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We also offer healthcare and nutrition consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure) 

We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be helpful to individuals or married couples or families with some teenage children.   We can educate these type clients quickly about relevant healthcare and nutrition concepts that may be very helpful about specific healthcare issues.  Younger children can learn from their smart educated parents.

Telephone consultation services offer the big advantage of being a fast and convenient way for our clients to obtain some very important alternative and complementary natural healthcare concepts  that can be directed to specific healthcare issues, and they can obtain very valuable healthcare concepts information at a very reasonable cost (using a credit card for payment).

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Where are we located:  Our ABC's of Health, Inc. corporate office is located in the outstanding modern city of Mauldin, South Carolina. (population of about 23,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).

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The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of health issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach  is knowledgeable about. (Lon Willoughby)

Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural type healthcare protocols and services (no prescription type drugs are offered with our healthcare program).

Information About Lon's Motivation

During the past 40+ years, Lon Willoughby has conducted extensive research and study (thousands of hours) about many healthcare issues, and that educational process eventually enabled him to develop a clear understanding of some of the main reasons why serious debilitating health conditions occur for most older Americans.   As shown in our Home department, Lon became a skilled alternative health healthcare and nutrition consultant and a healthy lifestyle coach.

He has copyrighted more than 50 advanced healthcare concepts, and he and his wife Janie are  currently working together to develop an incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Programs that will be a major breakthrough in alternative health natural healthcare concepts education for ordinary people (not healthcare practitioners). 

This department will provide some important background information about situations that occurred in Lon's life that strongly motivated him to work very hard for many years (without any pay at all for 15 years) to accomplish his remarkably innovative advanced healthcare concepts achievements

Willoughby Family Health Tragedy

In the spring of 1982, Lon's father and mother lived in a small community named San Mateo that was about six miles South of Palatka, Florida.  U.S. Highway 17 goes through Palatka and San Mateo as it goes south to DeLand, Florida (Stetson University town).  Palatka and San Mateo are both beside the big beautiful St. John's River. 

Lonnie Willoughby Sr. and his wife Leona were both 66 years of age when he suffered a heart attack that put him in the hospital in Jacksonville.  This large city is 65 miles to the northeast of Palatka and it is the city where Mr. Willoughby's heart specialist medical doctor was located.  Mr. Willoughby already had a pacemaker installed in his chest (by this medical doctor) to help regulate his heart beat, so he was already an established patient of this heart specialist medical doctor.

A few days later, while in the hospital, Mr. Willoughby suffered a very serious stroke that left him totally paralyzed on the left side of his body.   He had no control of his left arm or hand or his left leg or his left foot or any muscles on the left side of his body.  The muscles on the right side of his body functioned normally, and he could still feed himself with his right hand.  

Lonnie and Leona had two grown sons living in other states, and both were self-employed.  Larry Willoughby was the younger son (44 years of age at that time) and he and his wife and their three children lived near Wilmington, North Carolina.  Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon) was almost 46 years of age at that time, and he and his wife Janie lived in Mauldin, South Carolina, adjacent to the city of Greenville, SC. (about 450 miles away from Palatka, Florida) 

Lonnie Jr. had two grown sons from a previous marriage, and both sons were attending nearby colleges.  The older son, Michael (Mike) was at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., and Robert (Bob) was at Clemson University, in Clemson, S.C. (about 40 miles from Mauldin).

Leona Willoughby contacted her two sons by telephone and reported the situation about their father's condition and his location in Jacksonville, Florida.  Lonnie Jr. (Lon) promptly traveled 400 miles to Jacksonville, Florida to visit his parents and help them in coping with this tragic situation. 

Upon arrival at the hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, Lon found that his father's mental abilities were still good with no noticeable affect from the stroke, and his speech and vocal abilities also appeared to be normal.  In those very important respects, Mr. Willoughby and Mrs. Willoughby were very fortunate.

After they got Mr. Willoughby (Lonnie Sr.) out of the hospital and back to his home in San Mateo, Lon observed  that his father was still suffering with a lot of discomfort and a lot of serious pain daily on the paralyzed side of his body (left side).  Mr. Willoughby was having severe muscle cramps on the paralyzed left side of his body and the cramps were causing him to suffer with intense pain a lot.

Fortunately, Lon had studied Lymphology (by Dr. Samuel West), and he understood what to do to help  relieve those muscle cramps.  He used a large two-hands type electric vibrator (like a chiropractor might use to relax muscle tissue) to vibrate all areas on his father's body from the chest downward with special emphasis on the left side of his father's body, from top to bottom. 

These "exercise actions" were very effective in activating the complex lymphatic glandular system in the body with special emphasis on the paralyzed sections of Mr. Willoughby's body.  That technique worked exceptionally well; it was amazing how well this vibration process relieved the muscle cramps that caused Mr. Willoughby's so much intense pain.  Lon found that it was most helpful when this was done three or four times each 24 hour period to minimize the cramps and the pain caused by them.

Lon understood that an excellent rehabilitation clinic was located in Greenville, S.C. that offered special rehabilitation services designed to help stroke victims learn how to cope better with their disabilities.  So as quickly as possible, Lon and Janie moved Lon's parents from their home in Florida into their home in Mauldin, South Carolina (for about six months during 1982).

Mr. Willoughby was trying to adjust to and cope with his very frustrating invalid condition.  He had always been a very active man so this paralyzed condition was difficult for him to accept and adjust to well.  Lon was able to get his father some very important stroke victim training at the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Clinic in nearby Greenville (about 10 miles from Lon's home in Mauldin). 

The excellent rehabilitation training that Mr. Willoughby received over a period of about six months (as an outpatient, and then as an inpatient for a few weeks, and then again as an outpatient), was exceptionally beneficial to his father, and it enabled Mr. Willoughby to learn how to adjust to and make the most of his permanent invalid condition.

After the rehabilitation training was completed, his parents wanted to move back to their home in Florida; it was now winter time and they did not like the cold winter weather in the Greenville area (located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina - about 70 miles from Asheville, N.C.). 

As you can see from this report, beginning in the spring of 1982, Lon and Janie began helping Lon's parents in any way possible to cope with this extremely debilitating stroke situation which left his father an invalid in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. 

This situation also put a tremendous amount of stress on Lon's mother, day and night, seven days a week, because Mr. Willoughby needed a lot of personal attention and care during the day time and during the nights as well.  

Complicating this situation further, Lon's parents partially owned a 44 unit apartment complex (four large buildings) in DeLand, Florida where they had a $650,000+ mortgage on the property with the local bank.  They had a live-in manager at the apartment complex ( a retired couple ), and this couple was not able to do a lot of the maintenance work that needed to be done on a regular recurring basis for the total apartment complex (the apartments and the grounds - grass and many shrubs).

Lonnie and Leona Willoughby's realized that they also needed to get back to their home in San Mateo, Florida so both of them could occasionally drive to DeLand, Florida to visit with the apartment manager couple and help them make decisions about maintenance work that needed to be accomplished at the apartment complex and also provide appropriate funding for that work. 

Leona Willoughby could drive the two of them in their car down U.S. Highway 17 (going South) the 50 miles distance to DeLand, Florida, where the apartment complex was located (just a few blocks from Stetson University). 

Consequently, Lonnie and Leona Willoughby had two important reasons for wanting to move back to  their home in San Mateo, Florida - the apartment complex situation was the main reason, but they also wanted to get back to the warmer winter weather that they preferred (northern part of Florida). 

The modest profit income from the apartment complex business was the primary source of retirement income for Lon's parents, and they strongly preferred to continue living in their modest home located right beside the beautiful St. Johns River about six miles South of Palatka, Florida.   Lon's parents had lived most of their life in North Carolina, but they had been living in Florida for more than fifteen years, and they had gotten used to and preferred the warmer winter weather.

 Lon talked with them about trying to sell the apartment complex and move to Mauldin, S.C. where he would be nearby to help them for the rest of their life.  However, they did not like the much colder winter weather in the Greenville, South Carolina area where Lon and Janie lived.    

Mr. Willoughby's stroke condition (totally paralyzed on the left side of his body - from his shoulder to  in the large apartment complex. 

Fortunately, the apartment complex had been providing a modest amount of profit with the elderly live-in manager.  Unfortunately, the older married couple that were managing the apartment complex were not physically or technically able to accomplish a lot of the maintenance work that needed to be done at the apartment complex and there was a lot of needed work that had been accumulating for months. 

Due to Mr. Willoughby's stroke condition, the management couple no longer had Lonnie Sr. and Leona available frequently, whenever they needed funding arrangements for repairs made by other service people.  It was a very awkward and frustrating situation for everyone involved, but most especially for the tenants that needed repairs made in their apartments and frequently could not get the repairs accomplished in a timely manner.

In the winter of 1982, Lon moved his parents back to their home in San Mateo, Florida, and while he was staying with his parents a few days, to help them get reoriented in their home, he took this opportunity to drive to DeLand, Florida (50 miles) and visit with the management couple for the apartment complex.

He traveled South on U.S. Highway 17 and spent the day visiting with the live-in manager couple as he was observing the maintenance needed situations involved with the apartment complex.  At the end of that visit, Lon concluded that the retired couple managers were simply not able to provide a lot of the management services that were needed for this four large buildings apartment complex.

Lon traveled back to his parent's home at the end of that day, and later traveled back to his home in Mauldin, S.C.  Lon discussed his findings about the apartment complex situation with his wife Janie, and explained that it was clear to him that they needed to start planning to move to Florida so they could take over the management of his parent's apartment complex in DeLand, Florida. 

Lon understood that his parents needed the modest income that they received from the apartment complex to provide the additional income that they needed to supplement their modest social security income. 

Moving to DeLand, Florida would enable Lon and Janie to be a lot closer to his parents (50 miles away instead of 450 miles). That would enable Lon to be much more helpful to his parents during the coming years.  Hopefully, that would enable Lon's parent's to continue living in their modest 3-bedroom, 2-bath home beside the beautiful St. John's River (which they strongly preferred to do). 

Moving to DeLand, Florida would also enable Lon and Janie to greatly reduce the continuous emotional stress that Lon's parents had been trying to cope with regarding the very difficult and extremely inconvenient apartment complex management situation that had occurred due to Mr. Willoughby paralyzed body situation (totally paralyzed on his left side).

Lon and Janie discussed those issues in depth, and they realized that moving to Florida would require them to terminate their small independent business in Greenville, South Carolina, that Lon was working at full-time.  Lon realized that closing down their business would cause them to lose all of their life's savings that they had invested into this business in 1982 (more than $20,000). 

He understood that this new business was not yet operating as a salable type business.  The business had been started about the same time that his father's stroke occurred in the spring of 1982 and that stroke situation had interfered greatly with Lon's efforts to manage the new business.

As related previously, Lon had moved his parents from their home in Florida to Mauldin, South Carolina for about a six month period - to live with Lon and Janie in their home while Mr. Willoughby was obtaining professional rehabilitation training for his stroke condition at the local Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Center at the Greenville Memorial Hospital System (in nearby Greenville). 

Lon's mother was under tremendous emotional stress from her husband's stroke situation and from the apartment complex situation.  In essence, she was emotionally distraught most of the time.  Taking care of both of his parents interfered a lot with Lon's efforts to get his new business operating successfully.  There were many days during that six months period when Lon had to stay with his parents throughout the day so he was unable to go to work and operate the new business. 

Lon and Janie also understood that moving to Florida would require that Janie resign from her teaching position at the local Mauldin High School, located very conveniently just six blocks from their home.  This was an ideal high school teaching position for Janie for several reasons.  She had seniority and tenure in the social studies department at the high school, and she had some really good fringe benefits (retirement benefits program, hospitalization and dental insurance programs, sick leave program, several holidays each year, out of school for ten weeks each summer, etc. 

Furthermore, Janie respected and liked the female high school principal that she worked for, and Janie was teaching the exact social studies subjects that she preferred to teach.  Janie had also established some important friendships with some of the other teachers at the Mauldin High School, and she did not want to voluntarily give away all of those important benefits and features and move to Florida so she and Lon could begin to manage his parent's apartment complex. 

Unfortunately, Lon did not see any practical way to avoid that responsibility in a reasonable way, so in early July 1983, Lon closed his new business down (effectively losing most of the money they had invested into that business), and Janie very reluctantly resigned from her teaching position at the local Mauldin High School so they could prepare to move to Florida on/or about July 15, 1983. 

They both understood that Janie would lose her career status and lose her substantial seniority and tenure with the Mauldin High School system where she had taught for several years.  As a married couple, they would both lose all of the valuable fringe benefits that her teaching position provided as noted above.  In essence, moving to Florida would essentially wreak Janie's career as a high school teacher at the Mauldin High School where she had an ideal teaching position, teaching the subjects that she preferred to teach, and teaching in a school that was just six blocks from her home.

They would also have to give up living in their nice home (1780 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths) in a nice neighborhood subdivision, leave sons Mike and Bob (both in nearby colleges - living on campus), leave all of their personal friends, and do a large amount of physical work to move all of their household furnishings to DeLand, Florida (about 500 miles away) in a rented moving van. 

This was a really major decision for Lon and Janie, but they saw no practical, reasonable, and responsible way to avoid this situation.  Lon fully accepted his obvious responsibility to take care of his parents as much as possible at this extremely difficult time for them. 

Consequently, Lon and Janie did shut down both of their careers completely and moved to Deland, Florida to take over the management of his parent's apartment complex business in Deland (north central Florida area) on July 15, 1983

Lon loaded and drove the largest rental moving van available (26 feet long), and they also needed the largest covered rental trailer available to accommodate the move of their household furniture and personal items.  Lon had their car fitted with a suitable bumper hitch so Janie could drive their car to Florida pulling the trailer, as she followed Lon driving the moving van.

As planned and scheduled ahead of time, Lon and Janie replaced the retired couple that had been managing the apartments.  Lon got a long list of maintenance actions that were needed from that manager couple before they moved out of the apartment complex office apartment.

Lon also talked with many of the residents to learn what maintenance actions they needed for their individual apartments.  He soon learned that there was a lot of backlogged repair work and maintenance work that needed to be accomplished as quickly as possible.  Some of that work had been needed for a year or more, and some tenants were quite frustrated with their situation.

 Lon and Janie had to put most of their household furniture and personal items into storage because they would now be living in the small two bedroom apartment (the first apartment in building 1) that also served as the office for the apartment complex (the small living room was the office space for the complex).  That small apartment space could not accommodate very much of their personal effects, but they did store many boxes in the vacant bedroom space for the next 18 months.

Stroke Condition Was A Very Difficult Situation To Cope With

This report shows that Mr. Willoughby's tragic stroke was devastating for four adult members of the Willoughby family in many ways, and it altered the course of their lives in major ways, as shown in this report.  Fortunately, Lonnie Jr. (Lon) and his wife Janie were quite capable, physically and mentally, of taking over the entire management of the 44 unit apartment complex for his parents.

Due to Lon's technical-minded nature and his extensive technical training in electronics and electricity, he could personally accomplish almost all of the apartment complex maintenance and repair work himself.  He only had to hire an air conditioning technician to make major repairs to several air conditioning systems that were not working well (replace compressors, etc.).  The apartment complex had been built in 1973, and many of the rental apartments had run down quite a lot by July 1983, when Lon and Janie arrived to begin management of the apartment complex.   

Lon found that he had a lot of maintenance and repair work to accomplish for numerous apartments such as: electric range and oven repairs, refrigerator repairs, food disposal repairs (replacements), faucet replacements or repairs, water leaks, apartment painting work, laundry room appliance repairs, and total carpet replacement actions were needed in 14 apartments. 

During the July and August heat, Lon had numerous complaints about the air conditioning systems not working well enough to cool several apartments, especially the upstairs apartments.  Lon had an emergency situation to get several air conditioning systems repaired.  When Lon evaluated those air conditioning problems, he found that some of the upstairs apartments (four two-story buildings) could not be cooled adequately and there was not enough air flow coming out of the air conditioning registers in many of the upstairs apartments.  Lon went up into the attic spaces to check the duct work for all of the upstairs apartments. 

He found several places where the heat and air duct work had come apart at joint seam areas, where they had been installed with duct tape during initial construction (ten years earlier); consequently, a lot of the cold air conditioning air was simply flowing out of the duct work and into the hot attic rather than flowing into the apartment air registers down below.  

Wow!  That caused a very difficult situation for Lon to work with because the very hot August summer heat caused the the temperature in the attic space above each upstairs apartment to typically be in excess of 140 degrees F (during the daytime). Lon could only stay up in the attic area from five to ten minutes at a time because the attic air was so hot that it would quickly heat up his brain and begin to adversely affect his brain functions.  Lon learned that the brain is very sensitive to excessive heat so he had to schedule those repair actions for the early morning hours before the attic area got too hot. 

Over a period of several days, he located and repaired all of the defective duct work.  After that project was completed, Lon initiated a major project to have additional fiberglass insulation installed in the attic area of the four large two-story buildings.  That action would substantially improve the effectiveness of the air conditioning systems for all of the upstairs apartments. That work also had to be done in the early morning hours because the attic was much too hot for men to work in while installing additional blown fiberglass insulation material.

Numerous work projects were systematically accomplished during the first 14 months that Lon and Janie were managing the apartment complex.  Unfortunately, that very heavy workload required that Lon work 80 to 100 hours per week during that period of time, and Janie was working about 60 to 80 hours per week.  They were being paid only $800 per month for both of them, plus the small two bedroom apartment that they lived in.  That situation enabled Lon's parents to have enough income from the apartment complex's modest profits to supplement their social security income. 

This heavy workload schedule also included Lon's ongoing efforts to help his mother cope with his father's invalid condition as much as possible.  He frequently talked with them by telephone, and he would drive the 50 miles to his parent's home to spend one day with them about every two weeks. 

Occasionally he would also spend one night with them and travel back to Deland, Florida the following day (U.S. Highway 17 for the trip).  Janie would stay at the apartment complex during those trips to provide on-site management of all actions that might be needed until Lon returned.

During those first 14 months, Lon and Janie made many improvements to the apartment complex, including refurbishing 14 apartments (Lon had those apartments painted throughout, and had new carpeting installed, Lon personally made appliance repairs (electric ranges, ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and hot water heaters). 

Lon also repaired or replaced plumbing fixtures as needed throughout the entire 44 apartments and also replaced many garbage disposal units (installed under each kitchen sink, etc.).  Lon also made a lot of improvements to the grounds for the entire complex. 

Those maintenance and repair actions caused Lon to spent about $60,000 (of his parent's personal funds) on improvements inside the four buildings and on the grounds outside the buildings.  Lon and Janie worked very hard to get the entire facility, including all landscaping (including the grass and  shrubbery), in much better condition than the facility was in when they first arrived.

Lon wanted to get the entire apartment complex in good working condition, and looking good.  It was now clear that they should try to sell the apartment complex to some real estate investor(s). 

This plan was successful and the apartment complex was sold in January 1985 (about 18 months after Lon and Janie started managing the complex).  A group of real estate investors from Orlando, Florida purchased the apartment complex business. 

That situation enabled Lon's parents to get out from under the responsibility for a very large mortgage on the property ($600,000+) that they could no longer personally manage adequately due to Mr. Willoughby's stroke condition.

Knowing that they had a confirmed sales contract for the property to be purchased in January 1985, Janie moved back to South Carolina in late December 1984 so she could get hired to fill a teacher vacancy that occurred due to a teacher's pregnancy condition.  This was a very fortunate situation for Janie because it enabled her to resume her teaching career as a public school teacher at the Mauldin High School (the sames school that she had worked prior to June 1983). 

She began teaching Mauldin High School students when they returned from their Christmas break in January 1985.  This was not as good a teaching position as the one that Janie had left in June 1983, but she had a teaching position that offered some possibility of getting back to her previous teaching position (teaching the subjects that she preferred to teach).

Fortunately, Janie was qualified to teach all of the social studies subjects and that advanced level of qualification enabled her to get re-hired at the Mauldin High School - by the same female principal that she had worked for previously.  

The timing of this situation was very good for Janie in several respects, including the fact that she was very fortunate to be enabled to live with a close personal female friend (also a school teacher). Fortunately, her home was in the same neighborhood where Janie's home was located (currently leased).  That situation continued for about 12 months while Lon was still living in Florida.

Lon had to stay in Florida to complete the sale of the apartment complex, and he then moved to San Mateo, Florida to be near his parents so he could continue helping them as much as possible.  He did not know how long he would need to remain in San Mateo so he purchased a nice three bedroom home, two bath home, about two miles from his parent's home.  He personally moved all of the stored furniture and other items into that home (a lot of work for one person). 

Lon's mother's mental condition was not good; she became very difficult for Lon to get along with.  Lon wanted to help his father more than his mother would allow.  She was very controlling of his father during parts of the day, treating her husband well at times and then at other times during the day, she treated him like he was her personal "subject" and she would find ways to punish Mr. Willoughby because he had "allowed" Lon Jr. to work with him to remove the severe cramps that he suffered with daily in his left arm and left leg. 

Lon had studied Lymphology and he had learned how to use a two-handed electric vibrator to massage his father's body (left side in particular) to activate the lymphatic system lymph fluid flow.  That action would always remove the cramps that were causing his father so much pain and discomfort (day time and during the night). 

Lon taught his mother and their nursing aide how to do this, but his mother would frequently prohibit the nursing aide to use this procedure when Mr. Willoughby had severe cramps and pains on his left side (the paralyzed side).  Mrs. Willoughby was extremely stubborn about this situation, erroneously claiming that the massaging actions actually caused the muscle cramps to occur. 

NOTE:  the cramps had been occurring daily for many months before Lon bought the large two-handed vibrator to alleviate those cramp conditions (and the vibrating of the lymph glands worked like magic - every time, to eliminate Mr. Willoughby's severe cramps). 

Lon would come over to visit with his parents frequently during the week, knowing that he could help his father by using the vibrator to give him some "exercise" to activate his lymphatic glands and lymph fluid flow,  However, Lon's mother started refusing to allow Lon to use the vibrator to massage his father's body and relieve the cramp pains, when his father asked him to do this.

She started hiding the vibrator device so Lon could not use it.  He had purchased a second vibrator unit that he kept at his home as a spare unit, so he began bringing that vibrator with him each time he visited his parents.  His mother would order him to not vibrate his father but Lon would ignore her "orders" and relieve the intense pain that the cramps in his father's arm and/or leg were causing. 

Then Lon's mother would find ways to punish her husband whenever he allowed Lon Jr. to use the vibrator to relieve the cramp pains.  Lon could not reason with his mother and this one situation caused her to become so unreasonable that the two of them could not communicate with each other in a reasonable manner.  Lon eventually decided that there was no hope of improving this situation so he decided to sell the home that he had purchased and move back to South Carolina. 

Lon found a buyer for his home in San Mateo, Florida, and promptly completed the sale in April 1986.  He then personally loaded everything into the largest rental moving van available (26 feet long body) and moved all furnishings from Florida back to their now vacant home in Mauldin, South Carolina. 

This time, Lon did not have Janie to help by driving their car and pulling a large covered rental trailer, like they had used to move to Florida.  Consequently, whatever he did not have room for in the moving van, he gave away or left for the new home owners. 

Due to Lon's mother's extremely unfair and unreasonable mental and emotional condition, Lon never saw his father again before he died several months later in November 1986 (from another heart attack).

As shown herein, Lon's father's tragic stroke condition severely altered the lives of both his parents greatly, and that situation also altered the lives of Lon and Janie in major ways as well.  Mr. Lonnie Willoughby Sr's totally paralyzed condition (on his left side) was very detrimental to his wife and himself, and it was very detrimental to the lives and careers of both Lon and Janie. 

Those situations were also detrimental to the personal health conditions of Lon and Janie because they had to endure a lot of very stressful work conditions and a lot of severe emotional stress for both of them for about 18 months for Janie and about 30 months for Lon. 

Finally, in the spring of 1986, when Lon moved back to their home in Mauldin, Lon and Janie were able to begin trying to put their lives back on track for their plans and goals for the future. 

Fortunately, they had been able to lease their home twice for most of the time they were away in Florida so that helped a lot with their monthly mortgage payments on their home.  The second lease of the home expired at a convenient time and that enabled Lon to move back into their home in Mauldin, SC just a few weeks after the home was vacant again. 

 Lon's Motivation to Learn a Lot More 

About Natural Healthcare Concepts

Working with the complicated situation of helping his mother take care of Mr. Willoughby for several years motivated Lon to devote as much time as possible toward learning how to take much better care of the human body (body and mind).   He had seen and experienced first-hand the devastation  of ambitions, career plans, and family plans that could occur quickly from a very serious stroke with a family member.  He had also seen numerous time the tragic pain and suffering that occur. 

Prior to that situation in 1982, Lon already had a serious interest in learning about important natural type healthcare concepts - primarily motivated by his desire to learn how to cope with his own personal health issues that had caused serious problems for him for many years.  He had a substantial health problem that a series of six medical doctors had not been able to comprehend or diagnose properly or treat effectively over a ten-year period of time.

By the time that Lon and Janie moved to Florida in July 1983 (Lon was age 47, and Janie was age 40), he had already learned much more about natural healthcare concepts than most people learn in their entire lifetime. This situation is reported in the About ABC department.  However, at that point in time, Lon was still in the early phase of his very long and very complex journey of learning about alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts.   

His dedicated and diligent healthcare studies (thousands of hours) during the next 29 years (1986 to 2014) enabled Lon to gain a much better understanding of why seriously deteriorating health conditions are affecting so many people in America (including many teenagers and even younger children).  As you probably know, excessive weight gain is now one of the major health problems in America, and it affects millions of people, including millions of young people, and it is also affecting  many young children.

Fortunately, Lon's father did not have a problem with excessive body weight.  For many years, his father had suffered with a serious heart condition that required a pace-maker to be installed in his chest to regulate his heart beat (had been replaced one time).  His heart problems were what eventually caused his death in November 1986 (he died at the young age of 71).

In December 1998, Lon and Janie bought a small health store in Greenville, South Carolina (Laurens Road - near the Ford Dealership - about four miles from the center of downtown Greenville).   Lon began managing and operating that business full-time in January 1999.  Janie was still teaching high school students at the nearby Mauldin High School (about six blocks from their home in Mauldin and about five miles from their health store).  

Lon has worked with about two thousand people during his lifetime; included in that number, he has worked with more than a thousand health store customers during the 15 years the store was in business.   Over the years, Lon has learned that hardly anyone has a good practical understanding of why serious health deterioration conditions will likely occur as they get older, and they certainly do not know what natural healthcare actions they can conveniently and economically take to greatly reduce their potential for serious health problems in their later years.   

During the past 36+ years, Lon has studied for thousands of hours in search of practical and cost-effective healthcare improvement actions that people can take to help reduce substantially their potential to suffer with serious health deterioration problems in their later years. 

For instance, Lon now knows what practical healthcare actions his father could have taken to greatly reduce his potential for the cardiovascular disease conditions that he subsequently suffered with (and put him in the hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where his stroke actually occurred).  

Mr. Willoughby apparently had a blood clot in the brain that prevented blood flood to a portion of his brain, and that deficiency of blood flow caused a portion of his brain to die.  Unfortunately, that situation caused the total loss of motor ability of muscles on the left side of his body - right down to his toes.  He could not control movement in his left arm or hand or his left leg or left foot - all muscle control was gone for the left side of his body.  A terrible tragedy!!!

Did that blood clot occur due primarily to the same situation that had caused his recent heart attack, or was the blood clot caused by the pharmaceutical drugs that the doctors prescribed for him while he was in the hospital?   We will never know the answer to that important question.

But what we do know is this:  if Mr. Willoughby had known the vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lonnie Jr. discovered and developed many years later, Mr. Willoughby likely would not have suffered with the heart muscle deficiencies that caused him to need a pacemaker, and he very likely would not have had the subsequent heart attack problem that put him in the hospital in the spring of 1982.  In those events, he likely would not have had the stroke that occurred shortly thereafter.   

As you can see from this brief overview report, Lon and Janie have endured a long and challenging series of complex situations that motivated Lon to become very knowledgeable as an alternative health natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and a healthy lifestyle coach.  At this point in time, he is skilled in all three areas, and that incredibly important and valuable special healthcare concepts knowledge eventually enabled Lon Willoughby to gradually discover more than fifty advanced healthcare concepts that he timely copyrighted for our company. 

His dedicated natural healthcare research and studies subsequently enabled Lon to develop remarkably innovative advanced natural healthcare concepts that will surely become a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management concepts.  

Lon and his wife Janie have been working together for several years now to develop an advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program that can ultimately provide remarkable natural healthcare benefits to a large number of natural-born American citizens in South Carolina. 

At some point in the future, our remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs may be offered for lease in other states.  That situation will enable ABC's of Health, Inc. to help many more people have access to our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

Lon is particularly focused on our company helping educate young people, like the students in the picture in the banner at the top of this department.  He wants to help young people learn how to take good care of their natural healthcare assets while they are young and still enjoying good health.

Learning our advanced natural healthcare concepts early in life will enable them to optimize their healthcare benefits for the challenging years ahead of them, and our special natural healthcare concepts education will enable them to be much more successful with their life and enjoy their life a lot more (than would likely be possible without our special natural healthcare concepts education). 

All is well that ends well! 


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