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The Information Below Is Very Important - Contains Life-Changing Revelations

     Exciting Health and Wellness News!!!  Our company has developed practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare education concepts for some of America's major healthcare problems.

      Poor diet and poor digestion of food can cause inadequate vital nutrients for the complex human body, and these common conditions can contribute to many serious health problems over time.   People can help themselves greatly reduce their potential for having those health problem conditions by simply learning how to improve their diet and improve food digestion.  It can also be very helpful to use quality nutrition supplements properly to substantially improve the consumption of special nutrients that are needed for some vital functions of the body.

     Take a few moments to think about people that you have known who suffered due to some of these health conditions: heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol issues, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia (Alzheimer's, etc.), excess weight and obesity issues, mental confusion (brain fog), anxiety, nervousness, irritation, anger, lack of empathy and patience with other people, melancholy, depression, etc. 

      As you probably know, millions of American citizens are suffering with some of these serious health conditions frequently, even daily for some, and the quality of their life has been severely diminished by their health conditions. 

     We understand that Americans will have great difficulty in obtaining the natural healthcare concepts education that they need to enable them to cope much more effectively and more comfortably with their healthcare problems.

     Where can sick and suffering people find a practical, reasonable, and sensible natural healthcare concepts education program that could be very beneficial for their particular health problem conditions?

     Very Good News:  ABC of Health specializes in developing and providing alternative health natural healthcare concepts education services to help our clients with these very serious natural healthcare education deficiencies Our corporate founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby (Lon), has spent thousands of hours learning about natural healthcare concepts that are very important and very valuable to help optimize good health for a healthier life.

  Lon's Initial Start With His Natural Healthcare Education

     This Website explains in some detail how Lon's interest and motivation for studying human healthcare began in 1970, when he was 34 years of age.  Initially, he was interested in learning how to understand and help his own very confusing and frustrating health condition.  He had consulted with medical doctors over the years, and he continued consulting with them for several more years, but he finally gave up on them after a long ten+ years period of time. 

     None of the medical doctors had been able to diagnose his health condition - they were unable to offer any effective help for his very confusing and frustrating and worsening health condition.  In essence, they were unable to help Lon learn how to cope more effectively with his serious health conditionHe was left to fend for himself

     Fortunately, Lon started studying alternative health type natural healthcare books; eventually he discovered a book that explained some health problem symptoms that were very similar to his symptoms.  That special book enabled Lon to obtain a diagnosis for his confusing health condition. 

     The book explained the medical diagnostic test that could be used to test for and verify a hypoglycemic condition.  That very special book is what enabled Lon to finally get a diagnosis for his health problem and learn that it was definitely hypoglycemia.  Thereafter, it took many years of learning about important nutrition issues and a lot of experimenting with his diet and with nutrition supplements before he finally learned how to develop fairly reliable effective methods for coping with his very confusing and frustrating "hypoglycemic" condition on a day by day basis. 

     Hypoglycemia is a serious blood sugar (glucose) instability problem that affects millions of Americans (maybe 30 million or more).  In this condition, the pancreas produces too much insulin at times, and that causes the glucose level in the blood to go too low (low blood sugar condition). 

     As Lon experienced, medical doctors in general had not been educated about this condition or the strict diet and special nutritional supplements that are helpful for this very confusing and frustrating condition.  It is extremely difficult for patients to get effective help for this health condition problem from conventionally educated medical doctors because they typically do not understand the condition.  Why?  Because they do not have any pharmaceutical drugs that help with hypoglycemia and there is no good way for doctors to make much money treating this condition. 

     In order to manage hypoglycemia properly, one must acquire a lot of relevant nutrition, glucose, and insulin production knowledgeLon eventually acquired that special knowledge, and he has had his hypoglycemic condition under good control for many years

     There is no known cure for this complex condition, but it can be controlled reasonably well with a very careful diet (food and beverages), and the use of some very important nutrition supplements, and by using very effective stress management actions and techniques.

     Lon's ongoing diligent natural healthcare concepts studies over the years also enabled him to learn how to help other people cope more effectively with various healthcare problem conditions by using some of the important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that he had learned.  He used his serious healthcare problem condition to motivate him to also learn how to help many other people, especially those with hypoglycemia health problems and diabetic health problems. 

     He worked with the concept that "if life deals you some lemons, take them and make some really good lemonade and then share it with other people."  If Lon had not needed to learn how to cope with his hypoglycemic condition, he would not have been motivated to learn the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that he gradually learned over a period of 45+ years.

     Lon Willoughby gradually acquired a lot of natural healthcare concepts knowledge, and that knowledge enabled him to develop and copyright many very beneficial natural healthcare concepts for ABC's of Health, Inc.  They are our unique corporate healthcare concepts trade secrets.

     Those extensive natural healthcare concepts studies enabled Lon to learn how to help himself a lot health-wise, and also help his wife and two sons a lot, along with some other family members.  He had gradually learned how to enjoy and maintain a higher level of energy, vitality, and wellness.

     His continuing diligent studies of natural healthcare concepts enabled Lon to become a very competent natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle coach.  He learned how to educate other people about important nutrition issues and healthy lifestyle actions that could help minimize the potential for many types of health problems, including some of the very serious common health conditions that were listed previously.

     Lon understands that millions of Americans are suffering with some of those serious health conditions each day that goes by, and he realizes that most people do not have a good way to learn how to begin improving the vital functions of their natural healthcare assets.  We will identify these natural assets in Topic 2 down below. 

     His many healthcare experiences in our natural health and wellness business (health store owner/manager) over 14+ years enabled Lon to gradually learn that most people do not understand the vital healthcare potential of their natural healthcare assets.  He gradually learned that hardly anyone knew how to take special actions daily, in easy, practical, responsible, and sensible ways that could help their natural healthcare assets be more effective in helping optimize important health conditions throughout their body.

A Major Revelation about the American Medical Profession

     Over the years, Lon also came to another very important understanding - he gradually learned that medical doctors and medical nurses do not generally have much education, training, or practical experience with using alternative health type natural healthcare concepts for their healthcare patients.  

     Many American adults understand that typical American medical doctors and medical nurses have been educated and trained to focus a lot of their attention on trying to use pharmaceutical drugs to help correct most healthcare problems, rather than trying to use well-established natural healthcare concepts whenever appropriate.

     It is important for us to be reasonable here and understand clearly that human healthcare is a very complicated subject; consequently, medical doctors and medical nurses should not be expected to know everything important that can be known about helping improve all complex healthcare problem conditions for humans.  Healthcare can be very challenging and very confusing and many variable conditions can affect different people in different ways.        

     It is important to also understand that conventionally educated and trained allopathic medical profession doctors are usually closely allied with the pharmaceutical drug company industry.  However, Natural healthcare practitioners are much more varied in education, training, and experience, and they are not closely allied with the pharmaceutical drug company industry because they usually avoid using pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible. 

     All adult Americans need to understand that most conventionally educated medical doctors and medical nurses have not been educated and trained to be in the complex natural healthcare concepts education business.  This Website shows that important natural healthcare concepts can be complex and often require specialized natural healthcare education, training, and experience to develop a level of competency that can responsibly help educate health-conscious Americans about important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare concepts

     It should therefore be clear to you that it is unreasonable for Americans to naively assume that most medical doctors and medical nurses have been educated and trained and are experienced in providing very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts education services for their healthcare patients

     This is a very common assumption that is clearly WRONG and Lon understands that there is a lot of human suffering and many premature deaths in the USA due to this improper assumption by millions of Americans.

     First of all, medical doctors and medical nurses would need to be educated and trained to use complex natural healthcare procedures, protocols, and techniques with their patients (which they are not by and large - those types of healthcare actions would clearly be outside of their range of healthcare competency). 

     Secondly, It would take many hours of time with each patient to educate them about important natural healthcare concepts.  As stated above, most conventional medical doctors and medical nurses have not been  educated and trained to provide complex natural healthcare concepts education services for their healthcare patients.  Generally, they do not attempt to provide natural healthcare concepts educational services.

     Thirdly, even if those natural healthcare education services could be provided by the typical independent medical practice, that would likely be a very expensive way for people to obtain just a very basic natural healthcare education.  It is clear that in America it is not feasible for most patients to obtain adequate natural healthcare concepts knowledge from conventionally educated and trained medical doctors and medical nurses. 

     However, please understand that there are a few conventionally educated medical doctors in America who have gone beyond their initial medical doctor education, training, and experiences to become more knowledgeable and more competent with complex natural healthcare conceptsA few of them have also written excellent books about their experiences, and Lon has studied several of those very important natural healthcare books.  Those people are very intelligent healthcare practitioners, and they generally want to know how to help patients in the best possible way in coping with their healthcare problems.

     Consequently, all healthcare patients in America need to understand that getting adequate complex natural healthcare concepts education services from the typical medical practice is not likely going to happen. 

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services

     American adults need to understand clearly that they are personally responsible for getting educated about important natural healthcare concepts and common healthcare issuesIt is very naive to believe that  American adults should depend upon their local family physician to provide them with an adequate amount of natural healthcare concepts education

     Stop and think for a few moments about this situation reasonably and realistically.  It is not feasible for 300,000+ independent medical doctors in America to re-structure their medical practice to try to begin providing complex natural healthcare concepts education services for their patients. 

     Medical doctors and nurses do the best that they can in the few minutes that they spend with each patient, but they cannot take the time that would be needed to try to educate each patient about a broad range of natural healthcare concepts (including important nutrition concepts) that all responsible American adults need to learn. 

     Obviously, that complex natural healthcare education must be accomplished somewhere else.  At the present time, Lon Willoughby understands that ordinary Americans do not have a practical reasonable way to acquire the comprehensive natural healthcare concepts knowledge, and the nutrition knowledge, that they need in a simplified and easy to understand and learn format.

     That common situation shows clearly that there is a great need for the type of natural healthcare education services that we specialize in providing for our natural healthcare education clients. 

     Please pause for a few moments to consider that people in America are dying at the rate of about 50,000 per week.  We estimate that tens of thousands of those people are dying primarily because they had not been educated about the advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon Willoughby discovered, developed, and copyrighted for use by our company (ABC of Health).

     We share some of our very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts with our natural healthcare consultation clients, and some of those valuable natural healthcare concepts are also available at this Website (Free Info).  Get excited and go on a treasure hunt to find them.

 Very Serious Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business   

     Folks, you need to understand that we are involved in a very important and very serious natural healthcare concepts education businessThis Website shows that Americans are getting sick, suffering with serious sickness and disease conditions, and dying prematurely (by the tens of thousands weekly).  Unfortunately, these situations occur week after week, with no end in sight, and they are occurring without the victims of their own  natural healthcare concepts ignorance having the substantial benefits that are available from the important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education that we present at this Website for non-excluded visitors

     Please get a responsible and sensible grasp of the urgency of this very serious natural healthcare education deficiency situation It is real !!!!  Stop and think about this tragic situation for a few moments.  American citizens are dying unnecessarily by the thousands on a weekly basis because they had not been educated adequately about the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon Willoughby discovered, developed, and timely copyrighted for exclusive proprietary use by ABCs of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health 

     We provide a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts  at  this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.  This information helps only  the people who have the good judgment and wisdom to visit this Website and then take sufficient  time to quickly review our Free Education Program.  Visitors would be wise to then go back and responsibly study the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that we provide at this Website, as we suggest with three phases of learning for our Free Education Program

     Lon and Janie understand that most people will not take time to visit this Website and review briefly the very important and valuable information presented herein, even though this information can be Free (if they simply agree to comply responsibly with our Terms of Use Conditions).  

     Have any serious health conditions affected some of the people that you know?  Would they have likely taken time to visit this Website in a responsible manner if they had been invited to do so?

     You understand that your lack of natural healthcare concepts knowledge can affect your health adversely at some point in the future; that may be why you are still reviewing this information.  You understand that your performance in life and your quality of life can be improved a lot if you take the time to increase your knowledge of important and valuable natural healthcare concepts.  

     Taking time to review the very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are  presented at this Website can help you a lot during the rest of your life.

     Congratulations on having very good judgment about these very important healthcare issues.

"Complementary Health" Natural Healthcare Education Services

     ABC of Health can assist the medical profession's standard healthcare practices in a "complementary" way with our natural healthcare concepts education services.  The combination of our advanced natural healthcare concepts education actions, and our healthy lifestyle improvement education actions, and our supplemental nutrition education actions can provide very important and very valuable "complementary health" actions for most medical doctor patients.

     The advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services developed by ABC of Health can help most medical profession healthcare patients in very effective beneficial ways.  This is especially true when our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services are responsibly combined with the medical profession's standard of care healthcare practices.

     Our corporate complementary natural healthcare concepts education services can be very helpful for the serious healthcare conditions as well as the not-so-serious healthcare conditions.   However, our special vital and advanced  natural healthcare concepts education services can also work exceptionally well for healthy people; they are not reserved for use only with sick people. 

     The primary healthcare objective of ABC of Health is to help our qualified clients learn our vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts so they can understand how to be super healthy.  They can then reduce and minimize their potential for having to cope with some of the common sickness and disease conditions that affect millions of Americans each year. 

     We strive to help our reasonably healthy clients become healthier, and help them understand how to maintain their good health into their golden years.  However, our remarkable natural healthcare education concepts can also help most sick people a lot - more than they can imagine.  

     Unfortunately, many people die weekly in America - at the average rate of 49,800 deaths per week.  Regrettably, it is too late for ABC of Health to help those people with our very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts education services that we provide Free at this Introductory Healthcare Educational Website.

     The average weekly death rate stated above amounts to about 216,000 deaths per month in the United States of America (USA).  These weekly and monthly death rates were calculated by using the annual death rate data for year 2013 as reported by the CDC - see www.cdc.gov/.

     We understand that most of the people that are dying weekly in America could have been helped a lot if they would have had a few hours of advanced natural healthcare concepts consultations with Lon Willoughby -  just a year or so before they got so sick that their poor health condition started killing them. 

     The earlier in life that people have their natural healthcare concepts consultations with us (ABC of Health), the more beneficial our remarkable natural healthcare concepts can be in their life.  Additional days, weeks, months, and years of using our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts can be life-changing - and in many healthcare situations, they can help produce life-saving actions.  

     Learning how to improve your vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge is not something to play around with, or casually guess about, or casually delay starting to learn about.  This is incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge and it can benefit you daily - every day is important

     As shown herein, practical and sensible natural healthcare concepts education is very important knowledge to acquire - some of the most important natural healthcare knowledge that you will ever learn.  This will be shown more clearly when you review the relevant healthcare statistical data (at Topic 5 below) and other related healthcare data  that will be presented in this Website.    

     It is a lot easier and much less expensive to learn how to take very good care of the human body than it is to try to learn how to restore health to a sick and damaged body.  Think about this important healthcare concept for a few moments:  it is very smart to get on the health enhancement and improvement side of healthcare actions rather than wait too long to get started and then have to get on the much more difficult and more expensive health recovery and rebuilding side of natural healthcare actions.   

     Unfortunately, many of the people who wait too long to get started on learning how to use our natural healthcare concepts to develop optimized natural health will likely pay a high price in costs, pain and suffering, and greatly diminished quality of life.  Their casual and careless delay in healthcare education actions will likely result in disease and then premature death, as happens to tens of thousands of people in America every week that goes by.

Major Problems In Trying To Educate People

About Very Important Natural Healthcare Concepts 

     Being an alternative health natural healthcare concepts educator, and having extensive experience working for many years in this special natural healthcare field (more than a thousand customers in our "health and wellness store"), Lon repeatedly observed several natural healthcare education problems.

     Over the years, Lon evaluated why it was so difficult to get people interested in education about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts - education that could enable them to actively protect their natural healthcare assets and greatly reduce and minimize serious health conditions (diseases) and ultimately save their lives and also enjoy an extended healthy lifespan. 

     We developed a separate department at this Website so we could report the Healthcare Myths (beliefs) that Lon discovered which are extremely harmful to many millions of Americans.  He has good reasons to believe that these Healthcare Myths will likely cause most of our adult citizens (100+ million Americans) to casually and carelessly and irresponsibly avoid making responsible efforts to get educated about very important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare concepts

     Our 14+ years of natural healthcare concepts education efforts have shown that most people will ignore a remarkable natural healthcare education opportunity in a local classroom setting even when the introductory classes are Free and are advertised repeatedly, week after week, for many months.

     Lon believes that he has discovered why so many people are so reluctant to want to get educated about very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts (could help them a lot)We have already detoured you over to our Healthcare Myths department so stop and think for a few moments about what you learned in that department.  You can reconsider whether or not some of those common myths have affected your healthcare and wellness concepts education actions in an adverse way.  Did they prevented you from actively seeking to obtain very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education?

     You now understand why Lon found that striving to educate
people in the Greenville, South Carolina area about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts was an impossible objective to achieve.  You have also learned why it was very difficult for our company to help educate most of our health store customers about our very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts.

     You now understand why Lon and Janie Willoughby found that attempting to educate some religion-oriented people about very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts was usually a near-hopeless cause.  You now know that the more religious a person is, the more difficult it is to educate them about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  It is very interesting and very important to remember why these situations usually occur routinely with religion-oriented people. 

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge."
Hosea 4:6  (King James Bible)

     The free healthcare and wellness concepts presented at this Website are the KEY that will fit an unfortunate LOCK that is
the insidious beliefs (that are very dangerous myths) that are continually preventing millions of American citizens from actively seeking alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.

       Lon and Janie understand that these natural healthcare education problems are very important because they will likely prevent many millions of Americans from enjoying a healthy long life.

     It is most unfortunate that millions of citizens (probably most American citizens) will not likely enjoy reasonably good health during their "golden years" for reasons that could have been easily reduced and minimized by using our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs.  

    Lon Willoughby is now living in his "golden years" and he is currently enjoying feeling good, having no aches or pains.  He takes no prescription pharmaceutical drugs, and he still does modest amounts of important exercises regularly.  He does pushups and sit-ups and rebounding exercises every other day, allowing for more than 24 hours for muscle cells recovery time.  At age 81, Lon currently does twice as many sit-ups as he could do at age 20. 

     He was an athlete in high school and was on the track team in college.  Consequently, he was in very good physical condition at age 20.  At his current age, Lon can do more pushups today than he could do at age 20 but not twice as many because he has injured both shoulders over the years and those old injuries limit the number of his push-up repetitions.  

     Lon is also still enjoying having good levels of energy and vitality, and he still has good brain power although he was born into this complex world a long time ago (on June 5, 1936). 

     As shown at this Website, Lon has lived a very challenging and very interesting life, and he is living and walking proof that he has learned some very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts about obtaining and maintaining optimized health (emotional and mental health, and physical health). 

     You have already learned that this Introductory Healthcare Concepts Education Website shares some of Lon's very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts with our visitors. 

     This Website presents some alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that are very important and very valuableHealthcare concepts are available in several departments and additional Free natural healthcare concepts are also presented at some of our other Websites (identified herein).

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  The average number of people dying each month in America (216,000) was calculated from the year 2013 annual death-rate data that is published by the Centers For Disease Control - see their excellent educational Website at:   www.cdc.gov   

     As ABC of Health corporate officers, Lonnie and Janie Willoughby, are personally concerned about those high death-rate statistics.  They understand that America is one of the most unhealthy modern nations on Planet Earth (as we will show later with important reliable healthcare research data).

Sepsis Can Be Very Dangerous   

     Sepsis is a blood infection that can occur with a simple skin scrape or minor finger cut or other skin break injury (usually caused by a Staphylococcus aureus bacteria).  This situation will illustrate how important your protective skin is in protecting your body from various forms of pathogenic microbes.  Sepsis affects several hundred thousand people in the USA annually (600,000 - 700,000), and it kills about 150,000 people each year (average).  You can research this data at:  www.cdc.gov

     Consequently, any skin break or minor injury should be treated very quickly with an antibiotic type cream such as Neosporin, or an equivalent substitute generic antibiotic type cream, to help prevent an infection in the blood system that can easily become very dangerous.  This quick treatment is especially important for children, and the younger they are, the more important this is because their immune system is still being developed and it will likely be functioning at a considerably less effective level than an older child or an adult person's immune system. 

     Antibiotic protection is also especially important for senior citizens because their immune system may not be working very well due to the way their body has "slowed down" in many respects, including immune functions.

     Records show that "apparently minor skin injuries" can get infected quickly and require hospitalization, and even then, with good hospital care, children and adults can die within a few days due to a Sepsis type blood infection

     Research has shown that about 30% of Americans have Staphylococcus bacteria living within their nostrils.  For those people, nasal discharge can be a dangerous source of these very dangerous bacteria.  Flushing the nasal passages with salty water or inhaling colloidal silver mist into the nostrils can be an important sanitary practice.  

     Hand washing is also very important for helping prevent a Sepsis type blood infection.  This blood infection condition has been killing large numbers of people throughout mankind's history.  In fact, sepsis is what apparently killed the Hungarian medical doctor in Austria (August 13, 1854) that is credited with being the first European medical doctor to recognize the great importance of hand washing procedures in hospital maternity wards.  

     Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis worked as a medical doctor supervisor in a large hospital in Vienna, Austria in the mid 1840's.  This hospital frequently had a lot of sickness and tragic deaths with women after going through childbirth in one of the two maternity wards at that hospital.  In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis developed a specific hand washing procedure for medical doctors and nurses working in one of the two hospital maternity wards that he supervised.  

     Dr. Semmelweis required the doctors and nurses assisting with childbirth to use his experimental hand washing procedure.  His hand washing protocol quickly reduced the amount of sickness and deaths for new mothers and their babies a lot.  it is important to understand that those situations occurred about 17 years before the discovery of microscopically small microbes (bacteria) by French chemist Louis Pasteur (about 1864). 

     Consequently, Doctor Semmelweis did not know about bacteria or viruses in 1847, but he saw that his hand washing procedure did greatly reduce the sickness and death rates for new mothers (and their newborn children) in the medical doctor assisted maternity ward that he supervised.

     Those high death rates did not occur in another maternity ward in that hospital that was staffed by midwives, rather than medical doctors.  Doctor Semmelweis supervised both maternity wards and he puzzled over that situation - why was there a big increase in sickness and death in the maternity ward administered by medical doctors, compared to the maternity ward administered by mid-wives? 

     He repeatedly tried to get the medical authorities above him to approve his hand washing protocol for all hospitals in Austria, but the authorities repeatedly rejected his requests because Dr. Semmelweis could not explain to them why his hand washing procedure was so effective.  

     The careful data that Dr. Semmelweis recorded about those situations proved conclusively that his hand washing protocol greatly reduced the sickness and death occurrences in the maternity ward involved in his experiment.  However, the medical authorities stubbornly rejected all of his repeated requests for approval of his easy and inexpensive hand washing protocol for doctors. 

     The medical doctors and nurses complained about his "unnecessary" hand washing protocol, and they eventually got him into trouble with his superiors (medical doctors).  Those complaint situations apparently contributed to his being fired from his supervisory medical doctor position; the medical authorities apparently thought Dr. Semmelweis was mentally unbalanced (insane?). 

     Doctor Semmelweis subsequently died at a young age (46) from a very serious mysterious condition (sepsis blood infection?) that he got after some serious bodily injuries were inflicted upon him by two guards at a state operated mental institution, where he was being retained against his will.   The injuries occurred when he tried to walk out of the facility on the first day of his retention.  This terribly tragic situation illustrates how serious infections can be when not treated properly. 

     This tragic situation also illustrates how stubborn and self-serving people in authority can be to resist innovative changes that are in conflict with long-accepted "normal procedures."  Don't try to influence us (high level administrative doctors) with important factual information, we've got our minds made up already.  They showed no concern for the hundreds of new mothers (or their babies) that were dying each year from mysterious sickness conditions in their hospital maternity wards.  

Hungarian Medical Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis

 (July 1, 1818 - August 13, 1864) 

     We now understand why there was a much higher sickness and death situation in the maternity ward that was administered by medical doctors, compared to the maternity ward administered by mid-wives.  In many situations, the medical doctor who was on duty to help with delivering babies would spend some time in the hospital morgue working with dead bodies and performing autopsies on some of them (hospital patients that had died recently).

     When a runner came to the morgue and notified the doctor on duty that one of the maternity ward patients was about ready to deliver her baby, the doctor might wipe his hands with a towel (but not wash his hands) and leave the morgue area and quickly walk to the maternity ward to assist in the childbirth situation that was about to occur. 

     We understand that the medical doctor's hands could have been severely contaminated with pathogenic (harmful) microbes (probably bacteria) from dead bodies in the morgue.  When the doctor assisted with the childbirth procedure, he could easily transfer some of the pathogenic microbes to the new mother and also to her baby.  Both of them could then become very sick with a mysterious illness (pathogenic microbe infection) and one or both of them could die because the medical doctors had no effective treatment for those mysterious illnesses. 

     That serious situation did not occur in the maternity ward that was administered by midwives because they did not also work in the morgue.  Apparently, their hands were generally cleaner than the medical doctor's hands although none of them realized the importance of careful hand-washing before assisting with childbirth situations.

Present Day Hand Washing Considerations

     Unfortunately, without adequate education of many more Americans, and particularly young students in schools, we will likely have a continuation of a lot of sickness, suffering, and tragic deaths due to a continuation of numerous types of pathogenic microbe infections. 

     Lon's experiences with young people indicate that many high school students do not understand how to wash their hands properly.  Think about that situation for a few moments.  In 150+ years since the discovery of tiny microbes that can be very dangerous, many families and schools are still not doing a good job of educating young people about the proper way to wash their hands effectively. 

     Consequently, it is no surprise to Lon Willoughby that we still have a lot of microbial type infections that are causing millions of Americans to get sick each year that goes by.  Some of those infections are still killing many thousands of our citizens year after year. (maybe 300,000 or more deaths per year)

     Sepsis is believed to be a major and primary cause of many deaths in hospitals and other medical facilities from microbe infections.  There are many situations where it is not clearly defined as to what was the primary cause of death for a hospital patient, but sepsis is a prime suspect in many hospital deaths.

     We obviously need some better form of practical and sensible natural healthcare concepts education if we are ever going to improve the natural healthcare performance actions of more than three hundred million (300,000,000) American citizens.  That is the type of natural healthcare concepts education business that we are developing, and we use this special Website to introduce visitors to many very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Opioid Epidemic In America 

     Let's now consider the frightening and tragic opioid addiction problems sweeping across America rapidly.   In 2014, more than 10,000,000 people in the USA reported non-medical use of these types of drugs.  The CDC Website data reports that 33,091 deaths were attributed to opioid drugs in year 2015.  You can review that data at:  www.cdc.gov/

     Many people begin using opioid type prescription drugs as pain killers, but they apparently enjoy some of the opium like effects so much that they become physically and/or psychologically addicted to their drugs. 

     Another major tragedy involved in the opioid pandemic is the fact that many of these deaths are adults with young children, and the children become casualties by losing one parent, or in some cases, both parents.  How are those children going to be affected and struggle to cope in this complex world without one or both of their parents?

     Responsible and sensible people would think that young adults would have enough good judgment and common sense to realize the terrible dangers involved for their children by experimenting with dangerous addictive drugs.  Unfortunately, for thousands of children, their parents gambled with those risks and they all lost in those gambles.

     The opioid situation has gotten so bad that the 2012 statistics showed that we had about 50 babies being born daily in the USA that have an addiction to some type of opioid drug (due to their mother's use of said drug).  This condition is classified as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) and it requires extended treatment lasting several weeks to several months to try to wean the baby off of their addiction. 

     The symptoms of these addictions can be severe, and we do not know what the long-term affects of such conditions will be for those very unfortunate babies. 

     Calculations:  Multiply 50 addicted babies being born daily on average - times 365 days per year and we have approximately 18,250 addicted babies born in the USA during 2012.  Will those unfortunate babies grow up to be more inclined to take and abuse addictive opioid drugs than their mothers?  Those critical baby addictions become progressively worse each year as the opioid addiction pandemic spreads further and deeper across the USA.

     Now add to those situations the large numbers of Americans who have abusive problems with addictive alcoholic drinks, addictive cigarettes, and several other types of drugs that can be addictive psychologically and/or physically such as:  cocaine, crack cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, inhalants, LSD, marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly), methamphetamine, PCP, and others. 

     Startling Drug Information:  Research statistics show that an assortment of those drugs are being experimented with by students in the 8th grades and up in public schools (and in private schools?).

Why Do So Many Americans Take Risky Actions With Their Precious Health?

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that THE REALLY BIG REASON for a lot of those drug uses and abuses is the same core reason that results in so many serious healthcare deficiency problems in America.  Yes, there is a common core cause and effect that runs through most of these healthcare related situations - if you know what to look for.  The common core reason for many problems is that most of our young students, high school students, young adults, and older adults have not had sufficient natural healthcare concepts education Unfortunately, many American citizens do not learn to appreciate the sensitive nature of their very complex natural healthcare assets

     Please understand that many Americans do not learn and understand adequately what a marvelous and incredible body they have, and they do not learn and understand how complicated their body functions are.  They therefore do not understand how easy it is to mess up the delicate balance of their body by foolishly using harmful substances that can quickly cause the body to lose its delicately balanced good health state (homeostasis). 

     When we consider substances that can mess up the body's delicate balance, we can start with plain white table sugar (known to be more addictive than cocaine), and then progress to low quality simple refined carbohydrate foods (like the foods listed down below in the next section), and then include the sweet drinks (including all of the carbonated drinks - they are all harmful to the body in one way or another), and then include most regular fruit juices in amounts greater than two or three ounces per serving - limited to only one or two servings per 24 hours. 

     What is wrong with Fruit Juices?  Too much undiluted fruit juice (3 - 4 ounces or more)  can contain too much fruit sugar (fructose); this situation can be harmful to the body's very sensitive glucose/insulin response actions. 

     We should also include most of the caffeinated beverages and most alcoholic drinks as undesirable substances.  From that point, we can include the opioid type drugs and some of the other pain killers as undesirable substances.

     As explained previously, there is a great amount of enlightening healthcare information available in research reports, some medical journals, and hundreds of important health books; unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of that very helpful voluminous healthcare research data, and those journal reports, and those health books.  

    You can see that American citizens in general do not have a practical usable understanding of the most important and most useful natural healthcare research data that has been discovered and published.  The general public has not had a practical way of learning about most of the natural healthcare research data that they needed to review.  

     Lon and Janie believe that most American adults are capable of taking good care of their incredible important natural healthcare assets, but it is clear that hardly any ordinary Americans understand how to do this

     In fact, most ordinary Americans do not understand what their natural healthcare assets are; consequently, they have not developed an adequate appreciation for their natural healthcare assets.  They therefore do not think about taking care of their very important natural healthcare assets on a daily basis, as they need to be doing. 

     Lon's experiences with a lot of people indicate that most Americans do not know how to select and eat food and drink beverages in healthy ways, rather than unhealthy ways (as shown with the commonly eaten "food" products listed down below).  The fact is that almost all American citizens have not had adequate education about some very important natural healthcare concepts that can have BIG AFFECTS on their long-term health potential

     EDUCATION is clearly the KEY that is badly needed to UNLOCK the very serious healthcare problems dilemma that affects most American citizens in one way or another.  The information below can be helpful to most visitors.

Carbohydrate Foods - Sugar, Glucose, and Insulin Response

     It is clear that millions of Americans casually eat carbohydrate junk foods and drink sugary sweet junk drinks without understanding the serious damaging effects that those substances can have on their health - both foods and drinks can convert quickly into glucose and then cause excessively high levels of glucose in the blood system.

     Think about all of the candy products that many American adults, teenagers, and younger children routinely consume.  Then think about the refined white flour bread products that millions of Americans eat daily.  These products quickly cause a rapid increase in blood sugar level (glucose) and most people probably have no idea how serious these damaging effects can be to the delicate glucose balancing mechanisms in the human body. 

     Consider the following "food" products that can also quickly cause excessive amounts of glucose in the blood system - most cereals without added sugar (and they are especially damaging when sugar is added), donuts, sliced white bread toast (and much worse with jam or jelly added), white bread (refined flour) sandwiches, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, cakes, cookies, crackers, white (refined) flour pancakes [with sweet syrup added - a really bad situation for the pancreas to have to try to cope withinsulin response], sweet dessert pies, puddings, and lets consider all of the ice cream (loaded with sugar) that Americans casually eat after eating a sugar laden meal. 

     Also consider the many versions of sweetened beverages that Americans routinely consume, and they are frequently consumed right along with a meal that has already provided way too much sugar (excessive glucose).  

     Let's also think about corn food products, potato food products, rice products, pizza type products, common  pasta and lasagna type food products, spaghetti type dishes (all eaten with more white refined flour bread).  Millions of  Americans consume these type foods without a thought about causing excessive glucose in the blood system. 

     Most Americans have not been educated adequately about how these common moderate to high glycemic type carbohydrate foods can affect them adversely (and silently damage their health severely over time).  People can eat some of those foods of course, but they should responsibly consider eating smaller servings than are usual for most Americans.  They should eat fewer combinations of glycemic type foods in a meal.  Eating larger servings of those foods produces more glucose, and their "combined glucose effect" in a single meal is very important.

     As you can see, just a partial listing of moderate to high glycemic "foods" can be long.  It is very important for people to learn how to discipline themselves to eat smaller servings of those type foods, and also minimize their consumption of good tasting processed (refined) food products. 

     Most Americans like salty food, and/or food that is sweet; consequently, processed foods will usually meet these criteria.  Food producers understand what foods will likely sell best, and they aim to please because one of their primary objectives is to make products that sell well (make a profit).

     We also need to carefully consider the harmful oils that may be contained in many processed food products (packaged foods may contain harmful type oils and may also contain harmful trans fats). 

    These processed "food" products can cause a lot of harm to millions of unwary citizens (of most age ranges) but they are especially harmful to young children.  They can be addictive for everyone, but they are especially addictive for young children and teenagers who have not developed the emotional discipline to minimize their consumption of potentially harmful "processed food items."

     Most Americans do not understand that they get way too much glucose into their blood system, generally on a daily basis.  They do not understand that sugar is very addictive (physiologically and psychologically), and it is a sweet "good tasting poison" to their complex glucose-insulin monitoring and control system when it is in excessive amounts in the blood system.  (Which is usually a daily occurrence, and multiple times a day, for millions of Americans - adults, teenagers, and children.)

     Those excessive sugar situations can cause a lot of insulin to be produced by the pancreas; this can help cause  easy weight gain (millions of Americans are involved here, including a lot of teenagers and younger children). 

     Unfortunately, for many millions of Americans, those high glucose situations and inadequate nutrition situations can also contribute to a lot of emotional and mental problems that enable many people (adults, teenagers, and younger children) to make bad decisions and do the wrong things - things that can get them into serious trouble. 

     Millions of American adults are involved in these situations often, and a lot of young people (teenagers and younger children) are also frequently involved in these very harmful metabolic situations.   Unfortunately, they have not been educated adequately about how these very harmful situations affect their natural healthcare assets

     Law Enforcement Situations:  Consider for a few moments the many situations where law enforcement officers make bad decisions when confronted with confusing and frustrating situations with people who may be dangerous.  Because they do not understand the very important glucose effects related above, many law enforcement officers will also likely consume too much processed (refined) medium and high glycemic "food" and "drink" products. 

     Those common situations can cause their sensitive "glucose control functions" to get way out of balance, and those serious conditions can cause them to temporarily lose their normal good-balanced judgment.  They may then carelessly make bad decisions without realizing that they have a severely impaired emotional/mental condition.  As we have seen numerous times in the news during recent years, many lives have been severely damaged, many people have been killed, and many law enforcement officer careers have been ruined due to bad judgment actions. 

     Lon Willoughby understands that many, and perhaps most, of those situations were likely enabled due to the victim's and/or the law enforcement officer's severely impaired judgment due to out of balance glucose levels in the blood system.  Lon has developed substantial expertise in understanding these types of "out of balance glucose situations."  He understands what usually causes those situations, and he also understands what actions can be taken to easily reduce, and minimize, and even avoid the potential for those very serious bad judgment situations.

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