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437 North Main Street, Mauldin, SC 29662

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(eight miles from downtown Greenville, SC)

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HEALTH STORE HOURS for Product Sales:

Previous hours:  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM  

Our Health Store has been closed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - days for

our Healthcare Classes and Consultations, and other business functions.  

However, read the information below to learn about our revised hours of operation 

during our business closing sale (now in progress).

We are always closed on Sunday


NEWS - Dated February 9, 2014 (updated 4 - 11 - 2014 - Friday)

ABC of Health is changing our business operation plan.

Effective on April 24th, 2014, we will permanently close our health store in Mauldin, SC so our personnel can focus all of our time and effort on providing special healthcare training classes for local businesses (owners, managers, and some of their employees). 

Our Level One healthcare concepts training class can be conducted on-site at each business that has a suitable room available for this training class.  Our new business operation plan will enable us to provide our unique advanced healthcare education services to many businesses per month (thousands of people per year).   

This special healthcare concepts training can enable company employees to understand very important healthcare secrets that are not generally known, even by many professional health practitioners (medical doctors and nurses, etc.).  This remarkable information can substantially improve the physical and mental abilities of people and enable employees to function much more effectively.  These improvements can help a company function better and become more profitable.

Our revised business operation plan will provide optimum convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for each company that chooses to take advantage of our very valuable healthcare training program for their management personnel, professional type personnel, and other employees.  


We started conducting a business closing sale for our quality nutrition supplement products on February 11, 2014 (Tuesday), with generous discounts available on most of these  products.  Please note that our usual health store operating hours are posted above, but starting on Tuesday, April 15, we will begin operating every day except Sunday until we close the store on April 24th (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m.  

Our new hours are 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. every day except Sunday. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the final two weeks of our store closing sale and obtain quality nutrition supplement products at generous discounts (20%, 25%, 30% and more on some products).   Discounts can vary with products by brand and type of product.  Cash sales get the best discounts because they do not require credit card processing fees for merchants.  

Come in as soon as possible (ASAP)  to purchase the products that you want because we do not restock products that have sold out. IMPORTANT NOTE!  We can still help customers select the best products to help them achieve their healthcare objectives.  Thank you for being a wise and prudent healthcare products shopper and for helping us reduce our nutrition products inventory before we close our store. 

AFTER WE CLOSE OUR HEALTH STORE ON APRIL 24TH AT 7:00 PM:  Our business name, mail address, phone numbers, and Websites will continue in operation because our Corporation will still be in business.  However, we will be working to provide our unique Level One healthcare concepts training classes for as many businesses as possible (throughout the Greenville area).   

We also plan to expand this healthcare improvement training service in the future by training other instructors and then provide our special copyrighted healthcare concepts classes to business personnel in other areas of the state (Anderson, Columbia, Charleston, and many other cities). 

After we close our health store, we will make appropriate changes to our Websites - remove some of the health store nutrition products information as currently shown and provide more info about our healthcare concepts classroom training for business owners, managers, and their employees.    


Quality Healthcare Products and Services 

 Quick Introduction Overview:  ABC of Health is a unique Health Store, Health Food Storeand Health and Wellness Store in Mauldin, South Carolina - serving all of the Greenville, South Carolina area.  We are a retail outlet for important Health and Wellness Products and also Health and Wellness Services,  We constantly strive to have fair and reasonable competitive prices for our products and services

We stock several hundred quality nutrition supplement products, and we offer generous discount prices on most of these products routinely (daily).  We also have health-promoting equipment for air purification, water filtration, and water purification.  In addition, we have excellent healthy cell-promoting exercise equipment.  We also offer healthcare services (classroom training seminars and personalized consultation sessions).   All of these products and services are presented in more detail in this department.  

We have three Websites and they present various healthcare subjects in logical categories called departments.  Our main healthcare education Website has many more departments of healthcare type information than the seven  departments presented at this Introduction Website

Our three Websites are designed to be complementary to each other, and it is important for you to visit this Introduction Website before visiting our main healthcare education information Website (link below). 


Our ABCofHealth.info Website and our ABCofHealth.biz Website present the same information at this time, but we plan for these two Websites to be somewhat different in the near future.



Healthcare Products:  We have vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, many herbs, excellent enzyme products, a good selection of essential oils, nutritional fish oils and plant oils (Omega 3, 6, 9, EPA and DHA, etc.), several body massage oils, skin creams and special beauty facial skin conditioning products, shampoo, soaps, safe mouth wash (no harmful chemicals), and excellent toothpaste (with no fluoride chemical). 

We also have pH test strips and helpful pH information, excellent probiotics, proteins powders (egg, pea, rice, soy, whey) and several other important sports type products.   We also have a very good selection of responsible and safe weight loss products, and our personalized weight loss counseling can help considerable with a weight loss objective.  We know how to enhance substantially (improve effectiveness) most other popular weight loss type programs that people may already be using.



Healthcare Equipment:  We have important health-promoting equipment such as air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers and ionizers, and very important bathing water filters - shower filters and bath tub filters.  We also have an air and water purifier combined that is an excellent raw food sanitizer unit (can destroy harmful microbes with ozone in about 15 minutes).   This unit can sanitize raw fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and raw salad or vegetable products.  This is a very important unit to have in the home. We also have super health-promoting exercise equipment that will be explained later in this section.    

Our resident healthcare and wellness consultant has acquired substantial knowledge about the very important health-promoting types of equipment that are identified above.  

You can visit our Pure Water department to obtain information about the importance of bathing water filters whenever a person is using municipally treated water.  This water probably has chlorine and ammonia added to help control possible pathogenic (harmful) microbes that may be in the water.  In this situation, bathing water filters are especially important when small children or pets are being bathed.       

Without an appropriate bathing water filter, you can be breathing toxic "free chlorine gas" while you are bathing.  Unlike "dissolved chlorine" which stays in the water as you bath, the "free chlorine" comes out of the water as a toxic gas and contaminates the air that you breath as you bath (shower or tub bath). 

This chlorine gas can damage body cells and organ systems (brain, eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and digestive system, etc.), and this damage can accumulate over time to do substantial harm to body cells and organ systems. 

Would you like to see some scientific reports about these conditions?  You can review several very important brief excerpts from scientific reports about these healthcare issues in our Pure Water department. This is exceptionally important healthcare information.  A word to the wise person is sufficient notice. 

Do you want to be a wise person about very important vital healthcare issues?

Exercise Equipment:  We also have excellent equipment like the remarkable CHI exerciser and quality built best-value rebounder exercisers (40 inch diameter - a mini-trampoline designed for indoor use).  

We have both types of exercise equipment on display and visitors can exercise briefly on our display equipment to have a good opportunity to actually experience how these special exercise equipment units perform.    

 Special Exercise Equipment Information

Many people do not know that rebounding is one of the most important exercises that one can do to help optimize the health of all body cells simultaneously (adults may have trillions of body cells).  Yes, rebounding is more beneficial to all body cells than walking or jogging or any other type of easy exercise. 

Rebounding is also a lot safer than jogging outside the home, and it can be done in the comfort of home with music or TV programs, or DVD or CD audio learning programs, irrespective of the weather condition outside the home.  A person can be learning and exercising at the same time with a rebounder in the home, whenever it is convenient to do so.   

Rebounding is truly an outstanding exercise for all family members (young children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens can enjoy gentle rebounding).  Check it out when you visit our healthcare facility. 

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Ten minutes of gentle rebounder exercise once or twice a day is an incredible benefit to all body cells, including the brain, the eyes, the heart, the ears, the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, the pancreas, the entire intestinal system, the entire skin system, and all other body organs and parts (bones, joints, etc.).  All body cells get a gentle gravity massage on every gentle up and down motion bounce. 

Just a little movement up and down does wonders for body cells due to the way that gravity massage actions activate the lymphatic system and also activate the blood flow system (causing greatly improved oxygenation of the blood and thereby causing improved oxygenation of all body cells)WOW!  Rebounding is an incredible way to exercise, and it takes only a few minutes to get very beneficial results (just ten minutes can do wonders for body cells).   

You can quickly visit our main Healthcare Education Website to learn more about our very special types of quality built exercise equipment by using the link provided below for that Website.   Our main Website is much larger than this Introduction Website because it provides very important healthcare concepts information about several important healthcare issues that are not presented at this Introduction Website. 

If you are interested in reviewing our exercise equipment right now, use the link provided below to visit our main Website, and select the Exercise Info link to visit that department.  You will find very important information about the most beneficial types of exercise - this information can be very helpful.  

Important Note:  Before visiting our main Website, you may find it helpful and informative to simply scroll down slowly through this Home department to review the numerous ways that we may be able to help you improve your healthcare action plan in very important ways.  We are organized to help individuals as well as families improve their knowledge about very important healthcare concepts that can make a big difference in long-term health, energy, improved brain power, and physical vitality.



(this is our main Healthcare Education Website

It has more departments than this .com Website 


When you visit that Website, please pay particular attention to the very helpful information presented in our Vital Health Concepts department.  This is life-changing information about your very special body and mind, and these healthcare concepts can be worth many thousands of dollars to you.  Check it out as soon as you can and then begin using these vital concepts daily to improve your life in very important ways. 



Healthcare Services:  We have special healthcare and wellness training classes that can educate people about our advanced vital healthcare, wellness, and fitness concepts.  We know how to teach these concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and also easy to use for improving the health and vitality of family members (physically, mentally, and emotionally).  Better family harmony and performance is possible when the family members begin using some of our vital healthcare concepts. 

Our advanced healthcare concepts can also help people perform better at work - with better brain power and better emotional control. These very important improvements can enable better human relationship skills with company employees and supervisory personnel, and this can enhance the workplace performance substantially.  

These very important improvements can also result in better work performance and achievement for the people that may be affected directly by these improved human relationships skills, and this can also improve the work performance of people that are affected indirectly as well.

Our proprietary copyrighted healthcare and wellness concepts are exceptionally important because they are a major breakthrough advancement in healthcare and wellness and fitness concepts.  This very important advanced healhcare concepts training is only available at our healthcare facility. 

You can obtain more information about our healthcare classroom training programs by visiting our main healthcare information Website using the link below. (Select the Health Classes department). 




 Important Features About Our Business

Our health store (health food store, health and wellness store) has very good discount prices available daily for many of our nutrition supplement products.  We have hundreds of products at discount prices each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM for your convenient shopping. 

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, our healthcare facility is reserved for our healthcare classes and our healthcare consultation sessions, and other administrative activities and functions

Bonus healthcare services: our healthcare and wellness consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach ( Lon Willoughby - pronounced Will-o-bee ) can provide very valuable "health tips" about many nutrition supplement products for customers shopping in our health store.  Just ask him for information about products that may help you achieve your healthcare and wellness improvement objectives.  

Lon's extensive healthcare knowledge can help customers make better choices when they are shopping for health promoting products for themselves or for family members.  His very helpful nutritional guidance can save customers time, effort, and a lot of money because they will probably enjoy better and faster healthcare improvements than would likely occur without his very helpful and very valuable information about respective nutritional supplements.   

Competitive Discount Prices - quality nutrition products at very good prices - we will try to compete on prices with any special discount prices being offered by a local health store (for any products that we have in stock).  If you prefer the convenience and other advantages and benefits of shopping with us, please ask about our competitive discount pricing policy.  


We want to help people learn how to improve and protect their very valuable health potential, and we can help them in important ways over time when they shop with us as regular customers.   

It is important for you to understand that we search the marketplace to find the best value brands and products for our customers in each type of healthcare product or equipment that we offer to customers.  

We also search the marketplace to find very important healthcare information that can help our customers a lot, and you will find some of that information at this Introduction Website.  A lot more vital healthcare concepts information is presented at our Main Website (a link is provided in the next section). 


The overview information presented in this Home department shows that we also offer quality air filters and air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizer - ionizer systems, quality built CHI exercisers and rebounder exercisers, and portable type Infra-red sauna equipment for body detoxification and weight loss - the way nature intended (sweating).   We provide additional information about these special exercise and fitness equipment units at our main information Website (a convenient link is provided below)




Take a Visual Tour Of Our Business 

On Your Computer Screen

You can take a quick and easy visual tour of our health store right on your computer screen (or some mobile Internet capable devices) by visiting our business advertising information at www.yp.com (the same Website as www.yellowpages.com).

The time for the tour is about two to three minutes (time varies with the speed of your computer or mobile device and your Internet connection speed).  If you would like to do this now, please scroll down this Home department (to near the end of this department) and look for the same title as shown above in red

We have presented some very important information about using the www.yp.com search engine to take a quick video tour of our health store business.  It is easy to do, and the information presented will provide important advantages to you in the future when you want to search on the Internet for information about local businesses in any category of business (health food stores, nutritionist, vitamins, water filters, attorneys, libraries, plumbers, print shops, post offices, schools, etc.).

It is well worth a few minutes of your time to simply review this very helpful and valuable Internet search information because it may help you a lot in the future with some of your future Internet searches.




Family eating

Our primary Healthcare Mission is to help our customers improve their awareness of and understanding of vital healthcare and wellness concepts, what we call the ABCs of Health (therefore our business name). 

We want to help people improve their lifestyle substantially and thereby enjoy a much better life and probably enjoy a longer life with less sickness, disease, pain and suffering.  

We strive to help customers be healthier!




Our Healthcare Business Can Really Improve Your Life - BIG TIME!  

We have developed major advanced concepts for healthcare, wellness, and fitness and these very valuable concepts can greatly improve the potential for enjoying a healthier, more productive, and more successful life.  

We know how to help people get on the fast track to better health using our vital healthcare and wellness concepts, and we teach special healthcare and wellness classes that can enable people to make remarkable improvements in their long-term health potential.  We know how to slow down the ageing process substantially and improve brain power and emotional control and stability, thereby reducing anxiety and depression (could help many people).

We can help people easily learn how to use our advanced vital healthcare and wellness concepts on a daily basis to improve their life and make it more enjoyable, and more pleasant, while also living longer in better health.  

These kinds of healthcare, wellness, and fitness improvements can enable people to greatly improve their health and wellness potential.  Our proprietary copyrighted advanced healthcare and wellness concepts can be worth thousands of dollars for many people.  They can be worth much more for a lot of people, even millions of dollars for some wealthy people.  

This proprietary and copyrighted trade secrets life-changing and potentially life-saving healthcare and wellness concepts information is only available from ABC of Health in Mauldin, South Carolina.

  These very valuable healthcare accomplishments are easier, 

more practical, sensible, and less expensive to achieve than you might think.  



As you can see from the brief overview introduction above, about our healthcare products and education services, ABC of Health is truly in the Health and Wellness business, in an advanced manner that is comprehensive in scope. 

We offer the public a health and wellness facility that is unique - like no other health store or health food store in the Greenville area.  Visit our facility and check us out because we know how to help people improve their lifestyle and their long-term healthcare potential - using some of our proprietary trade secrets about advanced vital healthcare concepts.

The founder and president of our parent company, ABC's of Health, Incorporated, is Lonnie (Lon) Willoughby. We do business as (dba) in the simplified name of ABC of Health (works better with various types of Internet search engines).

Over a period of more than 30 years, Lon diligently studied various healthcare practices, and his extensive study and related training actions enabled him to develop remarkable advances in healthcare practices. We succinctly classify his corporate trade secrets as our vital healthcare concepts. These are major advances in healthcare concepts, and they are tremendously valuable; consequently, wherever appropriate, they were promptly copyrighted to protect our corporate ownership of these advanced healthcare trade secrets.

You would be wise to spend some time reviewing the healthcare information presented at this Website and also review the additional healthcare information that is presented at our main information Website:

This is a much bigger Website because it presents additional information about several other healthcare issues, including additional information about our healthcare education programs (use the Health Classes link to review the interesting healthcare training information at our .info Website).  

We have another ABC of Health Website that currently has the same information as the .info Website. 


In time, we plan to have different information at these two Websites, but right now, they both present the same information in all departments.


ABC is a Holistic Type Health and Wellness Company

(Quality Healthcare Products and Educational Services)

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

holistic - adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole

holistic medicine - noun - treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease

      We take the whole body into consideration, not just specific parts of the body that may appear to have poor performance.  We understand that the human body operates as a very complex unit - individual sections of he body are not totally independent of other functional processes within the body.

     The health of the bowels or liver or kidneys or the thyroid gland or the adrenal glands, or other body functions and processes, can have substantial effects on other parts of the body.

     A person's mental attitude can have dramatic effects on the way body systems function at any given time, and it can also greatly affect health and vitality over time (in a very beneficial way or in a very harmful way - as each person chooses to respond to each situation - on a daily basis).

     Lon Willoughby understands the important inter-relationships of our vital healthcare concepts, and he cares about each customer and their current and long-term health status.  He also understands and respects the unique individuality and complexity of people (different genetic makeups, different home environments, different educational training conditions, and different complex social actions and their affects upon each person).  One of our important goals is to strive to be helpful to each customer and treat them as members of our extended family. 


Specialized Holistic Healthcare Knowledge and Skills

    Lon Willoughby is a very competent healthcare consultant, nutrition consultantand healthy Lifestyle coach.  He knows how to help people improve and protect their precious health assets in practical and sensible ways that are also cost-effective.  That is why he is still surprisingly healthy at age 77!   

With many years of healthcare experience and a lot of relevant holistic healthcare education and training, Lon has acquired exceptionally valuable healthcare knowledge that can help most people more than they can even imagine being possible.  

    His very good health, his abundant energy and vitality, and his mental abilities at his advanced age are living proof that Lon knows a lot about health and holistic type healthcare concepts, energy and vitality, and growing old gracefully while maintaining a healthy body, and a healthy mind (with a steady flexible, reasonable, rational, and upbeat positive mental attitude each day).  Lon has learned that these are very important assets to develop and maintain daily if one wants to enjoy long-term health with abundant energy and vitality into old age. 



Quick Overview of our Healthcare Services 

      We offer special healthcare training classes and personalized healthcare consultation sessions that can help people achieve major improvements in their healthcare wellness status in a relatively short period of time.

      Would you like to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and more physical wellness?  Our special healthcare and wellness education classes can help people enjoy better digestion of foods and vital nutrients, and minimize toxic residue in the digestion process ( that can poison the entire body system through the blood flow system).  Toxins can poison the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and all other organ systems, causing a loss of energy and vitality throughout the complex body system.

    We know how to help people have more physical and mental energy and strength, enjoy better stress management for improved emotional control and enjoy better sleep, with more relaxation and more enjoyment in their workplace and home duties and activities.    

    These very exciting advances in vital healthcare concepts can help reduce disease and sickness  conditions ( we can help people learn how to have less pain and suffering and healthcare expenses ). 

    We can help people enjoy a more healthful vitality and better over-all well-being.  This can mean a healthier, longer, and better life for the years ahead. 

    How much would some of this incredible health knowledge be worth to you?

    Is it worth a little time for you to check us out and see if we really do know how to help people accomplish these incredibly important and valuable healthcare improvements in a cost-effective way?

Visit our main Healthcare Education Website to

learn more about our healthcare training classes:

(select the link for "Health Classes")

 Location Information for Our Health and Wellness Facility

    Our 3500 square foot facility is in the Golden Strip Shopping Center in Mauldin, SC - very easy to get to and easy to find (beside U.S. Highway 276 - major four lane highway).  This shopping center is on the Greenville side of Mauldin, two blocks from the center of town, and it is across the highway (North Main Street) from the Wells Fargo Bank, the Mauldin Post Office, the Palmetto Car Wash, and the Goodyear Auto Service Center.  (the shopping center parking lot has Free parking spaces for 150 + cars)

    You can use the convenient "Contact Us - Find Us" link at the top and bottom of this department for easy access to a Google Map of our location.  We have convenient free parking near the entrance to our Health and Wellness Store.  

We frequently have parking spaces available right at our entry doorway, and we have a wide protected area like a big covered porch above our doorway.  Consequently, it is easy and convenient to shop with us even when it is raining, and we have umbrellas to help customers get back to their car when it is raining so they do not get rained on even briefly at that time.  

 Vital Healthcare Concepts Introduction

Take our FREE Test

    Do you believe that you already know about all you need to know about a healthy lifestyle and our vital healthcare concepts?  

    Visit us and take our one-page test about vital healthcare concepts knowledge and see how well you do.   Most people are surprised at how little they know about these very important healthcare concepts.  Do you want to see how well you score on our test?

    Taking our test will quickly give you a responsible valid basis for considering whether or not it would be smart for you to attend our Level One Healthcare training Class.  People can obtain exceptionally valuable healthcare information from this 1.5 hour long introductory powerpoint type class. The class material and presentation was developed by our very knowledgeable holistic minded healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby).  

     Lon knows how to help people learn how to spend their healthcare money much more wisely, and improve their lifestyle substantially by using some of our vital healthcare concepts.  People can begin getting much better healthcare results quickly, and they can enjoy health benefits faster and more effectively than before after they attend our Level One and Level Two healthcare training classes

    Yes, this is the smart way to learn about some of Lon's vital healthcare concepts that can affect your health substantially each day for the rest of your life.  Be smart and wise - spend some time reviewing the very valuable healthcare information we provide at this Website. 

    We recommend that you review the information presented in our Consultation department and in our Nutrition department.  After that review, you will have more reasons to take time to visit our unique Health and Wellness Facility in nearby Mauldin, SC.  

    NOTE:  Our resident healthcare consultant knows how to help people learn how to get on the fast track to better health and wellness with more energy and vitality and enjoy each day much more with less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and much more happiness with a stronger sense of achievement and satisfaction, accomplishment, and overall well-being.  


 Other Reasons For Visiting

Our ABC of Health Store

       It may benefit you greatly to visit with us so you can obtain a better understanding of how we may be able to help you improve your health in remarkable ways.  As stated above, Lon Willoughby has developed special vital healthcare concepts that are trade secret of our corporation.  They are not available in any other healthcare related facility in the Greenville, SC area, or anywhere else in the State of South Carolina, or anywhere else in America - as far as we know.  

    Lon's very valuable healthcare experiences with many people have shown that most people can be helped much more than they might think possible before they meet and talk with him.  He is our resident very healthy 77 years old Healthcare Consultant, Nutrition Consultant, and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.   His extensive holistic type healthcare experiences, training, and wellness knowledge can be worth a lot of money for a lot of people (many thousands of dollars per person) because they can be life-changing knowledge for most people and probably life-saving for many of them. 

    Fortunately, Lon's exceptionally valuable healthcare training classes and personalized consultation services are very reasonable priced.  It is important for people to understand that our proprietary healthcare training classes and our health and wellness consultation services are not available anywhere else in South Carolina.   

    Come in for a short visit in our unique Health and Wellness Center and see for yourself what our unique facility is like.  Remember that it is open on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  You may be able to talk with Lon briefly and get a feel for some of the ways he can help people improve their health substantially.  He knows how to help people learn how to quickly reduce stress, and anxiety or depression, and improve energy production and vitality, sleep better, have better mental focus and functions and improve emotional control.  Lon knows how to help people begin performing better on the job with co-workers and management personnel and also function better with a spouse, children, relatives and friends.

     Lon knows how to help people quickly understand how to develop more appreciation, patience, tolerance, and understanding with other people in a self-enlightened way.  You will very likely be glad that you visited with us and talked briefly with Lon Willoughby about your healthcare concerns (for yourself or for other family members).

    When you visit our Health and Wellness Center, you will see that we have selected several brands of quality health promoting nutrition supplement products and health promoting equipment products to ensure that our customers can have convenient access to these important products at fair competitive prices.

    Our unique Health and Wellness facility can enable you to obtain quality health promoting products from a local company that operates in a competent, reliable, and responsible manner - owned and managed by a local person that truly cares about the health and long-term well being and happiness of our customers. 

 NOTES:  Lon and his wife Janie moved to Mauldin, South Carolina from Panama City, Florida in the fall of 1977, because Lon received a requested transfer and promotion to a training officer position at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (with the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA).  There were only 13 such positions in the entire Southern Region of the FAA, and Lon had to compete for this one vacancy with 42 other qualified candidates to be selected for that position.

Janie retired from teaching at Mauldin High School in June 2007, after teaching in public schools for 39 years (mostly in the social studies field at the high school level).  Janie earned her bachelor's degree at Winthrop College, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  She subsequently earned her Master's in Education at Furman University in Greenville, SC.  Janie grew up in the Chester, South Carolina area.

Important Caution and Warning:  

Please do not be penny-wise and pound foolish with your long-term health, as many people do for too many years.  Thousands of Americans die daily from lack of our vital healthcare concepts knowledge - over one million Americans per year.  This gives you some quick understanding of the importance of this knowledge.

    You can learn about some of our vital healthcare concepts quickly by utilizing the help of our healthcare consultant and healthy lifestyle coach.  Taking this action is much more important and much smarter than trying to save some dollars with trial and error guesswork decisions about important healthcare issues that can go on for many years, and probably get much worse over time (and be much more difficult and much more expensive to try to correct). 

 Phone Calls to ABC of Health


      Our voice mail system can take your phone call at all times that we are not available to answer the phone (during our business hours or after hours - 24 hours per day, seven days per week )  You can leave us a voice mail message whenever it is convenient for you to do so. 

    If you get our voice mail system when you call us, please leave us a detailed message about your interests in healthcare issues (up to six minutes long).   Please speak slowly and clearly and state your name and phone number twice to make sure that we can understand your recorded name and phone number.

Examples of Some Healthcare Issues 

That Can Be Discussed With Lon

  -  arthritis issues; enhance bone and joint health; pH balance of body fluids; reduce stress, anxiety, brain fog, or depression.

 -  manage glucose stability and improve emotions and mental stability; enhance brain power - learning ability, focus, and memory. 

 -  enhance sleep quality and ability to rest and recuperate nightly; improve mental attitude and increase overall energy and vitality.

 -  improve control over addictive substances - carbonated drinks (soft drinks), "energy" drinks, coffee, iced tea, chocolate, sugar ( and other sweet products - candy, cookies, other desserts, beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages ), cigarettes, etc.

 -  improve digestion of various types of food and improve small and large intestine functions, intestinal cleansing or parasite cleansing.   

     NOTES:  Parasite infestations are at serious levels for many Americans, especially for people who have pets of various types, or people that visit in areas where pets are present, or have other contacts with animals. 

     Parasites that get into the body are usually very small in size (microscopic size is common), and they can come in through the skin or on foods that we eat or liquids that we drink - especially water that was not purified.  Do you have parasites in your body?  They usually mature rapidly - only about two weeks before they can begin laying eggs and it is common for parasites to lay large numbers of eggs daily (1,000 + per day is considered common). 

     Various types of parasites can produce thousands of eggs in just a few days.  Do not play games with parasites by ignoring them - they will surely win because the contaminated person will likely have many thousands of additional parasite eggs within a week - and huge numbers increasingly as the weeks go by.  Talk to Lon about parasite cleansing - we have excellent parasite cleansing products that use potent herbs effectively to get rid of parasites within the human body.

     NOTE:  We constantly strive to help our customers learn how to live a longer and more productive life with more enjoyment each day - with more success in their career or vocation and in their personal life relationships.   



 Other Healthcare Issues That 

Can Be Discussed With Lon

 -  Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Reduction Lon is knowledgeable about weight loss protocols and techniques.  Come in and visit briefly with him to discuss your weight management concerns.   We have an excellent selection of quality weight loss and weight management products.  We also have safe appetite reduction products for those people who may have a tendency to eat too much food (have too many calories coming into their body and causing additional weight gain).

 -  nasal and sinus congestion (these conditions affect many adults and children adversely)   Lon has acquired special knowledge about these health problems over a period of many years - one of his specialties.  

 -  Constipation or loose bowels - occasionally or frequently.  This is another area where Lon has acquired special knowledge.  He can help people understand why these problems can occur and also explain what one can do to improve these problems quickly and cost-effectively.



-  menopause conditions - hormone imbalances, emotional swings, hot flashes, etc. (we have special products to help cope with menopause conditions).

 -  improve sexual functions (male or female) - desire and enjoyment - we have special products that can help substantially with these conditions for many people. 

 -  reduce marital emotional stress and greatly improve marital harmony (enhance marital teamwork and develop a desire for personal achievement toward mutually shared goals).

 -  manage inflammation and repair of body tissue or joints - age deterioration or injury related problems.

 -  improve immune system functions - enhance body's ability to quickly fight microbe infections (bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, yeast, etc.).

 -  air filtration and air purification issues; water filtration and purification issues; water alkalization and ionization; bathing water filters.

 -  OR your voice mail message for ABC of Health can identify other healthcare issues that you are concerned about and would like to discuss briefly with Lon by telephone. 

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You can take a quick and easy visual tour of our store right on your computer screen by visiting our business advertising information at www.yp.com (same as www.yellowpages.com). The time for the tour is about two to three minutes (time varies with the speed of your computer and your Internet connection). 

The www.yp.com Website provides you with access to AT & T Phone Book Yellow page advertising as presented on the Internet via their yellow page advertising search engine.  

When the www.yp.com Website appears, search for health stores or health food stores in Greenville, SC  or search in Mauldin, SC.   You can select any of the several icon prompts presented in each advertisement to quickly obtain specific information about any of the listed businesses that you choose to review. 

ABC of Health should be shown in the top position in this "health store" category of advertising for the Greenville, SC area (we also pay AT & T for an identical advertisement listing for the Mauldin, SC area). 

You can select the More Info icon, or left click your mouse on the name of our business, to obtain more information about our business in a concise format that works especially well with most mobile phone searches (as well as computer searches). 

Our advanced level of advertising with AT & T includes a photographic visual tour of our health store (a short movie for two 360 degrees circular views inside our health store - click on the 360 tour icon to start this short video tour). You can stop the automatic tour and manually control the movement of the video within our store at any time by using your mouse (left click) to control the video.  You can restart the video to begin again at our front doorway.   

This is amazing video type picture technology for a visual visit to our health store with the convenience of your computer, I pad, or whatever equipment you normally use to get on the Internet. You can use the hyperlink below to start your AT & T Internet search (as described above).


(please review the notes below before selecting this link)

When you select the link above (left click mouse on link), the AT & T search engine Website should quickly appear.  You can then choose to search for health stores or health food stores in Greenville, SC or in  Mauldin, SC (our special Internet advertisement with AT & T will appear in a search for either area). 

The www.yp.com website is also www.yellowpages.com (the AT & T search engine's Website).

You can use your back arrow key (upper left corner of your screen) to return to this Website whenever you are ready.  You may need to select the back arrow key several times to get back to this Website (depends upon how many actions you activated before trying to use the back arrow key to get back to this Website).



An Internet search with the competing Yellowbook phone company uses the following link:


(please see notes below before using this link)

In this situation, search for health stores in Mauldin, SC to find our advertisement for ABC of Health within the Yellowbook Internet advertisement program, unless you are using a mobile phone.  In that event, you can search for health stores in Greenville, SC and find our Internet ads because we pay additional fees to Yellowbook for special banner ads that are programed to appear on mobile phone searches via Yellowbook.com in the health store category for most of the upstate area: Greenville, Easley, Pickens, Greer, Duncan, Spartanburg, and many other smaller communities (in most of the upstate area).  

You may know that Yellowbook is a competing advertising company with AT & T advertising.   With either company's advertisement listing of businesses in each selected category of business (health stores, health food stores, nutritionist, vitamins, air filters, water filters, etc.) you can select various icons to obtain specific types of information about each business shown in a listed category. You can also left click your mouse on the name of a business to quickly obtain more info about the business.  

The AT & T Internet advertising system and the Yellowbook system both work well with mobile phones, or other mobile devices (Kindle, Nook, or other tablets, etc.).  Remember that small mobile devices do not have as much computer processing capability as full size computers but some mobile devices are capable data processing units for some Internet info.  The mobile device technology is amazing!

Hopefully this brief technical explanation will help your understanding of how to utilize these advertisement features with these competing advertisement companies.  They are both Hi Tech and easy to use.

These two major competing telephone book companies are providing businesses and the public with some very sophisticated Internet capability for very convenient and helpful advertisement information on the Internet.  When you begin to use these two excellent search engines, you will have big advantages when you want to search for information about local area businesses using your Internet capabilities. 

Sometimes it is best to search with each of these competing search engines to find the best presentation of the business information that you are looking for.  Internet advertisement offers several options that can be expensive for businesses so the advertisements that a specific business places with each of these competing phone book companies may be quite different, depending upon their advertisement budget.  In fact, some business may advertise with one company and not advertise with the other company.  Please understand that advertisements cost money and most companies have limited funds for ads.

It will usually work best for you to search with each of these competing Internet search engines to make sure you are getting all of the Internet advertising information that is available for a specific company.     

Welcome to the modern day competing Internet Yellowpages advertising systems.  

It is interesting to see how much business advertising information is already available to you with your computer or right at your finger tips with a mobile type Internet capable device.   More and more businesses are spending the additional funds necessary to get their advertising information on the Internet services discussed above.  They want sophisticated shoppers to have convenient assess to their information.

It is important to keep your printed phone books handy because they contain a wealth of useful information that is well organized and easy to use (and they are still free from the phone book companies).   Also remember that all businesses have not begun to advertise with these phone book companies on the Internet.  Many small companies (and some large companies) have little or no advertising on the Internet because they still depend upon phone book yellow pages advertisements and also still depend upon favorable word-of-mouth advertising (a happy customer refers family members, friends, and business associates to that "very good business" that they really like)

It is also very convenient at times to have an extra phone book in your car, and both of these phone book companies have a small size phone book that is very suitable for this situation.  You never know when you might need the wealth of information contained in a printed phone book.  Lon suggests that you keep this very convenient asset handy at all times because it can make life easier and more comfortable.

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