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 Advanced Health Care Concepts Education Programs

We help people improve their lifestyle in very important ways

by teaching advanced health care concepts that are 

life-changing and potentially life-saving for many people!

NOTICE:  All adults and teenagers need our education 

and they need it ASAP - much more than they realize!

Younger children can benefit a lot from our education,

but they do this through help from educated parents.

 Welcome to this Introduction Website 

about ABC of Health and our unique copyrighted

Health Care and Wellness Home-Study Education Programs

(one of the most important health care breakthroughs in America during the past 50 years)

Would you like to have more energy, more vitality, more reliable brain power with better judgment and decisions, better physical and mental performance with everything you do and also improve your potential to live a healthier and more successful life, with minimized potential for sickness and disease, while also improving your potential to live years longer? 

Would you like to learn how to minimize stress in your life, minimize anxiety, depression, and know how to maintain a positive, productive, and constructive attitude at all times?  Would you like to improve your relationships with other people in remarkable ways?  (spouse, children, family members, neighbors, employer, supervisor, your co-workers, customers and strangers)  

Is all of this really possible for ordinary people in a practical and sensible cost-effective way?

Yes, it is possible because our company has developed Advanced Health Care Concepts Home-study Education Programs that can truly help most people learn how to achieve these very desirable health objectives and enjoy even more health benefits.  However, before we introduce you to our  remarkable and incredibly valuable health care education programs, we will provide some very important health care information to help you understand why almost all Americans need to study one of our advanced health care concepts education programs.   Our health care education can enable our education clients to understand how they can make some very important lifestyle improvements that can make their life much better and also much safer in a dangerous world.

We will ask you to consider the very important questions presented below and then give some serious thought to the information that we provide to help you understand the correct answers to these questions. 

The information presented below can be very beneficial to adults and teenagers (and  younger children also - through their smart educated parents).  A responsible review of this health care information can be very important to you regarding your health care protective actions.  

Now, let's begin a very interesting and important review of "health in America."  Read On!  

Question One:

Do We Have Major Health Care Problems In America

That Are Affecting Almost Everyone and

Ultimately Causing A Lot Of Serious Sickness and Disease?

( Heart Attacks & Strokes, Cancer, Dementia & Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis, etc. )

Question Two:

Do practically all Americans need the advanced health care concepts education

that we offer, or are most Americans doing just fine the way they are currently?

To answer these two questions in a reasonable and responsible manner, let's take a quick look at the average health of Americans compared to the average health of people living in other modern industrialized countries. 

For many years, health care surveys about important health issues have shown that Americans are not as healthy as many people living in numerous other advanced countries.  One health care survey covered 10 key countries and showed that Americans came in near the bottom of the list for several important health issues.

Another health care survey evaluated 20 countries and that report also showed that the health of Americans was near the bottom of the list of the 20 countries (most of those countries had healthier people than Americans).

In July 2013, the results were released for a very important health care survey conducted by researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) involving 35 peer countries in North America, Asia, and Europe.  This was the most comprehensive health care survey that has ever been conducted for a large group of countries.   It analyzed all available data and scientific literature for 291 disease conditions and also injuries that cause death or disability conditions within the countries being evaluated. 

Unfortunately for Americans, the health of people in the United States (U.S.) was not good compared to many of the other countries in the survey.  The U.S. was ranked in the lower section of the listing for several important health issues such as disease conditions related to dietary factors  (the U.S.  came in at # 27), body mass index (BMI - over weight conditions - the U.S. was # 27), and blood sugar levels (glucose levels - the U.S. ranked at # 29, indicating that 28 of the countries were ranked healthier than the U.S. for this very important health issue)

This incredibly important health care survey report was presented to government officials in July 2013 at an important White House event hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her "Let's Move" campaign.   This report was subsequently published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association

The scientific researchers also evaluated health care risk factors and found that diet is the # 1 risk factor for health diseases, the # 2 factor was tobacco use, obesity was the # 3 risk factor, high blood pressure was risk factor # 4, and physical inactivity was risk factor # 5.

This exceptionally important health care survey showed that there are many advanced countries that have healthier people in general than Americans.  So we have more solid evidence that American adults have some very serious health care deficiencies that need to be recognized and corrected as soon as possible (ASAP). 

Health report data indicates that we have millions of people in America who are suffering from disease conditions, and those disease conditions will likely kill most of them because they do not have enough health care concepts knowledge.  Unfortunately, like most Americans, they do not know how to take good care of their body systems and keep them healthy long-term. 

These very unfortunate and tragic health problems are costing billions of dollars each year, and this is causing a major expense problem for many families, for many businesses, for many states, and for our federal government.  

NOTE:  One billion dollars = 1,000 million dollars = 1,000,000,000 dollars   Health care costs in America are MANY BILLIONS of dollars per year.  This is a tremendous amount of health care cost!

Many families in America are being bankrupted each year by major medical expenses.  Some companies in America have already been bankrupted by medical costs for their employees.  Some states have already been bankrupted by huge medical costs and other social services expenses for people within said states.  And our federal government is being bankrupted rapidly by massive health care costs and other social services costs.

If you want to check into America's health care status, compared to other countries, the comprehensive report listed above is the very best source of current information, but it is difficult to access because it has not been released to the public.  However, you can do an Internet word search for "Healthcare America vs other countries"  and you will find several other health care survey reports that provide additional evidence that Americans are not healthy in comparison to many other modern countries that have been surveyed.   Lon found essentially the same health reports information when he searched with Bing, or Google, or Yahoo.

Health Care Problems in America

It should be clear to you at this point that we have some serious health care problems in America.  In order to understand how to solve America's massive health care knowledge deficiency dilemma, we need to understand why most American's are seriously deficient in vital health care concepts knowledge.

We have a separate department at this Website that provides statistical disease data and shows the related death rates for each major disease category.  This data proves convincingly that we have very serious health care problems in America.  Our personnel have studied these health care situations in detail over a period of many years, and they see clearly what the primary problems are.  They have worked hard for many years to develop practical, reasonable, sensible, and cost effective solutions for America's major health care problems.  

You can review the very important information presented in this special department (identified below) to learn about our understanding of this very serious health care dilemma in America that affects practically everyone.  Your review will enable you to consider the five health care beliefs (myths) that we believe are very detrimental causative factors in America's very serious health care knowledge deficiency dilemma.  You can then determine which of these myths may be affecting you and may be preventing you from optimizing your health.

Our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, has been focused on evaluating these very important health care issues for many years with the objective of helping develop practical, reasonable, and sensible solutions for America's major health care problems.  Consequently, Lon now has a very good understanding of the primary reasons why so many Americans are frequently having to cope with low energy, low vitality, reduced brain functions, lots of STRESS (frustrations and irritations, anxiety and/or depression), poor digestion of food and poor bowel functions, inadequate sleep, and even sickness and disease conditions of various types. 

You can select our "Health Problems in USA" department using the hyperlink (link) at the top of this department at any time, or if you want to go that department now, you can use the convenient link provided below.  You can then use your back arrow Icon to come back to this exact location in the Home department. 

This additional information about the major health care problems in America is very important, and it may be surprisingly helpful to you to review this information.  However, you may already recognize that America has very serious health care problems and you do not actually need more statistical death rate data right now about major disease conditions in America to convince you to come to that conclusion.  In that event, you can stay in this department for a while longer because we have more information to share with you before you detour over to that special department

On the other hand, if you are not already confident that Americans have some very serious health care concepts knowledge deficiencies, please use the link below at this time to obtain additional vital health care information about specific disease rates and their corresponding death rates for people in America before you proceed further in this Home Department.  NOTE:  The convenient link below will be presented again in this Home department, at another appropriate time for you to visit this very important department.

Health Problems in USA

+  +  +  +  + 

Brief Background Information About ABC of Health

Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (a South Carolina Corporation), and he has studied important natural and alternative health care concepts a lot during the past forty plus years (thousands of hours).  For many years, Lon has had a serious interest in learning all that he could about natural holistic type health care concepts and protocols.  This situation is initially explained in our About ABC department and more information is provided about this in another department titled "Lon's Motivation."

Due to his serious interest in health care issues, Lon and his wife Janie purchased a small health store business in January 1999, within the city of Greenville, South Carolina.  They developed the business into a health and wellness business and continued the business for 14+ years.  Lon moved the store location three time to obtain  more suitable locations.  The last move was made during the last week of December 2009 when ABC of Health was moved to their 3500 square feet floor space store facility in a shopping center in Mauldin, South Carolina (just eight miles from the center of downtown Greenville).   

Throughout those 14+ years, Lon managed the health store and worked closely with their assistant store manager to serve their many health store customers.  Janie Willoughby was a high school teacher until she retired in June 2007, after 39 years of teaching in public schools.   Janie then began working with her husband Lon in managing their health and wellness store business - from June 2007 until they closed this facility on April 24, 2014.  

We have a separate department at this Website which explains the reasons they chose to close their health and wellness store.  You can visit the ABC's Health Store - Business Losses department at a later time to review that information.  You may find this business information to be very interesting and actually helpful to you.

Lonnie Willoughby was born a long time ago, on June 5, 1936, but he is still in very good health due to his advanced health care concepts knowledge.  He routinely has no aches and pains, and he does not take any prescription drugs.   His annual executive profile medical test results look very good, and they show that he is maintaining a very healthy body, especially so when one considers his advanced age. 

Lon's Exercise Routines - Basic Activities

Lon regularly does more push-up and sit-up exercises (twice as many sit-ups) as he could do when he was twenty years old (he does these every other day to allow the muscle tissue time to fully recover).  He was an athlete in high school and he ran track in college, so he was in very good physical condition at age twenty. 

Lon realizes that push-up and sit-up exercises are two excellent exercises to help keep major muscle groups in good condition and tone.  He also uses his very good quality rebounder exerciser on a regular basis because Lon understands that this up and down vertical bouncing motion is the ideal exercise to fully activate the vital lymphatic system and enable it to function well throughout the body. 

Yes, Lon does recognize that walking and jogging are also good exercises, but rebounding is so much better in several ways that he prefers to use the rebounder for rebounding and he also jogs in place on the rebounder.  Rebounding exercise is much safer than walking or jogging (no dogs, no bugs, no automobile/vehicle dangers, no toxic auto exhaust fumes) and the exercise is much more effective for the lymphatic system and for ideal oxygenation of the blood system (and this activates the entire body, including the brain and all other organs). 

Rebounder exercise also has minimized potential for injuries to feet, ankles, leg muscles, hip joints, elbow joints, and shoulder joints (compared to jogging); one can also have some control over the environment inside the home (temperature, air quality, music or audio learning, T.V., DVD, etc.) or do the rebounding and jogging in place on the rebounder in the driveway when the sun is shining to obtain some natural vitamin D on open skin exposure (ten to twenty minutes).  Ten to fifteen minutes of rebounding is excellent once or twice per day.  Ten minutes on the rebounder (bouncing and jogging in place) is more beneficial to all body cells than about one hour of walking.  It is safer, quicker, easier, and better than walking or jogging. 

Lon believes that a quality built rebounder is the most effective exerciser of any single exercise machine.  A quality built rebounder can be purchased for about $300.00 to $400.00 (depending upon the model and the accessories - like a stabilizer bar).  Lon has researched all of the major brands of rebounders sold in America, and he realizes that this should be a lifetime purchase because a really good rebounder unit can last for many years (10, 15, 20, 25 years or more).

When you divide the total cost (including shipping of about $30.00) by just 10 years, you will see that the average annual cost is equal to about $40.00 or less (depending upon purchase cost).  That will work out to be a weekly cost of 77 cents or less per week for an outstanding exerciser unit.  ($400 divided by 10 years = $40 per year.  Divide that annual cost by 52 weeks per year to get about 77 cents per week).  Is your optimized exercise health program worth that small additional cost?  Lon says YES!  How many people in your family could use the rebounder?  This situation can reduce the cost per person per week to a lower amount.

Health Care Problems in America - We have Practical, Reasonable, and Sensible Solutions

Due to his extensive study of health care problems in America, Lon understands that most Americans will likely suffer with poor health in their later years, and many of them will likely die a premature death due to serious deficiencies in their health care and wellness concepts knowledge

As explained previously, Lon is well aware of the very serious health care problems that abound throughout America, and he understands why there is a great need for a practical, sensible, and cost-effective home-study type health care concepts education program for ordinary Americans (not health care professionals such as: Chiropractors, Dentist, Dietitians, Eye Doctors, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionist, etc. - listed in alphabetical order).  

Lon worked long hours for many years in the health and wellness store that he and his wife owned ( ABC of Health ), and his work with many customers enabled Lon to consider a large variety of health problems that were affecting customers, or affecting some of their family members.  That important work, with more than a thousand customers, over a period of many years, motivated Lon to study numerous health care problems.  He gradually developed and copyrighted more than fifty Advanced Health Care Concepts that can help people cope more effectively with many of their health conditions.  We now have some of those special advanced health care concepts incorporated into our new advanced health concepts home-study education programs.

We have good reasons to believe that both of our new home-study education programs (Basic and Deluxe Programs) are a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH  in the potential to improve human health for ordinary Americans (not for health care specialists as identified previously).  We understand that the advanced health care and wellness concepts that our unique home-study education programs teach are probably the most important and most effective health care improvement concepts developed for ordinary Americas during the last 50 years.   Lon Willoughby developed our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs with that special criteria in mind as an important objective for our education programs.

How Do You Feel About This Opportunity To

Dramatically Improve Human Health Potential for Americans?

Think about this situation for a few moments because your future health and life may depend upon the way you feel about the very revealing health care information presented at this Website.  After you read through the very important health care information in this Home department, and some other departments, you may find it helpful to come back to this point and carefully and truthfully answer the two questions below: 

1.  Is the vital health care information presented at this Website important and interesting to you, or is this a subject that you are not really interested in at this point in your life? 

2.  Our experience has found that most Americans are just too busy with living their life to take time to read about really and truly life-changing and life-saving health care concepts.  Are you in this very large group of Americans who are therefore likely to suffer with some very serious disease conditions later in life?   See examples listed below:

( Heart Attacks & Strokes, Cancer, Alzheimer's & other Dementia, Diabetes, Obesity, Arthritis, etc. )

Before you answer those two questions, take a few moments to think about the graveyards across America.  They contain the remains of millions and millions of Americans who were too busy living to spend time learning about vital health care concepts.  This is somewhat similar to the tree cutter that is too busy cutting trees (his full-time occupation) to take time to sharpen his axe (or sharpen the cutters on his big chain saw). 

Unfortunately for Americans, up to this point in time, it has been essentially impossible to find a practical health care home-study education program that is designed for ordinary people (not designed for aspiring health care professionals who need to study a lot of health care information in a comprehensive manner).

Let's take a few moments to consider the approximate twelve plus million people (12,000,000+) that died in America in just the last five years, and then think about the 49,800 people that will likely die in America this week, and then consider the 49,800 people that will likely die next week, and then think about a similar average number of people that will likely die each week thereafter, indefinitely into the future. 

Important Questions: 

1.  Is there nothing practical, reasonable, and sensible that can be done to reduce the enormous amount of physical suffering for this large number of people on a weekly basis? 

2.  Is there nothing practical, reasonable, and sensible that can be done to reduce the enormous amount of emotional distress and suffering that is occurring weekly in America (for those sick people and also for some of their close family members and friends)? 

As you know, emotional distress and suffering (anxiety and/or depression) are common emotional effects from family tragedies involving serious diseases and death situations.  Those situations are likely occurring weekly for many thousands of people due to this high death rate (49,800 people dying weekly on average).

Multiplying 4 family members times 49,800 deaths per week equals about 199,200 people (emotional distress and suffering) for days, or weeks, and sometimes months at a time.  Each week, we have another large group of people added to this list of emotionally distressed people due to the sickness and death that is ongoing weekly.

NOTE: The death numbers stated above are calculated averages from the USA annual death data reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the year 2013 (most current data available). 

Visit  www.CDC.gov  if you want to check into this health care data source for yourself.

Our composite answer to the Important Question above is this:  Yes, there are some very important things that can be done, and should be done, to reduce the physical pain and suffering, and the huge amount of emotional distress and suffering by sick people that are probably terminally ill, and also reduce the amount of emotional distress and suffering by close family members and friends of the sick people.  However, Lon Willoughby believes that the most important thing that can be done, and should be done as quickly as possible, is to focus responsible attention on learning how we can reduce the number of people that are becoming victims of the very serious health problems that have been identified above.  

How can individual Americans help accomplish this very important health care improvement project?  The pretty obvious answer to that question is HEALTH CARE EDUCATION!  All adult Americans need to be educated better about the vital health care concepts that can help them take much better care of their individual health assets (their brain and other vital organs, and all other body cells).  We teach our clients vital techniques that can enable them to convert all of their attitudes to positive, constructive, and productive attitudes, and this ability can have a dramatic effect on the body's innate ability to maintain optimized health throughout the body.    

Our extensive health care experiences have shown that attitudes about life's challenges and frustrations are exceptionally important because they can cause powerful hormone releases into the blood system that can be very beneficial to good health, or conversely, a person's attitude can cause hormone releases that can be detrimental to healthy body functions.   It depends upon whether the attitudes are positive in nature or negative in nature.

The next questions are:  What are some of the other vital health care concepts that are so important?  Who has already identified them?  Who has already been teaching people some of these vital health care concepts?  How are Americans going to obtain this badly needed very special advanced health care concepts education?  

Now, Let's Consider These Two Very Important Questions:

     1.  What health care improvement program can ordinary Americans use to make major improvements in their lifestyle and substantially improve their health potential to live a healthier and longer life?

     2.  What practical and sensible health care improvement education program teaches ordinary people the important actions that they can take to improve their potential to enjoy good health longer (into their "golden years"), and also  enable them to substantially reduce their potential for serious disease conditions and the frightening amount of human misery and suffering that usually occurs for these conditions (as illustrated above)? 

You will likely have difficulty naming a good health care education program in response to these two questions.

Health Care Type Books In America

There are thousands of health care related books in the American marketplace, and they can provide valuable health care information about healthy food choices, nutrition supplements, exercise programs, weight loss programs, and various other health care subjects.  We know a lot about this situation because Lon Willoughby has purchased more than 600 health type books since he bought his first "health book" in the summer of 1970.  That excellent selection of health type books is now in our ABC of Health corporate library.  It is likely that we have the "best health book library" in the State of South Carolina

We have many outstanding health books, but Lon's extensive research about this vital health care education situation has not discovered any single health book, or any single health care education program, that provides the type of advanced health care concepts education that Lon believes will be most effective in helping ordinary people quickly learn how to make major improvements in their lifestyles for much improved short-term and long-term better health potential. 

Lon Willoughby has understood for years that there is a great need in American for an advanced health care concepts education program for adults and teenagers.  He believes strongly that we need to educate teenagers as early as possible about very important advanced health care conceptsHe understands that this early education can help many teenagers avoid developing a number of bad health care habits that are quite common in America among teenagers, young adults, and among many older adults. 

Lon realizes that bad health care habits can become much stronger habits through regular use, and those bad habits will likely doom many teenagers to diminishing health throughout the rest of their lives.  Without benefit of our advanced health care concepts home-study education program, they will not likely understand how harmful some of their bad health care habits are to their long-term health potential. 

You can see why we focus attention on educating parents and their teenage children as early as possible about our advanced health care concepts.  We want to help parents understand how to help their teenage children avoid serious health care land mines (health care traps) that are all over the place in our American society. 

With either one of our education programs, adults can learn how to improve their lifestyle, and if they are parents with children, they can also begin to educate their teenage children and younger children about our advanced health care concepts as early as possible.  By the time younger children become teenagers, they will already be educated about some of the best ways to take good care of their health each day. They can already understand how important their precious health assets are to their long-term well-being, and they will already understand how they can actively protect their health assets in an enlightened manner on a daily basis. 

This is probably the most effective way available for parents to help their children understand why they should avoid getting involved with potentially harmful substances (alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks and other sugary drinks and sugary foods, cigarettes, and various types of illegal drugs, etc.) and improper sex actions. 

Once teenagers truly understand how important their precious health is to their long-term health potential, they can act defensively to protect their precious health assets, no matter how strong and pervasive peer group pressures may be to entice them to do the wrong things (things that will likely have harmful effects). 

How Did Lon Acquire So Much Health Care Knowledge?

To get to his present level of advanced health care knowledge, Lon spent thousands of hours over a period of many years in his health care research and study.  He also conducted complex natural health care work in our ABC's of Health "health and wellness facility" for 14+ years.   All of that natural health care research, study, and his health care work experience was necessary for Lon to acquire a very good understanding of the most effective ways to help people learn how to cope with America's massive health care dilemma (that is clearly evident to Lon).  

Owning and operating a health and wellness facility was a very expensive business venture for Lon and Janie because they incurred large economic losses over the years for themselves and for their health and wellness store, ABC of Health.  Throughout all of those years, Lon was working hard to learn how to develop practical and sensible solutions for the tremendous health care problems that he clearly saw in America for many millions of ordinary people. 

He typically worked 80 to 90 hours per week for many years, with no vacation time other than a day off for the July 4th Holiday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  He was working hard to turn the health store into a profitable business, but it never happened, no matter how hard he worked.   We explain those large financial losses in a separate department titled "ABC's Health Store - Business Losses."  You can review that information later if you have an interest in the many competitive factors that prevented them from being able to make the business profitable.  However, we subscribe to the concept that "all is well that ends well."

Our Websites show that Lon Willoughby was very successful in his determined efforts to learn how to develop  advanced health care concepts education programs that are needed by many millions of Americans.  Lon believes that our home-study health care concepts education programs are the most convenient and most effective way to accomplish this incredibly important health care concepts education project for Americans. 

Currently, our home-study education programs will be distributed only to people living in the Greenville area (Zip Code Area of 296 _ _ ),  However, we anticipate expanding our distribution area to other parts of South Carolina.  In the future, we may also consider distributing our health care education home-study programs in other states. 

Lon knows that the medical profession in general has a very strong monopoly on health care services in South Carolina, and in most other states.  Consequently, our small corporation must be very careful to not cause the medical profession any serious concerns about our advanced health care concepts education programs

We understand that our health care education programs will make it much easier for medical doctors and nurses, and other health care practitioners, to work with our educated clients because they will be so much better educated about healthy lifestyle issues and many other important health care issues.  It will probably be a pleasure for medical doctors and nurses and other health care practitioners to work with our educated clients. 

We teach our clients to have strong respect for medical doctors and nurses, and for other people who devote their lives to helping people with health issues such as: chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, eye doctors, nutritionist, etc.  In general, those very intelligent and dedicated people have completed some very challenging and difficult training to qualify for their special health care oriented positions.  We recognize that they are striving to provide important health care services to people in competent and responsible ways.  Consequently, we teach our clients that these kinds of people are deserving of their respect and their admiration and their kindness and their gratitude. 

How Important is Your Health Status To You And To Your Family?

Please stop for a moment and seriously consider that your health is the most valuable asset that you will ever have in this life, no matter what you may accomplish financially.  Losing your health in the pursuit of gaining wealth is not a good trade because living your life with very poor health or serious disease conditions, and a substantially shortened lifespan, is certainly not worth all the money that you could possibly use responsibly.   Wealth without the health to enjoy the wealth is not a desirable objective for a practical, reasonable, and sensible person.

With the health care concepts presented above clearly in mind, you can begin to understand that visiting this special Website may be one of the most important actions that you have every taken as an adult.  This  very important Website will provide incredibly important and valuable answers to the two very important health care questions shown above. 

You now have a remarkable opportunity to learn how you can quickly educate yourself about advanced health care concepts and thereby have a much better potential to avoid several serious health care traps that most Americans will likely encounter numerous times during their lifetime.

What Can ABC of Health Do To Help People Learn How To Be Healthier?

Our primary goal at ABC's of Health, Inc. is to help our clients understand how to achieve a healthier body, including their brain and all other vital organs and the bone and tissue cells.  We believe that most people have enough intelligence to be able to learn how to develop more energy, more vitality, and more brain power (learning ability, memory and recall), and then be able to enjoy a much more productive, successful, and enjoyable life.   However, Lon Willoughby understands that people need an easy to understand advanced health care concepts home-study education program that can help them conveniently learn very important health care concepts.

Our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs can help our clients learn how to have better attitudes (more positive and realistic) about life's challenging and frustrating situations, and learn how to avoid  anxiety and depression.  Our clients learn how to begin feeling better, while they are getting healthier each day (compared to how they were doing before studying one of our very convenient home-study education programs).   

As far as we have been able to determine, we are the first company, and apparently the only company, to develop and offer an effective health care concepts improvement home-study education program about advanced health care concepts.

Our Basic and our Deluxe advanced health care concepts home-study education programs can enable qualified citizens of South Carolina to quickly make major improvements in their lifestyle, and then they can begin to gradually develop healthier body cells throughout their body in an ongoing daily basis.  These major lifestyle improvements can have remarkable health care benefits throughout the remainder of their lifetime.  This is truly a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in human health care management knowledge.  

You can learn more about our advanced health care concepts education programs shortly, but right now, let's provide some important information about our company, who we are, and what we strive to accomplish for our clients, and why we have worked hard for many years to be able and ready and willing to help many people accomplish these incredibly important health care improvement objectives as quickly as possible.
Family eating

Our primary Health Care Mission is to help people improve their understanding of vital health care and wellness concepts - what we call the ABC's of Health (our business name). 

We strive to help people learn how to improve their lifestyle substantially and thereby enjoy a much better life - one that can be years longer with a much better outcome (more enjoyment, and more happiness, and more productivity, and more success with goals and career and family objectives).  


We help people learn how to protect and nourish their precious health assets!

People can enjoy more energy and vitality and have less sickness, disease, pain, and suffering,

but they need special health care education to learn how to accomplish these desirable objectives. 

Our Health Care Mission Statement

We want to help people learn how to improve their health and wellness status - increase their energy level, their physical vitality and emotional strength, and help them learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that will substantially increase their potential to avoid sickness and disease conditions.  

We strive to help people learn how to live a longer and more productive life with more enjoyment each day, and enable them to enjoy more success in their career or vocation and in their personal life relationships.

We are a Holistic Type Health and Wellness Company

( Complementary Natural Health Care Education Services )

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

holistic adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole 

holistic medicine noun treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease

Whole Body Concept Of Health Improvement

We take the whole body into consideration, not just individual parts of the body that may appear to have poor performance.  We understand that the human body operates as a very complex unit - individual organs and sections of the body do not normally function independently of all other processes within the body.  The body needs all of its various organs, sections, and other parts to function with good cellular health in a teamwork manner to achieve the amazing and remarkable performance that it is capable of producing each day.

The health of the intestinal bowel system, or the liver, or the kidneys, or the thyroid gland, or the adrenal glands, or other body organs, functions, and processes, can have substantial effects on other parts of the body.  The human body is an exceptionally complex system, and the entire system must be considered when trying to improve the health functions of any part of the body systems. 

As mentioned previously, a person's mental attitude can have dramatic and powerful effects on the way body systems function at any given time, and a person's mental attitude can also greatly affect health and vitality over time (in a very beneficial way or in a very harmful way).  How a person chooses to respond to each challenging and frustrating situation that occurs ( on a daily basis ) is a very important factor in how well their body systems will function over time. 

Does the person respond to challenging and frustrating situations in a Positive, Constructive, and Productive manner ( PCP attitude ), or do they tend to respond in typically normal human negative ways (frustration, anger, disappointed, discouraged, and maybe some anxiety or depression)?  Our health care education programs teach our clients how to get on the high road, and stay on the high road, to better health by learning and practicing daily our PCP Attitude Adjustment Techniques.

Lon Willoughby understands the important inter-relationships of our advanced vital health care concepts, and he truly cares about each client and their current and longer-term health status.  He also understands and respects the unique individuality and complexity of people (different genetic makeups; different home conditions, family training, and home environments; different formal educational training conditions; and different complex social actions and their complex emotional affects upon each person).  

One of our important goals at our health and wellness facility for 14+ years was to strive to be helpful to each customer and treat them as members of our extended family.  We will continue that very important goal with each new client in our new advanced health care concepts home-study education programs.

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Valuable Health Care Concepts That Are

This Website provides some very important health care improvement concepts that are important for practically everyone, and these health concepts can be found in several departments of this Website.  We have weaved important health care concepts into most departments and these very valuable health care concepts are FREE to visitors to our Websites, as long as they are used according to our Terms and Conditions

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Vital Health Care Concepts

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Clients that have completed our Level One Advanced Health Care Concepts Education and are qualified to begin  our Level Two Advanced Health Care Concepts Education will be provided with the User Name and Password Codes for access to some of our restricted access departments.  This will enable them to have  convenient access to some of the exceptionally valuable advanced health care concepts that are available in selected departments of our Websites. 

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 Our Home-Study Health Care Concepts Education Programs
A Brief Overview Of Content Subject Matter

Our home-study education programs progress in a logical sequential manner and cover such issues as: very important nutrition concepts, the role of our nutrition consultant, vital nutrition products and supplements, very important vitamin concepts, very important mineral concepts (major minerals, minor mineral, and trace minerals), important beneficial herb concepts, incredibly important enzyme concepts, beneficial probiotics concepts, vital protein concepts, other important nutrition type substances and products, pH balance of body fluids concepts, vital food combining concepts (how to eat foods for optimum digestive benefit), mental attitude concepts and how this can have a very powerful affect on health, daily, short term, and long term health.  The power of positive thinking is real, and it can be a very powerful concept for improving health throughout the body when one learns how to use it properly for that purpose.

Our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs also provide practical and sensible health care education concepts about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, bathing water filters, shower filters, exercise equipment such as CHI exercisers and rebounders, and we also provide important information about ozone generators (can be useful for several important things). We also present information about health care consultations, and other important aspects of health care education programs. 

You can learn more about our health care concepts home-study education programs at this Website by visiting the department titled "Health Care Education Programs."  See the link at the top of this Home department.

You can also obtain additional important information about the massive health care dilemma in America by visiting the department titled "Health Problems In USA."  See the link at the top of this Home department.  We strongly encourage you to take time to read this very revealing information.  It may help you a lot!

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Detour to our Justice Department

You can now take another detour to briefly visit our Justice department for an explanation of our very important reasons for restricting access to and the distribution of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs.  The Justice department is located at our www.ABCofHealth.biz Website, and you can get there instantly by using the convenient hyperlink provided below.  You can quickly scroll through Lon's 13 page short-story about the appalling and disgusting amount of judicial corruption that Lon found in the courts (state and federal courts) during 21+ years of ongoing litigation in a distant southern state.

If you do not have time to read this revealing report at this time, please make a note of its location and visit it again later when you have more time to read this very important and interesting short story.  This information can be very important to you, and especially so if you do any traveling outside of your home county and your home state.  You can come back to this point at this Website by using your back arrow key as explained above.

ABC of Health Has a Very Important Operations Plan

As stated previously herein, we permanently closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24th, 2014. This action was taken, after 14+ years in the health store business.  The closure  enables our personnel to focus most of their work time and effort toward providing much needed special health care education programs for people working at local Greenville area businesses (owners, managers, and some of their employees).   We could now work on developing advanced health care concepts home-study education programs for individuals and families that live in the Greenville area. 

There is a tremendous need for our Advanced Health Care Concepts Education Programs - all over South Carolina and all over America in general.   As related previously, an average of 49,800 people are dying each week in America.  We understand that practically all of those people did not know enough about vital health care concepts to understand how to help protect their normal body functions and keep trillions of body cells healthy.  They did not know enough about very valuable health care concepts to know how to take much better care of their incredible body, and now it is too late for them to learn about those health care concepts.  

Throughout America, people have not been educated to understand the advanced health care concepts that we have developed (over a period of many years).  Our copyrighted advanced health care concepts are easy to understand and use, and they can help people learn how to protect their precious health assets much more effectively than anything else in the American marketplace for ordinary people (as far as we can determine).   

Our company has developed and copyrighted advanced health care concepts and protocols that can enable people to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle than is typical in America.  Our advanced health care concepts are sensible, practical, and cost effective, and they can also be used to help improve many deteriorated health conditions in remarkably effective ways.  

We understand how Americans could reduce health care costs in America by billions of dollars per year, but we also understand that this will not happen until millions of Americans participate in some essential health care concepts education that can enable them to achieve much healthier lifestyles on a daily basis.   

People need to gain a better understanding of how their body is constantly striving to maintain optimized health conditions throughout the entire body system.  People also need to understand that they are personally responsible for their own health on a daily basis and on a longer-term life-long basis. 

If they do not exercise that responsibility in a reasonably competent manner, they need to understand that poor quality longer-term health is likely to be the result, and they must then personally struggle to cope with that difficult and expensive situation daily for the rest of their life. 

Where are people going to get this kind of very valuable advanced health care and wellness concepts education in an easy to learn and easy to use program that is economical and also cost effective?

Lon Willoughby has been focused on learning about and developing very important health care concepts and wellness concepts in a teachable education program for many years.   He has worked for many years to develop practical advanced health care concepts education programs that can help people quickly learn how to take much better care of their incredible body and mind. 

Through Lon's dedicated health care efforts, our South Carolina Corporation can now teach the ABC's of Health that all adults need to understand.  Educated parents can gradually teach their children these very important and valuable health care concepts at the appropriate time for each child  (when the child has developed the abilities needed to learn easy to understand health care concepts that can substantially improve their future health for the rest of their life).  WOW!  This is important information!

This is a good time to detour over to our "Health Problems in USA" department and see what we have to say about some very important reasons why so many Americans are not in very good health, or are in bad health.  This is really important information that may help you more than you can imagine at this time.  You can do a left click on the link for our "Health Problems in USA"department to review this information. See link below that can take you to that department, and then use your back arrow icon to come back to this exact location in this Home department.

Food Concepts Regarding Digestion of Food

Our extensive experiences in the health food store business for more than 14 years has convinced us that most people know very little about the essential technicalities involved in the food digestion process, and it appears that most people know even less about the importance of combining foods properly when they eat.

It also appears that most people know almost nothing about the very important enzymes that are essential for digestion of different foods.  People have not been taught how to eat and drink in an enlightened manner. They eat and drink as if it makes no difference how they put food and liquids in their stomach - just eat what you want, any way you want it, and drink whatever you want, at whatever temperature you want, in any amount you want, and the stomach will magically take care of the digestion process.  Once a person has studied the digestion process in some depth, as our education programs teach, they finally realize that they had been using incredibly naive wishful thinking about the complex digestion of foods. 

It is therefore easy to understand why many people have so much discomfort, sickness, and disease in AmericaThe hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and graveyards have lots of people who never had a good opportunity to learn the sensible and practical enlightened way to consume food and beverages at meal times and also with their in-between meal snacks. They were not taught these vital health care concepts so they did not understand the great importance of the advanced health care concepts that we teach.

In essence, it appears that most people treat their stomach in a similar manner to the food disposal at their kitchen sink.  We can dump the food waste residue into the disposal in any manner (doesn't really matter does it?), turn on the water, and turn on the power switch and the food residue will be ground up into small particles and flushed into the sink drain line.  However, the human stomach is very much different than this.  The digestion of food in the stomach is a complex process, and digestion of food substance then continues in the small intestines and the remaining food particles should also get some digestion in the small intestines and the large intestines (colon) due to trillions of beneficial microorganisms that should be living in the intestinal system.  

Lon Willoughby has studied these complex digestion processes in depth, over a period of years, and he is now convinced that almost everyone needs more education about the complexities of the digestion process.  This special health care education is essential if a person wants to understand how to protect their precious health long-term and potentially increase their lifespan.  And that situation includes most medical doctors and most nurses, chiropractors, dietitians, nutritionists, etc.    What can an ordinary American do to obtain vital health care education that is convenient and practical and cost-effective to learn how to improve digestion substantially?  Have you ever studied the very important subject of "food combining?"  

Food combining concepts are one of several areas where our advanced health care concepts education is exceptionally important. We know how to teach people to eat their food and drink their beverages in a very sensible enlightened manner at meal times. Similar guidelines are applicable during the consumption of snack foods.  Understanding this exceptionally important health care knowledge can be life-changing for most people and it may be life-saving for many people.  This very important health care concept can probably extend a healthy life span by several years.  If started early in life, this vital health care concept may extend a person's lifespan by many years due to greatly improved health.     

As you can see from the relevant questions in the section above, most people need an opportunity to learn practical and sensible guidelines about how they can benefit from very important lifestyle improvements.  Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential oils, probiotics, and proteins are some of the most important types of nutrition supplements to help enhance healthy body functions. 

pH of body fluids:  People also need to understand the great important of pH balance for body fluids and know how to test their pH levels at home conveniently and inexpensively using readily available body fluids (saliva and urine).  Checking the pH of these fluids can provide very important information about your body if you know what the test indications are telling you about your body.

Do Americans Need Health Care Education About Digestion of Foods?

Do most Americans need to have a much better understanding of the digestion process - from mouth to anus?  Lon understands that all teenagers and adults need to understand the four major food groups (types), and they also need to understand the types of enzymes that are absolutely essential to digest different types of food.  This is incredibly important knowledge that very few people understand or even think about, and it is probably the major single reason that Americans have so much sickness and disease and suffering in their older years.  Do you understand the very important basic concepts involved with the science of Food Combining?

Lon's many years of experience with people has shown that most people do not know how to eat food in an enlightened intelligent manner that can greatly facilitate better digestion.  He has developed advanced health care concepts that enable him to educate our clients about these vital issues in an easy to learn and utilize manner.  How important is this advanced health care concepts knowledge?  It is worth all the money that a person has and then some more.  It is life-changing and in most cases, it is life-saving information that can likely add a number of years to the lifespan of most adults.   It is incredibly important!!!!!

Lon has learned that POORLY DIGESTED FOOD is the NUMBER ONE cause of discomfort, sickness, and disease for most people in America.   What kind of health care education do people need to understand the best ways to improve the digestion of various types of food?  Where can people obtain this education in a cost-effective manner?   ( Cost Effective Health Care Education: enables people to save more money in their improved lifestyle than the cost of the education program.  This is truly a WIN - WIN situation! )

Completing one of our advanced health care education programs is the best way, and the most economical way, to obtain the advanced health care concepts that can improve lives quickly in dynamic and remarkable ways.  Our education programs can also help people minimize their potential for sickness, disease, and suffering while they are improving their potential for a substantially longer lifespan.  Are these very important improvements really possible for ordinary people?  Yes, it is possible and it is likely to occur for most people if they use the multiple benefits available from one of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs!

How Can People Obtain Badly Needed Health Care Concepts Education?

THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS:  How are people going to obtain this exceptionally valuable advanced health care concepts knowledge?  What company is ready, willing, and able to provide this kind of practical and sensible health care education in a cost-effective manner - that is also easy to understand and convenient for people to obtain?  

ANSWER:   ABCs of Health, Inc. is the only company that we know of in America that has spent years in learning how to meet these special health care education needs with advanced health care and wellness concepts.  We have developed numerous copyrighted company trade secrets in this regard, and they are worth many millions of dollars because many millions of people in America need this exceptionally valuable advanced health care concepts information

At ABC of Health, we know that there are many situations where taking nutrition supplements in the proper way and at the appropriate time can really help make needed improvements in overall body health and function. We understand that taking appropriate nutritional supplements can also be very helpful with mental health and emotional stability, anxiety and depression conditions, etc.  

We also understand that these types of health conditions affect millions of families in America on a daily basis.   The health care and wellness education programs that we have developed are the best answers available for most people to cope with these very important health care needs. 

NOTE:  Are you curious about what motivated Lon Willoughby to spend thousands of hours in study, over a period of many years, and to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs to develop our advanced health care concepts?   Why was he willing to work hard for 14+ years with no pay at all while learning what he needed to know to be able to develop our advanced health care concepts education programs?  You can read a short report about his motivation and his determination to succeed with this project in a separate department of this Website - see Lon's Motivation icon (at the top or bottom of this Home department)


Lon Willoughby is a very knowledgeable health care and wellness consultant, nutrition consultantand healthy Lifestyle coach.  He knows how to help people improve and protect their precious health assets in practical and sensible ways that are also cost-effective.    That is why he is still surprisingly healthy at his advanced age!   (born on June 5, 1936)

With many years of health care experience and a lot of relevant holistic health care education and training, Lon has acquired exceptionally valuable advanced health care concepts knowledge that can help most people more than they can even imagine being possible.  

 His very good health, his abundant energy and vitality, and his mental abilities at his advanced age are living proof that Lon has learned a lot about health and holistic type health care concepts, energy and vitality, and growing old gracefully while maintaining a healthy body, and a healthy mind (with a steady flexible, reasonable, rational, and upbeat positive mental attitude each day).  Lon has learned that these are very important assets to develop and maintain daily if one wants to enjoy long-term health with abundant energy and vitality into later years.   

You can learn more about Lon Willoughby, his relevant health care training and extensive experiences, in the About ABC department of this Website - and important additional information is available in the Consultations department.

 Health Care Tragedies Occur Weekly In America By The Thousands 

Of the 49,800 people that die in America each week (an average), we estimate that 30,000 to 40,000 people die because they had not been utilizing our  advanced health care concepts.   Yes, our health concepts are really that important!  Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved annually in America if most adults and teenagers were using our health care concepts. 

As explained previously, Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (a South Carolina Corporation), and he has studied important health care issues a lot during the past forty plus years (thousands of hours).  Lon realizes that most Americans will suffer with poor health in their later years due to very serious deficiencies in their health care knowledge.  He has observed that most people do not understand some very important health care maintenance features about their body; consequently, they do not know how to help their body function in an optimized way to protect and preserve their natural health care processes on a daily basis.

After many years of continuing studies (38+ years) about alternative and complementary natural health care concepts, Lon has a very good understanding of the main health care lifestyle issues that are involved in the badly deteriorating health for millions of aging people in America each year.  

He realizes that most Americans have not been educated adequately about some very important health care lifestyle concepts that can greatly affect long-term health.  Learning how to use our advanced health care concepts can help protect precious health assets daily. 

Without benefit of our advanced health care concepts, body deterioration activities can continue silently and unnoticed day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year - until vital health assets have been damaged substantially, and probably severely, before it becomes noticeable.  It will then be very difficult to develop effective corrections to multiple damaged body functions, and it can be expensive and tedious, over a long period of time (many months and probably several years), to partially accomplish these complex corrective actions.  

Obviously, it is much better to take sensible and practical actions now to help minimize such body functions damages and even strive to avoid such damages as much as reasonably possible.  This is a much more effective, efficient, and cost-effective manner of maintaining quality healthcare than ignoring this process until substantial damages have occurred (as many people are currently doing because they do not know this). 

 Serious Health Deterioration Marches On in America

Generation After Generation After Generation

 People Can Have Lots of Health Problems When They Get Older

Many people know that older adults frequently suffer with a lot of discomfort and serious pains from common health deterioration conditions, but they do not understand why these conditions will likely occur for most people in their later years.   

Take a moment to carefully consider the listing below of some major health problems that can occur due to gradual health deterioration: cardiovascular problems - including strokes (with physical and/or mental damage), cancer conditions of several kinds, diabetes and/or hypoglycemia (serious glucose metabolism problems), dementia of several types (Alzheimer's being one type), serious bone weakness problems, fibromyalgia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, muscular sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and other diseases.  

The Very Good News About Health Care Issues

Lon believes that most people can be taught our advanced health care concepts and they can then understand how to help their body be healthier and thereby reduce the potential for serious health problems as they get older.  

Lon believes that most people can be taught advanced health care concepts that can enable them to enjoy more energy, more vitality, more brainpower, better emotional control and stability, and thereby enjoy living longer in better health with more enjoyment, productivity, and success. 

The main focus of our company for many years has been the development of practical, sensible, and cost effective methods of teaching advanced health care concepts that can help people improve their lifestyle in very beneficial ways - and accomplish this for large numbers of people in an easy to use manner that is sensible and cost-effective (saves more money than it costs).

In order to make major advances in health care education for the general public, our personnel have worked diligently during the past several years to develop health care education programs that are easy to understand and utilize.  Our Level One health care concepts education program is the beginning phase of our education program that can help make major improvements in health care education and get on the fast start to a much better lifestyle.

We can conduct an introductory education class on-site at each business that has a suitable room for a classroom type digital projector power-point health care introduction to our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs (about 30 minutes long) during business hours and/or after-hours if needed for some business situations.    

This business health care concepts education program operation plan will enable ABC of Health  personnel to provide our introductory advanced  health care concepts education programs to new business locations each month.  We know that our copyrighted  advanced health care concepts education programs can help people function and perform much better for their employer.  Our education program for employees is designed to help motivate employees to develop healthier personal and family lifestyles that will enable them to enjoy more energy and vitality (physically and mentally). 

In other words, the educated employee can become much more health-conscious over time and can also show their household family members why they should become more health-conscious.  This very important home lifestyle improvement can result in a healthier employee (with improved mental and physical abilities), and the employee's family members can also become healthier over time.  

This very desirable situation can enable a lower stress level and reduce the sickness level for the entire household family.  School age children and teenagers can easily improve their performance at school.  These major family improvements can enable the employee to focus more energy and efforts toward performing at a higher level when working for the employer.  This is a real win-win-win objective where everyone involved wins.

We know that our advanced health care concepts education program can help people begin to feel better and think better, and they can have more energy, more vitality, and more brainpower (and in a more dependable and more reliable manner).  We also understand that educated employees can also gradually become more congenial and cooperative with their fellow employees and with supervisory personnel, and these growing improvement conditions gradually enable the development of a much better employee workforce for the company.  

Our advanced health care concepts education specifically helps motivate people to develop better human relationship skills with other employees as well as with the managers and supervisors - because we teach people why these desirable conditions are actually better for each individual's long-term health interest.  We call this very important health care concept "intelligent enlightened self-interest."  

These multifaceted improvements can enable people to perform their job responsibilities considerably better with more reliability, and reduce mistakes (can be costly), and also reduce health care costs - less sick-time off for employees and also management personnel.  This may result in lower health care insurance costs.     

Our advanced health care concepts education can enable employees to understand very important advanced health care concepts. These health care concepts are a major breakthrough in health care management knowledge - our unique protocols are not generally known or utilized by professional health care practitioners such as: chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, medical doctors and nurses, or nutritionist (listed in alphabetical order).  

Why is this so?  Because Lon Willoughby personally developed our advanced health care concepts (and promptly copyrighted them for ABC's of Health, Inc.); consequently, we are the only company in America that can legally teach these advanced health care concepts the way we do in our easy, practical, and cost-effective manner.  We are not aware of any company anywhere that is teaching a similar advanced health care concepts education program that is designed for the general public.

Our unique health care concepts can substantially improve the physical and mental abilities of most people, and our copyrighted education protocols can enable business managers and their employees to function more effectively and more productively - with more reliability and dependability in each new day.  

These important  performance improvements can help a company function much better than before (before the owner or manager and their employees completed our advanced health care concepts education programs).  These very important performance advantages can help the company become more profitable and more successful and do so much faster than would likely occur if the company did not have the multiple benefits that can occur from the employer and the employees due to our advanced health care concepts education programs.  


Americans Need Our Advanced Health Care Concepts Education

We offer special health care concepts education programs that can help most people achieve major improvements in their health care and wellness status in a relatively short period of time.

 Would you like to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and more physical wellness? 

 Our special health care and wellness education programs can help people enjoy better digestion of foods and vital nutrientsand minimize toxic residue in the digestion process ( that can poison the entire body system through the blood flow system ).  Toxins can poison the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and all other organ systems, causing a loss of energy and vitality throughout the very complex body system.

We know how to help people have more physical and mental energy and strength, enjoy better stress management for improved emotional control and enjoy better sleep, with more relaxation and more enjoyment in their workplace and home duties and activities.    

These very exciting advances in vital health care concepts can help reduce disease and sickness conditions of many types we can help people learn how to have less pain and suffering and enjoy having minimized health care expenses ).  

We know how to help people enjoy a more healthful vitality and better over-all well-being.  This can mean a healthier, longer, and better life for the years ahead. 

How much would some of this incredible advanced health care concepts knowledge be worth to you?

Is it worth a little time for you to check us out and see if we really do know how to help people accomplish  these incredibly important and valuable health care improvements economically and cost-effectively?

Visit our new Health Care Concepts Education Programs Website to

learn more about our advanced health care concepts education programs:

ABC's Very Convenient Health Care Education Programs 

The revised business operation plan for ABC of Health will provide optimized on-site convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for each company that chooses to take advantage of our very valuable  introductory health care concepts education program.   

Our Deluxe advanced health care concepts home-study education program can be adapted for use by owners, managers, supervisors,  professional type employees,  and other types of employees that might want to participate in our life-changing advanced health care concepts education program. 

Our introductory education program is quick and easy to understand and it is enjoyable - while we provide an overview of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs (our Basic and our Deluxe programs).  We explain the benefits and features, and show the great need for this type of health care education for almost everyone (even medical doctors and nurses, and other types of health care professionals).  For obvious reasons, we do not offer our health care concepts education programs to our competitors in the health care field.  We will not help them learn and use our health trade secrets. 

Where Is Our Company Located?  

Although we have closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, our business name, mail address, phone numbers, and Websites continue in operation because our Corporation is still in the natural healthcare education business.  Our office is still located in Mauldin, but it is not open to the public.  This situation enables us to have more time to focus our attention and marketing efforts toward providing our short introduction education seminars (30 minutes) about our Basic and Deluxe Advanced Health Care Concepts Home-study Education Programs for as many businesses as possible each month (in the Greenville area).   

We also plan to expand our copyrighted health care improvement training services in the future by training other health care concepts instructors so we can provide our special introductory health care education class to company personnel in other areas of the state (Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, and eventually, many other cities and towns throughout South Carolina).  

At some point in time, Lon Willoughby may decide to offer our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs in other states because he is well aware that practically all Americans need our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs badly.  However, Lon is also very much aware of the appalling and disgusting self-serving unfair and unethical corruption that can easily occur in the judicial systems in America.   That very unfortunate situation makes it dangerous for our company to do business in other states due to the potential for litigation actions in other states that could be very expensive for our company.  Currently, we simply avoid those dangers.

Judicial Actions Can Be Extremely Corrupt -

Especially For Non-resident Litigants

Judicial corruption is apparently common-place practice, and the U.S. Supreme Court frequently allows lower courts (trial courts and appellate courts) to get away with extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions by simply not reviewing their unfair, unethical, self-serving appellate court decision.  The high court only hears about 40 to 50 cases per year so it is very easy for state appellate courts and federal appellate courts to get away with rendering extremely unfair, unethical, and fraudulent decisions that are self-serving for the legal brotherhood (members of the legal profession in any capacity - attorneys, lawyers, judges, etc.). 

Lon Willoughby knows that these situations are happening in America because he personally exposed very serious judicial corruption to the U.S. Supreme Court twice, in two separate appeal cases that he filed with the high court; they did absolutely nothing to correct the extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions that Lon exposed in substantial detail to the high court in each of his appeal cases.  (One was a state court case that had gone through the state appellate court system and one was a federal court case that had gone through the federal appellate court system.)    

Our ABC of Health.biz Website contains a Justice department that presents Lon Willoughby's 13-page short story about some of the appalling and disgusting judicial actions that he personally experienced over a 21+ years period of related ongoing litigation actions involving numerous trial court judges and appellate court judges in a distant state . 

L0n was a non-resident litigant in those state courts, and he was generally treated like a foreigner although he is a natural born American citizen, and a 4-years military veteran, and had served 19 years as a federal government employee.  

Left click your mouse on the link below if you want to quickly scroll through our Justice department (our .biz Website).


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How Can We Help You?

It may benefit you greatly to learn about us so you can obtain a better understanding of how we may be able to help people improve their health in remarkable ways.  Lon Willoughby has developed special advanced health care concepts that are proprietary trade secret of our CorporationThey are not available in any other health care related facility in the Greenville, SC area, or anywhere else in the State of South Carolina, or anywhere else in America - as far as we know.   These advanced health care concepts are copyrighted and we own the copyrights.  Consequently, no other company can teach these concepts without violating our copyrights (a federal crime and subject to a civil lawsuit also).  

Lon's very valuable health care experiences with many people have shown that most people can be helped much more than they might think possible before they meet and talk with him.  He is our very healthy 79 years old Health Care and Wellness Consultant, Nutrition Consultant, and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.   His extensive holistic type health care experiences, training, and wellness knowledge can be worth a lot of money for mostpeople (many thousands of dollars per person) because they can be life-changing for most people and probably life-saving for many people.

Fortunately, our exceptionally valuable advanced health care concepts home-study education programs are very reasonable priced.  It is important for people to understand that our proprietary health care education programs  are available to selected citizens of South Carolina living in the Greenville area.    

Prior to the closing of our health store on April 24, 2014, visitors could come in for a short visit in our unique Health and Wellness Center and see our facility.  It was open on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Visitors could usually talk with Lon briefly and get a feel for some of the ways that he could help people improve their health substantially.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week was reserved for client health consultations.

Lon knows how to help people learn how to quickly reduce stress, and anxiety or depression, and improve energy production and vitality, sleep better, have better mental focus and functions and improve emotional control. He also knows how to help people begin performing better on the job with co-workers and management personnel and also function  better with a spouse, children, relatives and friends.

Lon knows how to help people quickly understand how to develop more appreciation, patience, tolerance, and understanding with other people in a self-enlightened way.  Visitors were likely glad that they visited with us and talked briefly with Lon Willoughby about their health care concerns (for themselves and/or other family members).

When people visited our Health and Wellness Center, they could see that we had selected several brands of quality health promoting nutrition supplement products and health promoting equipment products to ensure that our customers could have convenient access to these important products at fair competitive prices.

Our unique Health and Wellness facility could enable people to obtain quality health promoting products from a local company that operated in a competent, reliable, and responsible manner - owned and managed by a local person that truly cared about the health and long-term well being and happiness of our customers. 

NOTES:  Lon and his wife Janie moved to Mauldin, South Carolina from Panama City, Florida in the fall of 1977, because Lon received a requested transfer and promotion to a training officer position at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (with the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA).  There were only 13 such positions in the entire Southern Region of the FAA, and Lon had to compete for this one vacancy against 42 other qualified candidates to finally be selected for that position.  Lon resigned from the FAA after 19 years because he was sick and tired of the ever-present government bureaucracy.  He was an entrepreneur at heart, and he simply could not be converted to a bureaucrat.

Janie retired from teaching at Mauldin High School in June 2007, after teaching in public schools for 39 years (mostly in the social studies field at the high school level).  Janie earned her bachelor's degree at Winthrop College, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  She subsequently earned her Master's in Education at Furman University in Greenville, SC.  Janie grew up in the Chester, South Carolina area.

Important Caution and Warning:  

Please do not be penny-wise and pound foolish with your long-term health, as many people do for too many years.  Thousands of people die daily in Americans, and our personnel understand that most of them die because they did not have the advanced health care concepts knowledge that we teach in our health care concepts education programs.   Think about this situation for a moment:  on average, 7,115 people die daily in America - that is 49,800 dying weekly, and almost 200,000 dying monthly, amounting to about 2.6 million people dying in Americans annually.  (2013 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention )  See www.CDC.org/.  

The death rate statistics shown above can help you get a quick overview understanding of the incredible importance of the advanced health care concepts that our home-study education programs teach, because our advanced health care concepts knowledge could have likely enabled more than 60% of those people, and maybe 70% to 80% of those people, to learn how to save their life and live years longer in much better health (if they had learned our advanced health care concepts a few years before they got sick enough to die). 

You can begin to learn about some of our vital health care concepts quickly by visiting our Vital Health Care Concepts department.  See the link for that department at the top or bottom of this Home department.  This is FREE health care concepts information that can help you get started today with taking better care of your precious health.  You can make a quick detour over to that department by using the convenient link below;  use your back arrow icon to come back to this exact location.  

Vital Health Care Concepts  department

Other departments of this Introductory Website, and our ABCofHealth.biz Website, provide additional health care concepts information that is FREE (when used in compliance with our Terms and Conditions).  This valuable free health care concepts information is presented by our health care and wellness consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach

Taking responsible actions today to begin taking much better care of your precious health is much more important and much smarter than trying to save some dollars with trial and error guesswork decisions about important health care issues that can go on for many years, and probably get much worse over time (and be much more difficult and much more expensive to try to correct at a later time - months or years from now).   Our FREE health care concepts can help you get started today in taking much better care of yourself. 

Special Health Care Concepts Info For You

Some of our advanced health care concepts education can be accomplished online and through the mail.  If you have an interest in what we are doing and want to learn more about the options available to you for our health care education programs in your area, go to our Contact ABC department and send us an Email that requests additional information (tell us about yourself: age, height, weight, your health conditions, and tell us what you want us to help you accomplish for your health care improvement). 

We will be glad to communicate with you about our advanced health care concepts home-study training programs if you are an American citizen and live in the state of South Carolina as a permanent resident and have a Zip Code that begins with 296 _ _.  Otherwise, we are unable to try to help you at this time.


 Do you believe that you already know about all you need to 

know about a healthy lifestyle and our vital health care concepts?  

Would You Like to Take our FREE Test?

Visitors to our health store could complete our one page questionnaire about vital health care concepts knowledge and see how well they did.   Most people were surprised at how little they knew about these very important health care concepts.  How could they know very important health care concepts that they had not been taught at any point in their lifetime?

Taking our test could quickly give customers a responsible valid basis for considering whether or not it would be smart for them to attend our Level One Health Care Education ClassCustomers could obtain exceptionally valuable health care concepts information from this one hour long introductory power point type presentation.  The class was developed by our very knowledgeable holistic minded health care consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby).  

Lon knows how to help people learn how to spend their health care money much more wisely, and improve their lifestyle substantially by using some of our copyrighted vital health care conceptsCustomers could begin getting much better health care results quickly, and they could enjoy health benefits faster and more effectively than before after they had attended our Level One  and  Level Two health care concepts education classes

Yes, this was a smart way for our customers to learn about some of Lon's vital health care concepts that could affect their health substantially each day for the rest of their life.  Now that we have closed our health and wellness facility, we do not offer those classes any more.  However, it is smart and wise for visitors to this Website to spend some time reviewing the very valuable health care concepts that we provide Free in several departments of this Website. 

We recommend that you review the information presented in our Vital Health Care Concepts department and also review the information presented in our Consultation and our Nutrition- Basic departments.  After those department reviews, you will have a better understanding of the type of very valuable advanced health care concepts education programs that we now offer to qualified American citizens who live in the Greenville area.    

NOTE:  Our resident health care and wellness consultant knows how to help people learn how to get on the fast track to better health and wellness with more energy and vitality and enjoy each day much more - with less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and much more happiness, with a stronger sense of achievement and personal satisfaction and accomplishment.  

How much would that kind of advanced health care concepts education be worth to you and your family members (spouse and children living with you in your primary home)?  It is only available from our company.   Visit this Website to obtain more information about our health concepts education programs.


Information About Our Voice Mail System  

Our voice mail system can take your phone call at all times that we are not available to answer the phone (during our business hours or after hours - 24 hours per day, seven days per week )  You can leave us a voice mail message whenever it is convenient for you to do so. 

If you get our voice mail system when you call us, please leave us a message about your interests in health care issues (up to six minutes long).   Please speak slowly and clearly and state your name and phone number twice to make sure that we can understand your recorded name and phone number.  Thank you.

Lon and Janie Willoughby - Background Information

Lon Willoughby grew up on a farm in Columbus County, North Carolina (about 40 miles inland from Myrtle Beach, SC), and Janie grew up on a farm in Chester County, South Carolina (about 30 miles from Rock Hill, SC).  That farming background is a very important factor in their combined knowledge about plants and animals, and that valuable knowledge is quite beneficial in their current work in the nutrition and health care field. 

It was a miracle that Janie and Lon found each other in the big city of Jacksonville, Florida, but fortune smiled on them, and they did find each other by becoming next door neighbors in a large apartment complex.   They got married in 1970, in Jacksonville.  Janie was a school teacher and Lon was a career employee with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), working as a highly trained and skilled electronics technician at the nearby FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hillard, Florida (about 30 miles away from his apartment).  He later transferred to the Jacksonville International Airport FAA facility (which was much closer to his apartment location).

Lon and Janie have been together now for 44 years, and they still make an excellent team working together to help improve the lives of many people.   Janie retired from teaching school in 2007, after teaching in public school systems for 39 years.  She specialized in teaching subjects in the social studies field, and she taught high school student subjects (American History, Civics, Economics, Government, Psychology, etc.).  

Janie was qualified to teach all of those subjects, but she had a deep appreciation for America History and this was one of the subjects that she taught for many years.  That extensive teaching experience enabled Janie to become an expert in American History. 

Janie continues to use some of that very valuable knowledge and teaching experience because she now works with her husband (Lon) at ABC of Health.   Her knowledge about social studies courses, and especially American History, plays a very important role in the citizenship education that is a component part of each education phase (Levels One, Two, and Three) in both of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs (our Basic and Deluxe programs). 

We realize that some people who are looking at our health care education programs for the first time may feel like they do not have any interest in becoming more knowledgeable about very important aspects of our American history and our American government.   Consequently, we understand that some people might object at first to us including those important subjects in our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs

It is importnat to understand that our education programs are designed to help our clients become very healthy and competent American citizens and patriots who love this remarkable country and help them develop a stronger appreciation for our incredible American heritage.  

Janie and Lon both understand how important it is for adult American citizens to get a useful review and refresher about some very important history and government concepts.  They therefore present this citizenship education information as an addendum to our advanced health care concepts education programsThis information is presented in an interesting way that makes it easy for our clients to learn very important selected portions of our American history and some especially important aspects of our American government.  We understand that responsible American citizens really do need to know and understand certain portions of our citizenship concepts education because these are very important concepts about American citizenship. 

We believe that our clients will be very glad that they learned or re-learned these very important citizenship concepts.  They will become more confident about their own citizenship and they will likely become more patriotic about America and our very special heritage with rights and freedoms never before available to other people on Planet Earth before the development of our republic form of government.   The people that strongly object to having to learn (relearn) this citizenship concepts type information will not be able to qualify to lease one of our advanced health care concepts education programs
Relevant Information About Lon's Background
Over a period of many years, Lon's ongoing self-directed holistic type natural health care education projects required a lot of very confusing and complex and difficult science-oriented work, involving many thousands of hours of health care research studies and also thousands of hours of actual health care working experiences with more than a thousand people ( in our health and wellness store business for 14+ years ). 

It turns out that his upbringing on a complex farm environment was exceptionally beneficial to Lon because this farming experience enable him to learn how various food crops are planted, fertilized, nurtured, and raised.   Lon then acquired college level science training in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering mathematics courses into calculus.  Like his father, he had a natural technical aptitude, and he was very curious about how things worked - what makes electricity work, how do electric motors work, what makes gasoline engines run, and what makes photography work, films, etc. 

Lon worked in the very complex electronics industry for 21 years [ United States Air Force (2 years) and then with the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA ( for 19 years) ].  He worked at Air Route Traffic Control Facilities, at RADAR Facilities, and at Air Traffic Control Towers.  He also worked with microwave link data transmission  systems, communications systems (VHF and UHF), digital data processing systems, and VOR and TACAN systems (used by commercial airlines and private airplanes for cross-country navigation signal information). 

All of that work with very complex electronic systems of numerous types for many years enabled Lon to develop very important critical thinking skills, and those special skills served him well in his subsequent complex studies in the fields of nutrition and human health care concepts. 

Those special attributes and skills were very helpful to Lon when he was accomplishing his comprehensive holistic health care evaluations and numerous research learning projects.  He was determined and committed to searching for important ways to protect human health, above and beyond what is commonly known by most people working within the health care field (nurses, medical doctors, dietitians, and nutritionist).  He searched to find practicable and sensible ways for people to live better and longer with minimized health problems and disease conditions.  He wanted to find ways to minimize the human suffering that is so common in America - especially for older people in their "golden years."

Over the years, Lon purchased more than 600 health care type books for his personal library and the health care library that he subsequently developed for this Corporation.  This was accomplished while he was working progressively on his ongoing self-directed health care education project.  Those reference books cost Lon and this Corporation many thousand dollars. 

As the president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lon's complex self-directed health care education project is still ongoing, and he routinely purchases several hundred dollars worth of health care related books each year as additional health care reference sources.  He typically purchases about 700 dollars worth of health reference books and research reports each year to help him keep up to date with some of the latest and best health care education research information.  

From this brief review of cost factors (time and money), you can see why we must charge reasonable fees for the lease of our advanced health care concepts education programs that Lon Willoughby has developed for this company.  Obviously, we must make a responsible effort to gradually recover the substantial costs involved with our large investment of time, effort, and money to develop our advanced health care concepts education programsThey can really help people a lot and enable many them to live much healthier lives and probably live longer lives (depends upon the individual's age and current health, and how well they use our concepts).

This has been an incredibly important health care improvement project, and the price that most people pay to lease one of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs is just a small token amount of what it has cost Lon Willoughby personally, and what it has cost this Corporation, for Lon to learn how to develop many advanced health care concepts for ABC's of Health, Inc. (more than 50 copyrighted health care concepts)

Our home-study education programs will enable us to teach many people the advanced health care concepts that Lon developed over a period of many years.  Millions of people in South Carolina need to obtain one of our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs as quickly as possible (AQAP). 

Obviously, many more millions of Americans across the USA need this advanced health care concepts education also, but at the present time, our advanced health care concepts home-study education programs are only available to people who are American citizens and citizens of the State of South Carolina, living in the Greenville area (Zip code of 296_ _ ).  



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