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Topic 23

How Did Lon Acquire His Extensive

Natural Healthcare Concepts Knowledge?

     To get to his present advanced level of alternative health natural healthcare knowledge, Lon spent thousands of hours over a period of many years in his study of alternative health natural healthcare concepts information (hundreds of health books, and in later years, a lot of research data that was available on the Internet).  We explained this situation in some detail in the Home department.

     You will recall that Lon also obtained a lot of natural healthcare concepts work experience when he was working with lots of customers in our ABC of Health "health and wellness facility" for 14+ years.  

     All of that natural healthcare study of important health books and research data, and his 14+ years of natural healthcare work experience was necessary for Lon Willoughby to acquire a very good understanding of the most effective ways to help people learn how to cope with America's massive healthcare knowledge deficiency dilemma (this situation has been evident to Lon for many years).  

     Owning and operating a health and wellness facility was a very expensive business venture for Lon and his wife, Janie Willoughby.  They incurred large economic losses over the years for themselves and for our corporate health and wellness store, ABC of Health

      Throughout all of those years, Lon was working diligently to learn how to develop practical and sensible solutions for the serious healthcare problems that he clearly saw in America that were apparently affecting many millions of ordinary people. 

     Lon typically worked 80 to 90 hours per week for many years, with no vacation time other than a day off for the July 4th Holiday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

     He was working many hours weekly to help our health store become a profitable business, but it never happened, no matter how hard he worked.   We explained those large financial losses in a separate department titled "ABC's Health Store - Business Losses"  but that department is user name and password protected so that information is not available to visitors to this Introductory Website.

     That information is available to our qualified clients if they have an interest in the many competitive factors that prevented our company from being able to make the business profitable.  However, Lon and Janie believe in and work with the concept that "all is well that ends well."

     Our Websites show that Lon Willoughby was very successful in his determined diligent efforts to learn how to develop an advanced level alternative health natural healthcare concepts education program that is obviously needed badly by practically all American citizens (including medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutrition consultants, and several other types of healthcare practitioners). 

     We have good reasons for believing that our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will be the most convenient and most effective way to accomplish an incredibly important natural healthcare concepts education for qualified American citizens.  This type of natural healthcare education program, using our copyrights, has never been available before in America.

     Initially, our home-study education programs will be leased and distributed only to "qualified" American citizens living in the upstate area of South Carolina,  However, we anticipate expanding our distribution area to other parts of South Carolina after we are successful in the upstate area.

      In the distant future, we may also allow the leasing distribution of our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs in some other southern states. 

     Medical Profession:  Lon Willoughby understands that the medical profession in America has developed a very strong monopoly for healthcare services in South Carolina - and many other states. 

     Consequently, our small company must be very careful to not cause the medical profession any serious concerns about the development of our advanced level of alternative health and "complementary health" Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

     We understand that our healthcare education programs will make it much easier for medical doctors and nurses, and other healthcare practitioners, to work with our qualified clients because they will usually be much better educated about healthy lifestyle issues and some other healthcare issues.

     It will probably be a pleasure for medical doctors and nurses and other healthcare practitioners to work with our natural healthcare concepts educated and enlightened clients.  

     We will teach our qualified clients to have strong sincere respect for medical doctors and nurses, and for other people who devote their lives to helping people with healthcare issues such as: chiropractors, dentist, eye doctors, dietitians, nutritionist, and some other healthcare practitioners. 

      In general, those intelligent and dedicated people have completed some very challenging and difficult education and training to qualify for their special healthcare oriented positions. 

     We recognize that these smart and responsible people are striving to provide important healthcare services to people in competent and responsible ways, and they are providing helpful services. 

     Consequently, we will teach our qualified clients that these very special people are deserving of their sincere respect and admiration and kindness and their heart-felt gratitude. 

     We will also teach our qualified clients that they should express their sincere gratitude to their respective healthcare practitioners whenever they have an opportunity to do so. 

     A simple "thank you for your help" can be an easy and quick way to show sincere gratitude. 

     Unfortunately, too many people carelessly forget to express any gratitude of any kind to their dedicated and hard working healthcare providers.  Brighten their day - graciously thank them.

     This same "thank you for your help" attitude and expression works well for other people also.

Topic 24

Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-Study Education Programs

A Brief Overview Of Our Healthcare Concepts Education Subject Matter

     Each of our separate home-study type natural healthcare concepts education programs will progress in a logical sequential manner and cover many important issues, such as: very important nutrition concepts, very important vitamin concepts, very important mineral concepts (major minerals, minor mineral, and trace minerals), important beneficial herb concepts, incredibly important enzyme concepts, beneficial probiotics concepts, vital protein concepts, special nutrition products and supplements, and some other important nutrition type substances and products. 

     We will also educate our clients about pH balance of body fluids concepts, advanced food combining concepts (the enlightened way to eat foods for optimum digestive benefit), vital mental attitude concepts and how this can have a very powerful affect on health through hormone release and balance management (affecting daily health, short-term, medium-term, and long-term health). 

     The power of positive thinking is real, and it can be a very powerful concept for improving health throughout the body when one learns how to use it properly for that purpose.

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will also provide practical and sensible healthcare education concepts about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, bathing water filters, shower filters, and special exercise equipment such as CHI exercisers and quality built rebounders. 

     We will also provide important information about ozone generators (can be very useful for several important things).

     In addition to all of the above listed subjects, we will also present information about natural healthcare consultations, and other important aspects of healthcare education programs. 

     You can learn more about our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs by visiting the special Website developed for that purpose at this address: 


     You obtained important information about the massive healthcare knowledge deficiency dilemma in America when you visited the department titled "Health Problems In USA" (at this Website).

     Topic 25

Advancements in Natural Healthcare Management Knowledge

     In order to make major advances in natural healthcare concepts education for the general public, our corporate officers have worked diligently during the past several years in developing vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that will be interesting, easy to understand, and easy to use.  

     Our Level One natural healthcare concepts education is the beginning phase of our Deluxe advanced home-study education program.  This program can help our qualified clients make important improvements in their personal lifestyle and the way they perform in their career or vocation. 

     This special healthcare education can enable our qualified clients to get on the fast start track to a much healthier lifestyle and a better, more productive, and more successful life.

     Business on-site classes:  We can conduct an introductory education class on-site at each business that has a suitable room for a classroom type digital projector power-point introduction to our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program (about 30 minutes long) during business hours and/or after-hours if needed for some business situations.    

     This business type natural healthcare concepts education program will enable ABC of Health  personnel to present an introduction to our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program to additional business locations each month. 

     We know that our copyrighted  Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can help people function and perform much better for their employer and also improve their performance in major aspects of their personal life as well (with spouse, children, family, friends). 

     Our natural healthcare concepts home-study education program for employees is also designed to help motivate employees to develop healthier personal and family lifestyles that will enable them to enjoy more energy and vitality (physically and mentally) at work and at home. 

     In other words, the educated employee can become much more health-conscious over time and can also teach their household family members how they can become much more health-conscious.  

    This very important lifestyle improvement education can result in a healthier employee (with improved mental and physical abilities), and the employee's family members can also become healthier.  This very desirable situation can enable a substantially reduced stress level for the employee, and it can also reduce the sickness level for the entire family. 

     School age children can easily improve their academic performance by using some of the easy and common-sense natural healthcare concepts that we teach. 

     These major family improvements can enable the employee to focus more energy and efforts toward performing at a higher level when working for the employer because they will have less family concerns and problems to cope with.  This is a real win-win situation where everyone involved wins.

     We know that our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs can help people begin to feel better and also think better.  They can also have more energy, and more vitality, and they can develop better brainpower (more dependable and more reliable brainpower). 

     Healthcare educated employees can also gradually become more congenial and cooperative with their fellow employees and with supervisory personnel, and these gradually growing improvement conditions can enable the development of a much better employee work force for the company.  

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will specifically help motivate people to develop better human relationship skills with other employees as well as with the managers and supervisors and with customer contacts.

     We will teach our education clients why these desirable conditions are actually better for each individual's long-term healthcare interest.  We call this very important healthcare concept "intelligent enlightened self-interest."  

     These multifaceted health and emotion improvements can enable natural healthcare educated employees to perform their job responsibilities considerably better with more reliability, and reduce mistakes (can be costly), and also reduce company healthcare costs. 

     Employers can anticipate less sick-time off for their natural healthcare educated employees and for their natural healthcare educated management personnel.  This may result in lower health insurance costs over time.     

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can enable employees to understand very important advanced natural healthcare concepts that are a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management concepts and natural healthcare protection concepts knowledge.

     These unique natural healthcare concepts and protocols are not generally known by professional healthcare practitioners such as: chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, medical doctors and medical nurse practitioners, or medical nurses, or nutrition consultants (listed in alphabetical order for fairness).  

     Why is this so?  Because Lon Willoughby personally developed our advanced natural healthcare concepts (and promptly copyrighted them for exclusive use by ABC's of Health, Inc.).  We are the only company in America that can legally teach these vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts the way that we will teach them in our easy, interesting, practical, and cost-effective manner.

     We are not aware of any company anywhere that has developed a similar Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program for education of American citizens.

     Our unique vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts can substantially improve the physical and mental abilities of most people.  Our copyrighted natural healthcare education concepts can also enable business managers and their management personnel and other employees to function more effectively and more productively - with more reliability and dependability in each new day.  

     These important  performance improvements can help a company function much better than before the owner or manager and their employees completed our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  These very important performance advantages can help the company become more successful and more profitable and more pleasant to work with and to associate with (as customers, etc.). 

     This situation can occur much faster than would likely occur if the company did not have the multiple benefits that can occur for the employer and the employees due to our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.   

 Topic 26

Who Can Benefit From Our

Natural Healthcare Education Program?

     Hopefully, you have seen that the special healthcare concepts presented in our Home department and our three Home Extension departments can be very beneficial to adults (and their teenage children) that have access to the Internet.  These natural healthcare concepts can also be very beneficial to younger children, but they will do that through their smart well-informed (enlightened) parents. 

     Multiple reviews of the natural healthcare concepts presented Free at this Website can be very important to you every day for the rest of your life because they can help you protect your natural healthcare assets much better than before (your body, your brain and other vital organs, your mental attitudes daily, etc., as identified in Topic 3 in the Home Extension 1 department). 

     Please remember that people in America are dying by the tens of thousands weekly because they had not been educated about the exceptionally important vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that one of our home-study education programs will teach our "qualified education clients." 

     While you are reviewing our special natural healthcare concepts, please keep in mind that an average of about 7,115 people die daily in America, and that death rate amounts to an average of about 49,800 deaths per week, and that amounts to about 216,000 deaths each month in the USA

     Please stop for a moment and seriously consider that your health is truly the most valuable asset that you will ever possess in your lifetime, no matter what you may accomplish financially or politically or socially.  You may not have seriously thought about your precious health in this manner before. 

     Just consider this: many people lose their health in the pursuit of gaining wealth - this is very common in America.  However, you can now see and understand clearly that this situation is not a good trade - because living the rest of one's lifetime with poor health and probably having to cope daily with some serious disease conditions is a very bad trade outcome for one's life. 

     However, the situation usually gets worse for most of those people because they will also be punished substantially with a shortened lifespan.  You can easily see that this predictable outcome is not worth having more money - not even all the money that one person could use responsibly. 

     Substantial wealth achievement, without maintaining the good mental and physical health to enjoy the accumulating wealth, is not really a desirable objective for a practical, reasonable, and sensible person.   Accumulation of wealth while maintaining very good health is a much smarter objective, and we can help people learn how to protect their health well while they strive to accumulate wealth.

      When you have the vital healthcare concepts presented above clearly in mind, you can begin to understand that visiting this special Website may be one of the most important healthcare actions that you have every taken.  This very important Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website provides very important and valuable information about our natural healthcare concepts.

     You can see that we offer our clients a remarkable opportunity to learn how they can get educated  about our advanced natural healthcare concepts.  This unique healthcare concepts education can enable our qualified clients to have a much better potential to avoid being harmed by some serious  healthcare traps that most Americans will likely encounter numerous times during their lifetime.

      Fortunately, this special Website presents some of our proprietary very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts for consideration by our visitors.  Our Free natural healthcare concepts  can enable most visitors to begin improving their lifestyle quickly, if they choose to do so.

     Let's now detour you over to an important department titled Unfair Healthcare Deck where you will have an opportunity to learn why the Natural Healthcare Deck is stacked badly against Americans, including many dietitians, healthy lifestyle coaches, medical doctors, medical nurses, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic doctors, nutritionist and many other people working in the healthcare field - acupuncturist, chiropractors, eye doctors, foot doctors, health store workers, etc.

You can use the convenient link below to get to that department instantly.  Use your Back Arrow Function or your Tab Function to come back to this exact location when you are ready to return here.

Unfair Healthcare Deck

Welcome back to this department.  Let's continue with this department presentation.

Topic  27

Where Is Our Company Located and

What Is Our Current Business Plan?  

     Although we have closed our "health and wellness facility" in Mauldin, our business name, mail address, phone numbers, and Websites continue in operation because our Corporation is still in the natural healthcare concepts education business.  Our business office is still located in Mauldin, but our Hi-Tech, Hi-Security office is located in a private facility that is not open to the public - because we no longer provide walk-in sales or services like we did when we had our health and wellness store

     Having our private office enables Lon and Janie Willoughby to have more time to work on developing our very important natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.  Our private office also helps Lon have fewer interruptions to his continuing healthcare research work, and this situation will also enable him to focus more time and effort toward providing our short introductory education presentations (30 - 45 minutes) to as many businesses as possible each month (in the greater Greenville area) when we begin leasing our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs to business owners, managers, and their employees.  

     We also plan to expand our copyrighted natural healthcare improvement education services in the future by training some other natural healthcare concepts instructors so we can provide our special introductory natural healthcare education presentations to company personnel in other areas of the state (Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, etc.).  Eventually, we may provide these healthcare presentations in other cities and towns throughout South Carolina.  

     At some point in time, Lon and Janie Willoughby may decide to offer our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs for lease in other states.  Both Lon and Janie  realize that most American citizens need our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs badly.  We understand that about 50,000 people die weekly in the USA and many of those people could have maintained good health if they had learned our healthcare concepts.

Dangers of Judicial Corruption Affect Our Business

     However, Lon is also very much aware of the appalling and disgustingly unfair and unethical self-serving judicial corruption that can easily occur in the judicial systems in America.  Our Judicial Corruption Exposed department at this Website explains some of this situation.  We also have another Website that presents Lon's very important 13 page short story report about that situation.  Use the Website link below to make a quick visit to that Website and visit briefly our Justice and Legal Shield department.  Then use your back arrow feature repeatedly to come back to this location.


     Welcome back to this Website.  Unfortunately, those very possible judicial corruption conditions can make it very dangerous for our company to do business in other states due to the potential for litigation actions in other states (especially with some attorney generals who are very likely aligned with and sympathetic to the medical profession in their state and the judicial systems within their state).  Consequently, we could be forced to try to cope with harassment type litigation in other states; that could be very expensive and very time consuming for Lon as president of ABC's of Health, Inc. 

     Currently, we simply avoid those risky judicial dangers by restricting our natural healthcare education activities to our local area (the upstate area of South Carolina).  This eliminates the dangers of having to cope with unfair and unethical harassment type litigation actions in other states - where we would likely have to try to litigate against corrupt local attorneys and corrupt local judges.  We have an excellent attorney general in South Carolina so we do not have those same concerns in this state.

     If you don't understand these potential litigation dangers, please read the information in our Judicial Corruption Exposed department again.  Lon has experience with harassment litigation actions in a distant southern state that was conducted in a malicious and ruthless manner against him for 21+ years.  More than 15,000 hours of Lon's time were expended in trying to defend himself from unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt litigation schemes and tactics by unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions by local attorneys and judges. Lon had to drive his car about 9,000 miles back and forth to the distant southern state while participating in various litigation actions in the distant state.

     Why did they treat Lon so badly and so maliciously in the distant southern state?  Initially because he had helped his parent develop an excellent estate settlement plan that minimized federal estate settlement taxes and also minimized probate expenses in their legal system (after Lon's father died in November 1986).   Subsequently, non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby also exposed a successive series of unfair and unethical and corrupt trial court judges to the relevant appellate court in that state.  The appellate court judges did not take responsible actions to initiate investigations by appropriate law enforcement personnel (state and federal agencies) - as Lon repeatedly requested in his appeal briefs

     Consequently, those unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt judicial actions continued when each appeal case was concluded, and the litigation actions were resumed in the trial court.  After 12 appeal cases, Lon stopped litigating pro se in their outrageously corrupt courts.  He had proven conclusively that their judicial system was an extremely corrupt system that is unfairly self-serving for members of the legal profession - the legal brotherhood.  Judicial fairness and impartiality and the pursuit of JUSTICE is a sick joke in their extremely biased self-serving court system

    Two of the unfair, unethical, and corrupt attorneys (brothers) involved with that harassment litigation essentially confiscated (stole) more than $126,000 out of the trust account that Lon's parents had set up for him in the distant state (the parent's residence State).  The attorneys essentially stole most of the money in that trust account with the help of a series of six corrupt trial court judges during the 21+ years of related malicious and ruthless harassment type litigation actions against Lon Willoughby. 

     So you now understand what they were after throughout those 21+ years (Lon's money), in addition to trying to maliciously and ruthlessly punish non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby and try to destroy him as a person and also destroy his health store business in Greenville, South Carolina.

     Yes, the judicial systems in America can be that corrupt any time they want to be corrupt in a self-serving manner.  Lon gradually learned that the judicial systems had also corrupted the law enforcement agencies (both state and federal).  During those 21+ years of ongoing harassment litigation actions against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Lon could not get any law enforcement agents (state agents or the FBI office agents in the distant state) to even look at the solid documentary evidence that Lon tried to show them about said corrupt judicial actions against him.

     His responsible and diligent actions in that regard also included Lon's detailed documentary written complaints report for, and his personal visits to, both the state's attorney general legal staff and the governor's legal staff.  They did nothing toward investigating his well-documented complaints. 

     Our Terms of Use department explains how Lon feels about members of the legal profession and members of the law enforcement agencies in the USA having access to the very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts that Lon has presented herein for Free access to most of our other visitors (if they agree to responsibly comply with our Terms of Use conditions).  You reviewed   our Terms of Use conditions after Topic 3 was presented in our Home Extension 1 department

     Your review of our Judicial Corruption Exposed department (this Website) and the information stated briefly above will help you understand why our Terms of Use conditions are written the way they are.  Here is a convenient link to take you to our Judicial Corruption Exposed department for a quick look around and then return back here by using your Back Arrow Function

Judicial Corruption Exposed Department

Topic 28

ABC's Very Convenient Home-study

Natural Healthcare Education Program

     The revised business operation plan for ABC of Health will provide optimized on-site convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for each local company that agrees for Lon to present our very important and valuable introductory natural healthcare concepts education presentation at their company location.     

     Lon knows how to present an Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that is suitable for lease by owners, managers, supervisors, professional type employees, and also other types of employees that might want to lease and participate in one of our life-changing Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs. 

     Our introductory education program by Lon is quick and easy to understand and it is enjoyable - while he provides an overview of the various Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that we can offer to company personnel.  Lon will explain some of the benefits and features of our healthcare education programs, and he will briefly show the great need for this type of natural healthcare education for almost everyone. 

     Medical doctors and nurses and other types of healthcare professionals also need to study one of education programs.  However, as we related previously, our company has a policy that we will not educate our healthcare practitioner competitors. 

     For obvious competitive reasons, we will not offer one of our natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs to any of our many competitors in the healthcare services field of work.  Many of them would likely begin using some of our copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare concepts with their clients and thereby compete with ours natural healthcare education services, as if they owned ourr copyrights.  For obvious competitive reasons, we cannot allow that to happen.

Topic 29

Difficulty In Teaching Important

Natural Healthcare Concepts  

     As explained previously, our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc. owned and operated a unique health and wellness facility in the Greenville area of South Carolina for 14+ years.  During those years, we worked with more than a thousand customers, and we learned that most of our customers appeared to believe that they knew how to take good care of their body and their health.  

     We eventually learned that most of our customers seemed to be comfortable "thinking and believing" that they already knew enough about important natural healthcare conceptsThey seemed to believe that they did not need any additional education about how to take good care of their health. 

     Stop for a moment and think about how you feel about this important subject; you may feel the same way that most other people seem to naturally feel about this subject (as expressed above).  However, our extensive work experiences with a lot of our health store customers convinced us that most people did not know nearly as much about very important healthcare concepts as they believed they knew. 

     We found that most people actually knew very little about how to take good care of their very complex body systems, and what they did know appeared to be piecemeal healthcare information.  What most customers knew about very important natural healthcare concepts appeared to be fragmented healthcare concepts that were not accurate enough, or complete enough, or comprehensive enough, to enable them to take good care of their natural healthcare assets

     To their credit, many health store customers had learned enough about some basic healthcare concepts to enable them to be more knowledgeable than most ordinary people - people who did not routinely shop in health food stores for quality food products and quality nutrition supplements. 

     Over the years, our health store personnel learned that the typical health store customer had learned enough health care knowledge to be somewhat helpful, but their knowledge was not complete enough to enable them to competently manage their incredibly important natural healthcare assets

     Our customers did not know about the vital healthcare concepts and the advanced healthcare concepts that our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, had developed over a period of many years.  Lon understood that those very special natural healthcare concepts could enable people to live a much healthier life.  He understood that his special natural healthcare concepts could help people minimize their potential for getting some of the serious diseases that are common in America.  

     We recognized and understood those customer situations, and our personnel were empathetic toward our customer's lack of important natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  After all, how could they have been knowledge about our copyrighted natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets when their previous education (high school and also college) had not educated them about these very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts. 

     They certainly had not been educated about the vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed and timely copyrighted over the years for exclusive use by ABC of Health

     Lon worked long hours during those years (80 - 90 hours per week) as he was slowly developing his natural healthcare concepts.  He felt a sense of urgency about this because he had seen a lot of evidence that there was a great need for a practical, responsible, and sensible alternative health natural healthcare concepts education program that could be very convenient for adults (and also teenagers).

      It was clear to him that it could be very helpful to millions of American (adults and teenagers) to have a convenient and practical opportunity to get educated about our incredibly important and valuable vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Topic 30

Easy Internet Education

     This Website used to provide Free access to many vital natural healthcare concepts that Lonnie Willoughby developed and copyrighted over a period of years.  We posted those special healthcare concepts on our Website in order to greatly benefit our customers (at no cost to them) in learning how to make important improvements in their lifestyles (by using some of our vital healthcare concepts). 

     As mentioned previously, we also made those vital healthcare concepts available to visitors to this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.  That very valuable vital healthcare concepts education service was terminated on March 26, 2016 at 11:30 PM, as explained previously. 

     Over the years, we gradually learned that most of our health and wellness facility customers did not ever visit this Website, even though we encouraged them to do so in several ways.  It appears that most of our customers missed out on benefiting from the very important and very valuable vital healthcare concepts that we specifically posted for them at this Website (www.ABCofHealth.com). 

     Our personnel understand that our vital natural healthcare concepts could be very helpful to our customers in maintaining and protecting their precious natural healthcare assets.  Unfortunately, our vital natural healthcare concepts did not help most customers because they did not visit this Website. They did not visit our Vital Healthcare Concepts department (free access stopped on March 26, 2016). 

     This is another illustration that our health and wellness facility customers did not understand that they really did need to learn about our special vital natural healthcare concepts

     Also remember that ABC of Health spent many thousands of dollars advertising Free natural healthcare concepts introductory classes over a period of years, but hardly anyone would phone in and register to attend a Free class about very important natural healthcare concepts (we offered day classes and night classes).  The only requirement to attend was to call ABC of Health and register. 

    Our expensive numerous ads always advertised our Website address, but it appears that most people did not take time to visit our Website.  They also missed out on all of the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that we presented Free at our Website.

     This Website presents reliable statistical health data that show that there are very severe penalties in life for practically everyone who does not get educated about how to take better care of their health. The special alternative health vital natural healthcare concepts that our Website provided gave people an outstanding opportunity to begin improving their lifestyle

     Reliable data show that more than 1,500,000 people die in America annually from heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, diabetes (can also cause blindness, foot or leg amputations, etc.), dementia conditions (including Alzheimer's) and some other serious disease conditions. 

     You can see that our natural healthcare concepts education business is very serious business, and it should now be clear to you that the healthcare concepts education programs that Lon and Janie are developing are exceptionally important and can be incredibly valuable for millions of Americans.

     Let's take a quick detour over to one of our teaching Websites so you can see how we use multiple Websites as an important part of our education programs.  Select the link below to visit an interesting Website and review the brief introductory information for that Website.  See if you can solve the important natural healthcare concepts puzzle (question) that is presented in that information. 

     Please observe the various department titles at that Website to see the very valuable information categories available at that Website.  When you try to enter some of those departments, you will find that most of them have restricted access - they require a login name and password to enter. 

     Those restricted access departments will be available only to our qualified education clients at the appropriate time as they progress through one of our healthcare home-study education programs

     When you are ready to return to this location, use your Back Arrow Function to come back here (or use your Tab feature). 


Topic 31

Free Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Classes

     ABC's of Health, Inc. spent many thousands of dollars for various advertising projects - primarily informing the general public about our Free natural healthcare concepts classes, where Lon Willoughby could introduce people to the great importance of the special natural healthcare concepts that he had developed.  Unfortunately, we found that it was very difficult to help the public, or our health and wellness store customers, very much in this regard. 

     We tried to accomplish some of this badly needed natural healthcare concepts education with Free classes, and in some other ways.  However, we gradually learned that people in general, and almost all of our customers, stubbornly resisted being educated about our vital natural healthcare concepts 

     Our analysis of those recurring situations discovered two primary reasons for widespread resistance to and skepticism about our Free natural healthcare concepts education classes

The First Reason For Resistance and Skepticism About
The Need For Natural Healthcare Concepts Education

     The human body is much more complex than most ordinary people realize.  Ordinary people are   those who are not educated healthcare practitioners such as: acupuncturist, chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, exercise consultants, eye doctors, massage therapist, medical doctors, medical nurses, natural healthcare consultants, nutrition consultants, physical therapist, etc. (listed n alphabetical order for fairness).

     Due to their lack of competent natural healthcare concepts knowledge, most ordinary people simply depend on their body's natural abilities to try to maintain good health to keep going throughout their early adult life.  For many people, this seems to work reasonably well for many years, so they continue  using this "my body takes care of itself" attitude for many more years.

     Unfortunately, most adults, teenagers, and even younger children, do many things that are harmful to their body on a frequent basis.  Most people do not realize the serious harm that is being caused to their vital body systems, and they do not consider the harmful effects accumulating in their body.

     Most of those harmful effects may not be noticeable in the early years, up to age 40 or maybe 50.  However, the ongoing harm and damages continue to accumulate over the years, and by the time they are clearly noticeable, the person is probably in big trouble health-wise.

     A few of the healthcare lifestyle problem issues that can vividly illustrate this very important point are listed and explained briefly below.   See how many of these issues have affected your lifestyle.

     1.  Improper food and drink consumption can cause poor digestion of food and also cause poor assimilation of food nutrients in the intestinal system.  Those conditions can  create toxic food residue in the intestinal system, and those toxic substances can then be absorbed into the blood system.  The toxins can circulate throughout the body, and this situation can cause serious damage to trillions of body cells throughout the body. 

     Lon has good scientific reasons for understanding why this very harmful situation is likely happening to most Americans (adults, teenagers, and younger children) on a daily basis, including many professional healthcare practitioners of various types throughout America. 

     These critically important harmful toxic situations can contribute substantially to some serious disease conditions for millions of Americans each year, such as cardiovascular problems (including heart attacks and strokes), cancer conditions, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, etc.  This is a very serious healthcare issue!!! 

     Due to Lon Willoughby's extensive alternative health type natural healthcare concepts studies of very important natural healthcare research data, and due to his many years of experiments and experiences in this regard, he was able to develop an enlightened way to eat and drink at meal times, and snack times, that can minimize the typical harmful effects in the very common and troublesome lifestyle issue that is related briefly above. 

     As far as we know, Lon is the only alternative health type natural healthcare concepts consultant, and nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach in South Carolina, and probably in all of America, that has developed a proprietary copyrighted method (protocol) of eating and drinking in a truly enlightened manner.   His incredibly important protocol can reliably, responsibly, and sensibly minimize the common and usual digestion problems that are identified in issue 1 above

     This is one of our most important and valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts.

     2.  Improper attitudes and thought processes that typically become habitual, and then routinely cause serious harmful effects to important hormonal system functions.  These conditions can have very serious adverse effects upon the complex endocrine system. 

     3.  Inadequate exercise of body muscles, or improper exercise, or too much exercise. For some athletic type people, too much exercise can cause muscle tissue and joint damages, and also cause a lot of free radicals; all of that physical abuse can result in serious damage to trillions of body cells.  

     4.  Inadequate rest and sleep affects many people adversely, especially seniors, and research indicates that this can also have substantial adverse effects on long-term brain health.  It may be a substantial factor in the development of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.   

     5.  Voluntarily using addictive substances that can become harmful to the body in substantial ways (alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, cigarettes, coffee and some forms of tea, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine's, pain reducing drugs and sedatives that can become addictive, sugar in various forms and other sweet substances can also be addictive and can be very harmful, especially for children and teenagers

     NOTE:  Cancer cells love sugar and other sweets and they also love for us to eat a lot of protein.  If you want to avoid cancer conditions, you may need to minimize sugar and other sweeteners in your diet and also control carefully the amount of carbohydrate foods that convert quickly and easily to glucose in the blood.  Yes, we need some protein type foods in our diet, but eating too much protein type foods can cause some serious health problems, in addition to helping cancer cells thrive.

     6.  Breathing toxic chemical fumes and other substances such as automobile exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, charcoal grill and gas fired grill smoke, and eating any food that was cooked over an open flame or in a smoke filled oven (wood fired oven) - smoke usually contains many toxic gases that can be very harmful, as any trained fire fighter knows.  Gases can stick to food and then poison you. 

     The toxic situations in number 6 above can cause cellular damage to trillions of body cells and those damages can accumulate in the body from each toxic situation. 

     Over time, these recurring toxic situations can cause very serious damage to vital body organs and various systems within the body.  Please remember this daily:  eating any food cooked over an open flame poisons the blood system - this kind of very serious repetitive damage can accumulate throughout one's lifetime!  This can cause a lot of toxicity in the body.

     Over the years, the six important lifestyle issues listed above can contribute to serious healthcare damages and healthcare deficiency issues.  The harmful effects can continue, day after day, week after week, and month after month, and year after year.  Such ongoing abuse and/or toxicity can gradually damage the body's vital organs and the body's natural healthcare maintenance systems severely

     These combined damages typically cause the body's natural healthcare maintenance systems to be greatly reduced in efficiency and effectiveness and therefore unable to maintain good cellular health throughout the body.  The person's health begins to deteriorate more rapidly from that point in time. 

     With years of continuing healthcare abuse, due to a lack of vital natural healthcare concepts knowledge, the body systems progressively develop serious health problems that eventually become evident as "disease conditions."  At that point, it can be very difficult for a person to repair the very serious damage that has been done to trillions of body cells over a period of years, particularly in the most vital organs (adrenal glands, arteries, brain, heart, kidneys, intestinal system, liver, lungs, pancreas, spleen, thyroid gland, etc. - listed in alphabetical order). 

     As you know, some of that ongoing damage can be voluntarily stopped. The severe damage that has been done over time may be reduced and partially reversed to some extent over a period of months by taking appropriate natural healthcare actions - if one learns how to take the needed cellular repair actions.   We can help our qualified clients learn about those very important healthcare concepts.

     Just consider the six lifestyle danger categories listed above.  How many of those did you already know about?  How many were you already using in a responsible manner to improve your lifestyle? 

The Second Reason For Resistance and Skepticism About
The Need For
Natural Healthcare Concepts Education

     Most people do not understand how complex their body systems are and they tend to casually over-simplify their need for some comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education.  Lon found that the really BIG PROBLEM is that most people want to believe that they have already learned enough about important and valuable natural healthcare concepts

     Consequently, they were reluctant to put forth additional time and effort, or spend a significant amount of money, to substantially improve their natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  Remember: we had great difficulty getting people to attend Free natural healthcare concepts education classes for several years (when we offered regular classes).

     Unfortunately, those bodies will continue being subjected to thousands of abusive actions each year - actions that could have been avoided easily, if they had simply taken time to learn about our special natural healthcare concepts and then know how to avoid those harmful damages in the future.

      Our extensive experience with a lot of people shows that most people will take no responsible actions to improve their knowledge of our special natural healthcare concepts, for the reasons stated above.  It appears that the most effort that some people will take in this regard is to purchase one or two health-oriented books.  But there are hundreds of good health-oriented books in the market place, so which health books should a person select to purchase and then read?  

     Lon has purchased more than 1000 very good healthcare type books over the years and they are now in our corporate library.  He has read or reviewed hundreds of health-oriented books, and he found that each book typically focuses on only a few healthcare issues.  Each book provides some good helpful healthcare information that can be beneficial to many people. 

     However, Lon's extensive natural healthcare concepts literature research did not find any health book, or healthcare concepts education program, that provided the comprehensive but simplified alternative health type natural healthcare concepts education that he believes all ordinary adults and teenagers in America need to acquire as early as possible in life.  

     The inadequate natural healthcare concepts knowledge situations that are related above also apply to a lesser extent to many people that work as educated healthcare professionals in various healthcare specialties (as identified and listed alphabetically previously above). 

     When Lon reviewed his substantial lifetime contact actions with medical doctors, nurses, and other conventionally educated and trained healthcare professionals, he realized that he had not encountered any person that gave any indication that they had acquired the comprehensive alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge that Lon now understands is needed to learn how to manage one's lifestyle in a practical, responsible, and sensible enlightened manner.   

     Lon Willoughby also understands that healthcare professionals cannot afford to take time to attempt to educate their clients and patients very much about good lifestyle management concepts.  It is simply not practical for them to do so, even if they have the alternative health type natural healthcare concepts knowledge that is needed to competently accomplish those complex education actions.  Lon understands that most healthcare practitioner do not have this kind of special healthcare knowledge.  

     He understands that it would take more than thirty hours of the healthcare practitioner's time in a classroom setting to effectively "educate" each patient or client about a basic assortment of complex natural healthcare concepts that each patient or client really needs to understand.   

     Think about your responses to the questions below:

      1.   How many healthcare professionals have you encountered in your lifetime that took the time to discuss with you any of the six lifestyle categories of harmful actions and substances that we have  related above?

     2.  How many of those healthcare practitioners discussed with you two or more of the six harmful lifestyle categories related above? 

     3.   How many of those healthcare practitioners do you think know about these lifestyle issues?

     Please understand that there are other vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that all adults and teenagers need to learn about and then responsibly incorporate into their daily lifestyle. 

     The six lifestyle categories that we have related briefly above are a quick introduction to a few of the special natural healthcare concepts that everyone needs to understand - if they want to have a fair opportunity to improve their potential to live a healthier, more successful, and more enjoyable life.

     Our extensive healthcare experiences with a lot of people found that most people do not seriously consider that they might need some really good natural healthcare concepts education.

      Lon Willoughby understands and believes, and is now firmly convinced, that the smartest and the most sensible and the most practical way for an individual, or a married couple, to quickly acquire really important and incredibly valuable comprehensive vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge will be to lease one of our natural healthcare concepts education programs.

     When our natural healthcare education programs are ready for leasing distribution, we will only offer one of these remarkable education programs to qualified education clients in the upstate area of South Carolina.  We have previously provided information herein about our "client qualification standards."

     Lon understands well the need for this kind of natural healthcare concepts education because he has been researching and studying and learning about alternative health type natural healthcare solutions for numerous healthcare problems for more than thirty-six years. 

     He saw the need for alternative health type natural healthcare concepts education for practically everyone many years ago, and he responsibly tried several ways of helping educate our health store customers about some of our proprietary natural healthcare concepts, as reported previously.  

     That important objective was the major reason that Lon and Janie purchased a small health store in Greenville, South Carolina, more than 17 years ago (December 1998).  As stated previously, Lon found that it was extremely difficult to provide much natural healthcare concepts education for our health and wellness store customers, for the reasons reported above, and for the additional reasons that are reported below.

     We have a separate department at this Website that presents very important information about this subject.  It explains six very important mental attitude issues (myths) that probably cause many millions of Americans to avoid getting educated about very important natural healthcare concepts, even when they have a good opportunity to do so.  We encourage you to try to keep an open, objective, and mature mindset when you review the special information presented in our Healthcare Myths department.

     Some of these issues may also be holding you back from responsibly seeking the natural healthcare concepts education that could benefit you a lot - every day thereafter, for the rest of your life.

Topic 32

Our Ongoing Work In Developing Exciting Natural
Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

     Over many years of natural healthcare concepts education efforts, Lon Willoughby concluded that our company needed to focus most of our personnel work efforts on developing home-study type education programs that could teach our vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts to our qualified client in the comfort and convenience of their home or residence, on their own time schedule.

     It was clear to Lon that this would be the most practical way, and the most effective way, for our company to help fill the very serious natural healthcare concepts education void that affects almost all adults, teenagers, and younger children in America today (and that will affect generations of Americans into future years). 

     Lon sees the very serious need for an easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use simplified alternative health type advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program that can enable ordinary people to get on the fast-track to better health with more energy and vitality and a much better potential for a longer healthy life.  They could then enjoy more accomplishments, more success, and much more contentment and satisfaction with their lifetime opportunities.    

     After years of natural healthcare concepts research and study, he did not find any natural healthcare concepts home-study education books or education programs that were comprehensive enough to be suitable for effectively educating ordinary people.  After a lot of time and effort in searching, he eventually concluded that "if it is to be, it is up to me."

     Our primary corporate officers, Lon and Janie Willoughby, understand that current healthcare medical costs are bankrupting many families in America each year, and medical costs have already bankrupted some major businesses, and have already essentially bankrupted several states and many counties within various states. 

     We also realize that medical costs and related social services are rapidly bankrupting our federal government.  Those costs are a substantial part of the 20 trillion dollars of nation debt that we now have in America.  $20 trillion = $20,000,000,000,000

      The obvious solution to this critically important healthcare crisis dilemma is to develop an effective way to provide a competent natural healthcare concepts education program for as many American citizens as possible, as quickly as possible. 

     However, as explained at this Website, this is an exceptionally challenging situation for a number of reasons.  Lon and Janie Willoughby have an excellent understanding of the special natural healthcare concepts that people need to be educated about but their experiences over many years has proven that most people do not want to get educated. 

     They also know from a lot of experience with our health store customers over 14+ years that getting people to be willing to attend classes and learn special natural healthcare concepts is a very difficult and frustrating objective to achieve.  That is easily illustrated by the healthcare concepts education information that has been presented at this Introductory Education Website.  Do you now understand the great need that exists in America for our natural healthcare education programs?


     You have completed your initial "quick reviews" of our Home department and each one of our Home Extension departments (1, 2, and 3).

     You have reviewed briefly a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts information, and you were able to review all of these special healthcare concepts Free!!!

      As you know by now, we have other departments that contain very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that are Free to most visitors and all of our qualified clients.  You also know that we have other Websites that contain very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that can be very helpful to you and helpful to some of your family members, friends, and associates.  

We suggest that you carefully study the departments at this Website in this order:
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     If you live within our qualifying area in South Carolina (Zip Codes of 296 _ _ ) and would like to discuss the possibility of a natural healthcare consultation session with Lon Willoughby for you or for some of your immediate family members (spouse or teenage children living at home with you), or perhaps your parents (even in a home-care situation or a nursing home situation), you can contact us by Email or by telephone about those situations. 

     If you want an update on the status of our remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs, you can inquire about this situation by Email or by telephone. 

     We would like to communicate with you because we have acquired a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts information, beyond the Free information that you have reviewed at our Websites, and we know how to use our special natural healthcare concepts to help most people more than they can imagine being helped with a very convenient telephone consultation session, or in one of our much more comprehensive natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

     May you live long and prosper well in America as a healthy patriotic American,

Lon Willoughby, founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health in South Carolina

Overview Summary of Our

Natural Healthcare Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and valuable natural healthcare education services that ABC of Health offers to qualified American citizens. Similar information is presented in some other departments because key words are contained herein that help various Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

     After you have reviewed this helpful summary one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain a similar overview summary.   

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we present natural healthcare concepts education at our multiple Websites.  This very important healthcare information can be helpful to most visitors - we try to help motivate them to begin improving their personal lifestyle. 

     We also offer natural healthcare concepts consultations by telephone for people living in the upstate area of South Carolina - within an approximate 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure)   We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that may be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with children.

    We suggest that all such consultations be conducted via a landline type telephone connection.  We want clients to avoid cell phone type radiation for an extended period of time into the very sensitive head area. 

    Due to his science and electronics education and work experiences, Lon understands that this high frequency radiation can cause serious ear, brain, and eye damages.  Lon also understands that it is much safer to keep cell phone radiation to short time periods and to also use the speakerphone feature whenever possible.  (keep the cell phone at arms length from the body whenever possible)

    If there are teenage children in a family, and a landline telephone speakerphone connection is available for use, it may be important to include these older children in the family type telephone healthcare concepts consultation session. 

    We can structure a telephone consultation to be very beneficial to teenage children, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents.  However, consultation clients may need to consider in advance the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information that the parents want to include in the consultation session.

    Our telephone consultations can quickly introduce new clients to relevant alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that may be very helpful in regards to specific healthcare issues.

    Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for our new clients to learn about some alternative type natural healthcare concepts that can be directed to  healthcare issues of concern.  This very convenient consultation opportunity can enable new clients to quickly obtain very valuable relevant natural healthcare concepts at a reasonable cost.

    Our company is developing very important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  They will initially be available for lease to American citizens who are "qualified" residents (citizens) of South Carolina - live in the upstate area of the state and have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

    Our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study type education program will enable us to provide advanced natural healthcare concepts that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding some very important healthcare issues.  Over time, this more comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education can be much more helpful for an individual, or a married couple, or a family with children living at home, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

    The proprietary copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study type natural healthcare education programs can educate "qualified clients" about our incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare, wellness, and fitness concepts

    We know how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy for clients to understand, and easy to learn, and also easy to use to achieve remarkable improvements in the lifestyles of our "qualified education clients." 

    These natural healthcare improvements can benefit our clients in many very important ways that can enable them to live much more enjoyable lives with more productivity and more success in life than would have likely been possible with their previous lifestyle. 

    You can learn more about our remarkable home-study healthcare concepts education programs at a special Website designed for that purpose.  The convenient link below will enable you to quickly visit that Website and review helpful information about our remarkable home-study education programs.


Welcome back to this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website.

    Our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be available only from our company because we own the numerous copyrights that are used in the advanced natural healthcare concepts that our education programs will teach

     No other company in America is authorized to teach our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts because these are very valuable corporate trade secrets that we maintain as top security information

    ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important natural healthcare concepts about various subjects such as:  healthcare consultations, health classes, healthcare classes, healthcare concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder type exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores and health food stores. 

    The relevant natural healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of important healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby)

     Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and a lot of practical natural healthcare work experiences with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare education concepts and services.

(natural healthcare services = no prescription type drugs are offered). 

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