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     The fact that you are visiting this department indicates that you probably have some serious interest in taking responsible actions to protect your precious natural healthcare assets (your brain, your heart, your kidneys, your lungs, and all other vital organs, your hormone systems, your immune system, your lymphatic system, and trillions of other body tissue cells, etc.)  

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that your natural healthcare assets are your most valuable assets in this life, and our "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts can help you come to this very important understanding. 

     They also realize that healthy American citizens can usually do much more to help build, develop, support, and defend a better and stronger American nation than unhealthy Americans can likely accomplish.  Your health is incredibly important for a number of reasons and this situation is one of them!!!!

     You have already learned about our founder and president, Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., and you know that Lon is a skilled alternative health type natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach.  He is also a competent natural healthcare concepts researcher, a copyrighted healthcare concepts developer (50+ copyrighted concepts), and a natural healthcare educator and classroom instructor.

     Consequently, Lon understands why healthy American citizens can have much more energy, vitality, brainpower, and ability to be productive citizens than unhealthy American citizens

     Some unhealthy Americans may also provide some important help, but they could help American more if they learned how to become healthier and feel better.  With improved health, they might be able to help more in building a better America and enjoy doing that very important helpful work.

     Our corporate officers (Lon and Janie Willoughby) realize that it is very important for patriotic-minded American citizens to learn how to develop a truly healthy lifestyle so they can improve and optimize their own health and the health of family members living at home with their parents. 

     However, Lon and Janie also understand that these can be  complex and confusing natural healthcare issues.  They understand that most American citizens need some competent help and guidance in learning how to accomplish these very important natural healthcare improvement objectives in an effective and efficient manner that is also cost-effective regarding the time and effort involved and the costs involved. 

     Our unique natural healthcare education company can likely help a lot with this very important  healthcare improvement project.  You have already learned that Lon and Janie have developed a remarkable six lessons CQV alternative health   type Advanced Level Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program.  

     This very special education program enables our natural healthcare concepts education company to help many "qualified" patriotic-minded American citizens (living in the upstate area of South Carolina) learn how to take more effective natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions.  They can  quickly improve their personal lifestyles in very important ways

     The remarkable six lessons CQV Advanced Level Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program that Lon and Janie developed also presents very important helpful education about American citizenship issues

     Lon and Janie realized that our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) would likely need a helpful review, and maybe some additional education, about some American historical and political events that are very important.  that all patriotic-minded American adults need to review them, understand them, and remember them for the rest of their life.  

     Lon and Janie realize that this very important American Citizenship information can enable our "CQV's" to become more knowledgeable citizens - who will then likely become more responsible patriotic citizens due to this special education.     

     Our special citizenship education will help our CQV's develop more appreciation for their remarkable American heritage, and that can help motivate them to become more active responsible patriotic American citizens.  This special citizenship education can help CQV's to become more patriotic-minded about protecting and defending the incredibly valuable civil rights and freedoms that they we very fortunately inherited as natural-born American citizens.

     While we are educating our CQV's about how they can improve their alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge (so they can dramatically improve their lifestyle with very important advanced  natural healthcare concepts actions), they can also be reviewing some very important historical, governmental, and political events that can help motivate them to become more active patriotic-minded American citizens

     A little later in this department, you will find a very important chart that shows why our organized team-work citizenship education actions can be incredibly important to America as a nation.  Consequently, you now understand that we have a two-fold education objective; we want to educate good patriotic-minded Americans about improving their natural healthcare actions and also improving their patriotic citizenship actions.

     BIG PROBLEM:  We have a serious problem in accomplishing one of these two objectives.  We understand that we have to be very careful who we educate with our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets). 

We Must Be Very Careful and Selective With Whom

We Educate About Our Very Important

Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts  

    ABC of Health is the only company in the USA that has the authority and legal rights to teach our special copyrighted  natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  We also realize that there are many millions of American citizens that we cannot trust to have access to our natural healthcare concepts.

     We have learned that many Americans cannot be trusted to  not casually "give away" our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets to some of their close family relatives (adult children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins), and also give them away to some of their friends, co-workers, and even give them away to some of our natural healthcare competitors.  

     We have already experienced those types of very careless dishonest betrayal actions by some of the clients that we shared some of our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets with during their healthcare concepts consultation sessions with Lon Willoughby. 

    Those very careless, irresponsible, and unethical betrayal actions usually occurred within a few days after a consultation client had completed their consultation healthcare session with Lon Willoughby (and signed a one-page non-disclosure agreement with ABC of Health). 

     That non-disclosure agreement document clearly prohibited the sharing of our natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets with other people.  Each consultation client's signature indicated that they knowingly and willingly agreed that they would not share any of our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts with other people.

      In subsequent client actions with Lon Willoughby, some of those consultation clients casually explained some of their  '"give-away" situations - where the client had shared some of our healthcare concepts with other people. 

     The client usually wanted Lon Willoughby to know how their contacts had reacted when they were told about some of our special unique natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  The clients had carelessly "forgotten" about signing our non-disclosure agreement.  (They had a copy of the agreement but apparently did not consider the agreement to be important.) 

       In two situations with our consultation clients, each client had gone to see another local healthcare consultant that they had previously consulted with, and our consultation client  voluntarily "gave" one of our major local healthcare competitors some of our most valuable natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets.  In each situation, the client was "curious" about how that healthcare consultant would feel about our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts

      During their conversation with Lon Willoughby about that situation, Lon asked each client (individually) why they took those "give-away" actions.  In each situation, the ABC of Health consultation client explained that they were curious about how the other healthcare consultant would feel about our unique healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     Did they like our special natural healthcare concepts?  Did they agree with our special healthcare concepts?  Or did they disagree with them?

     Those very unfortunate situations occurred with two of our main local healthcare consultant competitors.  The two clients involved (one with each separate healthcare consultant) casually "gave away" (to one of our main competitor health consultants) some of our most important and most valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts (our corporate trade secrets) as a matter of "curiosity."

    The special healthcare and wellness concepts that each client gave-away to one of our main local competitors were exceptionally important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby had personally developed over a period of many years with substantial healthcare research and study of relevant healthcare data

     Those exclusive copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts had been developed at great personal costs (hundreds of thousands of dollars combined for Lon and Janie Willoughby and ABC of Health). 

     Did other similar "giving-away" situations occur with some of our other consultation clients?  Yes, Lon also learned about some other "give-away" situations that involved family relatives of our consultation clients - fortunately, those situations did not involve our local competitor natural healthcare consultants.

     We have explained just two situations where two separate consultation clients briefly related to Lon Willoughby their "give-away" actions to our competitors. They wanted to inform him about how the other local natural healthcare consultant had reacted to the disclosure of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets

     Our clients had not considered that what they had done was careless, foolish, and irresponsible betrayal actions that were potentially severely detrimental to our healthcare business

     They betrayed our trust in them with our very important and very valuable special natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets. Lon Willoughby had shared those very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts with those consultation clients so they could begin to quickly benefit healthcare-wise from Lon's very special advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge

     From various experiences over the years, it is clear to us that most American citizens have not developed adequate respect for company owned copyrighted corporate trade secrets.  We have learned that copyrighted information has no special value to some American adults.

     That is especially applicable when those very important and very valuable copyrighted trade secrets involve advanced level healthcare and wellness concepts that might be beneficial to some of their family members, and friends, and some of their co-workers, and maybe some of their business associates, etc.  

     Consequently, we have learned that there are a lot of people in the United States of America (USA) that cannot be trusted to respect our very important and very valuable copyright ownership of our natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     We have learned that many American adults will casually "give-away" our very important and very valuable copyrighted  advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts, as if they personally owned the copyrights of those natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets

      Explaining those careless and dishonest and irresponsible betrayal actions in this department is now part of our copyright education about these very important security issues.   

     Our Security Problems Get Worse:  Unfortunately, our security problems get worse than what is reported above because we specifically do not want any of the criminals and other really bad and dishonest people living in America (or living in other countries) to obtain access to any of our natural  healthcare and wellness concepts educational information

     Our company also tries to carefully avoid educating any of America's military enemies, or our political and financial competitors (either domestic or foreign-born), with our very important and very valuable advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  We do not want any of those people to get access to any of our advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets

     We understand that there are billions of people on this planet that we must carefully prevent from getting access to our very important and very valuable advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets.

     It is therefore clear that we will not be able to mass-market a sales program for  our special advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services due to these very important security concerns and issues

     We have considered using a leasing program for our natural healthcare educational seervices, rather than using a sales program, in order to carefully maintain much better control over who does not get access to our healthcare education services.

Corrupt, evil-minded, despotic leaders

can be extremely dangerous people.

     Mankind's recorded history shows that there are usually evil-minded unethical and corrupt "leaders" in many countries on this planet.  We will provide important information below to clearly substantiate that statement. 

     Consequently, ABC of Health must be very selective about who we approve to become one of our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) so they can obtain access to our six lessons CQV Advanced Level Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Services.

     Important historical events show that there have been some really bad (evil-minded) people who gained power over the common trusting people and then abused those people in really bad ways for self-serving benefits to the despotic tyrants who had obtained controlling political power.

Protecting and Defending

Our Precious Rights and Freedoms 

     The officers of  ABC of Health understand that the very important and valuable civil rights and political freedoms that we enjoy as American citizens were acquired over many years at a very high price.  That price involved a great amount of courageous work and difficult personal sacrifice and a tremendous amount of human suffering by millions of Americans (lots of tragic very painful deaths).

     Our officers (Lon and Janie Willoughby) also understand that our very valuable rights and freedoms were initially obtained through the very painful and tragic sacrifices and deaths of thousands of people in the newly established country that we now affectionately call America.  

     Those precious civil rights and political freedoms were subsequently defended and protected by the diligent work, major sacrifices, emotional and physical suffering and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans in past generations (prior to 1900 A.D.).  There have been more than a million Americans who were severely injured and/or killed since 1900 A.D.

     Consequently, Lon and Janie understand the historical facts that show our very important and valuable civil rights and political freedoms were attained at an extremely high price - that was paid for by a lot of work and severe emotional and physical suffering by millions of Americans.

     These very valuable rights and freedoms were clearly not free, and some of those very important lessons are taught to American students in a course named American History

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that mankind's recorded history shows convincingly that freedom is never free, it has never been free, and it will never be freeRecorded history shows that people are not free unless they were willing to fight bravely and valiantly against despotic and ruthless oppressors and overthrow them to win their freedom.  Why is this so clearly true? 

     Unfortunately, in every generation of people, there are always very selfish and evil-minded self-serving despots and tyrants who want to control and enslave people as much as possible for their own benefit.  

     History also shows that those evil-minded despotic and tyrannical rulers  usually enjoyed causing great harm and painful suffering to other people, especially to the leaders of the people who had courageously opposed the despotic immoral tyrants.

     Good moral "reasonable and sensible" people have great difficulty understanding those situations because it is so unreasonable for people in positions of power and authority to be cruel and ruthless to their citizens.  

     Pause and realize that you do not need to "understand" the actions of despotic tyrannical people to accept the historical fact that they do exist and they can be very dangerous people.

     As American citizens, we must be on guard constantly to protect our country from being controlled by an evil-minded despot.  Fortunately for us, our founding fathers established a constitutional form of government (a Republic) that has some very important checks and balances that make it more difficult for a despotic tyrant to gain control of our Republic government.

     Unfortunately, some naive Americans who are poorly educated about human history have difficulty accepting the historical fact that history has proven conclusively, again, and again, and again, that there are some extremely evil-minded people in every generation who will become ruthless despotic tyrants if citizens meekly allow them to have an opportunity to gain control of the government. 

Adolf Hitler - One Of The Very Bad Despots

     Think for a few moments about Austrian-born Adolf Hitler who became the Chancellor of Germany (life: 1889-1945) and then invaded Poland and took control of Austria (his home country).  His extremely ambitious despotic actions, along with his ruthless despotic military generals, and his evil-minded tyrannical henchmen started a war that became World Wat II.

     Also think about the tremendous human harm, pain, misery, suffering, and death that his military and political operations caused for millions of people throughout Europe.  Then think about the great harm, pain, and suffering, and death that Hitler and his military generals and their soldiers caused for more than a million Americans during World War II

     The tremendous damage to millions of people caused by the despotic leadership of Adolf Hitler was very damaging and disastrous for millions of Jews and also millions of other people. 

     It is beyond human comprehension that another human being could be so outrageously bad, but we know that terrible things happened to millions of human beings because of the fanatical leadership of one evil, brutal, and ruthlessly ambitious human being named Adolf Hitler

     Then think about other evil-minded self-serving despots and tyrants that you remember who caused a lot of human misery, severe suffering, and a lot of tragic deaths (thousands of people in some situations and millions of people in the worst situations).  We will list a few of them below to remind you about some of the most ruthless despotic humans in the last 120 years.  

Consider These Brutal and

Ruthless Despotic Tyrants

     Lenin in Russia, Stalin in the USSR - United Soviet Socialist Republics; Mao Tse-Tung in China; the Japanese Government Leaders and Generals in World War II, Mussolini in Italy; Kim Il  Sung in North Korea; Pol Pot in Cambodia (The Killing Fields); Saddam Hussein in Iraq; Idi Amin in Uganda (Africa); Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe (Africa); Muammar al-Qaddafi in Libya (Africa), Osama bin Laden (Sauda Arabia), Bashar al-Assad (Syria). 

     There have been many others despots and tyrants who caused a lot of unfair, unethical, ruthless, and brutal damages and death to many people (in their own country and/or other countries), but those listed above are some of the worst despotic and tyrannical rulers since the year 1900 A.D. 

     You can conduct research about such issues at (add Bosnian-genocide here) to review the ruthless atrocities perpetrated on many thousands of people by some of the leaders involved in the Bosnian Serb "ethnic cleansing" genocide:  Radovan Karadzic, General Radislav Krstic, Slobodan Milosevic, General Ratko Mladic, and others.  

     If we go further back in history, we find that there has been no shortage of despots and tyrants throughout history who were extremely cruel, brutal, and ruthless with a lot of people. 

     Let's go back in history for more than 2,000 years and consider the Roman despotic and tyrannical ruthless cruelty with Jews and other nationalities during the time of Jesus Christ.  Then consider the barbaric, horribly painful, crucifixion-style execution of Jesus Christ

     He had demonstrated many times his wonderful teaching abilities about how people should treat each other kindly with generous understanding and forgiveness. Example:  "He who hath not sinned - let him cast the first stone."

      Unfortunately, the self-serving dominant Jewish priests were very concerned about the popularity of Jesus with a lot of the Jewish people.  The biblical record of those events shows that the priests deeply resented Jesus and they wanted him to be killed

     The recorded history of those events shows that the controlling Jewish priests psychologically manipulated the large crowd of Jews involved and the Jewish priests actually caused the resulting brutal crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

     Then think about the ruthless Roman persecution of many Christians that occurred later for many peaceful followers of the teachings of the disciples of Jesus Christ

     The Roman ruler in Rome, Italy, had defenseless Christians (men and women) rounded up (captured) and then had them killed in extremely barbaric, horribly cruel and painful ways, by forcing Christians to walk into the coliseum arena - where wild very hungry lions were waiting for them. 

     The lions would then attack the Christians individually, tearing them apart with their sharp claws and their large sharp teeth as the very hungry lions fed upon the alive Christians.

     That extremely brutal and ruthless barbaric situation was considered to be "special entertainment" for the Roman ruler, his family members, some of the Roman elites, and a large crowd of ordinary Roman citizens who had been invited to attend that "special entertainment" in the coliseum.

     Those Roman citizens all came together in the large Roman coliseum to watch this spectacle of extreme human cruelty and savagery involving helpless humans (Christians) pitted against very hungry wild lions in a large open coliseum arena where no escape was possible.

Chinese Despots

     Let's now consider just two of the most brutal and ruthless despotic Chinese rulers out of the many that have occurred in the history of Asia.

     1.  Genghis Khan (1162 - 1227) was a Mongolian warrior who became a powerful ruler by causing death and destruction for many peaceful Mongolian tribes throughout Mongolia as he brutally and ruthlessly extended his military conquest across Asia.   The dynasty that he started eventually controlled all of China and even extended beyond China's borders in some areas.

     2.  Mao Tse-Tung in China (1893-1976) reportedly had millions of his own Chinese people brutally and ruthlessly tortured in barbaric horrible ways.  He had millions of his own Chinese people killed to maintain his ruthless dictatorial and tyrannical control over the people of mainland China.  He was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party (1921). 

       Mao Tse-Tung ruled China in a brutal and ruthless barbaric totalitarian way for many years.  In 1976, he started the Cultural Revolution in China where many of the most intellectual and best educated Chinese citizens were systematically killed in a ruthlessly manner (to help Mao Tse-Tung strengthen his capacity to maintain dictatorial control over the Chinese people). 

     It is fitting that Mao Tse-Tung died in the same year (1976) that he started his incredibly cruel and ruthless Cultural Revolution - which set his country back by many years.  Systematically killing many of the best and brightest citizens obviously caused the country to regress badly.  

     This brief review of some important history shows that there are always those types of brutal and ruthless despots and tyrants just waiting for a good opportunity to try to take control - like Hitler did in Germany in the 1930's, and like others listed above did in their native countries. 

Protecting and Defending

America From Our Enemies 

     We have shown above that there are always brutal and ruthless despots and tyrants who want to take control of governments wherever and whenever they can.  Consequently, it is very clear that Americans must always be strong and vigilant and on-guard militarily and politically

     Patriotic-minded Americans must always be prepared to protect and defend the precious rights and freedoms  that we have inherited from those very brave men and women who worked courageously, and fought valiantly, and suffered severely to establish the rights and freedoms that we currently enjoy.  Historical records show that hundreds of thousands of those brave patriotic Americans died in their heroic valiant efforts to protect America and our freedoms. 

     It is very important for us to remember the great sacrifices that have been made by millions of Americans in the past that enabled us to have the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today. 

     We also need to remember that our rights and freedoms are constantly being attacked and undermined by political subterfuge tactics.  Example:  Did you know that several of  the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto have been active in our American political system for many years now?  You see, this all happened gradually and very quietly over the years.  Very few people even noticed that major political changes were being made in our government. 

     There were a few people in the United States Congress who noticed those actions and understood what was occurring, and the official records show that they courageously objected to the proposed political actions appropriately in the United States Congress.  Unfortunately, the few stout-hearted American patriots who objected to the communist-inspired political measures were outvoted in the U.S. Congress and those legislation actions were approved. 

      Even today, many years later, very few American citizens are aware of those actions and properly correlate them with the long-standing relentless efforts of the Communist Party in the USA to subvert our form of government to their socialistic and communistic goals for the USA.

Think about these two questions for a few moments: 

     1.  What actions should responsible patriotic-minded Americans take to help defend and protect our very important and valuable American civil rights and political freedoms?  

     2.  What actions can responsible American citizens take to help keep America strong and free for the next generation of Americans? 

     ANSWER:  The most important action that one can take is to get educated about these issues.

     Most patriotic-minded Americans cannot do very much until they get educated and then get organized.

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  We will educate our "qualified clients" about these very important issues and also help them get organized to work together with us to become more effective and more efficient to take patriotic actions

Freedom is not Free! 

     As we have shown briefly above, it is very important for American citizens to always remember this important statement:  Freedom is not free, it  has never been Free, and it will never be Free!   You understand that there are always evil politically-minded self-serving despots and tyrants just waiting for an opportunity to take control politically or militarily and then dominate people so they can have more authority, more power, and more dictatorial control over people.

     Our company, ABC's of Health, Inc., is dedicated to the important goal of helping educate good responsible and sensible natural-born American citizens about important actions that they can take to become healthier and stronger (physically and mentally) and then live better lives with more productivity, more accomplishments and achievements, and more satisfaction in life. 

     We also strive to help our "qualified education clients" become physically and mentally able to become better American citizens and then routinely exercise more political awareness and responsibility and become more active as educated and enlightened patriotic Americans

     Our Advanced  Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs  are being developed to  help educate our "qualified clients" about important events in American history and important events in American politics (government)

     These have been very important special events that all American citizens need to know about and understand regarding their importance and significance in our current day American life.  This very important historical knowledge will enable our "qualified clients" to become much more appreciative of their very special heritage as American citizens and thereby become more responsibly active as patriotic-minded American citizens. 

     Each Generation:  We understand that every generation of Americans must be taught how they can responsibly strive to defend and protect our precious rights and freedoms so they can be passed on to the next generation of AmericansThen that generation of Americans will have the duty and responsibility to do the same for the next generation of Americans. 

     The USA has clearly had some success with this very important education process up to this point.  That is why our remarkable form of government has managed to last longer than the typical 200 years lifespan for most of the good governments throughout mankind's recorded history.

A Private (Non-Government) Organization Like ABC of Health

Needs Strong Support From Good Patriotic American Citizens

Who Can Qualify To Obtain Our Remarkable Education Program

     You may be able to help ensure that the next generation of Americans will be successful with those very serious duties and responsibilities by helping our unique education company provide the alternative health type advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, and the citizenship education, that will be presented in each of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs.

     Throughout mankind's recorded history, the average age of great civilizations has been about 200 years.  The majority of citizens gradually become too apathetic and too irresponsible to provide sufficient support for their "good government."  Consequently, good governments usually die out in about 200 years, or they will be overthrown by some ruthless despotic military force or political force that is actively prepared to take advantage of this predictable situation.

     This tragedy can happen easily if the majority of citizens are no longer political aware and responsibly patriotic toward their government.  History shows that these situations can get dangerous quickly when too many citizens no longer feel very appreciative and grateful and respectful and responsible about the rights and freedoms that they have enjoyed.  Over time, citizens can begin to feel that they have no serious duty to protect and defend their rights and freedoms because  "they want to believe"  that other responsible citizens will do that for them. 

     In that situation, too many citizens will likely begin to casually take their rights and freedoms for granted, totally forgetting about the very high price that has been paid by previous generations of hard-working, courageous, and valiant patriotic-minded responsible citizens.  

     It is very important to understand that a good government can gradually die when too many citizens cease to be responsible citizens, and then cease to be reasonably active when patriotic-minded citizens need to work together to protect and defend their rights and freedoms in a civil, enlightened, effective political manner.

      In order to maintain their rights and freedoms, citizens must also be willing to courageously and valiantly fight to the death if that is needed to effectively oppose any enemy force that attempts to take away the citizens' rights and  freedoms by military force and political actions.  

     Citizens at all times must also be very careful and cautious and not allow an unethical conniving ambitious politician to get too much control of the government by using devious political strategies, as Adolf Hitler did in Germany during the early 1930's.   

      An independent educational organization like ABC of Health, that combines very important and valuable  advanced  natural healthcare concepts education and our very important citizenship education program (for natural-born patriotic-minded American citizens), has a winning combination education strategy program that is incredibly important for American citizens

     We offer our "qualified clients" a remarkable opportunity for greatly improved alternative health type advanced  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, where clients will be educated about how they can enjoy having better brainpower, more energy and vitality, more productivity, and more success and achievement, and more satisfaction in life coupled with an increased potential to enjoy a longer healthy lifespan.  This is clearly an incredible opportunity

     This is the first time in America's history that an educational program of this type is being developed for responsible patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens. This combination education program, with  (1)  advanced  natural healthcare concepts education and  (2)  very important citizenship education can clearly help patriotic-minded  American citizens maintain a strong and healthy America.   Think about what this education can do for America as we expand it to millions of patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens within a few years. 

     The undesirable alternative is shown clearly in the chart below.  America can slowly digress and regress into bondage and slavery.  We already have a lot of citizens who have developed in that direction.  Yes, the education programs at ABC of Health can be that important in future years.


Please review the very important chart below.

  Nations Typically Progress Through This Sequence   

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith

From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage

From Great Courage to Liberty

From Liberty to Abundance

From Abundance to Selfishness

From Selfishness to Complacency

From Complacency to Apathy

From Apathy to Dependency

From Dependency back again into Bondage

      Using the important chart above as an action guide, which of the action levels listed in the chart generally apply best to your personal patriotic civic and political actions?

     Which action level do you feel best describes where the majority of Americans are today?

     The United States of America (USA) has now reached its 243rd year.  As you can see from the important stages of change listing above,  Americans need to be very careful at this point in our history because we appear to have way too many citizens that have already voluntarily chosen to accept actions and contribute actions that promote some of the blue conditions listed above.

     Because the United States of America is at age 243, it is clear that the usual 200 years cycle is not inevitable.  How did we manage to get past the 200 years age without falling apart as a good government, as many previous "good governments" have done in the past?

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that the USA has survived to this point because our smart founding fathers and mothers gave us a remarkable form of government (a Republic - not a Democracy) that has been developing and improving in numerous ways over the years.

     Fortunately, we have also had enough knowledgeable well-educated and politically aware patriotic-minded Americans working hard and smart, and also fighting hard and fighting smart, to protect the USA from our ever-present domestic enemies and foreign adversaries in many military, financial, and political battles. (some of these actions occur regularly in the USA)  

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that it is very important for all American adult citizens to have some responsible awareness and understanding about these situations, and always be aware that a variety of such battles and challenges continue routinely because our numerous enemies are always working relentlessly and tirelessly to gain more socialistic and communistic control over our government actions and our political processes.

     These battles have been going on throughout your lifetime, and they will not likely end because we will always have many enemies, both domestic enemies and enemies who are foreign-born.

     If you are not aware of some of these conditions, you need to realize that you are not well-informed about our national political affairs.  One of our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Home-study Education Programs can help our "qualified clients" learn about these situations.

     You can easily see from this historical review information that ABC of Health must be very careful with whom we approve of as a "qualified education client" because we are currently developing what we believe are the most important  alternative health  type advanced  natural healthcare concepts education programs that have ever been developed in the USA

      Billions of people on Planet Earth could benefit greatly from the advanced  natural healthcare and wellness concepts  that Lon Willoughby has developed and copyrighted for our company.  Unfortunately, more than a billion people on Planet Earth are our avowed enemy because they have been taught  (brainwashed)  from early childhood to hate Americans and our way of life.  

     Many of those people have been taught that Americans are infidels who should be killed as soon as possible.  It appears that large numbers of religious people in the middle East have been fanatically brain-washed to believe that killing Americans is a duty, and they have been brainwashed to believe that they will be rewarded greatly in heaven for their actions in trying to kill Americans.  (They believe that sacrificing their own life in those objectives is desirable.

     History shows those kinds of fanatical actions again and again with terrorist  inspired actions.  Those situations clearly show that many human beings can believe "anything" they want to believe.

     The people on Planet Earth who have been systematically "brain-washed" to want to be the enemy of America and Americans will  not be allowed to get access to our incredibly valuable and beneficial  advanced  natural   healthcare and wellness concepts education materials

     The potentially undesirable situations described above can easily occur if just one of our "qualified education clients" violates our confidence and trust by "giving away" just one photocopy of some of our written educational materials or verbally shares some of our very valuable advanced  natural   healthcare concepts information with just one person. 

      A person who violates our security trust in this respect will not have control over the further distribution of our incredibly valuable advanced  healthcare concepts information once they have "given it away" to a family member, or a friend, an employee, a business associate, etc.  

     Please understand that our "qualified education clients" will be the only Americans who have  passed through our strict membership evaluation process, and they are the only people who  will be allowed access to our "Top Secretnatural  healthcare concepts education materials

     All "qualified education clients" are strictly prohibited from sharing any of the healthcare concepts that they learn from our education program - with the exception of sharing info with their "qualified client spouse"  (a spouse must also be a "qualified client") and their dependent children who are living with the parents full-time in their primary home.   (Children are not living in some boarding school situation, or off at college, etc.)

     In the home situation described above, the parents have an important and serious responsibility to also teach their children about the "Top Secret" nature of our advanced  healthcare and wellness concepts.  Children are to be strictly prohibited from sharing any of our advanced healthcare and wellness concepts with their friends, their friend's parents, the children's school teachers, or anyone else under any circumstances

     We understand that American citizens will likely continue having very serious dangers from many religious fanatics in the USA and abroad because a lot of them have been taught to hate Americans, as stated above

     It appears that millions of people have been taught to fanatically believe that Americans in general are infidels that should be killed as soon as possible, in any way possible In their misguided  "brainwashed" view, the more Americans that are killed, the better it will be for them personally.   (They apparently are taught to believe that those killing infidel actions will actually help them qualify to get into their "heaven.")

     The leaders of those people would certainly like to obtain access to our incredibly important and valuable  Advanced  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program teaching materials, so we have to be very careful to prevent those situations from occurring. 

Secret Societies and

The "Elitist" Legal Brotherhood  

     Lonnie Willoughby is currently 84 years of age, and he has acquired knowledge and understanding  about several active secret societies and some other types of self-serving groups that can pose a really serious danger to American citizens' freedoms.

     Example:  Lon has had a lot of  litigation experiences in American courts (more than 18,000  hours of litigation work over a period of  28+ years).  Consequently, he is personally familiar with the very serious self-serving criminal-minded judicial actions that have damaged severely American citizens' precious civil rights and political freedoms in American courts at all levels, including the appellate courts - all the way up into the U.S. Supreme Court. 

     This is not an irresponsible claim or supposition; Lon Willoughby has personally experienced several times in several judicial systems the outrageously corrupt self-serving severe damage that has been done to the judicial systems in America by many prominent members of the "elitist" legal profession in America

     From substantial personal litigation experiences, Lonnie Willoughby understands that trial attorneys, trial court judges, and appellate court judges (state courts and federal courts) can easily act in a deceitful, unfair, unethical self-serving dictatorial and despotic tyrannical scheming criminal-minded manner, any time they choose to do so (and there is very little potential that they will not be able to get away with it again and again). 

     Lon knows from his own personal experiences, from spending many thousands of hours in exposing and reporting unfair, unethical, deceitful, and criminal-minded judicial actions by "officers of the court" (attorneys, lawyers, and judges) that they will get away with such "judicial actions" in most situations because the judicial systems in America are tightly controlled by self-serving members of the "elitist" legal brotherhood

     From a lot of judicial experiences, Lon learned that members of the "elitist" legal brotherhood can do whatever they choose to do in a litigation process - in an extremely unfair and unethical self-serving judicial manner, and they will routinely get away with it - no matter how much time and effort one spends in exposing and reporting it to appropriate authorities. 

     Lon knows from his own diligent and responsible litigation actions that exposed and reported such judicial actions several times that there will not be a responsible fair-minded investigation (by an appropriate state or federal investigative agency) of such reports, even though such reports are made very responsibly and are well-documented complaints. (About unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving trial court litigation actions by attorneys and/or unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions by a trial court judge.)  

     When there is no responsible fair-minded investigation of such complaints, there will also not be any prosecution of those responsibly alleged abusive unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded corrupt judicial actions.  No responsible fair-minded investigation means there will be no prosecution of said complaints, and the "corrupt officers of the court" get away with their unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving litigation and/or judicial actions every time - again and again and again. 

     If you want to find out how outrageously corrupt the judicial systems in America can be, just sue a prominent attorney for   deceit, fraud, and legal malpractice - like Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. did, and you will very likely find an outrageous amount of unethical litigation/judicial actions, schemes, and tactics used against you, at every turn of litigation actions, to protect the allegedly corrupt attorney from civil prosecution before a jury.  

     That is what happened with Lon for 20+ years of ongoing related litigation actions.  Lon's defense attorney (in a civil equity court litigation) acted in an extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt manner, where he knowingly and willfully enabled the opposing attorney to win the case against Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., by using unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation schemes and tactics.  That happened in a civil "equity court case" that should have been easy for the defense attorney to win for Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.  

     Subsequently, Lon Willoughby, in his pro se capacity (without attorney assistance) sued the prominent attorney to expose the attorney's extremely unfair and unethical criminal-minded deficient litigation actions and his deliberate in-actions [failure to object properly to five surprise complaints introduced during the bench trial (jury not allowed), failure to present deposition transcript evidence that would have strongly impeached one of the plaintiff's major surprise complaints, and failure to examine witnesses adequately or properly about their trial testimony, failure to allow defendant Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby to testify adequately during the trial about the plaintiff's surprise complaint issues that the extremely unfair, dishonest, and corrupt circuit court judge knowingly allowed into the trial improperly, and also failure to present Defendant Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby's cross-claims and counterclaims during the one-day non-jury trial].  

     Could a very smart attorney with more than 20 years experience make all of those serious legal mistakes accidentally during a one-day trial?  No way Hosea!!!  Those were extremely deceitful attorney actions and in-actions that involved deceit, fraud, and legal malpractice - perpetrated upon  client defendant Co-trustee Lonnie Willoughby, Jr.

     Lon Willoughby's attorney was a very prominent local attorney who had about 22 years of trial attorney experience in that State's court systems.  The "equity court" trial court litigation process was an extreme "extrinsic fraud upon the court" with both of the opposing attorneys and the trial court judge actively participating collusively in said heinous "fraud upon the court."

     Lonnie Willoughby found that every trial court attorney and every trial court judge, and most of the appellate court judges that subsequently became involved in the related cases (over a 20+ years period of time) acted unfairly, deceitfully, and unethically to unfairly and unethically corrupt the litigation processes at every opportunity (attorneys, trial court judges, and most of the appellate court judges).

     The unfair, unethical, deceitful, and criminal-minded judicial actions repeatedly prevented Lonnie Willoughby from being able to obtain a fair and impartial judicial forum in which to prosecute pro se his responsible complaints before a jury.

      Lon had a constitutionally protected right to a jury trial, but a series of unfair, unethical trial court judges knowingly and willfully prevented Lonnie Willoughby from ever getting his case tried before a jury. 

     The trial court judges were extremely corrupt, dishonest, unfair, and unethical with non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. again and again, on and on, for 20+ years and they all got away with their criminal-minded litigation actions.

     Lonnie Willoughby was systematically denied a fair and impartial judicial forum repeatedly for 20+ years.   He initiated numerous appeals (10+) but the appellate court judges denied him fair and impartial judicial consideration, again and again and again - many times.  He won only two appeals out of his 10+ appeal cases, and he should have won all of those appeal cases.

     Ask yourself these questions:  Who is going to investigate complaints from a litigant about alleged corrupt actions by trial attorneys and a series of successive trial court judges? 

     Who is going to prosecute outrageously unfair and corrupt trial court judicial actions when the self-serving judicial system refuses to initiate a responsible investigation of said legitimate complaints?

     Who is going to investigate and prosecute responsible complaints about extremely unfair and unethical and outright corrupt self-serving actions by a panel of appellate court judges?  Yes, Lon talked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) several times, and the U.S. Attorney (for that geographic area in the distant state) about those extremely corrupt judicial actions.  They did nothing about it - absolutely nothing - and they would not even look at Lonnie Willoughby's very strong and well-documented trial court evidence about his  very serious complaints.  

     Lon also traveled across the state and met with the attorney general's top attorney and also talked with one of the governor's legal staff attorneys. 

     He also filed an extensive detailed report with each office that exposed clearly the judicial corruption that he had tried to report briefly during his personal visit to those two top level state offices. Each office did nothing of consequence about Lon's very serious complaints about extreme levels of  judicial corruption.

     So you see, even in America's courts, Freedom is not Free   Lon Willoughby's extensive experiences with American court systems has proven to him convincingly and conclusively that trial attorneys (lawyers), trial court judges, and appellate court judges are some of the most devious, dishonest, unfair and unethical self-serving criminal-minded scheming people that he has every encountered in his long lifetime(Now age 84.)   

     With many years of judicial experiences, involving more than 18,000 hours of his time and effort, and 10+ appeals, with two appeals going up to the Supreme Court of the United States, Lon now considers the judicial systems in America to be dominated and controlled, from the bottom courts to the top court (Supreme Court of the United States), by unfair and unethical criminal-minded self-serving judicial despots and tyrants - any time that "elitist" legal profession members have anything to gain from unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving judicial actions.  

     Are all trial court judges and appellate court judges unfair, unethical, and corrupt in every case they are involved in?  Of course not.  There are probably many trial court cases where the trial court judge involved does not deliberately try to unfairly and unethically manipulate and corrupt the litigation process to control the outcome of the case.  (As was done numerous times in Lon Willoughby'a litigation actions against an unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt trial attorney.

     A reasonably fair litigation process may be allowed or provided whenever the case outcome is not of serious interest to the trial court judge or to elitist members of the legal profession in general (the elitist "legal brotherhood")  and in litigation cases where the judge does not favor one of the attorneys involved in the litigation process.

      However, Lon Willoughby learned through a lot of litigation work that trial court judges can easily corrupt the outcome of cases if the judge involved in the case wants to manipulate the outcome of the case for self-serving benefits to a member of the  "elitist legal brotherhood or for some other self-serving benefit to the legal profession in general. 

     In a  "legal malpractice"  case, like Lonnie Willoughby initiated in a distant southern state, the plaintiff litigant (Lon Willoughby) will likely see some very unfair, unethical, and criminal-minded litigation schemes and tactics used against the plaintiff to ensure that the defendant attorney wins the case - no matter how unfair, unethical, and corrupt the attorney's actions may have been against the plaintiff and no matter how strong the evidence is against the unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt attorney.

      In a case of this type, the trial court litigation, and any appeal litigation that follows, will likely be manipulated in favor of the defendant attorney to such an extent that the attorney will effectively win the trial court case, and also win the subsequent appeal case filed by the severely abused plaintiff/appellant.  The litigation process can be continued for many years, as was done for 20+ years to ruthlessly harass, persecute, and punish non-resident Lonnie Willoughby.

     We provide a more detailed report about some of Lon Willoughby's litigation actions at this website (in another department).  If you are interested in reviewing this information, send us an E-mail requesting access to this information.

     That judicial report is very important and Lon and Janie realize that it should be read by all patriotic-minded responsible American adult citizens.

Can A Member Of The Legal Profession

Become a "Qualified Client" of ABC of Health?

     For the reasons explained briefly above, ABC of Health will automatically reject any application for membership in our A4J private education club (see www dot Americans 4 Justice - SC dot com).  All of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services are off-limits for any person that is a graduate of any law school, or is associated in any way with any law firm, or is associated in any way with any judicial system in any capacity (state or federal) - including any and all employee capacities (even the local janitors of said facilities - law firms, courts, etc.).

     We also have other necessary restrictions regarding our education services that are applicable to people who are closely associated with the legal profession or the judicial systems in America.  However, this is enough introductory information about these related situations for now.

     Lon knows from his extensive judicial experiences that constitutionally protected civil rights and freedoms have to be defended and protected with courage and skillful knowledge and strategy in American courts, and that is especially the situation if an American citizen is proceeding pro se (proceeding without attorney assistance).

      If the constitutionally protected rights and freedoms of Americans are not respected in American courts, and Lon Willoughby has personally experienced those situations numerous times (in state court litigation and also in federal court litigation), you can forget about expecting your precious constitutionally protected civil rights and freedoms to be respected by attorneys or judges anywhere in America.

     ABC of Health will not knowingly educate any of America's domestic enemies (and there are millions of them), or any of our foreign-born enemies (and there are billions of them) We will try to avoid educating such people to be healthier, smarter, and more effective people with our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are our proprietary and copyrighted corporate trade secrets

     It is obvious that it would be foolish for ABC of Health to allow enemies of the American people to gain access to our exceptionally valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education materials. 

     They could easily use our special healthcare and wellness concepts to help their followers become healthier and stronger and have more energy, more vitality, and more brainpower.  Those improvements could enable our enemies to cause much more harm to America and possibly many Americans (men, women, and children).

      Why not publish a book about our special healthcare and wellness concepts?   The information presented herein shows some of the reasons why Lon Willoughby will not publish a book about the incredible important and valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that he personally developed and timely copyrighted since the year 2000.

     Answer to above question:  Anyone could purchase such a book and that information could then be translated into different languages to educate millions (and even billions) of America's enemies about the incredibly important alternative natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. developed and copyrighted. 

     Leases:  It is clear that we will need to lease our remarkable natural healthcare education programs in a very secure way to maintain responsible control over who is able to obtain access to our incredibly important and valuable copyrighted advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets.    

     Security Issues are very importantYou now understand why we must obtain some important information about a potential education client (an applicant) as an honorable and patriotic American before we can responsibly evaluate their application adequately for allowing an applicant to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs. 

     We understand that we are doing exceptionally important alternative health natural healthcare and wellness concepts education work.  We also understand that this is a very serious businessAs you can easily see, we will present very important information in our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs.

     You can now understand why we must be very careful and responsibly evaluate each potential "education client" before we approve any American adult to lease one of our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

     Yes, we fully realize that there are millions of American citizens who will not be able to qualify to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs.   From a lot of experiences with many customers over a 15+ years period of time, we realize that most people have very little integrity when it comes to honoring and respecting our proprietary and copyrighted alternative health type Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts corporate trade secrets.

      Do you believe that you have enough integrity to responsibly respect our copyrighted advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets and not share them in any manner with other people?  (Not even your family relatives - adult children, brother, sister, father, mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., or your best friends, or your neighbors, or church members, or club members, etc.)   

     Our "qualified clients" will be prohibited from sharing any of our  natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets with anyone except their "qualified client spouse" and their dependent children who live with the parents in their primary residence. 

     "Qualified education clients" can freely invite their contacts to visit our websites but that is it - they will be prohibited from sharing any of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets with anyone (except dependent children living full-time with their parents). 

     Can you be trusted to comply with this very simple but exceptionally important security requirements in a responsible honest manner?

     American citizens that do not have that amount of common sense integrity will not be able to qualify to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs

     We already know from a lot of experience with our health store customers that many people do not have that level of basic integrity regarding the safeguarding of our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Many people seem to instinctively feel that once they learn some copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts, they can casually share that very important and valuable information with anyone they choose to share it with, as if they personally owned the copyrights involved with that vital information.

     Those people would likely be a high security risk, and we won't take that risk because their irresponsible, careless, and dishonest "sharing" of some of our very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets could easily enable those vital healthcare secrets to get to some bad people.

     Our "qualified education clients" will be taught to consider our natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporcate trade secrets as "Top Security Secrets" and they will be prohibited from sharing any of our  natural  healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets with anyone else, except as explained previously for a qualified spouse and their minor children who live full-time with them in their primary home.

 + + + + +  The Uncommon Man  + + + + +

    by Dean Alfange 

      I do not choose to be a common man.  It is my right to be uncommon - if I can I seek opportunity - not security.

      I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the  state look after me. 

     I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.  I refuse to barter incentive for a dole.  I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existencethe thrill of fulfillment to the state calm of utopia.

     I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handoutI will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.  It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, this I have done.

All this is what it means to be an American.

+ + + + +    + + + + +    + + + + +   

     Think about the statements above for a few moments, and then seriously consider how they relate to your personal philosophy of life.  Then review the series of questions that are listed below to get an updated understanding of your status as a responsible American citizen.

     Let's consider a few relevant questions to see if you might be able to qualify to lease one of our  Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

     Are you a natural-born American citizen?  For our purposes, that means that you were born in one of the 50 states of the United States of America (USA) and you were also raised/reared in one of those states.  It also means that both of your parents were also natural-born American citizens (both born and raised/reared in one of the 50 states that make up the USA). 

     If all of these conditions are not applicable to you, we will provide an opportunity for you to explain where the deviations occurred from said standards, and also explain why we should still consider your application to become a qualified client with ABC of Health.

     Are you also a permanent resident in South Carolina (citizen)?  Do you live in the upstate area of South Carolina? 

     What is your upstate area permanent residence address - with its ZIP Code?  How long have you lived in South Carolina?  How long have you lived in the upstate area of South Carolina?

     Where were you born?  What year were you born?  Where were each of your parents born and in what year were they born?  Do you have a certified copy of your birth certificate?  If married, do you have a copy of your marriage certificate and do you have a certified copy of your spouse's birth certificate?

     Are you registered to vote in South Carolina?  If your answer is Yes, do you normally vote in a responsible way each time you have an opportunity?  Do you try to learn what you need to know about each candidate before you go to the voting place to cast your ballot for each candidate?

     If your answer to the first question was No, then we want to know why you are not registered to vote in South Carolina.  

     Do you try to be a loyal and responsible American?  Are you usually successful with that very important duty? 

     If your answer is
No, we want to know why you don't feel a sense of loyalty and responsibility toward defending, protecting, and upholding the precious rights and freedoms of Americans

     Do you consider yourself to be a loyal and patriotic-minded American citizen

     If your answer is
No, we want to know why you do not feel a sense of loyalty and patriotism about protecting, defending, and supporting the American freedoms, civil rights, and the ideals that make American citizens very fortunate and unique people.

     Would you like to learn how to be a more responsible, more loyal, and more patriotic American?  Our citizenship education concepts can help a lot in this very important area.

     Would you like to learn how to be, and learn why you should want to be, a loyal and patriotic-minded American?  Our citizenship education concepts can also help a lot in this area.

     Is your major allegiance to America (the USA), or is it to some other country, or do you feel no allegiance to any country?   If your answer is "to some other country" we want to know more about this situation.  If you feel no allegiance to any country, we want to know more about this situation.

     Do you understand the major differences between a Democracy and a Republic?  Of these two forms of government, which one are we supposed to have in the United States of America?

     NOTICE:  If a person does not have a responsible interest in reviewing the "citizenship  information" that our education programs will review with our qualified clients, and/or if that person does not have a responsible interest in reviewing the very important "political information" that we will present for review by clients, then that person will not be able to qualify to lease one of our  Advanced Natural Healthcare Home-study Education Programs.

     Answering all of the questions above with good answers will not necessarily qualify a person to lease one of our remarkable healthcare concepts education programs because we have other questions for all applicants to answer, but this gives you some understanding of the nature of our security evaluation process.

     The questions above will help visitors to this department understand the focus that we have when checking and evaluating the qualifications of a potential client for leasing one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

     Additional Questions:  Please understand that our Lease Application Process will also contain questions about an applicant's education (high school and any higher level education such as truck driver's school, welding school, other types of tech schools, vocational school, college level education - degrees attained, etc.).

      We also have important questions about an applicant's employment history (last five years), and current career status, including any special skills or professional qualifications that have been achieved.  These questions will also be applicable in general to applicants who are already in a retirement status.

     Private Membership Club:  You need to know that our affiliate organization, Americans 4 Justice, is a Christian-oriented Private Membership Club that encourages people with a Christian religious faith orientation to take a very careful and responsible look at what our remarkable American patriotic type educational program membership offers to our members.

     We appreciate the great importance of religious faith, and our founder and director, Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., (Lon) understands that most people are going to "believe something in that regard."  Human history shows that most people have instinctively chosen to worship some deity or God throughout mankind's history.  Most people follow the faith of their parents - what they were raised to believe and follow.

     Lon Willoughby is convinced that the Holy Bible oriented religious belief system is the most practical, reasonable, responsible, and sensible choice of all the religious belief systems available on Planet Earth (out of many choices).

     It is very fortunate for all natural-born Americans that this was the religious faith basis of most of the original Pilgrims that started colonies along the eastern seaboard areas of this continent.  

     This was also the religious belief orientation for most of the people that populated the original 13 colonies that eventually became the original 13 states of the United States.

     This was also the religious orientation of most of the founders of our constitutional form of government(The Constitution of the United States and the companion Bill of Rights.)  Consequently, the United States of America  (USA) that gradually developed on this continent was primarily a Christian-oriented country.

     Not a Church Organization:  Our private membership organization is not a church and we do not attempt to teach religion or a set of religious beliefs.  However, we do use a few references to some portions of the Holy Bible to support some of our natural healthcare concepts that have some basis in Holy Bible-oriented Christian concepts.

     Political Orientation: ABC's of Health, Inc. is our parent organization, and the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., is politically-oriented toward the very important personal freedoms and personal responsibilities that are usually presented prominently in the Republican Party Platform.  Consequently, Lon Willoughby has strongly supported  the Republican Party in the American political arena all of his adult life although his parents were strongly oriented toward the Democratic Party.

     Political Activities:  Lon Willoughby has been active in the Republican Party for more than 60 years.  He has served as a precinct officer in various capacities for many years (president, executive committeeman, etc)   However, Lon also recognizes that the Democratic Party in America has had some very good ideas, and has championed some very good and very important social policies and programs that are still helping a lot of Americans.

    Two-Party System of Government:  We recognize that the competition within our predominate two-party political system is good for all Americans because competition tends to bring about the best possible compromise type outcomesWe have a lot of good patriotic Americans in both of our major political parties and that is obviously very good for Americans in general.   

     Lon Willoughby understands that the Democratic Party contains many very good American citizens who are also strong patriotic Americans Good patriotic-minded American citizens who are active members, or past members of the Democratic Party, or other American political parties, are welcome to review the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs that we develop for our members.

     We look forward to helping educate good patriotic-minded American citizens (irrespective of their political party affiliations) about incredibly important and valuable advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts for the reasons explained in the next paragraph.

     America needs all of the patriotic-minded citizens that are available, and we are striving to help many of those citizens become healthier and stronger and wiser American citizens. 

     We can help most of them become much more effective patriotic-minded American citizens.  It is obvious that healthy strong citizens can usually be much more effective patriots than diseased, and/or sick and weak patriotic-minded citizens

     Fortunately, Lon and Janie know how to help diseased, and/or sick and weak patriotic-minded citizens learn how to improve their health in numerous ways that can be remarkable effective in many health situations. 

     They have spent a lot of time developing major healthcare education programs that can help qualified citizens a lot.  One of these programs is an MLM (multi-level marketing) "network marketing program" that can enable "qualified American citizens" to earn easy money in a very dignified way that is exceptionally good for America.  This MLM system is ideal for "qualified citizens" who want to develop an additional source of reliable easy income that can provide residual income annually. You can learn more about this income program by visiting our website at www dot Americans4Justice-SC dot com.  See the active link at the bottom of this department.

     Please contact us if you like what you see at this Website and have questions about our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs.  We can provide additional information by Email if we receive an Email inquiry from you.  (Your E-mail inquiry to us automatically authorizes us to respond to your Email Inquiry.)

     IMPORTANT E-MAIL NOTES:  Please understand that most E-mail systems today are very selective, and they will put a lot of good new address E-mails in the junk folder or spam folder initially as a precautionary classificationThe owner of an E-mail address can move E-mails from their junk or spam folder to their E-mail inbox very easily.  

      We have learned to check our junk folder daily for good E-mails.  E-mails that are left in a junk or spam folder will normally be deleted automatically in about 10 days.

    May you live long and prosper well in good health as a responsible patriotic American citizen,

     Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as (dba) ABC of Health

     P.S.  Lon Willoughby is also the founder and director of
Americans4Justice-SC dot com - an important subsidiary private educational membership organization of ABC's of Health, Inc. 

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