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     This is a very special Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Website.  We present vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is needed badly by American adult citizens, and Lon and Janie Willoughby are uniquely qualified to present this healthcare education in a very competent manner. 

     Lon and Janie understand that more than six thousand people die prematurely each day in the USA because they had not been educated about our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     Pause and think for a few moments about how tragic this situation is in America every day that goes by Lon estimates that this situation causes more than 120,000 premature deaths each month; that amounts to more than 1.4 million premature deaths each year.  Those unfortunate people likely died because they were not educated about our easy to understand and easy to learn natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Can you grasp how tragic this situation is monthly in America?

Dangerous Drug Use In America    

     Our corporate personnel are aware of data related to pain relieving opioid drug use and abuse in America, and we are aware of the many deaths that occur annually in America from legal and illegal opioid drug use. Those overdose type deaths have been occurring annually in America for many years in rapidly increasing numbers. 

     Heroin, morphine, and opium are in the opioid drug category.  Fentanyl, hydrocodone (Vicodin or Norco trade names), oxycodone (Oxycontin or Percocet trade names) are some of the pharmaceutical prescription type opioid drugs in the American medical doctor marketplace.  For more information, see "Opioid epidemic" at Wikipedia.org/.

     There were about 72,000 of those drug overdose deaths during year 2017.  To put this astounding number of deaths into reality perspective, that is more American deaths in one year than the number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War after 17.4 years of military involvement (58,000+ American deaths).

     We are also aware of data involved with other addictive illegal drugs used by Americans (Methamphetamine, Bath Salts, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methadone, Benzodiazepines, Ecstasy, and also Marijuana).  These illegal drugs are listed in the order of their addictive potential - Marijuana being the least addictive in this list. 

     Several drugs in the Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) category are being used in America such as:  Adam, clarity, Ecstasy, Eve, lover's speed, Molly, peace, and uppers.  You can find more information about these illegal drugs at Website www.CenterOnAddiction.0rg/addiction/commonly-used-illegal-drugs/.

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that many people will use various drugs (legal and illegal types) to help them feel better and relieve physical pain, anxiety, nervousness, and depression.  Many people commonly use various alcoholic beverages, and other forms of mood altering drugs, to help them "feel better" - at least temporarily. 

     What most of those people do not understand is that those dangerous and addictive mood altering substances are not necessary. There are mood altering nutrition products available at most health food stores that can accomplish very desirable mood altering effects safely and healthily that are actually beneficial to the body with no addictive effects and no known harmful side-effects

     A similar situation is also readily available for pain relief that is safe and actually helps the body (body joint cells and muscle tissue cells) get better quickly without the danger of addictive effects and no known harmful side-effects

     Lon Willoughby is knowledgeable about special products that can safely enable pain relief and also products that can produce mild desirable mood altering effects (more positive attitude, better brain functions, feel better, enhanced performance.) However, sales clerks working in big discount chain type stores with "health store type products" will not likely know that much about these very special nutrition products. 

     The nutrition products that are capable of producing mild desirable emotional mood altering (improving) benefits are not readily identifiable as such - this is not shown on the product labels.  One needs to know which products to purchase and also know how to take these special products for best brain activity effects and mood-altering emotional effects.

     Millions of American adults could be using such substances legally and usually for a lot less cost than opioid type products, and they could also be improving their brain functions, their mood, and their overall health and well-being at the same time. 

     They could be improving their mental attitudes and emotions, and also improving their physical performance with everything they do.  But most Americans do not shop in independent high quality nutrition products stores that have competent  knowledgeable nutrition consultants on staff; therefore, they will not learn about these special nutrition products that can have remarkable beneficial effects.

     The typical sales clerks working with nutrition products do not usually know how to accomplish these desirable mild mood altering effects.  Many dietitians and nutritionist may also not be knowledgeable about these very important nutrition supplement special benefits.  However, the potential for these knowledgeable and skilled consultants knowing about these products is a lot better than with sales clerks at a business that offers deep discounted prices for nutrition products.

     This Website can inform all American visitors that these remarkable potential benefits are possible for much better management of human mental and physical health.  Lon and Janie Willoughby know how to educate our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) about healthy nutrition products that are much more desirable to improve emotional feelings and attitudes, or for pain relief and speedy injured tissue healing, than the dangerous potentially addictive drugs that were identified above. 

     We obviously do not give this incredibly important and valuable healthcare information away to the general public.  It took Lon Willoughby many years of research, discovery, evaluation, and experimentation to develop this knowledge.  We cannot afford to give our special healthcare trade secrets away to strangers, but that special health information is available to our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).

Healthcare Medical Costs In The USA

     Healthcare medical costs in the USA, and associated social services costs, are many billions of U.S. dollars per year.  These very large costs have already bankrupted many individual families, some very large businesses, some cities, some counties, and some states, and these costs are also bankrupting the government.

     The USA has huge deficits in funding (about 22 trillion dollars currently) and very high medical costs and related social services costs are major funding problems for our U.S. government.

     It is very clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that Americans need to learn how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets, and thereby reduce and minimize healthcare problems and associated costs for themselves and for various government entities as listed above. 

     Lon and Janie are confident that most American citizens can be taught how to take better care of their natural health, and this very important challenging objective can reduce the many healthcare problems that commonly occur for millions of citizens in the USA.  

     Lon and Janie believe that many responsible and sensible health-conscious American adult citizens would like to learn how we can help them improve their  personal natural healthcare and wellness actions and reduce and minimize (and maybe avoid altogether) some sickness and disease problem conditions. 

     Is this just hopeful and wishful thinking on their part?  Is there really a practical, responsible, and sensible way for ABC of Health to help American citizens achieve these very desirable natural healthcare and wellness improvement objectives?

     Fortunately, Lonnie Willoughby has been working responsibly with  ABC of Health in a dedicated and very determined manner for 19 years (since 1/04/1999) to provide very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services for American adult citizens who live in the beautiful Greenville, SC upstate area (Zip Codes 296 _ _ ). 

     Lon learned how to help local adult citizens reduce and minimize their potential for suffering with some serious healthcare problems, but ABC of Health did not offer our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services to American citizens who lived outside of the Greenville upstate area of South Carolina.  As explained previously, all of that changed for the better on October 18, 2018

     We can now help educate Americans nationwide with our "free to review" introductory Level One healthcare and wellness concepts education service.  You see, we are not selling anything in South Carolina or across state lines when we provide our introductory level natural healthcare concepts education services in this "free to review" format

     Our Terms of Use conditions help protect us in very important ways when we are subsequently providing additional healthcare educational services for our "qualified" visitors.  (AQV's and CQV's)

Healthcare Problems In America

     Lon estimates that more than 120,000 people die prematurely each month in the USA.  Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that those unfortunate people had not been educated about our easy to learn and easy to use copyrighted alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Several of the paragraphs below will identify some of the common health deficiencies and healthcare problems that affect millions of Americans when they have not been educated about our copyrighted CQV level natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Due to severe deficiencies of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education throughout America, millions of American citizens routinely do many things that are harmful to their body in substantial ways such as: poor diet and inadequate and improper nutrition, consuming junk foods and junk drinks, and using several harmful cooking methods for food.  The additional situations identified below can also cause some serious health problems. 

     Many Americans consume way too much sugar and sweetened foods and also simple carbohydrate type foods that convert into glucose easily.  All of those situations can cause the production of way too much insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) in trying to metabolize and control the excessive amount of glucose that is frequently being produced in the blood system for many people. 

     That serious harmful situation repeatedly can cause natural fat cells to get larger and cause substantial weight gain for many Americans who are genetically inclined to gain additional fat and weight (including many teenagers and younger children). 

     In addition to the weight gain problems, we should consider how these excessive glucose situations affect the condition called diabetes (type II).  We have about 29 million known diabetics in the USA, and we probably have about 78 million pre-diabetics (people who are likely to become diabetic) pursuant to U.S. Department of Agriculture recorded data.  (www.USDA.gov)

     We should also consider the health condition known as hypoglycemia.  The medical profession in the USA does not responsibly attempt to treat this metabolic condition. (They have no drugs for this complex health condition.)  Consequently, the medical profession does not keep reliable records for this very confusing condition, so the number of hypoglycemics in the USA is unknown. 

     Lon Willoughby is hypoglycemic - for more than 50 years, and he has become an expert in understanding how to cope effectively with this very confusing condition.  He estimates that we probably have 20 to 30 million people in the USA that have hypoglycemic conditions at times.  (This depends upon the foods and liquid consumed at each meal - the more glucose produced, the more likely to cause a hypoglycemic reaction.) 

     Excessive amounts of glucose produced in the blood system can cause a hypoglycemic reaction to occur.  The excessive glucose condition then changes to become a low glucose condition (low blood sugar).  This change occurs due to the high level of insulin that is produced by the pancreas to regulate the high level of blood system glucose.  An excessive amount of insulin can cause the blood system glucose level to decrease too much - typically within a few hours time.  (This time varies with different hypoglycemic people.)

     This dramatic change in blood system glucose level (from too high to too low) usually occurs one half hour to three hours after a meal for hypoglycemics.  For Lon, it usually occurs about 2.5 hours after a meal. 

     Over the years, he has learned to control his diet closely, and he takes nutrition supplements that help stabilize the glucose level in the blood.  Consequently, Lon does not usually have this low blood sugar reaction.  

     This condition can be controlled by careful diet selections (identical to the diet selections that are very helpful for diabetics, type II).  Some very helpful nutrition supplements have been developed for hypoglycemia (can also help with diabetes).  Diabetes and hypoglycemia are both explained in some detail in our Healthcare Problems in USA department

     All American adults need to review that very important information.  It can be very helpful to approximately 120 to 130+ million Americans.  All American adults need to understand these two dangerous health conditions because they will likely be affected, or associated with someone who is affected.  They need this vital healthcare knowledge so they will know how to respond properly to these glucose conditions whenever they encounter someone with one of these health conditions.

USDA Food Recommendations

     All of these glucose management issues are very serious healthcare problems throughout America, affecting many millions of Americans (perhaps 60% of all adults in the USA).  Unfortunately, the well-meaning but highly compromised official USDA government food pyramid chart has been a major contributing factor for many years to the increasing numbers of very serious glucose related healthcare problems (diabetes, hypoglycemia, weight gain and fat gain, etc.). 

     For many years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid chart   recommended that Americans of most ages eat a lot of carbohydrate food choices (the large base section of the chart - 6 to 11 servings per day were recommended). 

     Unfortunately, those glucose producing food recommendations could cause excessive amounts of glucose in the blood system.  This could result in high levels of insulin hormone being produced in the pancreas and injected into the blood system to help metabolize the excessive amount of glucose in the blood system. 

     Those high insulin levels for millions of Americans resulted in the large increase of weight gain and obesity and diabetes (and hypoglycemia) that gradually occurred in America.  Many teenagers and younger children also suffered from weight gain problems, and a lot of those problems (for children and adults) could be linked back to the high carbohydrate diet that was recommended by the USDA food pyramid.

     It is important to understand that the USDA food pyramid chart was an excellent visual concept that was intended to be very helpful to the American people, and the chart did properly recommend minimizing the amount of sugar and sweet foods that were consumed.  (The small top portion of the pyramid.) 

     However, it is clear that the good folks at the USDA that developed the food pyramid chart did not have sufficient understanding of the glucose to insulin response that typically occurs in the body when people eat a substantial amount of grain products. (Carbohydrate food choices.)

     Visit the USDA Website for more information about their revised food consumption chart.  The USDA has done an outstanding job of providing some very helpful information for American consumers at their Website.  Check it out when you have time to do so.  www.USDA.gov/

     Use their word search feature to find subjects that you are interested in reviewing. Try searching for "food guide pyramid", "MyPlate", "food safety", etc.  In each search query, you will get a listing of subject links that you can choose from to visit and obtain the information you want.

    The USDA Food Pyramid Chart was changed substantially in visual concept in later years,  The current visual concept became effective in June of year 2011.  Lon says the new style food chart is still harmful to millions of Americans regarding the consumption of grain products (carbohydrates) because the new chart still recommends consumption of too much grain products per day.  (Glucose causing carbohydrates.)

The USDA's Cow's Milk

Consumption Recommendations

     The USDA is also still recommending the consumption of milk products daily for all ages even though cow's milk based products cause serious amounts of health problems for many millions of Americans (constipation for some and loose bowels for others, nasal congestion, nasal drip, sinus congestion, migraine headaches, mucous in the throat, etc.). 

     The constipation situation affects many millions of Americans, males and females, including a lot of children.  Those constipation problems affect men very seriously due to their male anatomy - causing a lot of serious hernia situations.  Constipation problems for men and women probably contribute substantially to colon cancer conditions - a major cancer killer throughout the USA

     It is very important to understand that constipation can be a very serious condition, and consumption of cow's milk based products is a major cause of constipation for millions of men, women, and children.

     A major concern for the USDA in providing food consumption guides and recommendations for grains, fruits, meats, milk, poultry, etc. is this: they are in the agriculture type business, and they have to try to be "fair" with all agricultural type product producers withing the USA. 

     Consequently, they are not free to tell American consumers to stop using cow's milk type food products or to consume only a small amount of grain products, etc.  Do you see the conflicts of interest problems they have to consider in their guides and recommendations? 

     We do not have those "conflicts of interest problems" so we can tell our visitors and our clients the whole truth about food consumption issues.     

     Our healthcare education can help a lot with these situations because Lon and Janie understand these serious healthcare problem issues.  They can educate our CQV individuals and families about these very important healthcare issues and help our CQV's learn how to manage these food consumption issues much better.

Digestion Of Food Considerations 

     Many Americans drink way too much liquid with their meals.  They do  not understand that excessive liquids with a meal will severely dilute the digestive enzymes produced in the mouth and in the stomach, making it most unlikely that the food will get digested properly. 

     Many Americans also eat too much food at a meal. They eat and eat until they feel full, not realizing that their proper "feeling of fullness" may lag behind their eating time by ten to fifteen minutes.  Consequently, they have now eaten enough food to be stuffed.  A few minutes later they will begin to feel too full - and maybe uncomfortably so.

     Lon says that people should always eat by sight (how much food is a sensible amount to eat).  They should never depend upon their "feeling of fullness" to determine how much food to eat at a meal.  When a person knows by sight that they have eaten enough food, they should stop eating, regardless of how they feel at the moment about being "full." 

     The feeling of fullness may take a few minutes to occur, but it will occur if one simply stops eating and lets their "feeling of fullness" catch up with them (5, 10, 15 minutes later).  Wait for this to occur and avoid  eating too much food at a meal.  This is very important information!!! 

     The feeling of fullness is controlled by a presumed area in the brain called the appestat, pronounced AP-uh-statIt functions to adjust one's appetiteIt is very important to understand that the time that it takes to get a "feeling of fullness" varies somewhat from person to person. 

     Each person needs to learn how long to wait for this feeling of fullness to occur for them.  Otherwise, they will likely eat too much food because they may be expecting this "feeling of fullness" to occur instantly. 

     Remember Lon's rule for eating - eat by sight, not by feelings.  Put the right amount of food on the plate to eat (a reasonable amount), and then discipline yourself to eat only that amount of food and no more.    

     The more food that is eaten, the less likely that the food will be digested adequately in the stomach.  Later stages of digestion will occur in the small intestines (mostly in the duodenum), but that situation cannot correct for poor digestion that occurred in the stomach. The second process depends upon the first process to be accomplished properly.  Both areas of the digestion process need to function at an optimum level to achieve overall good food digestion.

     Excessive amounts of food will likely not be digested properly, and that can cause serious problems within the intestines.  Eating too much food at a meal is not smart - it is really ignorant and dumb and very foolishToo much food in the stomach will likely not be digested properly. 

     It is much better to eat less food and have optimized digestion for that smaller amount of food than to eat too much food and have poor digestion for most or all of the food that was eaten.  Poorly digested food can cause serious problems for the body in several complex ways.

     This situation is made much worse if the heavy eater also drinks too much liquid with their meal.  Now they have too much food to digest properly, and they also have severely diluted digestive enzymes in the stomach - trying to digest too much food.  What a mess!!! 

     This important digestion education and some reasonable thinking and disciplined self-control can provide a much better digestive outcome. 

     It is good practice to routinely drink 6 to 8 ounces of water (thirty minutes - down to five minutes) before each meal so one will not feel thirsty during a meal.  Many people have been taught to not drink anything with a meal - no liquid at all. 

     Lon Willoughby has conducted experiments with that debatable food digestion concept, and he is confident that drinking nothing with a meal is not a good practice for most Americans eating a typical meal (adults, teenagers, and younger children) as explained below. 

     If one systematically drinks water before a meal as suggested above, then one will not be thirsty during the meal and they can then sip 6 to 8 ounces of water appropriately during the meal (responsibly sipping a little water just ahead of eating any dry food). 

     If you take about 3 ounces of any food and squeeze it in your closed hand, will you get any water coming out of the food?  No, then that food is a dry food and one should sip a little water just ahead of eating that food.  There is a very important anatomical reason for doing this, but that explanation is beyond the scope of these "free to review" natural healthcare concepts

     Does the temperature of the water or other beverage consumed with a meal matter?  Yes, it does matter, and it matters a lot.  This issue is one of our copyrighted healthcare trade secrets so we won't explain this vital subject in this "free to review" information. We do explain the details about this very important subject for our CQV's but not to all visitors to this Website. 

       All teenagers and most younger children should be taught some of these vital digestive concepts, depending upon their individual ages.

     Not following this very important liquid at meal times protocol can cause constipation problems for many American adults, teenagers, and younger children.  Magnesium is the laxative type mineral that can help prevent constipation problems, but too much magnesium can cause excessive alkalinity problems, kill the desirable probiotic bacteria living in the colon, and can also cause irritated "burning" tissue at the rectum. 

     Appropriate amounts of the right kinds of fiber and moderate amounts of magnesium and potassium of the right types taken at appropriate times is an important secret protocol for better bowel health.

     Remember that colon cancer is the number two cancer killer in America (behind lung cancer).  We have good reasons to believe that recurring chronic constipation problems contribute substantially to the high amount of colon cancer conditions in America.


Giving Away Corporate Healthcare Trade Secrets

     We do not give away free all of our corporate healthcare concepts trade secrets.  We are in the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education business, and we have to make some reasonable profit in order to pay our overhead costs and manage to stay in business.  Otherwise, we will not be able to help any American adult citizens and their children improve their natural healthcare and wellness actions

     We strive to stay in business by charging reasonable fees for some of our special healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.  Hopefully, you can understand and appreciate these requirements and also understand that an average of more than 120,000 people die prematurely in America monthly.  Unfortunately, they did not learn about this very important natural healthcare education Website in time to help them learn how to protect their precious health and save their life.

Other Important Healthcare Concepts

     Most Americans probably do not understand food combining concepts - concepts for improving the digestion of food.  This can be a very important consideration when eating various typical American meals.      

     Many Americans do not chew their food sufficiently and it cannot be digested properly as a result.  Millions of Americans suffer with inadequate digestion of food and take drugs to help them cope with heart burn symptoms, etc.

     Most Americans probably do not adequately understand the essential very important functions of enzymes in the digestion of food, and they do not know how to improve the availability and efficiency of enzymes for better food digestion. 

    Many Americans consume lots of harmful fats/oils and they do not consume enough of the good fats/oils.  Many Americans do not know which fats/oils are harmful and which are quite beneficial to the body.

    Most Americans do not have an adequate understanding of beneficial herbal supplements, or vital major, minor, and trace mineral supplements.  Many Americans do not understand how to use quality vitamin supplement products in ways that can be very beneficial to the body and to brain functions.  Many Americans do not understand that there are some special nutrients that can improve brain chemistry substantially (capsules, liquids, or tablets). 

     Lon Willoughby is knowledgeable about all of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are introduced herein (and much more).

    Probiotic Supplement Considerations 


     Many citizens do not understand the importance of probiotic supplements and they do not know how to take these very important supplements to obtain optimum benefits from these supplements.  Stomach acid and pepsin can kill most probiotics so it is important to take the probiotics when stomach acid is at a minimal amount. 

     It may be convenient to take probiotics at meal times, but that is not a smart time to take them because that is when the stomach acid and pepsin enzyme will be at the maximum level in the stomach - for initial digestion of protein food.  The probiotics are live organisms and can be killed by stomach acid and pepsin.

     We can teach our CQV's how to select quality probiotic supplements and also teach them how to take these very important healthcare supplements for optimized utilization and benefit. 

     Most Americans probably do not understand the functions and great importance of pH balance of body fluids (acid-alkaline balance), and they probably do not understand how food and liquid consumption can affect these pH values.

    We teach these very important healthcare concepts to our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's), along with many other healthcare concepts.

Relevant Water Quality Issues

     Many American citizens have private water wells for their home, but they do not get them tested adequately for chemical contaminants and also radiation contaminants.  A water well that is drilled through underground rock formations - particularly granite rock - may enable the water coming up through the well hole in the rock formations to absorb radiation particles that can cause cancer conditions.

     Deep wells drilled through rock formations should be tested by special labs that are capable of testing for chemical contaminants and also radiation particles.  We can teach these important water concepts to our CQV's who have private wells.

     Many Americans do not understand the importance of drinking filtered or purified water (especially from municipal processed water where chlorine and ammonia are added for microbe killing actions).  Killing pathogenic microbes is a good thing but drinking the chlorine and ammonia chemicals in the water is not good for the body cells - they can cause some seriously harmful effects inside the body, most especially cardiovascular problems (heart attacks and strokes by clogging arteries). 

     Yes, drinking those chemicals is harmful to the body cells, but that is not generally as harmful as getting very sick from drinking water that contain pathogenic microbes that can cause serious sickness and possible death (think Campylobacter, Cholera, Chryptosporidium, E. coli, Dengue Fever, Dysentery, Giardia Lamblia, Hepetitis A, Hepetitis E, Shigeliosis, Typhoid Fever, and some other serious health conditions).

     Most of the chlorine and ammonia chemicals can be filtered out of the drinking water with an appropriate water filter. (90 to 97% reductions)  Unfortunately, most Americans do not have sufficient knowledge about how to select the best type and value water filter or water purifier for their personal location and local situation.

     This situation can vary a lot with different geographic locations in America - some water sources may have too much harmful mineral content such as aluminum, copper, iron, lead, salt, etc.  Some locations in America may have too much of various chemicals that may get into the raw water supply.  In municipal processed water, chlorine and ammonia chemicals, and possibly fluoride chemical are additives that health-conscious citizens need to be concerning about.  

     Your local water filter technician will likely be familiar with the water problems in your local area.  You can locate them using the yellow pages in your local phone book.  Look for companies that are in the water processing equipment business.  We can help our CQV's with these important water quality decisions for their local area.

     Lon purchased a stainless steel water distiller to purify their water (Lon and Janie and two sons) in 1978.  They have been using a water purifier ever since that time. 

     Lon and Janie currently use a very good reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier system that Lon personally designed and built to make it a counter-top RO system. 

     This counter-top RO system eliminated the potential water leak problem and substantial water damage problem that is a common potential problem with any under-counter installed water filter or water purifier system.   They may not ever develop a water leak, but if they do, the water damage can be very serious, depending upon the length of time before the water leak is detected and stopped.

     Do water purifiers (distillers or reverse osmosis systems) remove the beneficial minerals from the raw water?  Yes, they do.  Is this a serious problem if one knows what to do about this situation?  No, it is not a problem for a knowledgeable person. 

     It is very easy to take mineral supplements that are likely much better for the body than any very small amount of hopefully beneficial minerals that might be in the raw water (along with some harmful minerals and harmful chemicals and other harmful substances that we should remove from our drinking and cooking water). 

     In order to purify the water, it is desirable to take everything out of the water except the water molecules.  Then we can sensibly take desirable mineral supplements in a controlled fashion to get the full potential benefits of purifying the water. 

     A very important natural healthcare and wellness concept is the fact that humans will generally get much more desirable kinds of minerals and amounts of those minerals out of the food that is eaten than they will likely obtain from the water that is consumed. 

     Raw water (lake water, river water, or well water) typically does not contain very much desirable minerals, but it may contain some harmful minerals, chemicals, and pathogenic (harmful) microbes,  Water can contain undesirable minerals such as:  aluminum, excessive copper, or iron, lead, and several other potentially undesirable minerals. 

     Water purifiers can usually remove or reduce minerals to very low levels, and reduce undesirable chemicals and pathogenic microbes a lot, but in order to accomplish those desirable effects, the water molecules must be cleaned as much as reasonably possible.  That will include removing all types of minerals (which will automatically include removing any beneficial minerals along with removing the harmful minerals).

     There is no practical cost-effective way to take out all the bad things that can be in raw water and leave in all the good things (other than the water molecules). Some high quality water filters can remove some harmful chemicals and allow some beneficial minerals to still pass through the filtration process, but that means that potentially harmful minerals will also likely pass through the filter media into the water that is to be used for drinking and cooking purposes. 

     Water filtration and purification can be a very complicated process, depending upon the amount and types of undesirable contaminants in the raw water.  There are no easy answers for these complex situations.  Each different condition (in a given location) must be evaluated in a competent scientific manner in order to achieve optimized good results.

     There are more than 50,000 chemicals in the American marketplace and many of those chemical can possibly get into our water systems.  Some locations in America are much worse than other locations regarding water contamination. 

     Did the raw water come out of a river (high probability of water contamination from chemicals dumped into the river upstream at some points - manufacturing plants waste water, etc.) and microbe contamination is usually a problem. 

     Did the raw water come out of a lake? (Can also be contaminated with chemical dumping or by manufacturing plant waste water or by harmful microbes.)   Lake water typically contains very little beneficial minerals because it is mostly rain water.  Rain water contains no minerals at all except pollution particles picked up by  water molecules passing through contaminated air on the way down from clouds.

     Did the raw water come out of an underground water aquifer?  That water may be contaminated with undesirable chemicals that have seeped down to the aquifer.

     If you are using municipal processed water at your home, some of the harmful contaminants may have been reduced or minimized competently by your local water processing company, but this does not always occur in a responsible manner.

     Think about the recent Flint, Michigan water quality problems that were exposed in year 2016 - that was a very serious municipal water problem that went on for a long time.  National political attention was necessary to get responsible actions taken by local water system management personnel to improve those problems.

     Lon began studying and learning about the importance of water filtration and water purification way back in 1978, and he then became a dealer for those important health protective devices in 1980.  He received additional training on water distiller technology at the Pure Water, Inc. factory in Lincoln, Nebraska in June 1981

     Our ABC of Health "healthcare and wellness store" began selling water filters and water purifiers when it first opened for business in January 1999, and we continued to offer those important healthcare products until the store was closed permanently on April 24, 2014.  In those 15 years of work experiences, Lon developed additional competence in the subjects of water filtration and water purification. 

     During those years, he also developed additional competence with air filtration units and air purification units.  Air purifiers can destroy pathogenic (harmful) microbes in the room air that has been processed through the purifier.

     Water distillers are excellent devices for reducing radioactive particles and reducing and removing harmful minerals from the drinking and cooking water. The  minerals typically do not get hot enough in the boiling chamber to vaporize and get into the distilled water steam that will then be condensed by air flow over a cooling coil to produce a final distilled water product. 

     However, there are some chemicals that will also boil and vaporize in the boiling chamber and then pass into the vaporized water molecules (steam).  Those low boiling temperature chemicals (boil at or below 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level) will need to be filtered out of the water adequately (reduced as much as is practical and cost effective) before the raw water goes into the water boiling chamber.

     If any of those type chemicals are in the raw water, they will need to be reduced or minimized by special filtering media before the water goes into the boiling chamber to be boiled and vaporized - for the reasons stated above. 

     Typically, water distillers are designed to specifically remove chlorine and ammonia chemicals with gas air vents strategically placed in the condensing tube. However, boiling chlorine and ammonia together in the boiling chamber also produces byproducts of mixtures of the chlorine and ammonia chemicals - such as several chloramines chemicals.  They will not be removed adequately with those desirable gas vents.  Consequently, we will still need to filter out the chlorine and ammonia adequately before boiling the raw water in the distiller's boiling chamber. 

     Water distillers do an excellent job of removing minerals from the raw water (beneficial minerals and also harmful minerals) and distillers do a very good job of killing microbes that may be in the water (boiling water in the distillation chamber for many minutes is very effective at killing bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, & viruses). 

     Water distillers can also remove many chemicals from the raw water going into the boiling chamber, but there are a number of chemicals that will not be removed by distillation because those chemical have a boiling temperature that is at or below 212 degrees Fahrenheit

     The distillation purification functions on the basis of boiling temperatures of the contaminants in the raw water.  If a contaminant has a boiling temperature well above 212 degrees Fahrenheit (at sea level), the distillation process will do a good job of removing that contaminant.  However, if a contaminant's boiling temperature is very close to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or below that temperature, the distiller will not remove that contaminant effectively unless special water filters are also used to help remove those contaminants (chlorine, ammonia, and several other chemicals) before the raw water gets into the water distiller's chamber for boiling water.

     Reverse Osmosis Systems use different technologies to remove chemicals, and minerals, and microbes from the raw water.  Their technology is too complex to be explained in a simplified explanation.  Visitors need to know that Reverse Osmosis Systems also use water filters to filter out chlorine and ammonia from the raw water being processed to prevent damaging the RO membrane with those chemicals. 

    The RO membrane is capable of reducing a broad range of chemicals and minerals from the raw water, including fluoride reduction of 90 to 94 %.  RO systems can also remove various forms of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and viruses, including very small viruses. 

     With more than 50,000 types of chemicals in the American marketplace, and then additional combinations of various chemicals, the difficulty of filtering and/or purifying water can vary a lot from location to location.  It depends upon what types of chemicals or minerals may be contaminating the raw water in each specific location.  Your local water quality technician will likely be knowledgeable about the local condition situations that are of concern to health-conscious people. 

Fluoride Considerations

     Most Americans probably do not understand the serious harm that can be done throughout their body systemically by the ingestion of a fluoride type chemical from municipal processed drinking water, and from using a toothpaste that contains fluoride, and from absorption of fluoride during dental fluoride treatments. 

     Filtering a fluoride chemical our of the drinking and cooking water is much more difficult than filtering chlorine and ammonia out of the drinking water.  Typical drinking water filters will not filter a fluoride chemical out of the water. 

     The Greenville, SC water system adds hydrofluorosilicic acid as the fluoride chemical, and it is difficult to filter this out of the drinking water (requires a very special media - a regular water filter media will not filter this out).  A reverse osmosis water purifier is one of the best ways to get this toxic chemical out of the drinking and cooking water (90 to 94% reduction in the fluoride chemical)

     Fluoride reduction requires a very special filter media or a Reverse Osmosis water purifier system.  Distillation may not remove fluoride out of water - it depends upon the type of fluoride that was added to the water system.  We have to consider the boiling temperature of the fluoride chemical added to a water system.  Several types of fluoride can be used in water systems in the USA, but there are two specific types of fluoride chemical that are typically used, as explained previously.

     A water distiller will not effectively remove the fluoride chemical named fluorosilicic acid from the distilled water; however, the water distiller will do an excellent job of removing sodium fluoride. These two very different chemical situations are explained in the paragraphs below.

     The boiling temperature of fluorosilicic acid type of fluoride (212 degrees F) is the same boiling temperature of the water molecules (212 degrees F), so this type of  fluoride chemical will vaporize and also pass into the water vapor being produced by the boiling water. This fluoride chemical will not be removed by the water distiller. 

     The boiling point of sodium fluoride is 3099 degrees F so it is very easy for a water distiller to remove all of this type of fluoride from the distilled water.  The sodium fluoride molecules do not get hot enough to vaporize in the water boiling chamber (212 degrees F at sea level).  The sodium fluoride molecules will not vaporize and will therefore remain in the boiling chamber, like other heavy metals (aluminum, calcium, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, mercury, etc.). 

     The boiling temperature of each molecule type is how the water distiller action in the boiling chamber separates various molecules.  The molecules that boil at substantially higher temperatures than the 212 degree F temperature of the water in the boiling chamber will not vaporize and they will remain in the boiling chamber and therefore be removed from the distilled water that is produced by the distiller.

     The contaminant molecules that do not get hot enough to convert into steam in the boiling water temperature (212 degrees F) cannot leaves the boiling chamber as steam at the beginning of the condensing tube.  The steam that does leave the boiling chamber at the beginning of the condensing tube will then be cooled in the condensing tube, and that cooling action will re-condense the steam into a liquid state that becomes the distilled water output from the water distiller machine.

     Most European countries discourage or outlaw fluoride use for municipal processed water.  This is particularly important for young females of child bearing age, or pregnant females, or mothers that are still breast feeding a baby or mothers mixing formula for babies using fluoridated water.  It is also important for mothers  who might provide fluoridated water as drinking water and/or bathing water for young children.  (Some fluoridated bathing water can be absorbed via skin.) 

     Look at the fluoride warnings printed on the tooth paste box and the tooth paste tube. That is a very important warning - it is really important!!!  That is the reason the warning is on the toothpaste product.  Do not ignore this important warning

     Lon and Janie have been using toothpaste that has no fluoride for 37 years, and they have also been avoiding fluoride treatments at the dentist for 37 years.  They began purifying their drinking water in 1978 with a quality water distiller.  That minimized their consumption of ammonia and chlorine and some other potentially harmful chemicals and microbes (bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses). 

     As explained previously, Lon and Janie learned about the fluoride controversy In 1981.  As you can see from this information about fluoride, their trip to Lincoln, Nebraska was a life-changing experience. That one situation illustrates how that small amount of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education was incredibly important for the remaining lifetime of Lon and Janie.  However, as shown herein, that education was much more important than that because Lon and Janie have chosen to share that vital information with millions of Americans at this Website.

     You can learn additional important information about the dangers of fluoride toxicity at www.FluorideAlert.org/.  

     Also checkout the books at www.Amazon.com about the dangers and harm of using fluoride when you have some time to do that.  You can easily find these books by going to the Amazon.com "book sales department" and then do a word search for "fluoride books."  Several important fluoride type books are available today.


Exercise Considerations

     Many Americans have inadequate exercise but some have too much exercise.  Yes, too much exercise can be harmful to body joints and muscle tissue.  It should be clear that Moderation is the proper goal.  It is not very smart to wear the body down prematurely.  It has to last you for a lifetime - hopefully a long lifetime.

Mental Attitudes Can Be Very Harmful

     Lots of Americans have way too much negative thinking and other harmful negative influences on trillions of body cells on a frequent basis. 

     Unfortunately, some of the damaging and harmful situations identified above occur on a daily basis for many Americans (probably most Americans).

Deficiencies In Healthcare Knowledge

        Serious deficiencies in knowledge about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts also prevents millions of Americans from doing some important things that could be very helpful to their complex body organs and trillions of complex body cells.  

     Lon learned that most American citizens do not know what helpful natural  healthcare actions they should take routinely, and they do not know how to take these natural  healthcare actions in practical and sensible ways that can be very cost-effective.

       It is clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that American citizens need to be taught  how to take responsible care of their very important and very valuable natural health and their natural healthcare assets. 

     They also need to be taught why it is very important to improve their lifestyle by routinely taking easy to accomplish natural healthcare and wellness actionsABC of Health specializes in educating our CQV's about these types of vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

What is The Most Important Action Needed for 
Improving Healthcare
 for Millions of Americans?

     Lon and Janie Willoughby have learned that natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for ordinary citizens is the most important action that can be taken to improve natural healthcare and wellness actions by millions of American citizens.  Our basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is needed badly by most Americans.

    Our ABC of Health "healthcare and wellness" store operation over 15 years enabled Lon Willoughby to acquire very valuable work experiences with a broad variety of natural healthcare products and healthcare issues. 

     Some of those early experiences during year 1999 motivated Lon to work on the development of practical, reasonable, and sensible education type solutions for some of the common health conditions that have been causing a lot of sickness and serious suffering for Americans.  Those health conditions also cause a lot of high medical costs for millions of American citizens each year.  As shown in this greatly modified Website, Lon Willoughby continued working on those healthcare education issues in various ways up to the present time (18+ years later).

High Monthly Death Rate In America

     Annual death rate data for the USA at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia for year 2013 divided by 12 months equals 216,416 deaths monthly.   


     Think about this very tragic situation for a few moments - 216,416 deaths monthly in the USA (an average death rate).  That is a lot of deaths monthly, especially when you pause for a few moments to consider that most of them were premature deaths. 

     This natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website shows why Lon believes that most Americans die prematurelyHe and Janie understand that most Americans do not live a normal modern healthy lifespan (90 to 100+ years), and many Americans tragically suffer with poor health conditions for years before they finally give up and die prematurely.

     Their quality of life may have been severely reduced for years due to their lack of understanding about very important and very valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Lon and Janie Willoughby are routinely striving responsibly to help improve those healthcare situations as much as possible for millions of Americans with this very special educational Website.

Advancements In Healthcare Research

      Important advancements in healthcare research data have been developing world-wide in recent years that can enable health conscious responsible and sensible Americans to learn how to maintain good health much better and thereby live better and live longer.  Unfortunately, there has not been a good practical way for most Americans to acquire this very important and very valuable improving healthcare and wellness information. 

     Most of that technical research data needs to be evaluated and interpreted properly by a very knowledgeable natural healthcare practitioner and then translated into practical usable information that can be suitable for helpful public education. 

      Lon Willoughby knows how to evaluate most health related research data and make practical translations whenever needed.  Consequently, that complex situation will improve a lot because Lon and Janie Willoughby decided to use this educational Website to educate our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) about some of those natural healthcare research reports

     Many Americans can now use this very convenient helpful educational Website to guide them toward very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are easy to understand and easy to learn for practical use.

    Having studied very important natural healthcare and wellness issues over many years, Lon Willoughby understood that the main healthcare problem in America is the serious deficiency of practical, responsible, and sensible education about very important and very valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts - like the concepts introduced at this Website

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that most citizens do not know how to take good care of their natural health, and they do not understand how important their daily routine actions can be to help protect their precious natural health. 

     Consequently, millions of Americans gradually lose their good natural health and then suffer with various sickness and disease conditions and then continue deteriorating until they die prematurely. 

      Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that there is a much better way to live life, and this Website is designed to help educate American visitors about a better way to live their life.

     A sickly, diseased, and health failing father was talking with his middle age son and the father said: "Son, if I had known that I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of my health."

     ABC of Health is in the business of helping people learn how to take much better care of their precious natural health before it is too late to accomplish that very desirable objective. 

     Pause and think about this question:  are there some  advantages to not taking good care of one's good health while it is still available? 

     Answer: No, all of the advantages are on the side of taking good care of one's natural health while it is still in good condition.  The earlier one gets started with these actions, the better.  Every day is important!!!

     Lon and Janie Willoughby have learned that most Americans do not know how to take good care of their natural health, and that is why these two highly qualified educators decided they would team together their education skills and their special healthcare skills to develop a special alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program that can help many Americans. 

     They have developed remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs that can help millions of Americans easily and quickly learn some of our basic and  fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that all adults (and smart teenagers) need to understand to improve their potential to enjoy a much better life.

Do We Have Major Natural Healthcare

Education Deficiency Problem In America?

     Lon Willoughby has studied these natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education situations extensively, and he understands that American adult citizens need to be taught that they are personally responsible for getting educated about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts (For their own healthcare maintenance benefits and also for their healthcare protection benefits.) 

     Think about that very important healthcare concept for a few moments; most American adults have likely never even thought about the premise that they are personally responsible for getting educated about basic and fundamental level alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     It is not their family medical doctor's duty and responsibility to educate them about very important natural healthcare and wellness conceptsIt is their personal responsibility to obtain this essential natural healthcare concepts education.

     Lon and Janie also understand that American adults have a Very Big Problem here - how can millions of American adult citizens obtain the basic and fundamental level alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that they need in order to live a better, healthier, more productive and successful life?
     Is there a practical, responsible, and sensible way for millions of American adults to obtain the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that can enable them to take much better care of their precious natural  health

     Is there a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company that has demonstrated that they have a practical education program for helping Americans accomplish these objectives? 

     Is a vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program available at affordable reasonable costs for ordinary American citizens? 

     Question:  How can millions of American citizens get answers to these important questions and also get introduced to a special kind of alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program that is a practical, responsible, and sensible way to obtain the basis and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that most Americans need badly as soon as possible

     Answer:  Answers to all of those very important questions about natural   healthcare and wellness concepts education are presented "free to review" at this special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby are confident that millions of American adults can be educated about basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they really need to understand. 
Lon and Janie have been busy developing practical, responsible, and sensible ways of providing vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for millions of Americans, and this
Introductory Level Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website is truly a major advancement toward that very important education objective

     This Website shows that ABC of Health has developed a practical responsible program that can educate millions of American citizens easily and quickly and inexpensively about some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts We specialize in providing basic, fundamental, and advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that most American adults (and teenagers) need badly - as soon as possible (ASAP).

Dangerous Healthcare Myths

     From our many years of experience with hundreds of health store customers, we realize that many American citizens comfortably believe that they already know  about all they need to know about taking good care of their natural health for the years ahead of them. 

     Our broad healthcare experiences, over many years, with many people, found that almost all American adults seem to be quite comfortable believing that they know how to take good care of their precious natural health.

     However, our visitors will soon learn in our Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs  department that this commonly held belief tragically enables sickness and disease suffering for millions of Americans that costs billions of U.S. dollars each year in the USA.  It is very important for all visitors to learn about this very dangerous  myth and also learn about five additional dangerous healthcare myths that Lon discovered during his many years of very valuable healthcare related work experiences.         

     Those six healthcare myths/beliefs help enable a lot of healthcare problems for millions of Americans each year.  Our "Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs" department exposes six tragic healthcare myths that can very effectively enable very serious health problems

     We will link detour you over to this very interesting and critically important department at an appropriate time down below.

Reasons for our Special 
Healthcare Education Actions

The information presented above explains some of the very important reasons  that Lon and Janie Willoughby decided to develop a new kind of healthcare business - a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education business that is designed to help educate ordinary American adult citizens about some very important alternative health type basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that all American adults (and smart teenagers) need ASAP
     Please understand that we are not trying to educate aspiring students studying to become healthcare practitioners
or help educate various types of active healthcare practitioners.  Those aspiring students and those active healthcare practitioners could learn some very important alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts from our corporate trade secrets but that will not happen.  

     We realize that other healthcare practitioners (several types) are effectively our competitors so we will not try to educate them about our copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare corporate trade secrets.  However, we are responsibly striving to educate many American adult citizens about practical, reasonable, and sensible actions that they can take to help maintain a healthier body and a healthier mental attitude for a much better life. 

    Think about this for a few moments:  If most American citizens had been educated adequately about how to take good care of their natural health, we would not have more than 120,000 people dying prematurely each month in the USA.  Furthermore, a lot of the serious healthcare problems  that millions of Americans suffer with would likely not occur for healthier citizens.

     That tragic reoccurring monthly average death rate shows convincingly how critically important our special alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can be for most American adult citizens.

      Lon Willoughby has spent many years working with ABC of Health to provide natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services to our local Greenville area customers.  Those healthcare concepts can help reduce and minimize some of the very serious healthcare problems that wreck the lives of millions of Americans each year.  Many years of those very important and valuable work experiences  enabled Lon to learn that the number one major problem in educating American adults about natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions is this: 

Almost everyone erroneously believes that they already know about all they need to know to take good care of their very complex body.   

Unfortunately, most ordinary Americans (not healthcare practitioners)  conveniently ignore the fact that their body contains several complex organ systems and glandular systems, and a complex blood and nutrient distribution system, and a complex lymphatic cleansing system, and an amazingly complex immune system, and a complex food digestion system that includes a complex intestinal nutrient absorption system and also contains a food residue elimination system.  The body also contains a complex hydration system and an important temperature control system, and contains trillions of complex body cells that are striving to be healthy.  

Lon learned that most American citizens apparently know very little about these complex glandular and organ systems and their complex functions, and yet they still naively want to believe that they know about all they need to know about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

It should be obvious that this situation is extremely irresponsible thinking for most Americans.  Lon's many years of natural healthcare related work experiences enabled him to understand that most Americans apparently do need additional education about some vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  They clearly need more education about how they can easily help manage their very complex body functions more competently and also stop doing a variety of things that are harmful to their vital body functions. 

The special introductory healthcare concepts presented herein can help  American visitors learn about some very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts, and this information may help motivate visitors to  take better care of their precious natural health on a routine daily basis.   

      Lon's experiences with hundreds of health store customers over 15 years convinced him that most Americans do not know much about taking good care of their precious natural health and their natural healthcare assets

      Most citizens don't even know what their natural healthcare assets are, and it is doubtful that they even think about specific actions that they can take routinely to help their natural healthcare assets function better and function more reliability. 

      Most Americans probably do not realize that their frequent negative thought processes can substantially affect some of their glandular hormone producing functions and then cause very harmful effects for some of their natural healthcare assets This very important common situation shows that most Americans could benefit greatly from our basic and fundamental level alternative health type natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education.

Human Healthcare 

Is Very Complicated

     If human healthcare was as easy and simple as most American adults seem to think it is (and casually want to believe that it is), would medical students need to complete four years of difficult and demanding science-oriented undergraduate college education to help prepare them to complete four more years of very difficult medical school education?  It is important to understand that only very intelligent and very competent students can successfully accomplish that difficult education.

     Those graduates may then also complete two years of medical system internship work as a new medical doctor before they are ready to consider establishing their own independent medical doctor practice - very complicated work responsibilities. 

     Obviously, we are not going to attempt to teach that kind of detailed complex  healthcare education.  However, our American visitors will have a remarkable opportunity to learn some of the basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon Willoughby discovered and developed into copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very helpful to most Americans on a practical healthcare and wellness concepts level. 

     We will offer some special education about vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts to qualifiable American citizens; citizens who have developed the good character traits that we are looking for and also have the good common sense  judgment to recognize the remarkable educational opportunity that we offer them.  They can then choose to learn about these special vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts by becoming one of our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's)

     The best and brightest students who have completed the very difficult education programs that medical nurses and medical doctors are challenged with learning will not have learned about the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we teach.  Their very complex and difficult healthcare education programs did not teach them about these natural healthcare and wellness conceptsWhy not?  

     Human healthcare knowledge is very complex, and it encompasses many very important subject areas. Almost all of the medical nurses and medical doctors in America have been taught selected healthcare concepts that fit well into the  pharmaceutical drug companies' self-serving concepts about healthcare practices.  (Use pharmaceutical drugs for almost all healthcare situations and generally ignore alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts and practices.)

     Medical nursing and medical doctor students are not generally taught the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we focus on introducing at this natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website

     Let's pause a few moments and think about the very important statements above.  It is very important for American visitors to understand the healthcare concepts distinctions that are stated above.  There are BIG DIFFERENCES in conventional medical system concepts and practices and alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts and practices.  This special Website will enable visitors to understand some of these differences in very helpful ways.  

Very Impatient Visitors 

       We realize that some impatient visitors will hurriedly want to learn all they need to know by reading only a few pages of information at most.  Some visitors want us to quickly tell them about some magic pill or magic potion that will make it easy for them to obtain the natural healthcare improvements that they will need for the challenging years ahead of them. 

     We understand that they want to obtain this healthcare information quickly, without having to read educational information that can help them begin making very important healthy lifestyle improvements.    

     Come on folks, let's be real here - human healthcare is just not that simple.  There are some special pills (capsules or tablets) and liquid potions that can help improve certain healthcare issues, and Lon Willoughby has studied and learned about many of them.  Some of them are very important and can help the body in remarkable ways.

     He and Janie use some of these special nutrition supplements in their advanced level healthy lifestyle, but we do not provide this kind of individualized nutrition supplement product information as broad suggestions for the general public (all American visitors to this Website).  There are some very good reasons for this, as explained in the following paragraphs. 

     Some very important reasons for not providing specific nutritional info to visitors is that we do not know anything at all about each visitor's current or past health conditions, and we have not made a careful responsible review of their most recent annual laboratory test results (blood work, lipid tests, and urinalysis results), and we have not reviewed a listing of the prescription drugs that they may be taking, and we have not reviewed an individual's answers to our Health Assessment Questionnaire We have not discussed their common cooking methods, their eating habits and other lifestyle situations, usual sleep habits, and their stress factors. 

     It will be much more responsible to recommend taking some specific nutrition supplements for an American adult after a competent and skilled natural healthcare consultant has completed a responsible review of the person's important health-related technical test results data, and also reviewed their answers to our Health Assessment Questionnaire (includes a listing of drugs and nutrition supplements that they are taking), and also discussed important lifestyle issues like the few examples listed above.

     We can provide individual consultation sessions for "qualified visitors" that live in the upstate area of SC where Lon Willoughby will review that type of annual healthcare test results data and relevant lifestyle information, and also review the other listed issues before making personal recommendations for taking some nutritional supplements.

     That type of introductory individual consultation session is available for "qualified" American adults in the upstate area of this state by telephone with Lon Willoughby at a big discount for the first one hour session (one time only for $30.00 - half our usual discounted rate of $60.00 for one hour). 

     After the client's first one-hour consultation, we will terminate the consultation session unless the client wants to continue with the consultation session.  Our normal discount rate charge then begins at the very low rate of $30.00 for each 1/2 hour increment of time for people with a gross annual income of $60,000 per year or less (amount shown on most recent Federal Income Tax Report - Form 1040 or otherwise). 

     For people with gross individual or family incomes of more than $60,000 per year, the consultation fee rate is adjustable upward and is dependent upon the gross income reported on the most recent Federal Income Tax Report (Form 1040 or otherwise).

     A reasonable fair price for a one hour consultation with Lon Willoughby is $120.00 - with a $60.00 charge for each additional half hour increment of time for Americans who have a gross annual income of $60,000 or less.  Our consultation fees are adjusted upward for people that have higher gross incomes.  We will explain our upward pricing scale to a consultation prospect that has a higher gross annual income than $60,000 per year (an individual or a married couple - joint income).

Husband and Wife Consultation Session

     We can conduct a telephone consultation session with the husband and wife together for the same fee (no increase in fee) if they have speaker phone capability so both can hear what Lon is saying during the consultation session and so he can hear what each of the spouses say during the consultation session. 

     We generally recommend this combined spouse method of consultation with the understanding that a consultation session will last longer when both spouses are involved in the conversations topics.  Generally speaking, the husband needs to hear what Lon says to the wife and the wife needs to hear what Lon says to the husband because they should work together as a team to achieve improvements in their lifestyle considerations and nutritional supplementation improvements.

     It is important to understand that we have greatly reduced our fee for consultations with Lon Willoughby to the bargain basement discount prices shown previously because we have learned that many Americans know so little about the potential benefits of their first nutritional consultation that they don't even seriously consider paying a reasonable fee for a quality nutritional consultation. 

     ABC of Health has to almost give away the first one-hour consultation session  for only $30.00 in order to get a typical American adult to finally decide to get their first very convenient telephone type nutritional consultation at ABC of Health with Lon Willoughby

Most Americans Die Before Getting Their

First Healthcare Consultation Session

      From many years of experience with Americans, we understand that most Americans will actually die before they make a sensible easy decision to pick up the phone and call us about scheduling a very important and valuable life-changing and maybe life-saving consultation session with Lon Willoughby. 

     Even some very smart wealthy people, and millionaires, and also billionaires make that very serious mistake in judgment.  Wealthy Americans also need to schedule a consultation session with a natural healthcare and wellness consultant (like Lon Willoughby) ASAP

     Most Americans do not understand how important their first consultation session with a local natural healthcare and wellness consultant can be for their future health (for their body and their brain functions - learning ability, memory, mental attitude, ability to cope with stress, etc.). 

     Every week that goes by, millions of Americans adults fail to schedule their first nutritional consultation with a local natural healthcare and wellness consultant.  (dietitian, or natural healthcare consultant, naturopathic physician, nutrition consultant, or nutritionist - listed in alphabetical order.)

     As a result of those tragic mistakes in judgment, the hospitals and nursing homes and hospices contain lots of those unfortunate people. Those people are a part of the tens of thousands that die prematurely every week that goes by.  It would have been so easy and inexpensive to avoid those tragic fates, but most Americans don't even think about getting a vital natural healthcare and wellness consultation

     This educational Website can help visitors understand why they should be more responsible and sensible about these critically important healthcare issues.  We help American adults understand how to make wise, responsible, and sensible decisions about getting their first natural healthcare concepts consultation.

     The graveyards across America contain the remains of hundreds of millions of Americans who failed to make that vital consultation decision.  Unfortunately,  they did not have access to this very helpful revolutionary breakthrough educational Website.  We could have helped them understand the importance of that decision. 

     This special Website can now easily and quickly help American adult visitors become much more responsible and sensible about scheduling their first natural healthcare and wellness consultation session with a local natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant. (If available to you.)

      We have previously explained briefly the situations involved for five men who knew about our "healthcare and wellness store" and also knew Lon slightly.  They were all within one city block of our store frequently, but each man failed to schedule a two-hour consultation session with Lon Willoughby.  Remember? 

     Three of the men died without getting their first natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultation with Lon, and two of those men had tragic strokes occur that wrecked their body.  One of those strokes was terribly tragic - total paralysis from the top of the neck downward with loss of voice control. 

     We have good reasons to believe that all five men also failed to spend any time at all reviewing the very important educational information that was readily available to them conveniently at this educational Website (before it was modified greatly into its present format).  Back at that time (years 2010 - 2014), this Website provided an abundance of very important information that conveniently informed visitor's about Lon's extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and his many years of very important and valuable natural healthcare related experiences

    That introductory healthcare education Website gave visitors plenty of information about why they should take action to schedule a natural healthcare education consultation with Lon at ABC of Health.

     One additional point of important interest here is that three of those five men were college graduates.  With 16 or more years of education in America, they apparently had not learned about the great importance of reviewing our natural healthcare educational Website or the great importance of two-hours of natural healthcare concepts education in a vital natural healthcare concepts consultation session with Lon Willoughby.

     Looking back at those five tragic situations, you can see clearly that we are presenting natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be incredibly important to many American adult citizens.  However, people that casually refuse to take time to review this vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational information in a responsible and sensible manner will unfortunately miss out on the great educational benefits that we are offering them in a "free to review" format.

Be Generous With Your Health - Don't Be Stingy

     We also help our visitors learn to be generous with their actions to protect their precious natural health on a daily basis.  It is the only health that each visitor will have for their entire lifetime so it should be clear that it is to their great advantage to learn how to take very good care of their precious natural health on a daily basis.

     There is usually a very high price to be paid in sickness, disease, and suffering (physical and/or emotional) and a premature death for not learning how to take good care of your precious natural health in a responsible and sensible manner.

     After you review one time the "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented at this Website, you will be much better prepared to have your consultation session with a local natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant.  However, most American visitors should carefully read through all of this important information a second time to get a lot more benefit from this "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  A second reading will be much more beneficial than the first reading - try it to see.

     Try making a list from memory of 20 important healthcare and wellness concepts that you learned about in your first reading.  If you can do this, you have learned a lot, but you still need to conduct a second careful and responsible reading (review).

     Your second review will likely be much more helpful than your first review.  You will likely be pleasantly surprised to see how much more you learn with your second review.  Your second review will reinforce in your memory the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that you learned about during your first reading.

     Remember that Lon and Janie are trained and experienced educators.  They understand these important education concepts well, and they understand that your second reading will usually be much more helpful to you than your first reading. 

     After completing your second reading, try making a list of 40 important healthcare concepts that you learned from your first and second reading.  If you cannot do this easily, you probably should complete a third reading of our "free to review" info. 

     Some Americans will need to do a fourth reading over the time of a few weeks to get additional benefits from this very important and valuable "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness education.  Remember that Americans are dying by the tens of thousands prematurely weekly because they had not been educated about the natural healthcare and wellness concepts presented at this Website.

     We know that visitors need to review all of the education that we provide "free to review" at this Website at least twice, and we also know that this educational information will prepare visitors to have a much more productive and successful first consultation with a local area natural healthcare and nutrition consultant.

     After you complete your second review of the "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented herein, you should then schedule your first consultation session with an appropriate local area natural healthcare and nutrition consultant. 

     If the person you consult with tells you that you will get all the nutrients that you need by simply eating a good diet and tells you that you do not need to take any nutrition supplements, you need to consult with a different healthcare consultant because those situations haven't been likely in America for more than 100 years.   

     That is the kind of erroneous nutritional information that many American medical doctors have been promoting for 80+ years.  Remember that most medical doctors have very little education in modern-day up-to-date nutritional concepts.  It appears that many medical doctors were taught the over-simplified concept that everyone will probably get adequate nutrition by simply eating a "good diet."  (Whatever that is for American adults that have no competent amount of nutritional education.) 

      Let's hear no more irresponsible talk about getting all the nutrition that one needs from eating a "good balance diet."  Fortunately, it is possible to get some needed nutrition from a reasonable diet because the human body can get by for a while on limited amounts of nutrition (calories, minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.). The body is capable of consuming itself to get essential nutrients for a while. Consequently, the fact that a body is getting by does not mean that the body is getting all the nutrition that it needs.  The body may simply be surviving on limited amounts of nutrition (for a while), waiting for nutrition to improve substantially.

      In addition to those very important considerations, please understand that the America marketplace today contains very important and very valuable nutrition supplement products that can help the human body work better and perform better and become healthier and help the body last longer.  Selected nutrition supplements can improve brain functions in remarkable ways and enable people to think and function much better.

     Consequently, it makes no sense at all to ignore the important health benefits of very important and valuable nutrition supplement products.  Any healthcare consultant that is not knowledgeable about some of these special nutritional supplements is simply not well-informed.

     Finding helpful nutrition information is not as easy as it used to be because many of the small independent health stores have been put out of business by the deep discount prices mass marketing businesses.  You may be able to find a natural healthcare consultant or a nutritional consultant by searching in the yellow pages of your local phone book or by searching the Internet for local area nutritional consultants.

     If you cannot locate a nutrition consultant in your local area who understands these vital nutrition concepts, E-mail us and we will try to help you locate a healthcare consultant in a nearby area.  We have access to information about healthcare consultants and nutrition consultants located in many places in the USA

     If we cannot help you locate a nearby natural healthcare and nutrition consultant, we can probably help you with some helpful information from Lon Willoughby about this very important healthcare issue

     However, do not contact us about this until you have responsibly reviewed all of our "free to review" education.   This important education contains many very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts, but many Americans will miss a lot of these concepts with just a quick casual review.

     All American adults, including medical doctors and nurses, need to have some  consultation sessions with a local natural healthcare and wellness consultant of some type after they review this "free to review" educational information

     American adults need their first healthcare consultation session in order to get started properly with taking much better care of their precious health.  Everyone will need more than a single one-hour consultation, but this is a good inexpensive way for American adults to get started with their very important health consultations

     You can consult with a dietitian, or a nutrition consultant, or a nutritionist, or a naturopathic physician, or preferably with a natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle coach like Lon Willoughby.  However, your chance of finding someone exceptionally competent like Lon is slim to none except through this special Website invitational opportunity. 

      Lon can provide a comprehensive and detailed consultation session with a "qualified" American who has already purchased and reviewed our six lessons CQV educational program.  Our Healthcare Education and Cost Information department provides information about the cost of our CQV educational program.  We will detour link you over to that department at the appropriate time. 

     Nutritional consultation sessions will be available for our CQV's with Lon Willoughby for our discounted rate of $60.00 for their first one-hour session and then $30.00 for each additional half-hour increment of consultation time - for CQV's that have an annual gross family income of $60,000 or less.

     Our consultation fee rate is adjusted higher for annual gross family incomes that are greater than $60,000 per year.  We have very good reasons for this consultation fee rate adjustment for higher incomes, and we can explain our fee rate scale and our reasons for rate adjustments to a qualified person in a higher income bracket.

     Payments are accepted for Discover, MasterCard, VISA credit cards but not debit cards (a debit card requires insertion of a PIN number in the credit/debit card machine - one cannot do this in a phone call type payment).

     There are additional reasons for us to not irresponsibly propose nutritional supplement guidance at this Website.  We do not have adequate information about unknown persons to make recommendations about supplements they should take.

     We are responsibly focused on offering very important and valuable basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to all of our American adult visitors.  We can provide nutritional supplement information for any CQV that has provided us with a copy of their current technical healthcare status reports and have also provided their answers to our Health Assessment  Questionnaire.

     In addition to our "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education service, this Website also offers additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to "qualified visitors" who choose to become a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV).  We are also focused on providing that very important and valuable introductory education information competently.

     Some of the information that we provide in lesson two (of our six lessons CQV education program) does in fact provide some very helpful general information about selected nutrition supplement products that should be considered by many American adults.

     Our Health Assessment Questionnaire for CQV's provides some important lifestyle information that we can use to responsibly help CQV's with nutritional supplement information in a competent manner.

Natural Human Healthcare Is Not Simple

      All visitors need to discard immediately any irresponsible naive attitudes that they may still have about human healthcare being simple.  It is not simple!!!  It is very complicated.  The basic and fundamental level information that American visitors need to understand about natural healthcare and wellness concepts is not as simple as many Americans naively want to believe that it is.  

     Please understand that we have done a lot of difficult complex work to make it easy for first-time visitors to learn about some special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are very important.  Even then, some responsible focused learning effort is needed to review the natural healthcare and wellness education concepts that we present in this Home department's presentation for consideration by all USA visitors.   

          The very impatient visitors who are not willing to put forth this easy learning effort and take time to do so conveniently, as we propose herein, will likely join the ranks of the 120,000+ Americans who die prematurely each month in the USA due to their inadequate knowledge about our "free to review" basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts 

     This special natural healthcare concepts information is worth many thousands of dollars for every American adult visitor, and there is no place in America where this kind of vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts information can be obtained except at this unique Website.

      Most of the Americans who die prematurely (in a non-accidental type death) did not understand that human healthcare was not as simple as they naively wanted to believe that it was.  Consequently, they likely did not understand that they needed to get educated about how they could take much better care of their remarkable very complex body and their precious natural health and their natural healthcare assets. 

     They also likely did not understand what special natural healthcare and wellness concepts they needed to get educated about, and they likely did not understand how they could get educated about our natural healthcare and wellness concepts in an easy, convenient, and affordable manner.

     The development of this very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational Website has made all of that possible, for the first time in human history, for millions of qualifiable Americans

     Qualifiable American citizens finally have a very convenient way to get educated easily and quickly and inexpensively (how about "free to review"?) about some of our basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are vital healthcare information

     We also present special natural healthcare and wellness concepts for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) that most American adults (and teenagers) need to learn about ASAP, but that special healthcare education is not free. 

     This remarkable natural healthcare education Website makes it very easy to acquire this special healthcare knowledge, but it is important for our visitors to understand that some of our copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness corporate trade secrets will be shared only with American visitors who become qualified to receive them

      We will explain our easy qualifications criteria for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) later in this Home department's presentation.

     Over the years, Lon learned that some of the critically important natural   healthcare and wellness supporting actions are easy to do and some of them cost nothing.  However, one must actually learn how to take these beneficial natural healthcare and wellness actions routinely in order to enjoy very important and valuable healthcare and wellness benefits - short term, medium term, and long term.

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education experiences  also taught him that it is very difficult to educate a person about important natural healthcare and wellness concepts if they believe that they are already educated adequately about important healthcare concepts. 

     They do not want to take time to be educated because they erroneously believe they are already educated enough

     Most American citizens do not realize how little they know about what they really need to know to take good care of their very complex body and their precious natural health and their natural healthcare assets.

Quick Review and Summary

We are an "Alternative Health" and "Complementary Health"

Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Company

       You have learned that we are in the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education business.  We specialize in helping "qualified visitors" learn some basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very important and very valuable toward their enjoyment of an improved long-term good natural health condition.

      You have also learned that we strive to help natural born American citizens who become one of our "qualified education clients" learn about advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable them to become healthier and happier with their life in numerous ways.  We do this with one of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs.

     Our copyrighted and proprietary advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts are truly a major breakthrough in natural healthcare and wellness management actions and protection actions concepts We teach life-changing concepts for all "qualified education clients" and   these special healthcare and wellness concepts may be life-saving  concepts for some "qualified education clients."

    This Website has been modified substantially to present introductory level basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for all Regular American Visitors (RAV's), Qualified Visitors QV's), and our Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's).  We also provide a lot more healthcare and wellness concepts education for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) in five additional lessons in our six lessons CQV education program. 

    Our extensive Website modifications also presented our six lessons natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education program for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).  Five of those lessons are contained in security protected departments that can be accessed only by  CQV's who have received the two security codes from us that are required to access (enter into) each of those five special departments

     The first lesson of our six lessons education program is available "free to review" for all visitors to this Website.  This first lesson presents very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that all American adult citizens need to review as quickly as possible (AQAP).  If a family has some teenage children, we suggest that they authorize their teenagers to review and study this Home department's very important educational presentation.

Pending Approval of CQV Status 

     After we receive a completed CQV Application and Registration Paperwork, we will carefully review that information and if everything checks out in a responsible manner (as explained previously), we will E-mail the applicant our CQV Welcome letter and also provide the two security codes that each CQV needs to access six security protected departments that contain a lot of important and valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     We will also E-mail each CQV some important and valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts information that can help a lot during the coming months and years.

     You can go to the top of this Home department and use the department links for the security protected departments identified above.  You can use your Back Arrow Function to return to the top of this Home department  after each department entry attempt.

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     Only Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's) or Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) may continue reviewing information that is beyond the  three red horizontal nes down below.  Such as: 

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     This special natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational Website presents a lot of "free to review" education for all American adult citizen visitors.  This information is not available anywhere else in America in this well-organized easy to review and and easy to learn manner.  Enjoy and benefit from this vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for the rest of your life.

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