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ABC of Health  Can Help A Lot Of People BIG TIME!

As stated previously in the Home department, we permanently closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24th, 2014. This action was taken, after 14+ years in the health store business. 

The store closure enabled our personnel to focus most of their work time and effort toward providing a much needed natural healthcare education program for people working at local Greenville area businesses (owners, managers, and some of their employees).  

We also had some time available finally to work on developing our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program for qualified American citizens (individuals and families) living in the upstate area of South Carolina (have a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ ). 

We know that there is a tremendous need for our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program - for millions of people in South Carolina and for many millions of American citizens in general.   As related previously, an average of 49,800 people are dying weekly in America - that is about 216,000 people dying in the USA each month! 

Lon Willoughby realizes that those people did not know about our advanced healthcare concepts. Most of the people that die daily probably did not understand how to help protect their complex normal body functions (their natural healthcare assets).  Consequently, they probably did not know how to help keep trillions of their body cells healthy on a daily basis. 

They probably did not know enough about very important vital healthcare concepts to know how to take much better care of their incredible body, and now it is too late for them to learn about our vital and advanced healthcare concepts.  These situations are terribly tragic for the individuals and close family members involved, and these tragic events occur thousands of times each day in America!!!!

We understand that people throughout America have not been educated to understand the vital and advanced health care concepts that Lon developed for our company over a period of many years. 

These special healthcare concepts are very important company trade secrets that can help save millions of American lives, but we must find suitable ways to educate selected American citizens about these special natural healthcare concepts.  Most of them are easy to understand and easy to use to improve a lifestyle dramatically in a short period of time. 

The vital and advanced health care concepts that Lon developed over the years can now be used to educate our "qualified education clients" (education clients) about important actions that they can take to protect their natural healthcare assets much more effectively than anything else that is available for ordinary Americans.   (ordinary Americans = Americans who are not healthcare practitioners.)  

Lon Willoughby has developed and copyrighted vital and advanced healthcare concepts and protocols for our company that can enable our "qualified education clients" to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle than is typical in America. 

These advanced healthcare concepts are practical, reasonable, and sensible.  They will also be very cost-effective for most people.  Fortunately, our special healthcare concepts can also be used in remarkably effective ways to help improve many seriously deteriorated health conditions.

Lon Willoughby knows how American citizens can reduce healthcare costs in America by billions of dollars per year, but he realizes that these cost savings will not happen until millions of Americans have been educated about some very important advanced healthcare concepts that can enable them to achieve much healthier lifestyles on a regular daily basis.   

Our personnel understand that people everywhere need to learn that their incredible complex body is constantly striving to maintain optimized health conditions - throughout the entire body system.  We also understand that all adult American citizens need to be taught that they are personally responsible for their own total health on a daily basis and on a longer-term life-long basis. 

If people do not understand how to accept and then respond to these very important daily healthcare responsibilities in a reasonably competent manner, they need to understand that poor quality longer-term health will very likely be the result of their inadequate and incompetent healthcare management of their complex body systems.  These people will likely have to cope with difficult and expensive deteriorated poor health conditions daily - probably for the rest of their life. 

Question:  Where are ordinary people going to get a very valuable advanced healthcare and wellness concepts education program that is presented in a manner that is easy to learn and use, and also  presented in a way that is affordable and cost-effective for most middle class individuals or families?

Our Corporation founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, has been focused on developing very important healthcare concepts and wellness concepts for an education program for many years. 

Lon has worked toward the development of a reasonable, sensible, and practical advanced healthcare concepts education program that can be used to help people quickly learn how to take much better care of their absolutely incredible body and mind.

Through his dedicated and diligent alternative health natural healthcare concepts development efforts, our small South Carolina Corporation is getting closer to being ready to lease our special education program about the remarkable ABC's of Health that all adults and teenagers need to understand. 

Educated parents can
then gradually teach their children these very important and valuable healthcare concepts at the appropriate time for each child (when the child has developed the abilities needed to learn easy to understand natural healthcare concepts.  Our special healthcare concepts can improve substantially the future health of educated children for the rest of their life. 

WOW!  Over a period of more than 40 years, Lon Willoughby has acquired incredibly important vital and advanced healthcare concepts information.  It is important that you understand that our proprietary copyrighted healthcare concepts trade secrets are available only from our company.  

You can learn more about how selected qualified American citizens can gain access to some of these incredibly important and valuable advanced healthcare concepts at this very important Introductory Education Website.  Just stay with us a while longer for more information that can likely help you.

ABC of Health Has Developed Exciting Healthcare Education Solutions

For Several Very Important Healthcare Issues

    Lonnie Willoughby has been studying and learning about important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts and protocols in a determined and diligent manner for many years.

    He realizes that some very important and exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts are easy to understand and easy to learn if people can get access to the right kind of healthcare educator.  

    People will need to find a skilled healthcare concepts teacher that is capable and willing to attempt to guide them through a very complicated natural healthcare concepts learning process. 

    We understand that desirable results will likely be achieved most effectively when a seeking individuals find a competent alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant who is also a healthy lifestyle coach.

    This coach needs to be an effective healthcare concepts educator (teacher) who is compassionate, empathetic, patient, and understanding about these natural healthcare concepts complexities. 

    Unfortunately that type of special healthcare consultant (educator) is very difficult to find, and it would probably be very time-consuming and very expensive for a few people to use them for obtaining a good practical and sensible vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts education

    Lon Willoughby understands that the ideal situation would be to have a convenient home-study type advanced healthcare concepts education program that could be used to educate an individual, or a married couple, or a married couple with children (father, mother, and their children).  Young children could be educated appropriately about some of our healthcare trade secrets by their smart educated parents.

    Alternative health natural healthcare concepts are much more complex and extensive than most ordinary Americans likely think they are.  (Ordinary Americans = not healthcare practitioners.)

    Smart people naturally want to simplify things down to their essence because this simplification action makes things easier to understand and easier to use whenever appropriate.  We will do the simplification process for our "qualified education clients" and this will help speed up their special healthcare concepts education process.

Are Most American Educated Adequately

About Most Basic Natural Healthcare Concepts?

    Our many years of alternative health natural healthcare experiences with more than a thousand people have clearly demonstrated to us, again and again and again, that most people do not understand adequately even the basic essential concepts of competent alternative health natural healthcare actions

   The BIG PROBLEM that we encountered is that people do not know what they don't know.  How can people understand important alternative health natural healthcare concepts without getting educated about them?

    We also found that many people develop unreasonable beliefs and expectations about some important basic natural healthcare issues We discovered that most people think they know a lot more than they actually know about practical and sensible natural healthcare basic concepts 

    We realize that people can "believe" anything they want to believe in their minds, but the strength of their belief or conviction does not make their belief or conviction correct or true.  In fact, for many people, their beliefs about basic healthcare concepts may be far removed from reality and validity.

    Consider the situations described below that probably apply to most people living in the USA:

     1.  Most people do not know how to eat food in an enlightened competent manner, even after many years of experience with eating food daily.  Almost everyone believes that they know how to eat properly at meal times and snack times, but they were never taught how to eat food properly.  Consequently, how could they know how to eat in an enlightened manner?

     2.  Most people do not know how to drink liquids properly, especially within a half hour before meals and for four hours after meals.  However, everyone believes that they know how to drink liquids properly at meal times and at snack times and after meals. 

   Unfortunately, they were not taught how to drink liquids in an enlightened manner that minimizes interference and serious damage to the food and nutrient digestion processes that take place. 

     3.  Most people do not understand essential food digestion concepts.  Therefore, they do not know how to eat different types of food and drink liquids without causing serious problems for the digestion processes.  However, everyone believes that they know how to eat and drink properly at meal times; they have never considered that there is an intelligent enlightened way to do this that enhances the digestion processes. 

    Most people do not understand that poorly digested food particles can rot and putrefy in the long human intestinal tract.  They do not understand that this undesirable situation  occurs a frequent basis for most people.  Toxic byproducts from rotting food particles can then get into the blood system (in the same way that desirable nutrients get into the blood system). 

    Those toxic byproducts can circulate in the blood system daily and poison trillions of body cells throughout the body, including the brain, the eyes, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and other vital organs and tissues throughout the body. 

    When people make these food digestion mistakes frequently (daily?) for many years, a lot of harm can accumulate in the body; think cancer conditions, heart attacks and strokes, and several other serious health conditions

    This type of really serious toxic byproduct damage can be minimized easily after one has been taught how to help prevent these toxic byproducts from being developed in the long human intestinal system.

     4.  Most people do not understand the incredible importance of enzymes in digestion of food and also in the daily repair of body functions (tissue and cell health).  This is a subject area that most people do not even consider or think about when they eat food.

    Most people know very little about important enzyme activities within the body.  They casually believe that they know about all they need to know about enzymes (which is not much because they have not been taught incredibly important vital enzyme concepts).

     5.  Most people do not understand much about pH (measure of acidity/alkalinity) as it relates to complex body processes that are essential.  They also do not understand how important pH values are in the complex food digestion processes within the body. 

    Most people do not know about the important actions that they could be taking to help maintain the proper pH level in the blood system and thereby help minimize the "robbing and deprivation of alkalizing minerals" from other parts of the body. 

    Think about the very serious osteoporosis situation that affects millions of Americans.  Was pH balance deficiencies and problems one of the major causes of their present condition?   Lon understands that it likely was.  What do you believe probably causes this very serious problem for so many millions of Americans?

   The autonomic nervous system can rob (borrow) minerals from some portions of the body (bones primarily) as needed in its constant life-saving effort to maintain the correct pH level in the blood plasma (7.40 +/- 0.05 = 7.35 to 7.45 - these are tolerable variations but not desirable variations). 

    If the blood plasma pH gets outside this tolerable range for a few hours, that person is subject to have a heart attack and die (probably that day).  This can be due to a serious deficiency of oxygen to heart muscles.  Please understand that red blood cells cannot transport oxygen efficiently when the blood plasma pH is outside the critical pH range.  

    What people eat and drink can have a strong effect on the pH levels in various places within the body and thereby affect our health and well being - in near term, medium term and long-term health maintenance. 

    Consequently, these special pH concepts are vital healthcare concepts that all adults needs to learn about to develop a basic usable understanding of pH balance issues. 

    NOTE:  All of the carbonated drinks are acidic beverages and they can therefore be quite harmful to proper pH balance in the body.  Please understand that an acidic product is essential to accomplish the carbonation process for carbonated beverages. 

    The label for each carbonated beverage will list the type of acid that was used to make the carbonated beverage.  Consequently, all adults and teenage children need to have a basic understanding about how these pH values affect important healthcare concepts.   

    It is very important for parents to understand these basic pH value concepts, and then teach their children that drinking carbonated beverages will be harmful to them and their bones and other parts of their body.  No matter how good they may taste, they are harmful to the body.  They can also have 10 to 14 teaspoons of sugar per 12 ounces. 

    This excessive sugar intake contributes to excessive insulin production by the pancreas, and these insulin surges can contribute to weight gain and other serious health problems (help develop diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.).  Unfortunately, the sugar-free drinks can actually cause more harm to the body than the real sugar type drinks.  The complexities involved with this issue are beyond the simplified healthcare concepts explanations presented herein.

    You are beginning to understand why children need to have some understanding of these very important pH imbalance concepts as early as possible in life.  Otherwise, they will likely want to drink good tasting but harmful carbonated drinks as often as possible (whenever the opportunity arises). 

    Also understand that most grain food products and the animal flesh foods leave an acidic pH residue (ash) in the human body after being digested.  Consequently, the grains and the flesh foods need to be eaten in moderation at any meal, and their acidity should also be balanced somewhat with alkalizing type food and/or alkalizing type mineral supplements during the same day.

    6.  Most people do not understand much about supplementary nutrition products: helpful herbs, enzymes, probiotics (beneficial microbes), various protein products, major minerals, minor minerals, and trace minerals, or the forms and qualities of various mineral supplements in the marketplace.

    Some mineral types can be assimilated much better than the cheap minerals that are frequently found in inexpensive nutrition supplements.  The amounts, types, and qualities  of minerals are very important issues. 

    7.  A lot of commercial growing soils in America (and around the world) have serious depletion of some important minerals.  Consequently, the minerals that people need to consume are frequently not available in sufficient amounts in the fruits and plants that people eat. 

    Some of the minerals that people need to consume are frequently not available in adequate amounts in the growing soils (due to said mineral depletion or natural inadequancy) for some of those fruit and plant type food products.  

    We cannot readily observe these mineral deficiencies by looking at these food products because plants and fruits can thrive and look very good with only a few minerals from the soil they are grown in (or from the commercial fertilizer that is applied to supplement minerals in the growing soil). 

    Plants and fruits primarily need nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium and that is usually about all that a typical commercial fertilizer will supply to supplement minerals for the growing soil involved. 

    The human body is much more complex than fruits and plants, and it needs more than twenty minerals to maintain health for the long-term (major minerals, minor minerals, and trace minerals). 

    Modern day mineral supplements are readily available in the nutrition products marketplace, and they are a practical, sensible, and cost-effective way for people to help ensure that their very valuable body will have access to certain essential minerals.   However, it is very important to buy quality minerals because there are a lot of poor quality cheap minerals in the marketplace.

    Beneficial minerals can come from the soil and from the sea, and we can get some of them by consuming animal flesh from animals that live on the land or in the sea. 

    Humans (and some other animals) can also get some of the minerals and vitamins that they need from the fruits and plant foods that they eat.  The nutrients from those healthy food choices can be also be supplemented during the day with important nutrients (minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.) from quality animal food type products.

These dietary practices can provide a broader spectrum of quality nutrition for tissue cells throughout the body., and these actions can be very helpful for many Americans.    

    Plants can make vitamins but they cannot make minerals.  Minerals that are contained in plants came from the soil that the plants were grown in.  That is why growing soils will become depleted of adequate minerals over time (years of plant growth activity).

    Scientific studies and testing have shown that animal foods can be a rich source of essential fats and numerous minerals and vitamins that humans need - much more so than the fruits and plants that humans normally eat.  

    We get some of the minerals and vitamins and vital fats that we need by consuming animal food from animals that ate a lot of grass (that contained some of the important minerals and vitamins that humans need) and stored those vital nutrients in their flesh.

    Fortunately, modern day scientific research has shown us that humans frequently need to supplement some of the important minerals that they need from natural sources of minerals (land and/or sea).  Why?  Simply because we do not always get enough of certain minerals from the food that we typically eat.

    Humans do not manufacture minerals, but some B vitamins can be manufactured in very small amounts within the body by trillions of microbes that routinely live within the  intestinal tract (typically about 24 feet in length for adults).  However, the assimilation potential of minerals can be improved by using certain manufacturing processes such as the chelation of minerals. 

    Chelation of minerals is a chemical process that combines specific mineral molecules with certain protein molecules to help improve their assimilation potential within the human body.  One major mineral chelator company in America has more than 50 patents on the chelation of minerals.  (Albion Labs. in Utah)  It is therefore difficult for other companies to chelate minerals without violating one of Albion's many protective patents.

    Smart people need to consider mineral supplementation knowledge as absolutely essential knowledge; they need to learn about vital minerals if they want to be healthy long-term.  Inadequate minerals in the daily diet can ultimately cause many serious health problems.

    Let's consider the major minerals of calcium, magnesium, and potassium - what mineral forms are assimilated best for each of these vital minerals?  How much of each mineral is an appropriate dose for supplementation daily?  (Amounts can vary due to variations within individual bodies and also with their individual diets.)  

    When should each of these major minerals be supplemented in the daily diet? (Before meals, at beginning of a meal, during a meal, at the end of a meal, etc.)

    Is crushed up limestone a good source of inorganic calcium carbonate for human consumption, compared to the organic calcium carbonate that can be obtained from farmed plants or sea vegetables? 

    Also compare the limestone calcium assimilation in the human body to the calcium assimilation that can be obtained from quality forms of "above-ground" corral calcium?   Underwater coral reefs are generally protected by government edicts so they cannot be legally harvested directly. 

    Is egg shell calcium or oyster shell calcium a good type of calcium supplement to take?

    Are some forms of chelated minerals assimilated better that non-chelated minerals?

     8.  Most people do not know nearly enough about the importance of essential vitamins and do not know how to properly supplement certain vitamins that are critically important for optimum health.

    Most people do not know much about the various vitamin supplements that are available in the marketplace.  What supplementary vitamins should one consider taking frequently? 

    How much of a vitamin supplement should one take in one day?  When should a specific vitamin be taken?  (morning, noon, or night - before meals, at the beginning of a meal, during a meal, at the end of a meal, etc.)

    Some vitamin supplements are obtained from quality food sources and some vitamin supplements are manufactured in nutrition laboratories (vitamin manufacturing plants).

    Food sourced vitamins are usually superior to vitamins produced in a laboratory (manufactured, synthetic vitamins) because food sourced vitamin supplements can also contain important natural cofactors that cannot be manufactured at the present time.  

    Please understand that natural food sourced vitamins are always low potency vitamins because nature does not produce high potency vitamins; however, vitamins produced in a laboratory can be in much higher potency and we can benefit from those higher levels.  

    9.   Lon Willoughby has worked with natural nutrition healthcare situations for many years, and he understands that there are many healthcare situations where people need to take supplemental vitamins and supplemental minerals. 

    Some times the potency of the food sourced vitamins are sufficient, but Lon has seen many situations where those high quality vitamins were simply not potent enough.  In those situations, he could recommend using manufactured (synthetic) vitamins because his nutrition clients could get a much higher potency at a substantially reduced cost compared to the more expensive low potency food sourced vitamins.

    In some situations, one capsule per day of a manufactured specific vitamins combination could produce better results and produce those results much faster (just a few days) than ten or twenty capsules per day of the food sourced low potency vitamins combinations that were readily available in our ABC of Health nutrition store.

    Lon has seen many situations where people were helped substantially, and in some cases helped a great amount rather quickly, by simple taking certain supplemental vitamins in much higher potency than can be obtained from natural foods or can be produced economically as a supplement from natural food sources. 

    He has seen many situations where high potency manufactured vitamins were necessary to obtain the desired results in a reasonably short period of time.  Some people still claim that manufactured vitamins will not work effectively in the human body, but Lon's personal experiences over many years have proven that they can work well.

    Lon has seen manufactured "synthetic vitamins" work amazingly well many times, and that is particularly true for people that have brain fog (muddled thinking), poor memory and recall, or frustration and lack of patience problems, or have nervousness, anxiety, or recurring depression. 

    Think about the millions of people in America that take potentially dangerous anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressant mind-altering type pharmaceutical drugs (over the counter drugs or prescription drugs) when they could be taking much safer potent manufactured vitamins and some appropriate natural minerals.  Unfortunately for them, they did not understood the importance of consulting with a holistic-minded nutrition consultant who is knowledgeable about these very important common healthcare issues

    Lon Willoughby understands that these common healthcare problems affect millions of Americans daily, and he has learned how to educate our healthcare clients about these very important common nutritional deficiency healthcare issues. 

    For each specific vitamin supplement taken, how much should be taken as a dose, and how often should they be taken?  (once a day, or two or three times per day, or less frequently, etc.?) 

    When should each specific vitamin supplement be taken for best results?  (At the beginning of meals, during the meals, or at the end of meals, or on an empty stomach?)   

    Note:  Some vitamins are dosed in milligrams and some are dosed in micrograms (a gram is 1,000 times larger than a milligram, and a milligram is 1000 times larger than a microgram - a microgram is a very small amount of vitamin - think vitamin B-12 for microgram dosing - there are others (both vitamins and minerals - some in micrograms and some in milligrams).

    Is it likely that many people will get too much vitamins when they are taken in supplemental form, rather than relying solely on the food that is eaten for vitamins?  

    Is an overdose of water soluble vitamins actually harmful to most people?  (All vitamins are water soluble except vitamins A, D, E, and K - these are the oil soluble vitamins that need to be assimilated with an oil present - they are usually manufactured in a gel type sealed capsule that also contains the oil that is needed inside.)

    What scientific evidence supports your opinion about the overdose question above?

    Did you know that there are two major forms of vitamin E and there are 4 types of vitamin E in each form?  (forms: tocopherols and tocotrienols) 

    You can purchase an individual type of vitamin E, but it is best to use a quality vitamin E product that supplies a proper mixture of all eight types of vitamin E.

   10.  Most people do not understand that minerals can generally work effectively without vitamins but vitamins do need their corresponding minerals in order to be used effectively in the body.     

   11.  Most people do not understand the differences between vitamin K-1 and K-2.  They do not understand that vitamin K-2 comes is several forms.  Some forms are more effective than others. 

    Which nutrition companies produce the best supplemental vitamin K-1 and K-2 products?

   How much supplementary K-1 or K-2 should one take?  Which forms of vitamin K-2 should one take?  When should vitamin K-1 and K-2 supplements be taken for best results?  (At the beginning of meals, during meals, after meals, on an empty stomach 45 minutes before meals, etc.?)  

    How many times per day should the vitamin K-2 supplement be taken?   

   12.  Can a vitamin K-2 supplement work effectively with, and complement some of the functions of supplementary vitamin D-3?  Can proper amounts of vitamin D-3 and vitamin K-2 work synergistically (together) to reduce or minimize the potential for heart attacks, and strokes, and some types of cancer conditions?

   13.  How much supplementary vitamin D-3 should a person take daily or weekly?  Does the amount of vitamin D-3 supplementation that may be needed vary with the seasons of the year?  Does it also vary with the latitude in which people live within the continental USA?

    Does the supplementary vitamin D-3 needed also vary with the amount of direct sunlight one gets on open skin areas at certain times of a sunny day, in a given latitude, during certain months?  Would the health of most people in the continental USA be improved substantially by simply taking a supplemental D vitamin on a regularly basis?

  14.  Would most people be helped substantially by taking supplemental B vitamins

    If you answered YES to this question, how many milligrams and in what form should the B vitamin complex supplement be taken (capsule, tablet, liquid)?   What time of day should they be taken? (with food at what time of day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner?)

    Please understand that B vitamins work together as a team, so they will work best when taken as a "vitamin B complex" (all of the major B vitamins taken together).  In most situations, this will work much better than trying to take an individual B vitamin such as B1, B2, B3, or B5, or B6, etc. 

    Taking supplemental vitamin B-12 can be an exception to the general rule stated above; however,  Lon believes that the other supplemental B vitamins can help the B-12 supplement work better. Please remember that the B12 vitamin will normally be dosed in micrograms per dose, whereas most of the other B vitamins will be dosed in milligrams per dose.

    Do some people need to take a sublingual type of vitamin B-12 (tablet dissolves under tongue or can be a liquid or in a spray form) or get vitamin B-12 shots from their medical doctor periodically? 

    Why is supplemental vitamin B-12 so important for women who want to become pregnant, and for pregnant women, and for mothers with babies (for approximately the first two years)? 

    Do you understand that a deficiency of vitamin B-12 can cause very serious neurological problems for babies and young children that will likely become permanent neurological problems? 

    What form of supplemental vitamin B-12 is best to take, Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin?

    Why is vitamin B-12 typically a difficult vitamin for many people to assimilate in their normal diet or to assimilate in a vitamin B complex supplement capsule or tablet?  The answer to this question involves a substance known as intrinsic factor.  Do you know what it is and how it works to help with the assimilation of vitamin B12?

   15.  B vitamins are found primarily in animal food products, rather than fruits and plant foodsVegetarians or vegans do not typically eat animal food products.  Do they therefore need to supplement vitamin B-12 and the other B vitamins in their typical diet? 

    Are there other nutrients (minerals and vitamins) that may be needed as nutrition supplements in the typical diets consumed by vegetarians or vegans?

   16.  Should many older Americans take a vitamin B-12 supplement frequently? Yes or no, why? 

    How much supplemental vitamin B-12 is typical for one dose (in micro grams)? 

    Do some older people need to take a sublingual type vitamin B-12 supplement, or get periodic shots of vitamin B-12 from their local doctor's office (typically, once or twice a month)?  

   17.   What about vitamin C supplements?  Do humans make vitamin C within their body, like most animal species do?  Should people take a vitamin C supplement on a daily basis? 

    There are several forms of natural food-sourced vitamin C and several forms of manufactured synthetic types of vitamin C products in the market place.  The manufactured vitamin C can be much higher in potency and also much lower in cost than the typical food-sourced vitamin C.  Which type is the best type for most people to take?  Which types of manufactured (synthetic) vitamin C are the best ones to take for most situations?   Is the pH value of manufactured vitamin C important?

   18.  Do you have an adequate understanding of water filtration products or water purification products?  Do you have municipal processed water at your residence or do you have a private well?

    Chemicals are usually added to municipal processed water to help ensure that harmful microbes will not be a dangerous problem for normally healthy people.  Chlorine and Ammonia typically)   Should we try to filter these chemicals out of the water before drinking it? 

    Did you know that good bathing water filters are now available for showers and tubs for people using municipally process water?   Did you know that these bathing water filters can be more important for a person's health than their drinking water filter? 

    We have a special department of information about Pure Water for our "qualified clients" and it explains the water quality issues and solutions that smart health-conscious people need to know.

   19.  Do you have an adequate understanding of air filtration products or air purification products

    We have a special department of information about Pure Air for our "qualified clients" and it explains the air quality issues and solutions that smart health-conscious people need to know.  

    Do you understand that the inexpensive air filter that is installed in most home or office heating and air conditioning systems is there to help prevent lint type contaminants from clogging up the air conditioning cooling coil that is installed within the duct work system?  

    An inexpensive air filter will not do a good job of protecting your lungs and trillions of other body cells.   However, you can install a higher grade air filter in your air handling system that can do a good job of improving the air quality for the air that you breath in your home or office?

    How often should the air filter that is installed be checked to see if it needs to be replaced?  Do you responsibly replace the filter regularly at appropriate intervals?  This is really important because it directly affects the quality of air that you are breathing anytime you are in your residence.

    The air you breath is approximately 20% oxygen and that oxygen is absolutely essential.  You can survive only about 4 to 6 minutes without it. 

    The air quality that you breath directly affects the quality of the vital oxygen that keeps your brain cells and all of your other body cells alive.  Consequently, air quality is VERY IMPORTANT.

    20.  Physical exercise is very important to your medium-term and long-term health.  Do you try to get some type of exercise daily?  (deep breathing, arm rotations, knee-bends, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, chi exerciser, rebounder exerciser, walking, light jogging, other exercises, etc.) 

    We have an entire department for our "qualified clients" about high quality exercises that can be done easily and conveniently inside your residence in 15 to 30 minutes per day.

    The healthcare issues presented in the 20 numbered sections above illustrate some of the common situations that can be involved with competent, practical, and sensible healthcare and nutrition concepts and lifestyle improvement concepts.   

    As you can see, choosing and then using nutrition supplements can be much more important than most people realize, and competent nutrition supplementation knowledge is not nearly as simple as many people want to casually believe that it is.  (classic wishful thinking)

    Air quality and water quality are very important lifestyle factors.  The air you breath and the water you drink is used by the trillions of cells throughout your body.  Cleaner air and cleaner water is obviously better for your body cells than contaminated air and contaminated chemicalized water.  

    Hopefully, you can now understand why natural healthcare and nutrition knowledge is some of the most important knowledge that a person can obtain in this life.  Obviously, the earlier in life that one acquires this incredibly important knowledge, the better

    The people who are wise enough to do this can then stop doing many things frequently, or daily, that have been quite harmful to their long-term health.    

Hand Washing Information

    Hand washing for important healthcare benefits was discovered gradually in Europe in the 1847 to 1865 period.  The general public was slowly and gradually educated about the healthcare importance of hand washing in the years after 1865. 

    Prior to that time, even medical doctors and medical nurses and midwives did not know about harmful microbes (bacteria, viruses) because microbe knowledge had not been known by many people.     

    Many millions of people died due to this general lack of knowledge about germs.  People in general, and even medical doctors, did not know that there were pathogenic (harmful) strains of bacteria and viruses. 

They did not know that microbes too small to see could cause sickness and also cause diseases and cause large numbers of people to die. 

    People commonly thought that it was not very important to wash hands if they looked like they were reasonable clean.  They had no reason at all to consider that potentially harmful microbes were too small to see. 

    We have been educated about these very tiny microbes so we know better today - right?  Well, let's see how well the hand washing education project works for people living in America today.

   Fast forward in time from 1865 to our current time today (about 150 years), and let's see what scientific surveys have discovered about hand washing.  It turns out that many adults today still do not wash their hands properly (adequately).  That situation is even worse for young children, some teenagers, and some young adults. 

    Unfortunately, this serious situation is also applicable to many people who work in food serving type businesses, and in some hospitals and also in other medical service facilities.

    Did you know that 80,000+ people typically die annually in hospitals in the USA from infections that they got while they were in a hospital?

    The common problem about this critically important healthcare issue is the situation where people are in a hurry when they go through the basis motions of washing their hands.  It appears that in far too many situations, they simply pretend to wash their hands. 

    Many people go through the motions of washing their hands after a trip to the rest room, but they are too careless to wash their hands carefully and adequately. 

    Research in the USA and in England shows that about 50% of the people going into public restrooms do not bother to attempt to wash their hands at all (men and women).  Do you want to shake hands with these people?

    Many people are careless with the very important hand washing concepts that they have been taught, and many people carelessly ignore what they have been taught about hand washing. 

    Many people get sick due to this very common inadequate hand washing problem, and some people actually die as a result of their own careless hand washing actions.

    Some "careless hand washing people" also cause other people to get sick, and some of those people actually die, simply because of someone's careless inadequate hand washing actions. 

    Please remember that thousands of people die in America each day because they never learned enough about the healthcare concepts that we have identified in this department.

    These are some of the very important healthcare concepts that everyone needs to know about, understand, and use appropriately and responsibly to improve their lifestyle substantially. 

    Are you beginning to understand that it might be wise for you to learn how to accomplish more of these natural healthcare concepts actions in an enlightened manner?

    If you answered YES!, where can you obtain this kind of competent and sensible natural healthcare concepts education in a format that is easy to learn conveniently at your residence?

ABC of Health Specializes in Helping Our "Qualified Clients" Become
Properly Informed About
Basic and Advanced Healthcare Concepts

    ABC of Health has developed copyrighted vital and advanced healthcare concepts about all of the healthcare issues identified above, and much more. 

    We are currently developing Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that are incredibly important and valuable.  

    They will provide a major breakthrough in vital and Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education for selected American citizens living in the upstate area of South Carolina.

    Healthcare concepts get more complicated once we get past the basic concepts, and people die by the thousands in America daily because they were not taught the incredibly important Advanced Healthcare Concepts that Lon Willoughby developed and copyrighted for our company (company trade secrets)

    Would you be wise for choosing to learn more about what we do at ABC of Health

    The special healthcare information presented in this department can enlighten you somewhat about some of the basic healthcare concepts that we want you to know about - our Free gift to you. 

Very Important Food Concepts

Regarding Better Digestion of Food

Our extensive experiences in the health food store business for more than 14 years has convinced us that most people know very little about the essential technicalities involved in the food digestion processes for human beings.  It also appears that most people know almost nothing about the importance of eating foods in an enlightened manner when they eat a meal.

It also appears that most people know almost nothing about the very important enzymes that are essential for digestion of different types of food.  We understand that very few people have been taught how to eat food and drink liquids in an "enlightened manner." 

Most people eat and drink as if it makes no difference how they put food and liquids in their stomach - just eat what you want, any way you want it, and drink whatever you want, at whatever temperature you want, in any amount you want, and the stomach will magically take care of the complex digestion process without any difficulty

Once a person has studied the human food digestion process in depth, as Lon Willoughby has, one finally realizes that they had been using incredibly naive wishful thinking daily, throughout their life, about the complexities involved with good digestion of different types of food. 

It is therefore easy to understand why so many millions of people in America have so much discomfort, sickness, and eventually diseases of various kinds - caused from the recurring toxic residue in the intestinal system from poorly digested food rotting and putrefying for many hours and causing poisonous toxins to get into the blood system (just like good nutrients do).  

The hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices in America contain millions of people who never had an opportunity to learn the sensible and practical "enlightened way" to consume food and beverages at meal times (and in-between meal snacks), as we will teach in our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts education program. 

This is life-changing and life-saving advanced healthcare concepts information that is copyrighted by our company because this information contains incredibly valuable healthcare trade secrets of our company.  Consequently, these advanced healthcare concepts are available only from our company.  They are not available anywhere else in America in the manner that we have developed.

The graveyards across America contain the remains of many millions of people who did not have an opportunity to learn our special advanced healthcare concepts that teach the "enlightened way" to put food and liquids into the stomach at meal times, or snack times, to greatly improve the digestion of food and thereby greatly improve the body's ability to maintain optimized health throughout a long and successful lifetime.

In essence, it appears that most people treat their stomach in a similar manner to their use of the food disposal at their kitchen sink.  People generally dump the food waste residue into the food disposal in any manner because it doesn't really matter what order the food residue is put into the food disposal.  The water is then turned on and the power switch is turned on.  As you know, the food residue will be ground up into small particles and automatically flushed into the sink drain line. 

Hopefully, you understand that the human stomach works in a considerably different and much more complicated manner than the food disposal at the kitchen sink.  It really does matter how different types of food are chewed up and swallowed for additional digestion actions in the stomach.  

The order in which different types of foods are eaten is actually very important.  The temperature of the food and liquid is also important because the temperature has a lot of effect on enzyme actions. 

The manner in which various foods are chewed is very important.  Poorly chewed food particles will not be digested well and can cause toxic substances (from rotting food particles) to enter the blood stream.  Those toxic substances can then poison cells throughout the body, including the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and all other vital organs, as well as other body tissues.  So you see, chewing food very well is really very important.

Yes, we realize that you may not have heard about some of these incredibly important healthcare concepts, but that fact does not make these concepts any less important.  It simply illustrates how insufficient alternative natural healthcare concepts education is for most people in America.  It appears that many wealthy families in America have probably also missed out on competent and responsible education about some of these very important vital healthcare concepts

The healthcare information presented above shows that digestion of food in the human body is a more complex process than most people realize.  As you may know, food digestion for some food actually begins in the mouth, and digestion of food substances then continues in the stomach

That part of the food digestion process is more complicated than most people understand, including some medical doctors, medical type nurses, some dietitians and some nutritionist, or other health practitioners and  healthcare consultants). 

After food residue has completed the preliminary digestion process in the stomach, you probably understand that the liquefied food residue (chyme) then enters the first portion of the small intestines (the duodenum), where additional phases of digestion continue to occur due to bile from the liver (via the gall bladder) and from pancreatic enzymes being released into the duodenum.   

Any remaining food particles that are not fully digested by these complex enzyme actions will receive additional digestive actions as the liquefied food residue moves through the long small intestine (20 - 25 feet long) and then moves into and then through the large intestine (colon) - usually about 4 to 5 feet long. 

Trillions of microorganisms should be living within the small and large intestines - some of those microbes are potentially harmful to humans and some of them are very beneficial to humans (flora).  The beneficial microbes are very important in a number of ways, and they should outnumber the harmful microbes substantially. 

The many microbes living in the intestinal system also help complete the digestion process, and beneficial strains of microbes can be conveniently supplemented on a recurring frequent basis by simply swallowing capsules (at the appropriate time of day).  Each capsule can contain billions of desirable microbes in a freeze-dried state that will be activated in the warm temperature and moisture within the body. 

Over a period of many years, Lon Willoughby has studied a lot of information about the complexities involved with the food digestion processes for humans (it is very similar to food digestion processes of some of the other mammals - mice, cats, dogs, etc.).  However, it is important to understand that some animal species have a digestion process that is quite different from humans.

Lon reviewed numerous text books about this very important food digestion subject and his advanced understanding of these essential processes found all of the text books were deficient in explaining the digestion processes - except for one exceptionally important text book. 

That very special book provided a much more comprehensive explanation of human digestion, and it also explained important digestion concepts for several other animal species. 

Some of those animals have digestion processes that are substantially different from the human digestion processes.  The initial digestion processes for a cow, or sheep, or a whale are considerably different from the initial digestion processes of humans. 

Lon's advanced studies enabled him to understand that the human digestion processes are a lot more complex than most people realize.  He is now convinced that almost everyone needs more education about the complexities of the digestion processes. 

Unfortunately that deficient education situation probably includes most medical doctors, most nurses, most dietitians, most nutritionist, and practically all other types of healthcare practitioners. 

A practical understanding of the human digestion processes is essential if a person really wants to understand how to protect their precious health long-term.

Our company personnel understand how to help people improve their digestion of various foods substantially, and that incredibly important information can help our clients enjoy a much better life and also enjoy a substantial increase in their potential for a "healthy and longer lifespan."  

Digestion of food is obviously a very important healthcare subject, but Lon's lifetime experiences indicate convincingly that many healthcare professionals do not understand these complexities  very well (yes, that includes most medical doctors and most nurses, and most chiropractors, most dietitians, most nutritionists, etc.).    

What can an ordinary American do to obtain special healthcare education about the complex digestion system?  Where can people get these special healthcare concepts in a convenient and practical and cost-effective educational program?  ABC of Health specializes in helping our "qualified education clients" learn about this incredibly important and valuable healthcare information.

Digestion of food is one of several areas where our advanced healthcare concepts education is exceptionally important.  We know how to teach people to eat their food and drink their beverages in a very sensible "enlightened manner" at meal times.  Similar guidelines are applicable during the consumption of snack foods.  Our "enlightened eating protocol" is incredibly important and it is so unique that Lonnie Willoughby was able to copyright it exclusively for our company. 

We are the only company in America that is authorized to teach people this special way of eating food for optimized digestion (enlightened food consumption protocol).  A life-saving concept!!!!

Understanding this exceptionally important healthcare knowledge can be life-changing for most people and it can be life-saving for many people.  We anticipate that this incredibly important healthcare concept (better digestion of foods) will likely enable our "qualified education clients"  to enjoy an extended healthy lifespan by several years (depending upon how early they get started).

If started early in life, this incredibly important advanced healthcare concept can probably enable responsible, sensible "qualified education clients" to increase their healthy lifespan by many years.

As you can see from the relevant healthcare issues presented in this department, all America citizens could benefit from a reasonable opportunity to learn practical and sensible guidelines about how they can make very important improvements in their lifestyle. 

Nutrition Supplements:  herbs, enzymes, essential oils, probiotics, proteins, minerals, and vitamins are some of the important nutrition supplements that can enhance healthy body functions.

Lon realizes that most people do not have an adequate understanding of these important nutrients, and they do not know how to help ensure good assimilation of important nutrients from the food and beverages they consume or the nutrition supplements that they may need to take. 

Owning and managing a complex health and wellness store, and working with hundreds of nutritional supplements in our health and wellness store for 14+ years helped Lon Willoughby acquire special detailed knowledge about these very important healthcare issues.  

Lon was also the purchasing agent for the business, and he had to study the use and application of each product that we purchased for display and sales in our health store.   We stocked more than 600 nutritional supplement products and Lon had to learn about each of them before purchasing them.

This was a complicated responsibility because there are usually several kinds of calcium products, several kinds of magnesium products, or potassium products, or zinc products, or several kinds of many other products, including hundreds of herbal type products, etc.   Lon had to understand which products we should purchase to sell in our health and wellness nutrition store.   

As the purchasing agent, Lon also had to learn which kinds of products worked best for most people.  He also had to learn which manufacturing companies did the best and most reliable job of producing and distributing products to the individual vendors such as our health store facility.

The bottom line here is that Lon Willoughby acquired a lot of special nutrition supplement products knowledge that can be used to substantially improve the healthcare concepts knowledge that we will teach in our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study type Education Program.

The pH of body fluids:  Lon realizes that people also need to understand the great important of pH balance for body fluids, and all adults and teenagers need to learn how to test their body fluids pH levels at home conveniently and inexpensively using readily available body fluids test devices (measure the pH of saliva and urine).

Checking the pH of these body fluids is very easy and inexpensive and these tests can provide very important information about your body - if you learn how to use the test results properly. 

It is incredibly important for people to also understand how the pH of digestive fluids within the stomach can have major effects on the proper digestion of different types of food within the stomach area. 

Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will teach these very important vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Why Do Americans Need More

Healthcare Education About Digestion of Foods?

Practically all Americans need to have a much better understanding of the digestion process - from mouth to anus.  Lon understands that all teenagers and adults need to understand the four major food groups (types), and they also need to understand the types of enzymes that are absolutely essential to digest each one of the four major types of food. 

This is incredibly important healthcare concepts knowledge that very few people understand or even think about.  The exceptionally important information presented in our Home department shows that improper food digestion is probably the major reason that Americans have so much sickness and disease and suffering in their older years - this major problem can cause a lot of premature deaths. 

Do you understand the very important basic concepts involved with an "enlightened method" of eating food and drinking liquids with food in the stomach?  Many people have never even thought about this vital healthcare concept, and they do not understand the very important concepts involved with food digestion, as related previously.

Lon's many years of experience with many people has shown that most people do not know how to eat food in an "enlightened intelligent manner" that can greatly facilitate better digestion.   He has developed advanced healthcare concepts that enable him to educate our "qualified education clients" about these incredibly important advanced healthcare concepts in an easy to learn and easy to use manner. 

How important is this very special advanced healthcare concepts knowledge?  It is worth all the money that a person has and then some more.  It is life-changing knowledge for most people, and it is can be life-saving information for many people.   This copyrighted proprietary healthcare concepts knowledge can likely add a number of years to the lifespan of most adults.  It is incredibly important!!!!!

Lon has learned that POORLY DIGESTED FOOD is the NUMBER ONE cause of discomfort, sickness, and disease for most people in America.   What kind of healthcare education do people need to obtain in order to understand the best ways to improve the digestion of various types of food? 

Where can ordinary people obtain this incredible healthcare concepts education in a cost-effective manner?  Cost-effective Healthcare Concepts Education: enables people to save enough money in their improved lifestyle to pay for most of the cost of the advanced healthcare concepts education program.  This is truly a WIN - WIN situation for most ordinary middle-class Americans. 

Completing one of our
advanced healthcare education programs is the best way, and certainly the most economical way, to obtain the advanced healthcare concepts that can improve lifestyles quickly in dynamic and remarkable ways. 

Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can also help our "qualified education clients" reduce and minimize their potential for sickness, disease, and suffering while they are steadily improving their potential for a substantially longer lifespan.  

Are these very important improvements really possible for ordinary people?
 Yes, they are possible and they are likely to occur for most people if they simple utilize responsibly the multiple healthcare benefits that are attainable from our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program!

Valuable Healthcare Concepts Education

THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS:  How are ordinary American citizens going to obtain this exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge?

What company in America is ready, willing, and able to provide this kind of practical and sensible healthcare education in a cost-effective manner, and in an educational way that is also easy to understand, easy to use, and reasonably convenient for people to obtain?  

ANSWER:   ABC's of Health, Inc. is the only company that we know of in America that has spent years in learning how to meet these special healthcare education needs and has developed vital and advanced healthcare and wellness concepts that can be taught to our "qualified education clients." 

We have developed numerous copyrighted company trade secrets in this regard, and they are worth millions and billions of dollars because hundreds of millions of Americans need this exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts education - as quickly as possible.  

At ABC of Health, we know that there are many situations where taking nutrition supplements in the proper way and at the appropriate time can really help make needed improvements in overall body health and function. We understand that taking appropriate nutritional supplements can also be very helpful with mental health and emotional stability, anxiety, and depression conditions, etc.  

We also understand that these types of health conditions affect millions of families in America on a daily basis.   The healthcare and wellness education program that we are currently developing will be the best answers available for most people to cope with these very important healthcare needs. 

NOTE:  Are you curious about what motivated Lon Willoughby to spend thousands of hours in study, over a period of many years, and to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs to develop our vital and advanced healthcare concepts?  

Why was Lon willing to work diligently for 14+ years with no pay at all while learning what he needed to know to be able to develop our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program

You can read a short report about his motivation and his determination to succeed with this project in a separate department of this Website - see Lon's Motivation link (at the top of this department).  We recommend that you visit that department later, but stay with us in this department for a few more minutes because we have more important information to share with you.  


Many Healthcare Tragedies

Occur Weekly In America

Of the 49,800 people that die in America each week (weekly average), we estimate that 30,000 to 40,000 people die because they had not been utilizing the incredibly important vital and advanced healthcare concepts that our education programs teach our "qualified education clients."  Yes, our vital and advanced healthcare concepts are really that important! 

Hundreds of thousands of lives, perhaps more than a million lives, could be saved annually in America if most adults and teenagers were responsibly using some of our vital and advanced health care concepts. 

As explained previously, Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (a South Carolina Corporation doing business as ABC of Health).  Lon Willoughby has studied important alternative healthcare issues a lot during the past 40+ plus years (thousands of hours of his time). 

Lon realizes that most Americans will suffer with poor health in their later years due to very serious deficiencies in their healthcare concepts knowledge.  This does not have to happen! 

Lon has observed that most people do not understand some very important natural healthcare features about their body; consequently, they do not know how to help their body function in an optimized way to protect, defend, and preserve their natural healthcare processes on a daily basis.

Serious Health Deterioration Marches On in America

Generation After Generation After Generation

 People Can Have Lots of Health Problems When They Get Older

Many people know that older adults frequently suffer with a lot of discomfort and serious pains from common healthcare deterioration conditions, but they do not understand why these conditions will likely occur for most people in their later years.  They do not know what they can do to avoid or minimize these serious healthcare condition

Take a moment to carefully consider the listing below of some major healthcare problems that can occur due to gradual health deterioration: cardiovascular problems - including strokes (with physical and/or mental damage), cancer conditions of several kinds, diabetes and/or hypoglycemia (serious glucose metabolism problems), dementia of several types (Alzheimer's being one type of dementia), serious bone weakness problems, fibromyalgia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, muscular sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and some other diseases.  

Some Very Good News About Very Important Healthcare Issues

Lon Willoughby is convinced that most citizens can be taught our advanced healthcare conceptsThose educated American citizens will be able to finally understand, for the first time in their life, how to help their body in remarkable ways to be much healthier on a daily basis. 

They can then reduce and minimize their potential for having to cope with serious healthcare  problems as they get older, and older, into their "golden years" of age.  

Lon understands that most people can be taught advanced healthcare concepts that can enable them to enjoy more energy, more vitality, more brainpower, better emotional control and stability, and thereby enjoy living longer in better health with more enjoyment, more productivity, and much more success and satisfaction in life. 

The main focus of our company for many years has been the development of practical, sensible, and cos- effective methods of teaching advanced healthcare concepts that can help people improve their lifestyle in very beneficial ways. 

We have worked hard to become capable of accomplishing this vital objective for large numbers of people in an easy to use manner that is sensible and can be cost-effective for most clients.

Our education programs will generally enable many of our "qualified education clients" to save as much money, or even save more money, than it cost to lease our advanced healthcare home-study education program

This is especially possible for a young married couple with some children.  Think about it - this is truly a cost-effective major advancement in greatly improved healthcare management.

Millions of Americans Need Our

Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education

We offer a special healthcare concepts education program that can help most people achieve major improvements in their healthcare and wellness status in a relatively short period of time.

Would you like to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and more physical wellness with improved brain power and get along better with the people you work with or associate with? 

Our special healthcare and wellness education program can help people enjoy better digestion of foods and vital nutrientsand minimize toxic residue in the digestion process (that can poison the entire body system through the blood-flow system) 

Toxins can poison the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the eyes, and all other organ systems, causing a loss of cellular health and energy and vitality throughout the very complex body system.

We know how to help our "qualified education clients" have more physical and mental energy and strength, enjoy better stress management for improved emotional control and better sleep, with more relaxation and more enjoyment in their workplace and home duties and activities

These very exciting advances in vital healthcare concepts can help reduce disease and sickness conditions of several types (we know how to help our "qualified education clients" have less pain and suffering and enjoy having minimized healthcare expenses in their senior years).

We know how to help our clients enjoy a more healthful vitality and better over-all well-being.  This can mean a healthier, longer, and better life for the years ahead. 

How much would some of this incredible advanced healthcare concepts knowledge be worth to you?

Is it worth a little time for you to check us out and see if we really do know how to help our clients accomplish these incredibly important and valuable healthcare improvements economically and cost-effectively?

Spend some time at our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program Website to learn more about our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program.  Use the link below to detour there.

Specialized Healthcare Knowledge

Lon Willoughby is a skilled alternative health natural healthcare and nutrition consultant and a healthy lifestyle coachHe knows how to help our "qualified education clients" improve and protect their precious healthcare assets in practical and sensible ways that are also cost-effective for most clients. That is why he is still healthy at his advanced age!   (born on June 5, 1936)

With many years of healthcare experience and a lot of relevant alternative health natural healthcare education and training, Lon has acquired exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts  knowledge that can help most of our clients more than they can even imagine being possible.  

His very good health, his abundant energy and vitality, and his very good mental abilities at his advanced age are living proof that Lon has learned a lot about alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts

Lon knows how to use these very special healthcare concepts for our "qualified education clients" to improve overall health and increase energy and vitality and improved zest for living.   He knows how to help people grow old gracefully while maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind (with a flexible, reasonable, rational, and upbeat positive mental attitude daily).

Lon has learned that these are very important healthcare assets to develop and maintain daily if one wants to enjoy long-term health with abundant energy and vitality into later years.   

You can learn more about Lon Willoughby, his relevant healthcare education, training, and his extensive experiences, in the About ABC department of this Website.  Important additional information is available in the Consultations department at this Website.

How Can ABC of Health Help You and Your Family Members?

It may benefit you greatly to learn about us so you can obtain a better understanding of how we can  help people improve their health in remarkable ways.  Lon Willoughby has developed special advanced health care concepts that are proprietary trade secret of our Corporation.

These special healthcare concepts are not available in any other healthcare related facility in the Greenville, SC area, or anywhere else in the State of South Carolina, or anywhere else in America. These advanced healthcare concepts are copyrighted and we own the copyrights involved. 

Consequently, no other company can teach or use these concepts without violating our copyrights, and that would be a serious federal crime and also cause a  very expensive civil lawsuit with us.

Lon's very valuable healthcare experiences with many people have shown that most people can be helped much more than they might think possible before they meet and talk with him.  He is our very healthy 80 years old Healthcare and Nutrition Consultantand a Healthy Lifestyle Coach.  

His extensive alternative and complementary natural healthcare and wellness knowledge, experiences, and training can be worth a lot of money for most people (many thousands of dollars per person) because Lon's advanced healthcare concepts knowledge can be life-changing for everyone  and probably life-saving for most people.

Fortunately, our exceptionally valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will be leased to "qualified education clients" for a very reasonable lease fee.  It is important for people to understand that our proprietary healthcare education program will be initially available to "qualified" American citizens living in the upstate area of South Carolina.    

Prior to the closing of our health store on April 24, 2014, visitors could come in for a short visit in our unique Health and Wellness Center and see our facility.  It was open on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Visitors could usually talk with Lon briefly and get a feel for some of the ways that he could help people improve their health substantially.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week was reserved for client healthcare consultations and the management of our complex health and wellness facility.

Lon knows how to help our clients learn how to quickly reduce stress, and anxiety or depression, and improve energy production and vitality, sleep better, have better mental focus and functions and improve emotional control.  He also knows how to help our clients begin performing better on the job with co-workers and management personnel and also function  better with a spouse, children, relatives and friends.

Lon knows how to help our clients quickly understand how to develop more appreciation, patience, tolerance, and understanding with other people in a self-enlightened way.  Visitors at our health and wellness store were usually glad that they visited with us and talked briefly with Lon Willoughby  about their healthcare concerns (for themselves and/or other family members).

When people visited our Health and Wellness Center, they could see that we had selected several brands of quality health promoting nutrition supplement products and health promoting equipment products to ensure that our customers could have convenient access to these important products at fair competitive prices.

Our unique Health and Wellness Center enabled local people to obtain quality health-promoting products from a local company that operated in a competent, reliable, and responsible manner - owned and managed by a local person that truly cared about the health and long-term well being and happiness of our customers. 

NOTES:  Lon and his wife Janie moved to Mauldin, South Carolina from Panama City, Florida in the fall of 1977, because Lon received a requested transfer and promotion to a training officer position at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (with the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA). 

There were only 13 such positions in the entire Southern Region of the FAA, and Lon had to compete for this one vacancy against 42 other qualified candidates to finally be selected for that position. 

Two years later, Lon resigned from the FAA after 19 years of service because he had run out of patience with the ever-present frustrating government bureaucracy.  He was an entrepreneur at heart, and he simply could not be converted to a government bureaucrat.  Lon had been offered a challenging position with a national educational company.  They wanted him to be their State Coordinator for the entire State of South Carolina.  Lon decided to resign from the FAA after 23 years of government service, and he accepted the company's offer in October 1979. 

Janie retired from teaching at Mauldin High School in June 2007, after teaching in public schools for 39 years (mostly in the social studies field at the high school level).  Janie earned her bachelor's degree at Winthrop College, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  She subsequently earned her Master's in Education at Furman University in Greenville, SC.  Janie grew up in the Chester, South Carolina area.

Important Caution and Warning:  

Please do not be penny-wise and pound foolish with your long-term health, as many people do for too many years.  As shown herein previously, thousands of people die daily in America, and our ABC of Health personnel understand that most of them die because they did not have the advanced healthcare concepts knowledge that we will teach in our healthcare concepts education program.  

Think about this tragic situation for a moment:  on average, 7,115 people die daily in America - that is 49,800 dying weekly, and about 216,000 dying monthly, amounting to about 2.59 million people dying in Americans annually.  (2013 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  See if you want to review their annual death rate data for year 2013.  

The death rate statistics shown above can help you get a quick overview understanding of the incredible importance of the advanced healthcare concepts that our home-study education programs will teach our "qualified education clients." 

Our advanced healthcare concepts knowledge could have likely enabled more than 60% of those people, and maybe 70% to 80% of those people, to learn how to save their life and live years longer in much better health (if they had learned our advanced healthcare concepts a few years before they got sick enough to die). 

NOTICE:  The healthcare concepts information that is presented in the Home department shows that we have been working diligently for many years in developing and promoting practical, reasonable, sensible, and cost-effective healthcare education programs to help improve dramatically the massive healthcare dilemma that we see growing in America by leaps and bounds.

Please understand that some of the
departments of this Introductory Website, and also at our Website, provide additional healthcare concepts information that is free (when used in compliance with our Term of Use conditions).  These very valuable healthcare concepts are presented by Lonnie Willoughby, our alternative health healthcare and nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach  

Lon Willoughby wants our visitors to be healthy and enjoy a really good life.  The free healthcare concepts information that we provide for visitors to use is presented to help them get started today in taking better care of their precious and incredibly valuable healthcare assets.

Taking responsible actions today to begin taking much better care of your precious health is a very smart move for your long-term healthcare.  It is much more important than trying to save some dollars with trial and error guesswork decisions about important healthcare issues that can go on for many years.

Healthcare issues can get much worse over time, and they can be much more difficult and much more expensive to try to correct at a later time - months or years from now.  This a situation where a stitch in time may avoid nine stitches later on.  Our Free healthcare concepts can help you get started today in taking better care of your very valuable and precious healthcare assets.

   Special Healthcare Concepts Info For You

Some of our advanced healthcare concepts education can be accomplished online and through the mail.  If you have an interest in what we are doing and want to learn more about the options available to you for our healthcare education programs in your area, go to our Contact ABC department and send us an Email that requests additional information (tell us about yourself: age, height, weight, your health conditions, and tell us what you want us to help you accomplish for your healthcare improvement). 

We will be glad to communicate with you about our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program if you are an American citizen and live in the upstate area of South Carolina with a permanent home address Zip Code of 296 _ _ .  

Otherwise, we are unable to try to help you at this time with our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  However, you can get a lot of Free healthcare concepts at this Introductory Healthcare Educational Website.

To learn more about our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program, and our "qualified client" qualification criteria, use the convenient link provided below to visit our special Website that is designed for educating people about both of our healthcare concepts home-study education programs.  Select the Client Qualifications department to review our security reasons for having qualification requirements.  Use you Back Arrow Function to come back to this location.


Do you believe that you already know about all you need to 

know about a healthy lifestyle and our special healthcare concepts?  

Customers Could Take our FREE Healthcare Concepts Test

Visitors to our ABC of Health health store could complete our one page questionnaire about vital healthcare concepts knowledge and see how well they did.   Most people were surprised at how little they knew about these very important healthcare concepts.

But let's be fair and reasonable here.  How could they know very important healthcare concepts that they had not been taught at any point in their lifetime?

Taking our test could quickly give customers a responsible valid basis for considering whether or not it would be smart for them to attend our Level One Healthcare Education Class.

Customers could obtain exceptionally valuable health care concepts information from this one hour long introductory power point type presentation.  The class was developed by our knowledgeable alternative health healthcare and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby).  

Lon knows how to help people learn how to spend their healthcare money much more wisely, and improve their lifestyle substantially by using some of our copyrighted special healthcare conceptsCustomers could begin getting much better healthcare results quickly, and they could enjoy health benefits faster and more effectively than before after they had attended our Level One and  Level Two healthcare concepts education classes. 

Yes, this was a smart way for our customers to learn about some of our special healthcare concepts that could affect their health substantially daily for the rest of their life.  Now that we have closed our health and wellness facility, we do not offer those classes any more.

However, it is smart and wise for visitors to this Website to spend some time reviewing the very valuable health care concepts that we provide Free in several departments of this Website. 

We recommend that you review the information presented in our Consultation department.

After that department review, you will have a better understanding of the types of very valuable advanced healthcare concepts that our education programs will offer to qualified American citizens who live in the upstate area.    

NOTE:  Our resident healthcare and nutrition consultant knows how to help our clients learn how to get on the fast track to better health and wellness with more energy and vitality and enjoy each day much more - with less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and much more happiness, with a stronger sense of achievement and personal satisfaction and accomplishment.  

How much would that kind of advanced healthcare concepts education be worth to you and your family members (spouse and children living with you in your primary home)? This special kind of advanced healthcare concepts education is available only from our company.   Visit the Website shown below to obtain more helpful information about our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

Information About Our Voice Mail System

Our voice mail system can take your phone call at all times that we are not available to answer the phone (during our business hours or after hours - 24 hours per day, seven days per week )  You can leave us a voice mail message whenever it is convenient for you to do so. 

If you get our voice mail system when you call us, please leave us a message about your interests in health care issues (up to six minutes long).   Please speak slowly and clearly and state your name and phone number twice to make sure that we can understand your recorded name and phone number.  Thank you.

Lon and Janie Willoughby - Background Information

Lon Willoughby grew up on a farm in Columbus County, North Carolina (about 40 miles inland from Myrtle Beach, SC), and Janie grew up on a farm in Chester County, South Carolina (about 30 miles from Rock Hill, SC).  That farming background is a very important factor in their combined knowledge about plants and animals, and that valuable knowledge is quite beneficial in their current work in the nutrition and alternative health natural healthcare concepts field. 

It was truly a miracle that Janie and Lon found each other in the big city of Jacksonville, Florida, but fortune smiled on them, and they did find each other by becoming next door neighbors in a large apartment complex.   They got married in December 1970, in Jacksonville.

Janie was a school teacher and Lon was a career employee with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), working as a highly trained and skilled electronics technician at the nearby FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hillard, Florida (about 30 miles away from his apartment).  He later transferred to the Jacksonville International Airport FAA facility (which was much closer to his apartment location and enabled him to get off of his difficult to cope with shift-work schedule).

Lon and Janie have been together now for 46 years, and they still make an excellent team working together to help improve the lives of many people.   Janie retired from teaching school in 2007, after teaching in public school systems for 39 years.  She specialized in teaching subjects in the social studies field (American Government, American History, Economics, and Psychology) at the high school level. 

Janie was qualified to teach all of those subjects, but she had a deep appreciation and interest in  America History and this was one of the main subjects that she taught for many years.  That extensive teaching experience enabled Janie to become an expert in American History

Janie will continue to use some of that very valuable knowledge and teaching experience because she now works with her husband (Lon) at ABC of Health to help him develop our healthcare concepts home-study education programABC of Health will make good use of Janie's special knowledge about U.S. Government and U.S. History in our home-study education programs because she will  develop the citizenship education material for our Citizenship Education Program for our home-study education program. 

Her knowledge about social studies courses, and especially her American History and American Government knowledge, will play a very important role in the citizenship education that will be a component part of each education phase (Levels One, Two, and Three) in our Advanced Health Care Concepts Home-study Education Program

We realize that some people who are looking at our healthcare education programs for the first time may feel like they do not have any interest in becoming more knowledgeable about very important aspects of our American history and our American government (and American politics).  

Consequently, we understand that some people might initially want to object about our inclusion of  those important subjects in our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

It is important for potential clients to understand that our education programs are designed to help our clients become healthier and also become more competent American citizens and patriots who love this remarkable country.  Our Citizenship Education will help our "qualified education clients develop a much stronger appreciation for our incredible American heritage.  

Janie and Lon both understand how important it is for adult American citizens to get a useful review and refresher about some very important history and government concepts.  They therefore present this citizenship education information as an addendum to our advanced health care concepts education program.  This information is presented in an interesting way that makes it easy for our clients to learn very important selected portions of our American history and some especially important aspects of our American government and American politics

We understand that responsible American citizens really do need to know and understand certain portions of our citizenship concepts education because these are very important concepts about American citizenship for our educated clients. 

We believe that our "qualified education clients" will be very glad that they learned or re-learned these very important citizenship concepts.  They will become more confident about their own citizenship, and they will likely become more patriotic about America because they will have more appreciation for our very special heritage.  They will understand that American citizens were enabled from birth with rights and freedoms that had never before been allowed to other people on Planet Earth before the development of our unique Republic form of government.  

The people that object to having to learn (or relearn) this citizenship concepts type information will not be able to qualify to lease our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Program.

Relevant Information About Lon's Background

Over a period of many years, Lon's ongoing self-directed alternative and complementary type  natural healthcare education projects required a lot of very confusing and complex and difficult science-oriented work, involving many thousands of hours of healthcare data research studies and also thousands of hours of actual healthcare working experiences with more than a thousand customers ( in our health and wellness store business for 14+ years ). 

It turns out that his upbringing on a complex farm environment in North Carolina was exceptionally beneficial to Lon because that farming experience enable him to learn how various foods are planted, fertilized, nurtured, and raised.  

Lon subsequently acquired college level science training in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering drawing (drafting), and engineering mathematics courses into calculus.  Like his father, he had a natural technical aptitude, and he was very curious about how things worked - what makes electricity work, how do electric motors work, what makes gasoline engines run, and what makes photography work, films, etc. 

After his college training, Lon immediately got a job worked in the very complex electronics industry with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  While in the US Air Force, he had been trained on long range RADAR systems, and a few months after getting an electronics technician job with the FAA, he received a promotion and a requested assignment to work at the long range RADAR system on the Air Force Base located in Charleston, South Carolina. 

FAA trained electronics technicians maintained the RADAR system for the Air Force and the FAA (a joint venture).  Lon worked with the FAA for 19 years, and received valuable education and training on several different kinds of complex electronics systems before he resigned in October 1979 to get out of the bureaucratic government service.  

Lon had many interesting assignments with the FAA.  He worked at RADAR facilities in South Carolina and Alabama.  He worked at the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Facilities in Hilliard, Florida (near Jacksonville), and he worked at the Air Traffic Control Towers in Jacksonville, Florida (two years) and then in Panama City, Florida for six years. 

During his 19 years with the FAA, Lon worked with RADAR systems and microwave link data transmission systems ( RADAR data from Charleston, SC to Air Route Traffic Control Facilities in Florida and Virginia), digital data processing systems, communications systems (VHF and UHF receivers and transmitters), and VOR and TACAN systems (ground transmissions of navigational information that is used 24/7 by commercial airline planes and privately owned airplanes for their cross-country navigation).  

Many years of work with very complex electronic systems of numerous types enabled Lon to develop  very important critical thinking skills, and those special skills served him well in his subsequent complex research studies in the fields of nutrition and human healthcare concepts. 

Those special attributes and skills were very helpful to Lon Willoughby when he was accomplishing his comprehensive alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts and protocol studies and evaluations and numerous research learning projects.  He was determined and committed to searching for important ways to care for and protect human health, above and beyond what is commonly known by many people working within the healthcare field (chiropractors, dietitians, medical doctors, medical nurse practitioners, medical nurses, nutrition consultants, etc.). 

Lon diligently searched for practicable, responsible, and sensible ways for people to live better and longer with minimized health problems and disease conditions.  He wanted to find ways to greatly reduce the human suffering that is so common in America - especially for older people in their "golden years."

Over the years, Lon has purchased more than1000 healthcare type books for his personal library and the healthcare library that he subsequently developed for ABC of Health.  Many of those books were purchased while he was working progressively on his ongoing self-directed healthcare education projects.  Those healthcare reference books cost Lon and this Corporation many thousands of dollars.  Our current corporate healthcare library may be the best healthcare book library in South Carolina.  

As president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lon's complex self-directed healthcare education project is still ongoing, and he routinely purchases several hundred dollars worth of healthcare related books each year as additional healthcare reference sources.  Each year, Lon typically purchases about 700 dollars worth of healthcare reference books and research reports to help him keep up to date with some of the latest and best healthcare education research information.  

From this brief review of cost factors (time and money), you can see why we must charge reasonable fees for leasing our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon Willoughby and Janie Willoughby are actively developing for this company.  Obviously, we must make a responsible effort to gradually recover the substantial 1.6+ million dollar costs involved with our large investment of time, effort, and money to develop our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program (also includes our Vital Healthcare Concepts)

Our copyrighted healthcare concepts education program will enable our "qualified clients" to live much healthier lives and probably also live longer healthy lives. The results obtained from our education programs by each "qualified client" will depend upon the individual's age and current health condition when they start our education process and also depends upon how well the client learns and uses our copyrighted healthcare concepts trade secrets.

This has been an incredibly important health care improvement project, and the price that most people pay to lease our advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program is just a small token amount of what it has cost Lon and Janie Willoughby personally, and what it has cost this Corporation, for Lon to spend 14+ years learning how to develop many advanced healthcare concepts  for ABC's of Health, Inc. (more than 50 healthcare concepts have been copyrighted)

Our home-study education programs will enable us to teach many people the advanced healthcare concepts that Lon developed over a period of many years.  Millions of people in South Carolina need to obtain our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program as quickly as possible.

Obviously, many more millions of Americans across the USA need this
advanced healthcare concepts education also, but at the present time, our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will be available only to people who are "qualified" American citizens and also citizens of South Carolina, living in the upstate area with a permanent residence Zip code of 296_ _ . 

After many years of continuing studies (during a 40+ years period of time) about alternative and complementary natural health care concepts, Lon has a very good understanding of the main health care lifestyle issues that are involved in the badly deteriorating health for millions of aging people in America each year.  He realizes that most Americans have not been educated adequately about some very important healthcare lifestyle concepts that can greatly affect long-term health. 

Learning how to use our advanced healthcare concepts can help protect precious health assets on a daily basis, every day for the rest of our clients' lives. 

Without benefit of our vital and advanced healthcare concepts, body deterioration activities can continue silently and unnoticed day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year - until vital health assets have been damaged substantially, and probably severely, before it becomes  noticeable.  It will then be very difficult to develop effective corrections to multiple damaged body functions, and it can be expensive and tedious, over a long period of time (many months and probably several years), to partially accomplish these complex corrective actions.  

Obviously, it is much better to take sensible and practical actions now to help minimize such body functions damages and even strive to avoid such damages as much as reasonably possible.  This is a much more effective, efficient, and cost-effective manner of maintaining quality health care than ignoring this process until substantial damages have occurred (as many people are currently doing because they are not using our vital and advanced healthcare concepts).


Alternative and Complementary Healthcare

Why Is The Healthcare Deck Stacked Against Americans Badly?

We know that the healthcare deck is stacked against you badly, as it is for millions of Americans, due to the huge financial interests of the drug companies (BIG PHARMA), most of the medical profession, most of the medical insurance companies, and some of the major food processing companies (lots of junk food products available in the market - because they sell - people foolishly buy that stuff). 

Please remember always (every day) that poor health and sickness and disease is really very BIG BUSINESS in America.   Billions of dollars are involved with these "poor health conditions" each year in America.  In fact, modern day health care costs are bankrupting many families in America, and have already bankrupted some big companies, and they are also bankrupting some states, and massive "social services cost" are rapidly bankrupting our federal government.

After many years of work in the alternative health natural healthcare field, Lon is convinced that the most practical and sensible solution to the massive health care ignorance that is so widespread in America is  Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education.  Lon Willoughby saw the need for someone to develop a practical and sensible way to educate responsible and sensible American families about how to take much better care of their natural health assets.

We have very good reasons to believe that Lon is developing the most effective advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program for ordinary Americans that has ever been offered in America.  As far as we can determine, Lon Willoughby is developing the only advanced healthcare concepts home-study program of this type. 

Since ABC's of Health, Inc. owns the copyrights involved with this program, it is understandable why no one else is offering a similar healthcare concepts home-study education program.  Our copyrights will control the ownership of these  advanced healthcare concepts for at least 70 more years, so it is not likely that any company will attempt to offer a similar Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.

Medical Doctors and Nurses:  Lon also understands that the health care deck is stacked against the many good dedicated medical doctors and nurses in America because most of them have not been trained to understand the natural and holistic way of evaluating and treating sickness and disease conditions.  Lon understands that most conventionally trained medical doctors and nurses have been successfully brainwashed to believe that the natural alternative and complementary holistic way of evaluating and treating health care conditions is not the best way, or even a good way, to achieve very good health care results.

Lon's experiences with medical doctors and nurses, over a period of many years, indicated that they had apparently been educated to believe that the alternative natural and complementary holistic methods of evaluating and treating and correcting most health problems is not really effective and not a practical alternative to conventional medical practice.

Lon had personal healthcare problem experiences with a series of medical doctors (conventionally trained) back in the 1970's, over a period  of about 10 years.  They did not understand his health problems and did not know how to diagnose his symptoms; consequently, his experiences with the medical doctors was unsuccessful. Lon finally gave up on getting any help from conventionally trained medical doctors.  He then tried the alternative natural   method by consulting with a nutrition specialist.  Wow!  What a difference that made because that approach was much better within just a few months (not like the 10 years that he tried to consult with medical doctors).

Lon's experiences with other people that used the alternative natural health care concepts also found remarkable health care successes.  Consequently, with many years of experience, Lon is firmly convinced that the alternative natural holistic method of health care is the most sensible method for most health care conditions and health care problems. 
He knows that the medical system's self-serving brain-washed attitudes about alternative natural holistic healthcare are wrong for many health care situations, perhaps even most health care situations.

Statistics show that the general public has also been learning about these situations in recent years; consider the fact that millions of Americans have already moved away from
drug-pushing medical doctors and going to the more natural and holistic types of health care practitioners. 

Lon Willoughby still has a lot of respect for medical doctors and nurses because he understands that they generally are very good people who sincerely want to help sick people cope effectively with many types of complex health care conditions, and he understands that they have completed very difficult academic training that can be very helpful at times.  Because Lon works in a related health care field, he understands, better than most Americans, how complex, and challenging, and difficult the work of medical doctors and nurses can be at times. 

Lon has learned over the years that many doctors and nurses have apparently been taught to conduct most of their medical practice work in ways that are designed to be very beneficial to the pharmaceutical drug companies. 

Based upon his many years of healthcare related experiences with many people, Lon is now convinced that this is not usually in the patient's best interest for getting better quickly, with reasonable costs, and with minimized harmful side-effects. 

That situation was certainly true for Lon's personal healthcare problems with hypoglycemia back in the 1970's and 1980's.   The medical doctors that Lon consulted, over a ten year period (1968 - 1978) offered him no understanding of his health problem and no solution except the tranquilizer drug Valium.  Over time, Lon came to realize that the medical doctors had no idea what his health problem was or how to test for his health condition.

Lon's natural alternative health holistic-minded healthcare consultant was much more helpful and her program worked much better in the 1980's for Lon's primary health condition, even though she did not understand his hypoglycemia condition.

Very Important Note about Brainwashing:  When Lon was an instructor in the United States Air Force  (USAF - 1956, 1957), he taught classes on numerous subjects to USAF basic trainees.  One of those classes was titled Brainwashing - How to Recognize It and Overcome It.  Conducting that special classroom instructional training program numerous times subsequently enabled Lon Willoughby to easily understand how conventionally trained medical doctors and medical nurses get subtly brainwashed during their medical training programs. 

Like any good brainwashing technique that is conducted properly, the "subjects" (doctor students and nurse students) don't even know that they are being brainwashed.  This is routinely accomplished during some of their college level medical school  type education.

It is likely that even the medical course instructors for doctors and nurses do not understand that they are helping brainwash their students with some of the course material that may have been subtly influenced (very cleverly) by some of the big pharmaceutical (drug) companies.  The object of course is to convince the students that pharmaceutical type drugs are almost always the preferred treatment for most healthcare problems.  Think back in your life and your experiences with medical doctors and medical nurses, and you will likely see that their "brainwashing" was very successful.

Otherwise, how can we possibly explain why almost all conventionally trained medical school graduates are strongly inclined to instinctively prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for most healthcare condition, without seriously considering  prescribing or recommending non-drug nutrition type products and protocols that are readily available (at much lower cost for their patients in most  situations - and they are usually much safer to use for their patients.

In Lon's work in his health and wellness store (14+ years), he repeatedly encountered customers, who were being treated by one or more conventionally trained medical doctors, and most of those customers were taking multiple pharmaceutical drugs for situations that could have been treated much better and more effectively and at much lower cost with non-drug remedies that Lon was familiar with and routinely stocked in his health and wellness facility. 

It was quite common for Lon Willoughby to encounter "medical doctor patients" that had been prescribed 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 or 10 pharmaceutical drugs (and sometimes more drugs - up to 16 to 20 drugs).  In most of those situations, the medical doctors had not recommended any natural nutrition supplement products. 

Fortunately, in more recent years, Lon encountered some medical doctor patients that had been prescribed some nutrition supplement products - usually vitamin B-12, or vitamin D-2 (not the more effective vitamin D-3 that is found in health stores).  Occasionally Lon encountered a "patient" that had been prescribed a low quality and low potency vitamin and mineral combination product or a low quality calcium product (crushed up limestone rock type calcium).

One Classic Medical Doctor Situation

Lon personally evaluated one situation in some detail with the wife of a customer (who was also a personal friend), where the female "patient" had been prescribed 14 pharmaceutical drugs by the same female medical doctor.  
Lon actually reviewed the bottle labels for each one of those 14 prescribed drugs.

This wife had refused for years to take any natural healthcare products from our health and wellness store, even though her husband routinely used several natural type of nutrition products from our store during those years. 

She felt really bad all the time, day and night; she felt like she was shaking in most of her body and she said that she was  miserable at all times.  She said that she could not get to a point of feeling normal at any time of day or night.

Let's think for a moment about the very complex chemical actions and reactions that those potentially toxic drug substances could have been causing in this lady's body.

How much of her "
very bad health condition" was being caused by the drug actions and reactions in her body?  No person on Planet Earth can provide a reasonable and responsible answer to that question because it is impossible to know the answer for these very complex drug actions and reactions in this woman's body from so many drugs. (patient - age 77) 

Was this clearly a case of medical malpractice to an extreme degree?   Lon certainly thought so.

Were there any vital nutrients in those 14 pharmaceutical drugs that cou8ld have helped this woman's body develop trillions of healthier body cells each day?  There would have been if she had been taking only nutrition supplement products that Lon could have offered her in our health and wellness nutrition store. 

Generally, Lon could help a customer understand what natural products were available to them, and he could help the customer understand how to use selected products for optimum effect (read the label - take on an empty stomach, or take with meals, or best taken at the end of a meal, or between meals, etc.).

In the situation related above, Lon could not help this suffering woman at all because it was much too dangerous for him to get involved in this very dangerous potentially toxic situation.  She was putting numerous
pharmaceutical drugs  into her body during each week, and Lon was not a trained and licensed medical doctor drug specialist (would need to be equivalently trained to disagree with and object and interfere with her medical doctor "advice." 

Lon Willoughby understood that the relevant controlling South Carolina statutory law strictly prohibited him from interfering in any way with the the lady's medical doctor's "medical practice expertise." 

Unfortunately, this woman had allowed her female medical doctor to
literally take control of her body with multiple pharmaceutical drugs, and Lon could not interfere with that situation, even for the wife of a good customer and a personal friend.  Lon had to step aside and avoid interfering with the woman's medical doctor's professional advice.  He had to very reluctantly step aside from that really bad situation although he really wanted to try to help this suffering lady that he had known for 20+ years.   

As the founder and president of
ABC's of Health, Inc., and owning and operating a health and wellness store, it was clear that Lon Willoughby was in business in the healthcare field.  He knew that it was a violation of the relevant state statutory law for him to tell a client that he should take an aspirin, or any other headache remedy, for a headache.  According to the controlling statutory law in South Carolina, Lon was prohibited from proscribing any remedy for any health condition, unless he was a licensed medical doctor.

South Carolina statutory law  requires that Lon be a licensed medical doctor to offer any specific health care advice to a client about any health condition.  Because he was not a licensed medical doctor, Lon Willoughby knew that it was illegal for him to attempt to diagnose any type of health condition or to prescribe any remedy for a specific health condition

The relevant statutory law is designed to protect the general population from healthcare practitioners who may not be competent to be working in the very complex field of human health (an incredibly complicated field of work). 

Lon understood the controlling statutory law and its overriding protective purpose, and he responsibly complied with the law even though there were many healthcare situations where he was probably more knowledgeable than the typical medical doctor about the alternative natural healthcare concepts that were relevant and applicable to some healthcare conditions.

As you can see from the simple headache example given, being in the healthcare business can be very dangerous if one is not a licensed medical doctor. 

Lon could end up financially broke (from litigation attorney fees and related costs), and also spend many years in a South Carolina prison, if he was not very careful and avoid doing or saying things that could be used against him in litigation by the State of South Carolina that would subject him to prosecution for "practicing medicine without a license."

However, that very old controlling statutory law does not prevent Lon Willoughby, or our healthcare concepts education company (ABC's of Health, Inc.), from being competent healthcare educators about the vital and advanced healthcare concepts that Lon developed and copyrighted for our corporation.

We can legally educate our "education clients" about the  advanced healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed at great cost over a period of many years of diligent study and related healthcare work with our customers.

The costs involved with Lon's alternative natural healthcare concepts education was a lot as shown below:

more than 1.6 million dollars = $1,600,000+, thousands of hours of complex study of alternative natural healthcare books and related research data over a period of more than 35 years, along with Lon's thousands of hours of customer healthcare services work with more than 1,000 customers - over a period of 14+ years in our health and wellness store in Greenville County, South Carolina.

Lon is therefore highly qualified to educate our "qualified education clients" about some incredibly important advanced healthcare concepts that they can easily and conveniently use to improve their lifestyle dramatically and thereby improve the quality of healthcare actions in their life (including their spouse, and any dependent children living at home). 

Those actions may enable a client to also enjoy remarkable healthcare benefits for the family. (teenagers, younger children, and even toddlers and babies - they can be helped by their parent's vastly improved vital healthcare concepts knowledge)

Many conscientious responsible people working in the healthcare field, such as our personnel and people working in health food stores across America, chiropractors, dietitians, healthcare consultants, nutritionist (nutrition consultants), etc.,
also have the healthcare deck stacked against them badly

The well-organized and exceptionally well-financed groups mentioned previously are very powerful financially and politically, and they generally do not like any competition from any kind of alternative and complementary healthcare consultants or practitioners.  

Those powerful groups, aligned with the medical profession and/or the pharmaceutical industry, spend huge sums of money paying lobbyist to promote legislation that is favorable to their professional objectives, individually and as groups of similar companies or organizations. 

They particularly do not appreciate or like people like Lon Willoughby, or companies like ABC of Health, who are actively distributing and promoting truthful and helpful alternative and complementary healthcare concepts information to other people (hard working ordinary Americans).  As you have already seen at this Website, our visitors can learn some very valuable information about special healthcare concepts that can affect their life beneficially for the rest of their life.  

Patient Deaths In America:  Did you know that several hundred thousand people in America die annually from the drugs and medical care treatment practices that they received in the conventional medical care system?   This is generally considered to be one of the top three causes of death in America, year after year after year - for many years now.   Some competent healthcare researchers have shown that the American medical profession is the number one cause of death in the USA.

Did you also know that patient deaths are rare in the alternative health and complementary healthcare field as a result of the recommended nutrition supplements and the more natural holistic type remedies and treatment practices that are used.

It is your body and your life and you can be in control and you can be in charge of your health care for the rest of your life ( as Lon Willoughby has done with his healthcare for more than 45 years ).  Yes, it is a very important responsibility that adults should generally accept, but it is much easier to do this competently and responsibly and sensibly after a person gets educated with our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program.  

At this point in your review of our Website, does it make a lot of sense to you that it would be wise for you to learn how to take really good care of your most valuable treasure in this life - your health? 

We suggest that you spend adequate time reviewing all of the available departments of this Website, and then spend some time reviewing the departments at our healthcare programs education Website:  Tou can use this link to make a quick detour over to this special Website, if you have not already done so.

As you have already seen, we provide very important and very valuable healthcare concepts that can help you begin to take better control of your incredible health assets.  Would it be wise for you to have ABC of Health on your healthcare team?


Lon's Exercise Routines - Basic Activities

At age 80, Lon Willoughby regularly does more push-up and sit-up exercises (twice as many sit-ups) as he could do when he was twenty years old.  He does the push-ups and sit-ups every other day to allow the muscle tissues involved time to fully recover.  Lon was an athlete in high school (baseball and football) and in college (ran all track races), so he was in good physical condition at age twenty. 

Lon realizes that push-up and sit-up exercises are two excellent exercises to help keep major muscle groups in good condition and tone.  He also uses his high quality rebounder exerciser on a regular basis (usually daily) because Lon understands that this up and down vertical bouncing motion is the ideal exercise to fully activate the vital lymphatic system and enable it to function well throughout the body.  This unique exercise also simultaneously improves the blood flow through the vein systems throughout the body and improves oxygenation of all body tissue cells.

Yes, Lon does recognize that walking and jogging are also good exercises, but rebounding is so much better in several ways that he prefers to use the rebounder (gentle up and down motions) and to also jog in place (on the rebounder - better and more effective than regular jogging). 

Lon understands that rebounding type exercise is much safer than walking or jogging (no dogs, no bugs, no automobiles or other vehicle dangers, no toxic auto exhaust fumes) and the exercise is much more effective for the lymphatic system and for ideal oxygenation of the blood system through greatly improved venous blood flow.  Rebounding exercise improves the health of the entire body, including the brain and all other organs and tissues, and it does this in a gentle bouncing motion that is ideal (feet do not need to leave the mat when bouncing).

Rebounder exercise on a high quality built rebounder also minimizes the potential for injuries to feet, ankles, leg muscles, hip joints, elbow joints, and shoulder joints (compared to jogging).  One can also have good control over the environment inside the home (temperature, air quality, music or audio learning, T.V., DVD, etc.) or do the rebounding and jogging on the rebounder in the driveway or patio when the sun is shining to obtain some natural vitamin D on open skin exposure.  Ten to fifteen minutes of rebounding is excellent exercise for all body cells once or twice per day. 

Ten minutes on the rebounder (bouncing and jogging in place) is more beneficial to all body cells than about one hour of walking.  It is safer, quicker, easier, and better than walking or jogging on hard pavement.

Lon believes that a quality built rebounder is the most effective exerciser of any single exercise machine.  A high quality rebounder can be purchased for about $300.00 to $400.00 (depending upon the model and the accessories - like a stabilizer bar).  Lon has researched all of the major brands of rebounders sold in America, and he realizes that this should be a lifetime purchase because a really good rebounder unit can last for many years (10, 15, 20, 25 years or more).

When you divide the total cost (including shipping of about $30.00) by just 10 years, you will see that the average annual cost is equal to about $40.00 or less (depending upon purchase cost).  That will work out to be a weekly cost of 77 cents or less per week for an outstanding exerciser unit.  ($400 divided by 10 years = $40 per year).

Divide that annual cost by 52 weeks per year to get about 77 cents per week.  Is your optimized exercise health program worth that small additional cost?  Lon emphatically says YES! 

How many people in your family could use the quality built rebounder?  This situation can reduce the cost per person per week to an even lower amount, and this shows that purchasing a quality built rebounder for family use is a very sensible purchase for an outstanding exercise unit. 

Overview Summary of Our

Natural Healthcare Education Services

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and incredibly valuable healthcare education services that we offer.  Similar introductory information is presented in some other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help numerous Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

After you have read this helpful information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain similar introductory information.   

Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we offer some special healthcare concepts that are free at multiple Websites (to help visitors get started quickly on improving their lifestyle). 

We also offer healthcare and nutrition consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure) 

We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals or married couples or families with some teenage children.   We can educate our consultation clients quickly about relevant healthcare and nutrition concepts that may be very helpful about their healthcare issues.  Younger children can learn from their smart educated parents.

Telephone consultation services offer the big advantage of being a fast and convenient way for our clients to obtain some very important alternative health and complementary natural healthcare concepts  that can be directed to specific healthcare issues.  These clients can obtain very valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a reasonable cost (using a credit card for payment).

Our company is currently developing a very important and valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program for "qualified"  American citizens who are also residents (citizens) of South Carolina and live in the upstate area with a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program will enable us to provide  comprehensive healthcare concepts regarding a broad range of very important healthcare, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness issues This special healthcare concepts education program can be much more effective over time, to an individual or a married couple or a family, than many hours of telephone consultation services can provide.

The proprietary copyrighted healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study education program can educate "qualified education clients" about our incredibly important and valuable advanced healthcare concepts (healthcare, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness).  We know how to teach these special healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use for improving a lifestyle in truly remarkable ways.

You can learn more about our home-study healthcare concepts education program at another special Website that was designed for that purpose.  Visit for information about the remarkable home-study education program that we are developing.  See the Client Qualifications department for information about our very reasonable security standards for the qualification of potential "qualified education client" applicants.

This healthcare concepts home-study education program will be available only from our company because we will have tightly controlled security for leasing distribution of this education program.   We own more than 50 copyrighted healthcare concepts that will be explained in our education program.  We are the only company that is authorized to teach our copyrighted trade secrets

Where are we located:  Our ABC's of Health, Inc. corporate office is located in the outstanding modern city of Mauldin, South Carolina. (population of about 23,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).

ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important healthcare concepts about various subjects such as:  healthcare consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, healthcare classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

We also present information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters (bath tub filters and shower filters), water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of health issues that our alternative health type healthcare and nutrition consultant and  healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby) 

Lon has acquired specialized healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health promoting products and alternative and complementary natural type healthcare protocols and services (no prescription type drugs involved with our healthcare program).

You can learn more about our home-study healthcare concepts education program at a special Website designed for that purpose.  The convenient link below will enable you to quickly visit that Website and casually review information about our remarkable home-study education program.

Our incredibly important and valuable advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program is only available from our company because we own the numerous copyrights that are used in the advanced healthcare concepts that we teach.  We are the only company authorized to teach our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts (our very valuable corporate trade secrets). 

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