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     You can find great discount prices at for thousands of products in many categories.  ABC of Health is a registered and approved Associate.  This enables us to provide our "qualified education clients" with a convenient Entry-way Link into the amazing Internet Shopping Mall, and we offer our qualified education clients special incentives for taking this easy action, as explained below. 

      Our "qualified education clients" will get the same great discount prices by visiting the Website through our Associate Entry-way Link as when they go to the Amazon Internet Shopping Mall directly via address

     The BIG ADVANTAGE to our "qualified education clients" for choosing to enter the Internet Shopping Mall via our Associate Entry-way Link (at the top and bottom of this page in Green) is this:  each "qualified education client" will then become eligible for some very valuable healthcare concepts information that we can provide to them Free (via their Email address).  

     When you learn more about ABC of Health, you will understand that this can be a very important  deal for our "qualified education clients" and their immediate family membersThis special personalized service is available only to people who have already "qualified" to become one of our "healthcare concepts education clients."  Our "qualified education clients" will also be eligible to receive our periodic healthcare concepts newsletter via Email to the address that they provide to us.  
     Our "qualified education client"  should title their Emails to us in this manner:  Qualified Client with the last name and Zip Code.  Example:  Qualified Client, Willoughby, 29662.  This Email technique will enable us to search for any Emails that start with the title Qualified Client
     We get lots of Emails each day and it is easy for an Email from a "qualified education client" to go unnoticed among the hundreds of Emails that are accumulating daily from many sources.
     We get lots of Emails that are from various companies submitting information for us to review about various products and subjects.  Unfortunately, we do not have time to review the contents of so many Emails each day, so please make your Email stand out from the crowd in the manner shown above.
     Our special alternative health natural healthcare concepts can be worth a lot of money to each client (probably hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars over multiple visits to the shopping mall).  Why?  Because our special healthcare concepts knowledge may enable our clients to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets on a daily basis for the rest of their life. 
     We can provide important healthcare products information and/or physical, mental, and/or emotional natural healthcare education information.  This special information can help our qualified education clients make big improvements in their lifestyle - easily and conveniently.  Our "qualified clients" may live in even better health, and enjoy having more energy and vitality and zest for living, and they may live years longer, due to the very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts that we can share with our qualified shoppers
     Our very important and valuable special healthcare concepts may also be used by our "qualified education clients" to help their immediate family members (spouse and children that live in their home) as long as they comply with our very reasonable Terms of Use conditions (a separate department at this Website with that name explains these conditions). 
     In addition to being worth a lot of money to each client, our very important and valuable special natural healthcare concepts information can potentially make their home life and their job life a lot better for years to come into the future.
     From time to time, we may also offer these special clients some special shopping information that may be very helpful to them regarding their potential selections of nutrition supplement products and other healthcare related products at the Internet Shopping Mall (they offer generous discounts on the retail prices of many products).
     We have acquired a wealth of very valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge about nutrition supplement products, and we can share some of that very valuable information with our "qualified education clients" when they use our Entry-way Link to visit       

Death Rate Statistics for People Living in the United States of America

     Please consider that there are about 7,115 people that die each day in America (an average daily death rate as calculated from annual death rate data for year 2013 - published at ). 

     This daily death rate amounts to an average of about 49,800 people dying each week in America (total for all 50 states in the United States of America (USA - America). This amounts to about 216,000 people dying in America on a monthly basis.

     Many of those people are probably dying prematurely (years before they should naturally die of old age = 100+ years) because they did not know how to take good care of their body and their mental abilities (their brain health and their emotional health).  They did not know how to use the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that we teach our "qualified education clients."
     Take a few moments to carefully consider that this is the critical area of alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts that we specialize in providing to our "qualified education clients."   We know how to educate them about very important natural healthcare concepts that can greatly improve their lifestyles, and enjoy living much better for the rest of their life.  
Alternative Health Natural Healthcare Concepts Education
     For many years, our ABC of Health personnel focused on helping our health store customers understand how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets on a daily basis (body systems and mental functions and attitudes).   However, customers were generally in a hurry and they did not want to take time to get educated about some of our alternative health healthcare tips. 
     Even when we offered free classes in our classroom, customers did not want to take time to attend our very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts classes (day classes or night classes). 
     We found that it was very difficult to educate our customers significantly about how to take better care of their natural healthcare assets.  Over the years, our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby (Lon), eventually learned why our natural healthcare concepts education objectives were so difficult to achieve for almost everyone.  (our regular customers and thousands living within our local area)
     Lon Willoughby developed a separate department at this Website to explain the very important information that he discovered while evaluating this education situation.  You can read about his very important discoveries at our Healthcare Myths department.  (Healthcare beliefs that many Americans have that are likely causing more than a million premature deaths in America annually.  This is really very important healthcare information.  Check it out as soon as possible - it may help you a lot.
     Every visitor to this Website that can read and understand the English language, wherever they live on Planet Earth, should read Lon's revealing Healthcare Myths report.  (Please understand that we also have visitors from foreign countries - several European countries, and China, India, etc.) 
     Many millions of lives are affected adversely by these healthcare myths (erroneous beliefs) in the United States of America (the USA), and billions of lives are affected adversely by these myths for the entire population of Planet Earth.  This is incredibly important information for everyone to read - all adults and all teenagers should read this information, wherever they live on Planet Earth. 
     Over a period of many years, Lon Willoughby learned how to develop life-changing and life-saving advanced healthcare concepts that are incredibly important and valuable for people that would like to live a much healthier and better life.  Lon understands how people can easily and conveniently learn how to enjoy more energy and vitality and more productivity, more accomplishments, more success, and more satisfaction in life. 
     He also understands how people can learn how to enjoy reduced and minimized healthcare problems and disease problems and also have an increased potential to live a longer healthy life.  Does this sound too good to be true to you?  Well, it is true, as explained at the Home department of this Website. 
     Lon has developed a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management concepts, and he shares some of his alternative health natural healthcare concepts with visitors to this Website.
     Lonnie Willoughby was born on June 5, 1936 so he is currently living in his golden years.  He is still in very good health physically and mentally due to the remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts that he discovered, developed, and copyrighted over the years.  He began learning about some important alternative health natural healthcare concepts when he was 34 years of age (in 1970). 
     Those initial natural healthcare learning actions started a very interesting learning process that has continued since that time, and during his 46+ years of continued study and learning, Lon acquired a lot of knowledge about very important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare concepts.
     Always remember this each day: your health is the most valuable personal asset that you will ever have, no matter how much financial, material, or other forms of success you may have in life
     Think about the following situation for a few moments to understand the great importance of that very valuable alternative health vital natural healthcare concept If you were a super wealthy person who had  bad health, you would likely be much worse off than a poor person your age who had learned how to take very good care of their precious natural healthcare assets on a daily basis
     Please understand that there are many situations where enormous wealth and conventional medical profession help cannot enable a person to regain their health - after it has been lost substantially. 
     Remember this daily for the rest of your life: you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your body and your health.  It is your personal responsibility to take good care of your natural healthcare assets each day that passes.  (If you do not do this for yourself, who will do this for you?) 
     Wealth by itself, without the health to enjoy the wealth, is not a reasonable or sensible objective for any smart and wise person to strive for.  Our extensive alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge can help our "qualified education clients" a lot in that regard over time - if they choose to shop at the amazing Internet Shopping Mall by using our authorized and approved Amazon Associate Entry-way Link to get to the Internet Shopping Mall each time they visit this amazing and incredible shopping mall.  
How To Take Advantage Of Our Offer
     Our "qualified education clients" should always come to this Website and this department first whenever they want to visit the shopping mall.  They can then use the convenient green link provided at the top or bottom of this department to go directly to the Shopping Mall each time they want to shop around in this absolutely amazing Internet Shopping Mall.
     If you are visiting ABC of Health for the first time, this Introductory Healthcare Education Website can help you learn about our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs We encourage visitors to read about this remarkable home-study education program because it will provide a remarkable breakthrough in alternative health education
     This Website also provides some very valuable special healthcare concepts that are Free (special healthcare concepts that can be worth many thousands of dollars for most people)  The information presented in the Home department can be very helpful to most people.  You can find additional helpful and valuable natural healthcare information in our Home Extension departments (1 and 2),  You can find some very special natural healthcare information in our Natural Healthcare Concepts department.
     Lon Willoughby knows how to help our "qualified education clients" enjoy more energy, more vitality, more brain power, better digestion of food, better lymphatic fluid flow, better blood flow and better oxygenation of the blood system and all body cells. 
     He also knows how to help clients minimize anxiety and depression conditions and enjoy much less stress, enjoy more relaxation, and also sleep better.  Lon knows how to help clients have better bowel movements and better bowel regularity.  He can also help clients lose excess weight, etc.

     As you may know, heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes are the NUMBER ONE KILLER of people living in America We know a lot about reducing and minimizing the potential for developing heart disease, blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes, and cardiovascular conditions in general.

     Cancer conditions are the NUMBER TWO KILLER of AmericansLon Willoughby knows a lot of very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts and actions that can greatly reduce the potential for developing most cancer conditions. 

     You now understand why our "qualified education clients" can get some very valuable natural healthcare concepts information from ABC of Health about their potential purchases at the amazing Internet Shopping Mall.  

     They do this by simply using our special Entry-way Link each time they want to shop at the incredible Internet shopping mall (use the link at the top or bottom of this department). 

      Lon Willoughby has acquired a wealth of helpful vital and advanced natural healthcare knowledge that can be shared with our "qualified clients" when they also become one of our clients.  

     The information presented at this introductory Healthcare Education Website shows that we know how to help most people a lot regarding their potential to enjoy the many benefits of better health. 
     After you "qualify" to become one of our "education clients" we can probably help you a lot also - probably more than you might think is possible.  Check us out, and see what we can do for you and your family members by using some of our free special healthcare concepts.
     You will likely be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use these special healthcare concepts and also see how they can help you a lot.  Visit the department at this Website with the title Natural Healthcare Concepts - see link at top of this department to review this very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts information.
     We know how to help people a lot with their healthcare actions.  Review the introductory information about our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs at this Introductory Healthcare Education Website (, and also visit the very important department titled Natural Healthcare Concepts.  (Presents a lot of valuable healthcare concepts that are free!)  
     When our "qualified clients" use our Associate Entry-way Link to visit the shopping mall, the DIFFERENCE FOR US is this: will pay ABC of Health a small referral fee for each sale that is made to any person that used our Entry-way Link to get to the shopping mallThe referral fee is typically 4.0 % of the sale price for each product purchased.
     They have agreed to pay us this small percentage out of the modest profit that they make on any items that our "qualified clients" choose to purchase during their individual visits to  However, this process only works when our clients use our Associate Entry-way Link to get to the Internet shopping mall site
     Their computer system provides a daily report for us of each referral sale in our associate account:  by products purchased and the prices paid and the referral fee commission earned for each item purchased.  Their report does not identify the purchaser or the purchaser's location. 
     Why will they do this for ABC of Health?  They understand that the important information that our Website provides to our visitors about their amazing shopping mall, including any special incentives that we offer our clients (like some of our valuable healthcare concepts information), may help our visitors choose to visit their incredible Internet Shopping Mall and look around.
     They also understand that our promotion of their Website to people within ABC of Health's large circle of influence may help bring them many new customers over time.  It is important for you to know that the small referral fee that they pay ABC of Health for each sale that is made via our associate Entry-way Link into their Internet Shopping Mall will cost our clients nothing - not even one penny! 
     Customer prices are exactly the same, whether or not a person uses our associate Entry-way Link to get into the shopping mall.
     The coding assigned within our registered Associate Entry-way Link will identify our approved and registered Associate Account to the accounting system. This is how they know which  registered Amazon Associate to pay the referral fee to whenever a sale is made to any person that visits their Internet shopping mall Website by clicking on our Amazon Associate Link (shown at the top and bottom of of this department in Green).
     This convenient and very reasonable situation will repeat for any future sales that are made in this manner. has a lot of associate accounts that are encouraging many people to visit the Website in this same manner to shop for good products of many types and enjoy big discount prices and also enjoy free shipping on many purchases (exceed just $49.00 products cost).
     We encourage our "qualified education clients" to try this valuable special opportunity and see how they like some of the special healthcare concepts information that we can provide vie Email response to their Email to us.  Please remember that Lon Willoughby understands well why so many people are sick and dying each day in America (the USA). 
     Lon Willoughby has invested thousands of hours of his time, over a period of many years, in learning how to develop our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.   He knows how to help our "qualified education clients" learn how to take much better care of their precious natural healthcare assets [ physically, mentally (brain health), and emotionally, hormone systems ].
Advertising Points That May Be Helpful To You
   1.  Please remember that many thousands of the products available at Amazon.comincluding many low cost books, will qualify for free shipping if the total sales volume for your product purchases equal $49.00 or more.  Orders that include $25.00 or more of eligible books can also get free shipping.  Select  Amazon's "Free Shipping" information for more information about this.
   2.  Did you know that you can purchase many kinds of high quality health products, healthcare products, and nutritional supplement products when you visit and also get very generous discount prices?  You can also shop for nutrition products of various types such as:  vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, essential oils, probiotics, protein products, sports products, etc.
     You can also shop for many other types of health-promoting products, such as air filters and air purifiers, water filters and water purifiers, shower filters, bath tub filters, water ionizers and water alkalizers, quality-built CHI exercisers and rebounder type exercisers,  Far-infrared portable saunas, and many other health-promoting products - all with generous discount prices. 
  3.  Did you know that our personnel can provide helpful answers to questions from our "qualified education clients" about many healthcare products and nutrition supplement products if they also qualify as one of our referral clients?  (qualified referral client - a qualified healthcare concepts education client that also uses our Associate Entry-way Link each time they visit and purchase products at the Internet Mall
  4.  Our "qualified education clients" can always bypass our Associate Entry-way Link whenever they want to shop at the Internet Shopping Mall.  They simply go directly to the Website on their next visit. 
     However, please consider that it will always be a personal advantage when our "qualified education client's"  to go to the Internet Shopping Mall by visiting this special department of this Website first, and then select our Associate Entry-way Link (shown in green at the top and bottom of this department) to get to the Website.  
     Each time one of our "qualified education clients" use our Associate Entry-way Link , they will automatically renew their opportunity to qualify for additional healthcare products information from us (by making another purchase at the incredible Internet Shopping Mall). 
  5.  Our proprietary personalized healthcare concepts information may be life-changing for our "qualified education clients" and and it might also help them shop more effectively and more efficiently with
     We strive to help our clients live several years longer by helping them enjoy better health than they would have had without our very helpful and valuable personalized healthcare products shopping information about  How many thousands of dollars would these very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts advantages be worth to you over a period of years?

Restricted Access To Our Natural Healthcare Education Services

     The information presented above does not apply to anyone that is a graduate of any law school, or practices or works in the legal profession in any capacity (law school professor or associate, attorney, lawyer, judge, judicial assistant, clerk of court, deputy clerk of court, clerk, court reporter, secretary, or any other position), or the spouse of any such person, or the adult child of any such person. 

     Lon will not knowingly share any of our incredible important and valuable advanced healthcare concepts with any of those people.  

     See our Judicial department at our Website for more information about this situation. 

     You can read Lon's "short story" about his ongoing battle with extremely unfair and outrageously corrupt judicial actions over a period of 20+ years (state courts and federal courts, in the trial courts and in the respective appellate courts - all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court twice!).  

     When you review that short story, you will understand why Lon has good reasons to believe that the judicial systems in America are dominated and controlled by unethical and corrupt "elitist" despots and tyrants who have ruthlessly betrayed most American citizens in an extremely self-serving mannerTheir outrageously unfair and corrupt judicial situations appear to be applicable to all American citizens who are not a member of, or an employee of, their elitist "legal brotherhood."
     Consequently, Lonnie Willoughby will not knowingly allow any of those people to obtain access to any of the incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts that he discovered, developed, and copyrighted at great personal costs and tremendous sacrifice for him and his wife over a period of many years of studies of relevant alternative health textbooks and related research data
     Lon also acquired thousands of hours of important alternative health natural healthcare work experiences with more than a thousand customers in our health and wellness store during a 15+ years period of time. (January 1, 1999 to April 23, 2014 - closed our health and wellness store)  The Home department and the About ABC department provide more information about this store.
     The grossly unfair and unethical and outrageously corrupt series of judicial actions against Lonnie Willoughby over a period of 20+ years caused many years of delay in his dedicated and diligent efforts to develop our advanced healthcare concepts education program.  Millions of American citizens have already died premature deaths as a result of those unfortunate many years of judicial corruption delays. 
     Consequently, people associated with the legal profession in any way will not be allowed to participate in and benefit in any way from our remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program or from any of the incredible important natural healthcare concepts that Lon discovered, developed, and copyrighted.

     IF ANY OF THE RESTRICTIONS STATED ABOVE APPLY TO YOU, DO NOT USE OUR ASSOCIATE ENTRY-WAY LINK because we will not work with you or attempt to help you in any way.

Convenient link to our Healthcare Education Website
 (for a quick detour to visit the Justice Department).


     NOW, LET'S GET STARTED - visit the incredible Website Mall by simply clicking on the GREEN Associate Link below.   You will go directly to their Home Page and have full access to their entire shopping mall. You will have very convenient access to more than a million products at really good discount prices. 

     You will still have all of the great shopping features and safety features that they provide to protect your account information and your credit card information throughout their very sophisticated Website.  This is as good and as safe as Internet shopping can be - has outstanding Internet shopping security technology.

     NOTE:   Please use their Directory link (at upper left corner of their Home Page) to get a drop-down menu that lists the main categories of products that are available to you in this huge shopping mall.
     Click on the last entry in this short drop-down listing to get a more detailed listing (full page) of the various product categories.  This listing can make it more convenient to shop for a wide range of products and it may save you some time. 
     You will find that Amazon's discount prices are really good.  You can also do a word search for the product that you want.  See the word search window near the top of the Home Page.  In many situations, this is the quickest way to find what you want if you know what you are looking for.
     ABC of Health makes it easy for people to Shop for Bargains Galore at the Great Mall, and we can help our qualified referral clients shop for health products, healthcare products, nutrition products, nutrition supplement products, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, proteins, essential oils, air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, shower filters, bath tub filters, water ionizers, water alkalizers, and many other health-related products (including some very important health type books).
     Thank you for reading through this information.  We hope you enjoy shopping at as much as we do.  Our family typically makes more than 12 purchases here in six months.  We have saved several hundred dollars with during the last year due to their very generous discount prices and their "qualified" free shipping services ($49.00 or more for most orders).
     May you live long and prosper well in good health,
     Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., a South Carolina Corporation specializing in educating people about alternative health natural healthcare concepts.
to visit the amazing and incredible Internet Shopping Mall ) 

Overview of Our Natural Healthcare Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and valuable healthcare education services that ABC of Health offers to selected American citizens. Similar information is also presented in some other departments because key words are contained herein that help various Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

     After you have reviewed this helpful summarized information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain this introductory information.   

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we present valuable healthcare concepts education at our multiple Websites.  This very important healthcare information can be helpful to anyone who visits our Websites - may also motivate them to begin improving their lifestyle. 

     We also offer alternative health natural healthcare consultations by telephone for people living in the upstate area of South Carolina - living within an approximate 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure)  

     We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that may be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with teenage children who can participate in these consultations. 

     We suggest that all telephone consultations be conducted via a landline type telephone connection (to avoid cell phone type radiation into the very sensitive head area for an extended period of time). 

     If there are teenage children in a family, and a landline telephone speakerphone connection is available for use, it may be important to include the teenage children in the family type telephone consultation session. 

     We can structure the telephone consultation to be very beneficial to teenage children, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents.  (depending upon the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information involved in the consultation session).

     Our telephone consultations can quickly introduce new clients to relevant healthcare concepts that may be very helpful in regards to specific healthcare issues.

     Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a convenient way for our new clients to learn about some alternative health natural healthcare concepts that can be directed to some specific healthcare issues.  This very convenient consultation opportunity can enable new clients to quickly obtain very valuable relevant healthcare concepts information at a very reasonable cost.

     ABC of Health is currently developing very important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home study type Education Programs.  These programs will initially be available for lease to qualified American citizens who are permanent residents (citizens) of South Carolina and also live in the upstate area (have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ ).   

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will enable us to provide advanced healthcare concepts information that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding some very important healthcare issues Over time, this more comprehensive healthcare concepts education can be much more effective for an individual, or a married couple, or a family with children living at home, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

     The proprietary copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study education program can educate "qualified clients" about our incredibly important advanced healthcare, wellness, and fitness concepts. 

     We know how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, and easy to learn, and easy to use to achieve remarkable improvements in the lifestyles of our "qualified education clients." 

     These healthcare improvements can benefit our clients in very important ways that can enable them to live much more enjoyable lives with more productivity and much more success in life than would have likely been possible with their previous lifestyle. 

     You can learn more about our natural healthcare concepts home-study education program at a special Website designed for that purpose.  The convenient link below will enable you to quickly visit that Website and casually review information about our remarkable home-study education program.

     You will want to visit our Client Qualifications department to review our qualification guidelines.

     Our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be available only from our company because we own the numerous copyrighted and proprietary advanced natural healthcare concepts that will be taught in these programs.  No other company in America will be authorized to teach our natural healthcare concepts because they are very valuable proprietary corporate trade secrets of our company

     ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as ABC of Health, has multiple Websites that present very important healthcare information about various subjects such as:  healthcare consultations, health classes, health care classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

     We also present important information for our education clients about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, quality built CHI exercisers and rebounder exercisers and Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas.

     The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of healthcare  issues that our resident alternative health natural healthcare consultant, and nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about.  (Lon Willoughby) 

     Lon has acquired specialized healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts and services.   (natural healthcare = we do not offer any prescription type drugs)


Helpful Information For You

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     Our Contact ABC department will make it easy for you to send an Email to ABC of Health.  Just use the convenient E-mail form that is available in that department for a quick and easy E-mail action.

     Visitors at this Website:  If you are a visitor with ABC of Health and you appreciate the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts presented at this Website, It will be helpful to us if you will take a few moments to visit our Comments and Reviews department and provide your comments about how our natural healthcare concepts have been helpful to you.  We like to hear from our visitors.  

     Your Email can simply express how you feel about our dedicated efforts to help visitors learn some important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that will enable them begin taking better care of their natural healthcare assets for the rest of their life. 

     ABC Customers and/or Clients:  If you have been a customer or client in our unique Health and Wellness Store or our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business, it will be helpful if you will take a few minutes to express your feelings about the way we served your healthcare concerns and interests in our Comments and Reviews department

     Your constructive comments about us could be very helpful to our visitors who are trying to evaluate our credibility and trust-worthiness.