Unfair Healthcare Deck - Stacked Against Americans

Report by Lon Willoughby at ABC of Health

Founder and President of ABC's of Health, Inc.

Why Is The Healthcare Deck In America

Stacked Against American Citizens Badly?

     Lon understands that the healthcare deck is stacked against most Americans badly due to the huge financial interests of the pharmaceutical drug companies (Big Pharma) in the way that the medical profession operates throughout America (and many other countries). 

     Big Pharma makes a lot more money off of sick people than they do from healthy people.  Consequently, the more sickness and suffering that exist in America, the better things are financially for Big Pharma profits.    

     Should Big Pharma develop drugs that simply treat some of the symptoms of sickness and disease conditions (without really trying to cure the conditions), or should they try to develop drugs that can actually cure sickness and disease conditions?   Which objective will make the most money for the pharmaceutical drug companies in the long-run of "treatment with their drugs?"
     It is clear that most of the American medical profession, and most of the medical insurance companies, and some of the major food processing companies cooperate well with Big Pharma's self-serving short-term and long-term financial objectives of making as much money as possible from sickness and disease and emotional and physical suffering in America. 

It is self-evident that there is a lot of junk food and junk drink products in the marketplace.  Why?  Because those products sell well to millions of gullible and ignorant consumers - millions of American consumers foolishly buy those junk type products.  If those consumers had more competent natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education, they would likely realize that they should not consume those junk food and junk drink products.

     Please remember always (every day of your life) that poor health and sickness and disease is really very BIG BUSINESS in America.  Billions of dollars are involved with these "poor health, sickness, and disease conditions" each year. 

     In fact, healthcare costs are bankrupting many families in America each year that goes by, and very expensive healthcare costs have already bankrupted some large companies in America, and they have bankrupted many cities in America, and they have also bankrupted some counties within some states, and some states have already been bankrupted, and massive medical costs and associated "social services costs" are rapidly bankrupting our federal government (the USA) BIG TIME!!! 
      The USA currently has more than 20 trillion dollars of national debt.  That is a terrible economic debt burden to force on to future generations of American taxpayers. As you can see, reducing medical costs for millions of Americans could help a lot.

    Lonnie Willoughby (Lon Will o bee) had many years of experience working with alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education (healthcare without using pharmaceutical drugs).  He gradually became convinced that the most practical and sensible solution for the  massive lack of knowledge dilemma in America about natural healthcare and wellness concepts would be the development of a badly needed Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program that would be suitable for study in the convenience of home by ordinary American citizens (people who are not healthcare practitioners).

    Lon realized that a  practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study  education program could help millions of Americans learn very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts conveniently at their home on their own time schedule.  This could be natural healthcare and wellness concepts that American adults could use for managing and protecting their natural health.

    Lon and Janie understood that there was a great need for someone to develop a practical cost-effective way to help educate responsible and sensible smart-thinking American citizens about some of the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon had developed and copyrighted since year 2000. They understood that practically all American citizens needed to learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets

     These natural healthcare assets are functional components of the typical human body, and they are constantly working to help the body maintain good health throughout the body.  Lon has learned how to take certain actions that can help some of these functional components work better, with more reliability.  We specifically identify these natural healthcare assets in the Home Extension 1 department in Topic 2 - this is Lesson Two of our remarkable six lessons natural healthcare education program that was developed for our Certified Qualified Visitor's (CQV's).

     The Home department of this website explained relevant background education information about Lon and his wife Janie.  They have worked together for years as dedicated educators to develop remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education breakthroughs in our six lessons CQV natural healthcare education program

     Lon and Janie have completed that very important education project, and we have good reasons to believe that they have developed a very effective advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education program for educating ordinary natural born qualifiable American citizens living in South Carolina.

     ABC's of Health, Inc. owns more than 50 important copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts and many of those corporate trade secrets can be explained in the remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education program that Lon and Janie developed for our Certified Qualified Visitor's (our CQV's).  

     These ABC's of Health, Inc. copyrights will control the ownership of these advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts for at least 70 more years; consequently, we do not anticipate other companies attempting to offer a similar competing Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program

     Copying or subtly duplicating some of our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts would be a serious copyright law federal crime, and those improper actions would also cause the violator(s) to be subject to a very serious civil litigation process with ABC's of Health, Inc. in Greenville County, South Carolina. 

Medical Doctors and Nurses

    Lon and Janie understands that the healthcare deck in America is also stacked badly against dedicated medical doctors and medical nurses because most of them have not been educated and trained to understand the alternative health holistic natural way of evaluating and treating sickness and disease conditions.  Their typical healthcare education and training programs generally ignored these very important natural healthcare, wellness, and healing concepts (as if these vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts do not exist).

    Lon understands that most conventionally trained medical doctors and medical nurses have been successfully brainwashed to believe that the alternative health and "complementary health" holistic natural way of evaluating and treating many common healthcare problems is not a good way, or a responsible way, or a practical way to achieve very good healthcare improvement results.

     Later in this department, we will explain why Lon understands the concepts of "brainwashing" so well.  

     He has had substantial experience with medical doctors and medical nurses, over a period of many years, and he could usually see that they had apparently been "educated to believe" (brain-washed) that the alternative health and "complementary health" holistic natural healthcare methods of performing healthcare evaluations and treatments for most common healthcare problem conditions were not considered effective enough to be used as an important complement to their conventional medical "standard of care" practices.

     Lon had personal healthcare problem experiences with a series of medical doctors (conventionally educated and trained) back in the 1970's, over a period  of about 10 years (1970 to 1980).  As explained in the Home department, none of the MD's knew how to diagnose his symptom pattern.  Consequently, Lon's extensive experiences with six medical doctors during that ten-year period of time was unsuccessful and very disappointing. 

     He got progressively worse during those years, and he eventually gave up on getting any beneficial help for his very confusing and frustrating hypoglycemia condition from conventionally educated and trained medical doctors. 

     Fortunately, Lon had begun studying alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness practices during 1971, and he slowly progressed with those studies over the years until July 1980, when he finally had an opportunity to consult with an alternative health type natural healthcare consultant who was also a skilled nutrition consultant Wow!  What a difference that first consultation made.

    Her natural healthcare education actions were much more helpful to Lon than the medical doctors had been, so he continued having consultation sessions with her every two weeks for six consultation sessions. 

     This very helpful progress with Lon happened quickly, unlike the 10 years that he had consulted with ineffective medical doctors who taught him nothing about his problem and were unable to help him improve his serious health problem.

    Lon continued his natural healthcare studies as time permitted from July 1980 to year end 1998 (17+ years), and that is when he and wife Janie purchased our corporate "natural healthcare and wellness products store" in Greenville, SC (in late December 1998). 

     They began with a 1250 square foot floor space store, and Lon quickly expanded the nutrition product stock by many thousands of dollars.

     In February 2000, they moved into a 4300 square foot floor space store about four miles away from the first store, and  they stayed in that area of Greenville city for about ten years.

    Lon personally managed their complex natural healthcare and wellness products store for 15 years (1/4/1999 - 4/24/2014).  During that time, he had numerous experiences with customers who wanted to use the alternative health holistic natural healthcare approach to healthcare, and some of them had experienced some reasonable success - even though they had not had someone very knowledgeable working with them like Lon Willoughby

     Consequently, after many years of natural healthcare experiences, Lon is convinced that the alternative health holistic natural healthcare and wellness concepts methods of coping with "deteriorated health" problems is usually the most practical, responsible, and sensible method available for improving many "deteriorated health" problems

     Lon is confident that the medical profession's brain-washed attitudes about the unsuitability of alternative health and complementary health holistic natural healthcare practices and protocols for many healthcare and wellness problem conditions are improper and irresponsible prejudicial attitudes.

     Statistics show that the general public has also been learning about these same situations in recent years; consider the fact that millions of Americans have already moved away from pharmaceutical drug-pushing medical doctors.  Millions of Americans are now consulting with the more natural holistic type healthcare practitioners.

Respect for Medical Doctors and Medical Nurses

     Lon Willoughby has a lot of respect for medical doctors and nurses because he understands that they generally are very good people who sincerely want to help sick and injured people cope effectively with many types of complex health problem conditions.   Lon realizes that they are working in a very complex profession.

     He also understands and appreciates the fact that they have usually completed very difficult academic training that can be very helpful for some serious healthcare problem conditions - particularly trauma type conditions

     Because Lon works in a related healthcare field, he understands better than most Americans how complex, and challenging, and difficult the work of medical doctors and nurses can be.  Consequently, he appreciates the dedicated medical help and work that they responsibly provide for millions of American patients each year.  

     Lon has learned over the years that many doctors and nurses have apparently been taught to conduct most of their medical practice work in certain ways, and it appears that those medical practices were cleverly designed many years ago to be very beneficial to the pharmaceutical drug companies.  It appears that they typically ignore most of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that have been proven to be beneficial for many people. 

     Based upon his many years of natural healthcare related experiences with many people, Lon is now convinced that the medical profession's drug oriented objectives are usually not in the patient's best interest for getting healthier quickly, with reasonable costs, and with minimized harmful side-effects. 

     That situation was certainly true for Lon's personal healthcare problems with hypoglycemia back in the 1960's and 1970's. The medical doctors that Lon consulted, over a ten year period (1970 to 1980) offered him no helpful understanding of his confusing health problem, and they offered no solutions except one doctor prescribed the tranquilizer drug Valium.  If they didn't have a magic pharmaceutical drug to prescribe, they did not offer Lon any help for his very confusing health condition.

     Over time, Lon began to realize that the medical doctors had no idea what his health problem was, and they did not know how to diagnose his health problem.  They were unable to evaluate his serious health condition and it continued getting progressively worse as the months and years went by.

     In 1980, Lon's consultation sessions with an alternative health type holistic-minded natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant were much more helpful to him than the medical doctors had been.  Her practical and sensible natural healthcare concepts education actions was much more helpful for Lon's health condition, even though she did not understand his hypoglycemia condition

     She understood how to help Lon improve his lifestyle substantially and thereby help trillions of body cells get healthier day by day.  That very important natural healthcare knowledge enabled Lon to begin rebuilding his health toward the good health that he had enjoyed when he was 17 years younger.  

Very Important Info about Brainwashing

of Medical Doctors and Medical Nurses    

     When Lon Willoughby was an instructor in the United States Air Force (USAF) during the years of 1956 - 1957, he taught classes on numerous subjects to USAF basic trainees.  One of those classes was titled Brainwashing - How to Recognize It and Overcome It.  Conducting that special classroom training program numerous times subsequently enabled Lon to easily see and understand how conventionally educated medical doctors and medical nurses got subtly brainwashed during their medical education

     Like any good brainwashing technique that is conducted properly, the "subjects" (doctor students and nurse students) do not realize that they are being brainwashed.  This brainwashing was obviously accomplished routinely during some of their college level medical oriented education.

     It is likely that even the medical course instructors for doctor and nurse type students did not understand that they were helping brainwash their students with some of their course material.  Those teaching materials may have been subtly influenced (very cleverly) by some of the pharmaceutical drug companies.  One objective of some "medical" education courses is to convince the medical students (doctors and nurses) that pharmaceutical type drugs are usually the "preferred treatment" for most healthcare and sickness problems. 

     Think back in your life and your experiences with medical doctors and medical nurses, and you will likely see that their "brainwashing" was very successful.  Did doctors offer you pharmaceutical drugs for most healthcare problem conditions?  Or did they offer you natural holistic type healthcare concepts and protocols for improving your healthcare problem conditions?

     How can we possibly explain why almost all conventionally educated medical school graduates are strongly inclined to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for most healthcare condition problems, without seriously considering recommending non-drug natural nutrition type products and protocols that are readily available (at much lower cost for their patients in most situations - and they are usually much safer to use for their patients and also have minimized harmful side effects).

     In Lon's work in our ABC of Health health and wellness store (15 years), he repeatedly encountered customers who were being treated by one or more conventionally educated medical doctors.  Some of those customers were taking multiple pharmaceutical drugs for situations that could have been treated much better and more effectively and at much lower cost with non-drug remedies that Lon was familiar with (nutrition type products that we routinely stocked in our healthcare and wellness facility). 

     It was quite common for Lon Willoughby to encounter "medical doctor patients" that were taking several prescribed pharmaceutical drugs (Sometimes 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 or 10 drugs - up to 16 to 20 drugs per patient).  In most of those situations, the medical doctors had not recommended any natural nutrition supplement products.  They usually did not discuss with the patient their typical lifestyle. 

     Fortunately, in more recent years, Lon encountered some medical doctor patients that had been prescribed some nutrition supplement products - usually vitamin B-12, or vitamin D-2 (not the more effective vitamin D-3 that is found in health stores). 

     Occasionally Lon encountered a "patient" that had been prescribed a low quality and low potency vitamin and mineral combination product or a low quality calcium product (crushed up limestone rock type calcium - assimilates poorly in humans).

One Classic Medical Doctor Situation

A very important Illustration of Medical Practice

     Lon personally evaluated one situation in some detail with the wife of a customer (who was also a personal friend), where the female "patient" had been prescribed 14 pharmaceutical drugs by the same female medical doctor.   Lon actually reviewed the bottle labels for each one of those 14 prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

     This wife had refused for years to take any natural healthcare products from our health and wellness store, even though her husband routinely used several natural type of nutrition products from our store during those years. 

     Eventually, she felt really bad all the time, day and night; she explained to Lon that she felt like she was shaking in most of her body.  She also said that she was miserable at all times.  She could not get to a point of feeling normal at any time of day or night.

     Let's think for a moment about the very complex chemical actions and reactions that some of those potentially toxic pharmaceutical drugs could have been causing in this lady's body.

     How much of her "very bad health condition"
was being caused by the drug actions and reactions in her body?  No person on Planet Earth can provide a reasonable and responsible answer to that question because it is impossible to know the answer for these very complex drug actions and reactions in this woman's body from taking so many potentially harmful and toxic drugs. (14 drugs being used weekly by this patient - age 77)

     Was this a very serious case of medical malpractice?  Lon certainly thought so but there was nothing that he could do about that situation.  He was not a licensed medical doctor like the female physician that had prescribed all of those pharmaceutical drugs.  Unless he was equivalently educated and trained, he was not "qualified" to claim that this was a serious case of medical malpractice.  That would be required for Lon to be an expert witness in this case for the wife of his good friend and good regular customer.

    Were there any vital nutrients in those 14 pharmaceutical drugs that could have helped this woman's body develop trillions of healthier body cells each day?  Lon's search did not find any. There would have been an abundance of helpful nutrients if she had been taking nutrition supplement products that Lon could have offered her in our health and wellness nutrition store.  However, for many years, she had no interest in taking those nutritional type products.  She only trusted medical doctors to help her take good care of her health.

     Generally, Lon could help a customer understand what natural products were available to them, and he could help the customer understand how to use selected products for optimum effect (read the label - take on an empty stomach, or take with meals, or best taken at the end of a meal, or between meals, at bed time, etc.).

     In the situation related above, Lon could not help this suffering woman at all because it was much too dangerous for him to get involved in this very complex potentially very toxic situation.  The wife had chosen to follow the medical doctors advice and she was putting many prescription type pharmaceutical drugs into her body during each week. 

     As stated above, Lon was not a trained and licensed medical doctor drug specialist.  He would have needed to be equivalently trained and experienced as a licensed medical doctor before he could responsibly disagree with and verbally object to or interfere in any way with the medical doctor's advice about those 14 prescription drugs.

     Lon Willoughby understood that the relevant controlling South Carolina statutory law strictly prohibited him from interfering in any way with the medical doctor's "medical practice expertise."

     Unfortunately, this patient had allowed her medical doctor to literally take control of her body with multiple pharmaceutical drugs, and Lon could not interfere with that situation, even for the wife of a good customer who was also a personal friend.  Lon had to step aside and avoid interfering with the woman's medical doctor's "professional medical advice." 
Lon had to very reluctantly avoid getting involved in that very complex
pharmaceutical drugs situation although he really wanted to try to help this suffering lady that he had known for 20+ years.   

     As the founder and president of
ABC's of Health, Inc., and owning and operating a health and wellness store, it was clear that Lon Willoughby was in business in the healthcare field.  He knew that it was a violation of the relevant state statutory law for him to tell a client that he should take an aspirin, or any other headache remedy, for a headache.  According to the controlling statutory law in South Carolina, Lon was prohibited from proscribing any remedy for any specific health condition, unless he was a licensed medical doctor.

     South Carolina statutory law requires that Lon be a licensed medical doctor to offer any specific healthcare advice to a client about any health condition.  Lon Willoughby was not a licensed medical doctor, and he understood well that it was illegal for him to attempt to diagnose any type of health condition or to prescribe any remedy for the treatment of a specific health condition. 

     The relevant statutory law is obviously designed to help protect the general population from "healthcare practitioners" who may not be competent to be working in the very complex field of human healthcare (an incredibly complicated field of work). 

     Lon understood the controlling statutory law and its fundamental protective purpose, and he responsibly complied with the law even when there were many healthcare situations where he was probably more competent and more knowledgeable than the typical medical doctor about the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that were relevant and applicable to many healthcare problem conditions.

     As you can see from the simple headache example given above, being in the healthcare business can be very dangerous if one is not a licensed medical doctor. 

       Lon could end up financially broke (from litigation attorney fees and related costs), and also spend many years in a South Carolina prison, if he was not very careful and avoided doing or saying things that could be used against him in litigation by the State of South Carolina that would subject him to prosecution for "practicing medicine without a license."

      However, that very old controlling statutory law (more than 70 years old) does not prevent Lon Willoughby, or our healthcare concepts education company (ABC's of Health, Inc.), from being competent natural healthcare concepts educators about advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon developed and copyrighted over the years for exclusive use by our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education corporation.

     We can legally educate our "qualified clients" about the advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed at great cost (in time, effort, and money) over a period of many years of diligent study and related natural healthcare work with our many health and wellness store customers.

     The costs of Lon's alternative health natural healthcare and wellness concepts education was very expensive.  It cost Lon and Janie more than 1.7 million dollars ($1,700,000+), plus thousands of hours of complex study of alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness books and related research data over a period of more than 40 years, along with Lon's thousands of hours of customer natural healthcare services work with more than 1,000 health store customers over a period of 15+ years. 

     Those customer experiences were acquired over a period of 15 years in our health and wellness store in Greenville County, South Carolina.  Lon was so dedicated toward this special healthcare service that he worked without any pay for those 15 years because the business did not make enough profit to pay him anything for his valuable healthcare services. 

     He realized that the experiences that he was acquiring were very valuable, and he was constantly striving to make the business profitable, but he was severely burdened and handicapped by the ongoing litigation actions that are reported in another department at this Website titled "Judicial Corruption Exposed."

     Consequently, Lon and Janie Willoughby had to live very conservatively during those 15+ years because Janie's school teacher salary was their primary source of income.  They had to loan the healthcare store business additional thousands of dollars of funds many times to keep the health store in business.  They were depleting the IRA funds that they had developed to help with their retirement funding whenever that occurred in the future.

     Those special years of experience enabled Lon to become highly qualified to educate our "healthcare consultant clents" about some very important advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they can easily and conveniently use to improve their lifestyle dramatically.  They will be enabled to improve the quality of their life with many very important natural healthcare and wellness actions.  (That situation can also include a "qualified spouse" and any dependent children that are living with them full-time in their primary residence.

     Those vital natural healthcare actions can enable remarkable healthcare benefits for the family. (teenagers, younger children, and even toddlers).  The family can be helped due to the parent's improved natural healthcare concepts knowledge

     Many responsible healthcare oriented people working in the healthcare field in some capacity
also have the healthcare deck stacked against them badly - such as people working in health food stores across America, and acupuncturist, chiropractors, dietitians, dentist, eye care specialist, holistic type natural healthcare consultants, and nutrition consultants.

     The well-organized and exceptionally well-financed groups mentioned previously (medical profession and pharmaceutical drug companies) are very powerful financially and politically.  In general, they do not like any competition from any kind of alternative or complementary healthcare consultants or practitioners.  

     Very powerful lobbying operations, aligned closely with the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry spend huge sums of money for many lobbyist actions that are designed to influence and promote federal legislative actions (and state legislative actions whenever needed) that are favorable to their objectives, individually, and as groups of similar companies or organizations. 

     They particularly do not appreciate people like Lon Willoughby, or companies like ABC of Health, who are actively distributing and promoting truthful and helpful alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare and wellness education concepts to other people (hard working and trusting ordinary Americans).  As you have already seen at this educational website, visitors can learn some very important and very valuable information about alternative type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can affect their life beneficially for the rest of their life. 

Medical Practice Patient Deaths In America 

     Did you know that several hundred thousand people in America die annually from the drugs and medical care treatment practices that they received in the conventional medical care system?   This is generally considered to be one of the top three causes of death in America, year after year after year - for many years now.   Some competent healthcare researchers have determined that the American medical profession is actually the number one cause of death in the USA, causing more than 700,000 deaths per year due to various situations that occur in the medical profession.

     Did you also know that patient deaths are rare in the alternative health and complementary healthcare field as a result of the very safe recommended nutrition supplements and the more natural holistic type remedies and treatment practices that are used.

      Think about this health concept:  It is your body and your life and you can be in control and you can be in charge of your healthcare for the rest of your life (as Lon Willoughby has done with his healthcare for more than 37 years).  Yes, it is a very important responsibility that adults should generally accept, but it will be much easier to do this competently and responsibly and sensibly after a "qualified" person gets educated with one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  

     At this point in your review of our helpful natural healthcare and wellness concepts, does it make a lot of sense to you that it would be wise for you to learn how to take really good care of your most valuable treasure in this life - your health?  (Learn how to help your natural healthcare assets maintain optimum health daily.)

     We suggest that all American visitors spend adequate time reviewing all of the allowable departments of this Website, and then spend some time reviewing the departments at our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs Website:  www dot AdvancedHealthcareConcepts dot com/.  American visitors have already detoured over to that special Website for a quick look-around.  If you have not made that detour yet, you can use the convenient link below to make a quick detour to that website and then return here by using your TABs function or using your Back Arrow function to return to this exact location.


     Welcome back to this Unfair Healthcare Deck For Americans department.  Let's continue.

     As you have already seen, we provide very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that can help our QV's, AQV's, and CQV's take better care of their incredibly important and valuable natural health. 

     Would it be wise for you to have ABC of Health on your healthcare protective team?   That can happen if you can "qualify" to become one of our "Certified Qualified Visitors"  (CQV's).  Even if you cannot "qualify" to become a CQV, you may still be able to qualify to have return "free to review" access to this very helpful Website with a lot of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that can help you improve your healthcare thought processes and your diet and your routine lifestyle.

Overview Summary of Our

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and incredibly valuable natural healthcare education services that we can provide.  Similar introductory information is presented in some other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help Internet Search Engines work better with our complex Website.

     After you have read this helpful information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain similar introductory information.   

     Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we provide some natural healthcare concepts that are Free to use for qualified clients at multiple Websites (to help qualified clients get started quickly with actions that can help them improve their lifestyle). 

     We also offer natural healthcare and nutrition consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure) 

     We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals or married couples or families with some teenage children.   We can educate our consultation clients quickly about relevant healthcare and nutrition concepts that may be very helpful about their healthcare issues.  Younger children can learn from their smart educated parents.

     Telephone consultation services offer the big advantage of being a fast and convenient way for our clients to obtain some very important alternative health and complementary natural healthcare concepts  that can be directed to specific healthcare issues.  These clients can obtain very valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a reasonable cost (using a credit card for payment).

     ABC of Health is currently developing very important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs for "qualified" American citizens who are also citizens of South Carolina and live in the upstate area with a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs will enable us to provide comprehensive (but simplified) healthcare and wellness concepts regarding a broad range of very important healthcare, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness issues One of our natural healthcare concepts education programs can be much more effective over time, to an individual, or to a married couple, or a family, than many hours of telephone consultation services could provide.

     The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare concepts that we will teach in our home-study education program can educate "qualified education clients" about our very important and valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts (healthcare, lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness).  We know how to teach these natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use for improving a lifestyle in truly remarkable ways.    

     This natural healthcare concepts home-study education program will be available only from our company because we will have tightly controlled security for leasing distribution of this education program.   We own more than 50 copyrighted healthcare concepts that will be explained in our education program; we are the only company authorized to teach our corporate trade secrets.

     Where are we located:  Our ABC's of Health, Inc. corporate office is located in the outstanding modern city of Mauldin, South Carolina. (population of about 23,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).

     ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple websites that present very important healthcare concepts about various subjects such as:  healthcare consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, healthcare classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, etc. 

     We also present information about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters (bath tub filters and shower filters), water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

     The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of health issues that our alternative health type natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about. (Lon Willoughby)

     Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and complementary health natural  healthcare concepts, procedures, protocols, and services.

Natural Healthcare = healthcare actions that

do not use pharmaceutical drugs

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