Healthcare Problems in USA - by ABC of Health

Do We Have Major Healthcare Problems In America

That Are Affecting Almost Everyone, and

Ultimately Causing Serious Sickness and Disease?

     Do practically all adults and teenagers in America need some additional education about important healthcare concepts, or do most Americans already know how to take good care of their health? 

     Our Home department, Home Extension 1 and Home Extension 2 departments have presented very important information about the health of Americans compared to the health of people living in other modern industrialized countries.  That comparative survey data shows that the health of Americans is not good when compared to the health of people living in many other modern industrialized countries. 

     ABC of Health has developed natural healthcare concepts education solutions for some of the  major healthcare problems in America.  These incredibly important natural healthcare concepts have the potential to offer major advancements in natural healthcare maintenance and protective actions for selected "qualified" intelligent, responsible, and sensible American citizens.

     These remarkable natural healthcare concepts can revolutionize healthcare actions in America.

Topic 1

Lots of People Are Dying Prematurely In America

     We reviewed the death rate data published at the Website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ( and found that there were 2,596,993 recorded deaths in year 2013 (death rate data for the entire United States of America - USA - America). 

     We divided that death rate number by 365 days to get an average daily death rate of 7,115 people.

     We multiplied that death rate by 7 days to get a weekly average death rate of 49,805 people

     We divided the total number of deaths by 12 months to get a monthly death rate of 216,416 people.

     You already know that Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. (Lon) is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (doing business as ABC of Health).   He estimated that about 60% to 80% of the 216,416 people dying monthly in the USA could have likely continued to live, and live with much better health, if they had been educated in a timely manner about the vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that he has developed and copyrighted during the past fifteen years for use by our company.

     The 60% to 80% estimate shown above was made after Lon considered his extensive experiences in the alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare field during the past 36 years and after considering his health and wellness store work experiences with more than a thousand health store customers during the 15 years that our health and wellness store was in operation in Greenville County, South Carolina (from 1/3/1999 to 4/24/2014). 

     Lon also considered that our health and wellness store customers were generally much more health conscious than average Americans.

     Lon and his wife Janie are currently developing home-study type education programs that will teach our clients very important and valuable vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon discovered, developed, and copyrighted for exclusive use by ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health.

     We have good reasons for believing that our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will provide major breakthroughs in natural healthcare management and protection concepts.  These remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs are being developed for educating ordinary Americans (citizens who are not healthcare practitioners). 

     Lon understands how to use our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets to improve natural healthcare concepts education for qualified citizens in exciting ways. 

     He is confident that the vital and advanced natural healthcare, fitness, and wellness concepts that our home-study education programs will teach are some of the most important and most effective natural healthcare improvement educational concepts that have ever been developed for ordinary American citizens.  Janie and Lon are developing our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program to achieve that specific goal and objective.

     The very important healthcare data presented below will show why almost all American citizens need the remarkable benefits that our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can provide, and they need those benefits as soon as possible (ASAP), as shown in the information below.

 Relevant CDC Health Statistics

And Other Relevant Information

     HEART ATTACKS:  According to additional data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), (, there were about 735,000 reported heart attacks for people in America during the year of 2013.  Fortunately, some of the heart attacks were not fatal, but there were about 610,000 reported deaths from those heart attacks.  

     Additional Information about heart attacks:  Our research also found other sources that indicate that lots of heart attacks do not get reported into the medical system and then into the CDC records.  Consequently, there may be approximately 40% of heart attacks that go unreported in the medical systems in the USA.  This could mean that another 200,000 to 300,000 heart attacks occur that do not get reported to the CDC each year. 

     Heart attacks are typically caused by a blood clot that lodges in an artery within the heart, causing a blockage within the artery that results in a loss of blood flow to muscle tissue within the heart.  This causes a loss of oxygen and other nutrients to the heart muscle, and that situation causes the heart muscle to fail to perform its normal functions.  This usually causes the person to die rather quickly. 

     It is very important to understand that the conditions that enabled the first heart attack or stroke to occur are still present after the heart attack or stroke occurs.  In other words, that person is still subject to have additional heart attacks or additional strokes or to have both conditions occur in short order. 

     It is also important to understand that approximately 50% of the first heart attacks are killers.  There may not have been any noticeable warning that a heart attack was likely or imminent.  This situation illustrates the great importance of getting started as early as possible in learning how to protect your body from these devastating healthcare tragedies. 

     Appropriate actions taken to protect one from heart attacks will also be effective in helping protect one from strokes since both heart attacks and strokes are usually caused by dangerous blood clots. 

     STROKES:  The CDC published data also shows that there were about 795,000 reported strokes for people in the USA during the year of 2013.  Fortunately, only about 130,000 of those strokes were fatal

     Additional Information about strokes:  Our research also found other sources that indicate that lots of strokes do not get reported into the medical system and then into the CDC records.  Consequently, there may be approximately 40% to 60% of strokes that go unreported.  This could mean that another 250,000 to 300,000 strokes occur each year in America that do not get reported to the CDC.  

     Strokes are typically caused by a blood clot that lodges within an artery in the brain.  The blockage that can occur restricts blood flow to a portion of the brain, resulting in a deficiency of oxygen and other nutrients to certain brain tissue, and that situation can cause a portion of the brain to die quickly.

     As you probably know, strokes can cause a lot of damage to people without killing them.  Strokes can cause a partial loss of brain functions that can result in a loss of some mental abilities, damage to speech capabilities, and partial paralysis, or near-total paralysis of the body are common occurrences for many people who survive a stroke.

     When we add the heart attacks reported for 2013 and the strokes reported for 2013, we can see that blood clots are the number one major health problem for Americans.  (clots = heart attacks or strokes)

    The 735,000 reported heart attacks and the 795,000 reported strokes combined equals 1,530,000 reported cardiovascular problems caused by blood clots As indicated above, there were probably more heart attacks and more strokes than these numbers indicate because all of those situations do not get reported into the CDC database.  Lon has good reasons for believing that  many of the minor heart attacks and minor strokes are not recognized and do not get reported to the medical system. 

     It is very important for you to understand that nutritional supplement technology has been developed to produce nutrition products that can greatly reduce and minimize the danger of heart attacks and strokes.  Lon Willoughby began learning about some of this nutritional technology in 1994. He has progressed a lot in this regard during the past twenty-three years.  Lon Willoughby is probably one of the most knowledgeable natural healthcare practitioners in the USA regarding natural healthcare protocols that can reduce and minimize the typical risks associated with heart attacks and strokes.

     CANCER:  Cancer conditions caused more than 500,000 deaths in America in 2013.  As you know, cancer conditions occur in several forms, and millions of people in America have cancer problems every day that goes by.  Lon understands that a lot of cancer conditions are avoidable and preventable  - when people make appropriate improvements in their lifestyle.  It is important to make those improvements as early as possible in life. 

     Lon Willoughby has studied cancer conditions and natural healthcare concepts that can help people reduce cancer condition risks; he has learned very important actions that people can take to greatly improve their potential to minimize most cancer condition risks. (and overcome some conditions.)

     Our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will teach our "qualified education clients" how they can make very important improvements in their lifestyle to help develop healthier body cells throughout their  body.  (Trillions of body cells are involved daily in this very important process). 

     These very important lifestyle improvements can help body cells become much healthier, and those actions can help our clients substantially reduce their potential for sickness and disease conditions of many types.  As each client's body cells become much healthier, their immune system can also function much better to fight sickness and disease conditions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7). 

       Lon and Janie will present incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts in our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program, and those proprietary and copyrighted healthcare concepts can enable our "qualified education clients" to have a much better potential for:  1) minimizing cancer conditions of several types (probably most types), 2) minimizing cardiovascular disease conditions, and 3)  minimizing the potential for developing diabetes and/or hypoglycemia and several other serious healthcare problem conditions that are quite common in America (affecting millions of American citizens).    
     DiABETES:  CDC statistics show that the USA had more than 29 million reported diabetics in 2013, and diabetes complications killed more than 75,000 people that year.  Lon estimates that the USA probably has 30+ million pre-diabetics and that number is probably increasing annually.  Lon also estimates that the USA has millions of citizens that have a serious problem with hypoglycemic episodes at times (another glucose metabolism condition - probably quite common in America). 

    Our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will help our qualified education clients understand both of these serious glucose metabolic problem conditions. We will also help them understand how to improve their lifestyles to minimize their potential for having to try to cope with either of these very serious healthcare conditions (diabetes or hypoglycemia). 

     Our Deluxe Advanced natural healthcare concepts education program can also help our "qualified clients" a lot if they already have one of these glucose metabolic disorders.  We will do this by teaching all of our "qualified education clients" about these very serious healthcare problems that are so common for Americans.  (Lon estimates that 60 to 80 million citizens are involved here.)  Consequently, we understand why it is very important for all adults (and also teenagers and younger children) to have a basic understanding of  "abnormal glucose levels in the blood system" healthcare problems.   Essentially everyone in America needs to understand basic glucose metabolism concepts; these vital healthcare concepts are realistically applicable to all humans living on Planet Earth.  

     We understand that many of our qualified clients may have diabetes or hypoglycemia, or have a member of their family who suffers from one of these conditions.  Those clients will therefore need to improve their understanding of how to manage these types of serious glucose metabolism problems.  This is very important healthcare information that can be life-changing - and can also be life-saving information for millions of American citizens.

     This vital information is very difficult to obtain in sufficient detail, and our home-study healthcare education programs are being developed in a manner that will help all of our "qualified education clients" a lot in this regard.  (This vital health information can help them daily for the rest of their life.)  

     Some of our qualified education clients will not be diabetics or hypoglycemics (yet), but they still need to understand both of these healthcare problems because these conditions affect so many citizens in the USA.  Based upon years of experience with a lot of people, Lon estimates that about 30% to 40% of the adults in America have some significant problems with glucose metabolism, and that percentage of adults is increasing because the typical American diet produces way too much glucose. 

     Someone in a client's family may have one of these two conditions, and some of the people that a client works with probably have one of these two glucose/instability conditions.  Consequently, Lon realizes that everyone should have a basic understanding of how glucose is metabolized in the body and understand the serious harmful effects that excessive glucose in the blood can cause - both physically and mentally (emotionally).

     Lon believes strongly that all adults and teenagers need to understand what harmful effects are likely to occur when a person consumes too much sugar from foods that they eat or from beverages that they drink (as many Americans do routinely - many citizens do this many times per year). 

     A typical soft drink - soda pop (carbonated drinks) - contains 10 to 14 teaspoons of sugar.  People also need to understand that most carbohydrate type foods convert into sugar readily (causing a rapid rise in the glucose level in the blood system), and it is very easy to raise the glucose level to an excessive amount.  Doing this often can cause the development of diabetes and/or hypoglycemia

     The excessive glucose level in the blood causes the pancreas to produce and release the insulin hormone into the blood system.  This is a natural protective responsive action to help manage and reduce the excessive blood sugar (glucose) level in the blood system.  (Too much glucose is harmful.)

     Weight gain:  Insulin helps transfer excessive glucose from the blood system into storage in the liver and other tissue cells in the form of glycogen (stored up energy source).  Unfortunately many people have a genetic tendency to gain weight easily - especially when too much insulin is produced. Think of insulin as the fat producing hormone - more insulin can cause more fat (and more weight).

     It is important for people to understand that their insulin production actions can cause them to gain more body weight by increasing the size of their natural fat cells.  Understanding this information, and understanding the glycemic index concepts, are major factors in knowing what food consumption actions one should take if they wants to reduce excess body fat and/or reduce excess body weight.

     In those situations it will be very helpful to our "qualified clients" if they have learned important natural healthcare concepts about diabetes and hypoglycemia; these very important concepts can enable our clients to recognize and understand the symptoms of diabetes or hypoglycemia in themselves, or in other family members, or in other people, when those symptoms become evident.    Our clients can then understand how to react to these situations for themselves or for other people. 

     They will understand how to react to these symptoms in a helpful way rather than in a harmful and damaging way (as would likely happen if they did not have the benefit of our special natural healthcare concepts education about these two potentially very dangerous healthcare problem conditions).


Topic 2

Background Information About Relevant
Willoughby Family Healthcare Problems

1.  Lon's Personal Healthcare Problems

      As explained previously, Lon began noticing a healthcare problem when he was about 28 years old.  In the beginning years it occurred occasionally; however, over the years, his health problem occurred more frequently and it got much worse over the years.  He would get very sleepy for no apparent reason about 2 and 1/2 hours after eating some meals, and when this occurred, he would be unable to function normally for an hour or two until the intense sleepiness condition gradually dissipated.  

     As his health condition got progressively worse, Lon frequently had similar intense sleepiness situations occur about 2 and 1/2 hours after eating his evening meal.  The intense sleepiness situations also began to occur after Lon took a mid-morning coffee break and had a cup of coffee with sugar (one or two packets) and also ate a glazed sugar coated donut. 

     In his college freshman year (1954-1955), Lon had taken a "Physical Education Class" that taught him that sugar was an energy producing substance.  He was on the college track team and did a lot of running at his track practice sessions and at track competitions with other college track teams.  Lon realized that he needed an abundance of energy for those very vigorous sports activities, and he usually consumed a substantial amount of sugar daily with his meals in the college cafeteria.

     That erroneous information about sugar caused Lon Willoughby to subsequently develop a health condition that caused him a tremendous amount of problems and physical and emotional suffering that went on for many years.  We will explain that situation in this department after we present some more relevant information about the affects of excessive sugar in the human system.

     Looking back at his growing-up years as a farm boy in North Carolina, Lon routinely consumed a lot of sugar because his father had a "sweet tooth" and he wanted something sweet at every meal. 

     Mr. Lonnie Willoughby Sr., Lon Jr's father, subsequently became hypoglycemic, but he did not know what that condition was, or know what the condition was named, and he did not understand what caused him to develop that confusing and frustrating condition.  He did not know that his food choices during past years had caused that serious glucose metabolic disorder condition.

     Looking back at his father's hypoglycemic condition from Lon Jr's current well-informed knowledge level about hypoglycemia, Lon Jr. understands why his father developed his hypoglycemic condition, and he also understands why that condition continued throughout the remainder of his father's life.

     Lon now understands that his father was addicted badly to sugar and many foods that were sweet, and his father routinely consumed a number of carbohydrate type foods that converted easily and quickly to sugar (glucose in the blood system).  Those situations caused Mr. Willoughby's pancreas to produce a lot of the hormone insulin for each meal.  Consequently, those ongoing "high glucose" producing meals daily helped keep Mr. Willoughby's hypoglycemia condition active for many years.  (For the rest of his life - he died about two months past his 71's birthday due to another heart attack.) 

     Lon Jr. first learned the name of that glucose problem condition, hypoglycemia, in the summer of year 1971; however, he knew very little about the condition until the summer of year 1975.  That was when Lon began to learn more about his own hypoglycemia condition, and his father's hypoglycemia condition.  That was about twenty-one years after Lon finished high school in June of 1954. 

     The Willoughby's were farmers, and they knew nothing about the nutrient deficiencies of refined white flour.  Their diet contained an abundance of carbohydrate foods: white refined flour bread products (biscuits, sliced bread, cakes, cookies, etc.), beans of several types, corn products - several types), white rice, lots of Irish potatoes and lots of sweet potatoes. 

     The Willoughby family members also ate plenty of quality protein foods - meat products from chickens, cows, and hogs that they raised on their adjoining farms.  Lon Jr's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ferney Willoughby, and their three grown sons, were successful farmers for many years. All of their six children were healthy and smart - three boys and three girls.

     Like most Americans in the first half of the 20th century (1900's), none of the Willoughby family members had been educated about food nutrition science, so they did not know that the carbohydrate type foods that they routinely ate daily (while the six children were growing up) converted easily and quickly in the body to glucose (a type of sugar).  Yes, humans do need some glucose in the blood system constantly, but too much glucose can be very harmful (think about diabetics).
     Willoughby family members did not understand that the individual carbohydrate foods that they ate at each meal produced substantial amounts of glucose in the blood system, and they did not understand that the combined effects of eating multiple types of carbohydrates in one meal would likely produce an excessive amount of glucose in the blood system. 

     They also did not understand that those common situations were causing each person's pancreas to need to produce excessive amounts of the hormone insulin to help control and manage the excessive amounts of glucose being produced at each meal.  Consequently, none of the Willoughby family adult members understood that their usual and normal carbohydrate food choices for their meals on a daily basis were gradually causing them to be strongly inclined to develop diabetes or hypoglycemia.  Their elevated glucose levels also caused them to be inclined to gain more fat (and more body weight).

     Lon Jr's Health Condition:  Starting in 1970, Lon began consulting with medical doctors about his very confusing and frustrating intense sleepiness health problem, and those consultations continued over a period of about ten years (1970 - 1980). 

     Although Lon consulted with several different medical doctors about his intense sleepiness episodes, none of the doctors understood what those symptoms indicated.  A series of doctors were unable to diagnose Lon's health problem, and they were unable to provide any significant help to Lon about his very confusing and very frustrating healthcare problem. 

     Looking back at those events, Lon now understands that none of the medical doctors knew enough about nutrition to understand that Lon was likely consuming too much sugar and/or consuming too much carbohydrate type food that could convert easily into excessive amounts of glucose

     Lon now understands that none of the doctors knew enough about nutrition to even ask Lon about his normal diet - what did he normally eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner/supper?  What type of beverages did he drink daily?  None of the medical doctors asked Lon any questions about his lifestyle and there were no questions about the nutrition that he was getting into his body.  Unfortunately, in those years, Lon had a very inadequate understanding of nutrition concepts - like most Americans.

     Lon's recurring sleepiness health condition problems got progressively worse during those years until Lon was having intense sleepiness symptoms almost daily and sometime two or three times per day (mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and then again in the evening).  They usually occurred about 2 and 1/2 hours after he consumed food, but sometimes they occurred much quicker than that (less than 30 minutes after food).  Lon had no idea what was causing those situations until the summer of 1971, and he did not acquire much helpful information about those situations until the summer of 1975.

     During the most intense part of his sleepy periods, Lon would usually get so sleepy that he was unable to function at all, and he would have to lay down and sleep it off for an hour or two.  It was like he had been drugged with a very strong tranquilizer that incapacitated him for an hour or two. 

     Those extremely sleepy episodes also dramatically affected Lon' mental abilities in a very noticeable way.  During those episodes, he had very frustrating and debilitating brain fog (very sluggish brain functions and very slow physical reaction times).  Everything needed to be in very slow motion.  His  impaired brain functions could not keep up with normal activities when he was intensely sleepy. 

     In the summer of 1971, through very fortunate circumstances, almost miraculous actions by his wife Janie, Lon learned about a condition called hypoglycemia that had symptoms similar to his symptoms.  After getting a name for those symptoms, he began to search for information about hypoglycemia, but no information was available.  It appeared that very little was known about that type of health problem condition.  He was unable to find any helpful articles or books about hypoglycemia.  

     Keep in mind that Lon's health problem was occurring many years before Internet services became available.  Consequently, his research capabilities were pretty much limited to the local library.

     Four years later, in the summer of 1975, Lon miraculously discovered a paperback book about hypoglycemia that turned out to be a life-changing event because the book provided some very helpful information.  The book was titled Low Blood Sugar and You and the authors were Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D (Nutritionist) and Herman Goodman, M.D.  That incredibly helpful book also enabled Lon to learn about a five-hour glucose tolerance blood test that could be used to medically evaluate hypoglycemia type symptoms to determine if the patient did in fact have a hypoglycemia health condition.  

     After carefully reading that very important book, Lon scheduled an appointment to consult with his local family physician about having the glucose tolerance blood test conducted at a local diagnostic laboratory.  Surprisingly, the doctor strongly discouraged the notion of having the lab test conducted.  Without having any prior knowledge about Lon's very frustrating and very dangerous healthcare problem, the doctor was instantly confident that Lon did not have a hypoglycemic condition

     Like most conventionally educated and trained medical doctors, this doctor apparently knew  nothing about hypoglycemia.  He did not even ask basic questions about Lon's symptoms, and he made no inquiry about Lon's usual diet.  He made no responsible effort at all to try to evaluate Lon's health problem condition.  Unfortunately for Lon, he was the "medical doctor" who arrogantly thought he knew all he needed to know about a hypoglycemic condition

     Subsequent events proved convincingly that the doctor knew almost nothing about hypoglycemia.  The arrogant doctor appeared to be offended by Lon's diplomatic persistence about getting the glucose tolerance test conducted.  However, Lon's diplomatic persistence was successful with the arrogant "know-it-all" doctor, and the blood test was scheduled to be conducted at a local medical laboratory.

     The medical doctor did not explain anything to Lon about the upcoming test procedure, what to expect, etc.  That was O.K. because Lon understood that his fasting blood sample would be taken and then 10 successive blood samples would be drawn at 1/2 hour intervals throughout the five-hour test.  Lon had learned those important features about the test procedure from the book that he had read,

     Later, in this same department in Topic 3 below, we will provide some very important information about diabetes and hypoglycemia.  After that relevant information, we will report what happened regarding the medical doctor's later evaluation of Lon's five-hour glucose tolerance test results.

 2.  Lon's Father's Serious Health Problems

     For more than 35 years, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. has had a serious interest in the tragic healthcare situations involving blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes.

     That intense interest began after Lon's father had a heart attack and a stroke in the spring of 1982 (at age 66 - 35 years ago).  The heart attack put Mr. Willoughby Sr. in a hospital about
65 miles away from his home (in a distant southern state).   

     While he was in the hospital, Mr. Willoughby had a stroke that left him totally paralyzed on the left side of his body.  Thereafter, he could not control any movement of his left arm or hand and he had no control over any movement of his left leg or his left foot.  He could not even turn himself in bed.

     At that time, his eldest son Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. and his wife Janie lived in Mauldin, South Carolina (eight miles from downtown Greenville).  Lonnie Jr. was a health-conscious person at that time for the reasons explained previously, and he had already learned a lot of important information about natural healthcare issues (coping with various healthcare issues without using any prescription drugs). 

     Lon was almost 46 years of age when his father was put in the hospital in the distant state, and Lon's diligent healthcare education efforts had enabled him to learn a lot about natural healthcare concepts.   Unfortunately, his natural healthcare studies had not educated him about blood clots. 

     Lon did not understand what situations caused the blood system to develop blood clots, and he did not know what actions one can take to substantially reduce the potential for having dangerous blood clots that could then cause a heart attack or a stroke or both conditions. 

     After getting Mr. Willoughby out of the hospital, Lon temporarily moved his parents from their home in the distant state to Lon's home in South Carolina.  They lived with Lon and Janie for about six months so Lon could provide a lot of help for both parents during that very difficult period.  

     Due to his substantial alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge, Lonnie Jr. was able to help his father and mother a lot, both physically and emotionally, with a lot of loving care and by using a much healthier diet, and by also using some very important nutrition supplements.   You can read a report about that situation in a separate department of this Website titled Lon's Motivation/.

     Lon's father lived another four years and seven months as a seriously handicapped invalid (in his bed or in his wheel chair), and he frequently suffered with intense pain daily on his left side (arm and leg).  Lon's healthcare education enabled him to understand that his father's severe muscle cramps on his left side (the paralyzed side of his body) were likely caused by an inadequate amount of lymphatic fluid flow and blood flow due to the fact that he had too little body motion on that side of his body. 

     The severe cramps would usually occur several times per day.  Yes, he had some pain relief medication that helped somewhat with the cramp pains, but if he was medicated too much, he would lose control of his bowel movements, and that caused some difficult conditions to cope with for him and for Mrs. Willoughby and for his part-time female caretaker. 

     Mr. Willoughby could not go to the rest room by himself, or take a bath by himself, and he could not get out of bed by himself.  Fortunately, he was right-handed and he could still feed himself with his right hand which was normal.  He lived in that severely handicapped condition (with good medical attention and good home healthcare services) until another heart attack killed him in November 1986.

     Please understand that Lon's father was under the care of a medical doctor "heart specialist" at the time he had his heart attack and stroke in 1982, and at the time that he had a fatal heart attack in 1986.

     Lon Willoughby now understands that his father could have easily avoided his initial heart attack and the debilitating stroke in 1982, and the later fatal heart attack in 1986, if he had been using the incredibly important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that Lon and Janie will publish in the Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that the two of them are currently developing. 

    Think about that situation for a few moments to get some understanding of how important this deluxe education program will be to our "qualified education clients."  When his father had the heart attack and stroke in 1982, Lon had already read about 20 alternative health natural healthcare concepts books.  He had learned a lot of very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts, but he had not learned anything about dangerous blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

    The very serious healthcare situations that Lon experienced with his father for about four years motivated Lon to learn about the causes of heart attacks and strokes.  He was self-employed and working about 80 to 90 hours per week so he had very little time for additional healthcare education. 

     Over the next twenty years (1986 to 2006), Lon gradually learned additional natural healthcare concepts that enabled him to subsequently begin developing and copyrighting some practical, reasonable, and sensible protocols (procedures) that ordinary people can use to improve their potential to take very good care of their natural healthcare assets.  Some of those copyrighted protocols can also enable our qualified clients to minimize their potential for developing dangerous blood clots. 

     Lon began to acquire very special alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge about blood clots in 1994 (about eight years after his father's death).  However, It was many years later when Lon had acquired enough special natural healthcare concepts knowledge to develop and copyright his incredibly important and valuable protocol for minimizing the potential for dangerous blood clots to occur (clots that could cause heart attacks and/or strokes).

     Those remarkable breakthrough natural healthcare actions occurred more than 25 years after his father had his very serious heart attack and his debilitating stroke in the spring of 1982.  The major alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that Lon initially learned about in 1994 occurred about eight years after another heart attack caused Lon's father's death on November 22, 1986. 

     This incredibly important alternative health type natural healthcare learning situation is reported herein to clearly illustrate how unlikely it is for an ordinary American to learn some very important alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that can be life-changing and life-saving. 

     If Lon had not been known locally as a very health-conscious person, he would not have been invited to attend the special private healthcare classes that enabled him to begin learning about situations that can result in the formation of blood clots.  He also began learning about nutrition supplements that can help prevent the formation of blood clots (without causing harmful side effects).

     From July 1980 until 2014 (34 years), Lon was typically working long hours, usually at least 80 hours per week, sometimes 90 to 100 hours per week. 

    His self-employed health and wellness store work began on January 2, 1999, and his related alternative health type natural healthcare research, study, and evaluation actions increased substantially throughout the next 15 years while Lon managed our corporate ABC of Health health and wellness store facility.  He usually worked 16 hours per day, six days per week (Monday - Saturday), and frequently worked an additional five or more hours doing administrative work on Sunday afternoon and evening.

     Due to his long work hours, he had to manage his time well in order to spend several hours each week with text book study actions about natural healthcare issues (non-drug healthcare actions). It is important to understand that many years went by (after July 1980) before Lon obtained access to the Internet for researching alternative health type natural healthcare concepts information (data)

     The world has changed a lot since Lon's father had his heart attack and tragic stroke in the spring of 1982.  Lon's alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge is much greater now than it was back in 1982 when he began helping his parents cope with that catastrophic healthcare situation.   (His current natural healthcare concepts knowledge is probably 1,000 times greater than at that time.)

     At this point in time, Lon has a very good understanding of what practical actions ordinary people can take to greatly reduce their potential for having dangerous blood clots that might cause a heart attack or a stoke.  Lon and his wife Janie use these vital healthcare protective actions on a daily basis.

     ABC of Health can now teach these incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare protective action techniques in the Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon Willoughby and Janie Willoughby are currently developing. 

     They are combining their substantial teaching knowledge and skills to develop a practical, reasonable, and sensible way to teach ordinary people very important and very valuable alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that will be life-changing for our "qualified education clients" and that vital information will likely be life-saving for many of our education clients.


Topic 3

Additional Vital Information about Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

               Why did Lon focus special attention on these two healthcare problems?

     Firstly, Lon understands these two conditions much better than most people and also much better than most medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners.  Lon realizes that most people have little or no understanding about these two very serious healthcare conditions.  Some people have gained a little understanding about one these conditions because they have that condition, but our advanced healthcare concepts education about diabetes and hypoglycemia can help all adults in America. 

     Secondly, Lon realizes that most people, of most ages, will likely consume and metabolize way too much glucose producing foods and beverages into their body system on a daily basis.  Consequently, it is very important for all adults to learn about this incredibly important healthcare situation at the earliest possible age.  Educated parents need to teach these nutrition concepts to their children ASAP.

     Every person in America needs to be taught that consuming too much sugar, or other sweeteners, or carbohydrate type foods that convert easily and quickly into sugar (glucose in the blood system), can be very harmful to the body systems in the short-term, and those situations can be extremely damaging to body systems in the long-term (can also likely lead to diabetes and/or hypoglycemia). 

     Please remember that diabetes can cause very serious healthcare issues.  It is the major cause of blindness of adults in America.  Diabetics can also cause very poor blood circulation in the legs and feet.  Some of those situations are so severe that they cause the need for amputation of a foot or a leg due to a very dangerous gangrene type infection that can occur in those areas of the body. 

    A diabetic condition can also cause other serious healthcare issues including substantially increasing the potential for cardiovascular disease problems that typically result in a shorter lifespan.  Consequently, diabetes is a much more serious healthcare problem than most people realize.

     Diabetic situations and hypoglycemic situations can cause extreme stress to the pancreas (the insulin producing organ) which can gradually cause other serious problems in the body that may result in a premature death.  Consequently, Lon understands that learning about healthy glucose metabolism is an exceptionally important healthcare subject that all adults and teenagers should study.  Younger children need to be taught about these very important glucose management situations as soon as possible by their well-informed educated parents.  You can therefore see why all adults in America need to review this very helpful Free information about these vital healthcare issues.

     Lon Willoughby is 81 years of age and he has been hypoglycemic for more that 50 yearsLooking back at his situation, he remembers that it took him seven years to learn the name of his healthcare problem. During those years, he had no understanding of what was causing his worsening condition.  Consequently, he did not understand what he could do to help manage and control his healthcare problem condition.  After learning a little about hypoglycemia in 1971, it took him another 20 years to understand this very complex and very confusing health condition well enough to understand what to do diet-wise to keep it under good control most of the time. 

     During those many years, Lon could not find a healthcare practitioner of any kind that could help him learn how to manage this very serious problem. Fortunately, over a period of many years, he was able to find and purchase and study 13 books about hypoglycemia.  He also reviewed eight books about diabetes because some of that information was also relevant somewhat to hypoglycemia.

     Many years later, Lon began to learn about the glycemic index concepts for carbohydrate type foods.  This turned out to be incredibly important information for diabetics and hypoglycemics.  Thinking back about the many books that Lon had read over the years about diabetes and hypoglycemia, Lon remembered that none of those books had educated him about the great importance of glycemic index concepts for carbohydrate foods. Why did those very important books about blood glucose management issues not emphasize that critically important subject? 

    When Lon researched that issue, he discovered that this incredibly important food concept was developed by Dr. David J. Jenkins and a team of researchers in 1981 at the University of Toronto in Canada.  They developed the glycemic index concept to help diabetic patients learn how to manage their diet more effectively - they could gain better control over the glucose level in their blood system. 

     For many years thereafter, it appears that this very important glycemic index concept was not disseminated very well in America.  Relevant healthcare book authors in America did not learn about this technology or did not realize how important that critically important information was for diabetics and hypoglycemics and for millions of people who wanted to learn how to lose excess fat and weight.

     Consequently, Lon did not learn about the glycemic index data in the natural healthcare books that he had read many years ago.  Fortunately, he did learn about this technology in recent years, and this turned out to be the absolutely vital part of the nutrition puzzle that Lon was not aware of until he was about 78 years of age.

     That situation shows how important a very comprehensive nutrition education can be.  That one missing piece of the food nutrition puzzle caused Lon to be severely handicapped for 50+ years in trying to understand how to manage his hypoglycemia condition with much better control. 

     Think about that situation for a moment.  Lon had studied natural healthcare and nutrition concepts for many years, and had read several hundred very good natural healthcare type books, but he was still handicapped severely in nutrition knowledge from age 28 to 78 years of age - 50 long and very difficult years - because he did not know about glycemic index concepts regarding the food that he was consuming each day of his life.

     Remember those vital nutrition concepts were not developed until 1981 in Toronto, Canada - when Lon was about 45 years of age. But he continued suffering with his hypoglycemia for many years after 1981 (33 more years) more than was actually necessary because no one directed his attention to the glycemic index concepts that had been developed in Canada to enable diabetics to learn how to manage their food choices much better.  Those food concepts could have also helped Lon a lot.

     Fortunately, if one has the name of that vital subject, a person can now use the Internet to search for books that explain those glycemic index food concepts.  In recent years, Lon has purchased several very good books about the glycemic index concepts by using the Internet to search for those books.

     All of those books were published in 2003 or in later years (like 2014-2015).  Consequently, prior to year 2003, one would not likely find books published in America about the glycemic index concepts.   Lon has found that life can be much better due to the incredible search capabilities that are available using the Internet and various search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.).

     Excessive fat and excessive weight are major health problems for many millions of Americans and Lon now understands that the glycemic index data for various food types is vital information for all of the people who want to learn how to have better control of their natural tendency to gain more fat and more weight.  Unfortunately, very few of them understand the great importance of this special food data.  This revealing report can help those people a lot if they will simply read this very helpful report.

     As shown above, millions of Americans are extremely handicapped in their efforts to reduce their body fat content and also reduce excessive weight because they have not been educated about the great importance of carefully managing the glucose level in their blood system.  Glycemic index data can help millions of Americans learn about various foods that contain carbohydrate type calories - the foods that are likely causing them to gain additional fat and thereby gain additional weight.  Obviously, all types of beverages that contain a sugar type sweetener can cause weight gain problems, and some of the sugar substitutes can also cause weight gain problems (may be worse than real sugar).

     Reliable data show that about 50% of American adults have a weight problem and about 25% of American adults are actually obese.  Fortunately, Lon Willoughby does not have any of those problems to cope with; he is 5 feet, 8.5 inches tall and weighs about 140 lbs.  He weighed 135 lbs when he was graduated from high school in June of 1954 (63 years ago).  He has gained only five pounds in those 63 years and part of that weight gain is increased muscle tissue. 

     Although Lon was severely handicapped by his critical lack of glycemic index concepts knowledge, he gradually learned over many years how to cope with his hypoglycemia health condition problem more effectively - through a lot of alternative health type natural healthcare concepts education and a lot of trial and error practical experiments and experiences with various food types.  He now realizes that it would have been very helpful if he had understood the glycemic index concepts that had been developed in Canada back in 1981.

     Unfortunately, through many years of searching for some help, he was unable to find and consult with any healthcare practitioner who could help him understand the numerous complexities involved in the effective management of hypoglycemia.  He has learned that hypoglycemics need to consume a very carefully managed diet that is identical to a very good diet for coping with diabetes.  They are very different healthcare conditions, but their recommended food selections are essentially the same.

     Looking back in time, Lon did not understand what his health problem was, or even know its name for about seven years, as it got progressively worse, year after year.  As previously mentioned briefly, in the summer of 1971, Lon's wife Janie learned about a health condition named hypoglycemia by watching a Dinah Shore TV program.  We will now provide more information about that near miraculous situation. 

     Fortunately for Lon Willoughby and Janie Willoughby, Ms. Adelle Davis was the featured guest on the Dinah Shore TV Show that beautiful summer day, and Janie very fortunately chose to watch that particular TV program.  She was a high school teacher and she was home on that day because the high school students were out of school for the summer months. 

     During the TV program, nutritionist Adelle Davis stated that there was a health problem condition that many people had that was confusing and difficult to understand.  Dinah Shore asked Adelle Davis to explain some of the symptoms of the condition for her TV audience. 

     When Ms. Davis described the common symptoms of that condition, Janie quickly recognized the symptoms as being similar to Lon's frequent healthcare symptoms.  Ms. Davis named one of her natural healthcare books that contained some information about the condition named hypoglycemia.  

     After the TV show, Janie promptly went to the local book store and was able to purchase a copy of that paperback book.  She gave the book to Lon when he returned home from work that evening, along with an explanation about what she had learned from Ms. Adelle Davis on the Dinah Shore TV program. 

     Lon spent several hours reviewing that book.  It contained only a few paragraphs about hypoglycemia, but that vital information was Lon's first understanding of a name for a health problem condition that might have been the cause of his major healthcare problem for several years.  This was his first natural healthcare book, and he was fascinated by what he was learning in this $7.95 book.

     At least Lon had a name for the mysterious healthcare condition that presented symptoms like his symptoms.  Having the name for the condition would enable him to begin searching for more information about hypoglycemia  (Remember that this situation occurred many years before Lon had access to the Internet's incredible search and research capabilities.) 

     Four long years later, in the summer of 1975, as a result of his ongoing search for additional information about hypoglycemia, Lon discovered a book titled Low Blood Sugar and You (Authors, Dr. Carlton Frederick, Ph.D  (nutrition consultant) and Herman Goodman, M.D.).  This turned out to be an incredibly important natural healthcare book for Lon.  It was a life-changer because it provided very important helpful information about the general nature of a hypoglycemic condition

   That very special book enabled Lon to understand some of the complex technicalities involved with hypoglycemia - glucose levels, insulin levels, helpful concepts about managing glucose levels, etc.  The book also explained the five-hour glucose tolerance test that the medical profession in American had developed to help test for, identify, and confirm the condition of hypoglycemia

    After Lon studied that book carefully, he was reasonably confident that he had a hypoglycemic condition, but he wanted his glucose management system tested so he could know for sure.  Lon therefore scheduled an appointment with his local family physician to discuss Lon's desire to have a five-hour glucose tolerance test conducted on his blood glucose management system.  

     As related previously herein, as soon as that subsequent discussion began, the medical doctor authoritatively exclaimed in a dictatorial know-it-all tone of voice "you don't have hypoglycemia!  Lon was surprised by that unprofessional and unreasonable premature judgment, but he patiently ignored the doctor's inappropriate "know-it-all" attitude and continued to calmly try to discuss this situation with the  doctor.  Lon made it very clear that he wanted to get a five-hour glucose tolerance test conducted for his body, through the family medical doctor, or if necessary, through some other local medical doctor. 

     Lon explained that he would personally be paying for the glucose tolerance test; he was therefore perplexed by the doctor's arrogant strong reluctance to schedule him for the glucose tolerance test.  Under those  stressful, frustrating, and very disappointing circumstances, the doctor reluctantly agreed to schedule Lon for a five-hour glucose tolerance test with a local medical laboratory testing facility.   The doctor did not make any effort to brief Lon about what to expect during the test procedure.

     Lon understood that the testing facility would take Lon's "fasting level" blood sample (to determine the normal base level of glucose in Lon's blood).  After that, he would drink a measured quantity of a very sweet glucose solution, and additional blood samples would then be taken at 1/2 hour intervals throughout the five-hour test period. (10 additional blood samples would be taken.)

     Each blood sample would be analyzed later in the laboratory to measure the glucose level in each blood sample.  That situation would enable the lab test data to be charted and show the glucose level variations over the five-hour test period - beginning with the fasting level of glucose as sample #1.

     NOTE:  When any person drinks a very sweet drink, it is normal for the blood glucose level to quickly increase a lot as the glucose (sugar) is being assimilated into the blood system.  The body's glucose monitoring system will then trigger the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin (into the blood system).  The insulin will cause the glucose level in the blood to start decreasing back toward the fasting glucose level (the normal level), and the excess glucose that is being moved out of the blood will be stored in the liver tissue cells and other body cells to become stored energy for later use. 

     As the insulin decreases the glucose level in the blood, the glucose level should gradually decrease downward over a period of time to the normal glucose level (the fasting glucose level), and the pancreas should gradually decrease its insulin production so the blood glucose level can stabilize near the fasting glucose level, without going substantially below that glucose level.  

     However, if a person is hypoglycemic, the pancreas will likely continue producing a high level of insulin for too long a time, and that will cause the blood glucose level to more rapidly decrease to the fasting level of glucose and then continue decreasing to a glucose level that is substantially below the fasting level of glucose.  In this situation, when the pancreas finally stops producing insulin, the blood glucose level will likely be at a much lower level than the fasting glucose level (the initial reference glucose level for this very important test). 

     When the decreasing glucose level finally bottoms out, it will then slowly begin increasing back toward the fasting level of glucose (may take one to three hours to get back to that fasting level).  During that time period, the patient's brain functions are likely operating substantially below normal because the brain has been deprived of an adequate amount of glucose.  It is very important to understand that glucose and oxygen are the essential fuel for most brain functions. (The brain can also function with keytones but that is another discussion altogether and is not explained herein.)

     If the opposite situation occurs during the glucose tolerance test period, the glucose level will increase to a high level and then remain at a higher than normal glucose level for too long.  It may take too much time for the glucose level to begin coming back down toward the fasting level (which may have been a higher level than is usual for most normal people); those situations are indicative of diabetes or a tendency to be diabetic (dependent upon the actual parameters of the test results).

     Lon's Lab Test Results: When the laboratory test results came back to the medical doctor's office, his female office assistant contacted Lon by telephone and reported that the test results were negative (meaning that he did not have hypoglycemia). 

     Lon had studied hypoglycemia enough to understand that he almost certainly had a hypoglycemic condition, so he stated that he wanted to come by their office the next morning to get a copy of the lab test report. The doctor's assistant (who was in Lon's Sunday School Class at a local church) politely explained that the doctor did not allow patients to obtain copies of their test results. 

     Lon then said that he would visit their office tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM to get a photocopy of the lab test report, and if the doctor refused to provide a photocopy of the lab test report, Lon would seek  a court order that would require him to provide a photocopy of the laboratory test report.   

     When Lon arrived the next morning at 9:00 AM the doctor's assistant reluctantly handed Lon a photo copy of his five-hour glucose tolerance lab test report, and she curtly said "is this what you want!?

     The book that Lon had studied carefully (Low Blood Sugar and You) had also taught him how to understand the test result's chart that would be developed for the glucose tolerance test report.  Lon looked at the small graph one-page test chart, and he instantly understood what the test graph report indicated.  He politely said, "Yes, this is what I want."  He thanked her and left their office.

     It is very important to understand that the arrogant "know-it-all" medical doctor did not  spend any time with Lon to discuss how he had reacted physically and mentally during the five-hour glucose tolerance test period.  Consequently, the doctor did not learn that Lon had gotten extremely sleepy and his mind was very groggy after the two hour point and both of those symptoms got to their worst point at the 2 and 1/2 hour period - the point where Lon had to lay down on the bed in the lab testing room. 

     At that point in time his brain had almost shut down - he was very groggy (brain fog) and he could barely think about anything.  It  took quite a while after that point in time for Lon to get noticeably better (physically and mentally).

     After Lon carefully reviewed the glucose tolerance test report chart, it was clear that the test results confirmed that Lon had a serious case of hypoglycemia, contrary to the family medical doctor's initial very biased "personal opinion" (based on no test data at all), and contrary to his later erroneous interpretation of the glucose tolerance test report chart. 

     Lon did not understand why the medical doctor had not interpreted the test report's chart properly because the chart graph was easy to read and understand.  It showed that Lon's fasting glucose level was normal at 90 and then quickly went up to a high level (140) and then quickly began to come down  during the next hour or so. 

     However, the chart clearly showed that Lon's glucose level did not level off in the fasting glucose level range as it should have done; the glucose level continued going down and down and down until it finally bottomed out at 60 on the chart - the point in time when Lon had gotten extremely sleepy.

     As you may have guessed, Lon was very disappointed in the family medical doctor's inadequate and unprofessional performance regarding this very important test situation.  Lon promptly had his medical records moved to another local doctor's office.  He and his wife did not consult that doctor again.

     Several months after that situation occurred, Lon learned that the medical profession (at that time in 1975) was typically using an erroneous standard to determine whether or not a patient had hypoglycemia.  They did not classify a decreasing glucose level condition as hypoglycemia unless the glucose level dropped down to about 30 on the test chart.  That would have been 60 points below Lon's normal fasting level of 90 on this chart, and it would have been 30 points lower than the point where Lon had gotten extremely sleepy and was almost incapacitated (physically and mentally). 

     That situation illustrates the medical profession's gross incompetence in understanding the glucose tolerance test results.  If they knew enough about the condition of hypoglycemia to try to establish a benchmark standard for classifying a condition as hypoglycemia, they should have known that most people, if not all people, would go into an incoherent state, or a coma, if their glucose level decreased way down to 30 on the five-hour blood glucose test results chart. 

     By that erroneous standard, a tested person would not be considered hypoglycemic unless the condition was so severe that the person could not function at all (totally incapacitated) - when their blood glucose level decreased to the classification level of 30 on the testing measurement chart.

    This very serious erroneous testing criteria illustrates clearly how someone within the medical profession decided (established) a glucose tolerance test measurement standard without having adequate experience or competent medical knowledge about the hypoglycemic condition that was being evaluated by the test.  To arbitrarily set the standard for hypoglycemia at a severely low glucose level of 30 on the test chart was so incompetent and so irresponsible that Lon believes that it was extreme medical negligence. 

     The fact that the testing parameters did not also require a written report by the attending nurse about the patient's physical and mental symptom changes, if any occurred, confirmed that "the medical profession" knew very little about hypoglycemia. Whoever established the five-hour glucose testing criteria parameters was incompetent to establish said parameters for this critically important test.

     How many people with a known hypoglycemia condition did they test to finally determine that 30 on the testing chart was the glucose level needed to identify a hypoglycemia condition? Are there reasonable variations between people for the decreased glucose level that causes serious sleepiness? 

     Lon believes that there can be significant variations between patient's for the point in time where the extreme sleepiness occurs (if it does occur), but the fact that the patient gets a very sleepy reaction confirms that they are hypoglycemic - regardless of what glucose level the very sleepy reaction occurred at on the chart.  This is not complex rocket science; it is simply a common sense understanding of the practical test results

     If the patient being tested is not impaired significantly by the very sweet drink at any point in the five-hour test, they are not hypoglycemic.  If the patient does become impaired substantially (physically and mentally) by consuming the very sweet drink, the test has confirmed that they are hypoglycemic

     It is not necessary for a person to be an experienced nurse or a medical doctor to understand this situation.  During Lon's test, the nurse understood none of this.  Later events showed that the medical  doctor did not have a reasonably competent understanding of the test results.  He did not know enough to even ask Lon what physical or mental changes occurred during the test (if any occurred).

    Months later, after that situation occurred, Lon learned that medical doctors in general were apparently taught nothing about hypoglycemia in their medical school education and training (even though millions of Americans have this fairly common and very serious metabolic condition).  Consequently, the typical medical doctor at that time (1975 and before) had no responsible competent  level of knowledge about this very serious medical condition that affects millions of Americans.  

    Years later, Lon also learned that medical doctors were so inadequately educated about hypoglycemia that medical doctors in America commonly believed that the condition was not a real condition, but was an imagined "fad condition" - "believing that the condition was only in the patient's  mind."  Lon has serious doubts that those incompetent and irresponsible situations have changed very much in America during the past 40+ years regarding the health condition known as hypoglycemia.

      Consider for a moment the million of Americans that are trying to cope somehow with this very confusing and very frustrating situation on a frequent recurring basis.  For many people (like Lon) they are trying to cope on a daily basis for years.  The medical profession in America has demonstrated extreme medical incompetence regarding this very important and very serious healthcare condition

     This revealing situation reported herein shows convincingly that medical nurses and medical doctors are not adequately educated about how the brain functions with glucose and oxygen as its primary source of fuel.  All of them should learn that when brain nutrients are too rich (too much glucose) the brain will not function properly, and that condition can be harmful to a person in substantial ways.

     However, if the brain's fuel combination of nutrients is too lean (not enough glucose) the brain can be severely deprived of its glucose fuel.  The brain can then function at a very deficient level which can cause a host of serious problems, including extreme sleepiness that can easily and predictably cause serious vehicle accidents with serious injuries, and may cause deaths, and may also cause serious destruction of property.  This is obviously not a situation to be considered a "fad" by medical doctors.

     How many thousands of those vehicle accidents occur each year in America?  How many thousands of people are injured or killed each year because drivers of various vehicles had not been educated about how the blood glucose level can affect brain functions in dramatic ways after they eat a meal?

     Remember that Lon consulted with several medical doctors during a ten-year period about his unusual sleepy periods and none of the doctors understood these basic brain function symptoms.  They obviously did not understand how the pancreas produces the hormone insulin to help manage glucose levels in the blood, and they did not understand that if too much insulin is produced, the excess insulin can cause the blood glucose level to go too low and that situation may cause extreme sleepiness and serious brain fog for some people (inability to think clearly for a period of time).

     Question? How can medical doctor students or medical nurse students graduate from a competent medical education program without understanding the incredible importance of these glucose actions?

     Lon's Glucose Tolerance Test Results: Lon's fasting glucose level had been taken when the test began and that provided the first reading for the test.  To continue the test, Lon was given a measured amount of a certain very sweet concoction to drink because the object of the test was to determine how his body would react and respond to that very sweet concoction (excess glucose level in his blood) over the next five hours.  he had consumed no food since early evening the day before the test began at 8:30 AM the following day, and he consumed no food of any type during the test period

    The blood samples being drawn each half-hour would later be sent to a laboratory where the glucose level for each blood sample could be measured.  All of the blood samples would be measured for their glucose level and then the results would be charted on a horizontal time line - from the test beginning (fasting level of glucose) and then additional blood samples at 1/2 hour increments for the entire five hours of the test. 

     The vertical part of the chart would show the variations in glucose level for each blood sample taken during the five-hour test period.  The resulting chart showed that Lon's glucose level had started at the 90 level on the chart, then went up during the first hour or so to 140 and then began coming down rapidly toward the 90 level.  It then crossed below the 90 level and continued going down below that reference level and bottomed out at 60 at the 2 and 1/2 hour time. 

     The glucose level then began to slowly go back up toward the 90 level again.  Eventually the glucose level got back up to the 90 level on the chart, and Lon was feeling normal at that point in time, both physically and mentally (emotions, brain functions, etc.).

     In essence, this very important test data enabled the laboratory to chart this changing glucose level in Lon's blood so a knowledgeable medical doctor could quickly observe how Lon's body had metabolized (managed) the excessive glucose solution that was administered after the fasting level blood sample was taken.

     The very sweet solution (glucose) that Lon drank initially went into his stomach and into his small intestines and was then secreted through the intestinal wall into the portal vein system that went into the right lobe of his liver.  The excess glucose would then get into Lon's main blood circulation system and flow throughout his body, including into his brain, throughout the five-hour period of testing time.  

     Obviously, Lon's blood glucose level would go way above normal during the first hour or so of the test period due to the excessive amount of glucose in his blood system.  However, due to his pancreatic insulin response to the high glucose level, Lon's blood glucose level should begin to come down toward his fasting level (90) over time. The chart showed that Lon's pancreas produced sufficient insulin to cause the needed reduction of the excessive glucose level in his blood system. 

     The charted test results should have enabled a knowledgeable medical doctor to see how effective Lon's pancreas had worked in this forced glucose reduction response.  Did the pancreas work well to bring the excessive blood glucose level down to normal (his fasting level of 90) or did the pancreas over-produce the insulin and cause the glucose level to be decreased too much?

     Lon understood that the critical thing to look for in the test results was whether or not Lon's glucose level came back down to the normal glucose level range (his fasting level of 90) without going down substantially below the normal fasting glucose level

     The test results clearly showed that Lon's glucose level had decreased a lot below his fasting level, and it had bottomed out at the 2 and 1/2 hour point in time at a glucose level of 60 on the test chart.  The blood samples taken after that low point sample, taken at 1/2 hour intervals, showed that Lon's blood glucose level began to slowly rise toward the normal fasting level (90) over the next two hours. 

     The excessive insulin production by the pancreas had obviously stopped and his glucose level was gradually being allowed to rise toward his fasting level - his normal glucose level.  Finally, before the five-hour test was completed, his glucose level had come back up to its normal level of 90, and Lon was feeling normal at that time, physically and mentally. 

     This very helpful chart should have enabled the medical doctor to see and understand how Lon's pancreas insulin production had affected the glucose level.  The test results chart clearly showed that Lon had a definite case of hypoglycemia and the fact that he had gotten extremely sleepy between the two-hour point and the 2 and 1/2 hour point showed that his hypoglycemia condition was very serious.  That very sleepy condition and his foggy brain functions solidly confirmed that he had suffered through a serious hypoglycemic response during the glucose tolerance test. 

     During Lon's test, prior to the 2 and 1/2 hour low glucose level point, he was getting so sleepy and groggy that he could not sit up stably in a chair while he waited patiently to give the next 1/2 hour blood sample (to establish that current glucose level).  At that point in time, Lon was so sleepy and so groggy (brain fog) that he was having difficulty in avoiding falling out of the straight back chair that he had been sitting in during the first two hours of the test. 

     Lon recognized that hypoglycemic reaction when it occurred because he had experienced similar conditions numerous times after eating a regular meal (his lunch or an evening meal at home). Those situations had begun occurring frequently, usually daily, until he finally learned how to manage and reduce his consumption of glucose producing foods.  Consequently, when that hypoglycemic reaction began occurring significantly, Lon responsibly asked the attending nurse to allow him to lay down on the bed that was in the testing area.    

     The nurse that had been taking blood samples each half-hour thought Lon was kidding her when he requested to lay down on the bed; she did not believe what Lon said.  However, he assured her that he was not kidding at all.  He could hardly stand up and walk, and he probably had slurred speech at that point also.  The nurse reluctantly agreed for Lon to lay down on the bed in the testing room, and he stayed there until that "low blood sugar" condition began to gradually wear off over the next hour.

    That situation showed that the nurse had not been briefed about what might occur if patient Lon Willoughby had a hypoglycemic reaction to the glucose tolerance test solution.  She knew how to take the blood samples at 1/2 hour intervals, but she obviously knew nothing about what the test procedure was looking for during the five-hour test period.  One written paragraph of information could have adequately briefed her about that situation, but that obviously did not occur before the test began.

    These important circumstances are reported herein in detail to clearly show why a patient should not naively depend upon a medical doctor to know what they need to know about a specific health condition.  Doctors are human beings, and they do not know everything about all health conditions.   The patient needs to learn all that they can learn about their health problem.  They can then supplement the medical doctor's knowledge if it appears that the doctor is not aware of something that is relevant.

     Lon understands that there are many healthcare problem conditions where a patient should read some books and get educated about their specific healthcare problem condition as best they can, in addition to what they may learn from their medical doctor, or other type of healthcare practitioner.  

     If Lon had not educated himself about hypoglycemia back in 1971 through 1975, and continuing into the 1980's, he probably would have been a very miserable handicapped person for many more years. 

     He did eventually lose his career position with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) because of his hypoglycemia condition, and his very patient wife was seriously tempted to file for a divorce because Lon was very difficult to live with for weeks at a time. 

     His worsening hypoglycemic reactions caused severe emotional conditions (anger, frustrations, critical attitude frequently, impatience, extreme sleepiness episodes that became daily occurrences with very low energy and functionality for hours, and serious anxiety and depression).

     Fortunately, Lon's diligent self-education efforts enabled him and Janie to not lose their home (they were able to pay their mortgage payments), and they continued being able to care for two teenage sons.  If Lon had depended upon the series of medical doctors that he had consulted with over the years to help him with his hypoglycemia, he and Janie would have likely gotten a divorce and Lon would have likely died many years ago as a broken and defeated man. 

     Unfortunately, those kinds of situations do happen to many people in America each year because those people do not get the healthcare support that they needed.  Many Americans commit suicide each year, and tens of thousands of those suicide deaths are likely due to very difficult healthcare problem conditions that have not found adequate support from any healthcare professionals.  Lon's personal healthcare experiences that are reported herein show how difficult it can be to get proper healthcare support from the medical profession over a period of many years.

     Lon recently reviewed the data for the National Center for Health Statistics and they reported that there were 44,193 suicides recorded in the data compiled for the USA for year 2014.

     As this large natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational Website shows, Lon Willoughby persevered with his self-education efforts for many years and gradually learned how to cope effectively with his hypoglycemia condition (which he still has but he learned how to manage it successfully). 

     As you can see from this important review of important healthcare concepts, diabetes and hypoglycemia can be tragic health conditions if they are not understood properly and then carefully managed properly.  Lon believes that every family in America should utilize medical profession services when needed, but it is also very important for every family to find competent natural healthcare and wellness services that they can access whenever those services may be needed. 

     The very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented at this Introductory Website is a very good place to begin learning about the great importance of natural healthcare consultation services.

 Topic 4

Additional Information About Lon's Health Condition

         As related previously herein, Lon finally gave up on consulting with medical doctors because it gradually became rather obvious that medical doctors did not understand the nature of his health condition problem.  Unfortunately, back in the 1970's, Lon did not know who else to consult with about his very confusing health problem (that was wreaking his life and his career job with the FAA). 

        Lon gradually began to actively study alternative health type natural healthcare books in a responsible hopeful effort to try to understand the cause of his gradual health deterioration and emotional instability (brain fog during very sleepy times, frustration, irritation, poor memory at times - during his intense sleepy conditions that would begin to occur about two hours after most meals.)

      Fortunately, Lon got a job transfer with the FAA in October 1977 - from the Panama City, Florida airport office to the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport office near Greenville, South Carolina.  He resigned from the FAA in October 1979, after 19 years of service, due to extremely frustrating and stressful working conditions (Lon had 23 years of federal government service when we add his four years of military service in the Air Force - USAF). 

     Looking back on that situation, it is clear to Lon that he would have been able to cope successfully with those difficult work conditions if he had not been suffering daily with his hypoglycemia condition.  So in effect, the hypoglycemia health condition did eventually cause the termination of what had been a very successful career with the Federal Aviation Administration for many years.

     Nine months later, in July 1980, Lon started with his first of six consultation sessions with a natural healthcare and nutrition consultant.  She had not been educated about hypoglycemia so she did not understand the symptoms and complexities of this very confusing healthcare condition.

      However, unlike the medical doctors that Lon had consulted with for many years, she knew how to educate Lon about improving his lifestyle substantially.  As related earlier, she also recommended a series of paperback health books for Lon to purchase and study in an effort to improve his understanding of alternative health type natural healthcare concepts, lifestyle improvements, and improvements for overall natural healthcare.

     Those books were exceptionally helpful to Lon.  He was very happy with the very important natural healthcare concepts that he learned from those inexpensive books, and he gradually developed an intense interest in alternative health type natural healthcare concepts and protocols.   Those books provided practical, reasonable, and sensible guidance about numerous healthcare issues.  Lon was really impressed with how much common sense those books contained about healthcare concepts.

     After his six very important consultations in 1980, Lon continued purchasing alternative health type natural healthcare related books as the years went by.  He wanted to have convenient access to books about various natural healthcare subjects so he could continue with his serious ongoing natural healthcare studies whenever he could make time available to study some of those books. 

     Since that initial time of diligent serious self-education, more than 36 years ago, Lon continued his alternative health type natural healthcare concepts studies, year after year.  He gradually acquired an extensive library of more than 600 books, and he put those books in our corporate library.  Our library currently contains more than 1,000 alternative health type natural healthcare books

     Lon's serious interest in learning alternative health natural healthcare concepts has continued over the years up to the present time.  He is continually striving to learn more natural healthcare knowledge as each week passes.  During each year, Lon routinely purchases numerous natural healthcare type books for our corporate library.  (The typical annual cost has been about $700.00 annually for many years now.)

     Over a period of many years of ongoing efforts to determine the causes of his serious health deterioration, Lon gradually acquired a lot of exceptionally important alternative health type natural healthcare concepts and protocols knowledge He had completed all of his high school and college level science courses successfully with good grades - with classes in biology, chemistry, physics, and physical education, and he took mathematics courses into calculus in his college electronics technology curriculum. 

     However, with all of that college education, he had not learned hardly anything about developing a healthy lifestyle.  He realized many years later that he had not learned the alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that he needed to understand in order to take good care of his body systems for a healthier and potentially longer life - for himself and his wife and two sons.

     Think for a few moments about most of the American adults in the USA who are in a very similar situation.  They may have a good education, but they do not know how to take good care of their body systems to maintain good health for the years ahead of them. 

     They may not have diabetes (yet) or hypoglycemia (yet) or cardiovascular disease (yet) or a cancer condition (yet) or a dementia mental condition (yet), or a host of other serious health problems (yet), but most Americans do not have the natural healthcare concepts knowledge that could enable them to responsibly and sensibly minimize their potential for having to try to cope with any of those conditions.

     For many years, Lon did not understand enough about how the body systems worked to know how to cope effectively with hypoglycemia, and the several medical doctors that he had consulted with about this problem condition did not understand anything about hypoglycemia It was obvious to Lon that they had not been educated and trained about this health condition (a very serious condition that millions of Americans suffer with). 

     Consequently, those medical doctors did not know enough about hypoglycemia to offer Lon any medical advice about actions that he could take (diet modifications, nutrition supplements, natural healthcare books to read, etc.) to help him cope more effectively with this very confusing, frustrating, and very troublesome healthcare condition.  

     By 1980,
Lon had given up completely on getting any help from medical doctors; they obviously did not understand hypoglycemia and they apparently knew nothing about how Lon could cope more effectively with this serious condition.  However, Lon understood that he needed to get help from some healthcare practitioner about his hypoglycemia.  

     As related previously, In July 1980, Lon very fortunately had an opportunity to have a private fee-based healthcare consultation session with a local alternative health type natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant.  The first consultation session was helpful, and Lon decided to have additional consultation sessions with this very knowledgeable natural healthcare consultant at her usual rate of $50 per hour.  

     Like the medical doctors that Lon had consulted with previously, this natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant did not understand what Lon's extremely sleepy time symptoms indicated, and she did not understand specifically how Lon should try to cope with his hypoglycemia condition.  However, she did know a lot about how to help her clients understand very important natural healthcare actions that they could take at home that could help them develop a healthier lifestyle. 

     She and her husband owned the local health food store (in the town where Lon lived), and they had a small bookstore department that contained a good selection of alternative health type health books.  Each time that Lon had a consultation session with her, she had already selected two or three books from their bookstore department for Lon to purchase and read before the next consultation. 

     During a three months period of time, Lon participated in a total of six one-hour consultation sessions with this alternative health type natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant (at $50.00 per hour X 6 sessions = $300).  In 1980, $300 was a substantial amount of money for Lon to spend on natural healthcare education that might help him somewhat with his hypoglycemic condition. (He hoped that it would help him.) 

     By the time Lon had completed six consultation sessions, he had purchased about 15 paperback books ($3.95 to $9.95 each) about alternative health type natural healthcare subjects.   He had already completed his college level education so he knew how to study textbooks successfully.  In addition to that situation, Lon is an avid reader, and he enjoys reading and learning from important books.

     Lon read all of those natural type health books with serious interest, and those books enabled him to increase his knowledge level a lot about natural healthcare concepts and issues.  Some of those books also helped Lon and his wife Janie improve their lifestyle in very important ways.

     He was disappointed somewhat by the fact that his very good health insurance plan would not reimburse him anything for those very helpful and very beneficial alternative health type natural healthcare consultation sessions

     Those consultation sessions enabled Lon and Janie to re-orient their lifestyle to make it much healthier than it had ever been before.  That very valuable education also enabled both of them to begin gaining more control over their personal and family healthcare actions - and they are still benefiting daily from that vital education (36+ years later).

Topic 5

Lon's Substantial Amount of Education

     Although Lon has completed about five years of education beyond the high school level, he now understands that all of that important education did not teach him hardly anything about the major organs and organ systems within the human body.

      As a consequence of that inadequate healthcare education, like most Americans, Lon was not properly informed about the complex metabolic conditions and healthcare deficiencies that were gradually causing him to have serious healthcare problems that were getting worse each year. 

     Lon had learned how to study complex science subjects in a diligent systematic manner that was time-efficient, and he was able to use those important study and learning skills many years later when he began his self-directed  study of alternative health type natural healthcare concepts and protocols

     Through continued study with many natural healthcare reference books and manuals (hundreds), and more than 100 audio and video training sessions, and his diligent attendance at numerous natural health care type seminars, Lon gradually acquired some of the most important alternative health type natural healthcare knowledge that is available in America (on numerous natural healthcare subjects). 

     Consequently, he has acquired an advanced level of natural healthcare concepts knowledge from many accomplished alternative health natural healthcare practitioners and book authors.

     Acquiring exceptionally valuable natural healthcare knowledge during the 1980's enabled Lon to slow down his aging process substantially.  His physical and mental health improved noticeably over the years due to his greatly improved natural healthcare focused lifestyle.

     Extensive natural healthcare studies enabled Lon to gradually understand how to develop a healthy lifestyle that included daily attitude management and stress management techniques, frequent reasonable physical exercise routines, and a much improved diet (better food choices, better cooking choices, healthy beverages, and supplementing his diet with quality nutrition supplements - vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients, important oils, probiotics, etc.).

     Lon also acquired special natural healthcare knowledge about improving air quality and water quality for drinking, cooking, and bathing water. He purchased his first water purifier in 1978 (quality stainless steel water distiller) and then purchased his first air purifier for his home in 1983 (quality HEPA filter system).

     As you can see from the information presented above, Lon has been actively studying and learning about very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts since 1971 (46 years).

     Lon Willoughby has gradually become a very knowledgeable alternative health type natural healthcare consultant, a very competent nutrition consultantand a healthy lifestyle coach.  He is also a competent natural healthcare and wellness concepts classroom instructor

     Lon knows how to help our natural healthcare and wellness consultation clients begin an exciting and very rewarding journey toward achieving our Mission Statement Goals. (see Home department) 

     He also knows how to help our consultation clients accomplish these very important and valuable natural healthcare goals in a convenient, practical, and cost-effective manner - while enjoying daily the many benefits of taking much better care of their precious natural healthcare assets.

     Lon's substantial alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge enabled him to understand how he and his wife Janie could develop our Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  (Different education programs for different types of qualified clients.)

     Our incredibly important natural healthcare concepts education programs will be the first education programs of this type in America.  Our deluxe healthcare education program will teach many of our 50+ copyrighted corporate trade secrets.  We are the only company that can teach these our trade secrets.

                                                                     Topic 6

                                                  Lon's Respect for Medical Doctors     

     Please understand that Lon has developed a lot of respect for medical doctors and medical nurses and the information above is accurate factual information about some of his experiences with several medical doctors.  However, Lon understands that medical doctors and medical nurses work in a very complicated business.  It is very naive and foolish for any doctor to believe that they know what to do about all healthcare conditions - because they do not, as shown with Lon's hypoglycemia experiences.

     Medical doctors and medical nurses are human beings and there are reasonable limits to their knowledge about some healthcare conditions.  Unfortunately, It is clear that many people in America have unreasonable expectations of medical doctors - expecting them to routinely perform medical miracles of many types.  In some situations they may be able to do this, but not in all situations.

     Lon understands that medical doctors and medical profession nurses usually do the best that they can, with the education and training and experience that they have individually attained, but Lon now understand that there are some important healthcare problem conditions that they were not educated and trained adequately to cope with effectively. 

     Lon has presented an article about his attitude and feelings toward the medical profession at this Website in the About ABC department.  To find that article, go to the About Us department and then scroll down about half-way through the department until you come to a section that is titled:  Constructive Comments About The Medical Profession

     You can use the convenient link below to go to our About Us department if you want to review that information at this time.  You can scroll down through that department and then use your Back Arrow Function to come back to this exact location.  About ABC (department link)

     We also suggest that you review important related natural healthcare concepts information in the department titled Unfair Healthcare Deck For Americans.  You know how to use your Back Arrow Function to get back to this exact location. The following convenient link with take you there: 

Unfair Healthcare Deck For Americans


Welcome back - let's continue with more important healthcare information.

Topic 7


Additional Information About Glucose (Blood Sugar)
     Lon estimates that we probably have millions of people in America that have a hypoglycemic condition, but the medical profession has irresponsibly ignored this common condition as if it does not exist.  Is this because they have no pharmaceutical drugs available to effectively treat this condition? This condition has to be "treated" with serious diet modifications and lifestyle modifications and some special nutrition supplements that Lon has learned about. 

     If a pharmaceutical drug company produced a drug that was somewhat effective in treating hypoglycemia, do you think that many millions of dollars would likely be spent to advertise that drug?

     Do you think that most family practice medical doctors in America would be "educated" about that drug by drug representative sales personnel visiting their office? 

    Unfortunately, there has been no drug available to help people cope with a hypoglycemic health problem.  Is that because the medical profession has considered the condition to be a fad - a condition that exists on in the patients mind?  Consequently, like Lon Willoughby back in the 1970's, most of the many millions of Americans who suffer with hypoglycemia will have great difficulty finding any conventionally educated and trained medical doctor who knows how to help them learn what their healthcare problem is, and also learn what a patient can do to help themselves cope with this complex and very confusing and very frustrating serious healthcare problem. 

    Without knowing the name of this health condition, millions of people in America are severely handicapped because they cannot conduct research about their health condition (in books or on the Internet).  That was the situation that Lon was in from age 28 (when his condition started) to age 35 when he first learned about the condition named hypoglycemia (Dinah Shore T.V. program in 1971).  

    During a period of about 20 years, after Lon's had his first glucose tolerance test in 1975, Lon had to depend upon reading books about hypoglycemia to gradually move forward with his slowly increasing ability to cope more effectively with the very confusing and complex condition of hypoglycemia

     Fortunately, he was able to find some alternative health type natural healthcare books that were helpful, but he eventually understood that it is very difficult for an author to really understand hypoglycemia unless the author actually has hypoglycemia.  The author needs to have spent many years learning about how to cope with these very confusing and very frustrating complexities. 

     Lon also learned about nutritional supplements that can help a lot with hypoglycemia, if one also learns how to take the supplements properly.  They are not magic pills or capsules, but they can really make a remarkable difference in helping manage glucose levels in the blood system. 

     One still has to manage the amount of glucose that the body will produce for each meal by carefully managing the selection of food and beverages that one is consuming at each meal.  Some food selections produce much more glucose than other foods.  Lon had to learn how to carefully select the food choices for each meal and for each snack, and he only drinks purified water throughout the day when he is at home.  At all times, he avoids all carbonated beverages, and he avoids all sweetened beverages of any kind because they can usually produce a lot of undesirable glucose.

    Lon has become an expert with managing hypoglycemia and using the special nutrition supplements that can help a lot.  He understands that these same nutritional techniques and supplements can work well for diabetics. Lon understands that the well-managed diet and the very helpful supplements are essentially the same for diabetics and hypoglycemics.  However, diabetics frequently need medical doctors to help them with the insulin therapy that many diabetics will also need.  

     Additional Diabetic Information:  Lon believes that this same condition applies to diabetics; it is very difficult for a medical doctor to adequately understand diabetes unless the doctor is a diabetic.  The nutritional complexities and diet modifications involved with diabetes are essentially the same as the nutritional complexities and diet modifications that are involved with hypoglycemia.

     Lon has worked with a number of diabetics over the years, and he found that the typical diabetic knows very little about how to manage their consumption of food and beverages for best results.  Consequently, Lon believes that very few diabetics understand the nutritional complexities that are involved because they also have had great difficulty finding anyone in the medical profession who really understand the nutritional complexities and sensitivities involved with diabetes.

     Over the years, Lon purchased and read 13 books about hypoglycemia.  He also purchased and reviewed eight books about diabetes.  Consequently, he has acquired a lot of important knowledge from those books about both of these very confusing and potentially serious healthcare conditions.  

      Reading numerous books about hypoglycemia helped a lot.  Added his personal experiences to that body of knowledge gradually enabled Lon to become very knowledgeable about successful management of hypoglycemia

     He learned how to manage his diet very carefully, controlling and limiting the amount of glucose producing foods that he ate at any meal.  He learned that it was very important for him to minimize any sweets, including especially most fruits and especially sweet beverages.  It took Lon more than 20 years of practical experimentation to learn how to manage his hypoglycemic condition well.  

     Healthcare Consultations:  What he really needed during his early years of trying to cope with hypoglycemia was several consultations with an alternative health type natural healthcare and nutrition consultant that was knowledgeable about hypoglycemia (and diabetes).  That would have likely enabled him to continue with his career with the Federal Aviation Administration and enjoy the benefits of a very good retirement system.  However, he lost all of that because he was unable to find a healthcare practitioner that understood hypoglycemia.  Even today, that desirable situation is very difficult to find; it is like looking for a small tan colored needle in the proverbial haystack. 

     In the major metropolitan area of Greenville, South Carolina, Lon Willoughby is the only person that we know of that has a competent helpful understanding of hypoglycemia.  He has become very knowledgeable about the complex issues involved with this serious healthcare condition.  He gradually learned how to successfully manage this difficult healthcare condition over a period of many years.   

     That specialized knowledge also enabled Lon to become very knowledgeable about diet restrictions and limitations for diabetics because the two conditions are somewhat related and quite similar in some respects although they are very different healthcare problem conditions. 

    Both conditions need to be managed with the very same restricted diet and the nutritional supplements used to help manage hypoglycemia can also be very helpful in managing diabetes.

     As explained below, lots of people are seriously injured, and lots of people are killed in America due to these glucose instability problems.  The next few paragraphs provides insight into these situations.

     Brain fuel:  The human brain functions primarily on oxygen and glucose (blood sugar) that it gets from blood flow throughout the brain tissue.  When the glucose level in the blood is too high, the brain does not function normally (high blood sugar - diabetes), and when the glucose level in the blood is too low, the brain does not function normally (low blood sugar - hypoglycemia). 

     It is important to understand that diabetics can also have episodes of low blood sugar at times, so diabetes can also be a tricky thing to manage well on a daily basis. 

     Vehicle accidents:  Lon understands that a lot of vehicle accidents are probably caused by people suffering from glucose metabolism disorders because both diabetes and hypoglycemia can cause people to get very sleepy and actually go to sleep while they are driving a vehicle, or preforming other dangerous tasks. 

     Lon has good reasons to believe that these intense sleepy conditions cause thousands of vehicle accidents each year in AmericaConsequently, tens of thousands of people are likely injured or killed each year due to diabetic problems or hypoglycemic problems for people who are driving vehicles on the highways all across America (or doing other potentially dangerous activities).

     Our remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will help people understand these glucose metabolism problems and this special education can help some client's understand how to manage their own glucose metabolism condition much more effectively. 

     Everyone needs to know how to manage glucose levels, even if they do not have diabetes or hypoglycemia.  If Americans do not learn how to manage glucose level responsibly, they have a good potential for developing a glucose metabolic disorder - diabetes or hypoglycemia

         As indicated previously, our very important glucose management techniques education can also help other family members learn about these conditions and help them react in a more constructive and helpful manner when other individuals are having difficulty controlling their improper glucose levels.  See symptoms of these conditions in the next paragraph. 

     Symptoms that may appear for diabetics or hypoglycemia are: quick to get angry or express frustration or irritation, lack of patience, drowsiness, mild sleepiness, or intense sleepiness, paranoia (do not trust anyone), very low energy, poor mental activity (can't remember things, slow mental responses, slow reaction times, etc.).  

     Unfortunately, there are lots of situations that can trigger these symptoms, including stressful situations, but most of these symptoms are triggered by consuming foods (and/or beverages) that adversely affect the amount of glucose in the blood for an individual (typically raising the glucose level too high). 

      Glucose response for a diabetic: the high glucose level does not come down normally. For a hypoglycemic, the glucose level will come down normally but then tends to go substantially below the normal level, causing the brain to have inadequate glucose to function and perform normally.  

     Glucose response for a hypoglycemic: when the blood glucose level goes too high, the pancreas reacts to this condition and it should produce insulin in an effort to reduce the excess glucose in the blood system.  This is a normal pancreatic response that is triggered by a blood glucose level that went too high.  The hypoglycemic problem occurs when the pancreas continues to produce insulin after it should have stopped producing insulin, causing too much insulin in the blood system.

     This situation can cause the glucose level in the blood to gradually go too low, and maybe much too low (causing the person to get very sleepy. very groggy - brain fog - brain doesn't work well) and they may have very low energy - both mentally and physically).  This can be a daily problem that can happen after each meal if one has not learned the complexities of controlling this situation well. 

     You can see how this can become a very dangerous condition if one is driving a vehicle at the time that they get very sleepy (may be one or two or three hours after the meal).  Remember that their brain is deprived of an adequate amount of glucose (fuel) at this time, and their brain doesn't work well at all (it is like they have been drugged to be very sleepy and have low energy and poor brain functions).   

     Lon understands that all adults need to understand the concepts involved with learning how to manage their glucose levels, and they also need to know how to recognize the symptoms that can occur with people who have a glucose metabolism problem. 

     Think back about your lifetime with family members getting together for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner.  Do you recall seeing some people get very sleepy after enjoying a big meal with generous servings of simple carbohydrates (bread, corn, potatoes, rice, etc.) and sweet desserts and probably combined with a sweetened beverage? 

     That sleepiness was probably caused by a "low blood sugar" hypoglycemic reaction due to their  pancreas producing too much insulin in trying to cope effectively with an excessive glucose level in the blood.  This caused the glucose level in the blood to gradually decrease too much (well below their  fasting level of glucose). 

     Those same people may not have a problem with this situation after a normal size meal.  Consequently, they are not normally hypoglycemic.  However, if they were driving a vehicle when this sleepiness occurred, it could cause a dangerous or tragic automobile accident for them and anyone else in the car, and maybe other people if a two-car collision occurred. 

     Lon understands that thousands of those type accidents probably happen in America every year that goes by, and the people that gradually go to sleep while they are driving probably have no idea what caused that condition to occur.  Many of those drivers are killed so they will never understand that they went to sleep while driving as a result of the food and beverage choices made at their last meal. 

    Obviously, these vehicle accidents can kill and/or severely injure other innocent people who just happened to have a collision with a sleepy driver who lost control of their vehicle due to a "low blood sugar" situation. 

     If those drivers had read this very important article, and had responsibly managed their consumption of carbohydrate type foods, and had eliminated totally their consumption of sweet dessert and a sweet beverage (carbonated drink, sweet tea, etc.) during their previous meal, they could have easily avoided the potential for getting very sleepy while driving later that day. 

     In this situation, a little knowledge can be worth a lot - it could save their life and maybe the lives of other innocent people.  They could end up with a lawsuit with millions of dollars in alleged damages for the great harm caused to innocent people involved in their tragic vehicle accident.

     The special glucose metabolism knowledge persented in this department can be very helpful to millions of people personally, and also helpful to some of their family members, and also helpful for many other people.  As explained previously herein, millions of adults in America have glucose metabolism problems, and those situations can also affect you whenever you are personally dealing with or interacting with some of those people. 

     You can now understand why Lon believes that everyone needs to understand the basic conditions involved with adverse diabetic reactions and adverse hypoglycemic reactions - because all adults and teenagers need to understand how to react in a responsible understanding manner whenever symptoms of these glucose metabolism problems are evident with other people, or perhaps within their own body. 

     You now understand that this is life-changing and possible life-saving healthcare information.

Topic 8

 Americans Are Not Very Healthy

     The CDC statistics that were reported above, and our extensive experiences in the healthcare field, show that America is not a healthy country.  Our ABC of Health corporate officers, Lon and Janie Willoughby, understand why these serious healthcare conditions are happening to so many people in America each year.  They also have a very good understanding of important protective actions that can be taken responsibly and sensibly to greatly improve the potential to maintain better health. 

Additional Healthcare Concepts Knowledge

Is Needed Badly By All Americans

     We understand that most Americans do not know nearly enough about how to take good care of their precious healthcare assets (body in general, brain and other vital organs - adrenal glands, liver, kidneys, thyroid, etc., mental attitudes and emotions, endocrine glandular system, immune system, etc.).  We understand that there is a great need for an effective, practical, and sensible Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program for all adults and teenagers in America.

     That is the area of the alternative health natural healthcare education business that we have chosen to specialize in because our personnel clearly see the great need that exists in America for a really effective Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

     Our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, understands this great need better than most people working in the healthcare field because Lon has been seriously focused on this major healthcare deficiency area for many years. 

     During a 14+ years period of time, when Lon managed our corporate health and wellness facility, he and our assistant store manager worked with more than a thousand health store customers, and they worked with many types of healthcare conditions.  

     That extensive natural healthcare experience helped Lon to become a very knowledgeable educator about the unique copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts that he has developed.   

     ABC of Health will be able to offer real help to "qualified" natural-born American citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina.  We can help them learn how to protect and defend their natural healthcare assets and improve their healthcare potential for the long-term. 

     Lon also knows how to improve the operation of a client's body so they can enjoy having more energy and more vitality and also potentially live a healthier and longer life - be more productive and more successful and have more satisfaction in life.

     We understand that our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will provide the best opportunity available in America for ordinary people (not healthcare practitioners) to get educated about the special vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed for ABC of Health. 

     These special health concepts can enable "qualified clients" to make major improvements in their ability to optimize their health and also minimize serious healthcare problems.  Our "qualified clients" will have remarkable opportunities to take vital natural healthcare actions that can minimize their potential for having to cope with some of the major disease conditions that are common in America.

Topic 9

How Do You Feel About This Opportunity

To Dramatically Improve Your Health Potential?

Think about this situation for a few moments because your future health and life may depend upon the way you feel about the very revealing healthcare information presented in the next few pages.  After you read this very important healthcare information, you may find it helpful to come back to this point and carefully and truthfully answer the two questions below: 

1.  Are the special healthcare concepts presented at this Website important and interesting to you, or is this subject matter something that you are not really interested in at this point in your life? 

2.  Our experience has found that most Americans are just too busy with living their life to take time to read about life-changing and life-saving advanced healthcare concepts.  Are you in this large group of Americans? 

Before you answer the two questions above, take a few moments to think about the graveyards across America.  They contain the remains of millions and millions of Americans who were too busy living their life to spend time learning about special healthcare conceptsLon's father was one of those people until his stroke made him an invalid. 

This is somewhat similar to the tree cutter that is too busy cutting trees (his full-time occupation) to take time to sharpen his axe (or sharpen the cutters on his chain saw). 

Unfortunately for Americans, up to this point in time, it has been essentially impossible to find a practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare home-study education program that is designed for ordinary people.  (Not designed for aspiring healthcare practitioners who need to study a lot of detailed healthcare concepts information in a comprehensive manner).

Let's take a few moments to consider the more than 10+ million people that died in America in just the last five years, and then think about the 49,800 that will likely die this week, and then consider the 49,800 people that will likely die next week, and then think about the approximately 49,800 people that will likely die each week thereafter in America, indefinitely into the future. 

Important Question 1:  Is there nothing practical, reasonable, and sensible that can be done to reduce the enormous amount of emotional distress and physical suffering, and the inherently shortened lifespans, that is occurring within the very large number of sick people that die each month in America?  

2,596,993 dying (2013) divided by 12 months = 216,416 people dying monthly in America

Now think about the huge amount of emotional distress and suffering (for the patients, and for their close family members) that is frequently a component part of the tragic loss of 216,416 lives monthly in America? 

Important Question 2:  Is there nothing practical, reasonable, and sensible that can be done to reduce the enormous amount of emotional distress and suffering that is occurring for another 865,664 people in America each month?  (people related to, or friends of, the 216,416 people that are dying monthly) 

Multiply a conservative average of four (4) very concerned family members times 216,416 deaths each month and we get approximately 865,664 people involved monthly with emotional distress and suffering for the sick people that die on average each month.  Obviously, for many families, there will be more than four family members involved in this emotional distress and suffering, including some young children, and some grandchildren in many cases, and some of the people that are dying will have friends that also become involved in this emotional distress and suffering situation. 

865,664 family members (plus friends) monthly X 12 months = 10,387,972 or more each year

That is more than ten million family members and friends involved per year on average!  Consequently, you can now see that this emotional distress and suffering is an enormous size problem that is affecting many millions of Americans annually.  Unfortunately, these situations continue year after year without abatement.

Think for a few moments about the enormity of this situation that is occurring routinely throughout America each year.  Now consider this question: what can ordinary people in America do to reduce substantially their potential for dying due to poor health, and also reduce substantially the amount of emotional distress and suffering that will likely affect another ten million people in America each year?

Deaths in 2013 = 2,596,993 (dying people can also have serious emotional distress) + 10,387,972 (estimated number of family members and friends) = approximately 13 million people in year 2013 that were involved with the emotional distress and suffering that usually occurs whenever a family member or close friend dies.

Our composite answer to the questions above is this:  yes, there are some important things that can be done to reduce the number of people dying monthly in America, and thereby reduce the amount of physical suffering and emotional suffering for the sick people that are dying, and reduce the emotional distress and suffering for their family members and friends. 

However, we believe that the most important thing that can be done is to use our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program to enable people to understand clearly how they can reduce their potential to become a victim of serious healthcare problems and diseases.  This type of very valuable natural healthcare concepts education can benefit all members of a family (both spouses and their dependent children living at home with their parents).

The huge numbers cited above show that we clearly have major healthcare problems in AmericaWe understand that the best way to make quick progress toward major healthcare improvements is to produce a more effective alternative health natural healthcare education program - such as the  Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon and Janie Willoughby are currently developing.  

American citizens clearly need to be educated better about vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help them understand how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets.

Seeing these healthcare problems year after year and recognizing what needed to be done, to really make a difference for some people, motivated Lon Willoughby to work on developing a Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that could offer selected people (our "qualified clients") practical, responsible, and sensible education solutions for some of the major healthcare problems that are common in America (as reported previously in this department).    

The BIG QUESTION is this:  other than the Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon and Janie Willoughby are currently developing for this specific purpose, how are natural-born qualified American citizens going to obtain this badly needed advanced natural healthcare concepts education?  Please consider carefully the two very important questions below:

     1.  What natural healthcare improvement education program could those dying people have used to easily make very important improvements in their lifestyle and greatly improve their healthcare potential to live a healthier and longer life?

     2.  What practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare improvement actions could they have taken to improve their potential to enjoy good health longer (into their "golden years" and beyond), and also minimize their potential for suffering with some serious common disease conditions (and the amount of human anguish and distress that usually occurs)? 

You probably realize that there is no good answer for the two questions above for most Americans except our remarkable Deluxe Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Initially, the multiple types of natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs that Lon and Janie Willoughby are developing will be available for lease only to "qualified" American citizens who live in the upstate area of South Carolina and have a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .


Topic 10

What Is Causing So Many Americans To Be Unhealthy?

As related previously in our Home department, Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (a South Carolina Corporation), and he has studied important natural and alternative health natural healthcare concepts a lot during the past forty plus years (thousands of hours).  Lon was born a long time ago, on June 5, 1936, and he is still in very good health due to his advanced healthcare concepts knowledge.  He routinely has no aches and pains, and he does not take any prescription drugs. 

Lon's annual executive profile medical evaluation test results look very good and show that he is maintaining a healthy body.  However, he realizes that most Americans will suffer with poor health in their later years and will likely die a premature death due to their lack of knowledge about very important healthcare and wellness concepts - like the ones that Lon developed and copyrighted.  

Lon has observed that most people (likely over 98%) do not understand some very important health care features about their body; consequently, they do not know how to help their body function in an optimized way to protect and preserve their natural healthcare maintenance and optimization processes on a daily basis. 

Lon understands that this is a tragic situation for most Americans because he understands that Americans could be healthier if they could learn how to take much better care of their natural body protective functions and systems. 

The BIG QUESTION IS THIS:  how can Americans learn how to take much better care of their precious healthcare assets?  As you know, in order to solve a problem, we must first determine what the problem is.  If it is a complex problem, we may need to analyze and evaluate multiple factors that may be involved in causing the problem, or we may need to evaluate the multiple problems that may be involved. 

Some of the healthcare deficiency problems in America are complex problems, involving multiple issues, so there is no simple and easy way to resolve this healthcare deficiency dilemma.  Therefore, let's consider some of the very important issues that could be preventing or hindering Americans from learning how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets

Topic 11

Six Major Beliefs (Myths) That Can

Prevent Responsible Healthcare Actions

We have developed a separate department for this very important information.  If you have not already reviewed the Healthcare Myths department, you can use the convenient link below to go directly to that department.  You know how to use your Back Arrow Function or your TAB Function to come right back to this exact location.

Healthcare Myths

Topic 12

Developing Practical, Reasonable, and Sensible

Education Solutions

For America's Very Serious Healthcare Dilemma

As the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lon Willoughby has been diligently studying healthcare issues for many years and searching for practical and sensible ways to help our customers cope more effectively with their healthcare concerns.  He has also tried to help selected customers overcome some of the very serious erroneous belief concepts that are presented in the information about the six Healthcare Myths.

At ABC of Health, our corporate officers (Lon and Janie Willoughby) understand that these improper belief concepts help cause poor health and serious disease conditions and also help enable some of the tragic physical and emotional suffering that occurs for many millions of people in America annually.  We clearly have major healthcare problems in America.

It is very important for us to remember that sickness and disease conditions affect the person that is sick or disabled (physically or mentally or both), but those healthcare deficiency conditions usually affect some family members and other caring people in ways that magnify tremendously the harm that is actually being done by the patients' health deficiency conditions (as shown with statistical estimates previously herein). 

Please remember that these very frustrating and emotionally disturbing situations are happening to millions of people in American every year; consequently, we have a massive healthcare crisis that is ongoing, year after year

At ABC of Health, we understand that most of those healthcare tragedies are happening because Americans have not been educated about how they could take better care of their precious natural healthcare assets (brain, thought processes, and mental attitudes, body organ systems, immune system, and the body's cellular health for trillions of body tissue cells and bone cells). 

As stated previously, more than 2.5 million people die in America each year, and Lon Willoughby has good reasons to believe that a lot of those people, perhaps most of them, are dying ten to twenty years before their lifespan should be naturally ending. 

Lon understands that most of those people are suffering from healthcare conditions that could have been prevented or minimized, and many of those patients are dying years too early (10 years - 20 years, etc.) because they did not know how to take good care of their natural healthcare assets

Lon has learned from thousands of hours of experience working with people about healthcare issues, that most people simply do not want to take time to study and learn how to manage their natural healthcare assets much better and much more effectively.

Think about the six belief conditions reported previously that repeatedly prevent reasonable and responsible healthcare protective actions for many millions of Americans on a daily basis.

It is very clear to Lon Willoughby that the practical, reasonable, and sensible solution to this major healthcare crisis in America is better natural healthcare concepts education for responsible and sensible citizensAmericans clearly need a practical, reasonable, sensible, and cost-effective way to learn how to take better care of their natural healthcare assets.

Topic 13

A Major Breakthrough in

Human Healthcare Knowledge

Lon Willoughby has been learning about alternative health natural healthcare concepts for more than 40 years, and in recent years, he has copyrighted more than 50 important natural healthcare concepts.  All of his healthcare research, diligent study, and practical healthcare work experience for 15+ years, with more than one thousand health and wellness store customers, ultimately enabled Lon to understand how to develop a remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that will be a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management knowledge

He and his wife Janie are developing a natural healthcare concepts education program that will enable our "qualified clients" to easily and quickly learn how to improve their lifestyle in remarkable ways -  can enable trillions of body cells to become healthier each day, and continue throughout each lifetime. 

Lon is convinced that the major key to good body health is to have good cell health throughout the body systems.  If all the body cells are healthy, the whole body is healthy.  Consequently, learning how to effectively and responsibly help the body systems maintain good cellular health is the ultimate healthcare goal that people need to strive for daily.  Fortunately, this is not difficult to do after a person learns the most important actions that they can take to achieve this incredibly important objective.  

We understand that adult humans have a lot of body cells, perhaps as many as 10 to 30 trillion cells, and possibly more for large people.   (Who is counting and how do they count body cells?) 

30 trillion cells = 30,000,000,000,000 

As you probably know, body cells can have different functions within the body systems, and their nutrient needs can be somewhat different such as: the amount of hydration they need from water, and the amount of oxygen they need, and the types of minerals that body cells need to be healthy (major minerals, minor minerals, and trace minerals)

People also need a basic understanding about the vitamins and vitamin co-factors that cells need, and people need to have a practical understanding about the essential enzymes that major body systems need to enable organ and body functions. 

People also need to have a practical understanding about how to maintain an adequate amount of oxygen and glucose in the blood (the brain in particular needs oxygen and glucose), without getting too much glucose in the blood system at any point in time (particularly when driving an automobile, or operating machinery of any type, or doing other things that require reliable clear mental processes).  

Too much glucose can trigger off pancreatic insulin production that causes the blood glucose level to decrease back toward a normal healthy level of glucose, and that situation can result in the glucose level to go to low, as explained previously for a hypoglycemic response (low blood suger).

As you can see from this simplified review, feeding and nourishing all of your trillions of body cells daily is a very complicated situation indeed, and knowing more about these essential processes can obviously enable people to do a much better job of helping their precious natural healthcare assets on a daily basis.

Body cells need to be hydrated frequently, and they need nourishment of various types as noted above.  Each cell also has waste products that must be removed from the cell daily, and the amazing   lymphatic system has a very big job to accomplish in working to clean up the waste products from many trillions of cells, as frequently as possible throughout each 24 hour day. 

That is one of the major reasons that body movement is so important (exercise) You may already understand that the lymphatic system has no pump (like the heart provides in the blood system) so the lymphatic system is dependent upon body movement to get the lymphatic fluids flowing throughout the very complex lymphatic system (all over the body except the brain).    

Their are little paddle valves inside the lymph glands that can paddle the lymph fluid (and also act as check valves to help keep the lymph fluid from flowing in the wrong way).  The paddle valves only work effectively when there is movement in the body - no movement essentially disables these vital paddle valve actions. 

Up and down movement is the most important movement for the entire lymphatic system so rebounding is the ideal exercise for improving lymphatic fluid flow.  We have a department for important exercise information at our Website, but that very important information is not accessible without the proper log in code and password (available only to our education program clients).  Like this Website, that Website has some restricted access departments.

Lymphatic fluid flow is absolutely essential to move waste products into the many lymph nodes where a lot of the cleanup work is accomplished for this lymphatic cleanup process.  As you can see from this simplified review, your body is incredibly complex, and you can probably benefit a lot from some additional health care concepts education because it can enable you to know how to take much better care of your very valuable body systems. 

Your health is clearly the most valuable asset that you will ever have in this life so it makes a lot of sense to learn how to do a much better job of managing your healthcare assets well. 

This is an especially important healthcare concept for all religious people - your body's health is incredibly important while you are alive, for yourself and for your loved ones that will be forced to help take care of you if you carelessly and irresponsibly allow your health to weaken and fail. 

It is extremely irresponsible for religious people to misuse their beliefs about heaven and eternity to ignore their clear duty and responsibility to manage their precious healthcare assets well while they are alive in this life.  See Matthew 25: 14-30 and then see Matthew 4: 1-7.

Topic 14

Healthcare Tips for You

There are some common factors that will help essentially all body cells such as breathing clean air (oxygen - the most important and most critical substance for survival), drinking adequate amounts of clean water (H2O), and drinking frequently throughout the day (every half hour or so is a good goal except for the first two hours after eating a meal). 

Americans need to be taught how to maintain a moderate amount of glucose in the blood system (too much glucose can be very harmful in the short term and can be disastrous over time - think diabetes).   We have about 29 million diabetics in America, and we probably have about 30 to 40 million pre-diabetics (have symptoms indicating that they will likely become diabetic).  

We also have a lot of Americans that suffer from hypoglycemia; we probably have 20 to 30 million people with this difficult to manage glucose metabolic disorder.  Many of these people can become diabetic if their hypoglycemia is not managed properly.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find someone that understands this health condition well, as Lon's health issues have shown. 

There are some good books about this very confusing health condition, and Lon has purchased and read 13 books about hypoglycemia.   Even with all of that helpful information, and with more than 50 years of experience living with and working with his hypoglycemia condition, and trying to carefully manage it daily, it is still tricky for Lon to manage at times.

There are so many foods that can affect the condition adversely.   The body itself is a big variable because it does not always respond the same way to certain foods that may cause a glucose problem at times, but not at other times.   Stress is another factor than can cause the body to respond differently at times to the same or similar circumstances.

Combine the numbers above for diabetics, pre-diabetics, and hypoglycemics and you can easily see that many millions of families in America are affected by one of these glucose metabolic disorders.  The real tragedy is that most of those people know very little, or essentially nothing, about how to manage these glucose metabolic disorders properly. 

That situation means that many of the people who do not have one of these conditions will eventually develop diabetes or hypoglycemia because they did not know how to avoid taking actions that can cause these conditions.  Many millions of Americans are in this situation but do not know that.  Our remarkable healthcare concepts education program can really help these people.

Millions of the people who have diabetes or hypoglycemia do not even know what their frustrating and confusing healthcare problems are being caused by, and they certainly do not understand what they should be doing to manage their "healthcare problems" responsibly each day. 

The free information provided in this department could help those people a lot, if someone would just refer them to this Website and refer them to this department of this Website.  WOW!  What a tremendous help that would be for those people.

Our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will educate our "qualified clients" about the very important healthcare issues identified above (and much more) because we understand that all American adults and teenagers need to have a practical, reasonable, and sensible understanding of these special healthcare concepts as soon as possible (ASAP). 

The human body systems, and other mammal body systems, are incredibly complex, and it can be very helpful and very valuable to increase our knowledge and understanding of how important human body systems function so we will understand how we can take much better care of our body and live a healthier and longer life. 

Topic 15

ABC of Health Will Have An Education Program

That Can Help Our Clients Learn How To Be Healthier

Our primary goal at ABC's of Health, Inc. is to help our "qualified education clients" understand how to achieve a healthier body, including their brain and all other vital organs and their bone and tissue cells.  We believe that most people have enough intelligence to be able to learn how to develop more energy, more vitality, and more brain power (learning ability, memory and recall), and then be able to enjoy a much more productive, successful, and enjoyable life.  

However, Lon Willoughby understands that people need an easy to understand Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that can help them learn very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts in a convenient manner.

The remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and Janie are developing will help us enable selected "qualified clients" to learn how to have a better attitude (more positive and realistic) about life's challenging and frustrating situations, and learn how to minimize anxiety and depression, and begin to feel better daily, while they are getting healthier each day.  (Compared to how they were doing daily before getting started with one of our very convenient home-study education programs.)   

Our multiple Home departments provide introductory information about our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  Those departments also explain important information about our company, who we are, and what we strive to accomplish for our clients.

This Website also explains why Lon Willoughby has worked so hard for many years to be able and ready and willing to help many people accomplish these incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare improvement objectives as quickly as possible (AQAP).    

We are the only company that is authorized to develop and offer for lease natural healthcare improvement home-study education programs that teache our advanced healthcare concepts.

One of our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs can enable "qualified" citizens of South Carolina to make major improvements in their lifestyle, and then they can begin to gradually develop healthier body cells throughout their body in an ongoing daily basis. 

These major lifestyle improvements can have remarkable healthcare benefits for our "qualified clients"
- throughout their remaining extended lifespan.  Our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education programs will truly be MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS in human healthcare management concepts. 

You can now scroll downward to select links to take you to other departments of this Introductory Website.  If you simply want to go back to the beginning of our
Home department and then continue your review of our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs, you can do this conveniently by selecting the link below.  You know how to use your Back Arrow Function or your TAB Function to return to this exact location.

Welcome back - let's continue with additional helpful information.

Topic 16

Natural Healthcare Books

There are thousands of healthcare related books in the American marketplace, and they can provide valuable healthcare information about many healthcare subjects.  We have more than 1,000 very good healthcare type books in our corporate library so Lon knows a lot about helpful healthcare books.

However, Lon's extensive research about this situation did not discover any one health book or one healthcare education program that provides the type of advanced natural healthcare concepts education that Lon believes could provide the most beneficial and most effective education for helping ordinary Americans improve their healthcare potential quickly in a comprehensive way.  He envisioned an education program that could enable qualified client's to achieve remarkable short-term healthcare  benefits, and then medium-term healthcare benefits, and then enjoy remarkable long-term benefits.      

Lon Willoughby has spent a lot of time and a lot of effort and invested a lot of money over the years (more than 1.7 million dollars) in our corporate quest for learning how to develop practical and sensible solutions for the tragic healthcare problems that millions of Americans have.  Lon did a lot of very important  developmental healthcare work while he was operating and managing the ABC of Health health and wellness facility for 15+ years. 

He worked in a dedicated and diligent manner for thousands of hours in his efforts to learn how to develop very effective natural healthcare improvement concepts that could be used to provide practical, responsible, and sensible education solutions for the tragic natural healthcare education deficiency dilemma that Lon could see clearly in America.

Fortunately, Lon was very successful in developing and copyrighting more than
50 advanced natural healthcare concepts that we can now use in our ABC of Health healthcare education programs to dramatically improve the natural healthcare concepts knowledge of our qualified education clients.

Topic 17

 How Important is Your Health Status

To You, And To Your Family Members?

Please pause for a few moments and seriously consider that your health is the most valuable asset that you will ever have in this life, no matter what you may accomplish financially, politically, or socially. 

Losing your health in the pursuit of gaining wealth and social status is not a good trade because living your life with poor health or serious disease conditions, and then having a substantially shortened lifespan, is certainly not worth all the money, or political status, or social status, that you could possibly use responsibly.  Wealth without the health to enjoy that wealth is not a desirable objective for a practical, reasonable, and sensible person.

With the natural healthcare concepts that are presented in this Website in mind, you can begin to understand that visiting this special Website may be one of the most important healthcare actions that you have every taken as an adult.  This very important innovative Website provides a lot of very important and valuable information regarding many healthcare issues.  

You can learn more about our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program by visiting a special Website developed for that purpose using the convenient link below.  Check it out because we may be able to help you improve your life and save your life and extend your lifespan by several years while you enjoy living with better health than you would have had otherwise.

Please remember that at this time, we only work directly with "qualified" natural-born American citizens living in the upstate area with a permanent residence address Zip Code of 296 _ _ .  See our Client Qualifications department at that Website for more information about our qualifications standards. 

You know how to come back to this exact location by using your Back Arrow Function or by using your TAB Function - if your viewing device provides TAB Functions at the top of your viewing screen.

Welcome back, let's continue with some more important information.

You now know that we can provide selected "qualified" American citizens with a remarkable opportunity to learn how they can educate themselves about our
advanced natural healthcare concepts   Our clients will then have a much better potential to avoid several serious healthcare traps that most Americans will likely encounter numerous times during their lifetime.

 Topic 18

Helpful Overview Summary of
Our Natural Healthcare Services

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and valuable healthcare education services that ABC of Health offers to some American citizens.  Similar information is also presented in some other departments because key words are contained herein that help Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

After you have reviewed this helpful summarized information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain similar information.   

Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we present important and valuable natural healthcare concepts at our multiple Websites.  This very important natural healthcare information can be helpful to most visitors to this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website - by helping motivate them to begin improving their personal lifestyle right away. 

We also offer natural healthcare concepts consultations by telephone for people living in the upstate area of South Carolina - living within an approximate 50 miles radius of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.  (We have a very reasonable fee structure.)  

We can conduct convenient consultations by telephone that may be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families.  We suggest that all such consultations be conducted via a landline type telephone connection if possible (to avoid cell phone type radiation into the very sensitive head area for an extended period of minutes). 

If there are teenage children in a family, and a landline telephone speakerphone connection is available for use, it may be important to include these older children in the family type telephone consultation session. 

We can structure the telephone consultation to also be very beneficial to teenage children, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents.  (depending upon the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information involved in the consultation session).

Our telephone consultations can quickly inform new clients about relevant healthcare concepts that may be very helpful in regards to specific healthcare issues.

Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for our new clients to learn about some alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that can be directed to  specific healthcare concerns and issues.  This very convenient consultation opportunity can enable new clients to quickly obtain very valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a very reasonable cost.

Our company is developing incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  These programs will initially be available for lease to American citizens who can "qualify"as residents (citizens) of South Carolina who live in the upstate area of the state (have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ ).   

Our Deluxe Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable us to provide a lot of very valuable healthcare concepts that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding some very important healthcare issues.  Over time, this more comprehensive healthcare concepts education can be much more effective for an individual, or a married couple, or a family with children living at home, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

The proprietary and copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study education programs can educate "qualified clients" about some of our incredibly important advanced natural healthcare and wellness and fitness concepts

We know how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy for our qualified clients to understand, and easy for them to learn, and our natural healthcare and wellness concepts will be easy to use in achieving remarkable improvements in each client's lifestyle

These remarkable natural healthcare improvements can benefit our clients in very important ways - they can enable our client's to live much more enjoyable lives with more productivity, more notable achievements, and more success in life than they would have likely had with their previous lifestyle. 

You can learn more about our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs at a special Website developed for that specific purpose.  The convenient link below will enable you to quickly visit that Website and review interesting information about our remarkable education programs.  Be sure to visit our Client Qualifications department for a quick look at that very important department.

Our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be leased only from our company because we own the numerous copyrights that are presented in the vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that we will teach.  Also, no other company will be authorized to lease our healthcare education programs because we will control the secure evaluation of every applicant's qualifications before leasing one of our education programs.

ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important natural healthcare concepts about healthcare subjects such as: healthcare consultations, healthcare classes, healthcare concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

We also present important information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, bath tub filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, and health food stores. 

The relevant natural healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of important healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.   (Lon Willoughby)    

Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" type natural healthcare concepts and services.  (natural healthcare = healthcare without prescription type drugs).


Helpful Information For You

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