Judicial Actions Report

Report by Lonnie Willoughby,

President of ABC's of Health, Inc.

Why Do We Report Judicial Actions At This Website?

     Reviewing the judicial actions reported herein can help American adult visitors  understand why Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as president of ABC's of Health, Inc., imposed serious access restrictions on two prominent professions in America regarding education about our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services . 

     The "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education presented at this website is available to members of the legal profession and various law enforcement professions in America.  However, the secure education departments for A4J club members are off limits for members of those professions or their profession associates, employees, and also their close family members (spouse, adult children, parents).  None of those people can become members of our exclusive Americans4Justice-SC private education club.  

     Those situations are explained briefly in our Terms of Use Department.  Lon Willoughby explains in this Department his reasons for taking those serious restrictive education access actions.

     The  very important special judicial systems information revealed in this department can help American adult visitors develop a better understanding of how the judicial systems in America actually work - not the very false public impression that they deceptively try to portray to the general public.

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee) reports herein some of his personal experiences with judicial systems in American courts.  He found that trial attorneys and trial court judges typically operate in a very self-serving "elitist aristocratic" manner that uses autocratic, despotic, and totalitarian tyrannical judicial actions that keeps the money machine working well for local attorneys (lawyers), and the entire local judicial systems (county court and circuit court judicial systems) with many support type employees (clerk of court and deputy clerks of court, judicial assistants, court reporters, etc.). 

     Self-serving in these situations means routinely providing various kinds of special benefits to attorneys (lawyers) and/or trial court judges, as if they were royalty and aristocratically entitled to special benefits as elitist citizens.  The author herein will identify them collectively in this report as "them" or "they."

     It is very important for responsible patriotic American adult citizens to review this very revealing report. 

     Americans will learn herein that judicial systems in America are primarily about money, power, control and self-appointed "elitist aristocratic judicial actions" that are frequently conducted in an autocratic, despotic, and tyrannical manner to demonstrate their absolutely dominant control over the general American public. 

     A little bit of fairness and justice is sprinkled in here and there to make the judicial systems appear to be working reasonably well for American citizens. 

     As reported herein, they can easily be extremely unfair, unethical, and very corrupt in selfish self-serving autocratic, despotic, and tyrannical ways for litigants

    Visitors will learn herein that the judicial systems in America work well for self-serving members of America's arrogant, pompous, self-appointed "elitist and aristocratic" special privileged autocratic, despotic, and tyrannical members of the "legal brotherhood." 

      Admittedly, the judicial systems in America do manage to accomplish some responsible "civil litigation actions" for some Americans (usually in expensive profitable ways), but the the trial court judicial systems can easily operate in a very arrogant, pompous, "elitist aristocratic" manner that uses autocratic, despotic, totalitarian and tyrannical judicial actions that can be very self-serving for some members of the "legal brotherhood."   

     Those same disgusting and reprehensible litigation conditions can also occur in "criminal litigation actions."

     NOTES:  The terms attorney and lawyer in this report mean the same thing - one who is licensed to practice law in the legal profession in a given state.

     There are many specialties in the practice of law and many attorneys (or lawyers) are not active in practicing as a trial court attorney (one who routinely represents clients in either civil or criminal litigation proceedings that usually involve some type of trial court judicial proceeding).

     In this judicial Actions Report, Lon Willoughby will expose some of the unfair and unethical actions by trial court attorneys (lawyers) and/or trial court judges and also some unfair and unethical appellate court attorneys and/or appellate court judges.

    American adult visitors need to understand that many ethical, competent, responsible and respectable attorneys practice in specialized areas of the law such as:  bankruptcy law, civil rights law, family practice law, employment and labor law, IRS problems law, real estate law, social security and disability law, trademark and copyright law, etc. 

      The trial courts are where the unfair, unethical, self-serving corrupt judicial practices usually occur.

     The author of this special report, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. is not an attorney; however, he has participated actively in the judicial systems in America a lot more than an average American adult citizen

     As of October 15, 2021, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. has spent more than 18,000 hours of his life involved with numerous litigation actions in American courts.  That time is equivalent to working 40 hours per week for more than eight very difficult and very frustrating years - that turned out to be very expensive years for him and his wife. 

     This special report presents very important litigation information that no attorney (lawyer) and no judge will likely ever share with the America public. 

     Lon would not have been forced into many years of very expensive defensive litigation actions, that literally wrecked his life for 20+ years, if his very intelligent and highly skilled "defense attorney" had made one easy competent and responsible two minute objection to surprise "ambush" complaint issues as they were being introduced into a circuit court "equity court" one-day trial on September 8, 1989 in Palatka, Florida (Putnam County).  

     NOTE:  Equity court trials are circuit court bench trials with a judge only; they do not allow jury participation in the trial.

     Think about that situation for a few moments - one proper two minute objection from a very competent defense attorney (co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr's defense attorney) at the appropriate time during the trial could have totally eliminated the 20+ years of litigation involvement that resulted due to that deliberate "deceitful attorney objection failure." 

     Lon's defense attorney was a very intelligent attorney with more than 20 years experience as a trial court attorney in Florida's judicial system.  He certainly knew how to object to improper surprise "ambush" complaint issues being injected into that "equity court" one-day bench trial.

     This revealing report shows that the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt "defense attorney" knowingly and willfully betrayed his client (defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.) during the trial on that fateful day by deceitfully and willfully "cooperating" with the plaintiff's attorney's deceitful, unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded "ambush complaints" litigation scheme and tactic

     This report also shows that the unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt circuit court judge knowingly and willfully  "cooperated" with the plaintiff's attorney's unfair, unethical, devious surprise "ambush complaints" litigation scheme.

     This revealing Judicial Actions Report presents vital information that every responsible freedom-loving patriotic-minded American adult citizen needs to learn about as soon as possible (ASAP)

     A responsible and sensible adult citizen would be wise to avoid traveling anywhere in America before reviewing this incredibly important judicial report.

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as (dba) ABC of Health, has personally litigated in this state's (South Carolina) magistrate's court, circuit courts, appellate court, and Supreme Court. 

     He has also personally litigated in Florida's county courts, circuit courts, and appellate courts.  He has also litigated in the federal circuit court and the federal appellate court, and the U.S. Supreme Court (in Washington, D.C.). 

     Lon took two appeal cases to the Supreme Court of the United States.  That is a very difficult judicial appeal process that most trial attorneys in the USA never accomplish once in their entire litigation career. 

     Except for the first trial court case (1989) and the first appeal case (1990), all of those litigation actions were taken in Lon's pro se capacity [acting as his own attorney - proceeding without legal assistance of an attorney in a litigation action (could be in a trial court case or an appellate court case)]. 

     Lonnie Willoughby chose to litigate pro se (acting as his own attorney without  attorney assistance) after the first two attorneys that he retained in the state of Florida betrayed his litigation objectives (one in civil action trial in 1989 and the other was in the following appeal case in 1989-1990). 

     Each of those Florida attorneys knowingly and willfully betrayed litigant Lonnie  Willoughby, Jr. deceitfully in an extremely dishonest unfair and unethical manner that caused Lon Willoughby to be defeated in litigation - first in the trial court case and then in the appeal court case that was supposed to be about the unfair and unethical manner in which the trial court case was adjudicated.

     The first attorney betrayal was the civil litigation action "defense attorney" who was supposed to represent co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in a very important family dispute about trust administration issues.  That was an easy case for Lon's attorney to win - in the equity court litigation trial that occurred on September 8, 1989 in the Putnam County courthouse in Palatka, Florida. 

    The second attorney betrayed was in Lon's appeal case that occurred after the unfair, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt equity court litigation in 1989. 

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon) reports both of those extremely unfair, unethical, and deceitfully corrupt betrayal actions in this very special judicial report to clearly illustrate how easy it is for a litigant's attorney to betray the litigant in litigation.

     American adult visitors will learn herein that it can be fairly common practice for clients to be deceitfully betrayed by their "trusted" attorney during litigation actions.  Visitors will also see how easy it is for a litigant's "trusted" attorney to betray their client during a trial court proceeding or betray their client during an appellate court proceeding

     American visitors will learn herein that trial attorneys (lawyers) and trial court judges, and also appellate court attorneys and judges, can have self-serving interests in the outcome of a litigation process that are much more important to "them" than responsibly searching for truth and providing fair and impartial justice to the litigants. 

     It is very important to understand that attorneys at all levels of litigation in America usually have a serious "conflict of interest problem" that causes them to frequently betray their client's litigation interests. 

     Judges in the trial courts and judges in the appellate courts have the same types of "conflict of interest problems" as trial attorneys and appeal case attorneys.

     1.  The professional ethical standards for attorneys and judges properly require that they each fairly and honestly search for truth and try to help dispense justice fairly and impartially in their litigation actions.

     2.  However, attorneys and judges typically understand that they also have another unpublished inherent responsibility to the "legal brotherhood" to protect the "public image" of the legal profession.  

     Lon Willoughby has filed and prosecuted more than ten appeal cases, and he found "conflict of interest" issues evident in all of those appeal cases.  He only won two of those appeal cases when it was clear that he should have won all ten appeal cases.  The "conflict of interest" issues won in eight of Lon's appeal cases.

     Lon took two of his appeal cases all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.  That is a very complex, very difficult, very time consuming and expensive litigation project.  He also found "conflict of interest" issues with the high court judges in several respects.

     In that situation, the appeal brief must be published in a small book format, with printing on both sides of the pages just like a typical book with bound covers front and back.  Think about a book that is about 6.5 inches wide and 9.0 inches high.

     The appellant must draft and develop the book properly, following all prescribed publishing rules, and also have the small book printed and then ship the high court 40 copies of that book styled Petition For Writ Of Certiorari

     Every word in the petition must be typed into that small book format; no photocopies of anything is allowed so there is a lot of tedious typing that must be done to compile that appeal petition report with a prescribed standard font size. 

     Evidential copies of judicial orders in the trial court and/or in the appellate court case must be typed to fit into the small book format without using a small font size. 

     Court reporter transcripts must also be retyped entirely to fit into that small book format without using the prescribed standard font size.  All argument issues in the small book appeal brief must also be typed into that small book format in the standard font size (not a small font). 

     It is an absurd and ridiculously time-consuming preparation process that is an extremely unreasonable requirement in this modern age of good copy machines.  Unfortunately, that is what the high court requires in their rather obvious efforts to greatly discourage litigants from filing appeal cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

     Visitors will learn herein that there are some important reasons why most trial attorneys in the entire USA will not attempt to present a complex, difficult, and expensive appeal case to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The requirements listed above are some of those reasons.  The other very important reason will be explained later.

  Why Should You Carefully

 Review This Information?

      It is in your best interest to take time to carefully review this exceptionally important and interesting report about unfair, unethical, criminal-minded self-appointed "elitist aristocratic" members of the legal profession in America.  They can easily use autocratic, despotic, tyrannical actions in self-serving ways to perpetrate disgustingly unfair and unethical judicial corruption in American courts

     The more dishonest, unfair, unethical, and corrupt the attorney is in the trial courts or in the appellate courts, the more likely it is that the attorney will be a winning and successful attorney.  It can easily be a very corrupt profession.

     Lon's judicial experiences taught him that those unfair and unethical and corrupt litigation actions can occur in the trial courts and in the appellate courts.  He learned that those deceitful, unfair, and unethical litigation actions can occur in state courts and also in the federal courts - all the way up to and into the U.S. Supreme Court

    Stay with Lon in this very important "Judicial Actions Report" and you will learn some litigation information that may be very helpful to you and may be very valuable to you in your future.

     Many American adults already suspect and maybe believe somewhat that the judicial systems in America do not generally operate in a reasonably fair and impartial manner for ordinary litigant citizens. 

      However, most American probably do not realize how extremely unfair, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt the judicial systems anywhere in the United States of America can be.  Lon will expose some of those conditions in this vital report.

     American adult visitors will also learn why they (attorneys and judges) find it beneficial for their profession to conduct litigation in unfair and unethical despotic and tyrannical ways - in direct conflict with their published ethics standards. 

     American adult visitors will also learn herein that the typical litigation processes in the trial courts and in the appellate courts can be a heinous fraud upon the public trust.  Generally speaking, they can conduct extremely unfair, unethical, deceitful, and fraudulent litigation processes and get away with those self-serving actions any time they choose to operate that way. 

     Lon's report herein exposes some extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt very selfish self-appointed "elitist aristocratic" judicial actions that were conducted in an autocratic, despotic, totalitarian and tyrannical manner toward him. 

     American adult citizens will see and understand how easy it is for attorneys and judges (at all levels - state and federal trial courts and appellate court) to be extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt during civil or criminal litigation (as they corruptly attempt to "protect the public image" of the legal profession in the USA)

 A Major Objective For This Report

     One objective of this report is to provide an overview of some basic information that American adults need to know about courts and litigation tactics in the USA.  

     This report will present some specific examples of unfair, unethical, deceitful, fraudulent, and disgustingly corrupt self-appointed "elitist aristocratic" and autocratic despotic totalitarian and tyrannical judicial actions. 

     Many American visitors will likely be surprised to learn about the appalling and disgusting level of "elitist" self-serving unfair, unethical, dishonest, and fraudulent despotic judicial actions that appears to be fairly common practice in some courts in the USA (in trial courts and also in appellate courts). 

     Remember their "conflict of interest" situations.  Lon Willoughby found that they generally choose to protect the legal profession's public image in judicial decisions rather than responsibly complying with their published professional ethical standards regarding fairness, honesty, searching for truth and dispensing justice fairly and impartially.

     Most Americans will likely be surprised to learn that there are many countries that have better (less corrupt) judicial systems than the judicial systems in the USA.

60+ Countries Evaluated

     More than sixty countries were investigated, evaluated, and reported responsibly in a very important publication in year 2007 with the title: Global Corruption Report 2007 - Corruption in Judicial Systems

     Lon Willoughby purchased a copy of that very important book and reviewed the book carefully.

    The complex data collection for the book's premise was compiled by an international organization titled Transparency International (legal professionals, scholars, and civil society activists - data compilation work by a broad based worldwide membership). 

    This very important book was published in the United Kingdom by the Cambridge University Press, and it is available for purchase at Amazon dot com for about $10.00. The book provides revealing information about judicial corruption problems in 60+ countries. 

    Their important investigative reporting found judicial corruption problems in all countries that were evaluated, but some countries had much less perceived corruption than other countries. 

     The judicial systems in the USA were not among the 30 least corrupted judicial systems.  Consequently, more than 30 countries appear to have less perceived judicial corruption problems than courts in the USA.

     Lon brings this to your attention at this early point in this very special report about Judicial Corruption in American Courts to show that the extremely serious judicial corruption situations that are exposed in this report are not just a few isolated judicial situations.  These types of judicial corruption appear to be routine practices in courts within the United States of America.

     Lon Willoughby exposes herein very serious unfair and unethical self-serving "elitist" aristocratic autocratic despotic judicial corruption that appears to be common practice in some USA courts - anytime "they" choose to operate this way (which may be often).

 A Book About Judicial Corruption

     Later in this report, Lon Willoughby will also refer American citizen visitors to another publication that is very important information for all American adults; this very special judicial corruption expose' book should be read by every competent responsible American adult citizen ASAP

     The book was written by a former Assistant U.S. Attorney with many years of attorney experience in the federal criminal type trial courts and in many appellate court cases that resulted from some of those unfair and unethical trial court cases. 

     NOTES:  U.S. Attorneys are appointed to operate in all states throughout the USA, and they work closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (the FBI) to provide the prosecution type litigation actions for alleged criminal activities that appear to have violated one or more federal criminal law statutes. 

     The FBI personnel investigate and procure evidence for the prosecutors, and the prosecutors then decide whether or not they have sufficient reliable evidence to proceed with a prosecutorial criminal type trial court litigation action in the appropriate federal court.   

     Published in 2014, the book referenced above exposes extremely serious unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions by attorneys (U.S. prosecutors) operating within the Department of Justice

     The book exposes in some detail very serious unfair and unethical judicial actions that occurred within the federal judicial court systems in the USA

     The book gives actual examples, with names of defendants, prosecuting attorneys, and federal court judges, where well-educated and well situated American citizens were prosecuted unfairly, unethically, and ruthlessly when they had in fact done nothing illegal. 

     Some of those "victims" were convicted and put in prison for several years - wrecking their professional careers and causing great damage to their family member relationships (wife and children, etc.). 

     The U.S. prosecuting attorneys got away with their unfair, unethical, deceitful, and corrupt litigation actions - without proper investigation or any punishment.

     Lon will present more information about this incredibly important book near the end of this very important special report about unfair, unethical judicial actions. 

     Please remember that the judicial corruption actions that are exposed herein are just a few of the extremely unfair, unethical, an corrupt litigation actions that were experienced personally by the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee). 

     He filed more than ten important appeal cases, but this very simplified report will explain briefly only a few of those unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court cases to illustrate various types of judicial corruption that he had to contend with in a distant southern state (Florida).

     Remember throughout this report that you are learning about a very small portion of the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation and judicial actions that Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. had to contend with over a 20+ years period of time.

     The few judicial situations that are reported herein are sufficient to clearly expose the extremely unfair and unethical judicial corruption that he was subjected to and ruthlessly and maliciously harassed with, punished with, and persecuted with, in an ongoing manner for 20+ years by members of the "legal brotherhood."

     Reviewing the extremely unfair and unethical judicial corruption situations that Lon reports (exposes) herein will enable American adult visitors to understand important points about their own personal vulnerability if they ever have to litigate in a local area court or litigate at a distant location within their home state. 

     As Lon Willoughby learned in a very expensive way ($150,000+ cash costs plus more than $300,000 in lost income due to related litigation actions over 20+ years), your personal vulnerability can be very serious if you ever need to litigate in another state's judicial system.

     You may be a responsible citizen of your home state, but you will likely be treated as a foreigner in other states of the USA (meaning that you will have no American citizen civil rights that will be respected responsibly in their courts). 

     The further away from your home area a litigation action is located - the worse it will likely be for you - cost wise, inconvenience wise, difficulty wise, frustration and stress wise, and travel distance and travel time wise. 

    These are very important considerations - so give some serious thought to these issues before you choose to travel away from your home county area. 

     Litigation actions in your home county can also be conducted unfairly, unethically, deceitfully and corruptly (in a self-serving "elitist" autocratic, despotic manner for benefit to the local "legal brotherhood"), but those actions will be less difficult and less expensive to cope with because they will be closer to your home area. 

     Generally speaking, a pro se litigant will need to make numerous trips to the clerk of court's office for various litigation actions so the distance that you are from that court location can become a very important issue.

     Consider how much more difficult (and likely more expensive) it will be for you if a litigation action is 100 miles away from your home, or several hundred miles away from your home, or maybe a thousand miles or more away from your home.

     Also consider that your state citizenship in your home state may be helpful to you politically, if you have any political influence in your home state or home area. However, you will likely lose all of your important political influence (for fairness to you in the state courts) if you have to litigate in a distant state in the USA

     People who casually choose to travel voluntarily away from their home area have no responsible idea how risky and treacherous that can be for them (litigation-wise).

     American adult visitors also need to understand that litigation actions will normally be taken in the location where the offending action occurred - an automobile accident location, other types of physical accidents or injuries, a damaging attack on your person, theft of your personal property, etc. 

      If an offending incident occurs in a distant state, as an injured person or party thereto, you will likely have to litigate your complaint actions in the appropriate court where the incident occurred.  That can turn out to be a very difficult and very frustrating situation, and it can also be very time consuming, very stressful, and it will likely be expensive for you. 

     Be very smart - stay close to your home area as much as possible and also be very careful in trying to avoid getting into any situations that might develop into a litigation action.

     The information herein can be very important to you in your local area, or if you travel to distant locations in your home state.  It can be much more important to you if you travel outside of your home state. 

     Visitors need to understand that the judicial systems in the USA are structured and managed in a manner that makes it very easy for attorneys and judges throughout the judicial systems in different states to conduct litigation actions in unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded self-serving elitist, autocratic, despotic ways.

     They can do that whenever the local trial attorneys and the local trial court judge collusively decide to conduct a litigation process in that manner (can probably occur in litigation locations anywhere in the USA). 

     There can be a number of self-serving "elitist" autocratic despotic reasons why "they" might choose to conduct a litigation process in an unfair, unethical, deceitful and fraudulent manner.  

     They can easily conduct litigation actions that can be very expensive for you as their new victimThey can maliciously and ruthlessly harass, persecute, and severely punish a litigant, even though the litigant had done nothing wrong. 

     The attorneys or lawyers involved in litigation actions usually make a lot more money by taking such unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions.  In addition, the more complex they make the litigation process, the more expensive it becomes for the litigants involved in that litigation, and the more legal fees the attorneys (lawyers)  involved in the litigation process can charge their client for their litigation attorney services. 

    Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. reports herein several litigation and judicial situations where "they" did those kinds of unfair and unethical things to him as a non-resident litigant in a distant southern state (Florida) - about 450 miles away from his home in Greenville County, South Carolina. 

     Those unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt litigation and judicial actions continued in malicious and ruthless and sadistic ways for more than 20 years of ongoing perverse criminal-minded litigation actions.

  "They" continued making the litigation process more complicated, more unfair, more unethical, and more corrupt as the months, and then years, went by. 

     Over time, non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. gradually learned that there was nothing effective and practical that he could do to stop those perverse unfair, unethical, and criminal-mindedly corrupt attorney litigation actions

     Lon Willoughby found that each trial court judge involved in the litigation actions in Florida was consistently "very cooperative" with those unfair and unethical local attorney litigation actions against him. 

     Lon Willoughby learned that members of the "legal brotherhood" were in control at every critically important action level, including within all law enforcement agencies that Lon Willoughby contacted (and he tried to communicate with all of them - relevant state and federal law enforcement agencies). 

     They would not do anything at all to help Lon stop the relentless perverse harassment, persecution, and sadistic punishment litigation actions that were being caused by a prominent Putnam County law firm and its attorney (owner of the law firm in Palatka, Florida). 

     That attorney seemed to derive some personal pleasure from his unfair and unethical sadistically vindictive litigation actions against non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., who lived in Greenville County, South Carolina (in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains - in the western end of the state). 

     Those malicious and ruthless litigation actions continued from September 1989 until the attorney died in December 2001 - about twelve years of ongoing unfair, unethical, malicious, ruthless, sadistically despotic and tyrannically "elitist" autocratic litigation actions. 

     Remember that no law enforcement agency that Lon communicated with about those unfair and unethical and corrupt litigation actions would even attempt to do anything to help terminate those extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions.

     Every judge involved in those litigation actions helped the corrupt local attorney progress and succeed with his unfair and unethical self-serving attorney actions.

     After that attorney died (natural death) a few days before Christmas in December 2001, those extremely unfair and unethical litigation actions continued through litigation actions by two of his adult sons who were trial attorneys in Florida.  One of those sons had previously worked in a state prosecuting attorney's office. 

     Those disgustingly unfair and unethical litigation actions finally ceased in year 2012 when litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. refused to litigate anymore in their corrupt courts. 

     That was after the two attorney brothers (sons of the deceased "defense" attorney) managed to get the unfair, unethical, and corrupt county court judge to improperly authorize them to confiscate more than $126,000 cash from the trustee of the trust estate bank account funds that were designated for trust beneficiary Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.

     Those were trust estate account funds that Lon's parents had initially provided for him in a local bank account in the county where the parents had lived and where the relevant trial courts were located (the local county court and circuit court in Putnam County Florida - Palatka).

     Important points of law:  The county court judge had no subject-matter jurisdiction over those trust estate litigation issues, but she improperly authorized the attorney brothers to confiscate $126,000+ of trust estate funds from the court appointed trustee who had control of defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr's trust estate account funds.  

     It is very important to understand that the 126,000+ dollar value involved was more than $100,000 above and beyond the county court's constitutionally authorized jurisdictional dollar amount limitation ($25,000). 

     Consequently, the county court judge had no subject-matter jurisdiction to attempt to conduct the Final Judgment hearing.  That high amount of judgment action should have been conducted in the local circuit court. 

     Furthermore, the alleged claim by the two attorneys representing their deceased father's law firm was seeking payment from funds that were involved in a trust estate account established for Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.  by his parents. Trust account litigation actions in Florida must be conducted in the circuit court (the county court is not authorized to conduct trust estate litigation issues).

     Consequently, it should have been clear to the county court judge involved, and the two attorneys participating in that Final Judgment litigation hearing, that the female county court judge was attempting to adjudicate issues that were clearly outside of her authorized county court subject-matter jurisdiction (meaning that her judicial actions were not valid - they would be null and void). 

     One of the two attorneys participating in that Final Judgment judicial hearing (by telephone conference call) was the attorney representing the plaintiff law firm.  The other attorney participating in that Final Judgment hearing was the local Putnam County attorney who was representing the defendant circuit court appointed trust estate trustee

     It is very important to understand that the attorney representing the sued defendant trustee "cooperated" with any unfair, unethical, selfish and self-serving corrupt litigation scheme that the plaintiff's attorney, and then his two attorney sons, could develop - throughout many years of ongoing related litigation actions. 

     The defendant trustee's attorney had a clear duty to protect the trust account funds from unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions, and in many years of ongoing litigation, he did nothing that responsibly tried to protect those trust funds from the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation and judicial actions that are reported (exposed) herein.  Absolutely nothing!!!  He simply observed a lot of unfair and unethical litigation actions and he raised no objection to any of it.

     He "cooperated" with all of the unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics that were involved in the ongoing litigation actions during many years.

     Defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. understood those very important subject-matter jurisdictional issues.  Why did the county court judge involved, and the two attorneys involved, not understand those critically important subject-matter jurisdictional issues

     Neither attorney raised those very important jurisdictional issues with the county court judge during the Final Judgment hearing that was conducted by telephone conference call with the two separate (opposing) attorneys and Lonnie Willoughby at his home in Mauldin, South Carolina. 

     They did understand those critically important jurisdictional issues of course, but it was more convenient and more expedient for the judge and the two opposing attorneys to conduct a fraudulent Final Judgment hearing than it was to properly transfer the case back to the circuit court where the court would have had proper subject-matter jurisdiction to conduct that Final Judgment litigation action.

     Issuing a Final Judgment (order) without having subject-matter jurisdiction of the issues involved makes the order null and void (technically), but until that order is officially rescinded, it can be used improperly as a valid order by the plaintiff's attorneys (two attorney sons of the deceased plaintiff attorney). 

     The two attorney sons obviously wanted the order to be treated as a valid Final Judgment order even though they knew, or should have known, that the order was invalid.  This situation also shows how extremely unfair, dishonest, unethical, and corrupt attorneys and trial court judges can be. 

     Their arrogant, pompous, "elitist" aristocratic autocratic despotic and tyrannical self-serving attitude goes something like this

     "if you don't like these county court actions non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., you can initiate a difficult, expensive, and time consuming appeal process to the local circuit court (not the appellate court in Daytona Beach), and you can try to obtain an appeal decision that confirms that our collusive and conspiratorial null and void Final Judgment order is in fact null and void."

     "If you manage to do that (as a pro se appellant or with attorney assistance for thousands of dollars of additional attorney expenses to you), the county court's Final Judgment order will be declared invalid (on appeal).  We will then have to refund the $126,000+ payment to the trustee." 

     "We will then take appropriate legal actions to have the county court transfer the case back to the local circuit court for further litigation.  The attorneys involved can then collusively and conspiratorially come up with another litigation scheme and strategy to further complicate the case." 

     "We can then add thousands of dollars in attorney fees to our claims against you.  Ultimately, you will owe us thousands of additional dollars with our new litigation strategy (due to our additional attorney fee charges that will be involved with prosecuting our next litigation scheme strategy against you)." 

     "Since the circuit court's injunctive order from December 12, 1993 still prevents you from proceeding pro se in the circuit court case, you will then have to retain one of the local attorneys (additional thousands of dollars of expense for you) who will then very likely "cooperate" with whatever unfair, unethical litigation strategy the plaintiff's attorneys (the two sons) come up with to defeat you in the ongoing circuit court case."

     American visitors can now understand how unfair, unethical, and corrupt the litigation process can be.  If one unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation strategy scheme or tactic is defeated in an appeal (not likely but it can happen), they will not be investigated in any way for their unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court actions. 

     No criminal investigation means there will be no penalties or punishment of any type for their extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court litigation actions that forced non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. into another frustrating and time consuming expensive appeal case. 

     Consequently, they will be free (and encouraged by those judicial actions) to develop another unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation scheme strategy that will further complicate the litigation process. 

     That will cause more attorney fees (by them - for their attorney work) that will then cause the Final Judgment outcome for the litigation process to be even more expensive for non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. because the local circuit court judge will require him to pay them for all of their alleged attorney fees.

     The bottom line of all of this extended litigation is this:  they will win in the end, even if it takes 20+ years to get to the end of their extended complicated litigation schemes and tactics process.  (The litigation system is unfair, unethical, and corrupt in a self-serving manner for members of the legal profession - the legal brotherhood.)

     The plaintiff's attorneys (two attorney sons) are going to illegally force defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. to pay for all the accumulating litigation attorney fees involved throughout the extended 20+ years litigation process, even though the plaintiff law firm's previous client (co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.) had a valid written contract with the law firm that clearly stated that if a dispute arose about attorney fees, the client would be obligated to pay only 10% of the amount of the initial dispute (about $3,300) as additional attorney fees for the dispute litigation - if the complaining client loses in the subsequent attorney fee dispute litigation. 

     Let's calculate that amount:  10% of 3,300 = $330 in additional attorney litigation expenses - if defendant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. lost in the attorney fee dispute litigation process.   

     But you see, with all of the unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics that were used with multiple "cooperative" judges over a 20+ years litigation process, the plaintiff law firm's attorneys (two adult sons of the deceased attorney - their father) and the final judge (county court judge) simply ignored the written contract terms - as if those valid terms did not exist. 

     Consequently, the two attorney sons ended up confiscating more that $126,000 from the trustee of the trust estate bank account in Florida (trust estate funds designated for trust beneficiary Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.).  They got almost all of the funds that were in that trust estate bank account.

     Remember that the defendant trustee's "defense attorney" was also involved in  this litigation process for many years, but he took no attorney actions to protect those trust estate bank account funds from the unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving litigation actions of the plaintiff law firm and its attorney (the FDA) and then his two attorney sons (after the FDA died in December 2001).

     Family trust estate beneficiary Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. could not withdraw any of those trust estate bank account funds because they were under the direct control of the court-appointed trustee (since October 1989). 

     The local plaintiff law firm had also sued the trustee in 1990 for collection of those attorney fee funds ($3,300).  The plaintiff attorney died a few days before Christmas in 2001, about 12 years after the initial trust dispute litigation went to trial in Palatka, Florida on September 8, 1989  - the family dispute lawsuit against non-resident co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.

      Lon's report herein shows that the deceased attorney (the FDA) had represented defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as his "defense" attorney in a relatively simple lawsuit that should have been easy for the very skilled "defense" attorney to win for defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (trial on September 8, 1989).

     However, Lon's report herein shows that his very smart and capable "defense" attorney knowingly and willfully chose to collusively and conspiratorially "cooperate" in a criminal-minded manner with the plaintiff's attorney's extremely unfair and unethical scheme to "ambush" defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. during the one day non-jury "equity court" trial with five surprise complaint issues

     As that trial progressed that day, the plaintiff's attorney gradually introducing those five surprise "ambush" complaint issues against co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby.

     Those five new complaint issues had not been noticed in the Complaint against defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.   Furthermore, those complaint issues  had not been raised during the discover process that was concluded well ahead of the one-day non-jury "equity court" trial conducted on September 8, 1989

The Trial Court Judge

     As bad luck would have it, the circuit court judge that presided over the one-day "equity court" trial was a very biased, bigoted, unfair, unethical, and extremely dishonest and outrageously corrupt circuit court judge.

     That circuit court judge was subsequently forced to retire early by the Supreme Court of Florida (to get him off the bench as an active judge) due to very serious complaints about his judicial conduct by some local attorneys. 

     Prior to that action taking place, co-trustee Lonnie  Willoughby, Jr. was another "victim" of the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt judge.

     During the litigation process In 1989, both of the "opposing" trial attorneys knew each other well, and they also knew the circuit court judge well.  The 267 pages trial transcript record for that one-day non-jury trial that Lon Willoughby scheduled and paid for ($1350) shows convincingly that the two "opposing" attorneys collusively decided to perpetrate a heinous fraudulent trial process upon non-resident defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.

     Those unethical actions also perpetrated a  heinous "fraud upon the court" and they did that with the full "cooperation" of the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt circuit court judge.

     The 267 page trial transcript shows that the circuit court judge fully "cooperated" with the plaintiff's attorney's heinous criminal-minded surprise "ambush" complaints scheme during the trial proceeding. 

     That transcript shows that defendant co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. was a very competent co-trustee who was ruthlessly betrayed by both attorneys and the trial court judge when "they" deliberately denied him fundamental due process of law standards for that one day "equity court" trial. 

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr did not know this at that time, but the two opposing attorneys and the circuit court judge surely knew that the Supreme Court of Florida had issued a landmark case law decision years before that strictly prohibited raising surprise complaint issues during a trial proceeding, unless it was clear that both parties agreed to litigate the surprise complaint issues.

     Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr's defense attorney clearly raised four objections to the introduction of surprise complaint issues during the trial, and the judge immediately denied each of his separate objections.  Therefore, it was clear that the two opposing parties had not agreed to litigate the five surprise complaint issues.

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. learned many months later that those four objections were deceptively weak objections that did not properly protect defendant co-trustee Lon Willoughby for an appellate court review of those trial court actions.

     Those situations further demonstrate how easy it is for trial attorneys and a trial court judge to perpetrate unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt litigation actions against a litigant any time they choose to do so.

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. has no tolerance for attorneys and judges who are deceitful, unethical, criminal-minded self-appointed "elitist aristocratic" officers of the court who use autocratic, despotic, and tyrannical litigation schemes and tactics to corruptly control the outcome of a litigation process. 

     Over 20+ years of litigation actions, Lon found that "officers of the court" (attorneys and judges) are usually liars, deceivers, and extortionist thieves

     Lon exposes herein some of their extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt dastardly litigation actions in some detail so many American adult citizens can learn about what appalling, disgusting, and corrupt scoundrels elitist "officers of the court" can be. 

     Does Lonnie Willoughby believe that all trial court judges in American are unethical, unfair, and corrupt?  No, he wants to believe that there are some good judges in America (he hopes so). 

     However, in 20+ years of ongoing litigation actions about an extremely corrupt law firm and its attorney, defendant Lonnie Willoughby did not encounter any trial court judge that did not actively "fully cooperate" with the unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics that were obviously used to prevent non-resident defendant Lonnie Willoughby from being able to defend himself competently in his pro se capacity in litigation actions that occurred during the next 20+ years

     Several successive judges acted unfairly, unethically, and corruptly to prevent non-resident Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. from having a fair and impartial judicial forum where he could responsibly prosecute pro se his very strong and very serious Counterclaim complaints about the local plaintiff law firm and its owner attorney.

     A series of seven successive trial court judges ruthlessly treated non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby like he was their "enemy" and an "enemy" of the judicial system.  Why did they unfairly and unethically do that? 

     Because non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. responsibly made several conscientious efforts to assert and defend his constitutionally protected right to have a fair and impartial judicial forum for litigation actions. 

     His filed several appeals about unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions in the trial courts.  His appeal cases responsibly and courageously reported and exposed unfair, unethical, and corrupt attorney actions and also reported collusive unfair and unethical actions by a series of trial court judges that had occurred in the trial courts about the litigation process in Putnam County Florida. 

     Lon reports herein how two consecutive circuit court judges committed very serious criminal judicial acts in their deliberate efforts to prevent Counterclaim Plaintiff Lonnie Willoughby from being able to prosecute his Counterclaim Complaint  about deceit, fraud, and legal malpractice against the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt local Putnam County attorney and his law firm in a jury trial. 

     Lonnie Willoughby had a rock solid case that would be easy to prove convincingly to a jury, but two successive circuit court judges deliberately corrupted the litigation process to prevent non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. from getting the jury trial that his pleadings had requested and that the Florida State Constitution authorized.

     In many years of ongoing related litigation actions, that jury trial never occurred due to extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that prevented Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. from being able to prosecute his Counterclaim Complaints in his pro se capacity before a jury of his peers.  

     Two successive circuit court judges were as unfair, unethical, and as corrupt as they could be at every opportunity to prevent Lonnie Willoughby's pleaded Counterclaim Complaints from going to a jury trial.  Lon Willoughby understood that he had a constitutionally protected right to have a jury trial pursuant to the State's Constitution. 

     Two successive circuit court judges casually ignored and effectively denied that constitutionally protected right.  Their consecutive judicial actions destroyed any chance that Lonnie Willoughby, jr. had for a jury trial.

Why Did They Do That In

Such An Outrageously Corrupt Way? 

     Lon Willoughby is currently aware of two main reasons why they took those criminal-minded unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt litigation actions against him in the distant state's court system.

     Reason #1:  They apparently wanted to severely harass, persecute, and punish non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. in a malicious and ruthless manner because he had responsibly gotten involved in helping his ageing parents develop an excellent inter vivos type trust agreement as a modern day estate planning tool.

     Lon's father, Lonnie Willoughby Sr., had suffered a serious heart attack in the spring of 1982 which had caused him to be in a major hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, about 65 highway miles from their retirement home near Palatka, Florida.

   While in that hospital, Lon's father suffered a very serious stroke that caused him to be totally paralyzed on the left side of his body.  He had no muscle control at all of the entire left side of his body.  He could not use his left arm or hand at all, and he could not control the muscles in his left leg or foot (not even a small amount). 

     However, Mr. Willoughby could control the right hand side of his body muscles in a normal way.  Fortunately, he was right-handed so he could still feed himself in his bed or at the table, but he generally was moved from one place to another in his wheelchair.  

     Lon then suggested (in late 1982) that his parents should contact the trust department of their bank and ask them to recommend a local area "estate planning attorney" that could help them develop appropriate trust agreements as very important estate planning actions.  

     Lon's parents did that and the attorney that the bank recommended in nearby Daytona Beach did develop "mirror image" inter vivos trust agreements for each parent.  Those two documents were ready for signatures in January 1983.

     Unfortunately, the attorney did not complete the trust agreement actions in the manner that would have responsibly and properly minimized potential federal estate taxes for the parent's substantial size jointly owned estate value.

     The trust agreement documents also failed to responsibly and properly minimize potential probate complexities and minimize potential probate attorney fee expenses at the time of the individual deaths of each  parent. 

     Those were some of the common objectives of the trust agreements, but the estate planning attorney had somehow failed to properly consider those very  important financial objectives properly.

     Fortunately, son Lon Willoughby, living in South Carolina, understood estate planning actions well enough to recognize those two major deficiencies.  He had previously been a life insurance salesman, and he had studied estate planning concepts to some extent. 

     However, Lon Jr. did not know enough about the legal document issues involved to understand how to amend the existing inter vivos trust agreements to correct those very important estate planning deficiencies. 

     Having lost confidence in that attorney's integrity and his estate planning knowledge, Lon consulted with five additional attorneys during the next 20+ months. 

     He was searching for an attorney who knew how to development appropriate amendments to the existing inter vivos Trust Agreements to correct the deficiencies noted above. 

     None of the attorneys that Lon Jr. consulted with in the distant southern state (Florida) appeared to know how to accomplish the needed amendment actions - or they deceitfully were not willing to help Lon Willoughby, Jr. obtain the Inter vivos Trust Agreement amendments that were needed. 

     Consequently,Lon Jr. finally realized that he would have to try to learn how to amend the two Trust Agreements without any assistance from attorneys.

Flash-back to Mr. Willoughby

     Lon Jr's father could not sit up in bed or a chair by himself - he had to have help to accomplish those body movements.  Mr. Willoughby could not even turn himself over in bed, from one side to the other, without help from someone.

    Mr. Lonnie Willoughby had been a fully active man all of his adult life, and he was now a total invalid due to the effects of the stroke that occurred in the spring of 1982.

     He had to have help for all restroom functions and all bathing actions.  The serious heart attack and the devastating stroke had occurred when he was only 66 years of age.

     Son Lon Jr. and his wife Janie had moved Lon's parents into their home in Mauldin, South Carolina during the summer of 1982

     Fortunately, Lon Jr. had already learned a lot about taking good care of the human body; consequently, his mother's and father's health both improved considerably while living with Lon and Janie in Mauldin, SC for about six months.

     During that time period, Lon was able to get his father some very important and very beneficial inpatient and outpatient care at the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital in nearby Greenville, SC. 

    The physical therapist there were able to teach Mr. Willoughby how to walk a small amount using a special four-pronged cane. 

     He learned how to swing his left leg somewhat although he had no control over the muscles in his left leg. That very important skill enabled him to have a small amount of improved mobility (with some help) without being totally confined to his wheelchair.    

                                                 Lon's Work Schedule in Deland, Florida               

     Lon was working seven days per week managing his parents 44 unit apartment complex in the distant state, and he typically worked 80 to 90 hours per week.  He needed to get his parent's Trust Agreements amended but he had no time available to work on that project. 

     Having lost confidence in the estate planning attorney's integrity (due to those rather obvious deficiencies), and having been unable to locate any attorney who was willing to help him amend the two trust Agreements, Lon eventually decided to try to learn how to draft an appropriate amendment to each trust agreement that would correct those deficiencies.

     Over a period of months, Lon Jr. did a considerable amount of legal research and study, and he did learn how to develop the trust agreement amendments properly.

     About twenty-three months had passed since the trust agreement documents prepared by the estate planning attorney had been completed and signed in January 1983.  Throughout that time period, Lon Jr. realized that his father could likely suffer another heart attack and/or another stroke at any time. 

     If those situations occurred but were not fatal, they might do damage to Mr. Willoughby's mental abilities. 

     Lon realized that those same circumstances could  happen to his mother - she was about the same age as Mr. Willoughby.  

     Consequently, time was of the essence in getting any trust agreement amendments completed and signed appropriately while both of Lon's parents still had good mental abilities to make those kind of very important estate planning decisions. 

     In December 1985, Lon personally typed the trust agreement amendment documents that he drafted at his parent's home. (Fifty miles away from their apartment complex.)  

     Lon Jr. then had both parents review the amendment documents, and he competently answered any questions that they had about the trust agreement amendments.

     The three of them then went to their local bank and got the papers signed and notarized at the bank. 

     Lon Willoughby, Jr. then filed one original trust agreement document for each parent, and also filed the respective trust agreement amendment document for each trust agreement with the local circuit court record clerk.

     Those very important estate planning actions were completed on December 12, 1985

     Fortunately, Lon's father lived almost one year longer before he had another heart attack on November 22,1986 that was fatal.      

      Reason # 2:  The attorneys and judges involved apparently wanted to harass, intimidate, and maliciously punish him severely because non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. had responsibly reported and exposed multiple incidents of extreme levels of unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions within their judicial system. 

     They did in fact perpetrate extremely corrupt judicial actions against responsible non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. numerous times over 20+ years of ongoing related litigation actions. 

     They obviously understood that the legal profession  and the judicial systems in America are so corrupted from within (from many years of extremely self-serving corrupt litigation practices) that they could take those extremely unfair and unethical criminal-minded litigation actions and tactics against non-resident litigant Lon Willoughby and get away with it. 

     They did in fact get away with all of it, in spite of Lonnie Willoughby, Jr's determined and diligent responsible efforts to report and expose those unfair and unethical litigation actions to appropriate authorities within the judicial systems, and also within the law enforcement systems (state agencies and the FBI), several times over a period of several years.    

     Consequently, Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Jr.) learned that the "judicial systems" in America have been corrupted to such an extent that they can easily be operated in an extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving manner any time "they" choose to make the "judicial systems" and/or the "law enforcement systems" operate that way for selected cases to satisfy their personal objectives for each case.

     Lon Willoughby found that they can "operate" in an unfair, unethical, and extremely corrupt self-serving manner that enables members of either "profession" (legal profession or law enforcement profession) to achieve their corrupt self-serving objectives, irrespective of fairness, ethical, and responsible considerations and relevant published ethics standards and legal standards.


     It is very important for all American adult visitors to clearly understand that members of the "legal profession - legal brotherhood" ultimately control both the judicial systems in the USA and all serious legal prosecution actions of the law enforcement systems in America.

     Members of the "legal brotherhood" effectively control the judicial systems and the law enforcement systems in each county within each state of the USA.  

     Don't ever forget about this very important situation - especially when you are voting for someone for any political office. 

     Lon realizes that we have way too many members of the "legal brotherhood" in important political positions in America.  In many political situations, they can dominate and effectively control the outcome of political actions.

     It is very important to always remember that in the courts, "they" can be as unfair, unethical, and corrupt in a criminal-minded self-serving manner as they want to be in litigation actions. 

     "They" will have very little danger of being fairly and responsibly investigated.  Consequently, there is very little danger of them being prosecuted for their self-serving unfair, unethical, fraudulent, or corrupt actions because such prosecution actions will always be controlled by members of the "the legal brotherhood."  

     Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. learned that members of the self-appointed "elitist aristocratic" legal brotherhood can easily operate the judicial systems corruptly in their own self-interest - rather than conduct litigation actions fairly and responsibly in compliance with the well-established legal standards that should always be applied in a fair  and reasonable manner - irrespective of their own self-serving desired outcome for a litigation action.  

     You now understand why Lon Willoughby will not allow any attorneys or judges or any law enforcement agents or officers to obtain access to our A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services.

     They are allowed to review Lesson One, like other American citizen visitors to this website, but they are not allowed to join our A4J private education club.

 Another Judicial Report

     Lon has presented a more detailed report at this website about the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt judicial actions that he personally experienced from members of the legal profession and from members of several law enforcement agencies in America. 

     That report is at this website in the department titled Judicial Corruption Exposed.  However, only A4J club members can review that department because it is user name and password code protectedOnly A4J club members have access to those security codes

Book Recommendation:

     Lon strongly recommends that American visitors read the incredibly important judicial corruption expose' that is reported in the amazing book titled "Licensed To Lie" by Ms. Sidney Powell (she was formerly an Assistant U.S. Attorney for about ten years). 

     U.S. Attorneys work closely with the FBI to prosecute alleged criminal activity.  The book will provide actual case examples of where innocent people were prosecuted unfairly, unethically, and ruthlessly - ruining their reputations and wrecking their lives deliberately.

     This Book was published by Brown Books Publishing group, Dallas, Texas, (c) 2014 Sidney Powell, and it is available at www.Amazon.com

      A less expensive Kindle edition is also available and a free app is also available at Amazon.com to enable a Kindle edition read on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. 

     One can also purchase autographed copies and unsigned copies of this very important book at the author's Website - use the link provided below: 


     That is a very sophisticated website that presents a lot of very interesting relevant information.  You can watch the author's presentation at the Cato Institute - along with other guest speakers, including a federal appellate court judge (he promotes her book).

     This exceptionally important book exposes a frightening amount of unethical prosecutorial corruption within the Department of Justice (Injustice) and the federal courts.  Every patriotic-minded responsible American adult citizen needs to review this book (ASAP). 

     It is especially important to review this incredible book before traveling in any manner outside of one's home county area. 

     The book is a major breakthrough in understanding how dangerous litigation actions can be, especially criminal type prosecution actions of innocent American citizens by U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors

     Do really bad unfair and unethical criminal type prosecutions happen in America?  Read the book!!!

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