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This is a Natural Healthcare Education Website.
We provides a lot of important h
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that is Free - introduces visitors to Healthy Lifestyle Education.


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Introduction and Quick Overview Of This Large Website

This is a very special Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website - it provides a lot of
very important and valuable
natural healthcare concepts that can be Free to visitors.
Nutrition products are not sold here - a credit card is not needed for this Website.

Would you like to be healthier, both physically and mentally (and emotionally)?  Would you
like to learn how you can be more successful with all of your duties, goals, and ambitions?
Would you like to learn how to have more energy, vitality, and contentment and happiness?
Would you like to learn how to reduce and minimize most sickness and disease conditions?
Would you like to learn how to slow down the aging process and enjoy living a longer life?

All of these objectives are possible and likely with our natural healthcare education.

These are some of the exciting goals that we have for our "qualified education clients."

     This unique Website will introduce you to the life-changing and life-saving natural healthcare
education services that we offer our clients.  All adult American citizens need to visit this special Website and learn about the remarkable natural healthcare concepts that our company has discovered, developed, and copyrighted to help resolve some of America's most important and most serious health conditions.  We know how to improve physical health conditions and emotional - mental conditions

     Our very important and
very valuable proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts have the potential to help millions of American citizens learn how to live a healthier and more successful life with more energy and vitality and more reliable brainpower, with less sickness and disease conditions. 

     Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and spend some time reviewing the vital information at this Website.

     The founder and president of our South Carolina Corporation, Lonnie Willoughby, is 81 years of age, and he is living proof that he knows a lot about truly effective natural healthcare concepts.  He is still very healthy with no aches, no pains, and very good physical functionality. 

     His annual physical medical test results are impressive in that his
blood and lipid and urinalysis test results look very good (like a man that is much younger).  Fortunately, Lon is still healthy enough at age 81 that he does not need to take any pharmaceutical prescription drugs

     This Website will show that Lon has many years of relevant technical education, healthcare research work, healthcare discovery work and extensive learning experiences with a lot of actual health and wellness store work experiences with many customers about very important natural healthcare concepts and various natural healthcare issues.

     As president of ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health, Lon knows how to help "ordinary Americans" learn how to improve their health status substantially and also reduce
and minimize their potential for suffering with sickness and disease conditions that are quite common for Americans.  He also knows how to slow down the typical aging process that afflicts most adults in America.

Lon understands that serious health conditions relentlessly damage millions of good American citizens each year that goes by. This Website shows how we can help our "qualified education clients" reduce and minimize their potential to be afflicted by such undesirable health conditions.

    We estimate that thousands of Americans die each week ( probably 10,000+) because they were not using the very important natural healthcare concepts that we offer visitors as Free healthcare gifts.

How important can this special Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website be to you?

     This is very likely one of the most helpful and useful healthcare-related Websites that you have ever visited!  Stay with us a few more minutes to see and understand why we can make this bold statement confidently.  We provide a lot of natural healthcare concepts that can help you revitalize your lifestyle.

American is a remarkable country that offers a lot of freedom for individuals
and for businesses
, but we have a very serious problem - most of our citizens
 do not know how to maintain the very important good health that they had in
  their early years of life.  In essence, America has very serious health problems.

Our company has developed remarkable educational solutions for many of these problems.

The USA is used to being Number One in many things, but good healthcare is not one of
those things
.  Reliable research has shown that we are way down the list for important
healthcare issues - with more than 25 countries ahead of us for vital healthcare quality.

We provide very important healthcare research data for your review, and our Healthcare Myths
department will explain why so many American citizens will likely have serious health problems.

People in America are dying at the rate of almost 50,000 per week - many deaths occur
because citizens do not know how to take good care of their
natural healthcare assets.
They do not know about the natural healthcare concepts that can be Free at this Website.

These Free healthcare concepts are worth thousands of dollars - consider that
thousands die weekly in the USA because they did not use our healthcare concepts.

 We understand that our Free natural healthcare concepts can help save many lives.

Lon Willoughby has studied these natural healthcare concepts a lot, and he realizes that American  citizens do not have adequate education about these very important natural healthcare concepts.

He has spent thousands of hours researching, discovering, reviewing, and learning about
how to improve healthcare actions naturally (without drugs), and we have invested more than
1.6 million dollars in our quest to find ways to educate Americans about improving their health.

This very special Website shares some of
our copyrighted natural healthcare concepts
with visitors to help them begin making important improvements in their personal lifestyles.

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We are unique natural healthcare concepts educators, and we have developed

some very important major breakthroughs in natural healthcare concepts education.

Our natural healthcare concepts education can help save millions of American lives.

We help visitors learn that people can be healthier and have more energy, vitality,

and better brain power (with better memory, learning ability, better emotions, etc.)

We also show visitors that it is possible to protect their health for a much better life

by greatly reducing and minimizing their potential for serious disease conditions.

This Website will share important information with you about our health education opportunities.

We encourage you to get excited and go on a treasure hunt for natural healthcare concepts at this
educational Website - they can enable you to make important improvements in your lifestyle today.


Our Websites are all programmed for viewing by computer displays, tablets, and smartphone displays.  However, if you have the option of viewing this Website on a computer display or a tablet display, rather than the smaller smartphone display, you will enjoy your multiple visits at this Website more because of the size and complexity of this very important natural healthcare concepts education Website

     Look at the top of this Home department to see a listing of the different departments of information that we provide for this Website.  Some departments are more important than others, but most of them contain very important natural healthcare concepts that can be helpful to most visitors. 

     We published information that can be helpful, instructive, and very beneficial for most visitors.  You have found a Gold Mine of special natural healthcare concepts that is unique in America.

    This Website provides a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts that are copyrighted, and ABC of Health is the only company in America that can legally publish our corporate trade secrets.  Therefore, you will not find our very special simplified proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare concepts published in this manner anywhere else - not on the Internet, not in health books, etc. 

     Our natural healthcare concepts are available publicly only at our Websites, and we have some restrictions on how visitors can use our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts, as you will learn at the appropriate time at this Website.  

     The large amount of natural healthcare concepts information presented at this Website is easier to review conveniently on the larger computer or tablet displays than on smaller  smartphone displays because we have several large departments of helpful information.

     In some situations, the smartphone display will not show some things as well as the larger display screens - this will be noticeable when viewing our Email Forms and our chart and map displays. 

     In addition to those situations, we use colors a lot in our text presentations - to make them more interesting and also more understandableThe colors presented for text on a computer display or a tablet display can provide a more enjoyable review and study of our very important and valuable proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts.

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     LIBRARIES:  Most modern public libraries contain computers that are available for use by library members.  The library employee on duty can easily and quickly show a library member how to use the computer to get on the Internet and visit this Website, or other Websites.   This is a super value library service for people who do not have convenient access to a computer or tablet display.

     For the multiple reasons stated above, you will likely enjoy using one of the larger display screens when you are ready to make a serious detailed review and study of any of our large and complex Websites.  We provide several Websites that can be very helpful to our health-conscious clients.

    If your smartphone is much more convenient, by all means, see how it works.  It may work reasonably well for most text displays, but the small screen size will likely have some limitations as noted above - this may be especially noticeable when you visit our  Website at: www.AdvancedHealthcareConcepts. com. (Some smartphones may not be able to select the various departments at this Website.)

     When you have an opportunity to review our large complex Websites on a computer or a tablet display, please check it out and compare that presentation with viewing on your smartphone display.  You will see that the larger screen devices are easier to control and manage for departments that present a lot of information; computers and tablets will likely provide a more comfortable and convenient detailed review of our large Websites. 

     Our Websites are Gold Mines of important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that can help visitors a lot - if they agree to comply with our Terms of Use Conditions

     We understand how important and valuable our natural healthcare concepts can be to our visitors, and we want them to enjoy interesting multiple visits to our Websites.

We are an "Alternative Health" and "Complementary Health"

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Company

We are in the natural healthcare education business and we specialize

in helping people learn about ways to be healthier and happier with life,

have more success, and enjoy a much better life in many important ways.

We have developed and copyrighted Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts

that are truly a major breakthrough in natural healthcare management concepts.

(Life-changing concepts for all clients and life-saving concepts for many clients)

Consequently, Our Company

Can Provide Very Important and Very Valuable

 Holistic Type Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

holistic adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole 

holistic medicine noun treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease

     The healthcare information that follows is written to be helpful to everyone that visits this Website.
You can learn very important and very valuable healthcare concepts by reviewing this information.

     You will probably be surprised and pleased with our remarkable natural healthcare concepts.  Our special healthcare concepts can help you improve your life for the better, and this very valuable healthcare information can be Free - our gifts to you (with your agreement to use our proprietary and copyrighted healthcare concepts gifts in responsible compliance with our Terms of Use Conditions)

     Visitors to this Website can learn about very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts
that can improve their lifestyle substantially.  You will be very smart and wise to use some of our
very beneficial special natural healthcare concepts to enjoy major improvements in your lifestyle.

Very Important Natural Healthcare Education Information:

We are currently developing remarkable Advanced

Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

that will explain many of the 50+ copyrighted healthcare trade secrets

developed for ABC of Health by our corporate president, Lonnie Willoughby.

We will present a helpful review down below of some healthcare benefits

that our Deluxe Education Program will provide for our "qualified clients."

The natural healthcare subjects that will be listed below will spotlight some of the very

important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that everyone needs to understand.

Reading through these subjects can be enlightening for all visitors to this Website

because they can learn about natural healthcare concepts that can be life-changing.

Before we get started with our review of these important natural healthcare issues,

lets consider some helpful information that may be important for some of our visitors. 

Information For Our First-time Visitors

Are You In a Hurry Right Now?

     We understand that you may be in a hurry right now, but if so, you can quickly put this Website in your Favorites and visit us again when you have some time to explore this very special Website.  We recommend that you take a few moments to read the info right below before you decide to leave.

     The time you spend with this unique Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website can enable you to improve your life in important ways that can help you more than you can even imagine right now. The special natural healthcare concepts presented at this Website can help you begin improving your healthcare actions quickly.  Yes, most of our visitors can choose to change their  life for the better by simply using some of our natural healthcare concepts as Free gifts.
     Your responsible enlightened (well informed) natural healthcare improvement actions can be very important to your future.  In fact, using some of our natural healthcare concepts can be some of the most important natural healthcare improvement actions that you will ever take in your lifetime

     Our proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare concepts
can substantially improve the way your body works, in some very important respects.  Getting started right away with these very important natural healthcare improvement actions will increase the benefits that you will ultimately receive from your very smart actionsEvery day is important in this healthcare improvement process, and you can easily get started today - if you choose to do so.
     Our Home department presentations explain some of the ways that our special proprietary advanced natural healthcare concepts can help our "qualified education clients" (qualified clients) in remarkable ways.  Our special advanced natural healthcare concepts can greatly improve a qualified client's ability to accomplish whatever they want to achieve with their lifetime opportunities - at work and in their personal life with family and friends.  

     Visitors to this Website will be able to review some of the remarkable natural healthcare advantages and benefits that our qualified clients can enjoy in their lifetime.  We want visitors to understand some of the remarkable potential healthcare advantages that our advanced natural healthcare concepts can provide for our qualified education clients.

     By reviewing this natural healthcare information, visitors can become aware of some advanced natural healthcare concepts that might help them a lot.  This awareness can enable our visitors to see important reasons for getting motivated to begin improving their lifestyles in practical and sensible ways.  Most visitors can make very important and valuable lifestyle improvements by using the helpful guidance that our Free natural healthcare concepts provide at this Introductory Educational Website.

 Additional Information
For First-time Visitors

     This unique Website presents a special opportunity to review very important alternative health natural healthcare concepts that can have a very beneficial effect on your life - for the rest of your life.  This very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts information can be Free to most people that have access to this Website.  However, using our proprietary natural healthcare concepts must comply responsibly with our Terms of Use conditions. (Some people are excluded from this access.)

     Hopefully, you already understand that your precious health is worth millions of dollars.  Yes, that's right, millions of dollars.  You are unique, like no other person, and your potential is practically unlimited - if you can get the help that you will need to develop over time to your lifetime potential.  Our Free natural healthcare concepts can probably help most visitors a lot throughout their lifetime!

     One of the most important goals that you can have in life is to learn how to take very good care of your incredible body.  This may be a new healthcare concept to you.  However, it is very difficult to learn how to defend and protect your natural healthcare assets in  this product-oriented world. 

     Most people are much more interested in acquiring things than in acquiring very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  Consequently, most of the American marketplace is arranged and organized to conveniently offer a broad assortment of "things" for people to purchase.

     The very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge that we offer our "qualified clients" is a specialty service that will not be found in the conventional marketplace.  However, our healthcare education services are reported herein using the amazing Internet capability.

     Not taking time to search for and acquire a practical and useful understanding of our special natural healthcare concepts effectively results in tens of thousands of Americans losing their life every week, and those tragic situations occur again and again on a weekly basis.

     Stop and think about those tragic situations for a few momentsIt has been said that "knowledge is power" and we understand that natural healthcare concepts knowledge is some of the most beneficial and powerful knowledge that you can acquire.  It can be exceptionally important for every American.

     Choosing to actively learn natural healthcare knowledge is a very important decision in life, and you better get this decision right or it can easily cost you your life, as it clearly does tens of thousands of Americans each week.  Unfortunately, most Americans casually ignore this incredibly important responsibility until it is too late for them, resulting in many thousands of premature deaths weekly.

     It seems that everyone is looking for the "magic pill or potion" to make it very easy to casually enjoy better health the lazy way.  However, take it from Lon Willoughby, after studying natural healthcare concepts during the past 47 years, the really smart way to enjoy better health is to responsibly learn how to develop a truly healthy lifestyle that encompasses all of the major parameters of natural health promoting actions: healthy positive attitudes, moderate sensible exercise, good food prepared and eaten in an enlightened manner, and with the added benefits of some remarkable pills and potions

     Yes, there are some really good pills and potions in the marketplace, and Lon uses some of them daily, but his enlightened healthy lifestyle is the core support for his very good health at age 81. 

     Please understand that there is a lot of good natural healthcare information in the marketplace, but most of it is limited in scope.  In general, it does not adequately educate a person about developing a really healthy lifestyle in a comprehensive manner.  Most of this information can help one improve some important aspects of a lifestyle, but it is not comprehensive enough to include some of our special vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts

     Comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education is very difficult to find.  Why is this true?  Because it takes many years of natural healthcare study, researching, discovering, learning, and evaluating the major natural healthcare concepts that are involved with this very complex healthcare knowledge in order to finally develop a practical, responsible, and sensible education program that is comprehensive and yet simplified enough to be very helpful to ordinary people.  Who has actually accomplished this very difficult. very complex. herculean healthcare education feat in a practical way?

     Lon Willoughby has many years of study and experience in alternative health natural healthcare concepts, and he has learned that most medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionist, and other healthcare practitioners do not fully understand what people really need to know about the most important practical aspects of natural healthcare concepts

     Some of these important dedicated healthcare practitioners may have acquired a lot of important and valuable healthcare education, training, and experience, but Lon has learned that these healthcare practitioners were not taught all of the major natural health parameters of a natural healthy lifestyle

     It has taken many years of research, discovery, study, and evaluation for Lon to put the major pieces of this very complex natural healthcare concepts puzzle together in a comprehensive practical way.

How is ABC of Health different from other healthcare educators?

     Our unique natural healthcare concepts education company specializes in helping our "qualified clients" learn the natural healthcare concepts that can make very important practical improvements in their natural healthcare management actions and in their natural healthcare protective actions. 

     This Website presents natural healthcare concepts introductory information that can be very helpful to our English speaking visitors, wherever they may live on this incredible Planet Earth.

     This very special Natural Healthcare Education Website can enable visitors to learn how they can: 

     1 become more healthcare conscious about their personal responsibility to take good care of their very  important natural healthcare assets on a daily basis and 

     2.  begin taking important natural healthcare actions that can improve their lifestyle a lot.  We help visitors focus more time and efforts toward becoming a better "body healthcare manager CEO."

     3.  begin to consider how they can get better nutrition into their body on a daily basis and become much more cautious about consuming any of the broad assortment of harmful junk foods and junk drinks that tempt many American consumers on a daily basis.   Please remember that most of those type products are physiologically addictive and also psychologically addictive.  Be very careful!

     4. learn very important natural healthcare concepts information (presented at this Website) that can help visitors begin using some of our very valuable natural healthcare concepts - beginning today,

     5.  review important and valuable natural healthcare concepts in several departments of this Website; most visitors are allowed to review all of these natural healthcare concepts at no cost. 

     We are striving to help educate and motivate our visitors (worldwide) to begin taking better care of their natural healthcare assets (those very important assets will be explained in Topic 2 of our Home Extension 1 department). 

     Please understand that ABC of Health is in the natural healthcare concepts education business so we cannot afford to give away too many of our very important natural healthcare conceptsWe are not a government funded charity type education operationLike other privately held business corporations, we must earn enough money to enable us to stay in business. You can understand this.

     Your initial learning phase at this Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website can be the beginning of an exciting treasure hunt for important and valuable natural healthcare concepts

     We will also introduce you to additional opportunities for learning about other valuable natural healthcare concepts that we publish at some of our other Websites.  You will soon understand why we use multiple Websites to present important introductory level natural healthcare concepts for people who take time to review the important and valuable healthcare concepts presented at this Website.

   The Free special healthcare concepts that we offer most visitors are available to people anywhere that have Internet access.  Consequently, your family members and friends who have internet access may also visit this special Website.  You will learn later that there are some substantial size groups of people in America that we specifically exclude from having full access to all of this Website. 

     You or some of your relatives or friends may be associated with these restricted groups of people and if that situation occurs, those people will not be invited to visit all departments of this large Website.  You will learn about these situations when you visit our Terms of Use department later on.

     Our Free natural healthcare concepts can be used and enjoyed by most non-excluded visitors each day - for the rest of their life.  These are fabulous natural healthcare concepts educational gifts that reward most non-excluded visitors for taking time to review the important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that we publish at this Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website!  

    Let yourself get excited about this natural healthcare concepts education adventure because it can change your life for the better in very important ways at no cost to you - and you can get started today!

     Lon and his wife Janie are both skilled and dedicated educators, and Lon has developed the ability to take
complex natural healthcare issues and present them in easy to understand simplified natural healthcare concepts - as shown in the very important natural healthcare concepts below.

Let's take a look at some natural healthcare concepts
that can help our "qualified education clients" a lot.

 Important Nutrition Concepts

Everyone needs to know how to identify the four major types of food and also learn about

  the different type of enzymes that are essential for proper digestion of these four types of food.

With this very important and very valuable natural healthcare knowledge, and other important

natural healthcare concepts that will be revealed below, our "qualified clients" can learn how

to greatly improve their digestion of food and also improve the elimination of food residue.

Can you quickly name the four major types of food?  Do you also understand the

different types of enzymes that are essential in helping digest each type of food?

Do you understand pH considerations in the stomach for digestion of different

types of food?  Do you understand how temperatures affect this enzyme activity?

Our qualified clients will learn how to make remarkable improvements in their lifestyle.

They will learn vital features of Enzymes, Herbs, Hormones, Minerals (major, minor, trace),

Nutraceuticals, Probiotics, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, and also some very special Vitamins.

They will learn that mineral supplements can be more important than vitamin supplements, but

they will learn how to use both types of supplements to greatly improve their health potential.

They will learn how to improve energy, vitality, and stamina - feel better and enjoy life much more.

Learn how special nutrition can improve brain functions for better memory, recall, learning ability. 

 Use nutrition to increase creativity, productivity, and enjoy more success with everything they do.

Use special nutrition supplements to quickly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression naturally

and improve attitudes, emotions, and performance easily through better nutrition for the body.

Very Important Diet Considerations

What diet are you using in your lifestyle right now?  It is important to realize that everyone

has a diet program of some sort.  It may be very casual and not organized to achieve a specific

objective, but it is still a diet programIt is whatever is consumed daily (food and beverages).

Many people tend to follow the same type of diet that their parents provided as they grew up. 

Some people use one of the popular diet books as their guide to having a well-organized diet

to help them achieve certain objectives (usually weight loss).  (good diet books are available)

Adults and teenagers need to learn about important diet concepts that can affect their life a lot.

They need to understand glycemic considerations that affect their diet daily, with every meal.

What are simple carbohydrates?  What are complex carbohydrates?  Which carbs are best to eat?

How much carbohydrates do you need to consume daily?  Is too much carbohydrates harmful to

your body?   What will likely happen to your body if you eat too much carbohydrate type food?

Are you familiar with the surprisingly harmful effects of Lectin in the typical human diet?

Do you understand the primary functions of the hormone Leptin and have an appreciation for it?

How does the glucose level in the blood system affect brain functions, feelings, and emotions?

Learn how to manage blood glucose levels much more effectively - very important healthcare

skill for everyone daily but especially important for diabetics, hypoglycemics, and also for

our clients who want to have more success with their weight loss and management actions.

Everyone needs to understand the glucose - insulin relationship and strive to manage it better.

How much protein do you need to consume daily?  Is too much protein harmful to the body?

Can too much protein consumption cause serious damages to the liver and the kidneys?

(Think about the many people in America that survive only with kidney dialysis treatments.)

What are some of the best practical choices of protein foods - animal based and plant based? 

Is their sufficient protein in a plant based diet (no meat) to enable people to be healthy long-term?

Should we seriously consider using easy and convenient protein supplements in our regular diet?

What techniques can we use conveniently each day to help optimize digestion of protein foods?

People also need to understand important metabolic concepts that affect their life daily, even though

they have not been aware of these vital factorsMetabolically - should a person be a meat eater, or

should they become a vegetarian?  This situation varies with each individual based upon several

metabolic factors.  Our qualified clients will learn about these important healthcare concepts.

They can then manage their diet to be in better compliance with their personal metabolic type.

Clients can learn about very important food concepts that affect the digestion of food at every meal. 

Digestion of different foods:  does it matter how different types of foods are placed in the stomach?

Is it good practice to mix protein food and carbohydrates together such as a hamburger? (With fries?)

Does the amount of liquids consumed with meals (and their temperature) matter in digestion of food? 

Why are fruits and vegetables good for humans?  How can we easily optimize the health-giving benefits

of the fruits and vegetables that we eat during a given day?  Does it matter when we eat fruit type foods?

In other words, should we eats fruits in the same meal with other carbohydrates, fats, and protein foods?

Oils In Your Diet Are Very Important

Learn very important facts about the oils in your diet - which oils are good and which are bad for you?

What are the best oils to use for cooking and which oils should you avoid using for cooking or consumption?

Is coconut oil a good oil for the human body or is its high level saturated fat harmful to the human body?

The American medical profession and the American Heart Association have both strongly discouraged

Americans from using coconut oil for many years due to its very high natural saturated fat content. 

Our qualified clients will be informed about some very important information regarding coconut oil.

     What about canola oil, corn oil, cotton seed oil, olive oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, etc.?

What affects do the consumption of oils have on the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood system?

Do millions of Americans need to take steroid cholesterol lowering drugs to reduce their cholesterol level? 

Are those pharmaceutical drugs causing more harmful side effects than any good effects that they produce?

Can using the wrong oils in the human diet contribute to multiple serious health conditions?  When we eat

fried foods in restaurants, fast food outlets, etc., what type of oil was used?  How many times has the oil been

used (cooked again and again)?  Has that oil been damaged to the point that even good oil would be bad oil?

How important are Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 type oils?  Should we try to keep them in good

balance in our diet?  Do you understand the importance of your homocysteine level and know how

to help manage it properly?  Why are fish oil concentrates, DHA, and EPA, important considerations for us?

Can knowledgeable use of important special nutrients help clients decrease cardiovascular health problems?

Compare the Low Fat, Moderate Protein, High Carb Diet with the High Fat, High Protein, Low Carb Diet.

Does the saturated fat in animal flesh foods do us more harm than the beneficial effects of those fats?

Learn about the major distinctions in multiple diet programs - which of the diets make the most sense?

Some diets seem to be better for most people - why are they better?  How can you evaluate these variables?

Lon Willoughby has studied most of the major diet programs in America - learn which diets he likes the most.

Other Important Natural Healthcare Concepts

Learn how to improve the pH balance of body fluids - very important daily healthcare actions!

Do you understand why pH is a very important consideration daily for all American citizens?

Also learn about water filtration & purification for drinking water, bath tubs, and also showers.

How much water should each person drink per day? (The amount varies with the size of each person.)

Learn about
air filtration & purification techniques that are really important for homes and offices.

Learn how to reduce and minimize the potential for serious health problems, sickness, and diseases.

(Learn how to reduce and minimize the potential for heart attacks, strokes, and most forms of cancer.)

About 330 million Americans are affected daily by these very important natural healthcare considerations.

The lack of knowledge about these issues is why our national healthcare status is in such bad condition. 

This situation illustrates the great importance of the natural healthcare concepts available at this Website.

Quick Summary Of These Remarkable

Natural Healthcare Concepts Benefits

Putting all of the important major pieces of the natural healthcare puzzle together into our

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program can enable our "qualified education clients" to

learn how to slow down the aging process and live a healthier and potentially longer life

with a lot more productivity, more success and satisfaction, and a much higher quality of Life.

Does this kind of natural healthcare education program offer Americans exciting help for many healthcare problems?  Are you interested in learning more about the vital work that we are doing?

+ + + + +

The concepts shown above are some of the important and valuable natural healthcare concepts

that Lon has studied and learned how to use properly.   We can help our qualified clients learn

about these very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts when they lease one

of our proprietary copyrighted  natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

Is all of this very complicated and difficult?  Yes it is, but Lon Willoughby knows how to simplify

the complexities into a logical systematic learning process that is easy, interesting, and fun

for reasonably intelligent people.  Even not-so-intelligent people can learn the main concepts in

a practical, sensible, and useful way to begin enjoying a lifetime of important healthcare benefits.

We are developing education programs for different groups of "qualifiable citizens."  If you have an

interest in learning more about our healthcare education programs, contact us and let us know that.

Our corporate president, Lonnie Willoughby (Lon), Has Learned That

People Do Not Know What They Do Not Know About Human Healthcare

     Most people have no idea how many things they do frequently that are actually harmful to their health in some significant or substantial way.  As you may know, most people want to believe they know how to take good care of their body and their mind (mental abilities, attitudes, human emotions, etc.).  Unfortunately, many people believe this harmful myth and they then casually avoid getting educated about very important natural healthcare concepts.

     Later, at a more appropriate time (Home Extension 2 department, Topic 20), we will refer you to our Healthcare Myths department for very important information about this deceptive harmful myth (it enables a lot of unnecessary sickness and disease suffering in the USA that effectively results in thousands of premature deaths each week).    

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare service experiences with more than a thousand people found that most people do not actually know very much about taking good care of their body and their mind.  He found that people like to think that they know what they do not know

     He realizes that most people do not understand some very important natural healthcare concepts well enough to be reasonably competent in using these natural healthcare concepts in their daily lifestyle.  This special Website can help a lot of American citizens begin improving their awareness of these important natural healthcare issues.

    Scientific research has enabled us to learn a lot about the amazing complexities of the human body - we have a lot more vital healthcare information available now than has ever been known before.  It is absolutely mind-boggling how complex the human body systems are and amazing how well they can work together as a coordinated team.

     The more we learn about these complex body systems, the more competent we can become in managing our natural healthcare assets in easy and practical, responsible, and sensible ways.  This can be very beneficial to our vitality and long-term health. (These natural healthcare assets will be explained later in our Home Extension 1 department at Topic 2.)

The Big Problem With Natural Healthcare Education

     The BIG PROBLEM for everyone regarding natural healthcare education is this:  Trying to obtain a good practical  and sensible understanding of the really important natural healthcare concepts that adults (and teenagers) need to understand (for a much better life) is a very complicated process of research, discovery, study, and learning. 

     THE REALLY SMART THING TO DO TO OBTAIN A VERY GOOD NATURAL HEALTHCARE EDUCATION is to search for a natural healthcare concepts education company that has already done the very complex, and very difficult, and very time consuming work of developing a very good natural healthcare concepts home-study education program for ordinary Americans.   (When we use the term "ordinary Americans" we mean "not healthcare practitioners.") 

     A home-study program would be the ideal situation because it could make it quite easy for "ordinary Americans" to learn very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts conveniently, in the comfort of their home.  They could conveniently study well-organized lesson materials in this natural healthcare concepts education program at their own pace, whenever they could make time available in a practical and responsible way. 

     QUESTION:  Does such an ideal natural healthcare concepts education company exist in America?

     Lon Willoughby made an extensive search on the Internet for such a company several years ago.  He found a few very good companies that provide detailed natural healthcare education programs for students who want to become a natural healthcare practitioner (nutrition consultant, naturopathic physician, physical exercise coach). 

     Lon reviewed those education curriculum's in some detail to see what they were teaching.  He also purchased one of those programs so he could get a very good look at the natural healthcare concepts that were included.

     Unfortunately, Lon did not find any natural healthcare education company that provided the simplified kind of natural healthcare education that he believes is needed for educating ordinary Americans in a comprehensive practical manner.  

     Consequently, Lon realized that he and his wife Janie might need to develop this kind of natural healthcare education program for their healthcare education company, ABC of Health.  He saw clearly that millions of American citizens needed to have a good opportunity to obtain the natural healthcare concepts education that could greatly improve their potential to enjoy a much healthier life (with greatly reduced potential for sickness and disease). 

     Lon understood that this would be a very complex healthcare education development project, even though he had already acquired an extensive amount of natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  He realized that he might need to obtain an even broader and more comprehensive understanding of published natural healthcare concepts

     He decided to study additional natural healthcare books by various authors to get a broader and more complete understanding of what natural healthcare concepts had already been published.  He considered the following important reasons for taking those actions.

     1.  He wanted to avoid publishing any information that might violate other people's healthcare copyrights.

     2.  He wanted our healthcare publications to educate our clients about many of the major discoveries that have been made by healthcare researchers and to recognize and credit them for their valuable healthcare discoveries.

     3.  He wanted to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of what had been published by other authors so he could acquire a more accurate understanding of how our company (ABC of Health) could develop new natural healthcare concepts (important health concepts that had not been copyrighted and published by other authors).

     We already had 600+ natural healthcare type books that Lon had purchased over the years and had placed in our ABC of Health corporate healthcare library.  He began to gradually purchase additional natural healthcare books whenever his online Internet research found other natural health type books available for purchase. 

     We had closed our health and wellness store on April 24, 2014, after 14+ years of operation, and that situation enabled Lon Willoughby to have more time available for researching the natural healthcare book market and for reviewing the books that he would gradually purchase during the future.

Time Consuming Preparatory Work Projects

     During the past three years, Lon has been very busy.  He has spent hundreds of hours updating our multiple Websites and multiple department presentations at each Website to make appropriate revisions.  We had closed our health and wellness store, and Lon was beginning to focus more time and effort toward developing natural healthcare concepts education programs that would be suitable for local businesses and their employees in the Greenville, SC area. 

     Consequently, our multiple Websites had to be modified a lot to show these major changes in our business plan.

     Lon also spent hundreds of hour developing new Websites that could help explain some of our remarkable natural healthcare concepts and also explain the natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs that he and Janie were beginning to develop as they could schedule time to work on this major education project.  

     He was also busy conducting a lot of natural healthcare book research on the Internet.  That work enabled him to gradually purchase many more natural health type books.  Since May of 2014, he has purchased 400+ additional natural healthcare type books for his complex project to study many natural healthcare subjects in more detail.    

     Lon realized that he needed to continue reviewing the natural healthcare information that his book research found available from various authors.  With the 600+ natural healthcare books that we already had, and the 400+ books that he purchased since May 2014, we now have more than 1000 very good books about natural healthcare concepts in our corporate library.  This unique library of natural healthcare type books gives us a comprehensive reference library about many important discoveries in the natural healthcare subject area. 

     As you can see from these situations, the natural healthcare subject area is very broad and quite complex.  There are many very smart authors who have tried to help the general public in America have better opportunities to learn about and understand some very important natural healthcare issues that can help people enjoy a better life.

     Lon understands that he will need to continue spending a lot of his time (many hours per week) reviewing the additional  natural health type books that he has purchased.  As far as we know, no one in America has ever attempted to accomplish this kind of comprehensive natural healthcare education research by so many different authors on so many natural healthcare issues.  

     Lon wants to be sure that we review all of the very important and valuable natural healthcare subjects that have been published by various authors before we begin finalizing the course materials for our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs

     Our education programs will reference and report on many of the books that Lon reviews.  This will enable our qualified clients to understand and appreciate the availability of other sources of very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that provide strong support for the natural healthcare concepts that we will teach.

Can Ordinary People Educate Themselves Adequately

Without Our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program?

     If some ordinary Americans attempted to accomplish on their own the gradually evolving practical natural healthcare education objectives that Lon has been pursuing during the past 46+ years, they would gradually learn that it would likely take many years of very complex natural healthcare studies to learn about the numerous natural healthcare subjects that they would really need to research, discover, review, study, and understand to develop a reasonable amount of competency in this very complex healthcare subject area.  

     Lon Willoughby's many experiences with many people, over many years, found that none of them had even a simplified basic understanding of the very important natural healthcare concepts that his many years of research and experience enabled him to discover, develop, and copyright over the past 15+ years.

     He has good reasons to believe that all responsible and sensible American adults and teenagers need to understand our special  proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts in their simplified practical form. 

     If some ordinary Americans did get educated somewhat about a few of these complex natural healthcare issues and then acquired a simplified basic understanding of the very important natural healthcare complexities involved, most of them would not want to spend many years of their relatively short lifetime trying to go further. 

     They would not want to spend many years learning how to put the pieces of this very complex natural healthcare concepts puzzle together (into a practical usable educational learning format) for their own personal healthcare benefits.      

     In order to accomplish those complex natural healthcare education objectives, each individual would need to carefully research, discover, study, and evaluate many natural healthcare concepts, procedures, and protocols that have been developed over a long period of time by many highly skilled scientifically-minded natural healthcare practitioners (dietitians, herbalist, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic physicians, nutritionist, and also some very smart conventionally trained medical doctors who have made special studies of certain natural healthcare concepts and issues).    

     We must also understand that most "ordinary people" would not have the science education, and the innate natural technical abilities, and the very important critical thinking skills that would be needed for them to have a reasonable opportunity to succeed with their research, discovery, study, and technical evaluation of the many complex and interrelated natural healthcare issues that would be involved in this very difficult project.  

     Each individual person would also need to research, discover, study, and evaluate many health-related research reports that have been published by numerous talented scientifically-minded health researchers over the years. (There are tens of thousands of those research reports - which ones need to be reviewed?)      

     Responsible consideration should also be given to herbal medicine healthcare concepts from China and India - both have been used successfully for a long time.  (Some have been used for more than a thousand years.) 

     Even for the very small percentage of people who may have developed the right kinds of scientific and technical assets and capabilities, it is unlikely that many of them would be sufficiently motivated to spend many years of their life (without any pay or visible rewards) in trying to achieve an elusive healthcare improvement goal

     Fortunately, for most modern day humans in well-developed countries, there have been a tiny percentage of people who were dedicated scientifically-minded and gifted people who were sufficiently motivated to strive to contribute some advancement toward this ongoing incredibly important human healthcare improvement goal.

     Some of those very special scientifically-minded people did in fact devote many years of their life, and many hours of their precious time, with diligent, complex, and tedious study and research, in the hope of discovering how to achieve an enlightened level of healthcare knowledge and understanding for mankind.  

     The tens of thousands of important scientific research projects that have been completed contributed greatly to our current day understanding of very important healthcare related issues. We will discuss a few of them below.

Twelve Relevant Scientific Achievements

     Reviewing these special achievements will enable us to
gain some insight and understanding and appreciation for some of the technical complexities that have substantially advanced the cause of improving human healthcare.

     1.   Bacteria were not formerly discovered until about 1864 (in France - Louis Pasteur, chemist).  One other scientist had worked with similar microbe research, but Louis Pasteur was the one who publicly reported this discovery.  Prior to this incredible important discovery, medical doctors, medical nurses, midwives, and the general public had no reasons to wash their hands when they looked like they were "clean."  People did not realize that lots  of pathogenic (harmful) microbes too small to see could be on their apparently "clean" looking hands

     After bacteria were discovered, medical doctors, nurses, and midwives began to slowly learn that it was very important for them to wash their hands carefully before assisting in childbirth and other medical procedures.  Prior to that time, medical doctors and medical nurses had no reason at all to clean or sterilize surgical instruments between patients.  If the instruments looked clean, they were considered to be clean.

     Doctors and nurses had no known good reasons for washing their hands between surgery patients, or between assisting the deliver of babies in hospitals (from one birthing mother to the next birthing mother shortly thereafter). Doing this several times per day was frequently routine in maternity wards in large hospitals throughout Europe.   

     History shows that a lot of very serious sickness occurred (due to microbial infections transferred from one patient to another in hospitals), and many people died from their sickness (very serious infections).  Child birth was quite hazardous in some major hospitals in European cities, having a death rate of about 12 to 22% for new mothers.   Going into some major European hospitals to have a baby could be a very dangerous situation.

     That high death rate was usually considerably higher than the death rate for mothers who birthed babies at home with midwives.  However, that is another important health-related situation that Lon has explained in some detail in a report that he wrote about those tragic situations at one of our other Websites. 

     As you can see from this information, having child birth in a major hospital throughout Europe could be a very dangerous situation for new mothers and also for their newborn babies due to the many mysterious sickness conditions (unknown infections) that were quite common for many years before the microbe discovery.  

     Prior to the time when medical doctors began learning about the potential dangers of infectious bacteria, the medical professionals did not understand what caused the mysterious sickness conditions (infections) and they did not have any effective treatments for those mysterious sickness conditions (frequently killer infections).

     Over the years, the word gradually spread slowly in the general population as people throughout Europe began to hear that it was important to wash their hands before handling food in the kitchen or during their meals, even when their hands looked like they were "clean."   The primary method of "educating" most adults was with the local newspapers, but many people did not have access to the newspapers and many people did not know how to read.  It was a very slow process of spreading the word to millions of adults throughout Europe by word-of-mouth, and it was especially slow education progress for the large numbers of people who lived and worked in rural areas. 

     Most people were not well-educated and most people had no science training.  Consequently, this simple hand-washing procedure appeared to be an unnecessary absurdity.  Most people probably did not understand how important this easy and simple hand-washing procedure could be to their health and the health of others.  You can understand that most people probably did a casual and careless job of washing their hands - they simply did not understand how important this new hand-washing idea was to their health and the health of others around them.  

     However, over the many years that followed that initial hand-washing education period, those casual and careless hand-washing efforts by many millions of people did help substantially in reducing microbial infections and deaths.  We have learned that any hand washing is usually better than no hand washing.

     Unfortunately, millions of people world-wide still died in the years that followed because many people did not learn about the hand washing news, or they did not wash their hands as instructed because they did not believe the bacteria story. 

     Many people were probably very skeptical about the "unseen microbes" and their hand-washing actions were too casual and careless - or they were in a hurry and did not take enough time with this very important simple and easy responsibility.  However, a lot of lives were still saved by the hand-washing actions of millions of people.

     Unfortunately, millions of people got sick and suffered with serious infections that were caused by air-borne pathogenic microbes (people with the flu and coughing, etc.) and millions of people died due to those infections.

     We need to understand that the critically important bacteria discovery was unknown in America during the time of our terrible civil war period (1860 - 1865 - with more than a million casualties: killed, injured, and many thousands of very sick people). 

     Many of the deaths that occurred from America's civil war were due to a quick death from a musket ball, but most deaths were due to serious infections that occurred from injuries, cholera, dysentery, and mal-nutrition (especially for the many thousands of soldiers in prisoner of war camps for the north and the south).  Those injuries frequently caused lingering sickness and severe suffering for weeks or months before death mercifully arrived to take them out of their misery.

     Mankind has made some important progress in reducing microbial infections during the past 150+ years (since approximately year 1864).  Hundreds of millions of human lives have been saved from infectious diseases because of the discovery of bacteria and other microbes too small to see with human eyes. However, we still have a lot of education work to be done in this regard, as we explain later in this department in our Update on Hand Washing

     2.  Several scientist worked toward developing what is now known in chemistry as the Periodic Table.  A brilliant Russian scientist name Dmitri Mendeleev finally succeeded in that very important achievement in February 1869.  As you may recall, the Periodic Table arranged all of the known elements (hydrogen, calcium, copper, gold, lead, magnesium, zinc, etc.) in order of their increasing atomic number (the number of protons in the nucleus of each of the known element's atoms).  

     This was a very important achievement in the world of chemistry, and the Periodic Table is still being used in very important ways today.  The original Periodic Table has been expanded to include the elements that have been discovered since the original Periodic Table was developed in Russia.

     3.  The term Vitamine was first used to describe substances vital for human life in 1911Vitamin A was first identified in 1914Thiamine was identified and named in 1912 and other B vitamins were gradually discovered and  named over a period of years after that time, but it took some time to identify them as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, etc.  

     4.   Beriberi was recognized as a disease in the year 1630; however, 264 years went by before it was understood that the disease was associated with the diet (in 1894).  Prior to that time, it was a mystery as to what caused the disease.  Even in 1894, people did not understand what to do to prevent Beriberi - some doctors had learned that the diet seemed to be involved in some way.  A couple of years later (1896), Thiamine was identified as an essential component of food.  Many years later, it was classified as Vitamin B1, and medical doctors gradually learned that a deficiency of Vitamin B1 is the cause of Beriberi. 

     5.   Anemia was recognized as a disease of the Gastrointestinal Tract (GI Tract) in 1822, but pernicious anemia was not recognized as a Vitamin B12 deficiency until about 1948 when Vitamin B12 was finally isolated.  Even then there was some confusion between the affects and benefits of folate and Vitamin B12

     6.   The cell structure theory of plants and animals was developed by two German scientist in 1838, and they were also involved in the discovery of proteins in 1839.  Those major science breakthroughs were very helpful to many medical doctors and scientist in numerous ways, and they have also helped the general public in many ways. 

     7.   Rickets was identified as a disease associated with the diet in 1914 but the Vitamin D chemical structure was not understood until the 1930s.  Medical doctors now know that Rickets is caused by a Vitamin D deficiency.  (a bone disease - causes serious bone problems including the observable bowed legs, etc.)  

     As you probably know, Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because it can be synthesized by the skin using the ultraviolet rays from the sun on open skin areas.  In essence, Vitamin D can be produced within the body so it is really not a vitamin, but rather a hormone.  However, it was initially classified as a vitamin many years ago so we still call it Vitamin D for convenience rather than properly considering it as a hormone. 

     Relevant Note:  By definition, vitamins are obtained from the diet; they are not produced within the body.  An exception to this rule occurs for the very small amounts of a few vitamins produced by microbes in the intestines.

     The amount of Vitamin D produced with sunlight on open skin areas varies with the time of day (middle of the day is most effective on a clear day - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and the amount of Vitamin D produced by sunlight exposure on open skin areas also varies with the time of the year (summer time is best - when there is more intense sunlight). 

     The amount of Vitamin D produced from sunlight on open skin areas also varies with the latitude where people are located (more Vitamin D can be produced per thirty minutes of exposure in the southern latitudes and less will be produced in the northern latitudes - less Vitamin D is produced as we go further north - away from the equator). 

     Light skinned people produce more Vitamin D per thirty minutes of mid-day sun exposure on open skin areas than dark skinned people will produce because the darker skin filters out the sunlight to a substantial extent.

     Vitamin D supplements can be obtained as Vitamin D2 (the pharmaceutical grade that may be prescribed by a medical doctor) or it can be obtained as Vitamin D3 at a health store.  (Vitamin D3 is more like the vitamin D that is naturally produced from direct sunlight exposure).   Vitamin D3 is more effective in the body than Vitamin D2. 

     The amount of Vitamin D in the blood is very important; extensive research has shown in recent years that Vitamin D is very helpful to human health in numerous ways.  Lon Willoughby has read and studied four excellent books about Vitamin D, and it is amazing how important this hormone is to humans. 

     Three of those books were written by very knowledgeable medical doctors who had made special studies about Vitamin D's actions and benefits.  One of the books was written by a very smart scientifically-minded healthcare research specialist - he provided an excellent educational book.  It explained the history of humans migrating great distances out of Africa into colder climates and having to adapt to a much lower production of Vitamin D.

     There is a special blood test available to check the Vitamin D level in the blood (the Vitamin D 25-OH level).  A lab report of 20 ng/dl of blood would be a low reading and 35 ng/dl would be a more desirable level of Vitamin D. 

     Lon Willoughby and his wife Janie take Vitamin D3 supplements throughout the year to help them keep their Vitamin D levels between 45 ng/dl and 60 ng/dl (some experiments indicate that this may be the optimal range). 

     Research has shown that many people in America are deficient in Vitamin D; therefore, they would likely be helped substantially by taking a Vitamin D3 supplement frequently.  It is an oil soluble vitamin so it will tend to accumulate in the body over time, as all oil soluble vitamins do. 

     Vitamins A, D, E, and K are the four oil soluble vitamins - all other vitamins are water soluble (meaning that they will dissolve well in the presence of water).

     8.  Pellagra was recognized as a disease associated with diet in the 1920s.  This was later determined to be a Niacin deficiency (Vitamin B3).  Pellagra was widespread in the southeastern USA in 1935 - probably due to the way most grains were being milled at the time - unknowingly causing Niacin to be lost (removed) during processing.

     9.  Vitamin C was finally discovered in 1933 by a Hungarian scientist named Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.  Four years later, in 1937, he was awarded a Nobel Prize (in physiology or medicine) for his exceptionally important work in this area of science.  Prior to that time, many thousands of very painful and torturous deaths occurred due to scurvy - a terribly painful way to die.  For hundreds of years, this very bad disease was quite common for long distance traveling sailors until a Scottish medical doctor in England, Dr. James Lind, experimented with using citrus fruits to prevent the disease for sailors in the British Royal Navy. 

     Dr. Lind's very important experiment was begun on May 20, 1747 using six two person groups of very sick sailors to test various foods and liquids in their daily diet.  The group that received two oranges and one lemon per day got better quickly (a few days).  The other five test groups did not get any citrus fruits and they did not get better, 

     Based upon Dr. Lind's experimental findings, the British Royal Navy began using  limes to help ensure that their sailors would not get scurvy.  That is how those sailors got to be called Limeys.  Limes were used because it was believed that limes had more acidity than lemons or oranges and they believed that the acidity was what helped the sailors avoid scurvy

     They did not know that all of the citrus fruits contained vitamin C (unknown at that time) and the vitamin C was what prevented scurvy.  Many people today understand that scurvy can be caused by a severe deficiency of vitamin C in the human diet, and they understand that vitamin C is very important to the human body in many ways.  Most animals produce vitamin C within their body but not humans (and a few other mammals).   Humans and these other animals need to get vitamin C from their diet. 

     Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so it flushes out of the body rather quickly; it needs to be replenished daily.  It is better to get some vitamin C multiple times a day because the body can only assimilate so much per hour.  Lon and Janie have learned how to take supplementary vitamin C daily for the best practical results. 

     You can take a large dose of vitamin C (1,000 mg), but if you do that, it is best to use a time-released type of tablet so the distribution release time will be extended over a period of two or three hours. 

     There are several types of vitamin C in the American marketplace, and some forms are better than others.  The least expensive vitamin C (ascorbic acid - pH of 3.2) is normally not the best type of vitamin C to take.  Be cautious about taking a lot of non-buffered vitamin C because its acidity will increase the acidity of body fluids (in a similar manner to what occurs with all carbonated beverages); we understand that most Americans are too acidic already. 

     Vitamin C products can be made from natural plants and fruits and they will have the full range of co-factors that nature produces for natural vitamin C, but they are more expensive than manufactured type vitamin C products.  Lon and Janie like to take both types (natural type for quality and manufactured type for their higher potency).

   10.  Intrinsic factor was identified in 1929 (we now know that this is an important and essential part of the vitamin B12 assimilation process from food), but Vitamin B12 was not isolated until 1948.  In recent years, some scientist have learned a lot about the absolutely essential role that Vitamin B12 has in the human body. 

     This is a very important nutrient throughout our lifetime, but it is critically important for embryos and babies during the first year of life.  Important research has shown in recent years that serious permanent neurological problems can develop when embryo's and babies do not get enough Vitamin B12 in their early stage development.

   11.  Vitamin K was discovered in 1929.  The chemical structure of Vitamin A was finally understood and explained in 1930.  The chemical structure of Vitamin D was also finally understood and explained in the 1930s

   12.  Vitamin K is quite complicated, having multiple components.  Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy plants (helps with platelet coagulation ("Koagulation" - alternate spelling - hence the name vitamin K).  As you probably know, platelet coagulation is very important in preventing excessive bleeding from small cuts and other wounds

     Vitamin K2 is found in multiple MK forms in some animal products [some cheeses, egg, some meats (liver, etc.)]Vitamin K2 (Mk-7 form) is found in fermented soybeans (Natto - tastes bad but is commonly eaten by many Japanese for its well-known special health benefits). 

     Vitamin K2, working in synergy with Vitamin D, has a lot to do with calcium assimilation and placement within the body structure.  It helps in minimizing arteriosclerosis (calcium buildup in arteries causing hardening of arteries).  The proper use of supplemental Vitamin K2 (MK4 and MK7 types) can help reduce the potential for heart attacks and strokes; therefore, supplemental Vitamin K2 can be a life-saving nutrient.  Lon and Janie take Vitamin K1, K2 daily.

     The beneficial functions of Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 are quite different - a more detailed discussion of those functions is beyond the scope of this simplified overview information.  Many scientific research projects have been completed studying Vitamin K1 and/or Vitamin K2.  Both forms of Vitamin K (K1 and K2) are very important.

Complex, Difficult, Time-Consuming Research, Discovery, and Learning

      As shown above, there have been a number of scientifically-minded gifted people involved in many research projects, procedures, and protocols, over a period of many years, that would be relevant to a natural healthcare research, discovery, and evaluation project.   The twelve (12) examples provided above indicate that it would likely be a very complex project for each adult person to attempt to research, discover, study, and finally gain some understanding of how they could help optimize their human health potential using important healthcare concepts.

     A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE:  Looking back at the 12 numbered scientific discoveries listed above, it is easy to see that the current time is the best time to be alive nutritionally in the entire history of humans.  We have tremendous nutrition knowledge advantages available to us compared to billions of humans that lived before us

     With all of these very important and valuable scientific health and nutrition advantages, we still have a lot of sickness and disease in America.  Think for a few moments about the billions of dollars that are spent each year by millions of people in America on pharmaceutical drugs trying to get some help for many kinds of health problems

     Then think about the large numbers of people in American jails and prisons and mental institutions.  Lon and Janie understand that many of those people, perhaps almost all of them, have had serious nutritional deficiencies for years (since childhood?) that probably contributed substantially to the emotional and mental problems that got them into trouble and resulted in their incarceration. 

     America probably has more people in jails, prisons, and mental institutions than any other country on Planet Earth. Our Healthcare Myths department will explain some of the main reasons that we have so many serious nutrition problems for so many Americans. 

Opioid Epidemic In America 

     Let's also consider the frightening and tragic opioid addiction problems sweeping across America rapidly.   In 2014, more than 10,000,000 people in the USA reported non-medical use of these types of drugs.  The CDC Website data reports that 33,091 deaths were attributed to opioid drugs in year 2015.  You can review that data at:

     Many people begin using opioid type prescription drugs as pain killers, but they apparently enjoy some of the opium like effects so much that they become physically and/or psychologically addicted to their drugs. 

     Another major tragedy involved in the opioid pandemic is the fact that many of these deaths are adults with young children, and the children become casualties by losing one parent, or in some cases, both parents.  How are those children going to be affected and struggle to cope in this complex world without one or both of their parents?

     Responsible and sensible people would think that young adults would have enough good judgment and common sense to realize the terrible dangers involved for their children by experimenting with dangerous addictive drugs.  Unfortunately, for thousands of children, their parents gambled with those risks and they all lost in those gambles.

     The opioid situation has gotten so bad that the 2012 statistics showed that we had about 50 babies being born daily in the USA that have an addiction to some type of opioid drug (due to their mother's use of said drug).  This condition is classified as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) and it requires extended treatment lasting several weeks to several months to try to wean the baby off of their addiction.  The symptoms of these addictions can be severe, and we do not know what the long-term affects of such conditions will be for those very unfortunate babies. 

     Calculations:  Multiply 50 addicted babies being born daily on average - times 365 days per year and we have approximately 18,250 addicted babies born in the USA during 2012.  Will those unfortunate babies grow up to be more inclined to take and abuse addictive opioid drugs than their mothers?  Those critical baby addictions become progressively worse each year as the opioid addiction pandemic spreads further and deeper across the USA.

     Now add to those situations the large numbers of Americans who have abusive problems with addictive alcoholic drinks, addictive cigarettes, and several other types of drugs that can be addictive psychologically and/or physically such as:  cocaine, crack cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, inhalants, LSD, marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly), methamphetamine, PCP, and others. 

     Startling Drug Information:  Research statistics show that an assortment of those drugs are being experimented with by students in the 8th grades and up in public schools (and in private schools?).

Why Do So Many Americans Take Risky Actions With Their Precious Health?

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that THE REALLY BIG REASON for a lot of those drug uses and abuses is the same core reason that results in so many serious healthcare deficiency problems in America.  Yes, there is a common core cause and effect that runs through most of these healthcare related situations - if you know what to look for.  The common core reason for many problems is that most of our young students, high school students, young adults, and older adults have not had sufficient natural healthcare concepts education Unfortunately, many American citizens do not learn to appreciate the sensitive nature of their very complex natural healthcare assets

     Please understand that many Americans do not learn and understand adequately what a marvelous and incredible body they have, and they do not learn and understand how complicated their body functions are.  They therefore do not understand how easy it is to mess up the delicate balance of their body by using harmful substances that can quickly cause the body to lose its delicate balanced state (homeostasis). 

     When we consider substances that can mess up the body's delicate balance, we can start with plain white table sugar (known to be more addictive than cocaine), and then progress to low quality simple refined carbohydrate foods (like the foods listed down below in the next section), and then include the sweet drinks (including all of the carbonated drinks - they are all harmful to the body in one way or another), and then include most regular fruit juices in amounts greater than two or three ounces per serving - limited to only one or two servings per 24 hours. 

     What is wrong with Fruit Juices?  Undiluted juices can contain too much fruit sugar (fructose) - can be harmful to the body's glucose/insulin response actions.  We can also include most of the caffeinated beverages and most alcoholic drinks.  From that point, we can include the opioid type drugs and some of the other pain killers, etc.

     As explained previously, there is a great amount of enlightening healthcare information available in research reports, some medical journals, and a number of important health books; however, most Americans are not aware of that voluminous health research data.  Unfortunately, that data has not been reviewed by most Americans. 

    You can see that American citizens in general do not have a practical usable understanding of the most important and most useful natural healthcare research data that has been discovered and published.  The general public has not had a practical way of learning about most of the natural healthcare research data that they needed to review.  

     Lon and Janie believe that most American adults are capable of taking good care of their incredible important natural healthcare assets, but it is clear that hardly any ordinary Americans understand how to do this.  In fact, most ordinary Americans do not understand what their natural healthcare assets are - consequently, they have not developed an adequate appreciation for those natural assets.  They therefore do not think about taking care of those very important natural healthcare assets on a daily basis, as they should be doing. 

     Lon's experiences with a lot of people indicate that most Americans do not know how to select and eat food and drink beverages in healthy ways, rather than unhealthy ways (as shown with the commonly eaten "food" products listed down below).  The fact is that almost all American citizens have not had adequate education about some very important natural healthcare concepts that can have BIG AFFECTS on their long-term health potential

     Education is clearly the KEY that is badly needed to UNLOCK the very serious healthcare problems dilemma that affects most American citizens in one way or another.  The information below can be helpful to most visitors.

Carbohydrate Foods - Sugar, Glucose, and Insulin Response

     It is clear that millions of Americans casually eat carbohydrate junk foods and drink sugary sweet junk drinks without understanding the serious damaging effects that those substances can have on their health - both foods and drinks can convert quickly into glucose and then cause excessively high levels of glucose in the blood system.

     Think about all of the candy products that many American adults, teenagers, and younger children routinely consume.  Then think about the white refined flour bread products that millions of Americans eat daily.  These products quickly cause a rapid increase in blood sugar level (glucose) and most people have no idea how serious and damaging this can be to the delicate glucose balancing mechanisms in the human body. 

     Consider the following "food" products that can also quickly cause excessive amounts of glucose in the blood system - cereals without added sugar (and especially so with sugar added), donuts, sliced white bread toast (and much worse with jam or jelly added), white bread sandwiches, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, cakes, cookies, crackers, white flour pancakes (with lots of sweet syrup - a really bad situation for the body to have to cope with), sweet dessert pies, puddings, and think about all of the ice cream (loaded with sugar) that Americans casually eat after eating a sugar laden meal. 

     Also consider the many versions of sweetened beverages that Americans routinely consume, and they are frequently consumed right along with a meal that provides way too much sugar.  

     Let's also think about the corn chips, potato chips, common pasta type foods and spaghetti type dishes (along with more white flour bread) that many Americans consume. 

     Most Americans apparently have not been educated adequately about how these simple high glycemic type carbohydrate "foods" can affect them adversely and silently damage their health severely over time.

     As you can see, this partial listing of high glycemic "foods" is long.  It is very important to learn how to minimize consumption of these good tasting food products (most Americans like salty foods and/or food that is sweet).  We also need to consider the harmful oils that may be contained in many processed food products (packaged foods may contain very harmful trans fats). 

    These processed "food" products can cause a lot of harm to millions of unwary citizens (of most age ranges) but they are especially harmful to young children.  They can be addictive for everyone, but they are especially addictive for young children and teenagers who have not yet developed the emotional discipline to minimize their consumption of such potentially harmful "food" products.

     Most Americans do not understand that they get way too much glucose into their blood system, generally on a daily basis.  They do not understand that sugar is very addictive and it is a sweet "good tasting" poison to their complex glucose-insulin system when it is in excessive amounts.

     Those high glycemic situations can cause a lot of insulin to be produced by the pancreas - can result in easy excessive weight gain (millions of Americans involved here, including a lot of teenagers and younger children). 

     Unfortunately, for many millions of Americans, those high glucose situations and inadequate nutrition situations can also cause a lot of emotional and mental problems that enables many people (adults, teenagers, and younger children) to make bad decisions and do the wrong things - things that can get them into serious trouble. 

     Millions of American adults are involved in these situations often, and a lot of young people (teenagers and younger children) are also frequently involved in these very harmful metabolic situations.   Unfortunately, they have not been educated adequately about how these very harmful situations affect their natural healthcare assets

     Stop and consider for a few moments the many situations where law enforcement officers make bad decisions when confronted with confusing and frustrating situations with people who may be dangerous.  Have those police officers been consuming too many processed "food" and "drink" products and have their glucose control and stabilization functions gotten so out of balance that they do not have their normal good judgment?  

     Lon Willoughby has developed some real expertise with these types of body "out of balance" situations, and he understands what causes those situations.  He also understands what actions can correct those situations.

    Inadequate Nutrition and Improper Nutrition are

two REALLY BIG PROBLEMS for many millions of Americans

     Lon and Janie understand that most Americans need to have some really good natural healthcare concepts education to help them understand very important metabolic processes in their incredible body.  

     Lon and Janie also realize that most people are seriously handicapped by their lack of very important natural healthcare concepts knowledgeUnfortunately, most people are not aware of their seriously handicapped status because they do not know what they do not know.   (How does one know something that they have never learned?)

     Those situations are easily shown by the high level of sickness and disease that permeates American society (physical health, emotional health, and serious mental problems).  We will present important research data later that shows that there are 25+ countries that have healthier people in general than Americans.

     The very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts presented Free at this Website can help people understand their seriously handicapped healthcare status and help them make important lifestyle improvements.

     We understand that most Americans could benefit a lot from the natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed and copyrighted for our natural healthcare education company, ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health.

     Lon and Janie have been working gradually on the development of this badly needed natural healthcare concepts education program project because they saw clearly that there was a tremendous need, by millions of ordinary Americans, for this kind of practical and sensible natural healthcare concepts home-study education program.  

     Let's take a quick look at the simple and easy natural healthcare practice of hand washing to get a good example  of how badly ordinary Americans need the natural healthcare concepts education program that we are developing.  By understanding how ineffective hand-washing "education" has been, we can get a more realistic understanding of how totally inadequate complex natural healthcare concepts education has been for almost all American citizens

    Hand Washing Update

     Think for a few moments about the easy and simple natural healthcare education situation for hand washing.  Can human healthcare improvements get any easier than just the basic hand washing concept?

      Let's review and see how well we are doing more than 150 years after bacteria and other microbes were discovered in France by chemist Louis Pasteur in approximately 1864.  Research has shown that most people still do not wash their hands properly after using a public rest room (males and females in USA and UK research). 

   That important research showed that many people made no effort at all toward washing their hands after using a public toilet.  They used the toilet facility and just walked out of the restroom (ignoring the hand-washing faucets). 

     Lon has discussed this fairly common situation with a few of those people, and they informed him that they did not want to take any chances that they might contaminate their own hands worse by touching the faucet handles that had probably been touched by many other people (with contaminated hands). 

     Lon understands those very reasonable and sensible concerns, but the responsible solution for those risky situations is certainly not to totally avoid attempting to wash one's hands before leaving the restroom. 

     Those people needed to use a little common sense when touching the faucet handles used by other people - by putting some soapy water on the faucet handles using a paper towel to touch and wash the faucet handles.  After their hands have been washed properly, they can use another paper towel to turn the faucet off, and also use a paper towel for the restroom door knob (to get out of the rest room without touching a contaminated door knob).   

     The short-sighted people that deliberately refuse to wash their hands in public restroom facilities (as indicated above) then proceeded to contaminate everything else they touched in the restaurant or store that they were in at the time (including the restroom door knob that they may have handled to get out of the restroom)

     They ignored the rather obvious fact that they would likely contaminate everything that they touched anywhere (including a ladies' purse, a man's wallet, credit cards, their automobile keys and auto door handle, steering wheel, etc.) before finally getting around to "safely" washing their hands using their faucet at their home or residence.

     Fortunately, many modern day public restrooms have the newer lever style faucet controls (single lever or dual levers) which can be controlled with the back of one's hand or fingers.  They do not need to be grasped tightly by the fingers as the old style round knob faucet controls used to require (Hot and Cold round knobs).  That was not a good design because it ignored the potential problem of bacteria contamination of the faucet's round type knobs. 

     Some of the modern public restrooms have faucets that work without the need to touch them at all.  They come on automatically when the hands are placed beneath the faucet spout and the water temperature is preset to a warm temperature.  That is about as germ safe as faucets can get and it is a very important hygiene improvement enabled by modern day technology. 

     These new type faucets also save a lot of water because they automatically turn the water on and off appropriately while the hands are being washed by each person.  Super good technology!  Major Improvement!

    The research initially referenced above also showed that many people who did attempt to wash their hands did so hurriedly in a very casual and careless manner; they did not wash their hands very well.  In essence, they just quickly pretended to wash their hands, but it was almost a waste of their time and efforts.  A casual and careless exercise in hand washing to make them feel good - after all, they did hurriedly attempt to wash their hands - right? 

     Will those people do any better with the more modern faucets?  Not likely - they still won't wash their hands properly because they have not yet learned how to wash their hands properly. 

How should people wash their hands?

It is very easy and simple, taking about one minute of time.

     They should wet their hands with water (warm is better) and then put some soap on their hands and rub their hands together lightly and briskly for 20 to 30 seconds or more, creating a lot of oxygenated bubbles, and then rinse their hands well.  (The oxygenated bubbles do help a lot in reducing the microbe count left on the hands.)   

     Lon suggests that people should count to 20 slowly while rubbing their hands together, before beginning to rinse the soap off of their hands (about 30 seconds or more of time to complete this effective hand-washing procedure).

     Research showed that very few people carefully washed their hands responsibly in this manner.

     Can most ordinary people be taught to wash their hands properly, as Lon suggests above?  He believes that most people can be taught to wash their hands properly because he understands that most people have never been informed about the critical importance of the easy and simple hand-washing procedure shown above. 

     NOTE:  It is also important to clean under the fingernails (at home - at least once per day).  The fingernails are like giant caves that provide a suitable habitat for many microbes to thrive in unless cleaned frequently with soapy water - using a pointed fingernail file and an old tooth brush works well.   The soapy brush should also be used to clean the cuticle areas of each finger daily.  This becomes more important if their is any sickness in the home.

     Many people likely die in America annually due to careless hand washing actions by themselves and by other people.  It is well known in medical circles that about 80,000+ people die in hospitals each year from infections that they got as patients in the hospitals.  Stop and think about that for a few momentsThis is a terribly tragic situation!

     People go into a hospital for one health problem condition and then get sick from an infection that they got while in the hospital.  Many people die from those types of infections.  Pneumonia is a common killer in such situations, but there are other microbe killers such as Escherichia coli (E-coli), Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and several others.

     Unfortunately, we do not have any way of knowing how many infections in hospitals are caused by careless employees working within the hospitals, and how many of those infections are being caused by careless visitors bringing contamination into the hospitals, or simple being careless with their hand-washing while in the hospital. 

     Responsible complex research would probably show that infection situations routinely happen due to germs that are spread by people who work in hospitals, or people who visit patients in hospitals, and similar situations can occur in other medical facilities, and in nursing homes, and also by careless employees and careless customers in restaurants, and in fast-food businesses. 

     We also realize that many infections are likely caused in millions of homes in America each year where family members get sick (and some them die as a result).  Fortunately, a lot of these infections do not result in death, but some of those infections can have long-term damaging effects on the body. 

     Lon Willoughby estimates that we probably have at least 150,000 deaths per year in America that were caused by careless and lazy hand washing practices outside of hospitals. 

    That is an extremely high price to pay for so many people having careless and lazy hand-washing habits; there is no acceptable excuse for such irresponsible hand-washing behavior in this enlightened modern age - 150+ years after the discovery of microscopically small germs by chemist Louis Pasteur in France (approximately 1864).   

     The number of such deaths may exceed 300,000 people per year, so you can see that hand-washing problems are not small insignificant problems - they are a MAJOR healthcare problem that can be improved easily with education.

Sepsis Can Be Very Dangerous   

Sepsis is a blood infection that can occur with a simple skin scrape or minor finger cut or other skin break injury (usually caused by a Staphylococcus aureus bacteria).  This situation will illustrate how important your protective skin is in protecting your body from various forms of pathogenic microbes.   Sepsis affects several hundred thousand people in the USA annually (600,000 - 700,000), and it kills about 150,000 people each year (average).  You can research this data at:

     Consequently, any skin break or minor injury should be treated very quickly with an antibiotic type cream such as Neosporin, or an equivalent substitute generic antibiotic type cream, to help prevent an infection in the blood system that can easily become very dangerous.  This is especially important for children, and the younger they are, the more important this is because their immune system is still being developed and may not be functioning as well as an older child or as well an adult person's immune system. 

     This protection is also especially important for older people because their immune system may not be working very well due to the way their body has "slowed down" in many respects, including their immune system functions.

     Records show that "apparently minor skin injuries" can get infected quickly and require hospitalization, and even then, with good hospital care, children and adults can die within a few days due to a Sepsis type blood infection

     Statistics show that about 30% of Americans have Staphylococcus bacteria living within their nostrils.  For those people, nasal discharge can be a very dangerous source of these very dangerous bacteria.  Flushing the nasal passages with salty water or inhaling colloidal silver mist into the nostrils can be an important sanitary practice.  

     Hand washing is also very important for helping prevent a Sepsis type blood infection.  This blood infection condition has been killing large numbers of people throughout mankind's history.  In fact, sepsis is what apparently killed the Hungarian medical doctor in Austria (August 13, 1854) that is credited with being the first European medical doctor to recognize the importance of hand washing procedures in hospital maternity wards.  

     Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis worked as a medical doctor supervisor in a large hospital in Vienna, Austria.  This hospital routinely had a lot of sickness and tragic deaths of numerous women after going through childbirth in one of the two maternity wards at that hospital.  He developed a specific hand washing procedure for medical doctors and nurses in one of the hospital maternity wards that he supervised in 1847

     Dr. Semmelweis required the doctors and nurses assisting with childbirth to use his experimental hand washing procedure.  His hand washing protocol reduced the amount of sickness and deaths for new mothers and their babies a lot. That situation occurred many years before the discovery of microscopically small microbes (bacteria) by French chemist Louis Pasteur (about 1864). 

     Doctor Semmelweis did not know about bacteria or viruses in 1847, but he saw that his hand washing procedure greatly reduced the sickness and death rates for new mothers (and their newborn children) in the medical doctor assisted maternity ward that Doctor Semmelweis supervised. 

     Those high death rates did not occur in another maternity ward in that hospital that was staffed by midwives, rather than medical doctors.  Doctor Semmelweis supervised both maternity wards and he puzzled over that situation - why was there a big increase in sickness and death in the maternity ward administered by medical doctors - compared to the ward administered by mid-wives? 

     He could not explain why his hand washing procedure worked so well, but the careful data that he recorded about those situations proved conclusively that his hand washing protocol greatly reduced the sickness and death occurrences in the maternity ward involved in his experiment. 

     The medical doctors and nurses complained about his "unnecessary" hand washing protocol, and they eventually got him into trouble with his superiors (medical doctors).  Those complaint situations apparently contributed to his being fired from his supervisory medical doctor position. 

     Doctor Semmelweis subsequently died at a young age (46) from a very serious mysterious condition (sepsis blood infection?) that he got after some bodily injuries were inflicted upon him by two guards at a state operated mental institution, where he was being retained against his will.   The injuries occurred when he tried to walk out of the facility on the first day of his retention.  This was a tragic situation that illustrates how serious infections can be when not treated properly.

Ignaz Semmelweis (July 1, 1818 - August 13, 1864) 

     We now understand why there was a much higher sickness and death situation in the maternity ward that was administered by medical doctors, compared to the maternity ward administered by mid-wives.  In many situations, the medical doctor who was on duty for delivering babies would spend some time in the hospital morgue working with dead bodies and also performing autopsies on some of them (patients that had recently died).

     When a runner came to the morgue and alerted the doctor on duty that one of the maternity ward patients was about ready to deliver her baby, the doctor might wipe his hands with a towel (but not wash his hands) and leave the morgue area and quickly walk to the maternity ward to assist in the childbirth situation that was about to occur. 

     We now understand that the medical doctor's hands could have been severely contaminated with pathogenic (harmful) microbes (usually bacteria) from dead bodies in the morgue.  When the doctor assisted with the childbirth procedure, he could have easily transferred some of the pathogenic microbes to the new mother and to her baby.  Both of them could have then become very sick with a mysterious illness (microbe infection) and one or both of them could die because the medical doctors had no effective treatment for such mysterious illnesses. 

     This situation did not occur in the maternity ward that was administered by midwives because they did not also work in the morgue.  Apparently, their hands were generally cleaner than the medical doctor's hands although none of them realized the importance of careful hand washing before assisting with childbirth situations.

Present Day Hand Washing Considerations

     Unfortunately, without adequate education of many more Americans, and particularly young students in schools, we will likely have a continuation of a lot of sickness, suffering, and tragic deaths due to a continuation of numerous types of pathogenic microbe infections. 

     Lon's experiences with young people indicate that many high school students do not understand how to wash their hands properly.  Think about that situation for a few moments.  In 150+ years since the discovery of tiny microbes that can be dangerous, many families and schools are still not doing a good job of educating young people about the proper way to wash their hands effectively. 

     Consequently, it is no surprise to Lon Willoughby that we still have a lot of microbial type infections that are causing millions of Americans to get sick each year that goes by.  Some of those infections are still killing many thousands of our citizens year after year. (maybe 300,000 deaths per year)

     Sepsis is believed to be a major and primary cause of many deaths in hospitals and other medical facilities from microbe infections.  There are many situations where it is not clearly defined as to what was the primary cause of death for a hospital patient, but sepsis is a prime suspect in many hospital deaths.

     We obviously need some better form of practical and sensible natural healthcare concepts education if we are ever going to improve the natural healthcare performance actions of more than three hundred-thirty million (330 million) American citizens.  That is the type of natural healthcare concepts education business that we are striving to develop, and we use this special Website to quickly educate our visitors about many important health concepts.

 Simple Safety Tips For Everyone That Can Be Very Helpful 

     When eating at home, and much more important when eating in any kind of food or restaurant facility, do not handle any food items with your fingers.  There are many opportunities for contaminating your finger tips in such facilities with a lot of careless customers with contaminated hands. 

     In general, simply avoid all hand contact with your food, especially when you are away from home.  Use a knife and fork to cut and serve each bite of food that could easily be picked up with the fingers.  If eating an energy bar, keep it in the protective paper wrapper rather taking the bar out of the wrapper and holding it with the fingers (as some people routinely do without even thinking about germ contamination potential).

     This is equally important when eating "finger foods" at any gathering of people - use plastic utensils rather than your finger tips to handle food - even dry roasted peanuts.  Avoid, or reduce, or minimize eating food items that have been handled by other people - sandwiches of any kind, bread items, deviled eggs, lemon slices, cut raw vegetables, etc.   You cannot avoid all such risk but you can be careful to minimize these avoidable and unnecessary risks. 

     When eating away from home, try to select only cooked foods that have not been handled by other people.  The cooking process will usually kill most pathogenic microbes, but a dinner roll can easily be contaminated by a waiter or waitress during the serving of the dinner roll. 

     A lot of serious sickness and many deaths can be caused by the careless and casual eating habits noted above - that are very common in our society.   People take too many risks with foods touched by human hands, especially when they are eating away from their own home or residence.  Lon has encountered numerous people whose lives were seriously damaged, and sometimes practically destroyed, by food or water contamination.

     Air Quality is important:  Also avoid breathing the air that is around sick people because air-borne microbes can also cause serious infections that can also be killers, especially for people with compromised immune systems, and also young children (immune systems not fully developed) and older people whose immune systems are deficient.

     Lon is 81 years of age and he has avoided any kind of sickness at all for many years by using these easy tips.

     Can Ordinary Americans Be Taught More

Complicated Natural Healthcare Concepts?

     Lon believes that the answer to that question is a BIG YES, but he understands that people will need to get some very good healthcare concepts education to achieve those very important and very valuable healthcare objectives

     After working with more than 1,000 customers in our health and wellness store, during a 14+ years period of time, it became very clear to Lon Willoughby that most people did not know very much about maintaining good health. 

     He found that customers wanted to think and believe they knew how to take good care of their health, but they really did not know very much about the vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon had discovered after spending thousands of hours researching, discovering, studying, and learning about important natural healthcare concepts - over a period of many years. 

     How could people know about these very important natural healthcare concepts when they had never been taught about those life-changing and life-saving natural healthcare concepts?  It is clear that people do not know what they do not know about these very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts

Lon Willoughby's Initial Natural Healthcare Education Activities

      Fortunately, In the beginning phase of his natural healthcare education process in 1970, Lon understood that he was ignorant about that very complex healthcare subject, although he had more than 16 years of "education."  He realized that he needed to study major natural healthcare issues until he could understand them reasonably well for himself and for his family's benefit.  Unfortunately, he did not know where to begin his study.  

     From 1970 to 1980, Lon did not have anyone to help him or guide his natural healthcare education process so he really didn't know how to progress in a logical and systematic manner.  Ten years later from that beginning, In 1980, that situation improved a great amount because Lon started having a series of natural healthcare and nutrition counseling sessions with a natural healthcare consultant who owned a health food store in Mauldin, SC.  The six consultation sessions that he had with her enabled major advances in his natural healthcare education process.

     Prior to 1980, Lon had progressed very slowly through his natural healthcare research, discovery, study, and evaluation work.  He was learning that natural healthcare concepts knowledge could be very important (life changing knowledge and probably life-saving knowledge) and was quite complicated. 

     Fortunately, Lon understood that he did not know nearly enough about natural healthcare concepts.  He began to realize that his 16 years of education had not helped him very much with natural healthcare knowledge.  Lon began to see clearly that he did not know enough about natural healthcare concepts to understand how to take good care of his health, or the health of his wife, or the health of their two sons.

Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program Development

     Throughout his many years of natural healthcare education (1970 - 2017), Lon was gradually learning how to put the major pieces of the complex natural healthcare puzzle together into a practical and usable educational format.  He eventually realized that a natural healthcare concepts education program was needed badly by many Americans. 

     Looking back at his slow progress in natural healthcare education, Lon realized how difficult and time consuming his natural healthcare education process had been during the first ten years because he did not initially understand how to progress in an organized and systematic manner.  In retrospect, he could clearly see the great need that existed for someone to develop a natural healthcare concepts education program of some type that could help educate health-conscious Americans about very important natural healthcare concepts, issues, and protocols.

     Over the years, Lon gradually came to an understanding that millions of American citizens needed an education program that could help them learn about very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts in an easy systematic manner that would be interesting and enjoyable to accomplish. 

     Lon realized that this type of natural healthcare education could enable American citizens to greatly improve their lifestyle easily and quickly to substantially improve their potential for enjoying a much better life and a much safer life (reducing and minimizing the potential for many healthcare problem conditions that are common in America).  

     Lon and Janie understood that this type of natural healthcare education program could be used to enable ABC of Health education clients to understand how they could nurture their health potential much more effectively than has ever been done before by ordinary Americans.

     It is very fortunate, for a lot of natural-born American citizens, that our corporate president, Lonnie Willoughby, has been involved in this very complex and difficult search for very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge during the last 47 years of his challenging, exciting, and productive 81 years lifespan.

     Fortunately, Lon had sufficient strong motivation to cause him to spend thousands of hours, over a period of many years, diligently researching, discovering, reviewing, studying, and evaluating a lot of complex natural healthcare scientific research data and books about many very important natural healthcare issues.     

     He and Janie understood that millions of Americans were suffering from many types of health problems, and they realized that millions of citizens would probably die premature deaths due to those very serious health conditions.  

     Over the years, Lon had come to believe that millions of sick and suffering Americans could be helped a lot if they had the right kind of easy to learn simplified natural healthcare concepts education

     Lon could see that someone needed to develop a suitable natural healthcare concepts education program that could be used in practical, responsible, and sensible ways to help ordinary Americans (and extraordinary Americans) learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assetsThese vital assets will be explained later at this Website (in Topic 2 of our Home Extension 1 department.)

     Lon understood that he probably had sufficient science education, and had developed sufficient technical capabilities, and had developed enough critical thinking skills to enable our company to make substantial progress with this exceptionally important natural healthcare research, discovery, study, and evaluation process.  

     He also realized that Janie was a very competent professional educator with many years of education, training, and experience in teaching high school students social studies courses. 

     Lon eventually came to believe that he and Janie, working together as an educational team, combining their substantial education skills and talents and their natural healthcare concepts knowledge, could have a reasonable opportunity to develop an incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare education program. 

     Lon believed that he and Janie could develop a natural healthcare education program that would be suitable for educating millions of American citizens about practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare concepts that can be very important and very valuable for almost any responsible health-conscious person.

     It was clearly understood that Lon would need to continue researching, discovering, studying, learning, and working diligently in the natural healthcare concepts field for as long as it would take to get to a good success point with this very challenging natural healthcare concepts education program development objective.  

     Lon understood that the most important objective for ABC of Health would be to develop a remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education program that can conveniently educate clients about how they can optimize their health potential, slow down the typical aging process, and also reduce and minimize the potential for getting sick and developing some common disease conditions.  Those are very important healthcare objectives.

     Lon and Janie have seen a lot of sickness and disease in people they have known, and they wanted to help our education clients learn how to reduce and minimize their potential for having to cope with many of the sickness and disease conditions that afflict millions of Americans each year that goes by (with no major improvements in sight).   

     Fortunately, for a lot of American citizens, Lon was correct about those situations because he and Janie, working together as a competent educator team, were eventually successful in their ambitious objectives to strive to develop major breakthroughs in natural healthcare education concepts.  They have made a lot of progress with this very important natural healthcare education project for their company, ABC's of Health, Inc., dba ABC of Health.  

     Their ambitious overall goals and objectives are now clearly in sight with their ongoing development of natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs that will clearly provide several major breakthroughs in natural healthcare management concepts and natural healthcare protection concepts

     Lon accomplished a lot of tedious natural healthcare studies about many important health-related discoveries, and he accomplished the difficult and complex evaluation work that was necessary to enable our company, ABC of Health, to progress to the cutting edge of natural healthcare concepts education understanding and capability

      He had envisioned this as an achievable goal, and Janie strongly supported him in many ways while he was working long hours, for many years, on this very challenging natural healthcare improvement education project.

      Lon and Janie understand that our ABC of Health natural healthcare concepts education programs will have the potential to help millions of natural-born ordinary American citizens during the coming years.   

     We understand that a person who has been educated and trained as a medical doctor, or as a medical nurse, or as a dietitian or as a nutrition consultant, could benefit greatly by completing one of the Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and Janie are currently developing. 

     Yes, those sincere and responsible healthcare practitioners could learn some very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts that they have not been educated about.   However, providing healthcare services in America is a very competitive part of our economy and our complex social system. 

     The healthcare practitioners listed above are some of our main competitors, and we have very good reasons for not sharing our special natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets with our competitors.  They would very likely begin using some of our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts to compete more effectively against us in the healthcare services marketplace. 

     ABC of Health cannot afford to voluntarily enable any of our competitor health practitioners to do that.  Please remember that we had great difficulty in getting people to register for our Free healthcare classes in 2010 - 2011, while we spent thousands of dollars in advertising costs to promote awareness of our Free healthcare classes

     Our Healthcare Myths department will explain the six myths that Lon discovered that cause millions of Americans to carelessly and foolishly ignore opportunities for getting educated about taking better care of their health assets.

     Our company is now positioned to provide remarkable natural healthcare concepts education that has not been available to ordinary Americans in the past.  These special natural healthcare concepts are NEW in that they have  not been presented to medical doctors or medical nurses or other conventionally educated and trained healthcare practitioners in a formal natural healthcare concepts home-study education program format

     Yes, we are developing some major breakthroughs in improving natural healthcare concepts education by compiling many very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts into home-study education programs that will teach many of the 50+ proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare concepts that Lon gradually developed for ABC's of Health, Inc. during the past 15 years.


Overview: How ABC of Health Can Help Lots of People!

Our Advanced  Natural Healthcare Concepts May Be the Health Miracle You Need!!!

The Information Below Is Very Important - Contains Life-Changing Revelations

     Exciting Health and Wellness News!!!  Our company has developed practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare education concepts for some of America's major healthcare problems.

      Poor diet and poor digestion of food can cause inadequate vital nutrients for the complex human body, and these common conditions can contribute to many serious health problems over time.   People can help themselves greatly reduce their potential for having those health problem conditions by simply learning how to improve their diet and improve food digestion.  It can also be very helpful to use quality nutrition supplements properly to substantially improve the consumption of special nutrients that are needed for some vital functions of the body.

     Take a few moments to think about people that you have known who suffered due to some of these health conditions: heart attacks, strokes, cancer conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol issues, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia (Alzheimer's, etc.), excess weight and obesity issues, mental confusion (brain fog), anxiety, nervousness, irritation, anger, lack of empathy and patience with other people, melancholy, depression, etc. 

      As you probably know, millions of American citizens are suffering with some of these serious health conditions frequently, even daily for some, and the quality of their life has been severely diminished by their health conditions. 

     We understand that Americans will have great difficulty in obtaining the natural healthcare concepts education that they need to enable them to cope much more effectively and more comfortably with their healthcare problems.

     Where can sick and suffering people find a practical, reasonable, and sensible natural healthcare concepts education program that could be very beneficial for their particular health problem conditions?

     Very Good News:  ABC of Health specializes in developing and providing alternative health natural healthcare concepts education services to help our clients with these very serious natural healthcare education deficiencies Our corporate founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby (Lon), has spent thousands of hours learning about natural healthcare concepts that are very important and very valuable to help optimize good health for a healthier life.


Very Important Questions About Your Life

     1.  Would you like to know how to live a longer and healthier life, have more energy and vitality, have better brain functions and more brain power, have more success with everything you do, and enjoy more happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in your life?

     2.  Would you like to know how to reduce and minimize your potential for sickness and disease conditions that plague million of Americans?

     Yes folks, these advanced healthcare objective are now possible in year 2017 using the natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby has developed and copyrighted for ABC's of Health, Inc.

Important Natural Healthcare Consultation Special Offer For New Clients

As an experienced holistic-minded natural healthcare concepts educator

we offer a special introductory type healthcare concepts counseling session

 of 30 minutes by convenient telephone for only $15.00 for new clients.

Must be a natural-born American citizen, an established resident of the upstate

area of SC, and have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _. 

This offer is a very special bargain for citizens interested in learning

how to take better care of their health (and spouse and children's health).

Don't ignore or put off taking advantage of this very special offer 

Every day that passes without our very valuable healthcare knowledge is a day where

 your remarkable natural healthcare assets are likely being damaged unnecessarily.

You can call us or Email us about this special discounted counseling service

that is applicable to one "qualified" citizen or family at a given residence address.

We still offer convenient personalized counseling sessions by telephone for

established clients who appreciate the natural healthcare concepts education that we have

provided and want to discuss other natural healthcare concepts for improving their lifestyle. 

These additional natural healthcare concepts counseling sessions

have a minimum cost of $20.00 per session (at our $60.00 per hour rate).

Examples:  A 16 minute counseling session by telephone will cost the minimum of $20.00;

a 25 minute counseling session will cost $25.00; a 40 minute session will cost $40.00;

a 60 minute counseling session will cost $60.00;  a 90 minute session will cost $90.00;

an extended two-hour telephone counseling session (120 minutes) will cost $120.00, etc.

We will also provide helpful written information for some counseling sessions -

by Email, Fax, or USPS mail, whichever method is most suitable for each client.

NOTE:   There is no sales tax applicable for consultation services in South Carolina.

Please Understand and Remember:

We Know How To Help Our Consultation Clients

Learn How To Take Much Better Care of Their Health, and

This Can Usually Be Accomplished At Very Reasonable Cost.

Our 30 minutes consultation offer is a very good way to get started.

The benefits can be enormous because our clients can use
our special natural healthcare concepts for the rest of their life. 

These benefits are magnified when there
is a spouse and young children involved.

     Please understand that your health is very valuable (you are worth millions); it is very smart to get
started on getting educated about taking much better care of your exceptionally valuable health.

      Also understand that thousands of people die daily in America as a consequence of not
using our
advanced natural healthcare concepts in their daily life.  Those unfortunate sick people did not know about our advanced natural healthcare concepts education services

     You fortunately have
access to this
natural healthcare concepts education Website and the very valuable natural healthcare concepts that we provide Free for your natural healthcare benefit.

     Many people living within the upstate area
of South Carolina may
be able to qualify for access to our very valuable natural healthcare concepts telephone counseling services - a revolutionary advance in natural healthcare education, with practical and sensible maintenance and protective actions. 

     It is very smart to take advantage of all of the alternative health type natural healthcare concepts
that we make available to most visitors Free at this very important healthcare educational Website.
     It is also very smart to take advantage of our introductory $15.00 healthcare counseling session;
our clients are very pleased with the important and valuable health concepts that they learn from us.

     We can accept payment by
Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa Card, or USPS Postal Money Order.

What Are You Thinking At This Point?

      If you are thinking that you already know enough about important and valuable natural healthcare concepts and also thinking that you probably would not benefit much from an Introductory Counseling Session that cost only $15.00, consider the important situation described below. 

     About 2,600,000 people die in America annually.  We estimate that 70 to 80% of those people could have likely benefited a lot from a $15.00 introductory counseling session with us.  Unfortunately, when it is too late to try to get healthier, it is too late to start trying to get educated about our advanced natural healthcare conceptsPrior to that time, it is a very smart and wise thing to do for most people.

     We strongly encourage you to read down through all of this Home department, and then take a break for a day or two.  You can then continue your review of this Website with the very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts presented in the Home Extension 1 department.  You may want to take another break for a day or two before continuing with the Home Extension 2 department. 

     When you get into Topic 20 in the Home Extension 2 department, we will suggest therein that you detour over to our Healthcare Myths department. 
That very important and enlightening healthcare information explains clearly why many millions of Americans will routinely fail to get educated responsibly and sensibly about the alternative health type natural healthcare concepts that we provide Free at this Website for most visitors. 

     Unfortunately, most American citizens will likely continue making the same "I don't need natural healthcare education" mistake - month after month, and year after year, for the rest of their life. 

     The very valuable natural healthcare concepts that are available Free at this Website could help millions of those Americans a lot, but someone needs to encourage them to visit this special Website.

      Our Healthcare Myths department information can help people understand the mythical concepts that may have been preventing them from having a responsible and sensible amount of interest and motivation to take responsible action to begin improving their natural healthcare concepts knowledge.

     Our Healthcare Myths department can also help visitors understand why Americans are some of the least healthy people living within one of the major industrialized countries on Planet Earth. This Website provides important data reference sources that support this very important statement.

     So relax, sit back comfortably, and be patient enough to stay with us here and get a very important introductory education about some really important alternative health natural healthcare concepts - fully realizing that all of these very important and very valuable special natural healthcare concepts can be Free to most visitors!  (If you simply agree to comply responsibly with our Terms of Use Conditions when using any of our proprietary and copyrighted corporate natural healthcare trade secrets.)

+ + + + +

     Before we begin presenting these natural healthcare concepts for your review, we will introduce you to some other relevant information about ABC of Health and other holistic healthcare practitioners.  

    ABC of Health provides alternative health natural healthcare concepts education services for qualified clients who live in the upstate area (Zip Codes 296_ _), including all of the Greenville, SC area, so we are members of the Greenville Chamber in addition to being registered with the National Chamber of Commerce Website.

     It may be helpful to you to remember that local business members of the Greenville Chamber are some of the best educated, most competent, most progressive, most reliable, and most responsible business people in the Greenville, SC area.

     These members are very
good people to know, and the hyperlink below will take you to another department of this Website for information that will show you how you can quickly find individual local member business listings at the Greenville Chamber Website.

     We will also provide information about finding Holistic Healthcare Practitioners within many locations in South Carolina, as well as finding practitioners in many other states.

    We understand that some visitors may have little or no interest in these subjects right now.  So we have placed this helpful information in a separate department, and provide a hyperlink (link) below to take you directly to that department.  If you are interested in reviewing some of this helpful information, simply select the link right below the listing of 3 subjects and go to that department.  Otherwise, you can skip over this relevant information by simple scrolling downward past this information.

1.  The Chamber of Commerce in the USA
2.  The Greenville Chamber in Greenville, SC
3.   How to find Holistic Healthcare Practitioners
in the USA
, in various states, including South Carolina.

Chamber of Commerce and Holistic Practitioners

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Welcome Back To Our
Introductory Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Website

What Are We Striving To Accomplish For Our Clients?

     As alternative health natural healthcare concepts educators, our primary Healthcare Mission is to enable our "qualified education clients" (qualified clients) to learn about our special natural healthcare concepts - what we call the ABC's of Health.  (Notice that this is our business name - ABC of Health)

     We strive to help our qualified clients learn how to improve their lifestyle in important ways and thereby enjoy a much better life - one that can be years longer with a much better outcome - with more productivity and more success with goals for career and family life objectives, and also have more enjoyment and more happiness, more contentment, and more satisfaction in life.

     As you can see, the very important natural healthcare concepts education that we provide at this Website can help visitors begin to get serious about taking responsible and sensible actions that can help them learn how to protect their precious natural healthcare assets much better than is usual for them.

     We understand that all responsible American adults could be helped a lot by simply visiting this unique Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website as soon as possible ( ASAP ). 

     They could learn a lot of special natural healthcare concepts that are Free because we designed this Website to function as a very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education center

     You can easily help some family members and friends BIG TIME by simply encouraging them to visit this Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website (use the Website address shown below).

 We Strives to Help Our "Qualified Education Clients"

Learn How To Be Healthier and Happier and more Successful

     We know how to help our "qualified education clients" learn and understand how to achieve a healthier body, including their brain, and all other vital organs, and their bone and tissue cells. 

     Lon Willoughby believes that most people have enough intelligence to be able to learn how to develop more energy, more vitality, and more brain power (learning ability, memory, and recall). 

     He wants our qualified clients to be able to enjoy a more productive, and more successful, and more enjoyable life.  Does it make good sense to you to get educated about this vital information ASAP?

     Lon understands that everyone really needs an easy to understand alternative health type Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

    This will be the most convenient, practical, and sensible way for our company to enable large numbers of qualified clients to learn our very important advanced natural healthcare concepts

    These remarkable natural healthcare concepts can dramatically improve many lives easily and quickly in a responsible and comprehensive manner that is practical, sensible, and safe. 

    Our natural healthcare concepts home-study education program can help our qualified clients learn how to have better attitudes (more positive and more realistic) about life's challenging and frustrating situations, and also learn how to minimize frustrations, disappointments, anxiety, and depression. 

    Our qualified clients can learn how to begin thinking better and feeling better, while their improved lifestyle actions enable trillions of body cells to begin getting healthier each day. (Compared to how they were doing before leasing one of our natural healthcare concepts education programs.)   

     ABC of Health is the only company in America that has been authorized to develop a natural healthcare concepts home-study education program that will teach our vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts.  Consequently, we are the only company that will be authorized to lease our remarkable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

    The advanced healthcare concepts education programs that Lon and Janie are developing will provide very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts education opportunities that will be a first of their kind on Planet Earth.  (Teaching our corporate trade secrets.) 

    Our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education program can enable our qualified clients to make major improvements in their lifestyle that can lead to dramatic improvements in their short-term health, medium-term health, and their long-term "better health and longevity potential." 

    Qualified clients can quickly learn how to easily help their natural healthcare assets begin developing healthier body cells throughout their body in an ongoing manner on a daily basis. 

    These major lifestyle improvements can have remarkable healthcare benefits throughout the body for the remainder of the clients' lifetime.  This incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare concepts knowledge can be worth a lot of money to a typical American citizen!!!

    Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will be a revolutionary major breakthrough in practical, responsible, and sensible human healthcare management practices.  

    This very special natural healthcare education can provide great benefits to an individual client, and it can provide even greater benefits for a family situation (married couple, or a family with children). 

    Lon's vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge can also be very beneficial to other close family relationships and friends because our qualified clients can learn how to take much better care of their natural healthcare assets

     That daily situation will enable them to become healthier, and stay healthier longer, and thereby not become an emotional burden, or a financial burden, on other family members and friends in their "golden years of life" - as is quite typical in the USA.

     Lon's father's heart attack and debilitating paralyzing stroke in the spring of 1982 severely altered his life, and his wife's life, and Lon's life, and Lon's wife's life.  That stroke situation dramatically affected both of their careers and opportunities (Lon and Janie) for the rest of their life, including affecting their two grown sons in numerous detrimentally ways.

     Those conditions also severely affected Lon's brother and his wife and their three children.  So you see, Lon's father's inability to take good care of his natural healthcare assets (due to his lack of knowledge about important natural healthcare concepts) had very serious affects on several other family members in numerous ways.  Those situations affected Willoughby family members a tremendous amount and affected them for many years.  

     When you stop for a few moments to think about the Willoughby family healthcare tragedy described briefly above, you can begin to realize that those types of very serious healthcare tragedies are happening to a lot of American families every year.  There are more than one million heart attacks and stroke situations in America each year and about  2.59 million Americans die annually (all causes).

     We are talking about matters of great importance for millions of American citizens on an annual basis.  Can anything practical, reasonable, and sensible be done to reduce the number of these severe healthcare tragedies each year?

What Can We Do To Help Reduce and Minimize These Tragic Conditions?

    Our personnel have worked diligently for many years in learning how to help people accomplish incredibly important natural healthcare improvement objectives quickly in a cost-effective manner. 

     Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will truly be a super  bargain in healthcare education - they will provide the best opportunities for "ordinary citizens" to take effective healthcare actions that can make huge improvements in their ability to maintain good health.

    We will present more information about our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs shortly, but we want to present some more information about our company so visitors will have a better understanding of what we are striving to accomplish for our qualified clients.   This information can be beneficial to our visitors because they will learn about important health concepts.

    We want to help "qualified" American citizens learn how to improve their health and wellness status - increase their energy level, their physical vitality, and their emotional and mental strength. 

    Our personnel also want to help these patriotic-minded citizens learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that will substantially improve their potential to reduce and minimize their chances for getting most sickness and disease conditions.

    At ABC of Health, we strive to help "qualified" American citizens learn how to live a longer and more productive life with more achievement and enjoyment each day. 

     We strive to do this by helping people learn how they can enjoy better health, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and thereby help them become more successful in their career or vocation and in all of their personal life relationships.
     If you are a natural-born American citizen, and also live in the upstate area of South Carolina, you may be able to "qualify" to lease one of the alternative health type Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs that Lon and Janie are currently developing. 

    These remarkable natural healthcare concepts will be major breakthroughs in natural healthcare management.   We will tell you more about our natural healthcare education programs a little later.  

     If you are interested in what we are doing and you want to learn more about our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education programs, we will conveniently detour you over to another Website that was developed to present more detailed information about our incredibly important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education ProgramsThat situation will happen in our Home Extension 1 department (a convenient hyperlink will be provided at that time).

We want to help "qualified" patriotic American citizens

learn how to protect their natural healthcare assets!

     We have additional natural healthcare concepts to share with you, but they have been placed in our Home Extension 1 and Home Extension 2 departments to reduce the size of this Home department.  Search engines do not like departments that are too large for their loading time measurement criteria. 

   You can continue your visit with us today by using the easy transfer link below, or if you want to stop for now, just remember to start on the Home Extension 1 department on your next visit to this very special natural healthcare concepts education Website

     We have a lot of additional important and valuable natural healthcare concepts to share with you that you can use to improve your lifestyle substantially right away.


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