journey to a far country and entrusting his property to three servants, each according to his ability, while the man would be away on his long journey. 

     Two of the servants were responsible with the talents entrusted to them, and each doubled the value of the talents entrusted to them by the time the man returned home.  However, one servant acted in an irresponsible manner with the one talent that was entrusted to him.

      It is important to understand how the man responded to those three servants when he returned home from his long trip.  

     Lon believes that it is important to learn this parable well because it can be applied to many important situations in life, including our daily opportunities to act responsibly in taking good care of our very valuable natural healthcare assets (our natural healthcare talents). 

     Lon is a spiritual-minded person who was raised as a Christian (at home and at regular weekly Sunday church attendance - morning and evening), and he believes that religious people should learn to apply the talent concepts identified above to their obvious duty to take very good care of their precious God-given natural healthcare assets

     It is clear to Lon Willoughby that people are stewards of the incredibly complex healthy body that they have.  (Fortunately, most people have a remarkably healthy body when they are born.) 

      Learning how to take much better care of that body through responsible natural healthcare concepts education can enable a person to accomplish a lot more good for themselves, and for their family members, and for many other people as the better educated person progresses through this life. 

How Should We Choose To Live Our Life?

     Lon believes that religious people, and non-religious people also, should live their life effectively and responsibly because this is the "right thing to do" (it is clearly the sensible thing to do).

     People should not do the right things in life (sensible things) only because they hope to receive some heavenly reward for eternity for having done so; they should "
do the right thing at each opportunity" because that is the fair-minded, and sensible, and right thing to do - without needing to be motivated by their hope and belief that there will be a heavenly reward for being a good person. 

Very High Price Paid For Our Freedoms and Liberties

     Lon believes that we should all be
working responsibly and sensibly to help build a better world for the children of the world to inherit from us adults.  Think back about the founding fathers and founding mothers involved in the development of this American nation. 

     Think about the very high price that they paid individually for their heroic part in the Revolutionary War with England (1775 - 1783) that enabled Americans to be free from the heavy yoke of bondage to England.  Think about the patriotic Americans that died in that war, or were wounded in fighting that war, and many of those casualties suffered with a long and lingering recovery period.  (and many died)  There were approximately 25,000 deaths and about 25,000 people wounded in that war.

     Then think of the terrible tragedy of America's Civil War (1861 - 1865), the worst and the most damaging war that Americans have every been engaged in (about 750,000 deaths -
mostly from sickness and diseases as a result of injuries in that war).  There were considerably more than one  million casualties in America's Civil War (deaths plus other types of injuries/wounded). 

     Please understand that most of those deaths were not quick deaths from a musket ball, but were very painful, lingering, and frustrating deaths that went on for hours, days, or weeks, or months, before death finally arrived mercifully to take them out of their very distressful misery from cholera, dysentery,
gangrene, and other types of bacterial or viral infections.  

      It is important to remember that medical doctors in Europe began to learn about bacteria after 1865 - publicly credited as being discovered by Chemist Louis Pasteur in France.  Gradually, and ever so slowly, the news about the discovery of pathogenic microbes spread to medical doctors in America.  Consequently, the many injured and wounded casualties of America's Civil War, on both sides of the conflict, (and during our Revolutionary War with England), did not have medical doctors attending them who knew how to treat bacterial or viral infections. 

     There were many thousands of American soldiers who suffered terribly with serious infectious diseases, and doctors did not know how to treat those infections in a competent manner.   Medical knowledge about treating pathogenic microbial infections competently came to medical doctors in America gradually after the civil war had ended in 1865.  (Treating pathogenic microbial infections  was a new medical concept for America's medical doctors and medical doctors everywhere.)

     And then think about some of the other wars that Americans have been involved in, as listed below, with many lingering sickness and disease conditions similar to the tragic situations for many combat casualties and prisoners of war (on both sides) in our absolutely terrible and tragic Civil War

     Let's also consider the War of 1812 (1812-1815); and the Mexican -
American War (1846-1848); and the Spanish - American War (1898); and the First World War (1917-1918) - 116,516 deaths, 320,518 total casualties (deaths plus injuries/wounded); and the Second World War (1941-1945) - 670,846 deaths, 1,076,245 total casualties; and the Korean War (1950-1953), and then the Viet Nam War (1955-1975).

recently, almost seven thousand Americans deaths have occurred i
n the middle eastern conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and other nearby regions.  Due to the ruthless manner of fighting by the enemy combatants using various bomb devices, there has also been a terrible amount of emotional and physical damage done to many thousands of Americans (men and women) who served valiantly in those conflicts. 

     The USA missions
in both of those conflicts was trying to help millions of severely oppressed people have an opportunity for a better, more humane life.  (total casualties = deaths plus injuries and wounded = more than 56,000 Americans).  (Afghanistan War 2001 -        ), (Iraq War 2003 -        ). 

The statistical data shown above was found at:

     Let's consider the modest difficulty and sacrifice involved with actions that most Americans can be casually involved in on a spare-time and part-time basis to help us build a better American nation and a better world.  Those modest volunteer actions are truly very important in helping keep America a strong nation and a beacon of hope for billions of people on this planet. 

     However, the sacrificial nature of those volunteer actions pale in comparison to the extremely difficult battlefield fighting conditions and painful disease situations and the many tragic and brutal deaths and injuries that have been caused for so many Americans in the wars identified above. 

     As you can see from this brief review, a terribly high price has been paid for American citizens to be able to enjoy the freedoms and liberties and civil rights that we casually tend to take for granted. 

     It is therefore very important for us to be reminded about the ruthless and brutal despots and tyrants whose actions caused America to get involved in most of our military actions.

     As American citizens, we have a clear duty and responsibility to make the most of our lives to help ensure that the millions of people who have worked and fought bravely and valiantly, sacrificed greatly, and gave up their homes and other possessions, and in many instances, gave up their lives in tragic circumstances - will not have made those great sacrifices in vain for our generation

     Those brave people (men, women, and some children) had the hope that their
responsible valiant efforts would help ensure that the survivors of those conflicts and future generations of Americans might have a better future than the very difficult and rugged life that millions of Americans have  persevered with in America. 

     It is clear to Lonnie Willoughby that we each have a clear duty and responsibility to learn how to help our incredibly body function as healthily as is reasonable possible.  That desirable situation will enable us to be more able physically and mentally to meet the challenges of life in a more successful and more patriotic way.  (We can then actively help keep America strong for future generations.)

     As the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lon Willoughby has dedicated his work life to becoming a competent alternative health natural healthcare concepts educator.   This Website explains that he learned many years ago that it is extremely difficult for ordinary people to learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets in a reasonable and sensible manner.  Lon learned that the healthcare knowledge deck is stacked heavily in favor of the pharmaceutical industry and the American medical profession, and consequently stacked heavily against the American citizens.

     Lon understands the great need that exists for more competent natural healthcare education for selected American citizens.  Why just selected American citizens?  That situation is explained in some detail in the Home department of this Website at Topic 3.  We provide additional explanations in the Client Qualifications department at Website

     The very important and valuable free natural healthcare information presented in this unique Healthcare Myths department explains some of the major reasons that it is so difficult for millions of American
citizens to get adequately motivated to take better care of their natural healthcare assets

     Remember this:  the BIG MONEY to be made with people's health is with sick people, not healthy people.  Who has substantial monetary incentives to help people learn how to take much better care of their inherent natural healthcare assets

     The pharmaceutical industrial complex?  Not likely!
     The American Medical Profession?  Not likely!

     Both of those major healthcare related conglomerates take in huge amounts of money by working with sick people, not healthy people.  How much money is involved with their very cooperative actions with each other?  Billions and billions and billions of dollars!  This is really BIG BUSINESS!

     Our small company is dedicated to providing
alternative health natural healthcare concepts education services that we know are badly needed by almost all American citizens.  Therefore, our multiple Websites provide a lot of very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts information that is Free to most visitors.  

    Our Terms of Use department identifies the people who are specifically excluded from Free access to review our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts.

     Please be smart and make good use of this very important and valuable information in your lifestyle and also encourage people that you know and care about to visit this very special Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website.  (  You will be giving them a very valuable gift with that easy action.  (A gift that can be worth many thousands of US dollars to most American citizens.)

Failure Of Good Governments Due To Public Apathy

     Let's all strive to be healthy good and responsible American citizens, and work in a responsible and patriotic manner to help America avoid the typical tragedy that has usually occurred (
due to severe public apathy) for a free people within about 200 years of the formation of a "good form of government."

     America is now in its 241th year, so we have passed the 200 years mark, but we do have many political and economic forces working against us - trying to weaken our government and weaken our people into a sense of despair and hopelessness and apathy. 

     You can quickly learn more about this very important "failure of good government situation"  by reviewing the easy to understand chart that we present in our Client Qualifications department at Website - you can use the link provided below to visit the Website where our
Client Qualifications department is located.  (Very important Information.)

      When you detour over to that Website, you will "land" (arrive) on our "landing page" which is our Contact ABC departmentWe suggest that you review the Overview information that is presented in this department before you select the hyperlink (link) at the top of the department for our Client Qualifications department.  That Overview information will enable you to get a quick understanding of the very important healthcare improvement objectives that our personnel are striving to provide for Americans.

     The very important information presented in our
Client Qualifications department will complement and add to the information that you have just reviewed above. 

     After you review the information about our
top secret security requirements for our corporate healthcare concepts trade secrets,
and our corresponding client qualification standards, you may find it interesting and helpful to review some of the other departments located at that Website.

     Please remember that you can use your Back Arrow Function to come back to this exact location after your detour is temporarily completed.  Remember to select the function once for each separate department that you visit.  (Or use your Tab function if your viewing devise has Tabs at the top of the screen).

     Welcome back to this Healthcare Myths department. 

+ + + + +

     6.  The sixth belief that is a dangerous myth is directly related to personality traits.  Our health store experiences with many people over many years indicates that some people will not choose to get additional natural healthcare concepts education from ABC of Health because they have a natural tendency to be selfish, stingy, and stubborn with regard to their personal natural healthcare actions. They may also be affected adversely by some of the first five myths explained previously. 

     Lon Willoughby has observed that there are some people who are just very selfish and stingy with their money, and they do not want to spend any money for natural healthcare concepts consultations or for classroom type natural healthcare education or a home-study program like we are producing

     Lon has observed this situation with people who are financially well off and some who are quite wealthy - they could easily afford to pay for natural healthcare consultation sessions or pay for classroom natural healthcare education, but they cannot bring themselves to take those actions

     They apparently believe that their financial wealth will protect them from the health type conditions and diseases that they can easily observe occurring to other people.  

     This financial belief is a serious myth because the amount of money that they have accumulated has no effective relationship to whether or not they will suffer with some serious health conditions. 

     If they also believe in the "magic pill" myth that was explained previously, they will find that they may be able to easily afford to purchase "magic pills" for their subsequent adverse health conditions (or diseases), but they very likely will never get back the good health that they had enjoyed.

     Lon Willoughby believes that this type of healthcare attitude equals being very foolish.

     Please remember always that being selfish, and stingy, and stubborn with your efforts to help your natural healthcare assets = being VERY FOOLISH.

    The healthcare ball is now in your court - what are you going to do with the new-found natural healthcare concepts information that we are presenting for your consideration at this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website?  Stop and think about that for a few moments.  

    You can choose to be flexiblegenerous, intelligent and unselfish about your efforts to help your natural healthcare assets, starting today if you like.  This is what we call "enlightened self-interest.

Important Healthcare Statements

     1.  Working actively toward that objective daily will likely be the best investment of time, effort, and money that you will ever make for your short-term health, your medium-term health, and your long-term health potential. 

     2.  If you lose your health at some point in time from careless actions and irresponsible in-actions, the rest of life probably won't have nearly as much meaning or value to you as before at that point. 

    Please take a moment or two to seriously think about those statements.  Are these two statements valid and applicable to you?  How about some of the people that you know?  So what kinds of investments (time, effort, and money) are you willing to make in a responsible way to begin taking much better care of your incredible important and valuable natural healthcare assets

    You can start today by using some of the important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts that we provide for most visitors Free at this Website.

    We also have advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help our "qualified education clients" above and beyond the help available from our important and valuable Free natural healthcare concepts at this Website.  You have already seen that we provide Free natural healthcare concepts at our Website that you visited above at: 

     Be smart and use your "enlightened self-interest" abilities and choose to get on the fast track to better health for the long-term.  That is the very important advanced natural healthcare concepts education business that we have developed over a period of many years at great cost and a lot of dedicated effort. 

     You can take advantage of our very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts while they are conveniently available to you at this very special Website.  They may not always be here for you - be wise and begin using some of our Free natural healthcare concepts today to improve your lifestyle.

     You are at the end of our presentation about the six harmful beliefs that can be dangerous myths.   They are likely preventing many millions of Americans from taking responsible actions to actively seek a way to learn how to take much better care of their natural health

     We hope that this very important and valuable Free report about the great importance of natural healthcare concepts education will be helpful to you as you move forward in your life, day by day.

     The next step would be for you to choose to send us an E-mail that expresses your feelings about the natural healthcare concepts that we present for most visitors at this Website.  Your E-mail can also let us know if you want to obtain more information about the proprietary, copyrighted, advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby has developed over many years - that will be presented in our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

Helpful Thoughts For You

Words To Live By Daily

     Inch by inch, life's a cinch - however, yard by yard life is hard.  When we take life on a day by day basis, and break it into hours and then minutes, we learn that all we have to do to make some real progress each day toward our goals and objectives is to simply do what we know how to do on a minute to minute basis, steadily moving in a responsible and sensible manner toward our longer term goals for the day, and then the goals for the week ahead, and then the weeks and the months ahead. 

     Always remember the ancient Chinese proverb (Confucius?):  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."  After that first step, we simply take the second step, and just keep going, step by step, until we eventually get to our destination.  This is perhaps the most practical and sensible way to advance through life, just one step at a time, doing what we intend to accomplish with our goals clearly in mind as we progress, minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day. 

     When you run into challenges, difficulties, frustrations, or hardships, just remember to say these four magic words that will always help you rise to the level of performance that you will need to achieve in order to persevere and overcome any kind of difficulty or problem, especially frustrating situations.  Just say these four magic words positively, affirmatively, and with determination:  I can do this! 

     Yes, you can do this (whatever you need to do) because those four magic words will magically help you clear the mind of mental doubts, obstacles, and mental confusion and discouragement and a lack of mental resolve.  Always be confidently aggressive with your mental thoughts when you say the four magic words "I can do this!"

     Like many things in life, the more you practice this, the better you will become at quickly overcoming any obstacle that you encounter.  Also remember that "practice makes perfect."

     These easy and simple mental tools should always be in your mental took kit and use them often to make your life more successful and more pleasant.  Try using these tools a few times and watch the magic begin to work for you.  You can do whatever you are reasonably capable of doing - just take it one minute at a time (one step), and then the next minute (step), and so on.  You can do it!

     Go for it because you are capable of accomplishing many things that you have not done yet.  Look forward to each new day as a day of additional opportunities and challenges to make some progress towards the things you really want to accomplish with your life.

     Strive to learn and grow a little each day, getting better at being kind and thoughtful toward others and especially at being grateful, actually creating a feeling of gratefulness within your being, and showing gratitude toward other people who try to help you in some way. "Thank you" or "Thank you for your help" are very important words, and you should practice using them daily, wherever they are appropriate. 

     "People Concepts" to Remember:  We tend to get grateful and positive responses from others when we encourage them to respond this way by our generous positive actions toward them.  Look for situations where you can be complimentary, express gratefulness, and be thankful whenever you can. 

     We do not usually get grateful and positive responses from others that we have not encouraged to respond this way (by our positive, grateful, thankful actions towards them), or if we have discouraged or frustrated or irritated them by our selfish actions and responses toward them.  Please understand that their perception of your actions toward them can vary a lot: their perception of your actions and responses can be quite different from your own perception of your actions and responses toward them.

     However, please remember that many people are so caught up in their own petty selfishness, littleness, greed, and stinginess on a daily recurring basis that they cannot bring themselves to simple say "thank you" when you have clearly done something important for them in an effort to help them.  Many people have not yet learned how important it is to be generous with their expressions of gratitude or thankfulness toward other people - especially with family members and friends. 

     This is a very interesting situation in life - where the more you give of yourself to others in a reasonable and thoughtful way, the more you have to give to others.  Conversely, the less you give of yourself to others in a reasonable and thoughtful way, the less you will have to give to others. 

     It is amazing how this usually work! This situation can be seen clearly in the love and affection that we show to a pet dog.  The more helpful, playful, kind, and loving we are with our dog, the more generous the dog becomes with their affection, love, appreciation, and respect toward us. 

     People are usually more wary and less trusting than our pet dog because they have had lots of undesirable experiences with other people (like the people described below) so they will not usually respond to you and your actions as predictably as a pet dog, but you understand the point that is being made here.  We tend to get responses from people similar to what we encouraged by our actions and responses toward those people.  We do not tend to get positive responses from people that we did not encourage by our actions and responses toward those people.

     Unfortunately, there are many people who are inherently selfish, mean, petty, and greedy.  They  will deliberately and consistently take advantage of your goodwill and generous nature.  Yes, you will need to guard yourself from these very selfish, petty, and greedy people.  For those kinds of people, the following old adage will usually be applicable: "No good deed will go unpunished." 

     For simplicity, let's divide people into three groups:  there are the givers and there are the takers and there is a widely mixed group in between those two groups - the somewhat balanced people (they are not fully givers or fully takers but a mixture of both and the mixture can be quite varied). 

     Some of these people may have adjusted their generous giving nature to a less giving nature due to the many negative experiences that they have had in life with many people (people who have taken advantage of their natural generous and giving nature many times).  Consequently, they may have become more wary and less trusting of other people than their natural nature (used to be).  Over time you will be able to understand these people better, and you may come to sense their true nature as a generous and giving type person who is grateful for any help that you provide to them. 

     Lon Willoughby recommends that you try to avoid the takers because they are usually looking for ways to take advantage of other people, in whatever way they can.  They have a natural inborn selfish desire to use people and may in fact enjoy abusing some people

     You can recognize these people because they usually do not make any effort to give anything back to you in approximately equal measure to what you gave to them.  There are lots of people in this category so you really do need to be on guard to avoid getting involved very much with them.

     The people in the middle group, the somewhat balanced people, can vary from one end of the spectrum to the other end of the spectrum, from quite selfish to quite generous and giving.  Please remember this saying:  A leopard does not change its spots

     People do not generally change their inborn nature (but they may disguise it from you until they get to know you better).  However, due to their cautious behavior and wariness (caused by some undesirable experiences with other people), it may take some time and experience with these people to get a good understanding of their true inborn nature. 

     Be patient with them and you will see their true nature come out with you over time.  Some really good people have become very cautious people because they have been taken advantage of many times by other people (the takers).  Give people opportunities to show their true nature and you may be pleasantly surprised to see what good generous people they really are underneath their cautious disguise.

     Improving your health concepts:  understanding how to improve your health on a day by day basis is incredibly important because these actions can help improve the health of trillions of body cells and all of your vital organ systems, including your remarkably important brain functions, and these actions can help you keep your hormones in balance (very important).  WOW!  Is this a very desirable goal for you to maintain in your conscious thoughts each day?  Choose to make it so! 

     And then you can resolve to get a little better, every day, in important ways, as you gradually and surely move forward through your life (inch by inch) in a positive, progressive, and determined manner.  It is very important for you to not allow anyone, or anything, to stop you from continuing to  work toward the destiny that you choose to have for your exciting and remarkable life.

     Decide who you want to become and what you want to accomplish.  Keep these goals clearly in mind each day and move toward these goals in a reasonable and responsible way each day. 

     Life is a challenging long journey and you want to look for ways to enjoy the challenges of the trip, day by day, as you continue to move forward gradually and patiently toward your lifetime goals.

     You should also look for ways to enjoy your accomplishments and your successes and enjoy the personal satisfaction that can rightfully be yours for each new achievement.  

     Try to find ways to help make this planet a better planet for some other people, especially the children because they must depend upon us (adults) to help provide them with a good future.

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     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we offer some very important natural healthcare concepts at this Website to help visitors start improving their lifestyles right away. 

     Lon also offers natural healthcare consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure)  He can conduct very convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals or married couples or families with some teenage children.  

     Our consultation clients can quickly learn about relevant natural healthcare concepts that can be very helpful about healthcare issues.  Teenagers and younger children can then begin to learn about some very important natural healthcare concepts from their smart educated parents.

     The alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts information that Lon provides can be directed to specific healthcare interests, and consultation clients can obtain this very valuable healthcare concepts information at a reasonable cost (using a credit card for payment).

     Lon and Janie Willoughby are currently developing very important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs for our  "qualified education clients"

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will enable us to provide practical, reasonable, and sensible comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding a broad range of very important natural healthcare issues

     This advanced natural healthcare concepts education can be much more effective over time, to an individual or a married couple or a family with children, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

     The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in our home-study education programs can educate people about our advanced natural healthcare, wellness, and fitness  concepts.  We know how to teach these very important and very valuable healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, and easy to learn, and easy to use for improving a qualified client's lifestyle in remarkable ways.

     Our home-study education programs will be available only from our company because we will have tightly controlled leasing distribution of these education programs (we own the numerous copyrights that are used in the advanced natural healthcare concepts that we teach).  For those reasons, we will be the only company that can lease our advanced natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets.

     ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health has multiple Websites that present very important natural healthcare concepts about various subjects such as: healthcare consultations, healthcare concepts consultations, health classes, health care classes, healthcare concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

     We also have special Website departments for our qualified clients that present important and valuable information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters (bath tub filters and shower filters), water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder type exercisers, and Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas. These Website departments are not available to the general public - they require special codes for entry into these departments. 

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Welcome back to our Healthcare Myths department.  Let's continue.

     The broad variety of relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of natural healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby) 

     Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare education and experience with many important health-promoting healthcare products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural  healthcare concepts, protocols, and services.

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