Judicial Corruption Exposed For All To See Clearly

Report by Lon Willoughby at ABC of Health

Self-serving judicial corruption is apparently common-place practice in American courts.  This was  clearly demonstrated numerous times in the ongoing 21+ years of related malicious litigation actions that Lonnie Willoughby (Lon) was subjected to by dishonest, unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt attorneys, operating in a very cooperative manner with a series of dishonest, unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt trial court judges, and cooperative appellant court judges, as reported herein.

Lon also learned that self-serving judicial corruption can go all the way up to the nine justices sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States (and be conveniently ignored by them).  Lonnie Willoughby went to a lot of trouble, and a tremendous amount of preparation documentary work, and substantial expenses to submit two separate appeal cases to the high court.  Both appeal cases exposed extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt judicial actions in the trial court and the appellate court. 

All nine of the high-court justices voted in each of Lon's appeals to do nothing about the outrageously corrupt judicial actions that he reported with clearly documented official litigation records that provided strong preliminary evidence of his legitimate complaints the high court.

Lon learned that the nine justices sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court can easily allow lower courts (trial courts and appellate courts) to get away with extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions by simply choosing to not review unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving appellate court decisions by the appellate court below. 

The high court gets thousands of cases submitted to them annually, but they choose to only hear about 40 to 50 cases per year, so it is very easy for state appellate court judges and federal appellate court judges to get away with rendering extremely unfair, unethical, and fraudulent judicial decisions that are favorable in a self-serving way for the elitist legal brotherhood (persons who are members of the legal profession in some capacity - attorneys, lawyers, judges). 

Lonnie Willoughby knows that these situations are happening in America because he has personally been subjected to numerous situations of this type, and he exposed very serious judicial corruption to appropriate appellate courts (and they routinely did nothing to stop such actions), and then reported those actions to the U.S. Supreme Court twice, in two separate appeal cases, that he filed with the high court. 

As stated above in the quick overview statement, the nine justices of the US Supreme Court each voted to take no judicial actions that might have helped expose and correct the very serious judicial harm done to Lonnie Willoughby by the extremely unfair and unethical and criminal-minded corrupt judicial actions that had been taken against him in an elitist manner by the self-serving judges below. 

Lon's two separate appeal briefs to the high court reported how he had been ruthlessly and maliciously persecuted by a series of attorneys and trial court judges and then by cooperative appellate court judges who refused to overturn those actions. (all were "officers" of the respective courts involved) 

Lonnie Willoughby went to a lot of trouble and accomplished an extreme amount of detailed legal work preparing and publishing his legal briefs for each appeal case.  The appeal procedures required that he publish his appeal legal brief, "Petition for Writ of Certiorari", in book format, printed on both sides of the paper (like a regular small book) with bound covers.  The procedures required that he send the high court 40 copies of his published book style legal brief for each appeal case. 

Lon also had substantial expenses and lost work time while working for hundreds of hours to report the disputed "unfair, unethical and corrupt judicial actions" to the high court.  He had to do all of that work for each of his two separate appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States. No photo copies of any evidence documents (orders, transcript pages, etc.) were allowed so everything had to be retyped completely, word for word, to fit into the ridiculous small book format that was required.

As it turned out for each appeal case, all of those actions were a total waste of Lon's time, his diligent laborious efforts, and the substantial expenses involved for his actions to responsibly expose the outrageously corrupt judicial actions (in the two lower courts) to the nine justices of the high court.   

Lon's first appeal to the high court was about a state court civil case that had gone through the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt elitist trial court, and had then gone through the unfair, unethical, and corrupt elitist state appellate court (all actions in a distant southern state). 

Lon's second appeal to the high court occurred several years later, after a related civil case had gone through the unfair, unethical and corrupt elitist federal trial court and had then gone through the very unfair, and unethical, and extremely self-serving corrupt elitist federal appellate court.

Our ABC of Health.biz Website contains a Justice department that presents Lon Willoughby's 13-page short story about some of the appalling and disgusting judicial actions that he experienced over a 20+ years period of related ongoing litigation actions involving numerous state trial court judges and state appellate court judges in a distant southern state's elitist judicial system. 

Lon Willoughby was a non-resident litigant in those state court litigation actions, and he was consistently treated like a foreigner (from another country) although he is a natural born American citizen, and a 4-years military veteran, and had served an additional 19 years as a federal government employee with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  (23 years of federal service)

Lon quickly learned that "local" trial attorneys and "local" trial judges generally know each other well and work together closely.  In general they can conspiratorially decide ahead of trial how they "agree" for the case to turn out, and they can then be as dishonest, devious, unethical, and corrupt as necessary to make the case come out the way they had already decided that it "should" turn out. 

In defendant Co-trustee Lon Willoughby's initial trial court litigation in September 1989, the two opposing attorneys and the trial court judge collusively manipulated the case to make it come out the way they wanted it to come out, irrespective of the controlling legal standards that were applicable, and irrespective of the factual evidence that came out during Lon's several hours of testimony at trial, and irrespective of the legal system's relevant ethics standards that the attorneys and the judge were supposed to honor and comply with (but violated severely in several ways).

In some cases, like Lon's initial civil case in September 1989, the trial is just a "show" with the two opposing attorneys (plaintiff's attorney and the defendant's "defense attorney") and the trial court judge being the primary self-serving dishonest elitist actors in the "show." 

Years later, Lon Willoughby, was trying to litigate pro-se (litigating without assistance of legal counsel) in that distant state's trial court in an effort to responsibly prosecute a very important civil complaint about an extremely dishonest, deceitful  and outrageously corrupt trial court "defense attorney" that had willfully betrayed his client's confidence and trust (Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby) by willfully allowing him to be "ambushed at trial" with five  surprise complaint issues that had not been noticed in the plaintiff's pleadings (the Complaint). 

The initial trial court judge, and then a series of successive trial court judges, conducted the ongoing related litigation actions in an extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt elitist manner to absolutely ensure that Lonnie Willoughby would lose in that very important (maliciously extended)  litigation process.

The "defense attorney's betrayal" of his client's very important litigation interests occurred in September 1989 in a civil lawsuit that was supposed to resolve a family member dispute about monthly distributions of trust income to three beneficiaries of the Willoughby family trust estate.  The attorney's betrayal was extreme legal malpractice, deceit, and fraud to an outrageous level for a very intelligent attorney with more than twenty years of trial attorney experience in that state. 

The two attorneys involved in the one-day trial, and the circuit court judge that conducted the non-jury "equity court" trial, were extremely dishonest elitist "officers of the court" and the three of them made a very serious mess out of a simple family member dispute due to their criminal-minded collusive efforts to maliciously and ruthlessly punish defendant Co-trustee Lon Willoughby.  Why? 

Because Lon had helped his aging parents establish an excellent estate settlement plan, using mirror image Trust Agreements for his parent's jointly owned estate.  (two mirror image Trust Agreements - near identical Trust Agreements for Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Willoughby that were prepared by an estate planning attorney in that state). 

Unfortunately, the estate planning attorney did not complete the estate planning work in a competent manner, and Lon subsequently had to personally amend the two trust agreements so they could work to achieve the estate planning results that were needed for the Willoughby estate.  His efforts in that regard were quite competent and they worked perfectly when Mr. Willoughby died about four years later in November 1986.  

The 267 page trial transcript that was later prepared (at Lon Willoughby's expense - about $1350) reported the trial procedures.  The transcript showed convincingly that the three "officers of the court" had no competent professional understanding of the excellent trust estate that was involved in the litigation process, and the transcript showed convincingly that those three "officers of the court" were incompetent to try to litigate the complex trust estate administration issues that the plaintiff's attorney deliberately injected into the trial as surprise "ambush complaints" against Co-trustee Lonnie  Willoughby, Jr. 

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You can quickly scroll through Lon's 13 page short-story about the appalling and disgusting type of unfair, unethical, and corrupt elitist trial court attorney actions that non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby was subjected to in the distant state's courts (state trial courts and then the state appellate courts) during 21+ years of ongoing related malicious harassment type litigation actions.

We suggest that you read this revealing report whenever you have time.  Please make a note of its location and visit it again later when you have time to read this very important and interesting short story.  It will enable you to learn some very important information about your vulnerability if you have to litigate at a distant location in your home state.  Your vulnerability can be much worse if you ever need to litigate in another state's court system.

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