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Health and Wellness Education Programs

We develop and teach natural advanced healthcare concepts training programs.  We can also provide personalized advanced healthcare concepts consultations for people living in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

We are developing three advanced healthcare concepts training programs 

that  will work well for local clients that want the convenience of studying 

our advanced healthcare training programs at home.  Other family members

can participate in these training programs (spouse and teenage children). 

Younger children can benefit from information provided by their parents.

These three training programs can also work well for people that live  

in other areas of South Carolina.  Our advanced healthcare concepts

home-study training programs are available to citizens of South Carolina.

Level One (Basic - Introduction Training), Level Two, and Level Three Programs are explained in

our main healthcare education Website ( Healthcare Concepts Training Programs department ).

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Also see our newest Website at: 


ABC of Health

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(Mauldin is only eight miles from downtown Greenville, SC)

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Phone: 864-329-0004

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Family eating

Our primary Healthcare Mission is to help people improve their understanding of vital healthcare and wellness concepts - what we call the ABC's of Health (our business name). 

We strive to help people learn how to improve their lifestyle substantially and thereby enjoy a much better life - one that can be years longer with a much better outcome (more enjoyment, more happiness, and more productivity and success with their goals and objectives).  


We help people learn how to protect and nourish their precious health assets!

People can enjoy more energy and vitality and less sickness, disease, pain, and suffering, but 

they need special healthcare training to learn how to accomplish these desirable objectives. 


Major Breakthroughs In Understanding 

How To Enable Healthcare Improvements

Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of our health education company, ABC's of Health, Inc.  Over a period of many years, Lon has developed numerous advanced healthcare concepts for improving health, wellness, and fitness.  He understands that these very valuable healthcare improvement concepts can greatly improve the potential for enjoying a much healthier life for most people - one that can be much more productive and successful than would likely be achieved without the remarkable multiple benefits of ours advanced healthcare concepts.  

Our Corporation owns the copyrights for these healthcare trade secrets so we are the only company that can legally promote these very valuable healthcare improvement concepts in the easy to learn manner that we do. 

Lon has developed healthcare training programs that can help people learn how to get on the fast track to better health by using some of our advanced healthcare concepts.  We have divided our basic advanced healthcare training program into three phases to make it easy for qualified clients to lease our total training program at low cost.  This program has Level One, Level Two, and Level Three training phases. 

Our Level One training is the basic information about our advanced healthcare concepts training program, and we have priced the one year lease way below its actual value.  You can learn more about this very important training program by visiting Website www.AdvancedHealthcareConcepts.com. 

This training program is truly a big bargain in advanced healthcare concepts education because it can help people understand the multiple opportunities that are available to them to make major improvements in their long-term health potential.  This training program introduces people to advanced healthcare concepts that people do not generally know about or even consider in their daily lifestyle.  Consequently, almost everyone does not know about the importance of these healthcare concepts because they have never learned about them.  Almost everyone is missing out on the very important advantages that these vital healthcare concepts could provide for them on a daily basis.  

Damage may be done to trillions of your body cells each day because of your lack of vital healthcare knowledge, and these damages may continue day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year because you have not learned how to avoid these ongoing damages to vital cells and organs throughout your body.  Have you ever considered that your long-term health may be damaged repeatedly each day simply because you do not know how to reduce this ongoing cellular damage?  It can be minimized easily after you learn how to do this.

Very Important Healthcare Concept:  People do not know what they do not know.  How can you understand an advanced healthcare concept that you have not been taught and that you have never even thought about before?  

Our Level One advanced healthcare concepts training will enable qualified clients, for the first time in their lifetime, to realize very important health optimizing concepts that are easy to understand and easy to use to improve their lifestyle - even if they think they have already developed a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Level One healthcare training can enable people to see vital healthcare concepts for the first time in a new light, one that opens their mind to be able to comprehend very important healthcare concepts that can truly enable them to think more intelligently and more responsibly about developing a healthier lifestyle. 

This remarkable healthcare training can enable qualified clients to begin taking very important healthcare actions that can help them move up to a much healthier lifestyle than they realized was possible for them.  This is the Introduction Phase of our advanced healthcare concepts training programs, and it is exceptionally important health information.  However, please understand that this initial healthcare training phase will not teach you everything you need to know to fully understand and utilize all of our advanced healthcare concepts

That is why we also have Level Two and Level Three advanced healthcare concepts training.  It is important to learn these advanced health concepts in a logical progression.  In this manner, we make it easy to learn and easy to begin using our advanced healthcare concepts on a daily basis, and that can enable our clients to benefit daily from these concepts - for the rest of their life. 

WOW!  Think for a moment about what this advanced healthcare knowledge could do for one of our clients during the remainder of their lifetime.  Does it make any sense at all to try to go through life without the many advantages that this vital healthcare knowledge could provide for you?   NO!  It makes no sense at all, once you learn that this kind of healthcare training is available.  That is especially true when you stop and realize that you may be qualified to get started in an easy and economical manner.  

Level One and Level Two and Level Three Training Programs

 Quick Summary of Their Combined Potential Training Effects

Most people will be surprised to see how easy it is to greatly improve their lifestyle for better health, develop more energy, have more vitality, enjoy clearer and better thinking, and likely develop a much better attitude about their job and their family responsibilities. These improvements help motivate people to meet the challenges of each new day.

This is very valuable healthcare improvement training that practically all adult Americans need, even if they have a dietetic science degree (dietitian), a nursing degree, or even a medical doctor degree (M.D.).

Penalty for not knowing!   People die by the thousands each week in America (about 21,000 per week on average), and our very low cost Level One healthcare training program could have helped many of them a lot.  Unfortunately, those people did not get our vital healthcare concepts training that may have helped them survive and begin enjoying and benefiting from a much healthier lifestyle.   It is now too late for those people, and this situation will repeat again, week after week, as more people die by the thousands each week (over one million people die in America each year!).

Now you can sense the urgency that we feel toward developing effective healthcare education programs for as many people as we can.  Lon Willoughby has learned how to slow down the normal aging process substantially.  He  has also learned how to use special nutrition supplements to improve brain chemistry for more brain power (learning ability, memory, recall ability). 

Lon also knows how to help our clients obtain better emotional control and stability on a regular daily basis in a dependable manner. This very valuable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge can help people understand how to reduce anxiety, nervousness, and depression.  Some of these more advanced healthcare concepts are presented in our Level Two training phase and then more of our advanced healthcare concepts are presented in our Level Three Advanced Healthcare Concepts training phase.       

Our Level Three training phase brings all of these advanced healthcare concepts together into an easy to utilize advanced healthy lifestyle concept, and it summarizes the overall amazing healthcare potential of the three phases of our healthcare concepts training.  The amazing healthcare concepts that we specifically teach are copyrighted and proprietary company trade secrets so we are the only company that teaches these advanced healthcare concepts in this easy to learn and easy to use format.  

Please understand that we are not training you to become one of our competitors.  It is illegal (a serious federal crime) to attempt to teach other people any of our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts (except your spouse and dependent children that live with you in your primary residence).   If you want to help some other people learn about our advanced healthcare concepts, you can simply recommend that they visit this Website to obtain the very valuable healthcare concepts that we provide at this Website for FREE.  Each department provides some valuable healthcare concepts that are free.  See especially our Vital Healthcare Concepts department at this Website. 

After visiting this Website, your family members, friends, and your most important business associates can then decide whether or not they want to consider leasing one of our healthcare training programs (currently available only to citizens of South Carolina, and especially available to citizens living in the Greenville, SC upstate area). 

One must complete our Level One advanced healthcare concepts training before they can begin our Level Two Advanced Healthcare Training, and a similar situation occurs for our Level Three training.    

Due to the exclusive proprietary nature of our healthcare training programs, and due to our restrictive distribution policy, we do not sell our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training Programs.   Each level of our training program is included in the single lease of our basic training program.  

Millions of people in South Carolina need to know about our proprietary advanced healthcare concepts.   At this point in time, these very valuable training programs are not available to people that are residents of other states within the United States of America.   See our Justice department for an explanation of this situation (at our main healthcare education Website).   You can left click your mouse on the hyperlink below to visit this Website.


We know how to help our clients learn how to use our advanced healthcare concepts on a daily basis to improve their life and make it more enjoyable, more pleasant, more satisfying, more productive and more successful in many respects - while they also enjoy living longer in better health (than would have likely occurred without our very important advanced healthcare concepts training).    


How Much Is Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training Worth? 

( Level One + Level Two + Level Three Training Program)

The advanced healthcarewellness, and fitness concepts that we have developed can enable people to greatly improve their health and wellness potential into their future years.  Our proprietary copyrighted advanced healthcare and wellness concepts training program can be worth many thousands of dollars for most people.  This training program was developed for people with a modest income, as explained at the Website address below: 


We also have an advanced healthcare concepts training program for clients that have incomes and/or net worth that exceeds the income levels established for our basic healthcare training program.  This training program can be worth much more for moderately wealthy people (hundreds of thousands of dollars).  Our advanced healthcare concepts training in this program can potentially be worth millions of dollars for very wealthy people and worth even billions of dollars for the super wealthy.   

Our advanced healthcare concepts are very valuable for everyone, even children, because we teach parents how they can help their children optimize their body's natural ability to be healthy.  However, our proprietary healthcare concepts are most valuable for people who are trying to cope with poor health or disease conditions and want to know what they can do to help their body restore improved health, with more energy and vitality, as quickly as possible.

Our proprietary and copyrighted healthcare trade secrets are life-changing and potentially life-saving health and wellness concepts for many people.  This healthcare training is only available from ABC of Health in Mauldin, South Carolina - because we own the respective copyrights involved with our advanced healthcare concepts

You can get started by visiting our new Website at:  www.AdvancedHealthcareConcepts.com.  Review the information presented there to see if you can qualify to lease our basic advanced healthcare concepts training program or if you can qualify to lease our next level advanced healthcare concepts training program - our Americans for Justice training program.  Visit our special Website for this training program at:


Please remember that both of our advanced healthcare concepts training programs are available only to citizens of  of South Carolina.  Do you have a driver's license for this state?  Are you registered to vote in this state?

The very valuable healthcare improvement concepts that we teach are easier, 

more practical, sensible, and less expensive to achieve than you might think.  

* * * * * 

Some of Our Valuable Healthcare Concepts 

Are Available To You Free At Our Websites 

As noted above, our Websites provide some healthcare improvement Information about various health-related issues that are important for practically everyone.  However, some of the most important healthcare information available at our Websites is user name and password protected so it is not available to the general public.  We cannot afford to give away our most important advanced healthcare concepts.  You can understand this, right?

People that have completed our Level One Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training and have qualified to begin  our Level Two Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training will be provided with access codes to some of this exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts information.  We have multiple Websites that provide special healthcare concepts and selected people can obtain access by using our Log In code and password security

Our training programs progress in a logical sequential manner and cover such issues as: very important nutrition concepts, vital nutrition products and supplements, the role of our nutrition consultant ( nutritionist ), very important vitamin concepts, very important mineral concepts (major minerals, minor mineral, and trace minerals), important beneficial herb concepts, incredibly important enzyme concepts and beneficial probiotics concepts, vital protein concepts, other important nutrition type substances and products.  

Our healthcare concepts training programs also provide important healthcare education concepts about air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, bathing water filters, shower filters, exercise equipment such as CHI exercisers and rebounders, and we also provide important information about ozone generators (can be useful for several important things). We also present information about healthcare consultations, and other important aspects of healthcare education programs.   

Although some of our Websites provide very valuable healthcare concepts information that is Free, we cannot afford to give away a lot of our very valuable proprietary healthcare trade secrets.  The exceptionally valuable healthcare information that Lon Willoughby has acquired over a period of 40+ years has cost him and his wife (Janie) more than 1.6 million dollars.  That situation involved about $900,000 of actual costs (money spent) and more than $700,000 in lost income for Lon while he focused a lot of his time and efforts over many years on studying, researching, and developing our vital advanced healthcare concepts.    

Notes:   Lon Willoughby grew up on a farm in Columbus County, North Carolina, and Janie grew up on a farm in Chester County, South Carolina.  It was a miracle that they ever found each other in the big city of Jacksonville, Florida, but fortune smiled on them and they did find each other and then got married in 1970, in Jacksonville. Janie was a school teacher and Lon was a career employee with the Federal Aviation Administration, working as a highly trained and skilled electronics technician at the nearby FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hillard, Florida.  Lon and Janie have been together now for 44 years, and they still make an excellent team working together to help improve the lives of lots of people.   Janie works with Lon now, after retiring from teaching school in 2007 (39 years in public schools).  She specialized in teaching subjects in the social studies field - high school students (history, government, civics, economics, etc.).  Janie taught America History for many years and she became an expert in American History knowledge. 

Over a period of many years, Lon's ongoing self-directed holistic type natural healthcare education projects required a lot of very confusing and complex and difficult science-oriented work, involving many thousands of hours of healthcare research studies and also thousands of hours of actual healthcare working experiences with more than a thousand people ( in our health store business for more than 14 years ). 

 It turns out that his upbringing on a complex farm environment was exceptionally beneficial to Lon because this farming experience enable him to learn how various food crops are planted, fertilized, nurtured, and raised.   Lon then acquired college level science training in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering mathematics courses into calculus.  Like his father, he had a natural technical aptitude, and he was very curious about how things worked - what makes electricity work, how do electric motors work, what makes machines run, and what makes photography work, films, etc. 

Lon worked in the very complex electronics industry for 21 years [ United States Air Force and then the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA ( for 19 years) ].  He worked at Air Route Traffic Control Facilities, at RADAR Facilities, and at Air Traffic Control Towers.  He also worked with microwave link data processing systems, communications systems (VHF and UHF), digital data processing systems, and VOR and TACAN systems (used for cross-country navigation by airplanes).  All of that work with very complex electronic systems of numerous types for many years enabled him to develop very important critical thinking skills, and those special thinking skills served him well in his subsequent complex studies in the fields of nutrition and human healthcare. 

All of those attributes and skills were very helpful to Lon when he was accomplishing his comprehensive holistic healthcare evaluations and numerous research learning projects.  He was determined and committed to searching for important ways to protect human health, above and beyond what is commonly known by most people working within the healthcare field (nurses, medical doctors, dietitians, and nutritionist).  He searched to find practicable and sensible ways for people to live better and longer with minimized health problems, disease conditions, and the widespread human suffering that is so common in America - especially for older people in their "golden years."

Over the years, Lon purchased more than six hundred healthcare type books for his personal library and the library that he subsequently developed for this Corporation.  This was accomplished while he was progressively working on his ongoing self-directed healthcare education project.  Those reference books cost several thousand dollars. 

As the president of ABC's of Health, Inc., his self-directed healthcare education project is still ongoing, and he routinely purchases several hundred dollars worth of healthcare related books each year as additional healthcare reference sources.  He typically purchases about 700 dollars worth of health reference books and research reports each year to help him keep up to date with some of the latest and best healthcare education research information.  

From this brief review of cost factors (time and money), you can see why we must charge reasonable fees for the  advanced healthcare concepts training programs that Lon Willoughby has developed for this company.  Obviously, we must make a responsible effort to gradually recover the substantial costs involved with our large investment of time and money to develop our advanced healthcare concepts that can really help people live better and longer.

This has been an incredibly important healthcare improvement project, and the price people pay for our healthcare education programs is just a small token amount of what it has cost Lon Willoughby personally, and what it has cost this Corporation, for him to learn and develop his advanced healthcare concepts for ABC's of Health, Inc.   

We can now teach people about the advanced healthcare concepts that Lon has developed over a period of many years.  Millions of people in South Carolina need to obtain our advanced healthcare concepts training programs as quickly as possible.  Obviously, many millions of people in America need this training also, but at the present time, our advanced healthcare training programs are only available to people in South Carolina.  

See our Justice department for an explanation of our very important reasons for this necessary restriction of access to and distribution of our advanced healthcare training programs.  The Justice department is located at our main healthcare education Website, and you can quickly get there by using the hyperlink provided below.


Brief Summary of Our Healthcare Education Programs

We have Level One, Level Two, and Level Three Phases in our Advanced Healthcare Training Program

Our main healthcare education Website provides information about our Healthcare Concepts Training.

You can right click your mouse on the hyperlink above to go to that Website, and then use    

your "back" button to return to this Website (upper left corner of your computer screen).

You can also visit our newest Website to obtain more information about our Training Programs.



Our Healthcare Mission Statement 

We want to help people learn how to improve their health and wellness status - increase their energy level, their physical vitality and emotional strength, and help them learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that will substantially increase their potential to avoid sickness and disease conditions.  

We strive to help people learn how to live a longer and more productive life with more enjoyment each day - with more success in their career or vocation and in their personal life relationships.

We are a Holistic Type Health and Wellness Company

( Complementary Natural Healthcare Education Services )

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

holistic adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole 

holistic medicine noun treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease


Whole Body Concept Of Health Improvement

We take the whole body into consideration, not just individual parts of the body that may appear to have poor performance.  We understand that the human body operates as a very complex unit - individual organs and sections of the body do not normally function independently of all other processes within the body.  The body needs all of its various organs, sections, and other parts to function in good cellular health in a teamwork manner to achieve the amazing and remarkable performance that it is capable of producing each day.

The health of the intestinal bowel system, or the liver, or the kidneys, or the thyroid gland, or the adrenal glands, or other body organs, functions, and processes, can have substantial effects on other parts of the body.  The human body is an exceptionally complex system, and the entire system must be considered when trying to improve health. 

A person's mental attitude can have dramatic effects on the way body systems function at any given time, and it can also greatly affect health and vitality over time (in a very beneficial way or in a very harmful way).  How a person chooses to respond to each situation that occurs ( on a daily basis ) is a very important factor in how their body will function over time.  

Do they respond in a positive, constructive, and productive manner to difficult and challenging situations, or do they tend to respond in negative ways (discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, anger, anxiety, depression)?  

Lon Willoughby understands the important inter-relationships of our advanced vital healthcare concepts, and he cares about each client and their current and longer-term health status.  He also understands and respects the unique individuality and complexity of people (different genetic makeups, different home environments, different educational training conditions, and different complex social actions and their affect upon each person).  

One of our important goals at our health and wellness facility in Mauldin was to strive to be helpful to each customer and treat them as members of our extended family.  We will continue that goal with each one of our new local clients and with our new Internet clients.


Does ABC of Health Still Promote Nutrition Supplements?

QUESTION:   ABC of Health closed their health and wellness store in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24, 2014.  Does this company still promote and market nutrition supplement products and other healthcare related products that can make a real positive difference in the daily life of many people?  

ANSWER:  Yes, we still promote nutrition supplements and other healthcare related products, and hundreds of them, but they are now available online (Internet) primarily through our approved status as registered associate with the amazing and incredible Amazon.com shopping mall.   

We still promote and market our favorite brands of nutrition supplements, and we still promote our favorite nutrition supplement products within each brand.  We can now do this on the Internet in a big way, rather than trying to do this in our independent health store in a small way (that caused Lon to have to work 70 to 90 hours per week).  

BIG PLUS FACTORS:  We now have many more brands of quality health related products than we ever had in our health store - we can offer help and guidance to our established Amazon.com referral customers and this can be a very valuable service for people that are not experts with nutritional supplement products.  

When our established referral customers have questions about nutrition supplements, they can Email us their inquiry and we will try to provide helpful information that can help them make wise purchases (most suitable products, best brands, best products, best prices, best time to take a particular product, etc.). 

Another big advantage for our Amazon.com associate referral customers is this:  nutrition supplement product prices are much lower.  We now have bargain discount prices that we could not afford to offer in our health store due to the expensive overhead costs for operating an independent health store.   

These deep discount prices apply to many types of health promoting products such as:  many types of nutrition supplements - vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, proteins supplements, and numerous other products, including special nutrition formulations, etc.  However, in addition to those important healthcare products, our referral clients also have access to food blenders and juicers, water filters and water purifiers, air filters and air purifiers, quality built rebounders.

Rebounders are excellent exercise units - the best type of exercise for most people - please don't waste money buying a cheap rebounder unit - a quality built rebounder is usually a lifetime purchase.   

Many other types of healthcare related products are available at Amazon.com at deep discount prices, and many other types of products are also available for shoppers.  Any  discount prices that are available at Amazon.com are also directly available to our Amazon.com Associate Referral Customers - more than a million products to select from at this huge shopping mall. 

At the top of this Home department, right click your mouse on our link for BIG BONUS - visit Amazon.com Mall and see a special page that clearly explains how you can easily qualify to obtain some of our very valuable advanced healthcare concepts information at no additional cost to you (this is valuable information but it is FREE). 

Our unique proprietary advanced healthcare concepts training programs are worth thousands of dollars to most people, and they are worth even more to wealthy people.  You can qualify to obtain important parts of our advanced healthcare concepts information FREE when you become one of our Amazon.com shopping mall referral clients.  


   1.  The amount of money that our advanced healthcare concepts training programs are worth is directly related to the amount of money that a person or couple has acquired, and their value is also related to the condition of a person's current health status.  

   2.  Our advanced healthcare concepts training programs can be more beneficial (and worth much more money) to unhealthy people than to healthy people, because unhealthy people need this training much more than healthy people.  

   3.  People who feel healthy and appear to be healthy still need our advanced healthcare training to help them maintain their good health, energy and vitality, and good performance for the years ahead.  Our programs can help people more than they can even imagine being helped - really!

Our Internet capable customers can purchase any products that Amazon.com has in their fantastic online shopping mall (they have many types of products and more than a million products altogether).  Visitors to our Websites and our regular clients can enjoy excellent discount prices with the bonus potential of free shipping for many products (when the total sale amounts to $35.00 or more for products that are eligible for free shipping - some products do not qualify for free shipping). 

The BIG BONUS for people that shop at Amazon.com via our Amazon Associate link to the Amazon.com shopping mall is this:  they will then become elgibile to receive some of our very valuable advanced healthcare concepts information FREE.  This information can be very valuable to you and your family members (that live in your home). 

It may enable you to improve your life in important ways that you haven't even thought about.  Most of this healthcare information will also be available to people that live outside of South Carolina (U.S. citizens that live in any of the 50 states of the United States of America).  

Right click your mouse on the BIG BONUS - visit Amazon.com Mall link above when you are ready to learn more about this exceptionally valuable opportunity. You will see this BIG BONUS link at the top and bottom of this Home department and also find it in other departments at this Website. 

 ABC of Health Has a Very Important Operations Plan

We permanently closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24th, 2014. This action was taken, after 14+ years in the health store business, to enable our personnel to focus most of their work time and effort toward providing much needed special healthcare education training programs for personnel working at local  Greenville area businesses (owners, managers, and some of their employees). 

There is a tremendous need for our advanced Healthcare Concepts Education programs - all over South Carolina and all over America in general.   Thousands of people are suffering and dying each week in America, and we understand that most of those people did not know enough about how to help protect normal body functions. They did not know enough about how to take much better care of their incredible body, and now it is too late for them.  

People have not been trained to understand the advanced healthcare concepts that we have developed, over a period of many years, to help people learn how to protect their precious health assets much more effectively.      

Our company has developed and copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts and protocols that can enable people to enjoy a much healthier lifestyle than is typical in America.  Our concepts are sensible, practical, and cost effective, and they can also be used to help improve many deteriorated health conditions in remarkably effective ways.  

We understand how Americans could reduce healthcare costs in America by billions of dollars per year, but we also understand that this will not likely happen until millions of our citizens participate in some essential healthcare concepts training that can enable them to achieve much healthier lifestyles on a daily basis.   

People need to gain a better understanding of how their body is constantly striving to maintain optimized health conditions throughout the entire body system.  People also need to understand that they are personally responsible for their own health on a daily basis and on a longer-term life-long basis. 

If they do not exercise that responsibility in a reasonably competent and responsible manner, they need to understand that poor quality longer-term health is likely to be the result, and they must then personally struggle to cope with that difficult and expensive situation daily for the rest of their life. 

Where are our citizens going to get this kind of very valuable healthcare and wellness concepts training in an easy to learn and use program that is economical and also cost effective (saves more money than it cost )?

Our company has been focused on these issues for many years.   We have worked to develop practical healthcare concepts training programs that can help people quickly learn how to take much better care of their incredible body and mind.  We can now teach the ABCs of Health that all adults need to understand, and then parents can gradually teach their children these very valuable healthcare concepts at the appropriate age (when each child has developed the abilities needed to learn easy to understand healthcare concepts that can substantially improve their future).  


Do You Have An Interest In Learning More

About Our Healthcare Education Programs?

You can learn more about us by staying with us a few more minutes on this Home department;  however, if you are ready to learn more about our advanced healthcare concepts training programs, you can visit our Health Programs department at our main healthcare education website.  You can quickly do that by using the convenient hyperlink (link) that is right below the next five lines of text.      

After you review that information, if you feel that you may have an interest in purchasing our Level One healthcare training program, but you want to obtain additional information about the cost and suitability for your personal healthcare situation, or your business employee situation, please give us a call.  We are here to help you personally, and/or help your company personnel obtain this type of exceptionally valuable healthcare and wellness training.   


We encourage you to also visit our newest Website at this address: 


You can call us at 864-329-0004 

 We are in Mauldin, South Carolina - about eight miles from downtown Greenville, SC.

 Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Enzymes, Proteins, Probiotics, etc. 

 Do adult Americans need to have a practical working knowledge of nutrition supplements that can enable them to help their body be healthier?   Do they need to understand the special importance of supplements for the B Vitamin Complex, and especially Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid.  How about Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E (their are eight types of natural Vitamin E - most people do not get enough of all eight types).   

Do people need to understand the great importance of having an abundance of beneficial microbes living in the intestinal tract to help with the final stages of food digestion, boosting immune system functions, and the production of some vitamins?  We call these beneficial microbes "probiotics" or "friendly flora."

Do people need to understand the extraordinary importance of various types of proteins within the body?  All major functions within the body involve protein molecules and/or special enzymes produced within the body are derived from protein molecules.  If one doesn't get enough quality proteins (containing all of the eight essential amino acids in proper balance), the body is not getting enough of the essential nutrients to develop the very important enzymes that are so important for proper body functions.  Do people need to have a practical and useful working knowledge of these essential metabolic actions within the body?  Would they likely treat their body better each day (take better care of their body and brain) if they had a basic and practical understanding of how important these various nutritional substances are for long-term health?

Vitamin B12 Information

Research has also shown that many newborn babies and other young children are deficient in Vitamin B12 and this situation can cause very serious neurological problems (some symptoms can be very similar to autism).  Many older children and many adults, and especially older adults, are also frequently deficient in Vitamin B12, and this situation can cause serious neurological problems for them also.  They can become very irrational and demanding in unreasonable ways if they are deficient in Vitamin B12, and some of the other B vitamins.  Do people need to be better educated about the immense importance of Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins?

Think about the news and all the irrational and unreasonable actions that occur with many people, and you will see that there are many situations that ruin people's life or cause tragic death to occur.  Could many of those tragic situations have been avoided by simple getting adequate B vitamins?   Lon's extensive study of these types of neurological problems has convinced him that most people should supplement Vitamin B12, and other B vitamins, on a frequent basis to be on the safe side and avoid these tragic situations.  How should they do this?  How much should they take weekly?  It requires substantial specialized nutritional supplement knowledge to answer these types of questions in a competent and responsible manner.  Lon Willoughby has acquired this kind of nutrition knowledge.

Vitamin D3 Information (the Sunshine Vitamin/Hormone)

Research has shown that most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D3 and this can contribute to a number of serious health conditions, including heart disease conditions, strokes, cancer conditions, and many other health problems.   Do most people need to take a Vitamin D3 supplement on a regular basis?  After a lot of study about this subject, Lon is convinced that most people should take a Vitamin D3 supplement.   What type of Vitamin D is best to take - Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3?  How much should one take?  How often and when should it be taken, before a meal, during a meal, at the end of a meal, or on an empty stomach? 

Lon and his wife Janie take a substantial amount if Vitamin D3 supplement daily because they do not normally get very much sunshine on a substantial amount of bare skin daily. (summer time or winter time or any other time).  How much Vitamin D3 supplement is right for you?  Do you know what type of blood test to get to check the level of Vitamin D3 in your blood?   What is now considered to be a healthy blood level of Vitamin D3 (minimum & maximum levels)?  Lon knows the answers to these very important questions.

Vitamin K1, K2 Information

Do most people need to be educated about the great importance of Vitamin K1 and K2, and what people can do to help ensure that they are getting a generous amount of both types of Vitamin K each week?   Vitamin K1 is very much different from Vitamin K2. Some people may get enough Vitamin K1 from their diet, if they frequently eat a lot of raw green leafy vegetables.  However, getting enough Vitamin K2 from the diet is more difficult for most people.  

Research has shown that many people in America are deficient in Vitamin K2, and this is particularly true for people that are vegetarians (and even more so for vegans) because most of our natural Vitamin K2 comes from animal type foods.  Is Vitamin K2 supplementation really important?   Yes, Vitamin K2 is very important in the human body, and we need to get it on a regular basis to be healthy long-term.  We don't necessarily have to supplement it daily because Vitamin K (K1 and K2) are oil soluble vitamins and all oil soluble vitamins can be stored in the body and dispensed out when they are needed.  The oil soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K. 

Lon Willoughby has studied this subject in depth, and he understands that Vitamin K2 is exceptionally important for bone health (all over our body, including our jaw bones), and it is also very important for cardiovascular health.  We now know that vitamin K2 deficiency is a major cause of children having teeth that are bunched up improperly (not properly spaced) because the jaw bones did not form properly to allow proper room for all of the teeth to grow.  Think about that for a moment!   If the mother did not get enough vitamin K2 when she was pregnant and when she was breast feeding her newborn child, the child's bones can be affected in adverse ways that may present serious problems for the child throughout their entire lifetime.  Yes, vitamin K1 is important for appropriate blood clotting functions, but it is vitamin K2 that is incredibly important in several other areas of the body, including helping us avoid poor bone formation and also bone maintenance throughout life, clogged up arteries, heart attacks and strokes later in life, as shown below. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A deficiency in Vitamin K2 may be a major reason for calcium buildup in arteries ( hardening of the arteries - atherosclerosis - heart attacks, strokes), and Vitamin K2 deficiency also has a lot to do with the major epidemic (pandemic?) of osteoporosis that is affecting older people all over America (age 30 years and older). 

Did you understand that little ole Vitamin K2 was so important to your health?  Did you also know that there are several types of Vitamin K2 and some types are more effective than other types?   Do you need additional training in this area of nutritional science?   Do you know the best sources of vitamin K1 and K2, and the multiple forms of vitamin K2, and the best ways to determine your dosage of each type of vitamin K? 

When should you take your vitamin K2 supplement?  At the beginning of a meal, in the middle of the meal, or at the end of a meal?  Does it really matter when you take vitamin K2, or any other oil soluble vitamin supplement? 

Vitamins and Minerals - Working Together

Do people need to understand how to use vitamin supplements appropriately to substantially improve their long-term health?  How much of each particular vitamin would be appropriate to take in supplemental form? These nutrients can supplement the vitamins that a person may be getting from the food that they consume.  When is the best time of day to take supplemental vitamins and supplemental minerals and supplemental enzymes?  Which is better, vitamin supplements derived from whole foods or vitamins produced in a laboratory?   Is one always better than the other, or are there times when each type will be most effective?

Do people need to understand that vitamins do not work effectively unless they also have the help of appropriate minerals that are needed for certain vitamins to function properly?  

Do people need to have a working knowledge of major minerals and minor minerals and trace minerals that can be very important to their long-term health?  (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, boron, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, etc.)   Do all American adults need to understand why there is a widespread need for most people to supplement iodine in their diet? 

Digestion Of Food 

Do most Americans need to have a much better understanding of the digestion process - from mouth to anus?  Lon understands that all teenagers and adults need to understand the four major food groups (types), and they also need to understand the types of enzymes that are absolutely essential to digest different types of food.  This is incredibly important knowledge that very few people understand or even think about, and it is probably the major single reason that Americans have so much sickness and disease and suffering in their older years.  Do you understand the basic concepts involved with the science of Food Combining?

Lon's many years of experience with people has shown that most people do not know how to eat food in an enlightened intelligent manner that can greatly facilitate better digestion.  He has developed amazing health concepts that enable him to teach vital healthcare concepts in an easy to learn and utilize manner.  How important is this healthcare knowledge?  It is worth all the money that a person has and then some more.  It is life-changing and in most cases, it is life-saving information that can likely add a number of years to the lifespan of most adults. 

Lon has learned that POORLY DIGESTED FOOD is the NUMBER ONE cause of discomfort, sickness, and disease for most people in America.   What kind of healthcare education training do people need to understand the best ways to improve the digestion of various types of food?  Where can people obtain this education in a cost-effective manner?   (Cost Effective Healthcare Training: enables people to save more money than the training cost)

The advanced healthcare education programs that we offer are the best way, and the most economical way, to obtain this vital healthcare information that can improve lives in a dynamic way.  Our training can help people minimize their potential for sickness, disease, and suffering while also increasing lifespan substantially. Is this really possible?  Yes, it is possible and it is likely to occur for many people if they have the multiple benefits available from our advanced healthcare concepts training!

 Our Experience In the Health Store Business Has Shown That Our

Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Is Needed Badly By Most Americans

Our extensive experiences in the health food store business for more than 14 years has convinced us that most people know very little about the essential technicalities involved in the food digestion process, and it appears that most people know even less about the importance of combining foods properly when they eat.  

It also appears that most people know very little about the enzymes that are essential for digestion of different foods.  It is therefore easy to understand why we have so much discomfort, sickness and disease in America.  People have not been taught how to eat and drink in an enlightened manner.  They eat and drink as if it makes no difference how they put food in their stomach - just eat what you want, any way you want it, and the body will take care of the rest. 

The hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and graveyards are full of people who never had a good opportunity to learn the sensible and practical enlightened way to consume food and beverages at meal times and also with their in-between meal snacks. They were not taught these vital healthcare concepts so they did not understand the great importance of these special healthcare concepts. 

In essence, it appears that most people treat their stomach in a similar manner to the food disposal at their kitchen sink.  We can dump the food waste residue into the disposal in any manner (doesn't really matter does it?), turn on the water, and turn on the power switch and the food residue will be ground up into small particles and flushed into the sink drain line.  However, the human stomach is very much different than this - digestion of food in the stomach is a complex process, and digestion of food substance then continues in the small intestines and remaining food particles may get some digestion in the large intestines (colon) due to trillions of microorganisms that should be living in the large intestines.  

Lon Willoughby has studied these complex digestion processes in depth, and he understands that almost everyone needs more training about the complexities of the digestion process.  And that includes most medical doctors and most nurses, chiropractors, dietitians, nutritionists, etc.    What can a person do that is convenient and cost-effective to improve digestion substantially?  Have you ever studied the very important subject of "food combining?"  

That is one of several areas where our advanced healthcare concepts education is very important.  We know how to teach people to eat their food and drink their beverages in a very sensible enlightened manner at meal times - and also with the consumption of snack foods.  Understanding this exceptionally important healthcare knowledge can be life-changing for most people and life-saving for many people - can probably extend a healthy life span by years.     

As you can see from the relevant questions in the section above, most people need an opportunity to learn practical and sensible guidelines about how they can benefit from very important nutrition supplements.  Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential oils, probiotics, and proteins are some of the most important types of nutrition supplements to help enhance healthy body functions.   People also need to understand the great important of pH balance for body fluids and know how to test their pH levels at home conveniently and inexpensively using readily available body fluids (saliva and urine).  Checking the pH of these fluids can provide very important information about your body if you know what the test indications are telling you about your body.

How Can People Obtain Badly Needed Healthcare Training 

THE BIG QUESTION IS THIS: how are people going to obtain this exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge?  What company is ready, willing, and able to provide this kind of practical and sensible healthcare training in a cost-effective manner - that is also easy to understand and convenient for people to obtain?  

ANSWER:   ABCs of Health, Inc. is the only company that we know of in South Carolina that has spent years in learning how to meet these special healthcare training needs with advanced healthcare and wellness concepts.  We have developed numerous company trade secrets in this regard, and they are worth many millions of dollars because many millions of people in America need this exceptionally valuable healthcare information. 

At ABC of Health, we know that there are many situations where taking nutrition supplements in the proper way and at the appropriate time can make huge improvements in overall body health and function.  We understand that taking appropriate nutritional supplements can also be very helpful with mental health and emotional stability, anxiety and depression conditions, etc.  

We also understand that these types of healthcare conditions affect millions of families in America on a daily basis.   The healthcare and wellness training programs that we have developed are the best answers available for most people to cope with these very important healthcare needs. 

NOTE:  If you want to know what motivated Lon Willoughby to spend tens of thousands of hours in study, over a period of many years, and to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs to develop our advanced healthcare concepts, you can read a short report about that in a separate department of this Website - see Lon's Motivation


 Healthcare Tragedies Occur Daily in America by the Thousands 

We estimate that more than ten thousand Americans die each week because they had not been utilizing our  advanced healthcare concepts.  Yes, our health concepts are really that important. !!!! Hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved annually in America if everyone used our concepts. 

Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc. (a South Carolina Corporation), and he has studied important healthcare issues a lot during the past thirty-eight years (thousands of hours).  Lon realizes that most Americans will suffer with poor health in their later years due to very serious deficiencies in their healthcare knowledge.  He has observed that most people do not understand some very important healthcare maintenance features about their body; consequently, they do not know how to help their body function in an optimized way to protect and preserve their natural healthcare maintenance processes on a daily basis. 

 People Can Have Lots of Health Problems When They Get Older

Many people know that older adults frequently suffer with a lot of discomfort and serious pains from common health deterioration conditions, but they do not understand why these conditions will likely occur for most people in their later years.   

Take a moment to carefully consider the listing below of some major health problems that can occur due to gradual health deterioration: cardiovascular problems - including strokes (with physical and/or mental damage), cancer conditions of several kinds, diabetes and/or hypoglycemia (serious glucose metabolism problems), dementia of several types, serious bone weakness problems, fibromyalgia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, muscular sclerosis, parkinson's disease, etc.  

The Very Good News About Healthcare Issues

Lon believes that most people can be taught our advanced healthcare concepts and they can then understand how to help their body be healthier and thereby reduce the potential for serious health problems as they get older.   

Lon believes that most people can be taught advanced healthcare concepts that can enable them to enjoy more energy, more vitality, more brainpower, better emotional control and stability, and thereby enjoy living longer in better health with more enjoyment, productivity, and success. 

The main focus of our company for many years has been the development of practical, sensible, and cost effective methods of teaching advanced healthcare concepts that can help people improve their lifestyle in very beneficial ways - and accomplish this for large numbers of people in an easy to use manner that is sensible and cost-effective (saves more money than it costs). 

 Serious Health Deterioration Marches On in America

Generation After Generation After Generation

 After many years of continuing studies (38 + years) about alternative and complementary natural healthcare concepts, Lon has a good understanding of the main healthcare lifestyle issues that are involved in the badly deteriorating health for millions of aging people in America each year.  

He realizes that most Americans have not been educated adequately about some very important healthcare lifestyle concepts that can greatly affect long-term health, where their use can help protect health assets daily or their absence can allow continuing health deterioration. 

Body deterioration activities can continue silently and unnoticed day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year - until vital health assets have been damaged substantially, and probably severely, before it becomes noticeable.  It will then be very difficult to develop effective corrections to multiple damaged body functions, and it can be expensive and tedious, over a long period of time (many months and probably several years), to partially accomplish these complex corrective actions.  

Obviously, it is much better to take sensible and practical actions now to help minimize such body functions damages and even strive to avoid such damages as much as reasonably possible.  This is a much more effective, efficient, and cost-effective manner of maintaining quality healthcare than ignoring this process until substantial damages have occurred (as many people are currently doing because they do not know this). 


Americans Need Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training 

In order to make major advances in healthcare education for the general public, our personnel have worked diligently during the past several years to develop healthcare education programs that are easy to understand and utilize.  Our Level One healthcare concepts training program is the beginning phase of our training program that can help make major improvements in healthcare education.

We can conduct an introductory training class on-site at each business that has a suitable room for a classroom type digital projector power-point healthcare seminar (45 to 60 minutes long) during business hours and/or after-hours if needed for some business situations.    

This business training operation plan will enable ABC of Health personnel to provide our introductory  advanced healthcare concepts education services to new business locations each month.  We know that our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts training program can help people function and perform much better for their employer.  Our training program is designed to motivate employees to develop healthier personal and family lifestyles that will enable them to enjoy more energy and vitality (physically and mentally). 

In other words, the trained employee can become more health-conscious over time and can also show their household family members how and why they should become more health-conscious.  This very important home lifestyle improvement can result in a healthier employee (with improved mental and physical abilities), and the employee's family members can also become healthier over time.  

This very desirable situation can enable a lower stress level and reduce the sickness level for the entire household family.  School age children and teenagers can easily improve their performance at school.  These major family improvements can enable the employee to focus more energy and efforts toward performing at a higher level when working for the employer.  This is a real win-win-win objective where everyone involved wins.

We know that our advanced healthcare concepts training can help people begin to feel better and think better, and they can have more energy, more vitality, and more brainpower (and in a more dependable and more reliable manner).  We also understand that trained employees can also gradually become more congenial and cooperative with their fellow employees and with supervisory personnel, and these growing improvement conditions gradually enable the development of a much better employee workforce for the company.  

Our advanced healthcare training specifically helps motivate people to develop better human relationship skills with other employees as well as with the managers and supervisors - because we teach people why these desirable conditions are actually better for each individual's long-term health interest.  We call this very important healthcare concept "intelligent enlightened self-interest."  

These multifaceted improvements can enable people to perform their job responsibilities considerably better with more reliability, and reduce mistakes (can be costly), and also reduce healthcare costs - less sick-time off for employees and also management personnel.  This may result in lower healthcare insurance costs.     

Our advanced healthcare concepts training can enable trained employees to understand very important advanced healthcare concepts. These healthcare concepts are a major breakthrough in healthcare knowledge - our unique protocols are not generally known or utilized by professional healthcare practitioners such as: chiropractors, dentist, dietitians, medical doctors and nurses, or conventionally trained nutritionist (listed in alphabetical order).  

Why is this so?  Lon Willoughby personally developed our advanced healthcare concepts (and promptly copyrighted them for ABC's of Health, Inc.); consequently, we are the only company in America that can legally teach these advanced healthcare concepts the way we do in our easy, practical, and cost-effective manner.  We are not aware of any company anywhere that is teaching a similar advanced healthcare concepts training program for the general public.

Our unique healthcare concepts can substantially improve the physical and mental abilities of most people, and our copyrighted training protocols can enable business managers and their employees to function more effectively and more productively - with more reliability and dependability in each new day.  

These important  performance improvements can help a company function much better than before (before the owner or manager and their employees completed our advanced healthcare concepts training programs).  These very important performance advantages can help the company become more profitable and more successful and do so much faster. 


Brief Information About Lon Willoughby 

Lon Willoughby is a very knowledgeable healthcare consultant, nutrition consultantand healthy Lifestyle coach.  He knows how to help people improve and protect their precious health assets in practical and sensible ways that are also cost-effective.    That is why he is still surprisingly healthy at his advanced age!   (born on June 5, 1936)

With many years of healthcare experience and a lot of relevant holistic healthcare education and training, Lon has acquired exceptionally valuable advanced healthcare concepts knowledge that can help most people more than they can even imagine being possible.  

 His very good health, his abundant energy and vitality, and his mental abilities at his advanced age are living proof that Lon has learned a lot about health and holistic type healthcare concepts, energy and vitality, and growing old gracefully while maintaining a healthy body, and a healthy mind (with a steady flexible, reasonable, rational, and upbeat positive mental attitude each day).  Lon has learned that these are very important assets to develop and maintain daily if one wants to enjoy long-term health with abundant energy and vitality into later years.   

You can learn more about Lon Willoughby, his relevant training and extensive experiences, in the About ABC department of this Website - and more information is available in the Consultation department.

ABC's Very Convenient Healthcare Training Programs 

The revised business operation plan for ABC of Health will provide optimized on-site convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness for each company that chooses to take advantage of our very valuable introductory healthcare concepts training program (Level One).  

Our healthcare concepts training program is designed for owners, managers, supervisors, professional type employees,  and other types of employees that might want to participate in our life-changing advanced healthcare concepts training.  

Our introductory training program is quick and easy to understand and it is enjoyable - while we provide an overview of our Level One healthcare training program, the benefits and features, and show the great need for this type of healthcare training for almost everyone (even medical doctors and nurses, and other types of healthcare professionals). 

Specialized Holistic Healthcare Knowledge and Skills 


We offer special healthcare training programs and personalized healthcare consultation sessions that can help people achieve major improvements in their healthcare wellness status in a relatively short period of time.

 Would you like to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and more physical wellness? 

 Our special healthcare and wellness education programs can help people enjoy better digestion of foods and vital nutrientsand minimize toxic residue in the digestion process ( that can poison the entire body system through the blood flow system).  Toxins can poison the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and all other organ systems, causing a loss of energy and vitality throughout the very complex body system.

We know how to help people have more physical and mental energy and strength, enjoy better stress management for improved emotional control and enjoy better sleep, with more relaxation and more enjoyment in their workplace and home duties and activities.    

These very exciting advances in vital healthcare concepts can help reduce disease and sickness  conditionss of many types we can help people learn how to have less pain and suffering and enjoy having less healthcare expenses ).  

 We know how to help people enjoy a more healthful vitality and better over-all well-being.  This can mean a healthier, longer, and better life for the years ahead. 

How much would some of this incredible advanced healthcare concepts knowledge be worth to you?

Is it worth a little time for you to check us out and see if we really do know how to help people accomplish these incredibly important and valuable healthcare improvements in an economical and cost-effective way?

Visit our main Healthcare Education Website to

learn more about our healthcare training programs:

( See the Health Programs department )

Where Is Our Company Located?  

Although we have closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, our business name, mail address, phone numbers, and Websites continue in operation because our Corporation is still in the natural healthcare education business.  Our private office is still located in Mauldin, and we can now devote and focus more of our attention and marketing efforts toward providing our introduction to our Level One healthcare concepts training program for as many businesses as possible each month (throughout the Greenville area).   

We also plan to expand our copyrighted healthcare improvement training services in the future by training other healthcare concepts instructors so we can provide our special healthcare training class for company personnel in other areas of the state (Anderson, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, and eventually, many other cities and towns throughout South Carolina).   At some point in time, Lon Willoughby may decide to offer our advanced healthcare concepts training program in other states.

Vital Healthcare Concepts Department  

Special Healthcare Concepts Info For You

Please pay particular attention to the very helpful information presented in our Vital Healthcare Concepts department.  This is life-changing information about your very special body and mind, and these healthcare concepts can be worth many thousands of dollars to you.  Check it out as soon as you can and then begin using these vital healthcare concepts daily to improve your lifestyle in very important ways that can benefit you each day for the rest of your life.

Some of our advanced healthcare concepts training can be accomplished online and through the mail.  If you have an interest in what we are doing and want to learn about the options for training in your area, go to our Contact ABC department and send us an Email that requests additional information (tell us about yourselfage, height, weight, your health conditions, and tell us what you want us to help you accomplish for your healthcare improvement). 

We will be glad to communicate with you about the advanced healthcare concepts training programs that we can provide for you (if you live in the upstate area of South Carolina).

Our Main Healthcare Education Website 

Our main healthcare education Website is bigger than this Website because it presents additional departments that provide some important healthcare issues that are not presented in this Introductory Website. Our main Website includes a separate department that presents detailed information about our advanced healthcare concepts education programs (Healthcare Training Programs department).

You can use the Website link directly below to go to our main education Website.  Then select the icon for our Health Programs department to review the interesting healthcare training programs information presented at our main healthcare education Website.  You can always use your "back arrow" to come back to this Website (upper left corner of your computer screen).  You may need to select the "back arrow" multiple times to get back to this Website - it will depend upon how many icon selections you make while at our main Website.




Vital Healthcare Concepts Introduction

      It may benefit you greatly to learn about us so you can obtain a better understanding of how we may be able to help people improve their health in remarkable ways.  As stated above, Lon Willoughby has developed special vital healthcare concepts that are proprietary trade secret of our Corporation.  They are not available in any other healthcare related facility in the Greenville, SC area, or anywhere else in the State of South Carolina, or anywhere else in America - as far as we know.   Many of these concepts are copyrighted and we own the copyrights.  Consequently, no other company or person can teach these concepts without violating our copyrights (a federal crime and subject to a civil lawsuit also).  

     Lon's very valuable healthcare experiences with many people have shown that most people can be helped much more than they might think possible before they meet and talk with him.  He is our very healthy 78 years old Healthcare Consultant, Nutrition Consultant, and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.   His extensive holistic type healthcare experiences, training, and wellness knowledge can be worth a lot of money for a lot of people (many thousands of dollars per person) because they can be life-changing knowledge for most people and probably life-saving for many of them. 

    Fortunately, Lon's exceptionally valuable healthcare training classes and personalized consultation services are very reasonable priced.  It is important for people to understand that our proprietary healthcare training classes and our health and wellness consultation services are not available anywhere else in South Carolina.   

     Prior to the closing of our health store on April 24, 2014, visitors could come in for a short visit in our unique Health and Wellness Center and see facility.  It was open on Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Visitors could usually talk with Lon briefly and get a feel for some of the ways he can help people improve their health substantially.  

     Lon knows how to help people learn how to quickly reduce stress, and anxiety or depression, and improve energy production and vitality, sleep better, have better mental focus and functions and improve emotional control. He also knows how to help people begin performing better on the job with co-workers and management personnel and also function better with a spouse, children, relatives and friends.

     Lon knows how to help people quickly understand how to develop more appreciation, patience, tolerance, and understanding with other people in a self-enlightened way.  Visitors were likely glad that they visited with us and talked briefly with Lon Willoughby about their healthcare concerns (for themselves and/or other family members).

    When people visited our Health and Wellness Center, they could see that we had selected several brands of quality health promoting nutrition supplement products and health promoting equipment products to ensure that our customers could have convenient access to these important products at fair competitive prices.

    Our unique Health and Wellness facility could enable people to obtain quality health promoting products from a local company that operated in a competent, reliable, and responsible manner - owned and managed by a local person that truly cared about the health and long-term well being and happiness of our customers. 

    NOTES:  Lon and his wife Janie moved to Mauldin, South Carolina from Panama City, Florida in the fall of 1977, because Lon received a requested transfer and promotion to a training officer position at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (with the Federal Aviation Administration - FAA).  There were only 13 such positions in the entire Southern Region of the FAA, and Lon had to compete for this one vacancy against 42 other qualified candidates to finally be selected for that position.

   Janie retired from teaching at Mauldin High School in June 2007, after teaching in public schools for 39 years (mostly in the social studies field at the high school level).  Janie earned her bachelor's degree at Winthrop College, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  She subsequently earned her Master's in Education at Furman University in Greenville, SC.  Janie grew up in the Chester, South Carolina area.

Important Caution and Warning:  

    Please do not be penny-wise and pound foolish with your long-term health, as many people do for too many years.  Thousands of Americans die daily from lack of our vital healthcare concepts knowledge - over one million Americans per year.  This gives you some quick understanding of the importance of this knowledge.

    You can learn about some of our vital healthcare concepts quickly by utilizing the help of our healthcare consultant and healthy lifestyle coach.  Taking this action is much more important and much smarter than trying to save some dollars with trial and error guesswork decisions about important healthcare issues that can go on for many years, and probably get much worse over time (and be much more difficult and much more expensive to try to correct). 


 Do you believe that you already know about all you need to 

know about a healthy lifestyle and our vital healthcare concepts?  

Would You Like to Take our FREE Test?

     Visitors to our health store could complete our one page questionnaire about vital healthcare concepts knowledge and see how well they did.   Most people are surprised at how little they know about these very important healthcare concepts.  How could they know important health information they have not been taught?

    Taking our test could quickly give customers a responsible valid basis for considering whether or not it would be smart for them to attend our Level One Healthcare training Class.  People can obtain exceptionally valuable healthcare information from this one hour long introductory powerpoint type class. The class material and presentation was developed by our very knowledgeable holistic minded healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby).  

     Lon knows how to help people learn how to spend their healthcare money much more wisely, and improve their lifestyle substantially by using some of our vital healthcare concepts.  People can begin getting much better healthcare results quickly, and they can enjoy health benefits faster and more effectively than before after they attend our Level One and Level Two healthcare training classes

    Yes, this is the smart way to learn about some of Lon's vital healthcare concepts that can affect your health substantially each day for the rest of your life.  Be smart and wise - spend some time reviewing the very valuable healthcare information we provide at this Website. 

    We recommend that you review the information presented in our Consultation and Nutrition departments.  After that review, you will have a much better understanding of the type of healthcare training programs that we continue to offer many employers in the Greenville, South Carolina area.    

    NOTE:  Our resident healthcare consultant knows how to help people learn how to get on the fast track to better health and wellness with more energy and vitality and enjoy each day much more - with less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and much more happiness with a stronger sense of achievement and personal satisfaction and  accomplishment, and their overall well-being.   How much is that worth?


 Phone Calls to ABC of Health

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(updated on January 31, 2015)

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If you would like to share some of our valuable healthcare concepts with other people, you can do so legally by simply referring them to this Website - where they will have access to all of our FREE advanced healthcare concepts.  They can then determine which healthcare concepts they want to consider using in their lifestyle.

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Anyone who uses any of the information presented in this Website, or referenced in this Website, must do so of their own free will, understanding that the information presented herein is for consideration by adults as educational healthcare information that is the author's reasonably well-informed personal opinions. 

We want to help our customers learn how to improve their health and wellness status - increase their energy level, their physical vitality and emotional strength - and help them learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that will substantially increase their potential to avoid sickness and disease conditions.

If an adult person chooses to use any of the healthcare information presented in this Website, they are fully responsible for said use and for any consequences that may occur from those actions. Consequently, no client liability is assumed or available for the use of any information contained in this Website.

Furthermore, this information is presented for consideration by adults only - it is not presented for use by minor age children.  Reasonable precautions have been taken in the presentation of the information contained in this Website, but neither the author nor the publisher assumes any liability for errors or omissions that may occur herein. 

The healthcare information presented at this Website is educational information only, and it has not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).  This educational information presents the author's opinions and understanding about various healthcare issues, and any use you make of this information should be made only on an experimental basis, where you are fully responsible for your actions and the results that you obtain (use this information only at your own risk).   

Please understand that any healthcare concepts presented in any department of this Website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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