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       ABC of Health is an advanced innovative creative natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company.  We have developed life-changing and also life-saving healthcare concepts that are proprietary and copyrighted and their distribution rights are controlled entirely by our company.

     This very special Website presents a vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational service for American adult citizens living within the USA.  Every responsible health-conscious American adult needs to visit this Website as soon as possible (ASAP).

     Our "free to review" education presents natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable American visitors to understand why our vital healthcare concepts can be incredibly important in their life.  This remarkable healthcare information is worth thousands of dollars to most American visitors.

     This special educational presentation can help American visitors understand why we are able to educate them FREE about some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts.   We can help them learn how to improve their life substantially. 

     We also show American visitors how we can provide additional education for "qualified visitors" about practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  We can help them learn how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets for a healthier lifetime. 

     We teach natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable our "qualified visitors" to live a much better life - one that is more productive and more successful with more happiness and contentment. 

     Does this sound too good to be true?  Well, It is true and you can obtain a "free to review" education about how our corporate president acquired this incredibly important natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge at great cost over a period of 46+ years. 

     This very special Website can help American visitors learn about vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can improve their life in very important ways - by simply reviewing this Home department's educational presentation

     If you can qualify, you can then get excited about our special natural healthcare and wellness education  opportunities for "qualified" American adult citizens.

     Welcome to remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts "free to review" education by:

ABC's of Health, Inc.
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ABC of Health

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Our Hi-Tech, Hi-Security office facility is not open to the public.

     Our private office works well for our telephone consultation

services and our natural healthcare educational services for American

adults living in various upstate locations within South Carolina.  Qualified

clients can obtain vital natural healthcare consultations in their home;

this is as convenient and easy as we can make it for our clients.

     Our private office works well for "qualified clients" that live in

various locations in South Carolina.  These good folks do not need to

travel to our Mauldin location because we have developed our innovative

natural healthcare educational services to help our clients by using:

1.  Very helpful Internet educational Website services and with

  2.  very convenient telephone consultation services and with

  3.  our exceptionally easy E-mail educational services.

Nutrition products are not sold here - you will not need your

credit card to review the healthcare concepts presented herein.

We can provide short (10 to 20 minutes) 

natural healthcare education presentations 

for local businesses, churches, health clubs,

political groups, service clubs, veterans groups, etc.

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What does the term natural mean?

      Let's take a helpful look at this terminology.  What are we talking about when we use the term natural healthcare and wellness concepts?

       Throughout this Website, the underlined word natural indicates that we are referring to an alternative healthcare system (actions, practices, procedures, or protocols) that is different from the conventional healthcare system that is commonly provided for people in America by most conventionally educated and trained medical doctors and medical nurses.
      Our definition of Natural healthcare and wellness in America includes healthy lifestyle considerations such as: a good healthy diet with quality wholesome foods (raw or cooked in healthy ways) and healthy beverages (usually filtered or purified water).  Our definition of Natural healthcare may also use beneficial herbs, quality mineral nutrition supplements, and may also use vitamin supplements from natural food sources or from substances manufactured in high quality chemical laboratories. 

     Note: Manufactured vitamins attempt to copy vitamins from natural food sources; they are generally not as good as natural vitamins (do not contain all of the natural co-factors - they cannot be manufactured), but they can be much more potent than natural vitamins and they are typically less expensive per milligram.  It is very important to understand that there are some healthcare improvement situations where it can be very helpful to use these higher potency manufactured vitamins. 

     Anyone who says that manufactured vitamins do not work in the human body have not had enough experience with these vitamins.  THEY DO WORK and they can WORK VERY WELL in some situations.  Lon has had many years of practical experience using manufactured vitamins, and he has seen them perform remarkable healthcare miracles for people regarding stress and depression management.

     Lon also has many years of practical experience using natural vitamins.  He prefers natural vitamins for general use, but unfortunately, as good as they are theoretically, their low potency is not generally potent enough to perform remarkable healthcare miracles like some manufactured vitamins can provide in only a few days.  Compare those results to many weeks or many months to obtain somewhat similar health improvements using only low potency food sourced natural vitamins.

     When people have very stressful lifestyles and serious anxiety and/or depression conditions, we cannot afford to wait weeks or months while natural vitamins gradually help to some degree.  Lon knows how to use potent manufactured vitamins and enable remarkable improvements for clients in two to five days reliably. These kinds of amazing dramatic healthcare improvement results do not typically occur when using natural vitamins - due to their low potency.  Lon has seen these healthcare situations occur many times during the past 30+ years.

     Our remarkable very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts offer a whole new quality healthcare world compared to the prescription drug type substances that are commonly prescribed for many healthcare situations by conventionally educated and trained medical doctors in America. 

     In many healthcare improvement situations, it can be very helpful to use our alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts to work with and complement the typical  healthcare actions and practices used by conventional medical practices in America.  Apparently, very few conventionally educated and trained healthcare practitioners in American have learned how to blend these two different healthcare systems together in a complementary manner.

     Lon Willoughby has been learning about blending these two distinctly different healthcare systems for many years now (30+ years), and he is very competent with these special healthcare and wellness skills at this advanced point in his life.

     He has learned how to use alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts appropriately as complementary natural healthcare and wellness concepts with typical American conventional medical profession healthcare services to greatly enhance the healthcare patient's potential for improving their health quickly.

Brief  Overview  Introduction

The Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Lazy Way

To Enjoy Good Health Long-term


       If you are looking for a quick, easy, cheap, and lazy way to help you enjoy good health for the years ahead of you, please pause for a few moments and carefully consider that millions of American adults casually participate in wishful thinking about this very important subject.  They apparently are hoping to get very lucky and enjoy having something that does not currently exist, has never existed in human history, and will likely never exist.

     Natural human healthcare is a very complicated subject area that requires some serious education efforts to understand it better.  This Website can help health-conscious visitors learn very important and very valuable information quickly about some of our copyrighted vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

      An average of 120,000+ people die prematurely each month in the USA - mainly because they were not taught how to take good care of their complex body and their amazing natural healthcare assets.  These critically important natural healthcare assets are natural active components of the human body, and they are constantly working to help the body maintain optimum health at all times. 

     At ABC of Health, our corporate officers understand that American adults, teenagers, and younger children commonly do things that interfere with the normal health protecting and optimizing functions of the body's natural healthcare assets.

     We have developed copyrighted natural healthcare actions that a person can use to reduce and minimize common harmful effects to the body's natural healthcare optimizing actions.  These are major natural healthcare and wellness concepts breakthroughs that are incredibly important for helping these vital assets maintain optimized good health throughout the body (including the brain)

    These very special natural healthcare concepts are not included in our "free to review" healthcare concepts.  You will learn herein how we select "qualified clients" that will have a special opportunity to learn these concepts and many other very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts in our six lessons special Education Program that we developed for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).

The SMART WAY To Learn How To Optimize Natural Health

     We have developed natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is the smart way to learn how to enjoy optimized health throughout a long lifespan This special Website can help all American adult visitors learn about some of our very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are super valuable.  

     The "free to review" basic and fundamental alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we present herein can be very helpful to American adult citizens who wisely take time to review this Home department's exceptionally important natural healthcare concepts presentation.   

     The founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as (dba) ABC of Health, is Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee) 

     Lon has an extensive educational background in alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.   He also gained a lot of very important and valuable natural healthcare experiences when our company owned and operated a complex healthcare and wellness store in Greenville County, S.C. for 15 years.  (1/04/1999 to 4/24/2014

     In managing this business, Lon worked with our assistant store manager in providing helpful natural healthcare and wellness related product sales services for regular health store customers and visitors. 

     Lon's experiences with those people during early 1999 enabled him to see clearly that local adults had not been taught the basic and fundamental alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they needed to understand well to enable them to manage their precious natural health responsibly and sensibly on a daily basis.

     Those vital healthcare concepts can enable Americans to do a much better job of managing their complex body's natural health and its natural healthcare assets.  At that point in 1999, Lon had already acquired an extensive education in alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  (We will explain later how he managed to accomplish that very important healthcare education and his motives for doing so.)

      That special education enabled Lon to understand that most people in America do not have a practical, responsible, sensible, and convenient way to learn about these vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Lon's education in alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts enabled him to realize how important those  healthcare education deficiency situations were for practically all American adults (160+ million) and also their children (140+ million).

     Consequently, Lon Willoughby was responsibly concerned about those critically important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education deficiencies.  He realized that many millions of Americans would likely be affected by sickness and disease conditions due to their lack of education about practical, responsible, and sensible basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     He also realized that those grossly deficient education situations would likely result in millions of premature deaths that could have been reduced, managed, and perhaps minimized with adequate education about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Lon's awareness of those situations challenged him to try to develop practical ways to provide opportunities for education about basic and fundamental level healthcare and wellness concepts for American adult citizens living within the Greenville, South Carolina upstate area.

     He believed that his extensive specialized knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts could enable our healthcare products sales company to develop a natural healthcare and wellness concepts classroom type education program that could be very helpful to thousands of American citizens living in the Greenville, SC upstate area. 

     Lon decided to experiment with his natural healthcare and wellness concepts education ideas with local people living in the Greenville area.  He was optimistic that we would be successful with presenting a free introductory basic and fundamental level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education class in a convenient local classroom setting.  

     If our initial free introductory basic and fundamental level natural healthcare education classes were successful in the Greenville area, we could then consider how we might offer advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes to the people who had attended one of our free introductory basic level education classes.  

     We would charge a reasonable fee for our advanced level healthcare classes and those fees would enable ABC of Health to earn needed income.  This would be a win - win situation where we would be providing very important and valuable advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes on a reoccurring basis for many local Americans living within the Greenville, SC upstate area. 

     If our basic and our advanced levels natural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes were successful, we could then consider how we might expand our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education service area and begin providing our alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes for American adults living in other major population areas of South Carolina.

     If our education programs about natural healthcare and wellness concepts were reasonably successful in other areas of South Carolina, we could then consider offering our very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services in selected cities in other nearby southern states (Georgia and North Carolina).

     Lon envisioned that at some point in the distant future, we would be able to develop practical ways to present our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs to people in some other states. 

     He considered that we might be able to eventually make very important improvements in practical, responsible, and sensible education opportunities about natural healthcare and wellness concepts for many health-conscious Americans living in numerous cities within the USA

     Lon realized how critically important our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education could be to millions of American adults because he realized that most Americans die prematurely because they do not know how to take good care of their natural health and their  natural healthcare assets.

Did Lon's Natural Healthcare Education Experiments Work

Well For People Living in the Greenville, SC Upstate Area?

     This Home department will explain some of Lon's many healthcare education actions in the Greenville area during the next 15 years WOW!!! What a challenging pattern of natural healthcare and wellness education circumstances that turned out to be for Lon, his wife Janie, and our ABC of Health "healthcare and wellness store business." 

     We will share some very important and very valuable healthcare and wellness concepts with visitors to this Website as we relate some of our challenging, frustrating, and very disappointing education experiences.

     This is very important information that all health-conscious Americans need to review because we will reveal how our education experiences during those 15 years were eventually used by Lon and Janie to develop this greatly modified natural healthcare concepts education Website

     American adult citizens living throughout the upstate area of South Carolina (more than a million people) can now use this special Website to help them learn how to take better care of their precious natural health.

     Fortunately, this remarkable "free to review" healthcare education opportunity also extends to American citizens living anywhere within the USA.  Many millions of Americans can now learn about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts at this educational Website

     The many healthcare related experiences that Lon Willoughby acquired while managing our natural healthcare and wellness store for 15 years were very important and very valuable experiences

     Those special healthcare related experiences helped enable Lon and Janie to develop this remarkable modified Website which can now help educate millions of American citizens living anywhere within the entire USA - yes, anywhere in Americaincredible!!!  Their basic fundamental natural healthcare education goal has finally been achieved for all American adult citizens with the "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented at this Website. 

     In addition to that incredibly important healthcare education, a substantial portion of their advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education has also being achieved with the CQV six lessons education program that they developed over a period of many years.  It is offered to "qualified" American adult citizens at this remarkable Website. Thousands of American citizens living in the upstate area of South Carolina may be able to "qualify" to purchase this program.

     This special educational Website explains how our challenging, frustrating, and very disappointing, and very expensive experiences eventually helped Lon and Janie understand how they could offer vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts basic and fundamental education services to millions of American adult citizens FREE. 

     Yes, Lon and Janie eventually learned how to present their very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education service in a convenient practical manner by using modern day Internet capability

     This greatly modified and improved Website can now help American adult visitors learn very important healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them manage their routine natural healthcare actions more competently and more responsibly for the rest of their lives. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby, working together as an education team, could not have developed our remarkable natural healthcare education breakthrough concepts without the very important and very valuable experiences that Lon acquired during his 15 years of managing our ABC of Health "natural healthcare and wellness store" in Greenville County.

     Those very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts experiences were very beneficial to Lon's determined diligent efforts to develop our greatly improved vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program objectives

     Many vital health-related experiences helped Lon develop additional creative and innovative natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are major breakthroughs in natural healthcare education concepts.

Impatient Visitors May Leave Too Soon

      We anticipate that some impatient visitors will likely leave this Website before they read down to this point, and other visitors will read down to this point and may be inclined to not complete a review of this Home department's exceptionally important natural healthcare and wellness concepts presentation.

     Unfortunately, the impatient visitors who leave this Website before completing this Home department's vital educational presentation will miss out on learning about our remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education programs.  Our special education programs can help American adult citizens reduce, minimize, and maybe avoid all-together some of the serious health problems that commonly afflict millions of Americans each year.      

      Impatient visitors who read down this far can choose to leave this Website at any time during their responsible and sensible efforts to complete this remarkable "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education   

     The impatient visitors that chose to leave this Website before this point will likely never return here, and that most unfortunate situation may prevent them from learning how to avoid a premature death at some point in their future.  Those premature death situations routinely happen to 120,000+ Americans each month - that is more than 30,000 each week.  Pause and think about that for a few moments

     Unfortunately, impatient decisions to casually ignore our "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services may turn out to be tragic fatal mistakes for some of those impatient visitors.

     Yes, our very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts "free to review" education can be that important for American adult visitors We are presenting life and death healthcare education concepts that can affect the lives of millions of American citizens throughout the USA (adults, teenagers, and younger children). 

     Stay with us patiently in this Home department's lengthy presentation and you will likely benefit for the rest of your life in very important ways.

     It is still your choice of course to stay with us or to leave us at any point in this presentation - please choose wisely.  This is truly a "once in a lifetime" natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational opportunity for American citizens residing anywhere within the USA.

Our Healthcare and Wellness Concepts

Mission Statements

      We introduce all American visitors to alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them take better care of their precious natural health throughout their lifetime.  We help visitors understand that there are some easy healthcare actions that can be taken to help protect their natural health.

     We also strive to find/locate and then help "qualifiable" American adult visitors  learn how to improve their health and wellness status by educating them about additional natural health and wellness concepts.

     These "qualifiable" American adult visitors will be offered a very important opportunity to become one of our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).  We can then help them learn how to manage their natural healthcare actions better and ultimately enjoy enhanced well-being, with more energy, physical vitality, and better brain functions, with more emotional stability, and improved emotional strength.  Life can be much better after our CQV's learn how to use our remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts in their daily lifestyle actions.

      Our personnel also strive to help our "Qualified Education Clients" (QEC's) learn how to live a healthier, longer, and more productive life, with more achievements and much more enjoyment in life.  We work to accomplish these very desirable goals by helping our "Qualified Education Clients" (QEC's) learn how they can become more successful in their vocation, and in all of their personal life relationships. 

     They can do this by learning how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets and their natural health on a daily basis.

      We want to help our "Qualified Education Clients" learn how to improve their natural health and wellness status in special ways that can help them reduce and minimize their potential for having to cope with sickness and disease conditions that afflict millions of Americans.

     NOTE:  A "Qualified Education Client" (QEC) is a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) that goes forward and qualifies to lease one of our advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programsWe will provide more information about our "Qualified Education Client" qualification standards later in this Home department's very helpful informative presentation.

Important Character

Evaluation Process

     This unique Website has been designed to help us find and educate special American citizens that have developed the following important character values that we are looking for:

common sense, good ethical values, a sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity, a mature sense of appreciation and gratefulness for good things, and a sincere sense of responsible American patriotism (citizens who are willing to work responsibly to help defend and protect the USA from competitors and our enemies).

     If you are an American adult citizen (natural born or naturalized) who sincerely strives to develop and maintain good character, and you are patriotic-minded about America and you look favorably upon what you have reviewed so far, there is a real possibility that you are one of the special Americans that we are able and willing to educate about some very important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     In order to complete this character evaluation process successfully, you will need to review this Home department's lengthy "free to review" presentation

     This very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education presentation can potentially help many American visitors in remarkable ways throughout the remainder of their lifetime.  This vital education can be a very important and very valuable life-changing natural healthcare educational experience for most American visitors.

     This Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website is the only place that this exceptionally important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is available for review in this very convenient easy to understand format. 

    We suggest that you make time available today, or as soon as possible (ASAP), to complete this very special introduction to some of our copyrighted and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Helpful Review of Some

Relevant Background Information

      The founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr. was born a long time ago (June 5, 1936), and Lon is still quite healthy at age 82.  He very fortunately started learning about  natural healthcare concepts in 1970 (at age 34). 

      By December 1998, Lon had been actively involved with his very interesting and challenging natural healthcare and wellness concepts self-education project for 27 years

     We will explain later why he was strongly motivated to stay with his very important and valuable self-education project throughout all of those years, right up to the present time (during 47 challenging years).

     Until May 1986, most of Lon's work was in non-healthcare related areas, but he was gradually acquiring a wealth of very important and valuable knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     He was routinely reading books written by the Master Educators in America about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts. Lon was seriously interested in these vital healthcare subjects because he had learned that these natural healthcare subjects could help his family enjoy a better life. (his wife, two young sons, and himself.)

     In December 1998, Lon had an opportunity to purchase an established  herbal health products retail store business in nearby Greenville, South Carolina.  The store was about six miles from where Lon and his wife Janie lived in Mauldin, SC.  She was a teacher at the nearby Mauldin High School, just six blocks from their home.

     At that time, Lon had been responsibly learning about alternative health type natural healthcare concepts during a period of 27 years.  He had read many important books about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts and recommended health practices

     He had also attended numerous natural healthcare and wellness concepts seminars and training sessions in South Carolina.  He had also acquired healthcare education in several other states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and as far away as Mesa, Arizona. (near Phoenix)

     Lon was seriously interested in his natural healthcare and wellness education, and he had become very knowledgeable about many very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     He had been using some of those very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts for many years in his lifestyle actions for himself and his immediate family members (wife Janie and two sons).  Those natural healthcare concepts had worked very well for them, and Lon was truly impressed with how much those health concepts had helped them.

     Back in 1978, Lon had become seriously interested in water quality issues (drinking, cooking, and bathing water), and he had purchased a high quality stainless steel type water distiller to improve the quality of the family's drinking and cooking water. (purify the water by distillation)

     About two years later, in 1980, Lon decided that he wanted to become a dealer in the Greenville, South Carolina area for water distillers.  In typical fashion for Lon, he planned to make a comprehensive evaluation of the major brands of water distillers in the American marketplace so he could decide which brand of water distillers he wanted to sell. 

     Lon is a technically-minded person with important college level education in technical subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, engineering drafting, engineering mathematics into calculus, and also electronics education. 

     He had previously completed 48 weeks of electronics education and training in the U.S. Air Force, and he had then worked as a RADAR technician at a RADAR station near Valdosta, Georgia. (1956 - 1957)

     Lon is typically very careful and detailed in his evaluation of anything that is important.  After a few weeks of time in year 1980, Lon had collected company literature from several water distiller companies. 

     He then evaluated the different equipment designs, their different technological processes for distilling water and collecting the condensed steam as an output distilled water product, their use of filters for the input water to improve some chemical reductions, their company marketing literature, and the marketing education that they offered to dealers who wanted to sell their water distiller equipment.

     Lon conducted a careful evaluation of the above listed subjects, and he then decided that he wanted to become a dealer for the same brand of water distiller that he had purchased in 1978

     As it turned out, he had luckily purchased the "Pure Water, Inc." brand of water distiller - simply because that was the brand that was available to him in the Greenville area in 1978(He had ordered that water distiller through the local health food store where he usually shopped.)  

     About two years later, in the fall season of 1980, Lon Willoughby qualified to become a dealer for the Pure Water, Inc. brand of water distillers.  He began selling water distillers on a part-time basis after that time.  The "Pure Water, Inc" company is located in Lincoln, Nebraska,   and they manufacture several models (various sizes) of water distillers.

     Lon responsibly wanted to help local "health-conscious" people in the Greenville, SC area learn about important water quality improvement issues for their drinking and cooking water. 

     In June 1981, Lon and wife Janie attended a national convention for the Pure Water, Inc. company (PWI) in Lincoln, Nebraska, where the PWI headquarters and their extensive manufacturing plant are located.  They produce several models of high quality stainless steel water distillers.

     During that convention, Lon and Janie obtained some very important life-changing education about serious health problems that can be caused by consuming a toxic chemical named fluoride - commonly used in toothpaste, fluoridated drinking water, and dental fluoride treatments. 

     Lon and Janie were both able to attend a special educational seminar about fluoride because Lon was a dealer for the "Pure Water, Inc." brand of water distillers.  That special educational seminar about fluoride toxicity was available to any of the PWI dealers (and their spouse) at the convention as part of the scheduled elective convention activities. 

     The fluoride educational seminar was conducted by a highly skilled biochemist. (Dr. John Yiamouyiannis - pronounced Yam ou yan is) He had intentionally become an expert about fluoride usage and its toxicity.

    Dr. Y, as he was called by those who knew him, knew that fluoride was a highly reactive toxic chemical, so he made a competent detailed study of the affects of fluoride usage in drinking water for humans and for some typical animal species (cats, dogs, cows, sheep, etc.). 

     There are a number of places on Planet Earth where water wells have a significant amount of fluoride contained in the well water.  Some of those situations made it possible for Dr. Y to observe and study the long-term effects of fluoride usage for people and some animal species that had consumed "fluoridated water" for years as their drinking water. 

     Dr. Y. had been joined in some of that very important technical "chemical research" by Dr. Dean Burk, who had previously been the chief chemist for the National Cancer Institute.

     These two skilled high level chemist worked together on this very important evaluation project because they were both concerned about the wide-spread expanding actions of adding a fluoride type chemical to the drinking water of millions of Americans (in various cities in the USA).

     Several forms of fluoride are available in the marketplace and one of those chemicals was commonly being added to municipal processed water for many cities in America.  The most commonly used types of fluoride for fluoridating water supplies in America are hexafluorosilicic acid (90+ % usage) and sodium fluoride (less than 10% usage).

     The type of fluoride added to the municipal processed water for Greenville, SC is called hydrofluorosilicic acid. Some form of fluorosilicic acid is the most commonly used fluoride for municipal water supplies in the United States. (More than 90% usage, as shown above.)

Tooth Decay Rates Improvement Data

     The reported purpose of fluoridating municipal processed water in the USA is to reduce tooth decay for millions of Americans.  Does it in fact do that safely?  The honest answer is NO, it does not actually do that safely.  Statistical research data has been available for many years (in America and in other countries) to prove this situation convincingly. 

     Tooth decay rates in America have definitely decreased significantly in the last 60+ years, and that has casually been attributed by some dental and government authorities to the fluoridation of municipal water supplies in many major population areas. 

     However, a responsible evaluation of that situation shows that fluoridation of municipal water supplies was not the primary cause of that welcomed decrease in tooth decay rates.  Why not?  How can we determine that statistical outcome in a responsible, reliable manner? 

     Lots of reliable data showed that very similar reductions in tooth decay rates also occurred in large cities in America that did not choose  to fluoridate their drinking water during that same time period. 

     Lon studied the data available on the Internet for those situations, and he also studied the data available on the Internet for some European countries that did not fluoridate municipal water supplies.  They also had very similar reductions in tooth decay rates in the same time period.  So what was causing the reductions in tooth decay rates?

     The primary cause of the tooth decay rate reductions has obviously been better education about improving dental hygiene. This makes sense when one considers this issue responsibly with an open mind to truth. 

     People in America and many other advanced countries began taking better care of their teeth than had usually been done prior to the past 60+ years.  Most people had much better news communications than had been available before for educating the masses about dental hygiene. 

     More people were going to see their local dentist, and the dentist were doing a better job of educating their patients about dental hygiene.  Several helpful factors combined to enable improvements in dental hygiene in American and in many other countries, as shown convincingly by the data collected about dental cavity improvements in many locations in America and in many other countries. 

     You can find statistical data about tooth decay rates conveniently today at an American Website that we will link you over to in the section below - the Website name is

Fluoride Toxicity Concerns

     Many chemist know that fluoride is a highly reactive toxic poison.  Numerous advanced countries wisely do not allow or permit their municipal water supplies to be fluoridated.

     Fluoridation is quite common in America and England but not in Northern Ireland or Scotland.  Fluoridation of municipal water has been solidly rejected by many European countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, and several other countries.  

     Americans drink more that 50% of the municipally fluoridated water that is consumed by all people in all countries on this planet.  WOW!!!  Now consider that fluoridated water is toxic to the human body.  We Americans must be the most foolish and gullible people on Planet Earth.

     See the Important Notes below about visitors' efforts to conduct additional research for fluoride issues at Website

     Important Notes:  Select the Topics at the top of the Website Homepage titled Issues and then FAQ (frequently asked questions).  In some of the sub-categories, one can also select other topics - check it out because this is a very convenient way to find very important information.

     Fluoridating municipal water supplies is a contentious scientific debate issue, and many scientist have strongly opposed this fluoridation process for years for good reasons.  They know that fluoride is a highly reactive toxic poison - a member of the "halide" family of chemicals. 

     Some scientist have pointed out that fluoridating municipal water supplies provides a way for the phosphate fertilizer industry to get rid of a lot of their highly toxic fluoride waste products (that are expensive to get rid of when they are disposed of properly as toxic waste).  They developed a clever way to sell those toxic waste products as a cheap chemical to be used for fluoridation of municipal water supplies. Other industries that have fluoride toxic waste products do the same thing. 

     Another very important point of interest in this fluoridation debate subject is the fact that more than 99% of the municipal fluoridated water in the USA does not physically touch human teeth.  Theoretically, fluoride must come in contact with the tooth enamel again and again, many times over time in order to help harden somewhat tooth enamel.   

     As noted above, more than 99% of the fluoridated water in the USA cannot achieve the "alleged intended purpose" of reducing tooth decay rates because almost all of the deliberately fluoridated municipal water does not actually come in contact with the teeth of citizens. 

     Does this make good sense to anyone that has just a little bit of common sense?  Would you choose to use a method of adding fluoride to human lifestyles that has more than a 99% failure rate by design?

     Water is used for many things in various industries, and it is also used for flushing toilets, used for human baths, used for washing cars and washing clothes, watering lawns, washing hands, washing fruits and vegetables, washing windows, and used in water fountains, etc. 

     Does it make good sense to fluoridate all of that water in many American cities when less than 1% of the fluoridated water will come in contact with human teeth? 

     When one responsibly studies the well-documented evidence involved with fluoridation of municipal processed water supplies, using an open and unbiased mind, the fluoridation of municipal water supplies in the USA is absurd and totally ridiculous - a heinous fraud upon the public

     There are powerful economic and political forces involved that have perpetuated this heinous healthcare fraud upon the American people for many years.  Lon believes this is one of the most harmful and dangerous healthcare type frauds ever perpetrated upon millions of Americans. 

     Many dentist in America have been effectively brainwashed to believe in and helpfully promote this very dangerous healthcare fraud

     Dentist in American have the college level science education that would make it easy for them to evaluate the serious fluoride controversy responsibly, but it appears that very few of them have taken time to make a responsible study of the scientific data that is readily available about the well-known documented chemical toxicity of highly reactive fluoride.

      As a result of an extreme level of technical incompetence in America, industrial toxic waste fluoride products have been added to the drinking water of millions of Americans for many years under the extremely fraudulent guise of safely protecting the teeth of adults and children.

     Most dentist apparently believed (swallowed "hook, line, and sinker") what they were taught about the fluoride issue (by dental authorities and maybe some government authorities) without making adequate efforts to responsibly evaluate the very serious fluoride controversy in America. 

     In June 1981, Lon and Janie Willoughby learned that Dr. Y understood that inadequate and incompetent chemical evaluation situation very well, and his very competent responsible chemical evaluation of the fluoride controversy caused him to become strongly opposed to fluoridation of municipal processed water supplies in the USA (and in other countries).

     As a result of that very important fluoride education, Lon and Janie started using a toothpaste that did not contain fluoride in 1981 (37 years ago), and they also avoided dental treatments using fluoride. 

     Dr. Y subsequently published a very important book about fluoride in January 1983 titled Fluoride - The Aging Factor.  Lon studied that book carefully, and he learned additional information about the serious harmful health effects that can happen to animals and people that consume water for many years that contains the toxic chemical named fluoride.

     Lon therefore became interested in helping his customers in the Greenville, SC area learn about the potential harmful health effects of consuming the fluoridated Greenville water, and using fluoridated toothpaste, and from absorption during dental fluoride treatments. 

     As explained above, Lon's initial education about fluoride began in 1981.  He continued that important education gradually over the years as he had opportunities to review more research information and technical data about this highly reactive toxic chemical.     

     Lon is likely the most knowledgeable person in South Carolina about the health dangers associated with consuming water containing fluoride, using fluoridated toothpaste, and the potential for absorption of fluoride as a result of fluoride dental treatments.

     You can still purchase Dr. Y's very important book about fluoride at, and there are now several additional books available at about the harmful health effects of fluoride toxicity

     We want to introduce you to another outstanding book about fluoride toxicity titled The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett, PhD, James Beck, MD, PhD, and H.S. Micklem, DPhil.  (Copyright 2010 by Paul Connett) 

     Dr. Y's book was published in 1983 so this later publication gives readers a 27 year update on the very important fluoridation controversy. The later book contains a lot of helpful updated information about the potential harmful health effects of consuming fluoride.

     Check into this as soon as possible; read some of the book reviewer's comments about books that strongly oppose the use of fluoride.  You can find this vital information in the book department at the Website.  Select the "book department" and then do a word search for fluoride books.  This is a very important healthcare issue, and all adults need to learn about fluoride toxicity as soon as possible (ASAP). 

Minimizing The Toxic Effects Of Fluoride

     The first thing that Lon and Janie did in June 1981 to minimize their consumption of fluoride was to stop using a toothpaste that contained fluoride.  They quickly learned that toothpaste without fluoride is usually available at health food stores.  Today (10/2018), when shopping on the Internet is available, toothpaste without fluoride is also available at Internet Websites for businesses that sell health store type products. 

     If the water that you routinely drink naturally contains fluoride, or contains added fluoride, that situation presents a much more difficult problem to cope with.  Most water filters will not reduce the amount of fluoride in drinking water.  That situation requires a special filter media that is designed to reduce the amount of fluoride in drinking water.

     This is also true if the added fluoride is some form of fluorosilicic acid (the most commonly used fluoride in most municipalites in the USA). 

     One can consider using a Reverse Osmosis System (RO) for purifying drinking water.  RO water processing systems can greatly reduce many different types of harmful chemicals, and heavy metals of various types, and other harmful substances from drinking water, including bacteria, fungus, mold, parasites, viruses and even extremely small viruses.

     Lon has since learned that the boiling temperature of fluorosilicic acid is the same as the boiling temperature of water molecules (212 degrees Fahrenheit - at sea level).  Consequently, this type of fluoride cannot be removed by the typical distilling action of a water distiller unless a special fluoride reduction filter is used to filter the water going into the distiller's water boiling chamber. 

     So what about the distilled water that one can buy in gallon jugs at grocery stores and drugs stores?  Does that water have fluorosilicic acid in it?  That will depend upon the raw water that was distilled - did it contain fluorosilicic acid?  If it did, the fluorosilicic acid is very likely still in the water because a water distiller without a fluoride reduction filter  will not remove this type of fluoride. 

     The boiling temperature of this most commonly used fluoride is the same boiling temperature as water molecules - it is not substantially above the boiling temperature of water (212 degrees F), as it must be to remove the chemical by the "distilling action." 

    If you want to do some research about these chemicals, visit PubChem Open Chemical Database at https://pubchem.nchi,  You can do a simple word search for PubChem and easily locate this Website.

     SAFETY NOTES:  RO systems and some water filters are typically installed under the kitchen sink.  it is very important to understand that water leaks can develop over time in the small 1/4 th inch diameter plastic tubing that is typically a component part of such installations. 

     Typical water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in water damages quickly because full water pressure is usually inside the small plastic type tubing involved.  If a pin hole size leak occurs, it will quickly cause a split in the tubing and lots of water will come out of the tubing quickly.

     A Water Leak Detector can be installed under the equipment installed beneath the kitchen sink to reduce substantially the potential damage from a water leak problem with a water filter or RO unit. 

     The Water Leak Detector can automatically turn the water pressure off instantly to a filter or a RO unit if a water leak is detected underneath the water filter or the RO system equipment.  This is very good low cost insurance protection for possible water leaks.  It is very smart to install this protective equipment for all under-the-counter installations.

     Countertop installed equipment do not have water pressure on them except when someone is at the kitchen sink area and manually turns the water pressure on to the countertop water filter or countertop RO unit.  If a water leak ever occurs, they quickly turn the water pressure off and minimal water damage occurs (usually no damage at all - just a small amount of water on the kitchen countertop). 

     Your local water quality technician will probably be knowledgeable about potential water leak dangers and about water leak detectors.  Lon Willoughby has been knowledgeable about those very important water quality related issues for many years.

Back To The Fluoride Controversy

     Lon has also learned that fluoride's toxic effects in the body can disrupt some very important DNA functions and can also be harmful to some of the enzyme functions in the body. 

     Lon understands that those harmful toxic effects may contribute to the high cancer rates that we have throughout America, wherever the drinking, cooking, bathing, and clothes washing water naturally contains fluoride, or in those locations where the municipal processed water has been fluoridated by adding a fluoride type chemical to the water. 

     Lon has also learned that industrial waste fluoride products that are commonly used to fluoridate municipal water supplies typically contain some other toxic chemical waste products also, including arsenic.  This very toxic chemical can also help cause cancer conditions and other very serious health conditions. 

     Some "government authorities" and "dental authorities" tend to ignore these potential toxic chemical effects because they claim that the toxic chemicals are diluted enough to not be a significant health hazard. 

     Does it make good sense to you for people to casually use fluoridated water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and clothes washing water, and also voluntarily use a fluoridated toothpaste, and maybe also get dental fluoride treatments at their local dentist, when responsible scientific research has discovered that very serious toxic effects may be occurring within the human body in multiple ways from fluoride's toxicity? 

     Lon and Janie say "NO, we will avoid fluoride wherever possible."  They stopped using a fluoridated toothpaste in June 1981, and they began using a Reverse Osmosis System many years ago to process the drinking and cooking water used in their home. 

     NOTE:  An RO system is a slow filtration process so it is not suitable for processing the amount of water used for typical bathing in a home.  However, bathing water filters (tub or shower type bathing) are available that can greatly reduce the dangerous harmful chlorine and ammonia gases that can be breathed in a bath tub or shower environment.

     We can provide additional information about these very important and very valuable healthcare protective subjects for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).

Water Quality Issues In 1998

     By 1998, Lon had acquired a lot of knowledge about important water quality issues and about the benefits of improving the quality of drinking and cooking water with appropriate water processing equipment. He had 18 years of ongoing interest in water quality issues and 18 years of part-time work experiences with water processing filters and purifiers. 

     When the opportunity to purchase the herb shop business occurred in December 1998, Lon was able, ready, and also willing to share some of his very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge with citizens in the Greenville area.  He believed the herb shop business could help him communicate with some local health-conscious people, and thereby help him accomplish some of his very important natural healthcare and wellness educational objectives.

     The herbal health store had 1250 square feet of floor space, very nice product display cabinets, and it had a very good location on Laurens Road - just one city block from the large Ford auto dealership.  Laurens Road is a well-known prominent four lane street (U.S. Hwy. 276), and the store was about four miles from the center of downtown Greenville.

     Lon sincerely wanted to help local Americans learn how to take better care of their precious natural health.  His many years of self-education about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts had enabled him to become very knowledgeable about these vital issues.

     In January 1999, Lon was at age 62, and his many years of life-experiences with a lot of people enabled him to understand that most Americans have not had sufficient education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts to understand how to take care of their precious natural health in a reasonably competent manner.

     Lon's many years of ongoing studies about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts enabled him to realize that most Americans needed some very important and valuable education about basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts. He had already acquired a lot of education about that kind of specialized alternative health type healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.

     Lon's willingness to share his vital natural healthcare knowledge with local citizens was the primary motivating factor for Lon and Janie to decide to purchase that herb store business operation in December 1998ABC of Health promptly opened for business on January 4, 1999

     Lon spent several thousand dollars to upgrade the store to a much more comprehensive health products store.  We still offered the broad range of herbal products as before (bottles of capsuled herbs), but we began offering many other health store nutrition supplement products (vitamin products, mineral products, protein products, etc.) and we also began offering some water filters, water purifiers, and air purifiers. 

     We were the only health store in the Greenville area that offered Lon's substantial level of knowledge about many alternative health type natural healthcare products and also natural healthcare educational services.

     Within three months we had tripled the monthly sales volume that had normally been achieved by the previous owner.  ABC of Health was off to a good start, but we were not making any profit yet due to our overhead expenses for having expanded our healthcare products inventory. 

     By fall season in 1999, Lon could see that our business was growing enough that we needed a larger product display area, and a better office facility, and we also needed a room where Lon could conduct healthcare consultations with some customers.   

     He also needed a classroom where he could begin teaching classes about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Lon knew that his extensive knowledge about these very important subject areas could enable our customers to improve their lifestyles substantially.

Year 2000 Economic Predictions


     However, we had to stay at this location for a while because there were serious dire predictions in the national news about major adverse affects that would likely occur when the year 2000 arrived.  There were very serious concerns that computers would be affected badly worldwide because some technical-minded computer smart people thought that computers in general would have great difficulty moving from the 1900's in dates to the 2000 date.  It was widely believed that this computer date transition problem would have serious effects on international commerce and affect the American economy in serious detrimental ways.

     Lon was very skeptical that those things would occur, but he decided to wait until January 2000 arrived to see what would happen in the USA economy due to major computer malfunctions and adjustment problems that were predicted to affect computers world-wide in devastating ways.

     Lon had already selected a suitable facility for us to move our health store to in February 2000 if those serious economic effect predictions did not occur during the first few days of January 2000

     Fortunately, the USA economy was not damaged severely as had been predicted.  We proceeded with our plan to relocate our health store during February 2000 to a store location on Wade Hampton Blvd., about three blocks south of Bob Jones University.  This location was about four miles from our Laurens Road health store. 

     Wade Hampton Blvd. is also the very busy four-lane U.S. Highway 29 that has about 40 thousands car traveling this street daily.  The Wade  Hampton Blvd. street is about ten miles long as U.S. Highway 29 goes from Greenville to the nearby town of Greer, SC, and this busy Highway  continues into the downtown area of nearby Spartanburg, SC. 

     It took Lon several weeks to get the new location ready for occupancy because some areas of the store facility needed to be repainted, and the carpeted floor area was in bad shape.  Lon hired a man to do the  repainting work, and he hired a local carpet company to remove all of the old carpet, and make several floor repairs, and then install the new carpet throughout the previously carpeted floor area.  All of that work, and several other important improvements were made before we moved. 

     We did mailings to notify most of our existing customers about our move (if we had their mailing address on file), and many of those customers quickly began coming to our new location.  We also began to get new customers that lived within a few miles of our new store location because we did some special advertising to reach those residents.

Our New Store Location - February 2000

     Although we now had a good classroom area, we found it very difficult to get people to attend the free natural healthcare and wellness classes that Lon tried to teach on a recurring basis.  Everyone seemed to believe that they did not need any additional natural healthcare education.

     We got along reasonably well at this second location, although we were still not making any profits on a monthly basis.  With all the competitors in the Greenville area, we could not sell enough health store type products to provide a profit margin that could overcome our substantial monthly overhead expenses. 

     Lon was still working 80 to 90 hours per week with no pay at all because we could not afford to hire another employee and we still had no profits to pay Lon with.

     Unfortunately, some very serious facility problems developed with this location during year 2006 and those conditions were not resolved by the landlord in a reasonable manner over a period of months.  That  situation caused us to move our ABC of Health store again in February 2007

     Lon found a vacant store location that we could move to on the same street, and the same side of the street, just a few blocks from our current location.  This was a smaller store (1500 square feet of floor space), and we did not have a classroom or a consultation room.  However, that was the best we could do at that time and stay in that same general area on that street as a very important convenience for our regular customers. 

     The fact that we did not have a classroom or a consultation room was not much of a handicap because very few customers had shown any interest in either of those very important healthcare education services.

     Over the next 18 months, we encountered several unforeseen serious facility problems at that store location which caused us to want to move our store again - as soon as possible (ASAP). 

     Lon was able to find a good location for us to move our health store to in nearby Mauldin, SC, the town where he and Janie had lived since November 1977.  The new location was about seven miles away from our current location in Greenville, SC.

     We moved our store again during the last few days of December 2009, beginning the move the day after Christmas day.   The new location did have a consultation room and a classroom area, so Lon could resume his efforts to provide very important consultation services and also teach weekly classes about basic natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Some detailed information about our activities at this store will be provided below so our American citizen visitors can learn some very important information about the serious difficulties that we had in getting local people in the Mauldin, Simpsonville, and Greenville area to attend our free introductory level healthcare and wellness classes.

     The information below will also show how the independent health store businesses in America changed dramatically over the years.  Some of those changes affected health-conscious consumers adversely across America and those serious effects appear to be permanent changes. 

     We realize that some visitors may feel that they have no interest in reading about this "background information" but be patient and stay with us because we will present some very important healthcare information for health-conscious visitors about major changes in health store type businesses in America. 

     This information will help health products shoppers understand why these major changes occurred throughout most of America.  This special information may also help health-conscious shoppers learn how to cope more effectively with those major changes in the marketplace.

Why Things Changed A Lot

For Most Health Products Stores


      Health type stores used to be able to help their customers a lot by stocking many quality healthcare supplement products and by providing some very important free healthcare educational product information about various health store type products.  They would typically explain how selected products could help improve healthcare actions by customers. 

     Those days are gone forever and all visitors need to know why those days will not return.  Visitors also need to know what their options are now in the current marketplace for shopping for health store products. 

     The previous very helpful health store days will likely never return due to the strong trend toward deep discount prices for health store products by mass-marketing type business competitors.  They sell health store type products at deep discount prices, but they do not provide competent personalized nutritional help and counseling for their customers. 

     Today, each customer must know how to select the right products and must also know how to take their product selections for the best results. 

     Lon realizes that those special conditions are not likely to ever happen in America for most health store type product shoppers - unless someone develops a practical and sensible way to present that very important product information to those shoppers before they go to mass-marketer businesses to purchase health store type products. 

     How are America's health-conscious health products shoppers going to learn the very important health-products information that they will need to understand in order to make good decisions about the nutrition  supplement products that they want to purchase?  How are they also going to learn how to take those products to obtain the best results? 


Simplified Instructions For Taking Nutrition Products

     There are some simplified basic instructions on the label of the bottle or other type container for each nutrition supplement product, one or two sentences, but those instructions cannot try to accommodate the individual healthcare conditions of hundreds of thousands of product purchasers.  They obviously cannot take into consideration the normal diet (food and beverages) that various purchasers will be consuming.

     The simplified basic instructions on the container label cannot take into consideration other nutrition supplement products that the purchaser may also be consuming at the same time of day, or at a different time of day, that may react with other products adversely.

     Those simplified container label instructions cannot also take into consideration any over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs, or any medical doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that the nutrition supplement product purchaser may be taking on a recurring basis (daily or weekly).

     The vital considerations identified above may be very important in some situations.  The relevant point here is that the typical nutrition supplement product purchaser does not have adequate nutrition concepts knowledge to take any of these important considerations into account responsibly when they are purchasing nutrition supplement products or when they are taking nutrition supplement products.

Example Of Special Nutrition Considerations    

     We provide a very important example of these considerations below. 

     A medical profession "nurse practitioner" that Lon was talking with was apparently somewhat depressed emotionally.  Fortunately, Lon Willoughby has developed the special evaluation skill of being able to look at a person's eyes casually while he is talking with the person and quickly determine whether or not that person appears to be depressed emotionally in a significant manner, or in a very serious manner. 

     A "nurse practitioner" has had special medical education and training that a regular medical profession nurse has not had.  A nurse practitioner has been educated to work very closely with a medical doctor about various medical conditions and medical problem evaluation issues. 

     In this example situation, Lon could tell that the "nurse practitioner" appeared to be significantly depressed. (not severely depressed but significantly depressed)

     Without stating that he had detected her state of depression by casually observing both eyes while talking with her very briefly (less than five minutes), Lon casually mentioned that a special nutrition supplement product (readily identifiable product by name) could usually help people cope more effectively with high stress levels.  He did not mention the word "depression" in their very brief conversation.  She expressed no interest at all in that subject and Lon quickly dropped the subject.

     Lon talked with the "nurse practitioner" briefly again a few days later, and she stated that she had gone to a nutrition store later that same day and had purchased the nutrition supplement product that Lon had very briefly mentioned to her. 

     She apparently wanted to see how that product might help her cope with her heavy stress level (job stress and perhaps other stress factors).  She explained that she had initially taken one capsule of the product with her evening meal on that same day. 

     She related that the product apparently caused her to have a very difficult time trying to sleep that night - she had tossed and turned most of the night and she got very little restful sleep.  She asked Lon if he could explain why the product had made it so difficult to sleep that night.

     The product involved is an inexpensive product - about $16.00 for 60 capsules - enough for two full months at one capsule dose per day. 

     Lon explained that the product is capable of activating brain functions substantially and can help people become more alert, have much more stress coping abilities, improve patience and understanding, improve memory and recall ability, and improve energy level production. 

     Consequently, the product should be taken with the first meal of the day (and help the person cope more effectively with stressful situations throughout the day), rather than taking the capsule with the evening meal and then likely having difficulty sleeping restfully during the night - because brain activity has been enhanced substantially.

     You see, with all of her nurse's education and training, and with her advanced nurse's education and training (qualifying her to be certified as a "nurse practitioner"), she did not realize that it was very important to take the one capsule dose of that product in the morning with breakfast, rather than taking the product capsule with the evening meal - as she had casually done.

    A little bit of common sense would have enabled her to understand that a product which can improve brain functions a lot for many hours should not be taken with the evening meal.  She should have realized that the one-capsule dose should be taken with the first meal of the day. 

     Lon Willoughby was probably the only healthcare practitioner in the greater Greenville, South Carolina area that understood well the very important nutrition circumstances involved with that special product.

     That kind of advanced level nutrition knowledge cannot be placed on the product label in the very small space available for instructions, but that additional product information might be provided by a competent nutrition consultant such as a dietitian or a nutrition consultant (or a natural healthcare consultant and educator - like Lon Willoughby).

     The manager of a company that is having that type of product bottled and distributed for sale in thousands of store locations in America is likely not aware that the product is capable of performing those very important brain enhancement responses to that level of effectiveness

     You see, that kind of special nutrition supplement product knowledge is not easily acquired and it is likely that very few healthcare practitioners in America have acquired this special nutrition knowledge

     Medical doctors and medical nurses do not generally have this kind of special nutrition knowledge and neither do typical dietitians or nutrition consultants, and that special nutrition knowledge is certainly not known by the unskilled sales clerks that work in chain type mass marketing deep discount prices stores that sell  nutrition products.  (BJ's, Costco's, K-mart, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, and that specialized nutrition knowledge is probably not known by any of the store clerks working at Vitamin Shoppe, etc.)

     After talking briefly with Lon Willoughby on that first day, the "nurse practitioner" had gone to a local nutrition store later that afternoon and had purchased that special nutrition supplement product because she apparently realized to some extent that she was in fact overly stressed (as Lon had quickly detected by simply looking at her eyes).

     She likely read the product label instructions and learned that it simple stated:  SUGGESTED USE:  AS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT, TAKE 1 CAPSULE DAILY WITH FOOD OR AS DIRECTED BY A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL

     When she found no specific instructions about taking the product at a certain time of day, with her medical system education, training, and experience, she should have had enough technical ability to evaluate that situation in a practical and sensible manner, as related above.

     Lon's had given her his business card which provided his office phone number.  When she later decided that she was going to go to a nutrition store to maybe purchase that product that same day, she could have easily and quickly called Lon by telephone to ask him if any special instructions were needed for taking that special product for best results

     If she had called Lon, he would have quickly explained that she should take the product in the morning with the first meal of the day and enable the product to help her cope much more effectively throughout the entire day with difficult, frustrating, irritating, and stressful situations.

     The very important bottom line here is this:  taking some nutrition supplement products may require special nutrition knowledge that will likely not be found on the nutrition product label because there is not enough space available on  product labels to try to educate people about  special functional features about various products. 

     The manufacturer or the selling company has no way of knowing who will be buying the product, or why they want to buy the product, or what their personal health situation is currently That is why the bottle label instruction recommends talking with a healthcare professional.  A competent nutrition consultant who talks with the product purchaser can make relevant evaluations about such issues, and then make responsible educational recommendations about the best way to take the product. 

     For many years in America, that has been the standard accepted practice.  Independent health store owners or managers and/or their knowledgeable health store employees could often help nutrition product shoppers learn about important product knowledge for the products that their customers were purchasing.  They may have had a competent nutrition consultant on staff who could talk with customers briefly and help them learn how to take their purchased products for best results.

     In today's big discount prices chain stores, American consumers will not have access to that special health products information.  Customers should not casually assume that it makes no difference how one takes a nutrition supplement product, as that "nurse practitioner" casually did. 

     It is very important to consider that the sleepless night situation occurred after the nurse practitioner had completed all of her regular  nurse's education and training in the medical profession - and after she had acquired her additional "nurse practitioner" specialized nurses education and training, and after she had acquired many years of very important experience in the medical profession.  

     Yes, it was just a casual mistake in judgment on her part.  She should have thought about that situation in a professional manner.  She might have realized that a special nutrition supplement product that can help people cope better with stressful situations might do that by enhancing brain functions and emotional reactions for several hours. 

     If she had come to that understanding, she might have realized that  taking that product with the evening meal might interfere with normal brain sleep functions. 

     You see, with all of her medical profession education, training, and experience, the nurse practitioner still needed a natural healthcare nutrition consultation session with Lon Willoughby to get educated about some very special healthcare knowledge related to coping with high stress levels, anxiety, and depression. 

     A two-hour consultation with Lon Willoughby could have helped her a tremendous amount in learning about very effective methods of coping much more effectively with ongoing high stress levels, anxiety, despair, frustration, and even serious depression.  Lon knows how to teach all of that specialized knowledge in an easy to understand manner.

     However, she did not choose to schedule a consultation session with Lon to discuss her high stress levels and the anxiety, frustration, and depression that occurred for her. 

     Lon could have helped her in remarkable ways that could have benefited her daily for the rest of her life.  Without that consultation session, she will likely continue having high stress levels, anxiety, frustration, and bouts of depression for the rest of her working life. 

     The very important product that Lon Willoughby introduced to her will likely help her substantially, but there are other natural healthcare and wellness educational concepts that could be very helpful to her - natural healthcare and wellness concepts that she had not been taught in her medical system education and training.  These are natural healthcare concepts that all American adults need to learn about, and these special natural healthcare concepts could have helped her tremendously and could have helped her live a much better and more enjoyable life. 

     Unfortunately, like most Americans, the nurse practitioner had not learned about the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that you are learning about with this example situation.  She did not understand how important a two-hour consultation session with a natural healthcare consultant like Lon Willoughby could be for her - over the rest of her life. 

     Lon could have helped her begin to learn how to live a much better and happier life with a lot more satisfaction and happiness.  Could he teach her all of that very important information in just one two-hour consultation session?  No, that is not possible, but he could have helped  her get started in that direction in a remarkable way, and he could have recommended a couple of very special natural healthcare and wellness type books for her to read that would have helped her a lot with her introduction to natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.

     Most American adults like to avoid unnecessary expenses, and most American adults throughout America will very likely do what the "nurse practitioner" did.  They will avoid scheduling a two-hour consultation session with a dietitian, or a nutritionist, or a natural healthcare consultant