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Brief  Overview  Introduction

The Quick, Easy, Cheap, and Lazy Way

To Enjoy Good Long-term Health


       If you are looking for a quick, easy, cheap, and lazy way to help you enjoy good health for the years ahead of you, please pause for a few moments and carefully consider that millions of American adults casually participate in wishful thinking about this very important subject.  They apparently are hoping to get very lucky and enjoy having something that does not exist, has never existed in human history, and will likely never exist because sensible natural human healthcare is a complicated subject that requires some serious study to understand it better 

      More than 30,000 people die prematurely each week in the USA because they were not taught how to take good care of their complex body and their amazing natural healthcare assets.  These critically important  natural healthcare assets are natural components of the human body, and they are striving to maintain optimum health at all times.  

     Our personnel understand that American adults and teenagers commonly do numerous things that can interfere substantially with the normal functions of the body's natural healthcare assets.  We have learned how to  reduce and minimize those undesirable harmful effects on the body's natural healthcare optimizing actions.

     We understand that well-developed natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is the smart way to learn how to enjoy optimized health throughout a long lifespan This very special Website can help our American adult visitors start learning about this vital natural healthcare education.  We present basic and fundamental alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is Free   to all American adult citizens who review this Home department's very important and very valuable presentation.

     ABC of Health is a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company.  We understand how to help American citizens quickly learn basic and fundamental natural   healthcare and wellness concepts that are very important.  

     From many years of experience, we know that learning about natural healthcare and wellness concepts can be exceptionally important and valuable for all Americans.  We also know that this education should involve some well-organized learning effort because many important natural healthcare and wellness concepts need to be reviewed.  We know how to present this education in an easy learning format.

     These are actually life and death education issues as shown weekly by the more than 30,000 people who die prematurely in the USA.  We realize that those people were not taught the basic and fundamental natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that could have helped them learn how to manage their natural health much better.  

     We introduce some of those vital healthcare concepts at this special Website.  We have learned how to take much better care of natural health than is commonly known by most American citizens, and we are in the business of finding and helping selected "qualifiable citizens" learn how to take much better care of their precious health.

    This Home department's presentation makes it very convenient and easy for all American visitors to find and review some very important and valuable natural   healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them a lot.  We have completed very complex and difficult research work and evaluation work, over a period of many years of relevant experiences, that enabled us to present very important and valuable basic and fundamental natural healthcare concepts for review by our American visitors.

     The benefits to you for taking time to learn about these special healthcare concepts can be remarkable and  tremendous.  You just need to review the vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we present Free at this Website to help you learn about some very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

    This Home department's lengthy presentation provides a convenient review of very important and very valuable  basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help American visitors become more responsible with their personal natural healthcare actions.  

     You will learn herein that the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we present at this Website are divided into three phases of education, and Phase One is Free for all American adult citizens who can read the English language herein.

     Some of our visitors can become "Certified Qualified Visitors" and then learn about additional natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them manage their   natural health even better, in very important ways.  These additional healthcare concepts can potentially help them a lot in the coming weeks, months, and years.

    You will learn later why we specifically designed our vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to help Christian-oriented, freedom-loving, patriotic-minded American adult citizens.  We understand how to educate them about our natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Our Free education is focused on helping those American adult citizens a lot, but all American citizen visitors can learn very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts at this special healthcare education Website.

     This introductory level healthcare education Website provides the easiest, the fastest, and the most economical opportunities available for Christian-oriented, freedom-loving, patriotic-minded American citizens to learn about some of our very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  We can also enable our "Certified Qualified Visitors" (CQV's) to make major improvements in their natural healthcare and wellness maintenance and protective actions.   

Very Important Natural Healthcare

Education Opportunities

     This educational Website is a First in America History - this is the first time ever that "qualifiableAmerican adult citizens have had access to this very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational guidance.   Our special educational opportunities for "qualifiable" American citizens can help them get on the "fast track" to learning how to take more control over their natural healthcare and  manage it much better than they were previously able to do.

     The founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., doing business as (dba) ABC of Health, is Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee).  He and his wife Janie initiated and developed this very special kind of natural healthcare and wellness concepts     education business for ABC of Health We will explain how Lon acquired many years of very important and valuable work experiences with many nutrition supplement  products and with the gradual development of our remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services. 

     Those extensive natural healthcare work experiences, over 14 very important and valuable years, enabled Lon to see clearly the tremendous need that exists in America for our exceptionally important and valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.   

     Lon was born a long time ago (June 5, 1936), and he is still quite healthy at age 82 He initially started learning about natural healthcare and wellness subjects in 1970 (at age 34) so he has been actively involved with his very interesting and challenging natural    healthcare and wellness concepts education process during the past 46+ years. 

     Throughout those years, Lon was gradually acquiring a wealth of very important and very valuable knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts (learning from the Masters in America), and he will share some of that very important and very valuable natural  healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge at this Website.

      American adult visitors can review this Home department's very important   presentation to get a special unique introduction to alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  This very valuable healthcare information can dramatically increase a visitor's potential to take much better care of their natural health

      Lonnie Willoughby is a very competent natural healthcare and wellness concepts  educator, with many years of valuable experience, so he does know what natural healthcare concepts most American adult citizens need to be educated about - first, then second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.  Please be patient and stay with Lon on this natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education adventure because it can very likely help you improve the quality of your life, for the rest of your life, in some very important ways

     This Home department's presentation is the only place that American citizens can find this kind of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education in this very convenient well-organized easy learning format.  We will explain later, at a more appropriate time, why we chose to provide this very important and valuable basic and fundamental type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Free for all American adult visitors.

Important Character Evaluation Process

     This special Website has been designed to help us educate special American citizens that have developed some important character values: common sense, good ethical values, a sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity, a mature sense of appreciation and gratefulness for good things, and a sincere sense of responsible American patriotism (people willing to work to help protect this country, and if needed, to fight vigorously to protect it). 

     If you are an American adult citizen (natural born or naturalized) that strives to develop and maintain good character, and you have read down this far, there is a possibility that you may be one of the special Americans that we want to educate about some of our very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     In order to complete this character evaluation process successfully, you will need to review all of this Home  department's lengthy presentation.  This very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational presentation has the potential to help you in remarkable ways throughout the remainder of your lifetime.  This introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website is the only place that these very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts are available for review in this convenient and easy to learn format. 

    We suggest that you make time available today, or as soon as possible (ASAP), to complete this very special introduction to our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.  

Impatient Visitors May Leave Too Soon

    We realize that some impatient visitors will leave this Website before reading down to this point, and other visitors will read down to this point, and may read further, but will then decide to not complete this Home department's very important and valuable presentation.  Unfortunately, the impatient visitors who leave this Website early will miss out on this very important and very valuable  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education opportunity.

     Those unfortunate choices may effectively doom those visitors to future suffering with sickness and disease conditions that could have been reduced, minimized, or maybe avoided all-together if they had simply chosen to complete the Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we provide herein. 

     Unfortunately, the impatient visitors that choose to leave this Website too early may eventually suffer a premature death due to their  lack of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge (available at this Website).  Yes, this Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can be that important for most American visitirs. 

     Stay with us patiently in this Home department's lengthy presentation, and you will likely benefit for the rest of your life in remarkable waysIt is your choice of course to stay with us or to leave us - please choose wisely

Our Healthcare Mission Statements

      We strive to help "qualifiable" American adult visitors learn how to improve their health and wellness status - by introducing them to natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them learn how to manage their natural health better, and increase their energy level, their physical vitality, and their emotional strength.   

     We also want to help our "qualified education clients" (qualified clientslearn how to live a healthier, longer, and more productive life, with more achievements and much more enjoyment in life.  We work to accomplish these desirable goals by helping our "qualified clients" learn how they can become more successful in their vocation, and in all of their personal life relationships, by teaching them how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets on a routine daily basis.  

     We also strive to help our "qualified clients" learn how to improve their natural healthcare and wellness status in special ways that can substantially increase their potential to reduce and minimize sickness and disease conditions that routinely afflict millions of Americans 

     NOTE:  A "qualified education client" has qualified to lease one of our natural   healthcare home-study education programs.  This client qualification status will be explained later in this Home department presentation.

General Introduction
 Overview Of This Large Website    

     This is a very special Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website - the only Website of this type in America.  Most Americans need our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education badly, and Lon Willoughby is uniquely qualified to present this vital  healthcare and wellness concepts education in a very competent manner.  He understands that thousands of people die prematurely daily in the USA because they had not been educated about our proprietary and copyrighted natural    healthcare and wellness concepts.  Pause and think for a few moments about how tragic that situation is daily in America (more than one million premature deaths each year).

     Healthcare medical costs in the USA, and associated social services costs, are many billions of U.S. dollars per year.  These very large costs have already bankrupted many individual families, many cities, some counties, and some states, and these costs are also bankrupting the U.S. government. The USA has huge deficits in funding (about 22 trillion dollars currently) and very high medical and social services costs 
are major funding problems for the U.S. government.

     It is very clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that Americans need to learn how to take   much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets, and thereby   greatly reduce and minimize healthcare problems and associated costs for themselves and for the U.S. Government.  Lon and Janie are confident that most American citizens can be taught how to take better care of their natural health, and this exciting objective can greatly reduce the many healthcare problems that commonly occur in the good ole' USA.  

     Lon and Janie believe that responsible and sensible American adult citizens can be taught how to improve their personal daily natural healthcare actions and thereby reduce  and minimize (and maybe eliminate) a lot of  sickness and disease problems Is this just hopeful and wishful thinking or is there a practical, responsible, and sensible way to achieve these very desirable natural healthcare improvement objectives 

     Fortunately, Lonnie Willoughby has been working responsibly with ABC of Health in a dedicated and very determined manner for 18+ years to provide very important natural   healthcare and wellness concepts education services for American adult citizens who live in the Greenville, South Carolina upstate area (Zip Codes 296 _ _ ). 

     Lon learned how to help local American adult citizens reduce and minimize their potential for suffering with some serious healthcare problems, but ABC of Health did  not offer any of our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to American citizens who lived outside of the upstate area of South Carolina.   

We Have Some Very Good News

To Share With Our Visitors.

     ABC of Health made numerous major modifications to this large natural healthcare educational Website so we could begin sharing some of our practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare concepts with millions of American citizens.  Consequently, some of your family members, relatives, and friends who do not live in the local upstate area may now also benefit from the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented in this Home department's Free presentation

     This greatly modified Website now provides very important and very valuable    introductory basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education     to American adult citizens throughout the USA!!!  This special introductory natural healthcare education can now help motivate millions of American adult citizens to begin taking much better care of their precious natural health on a routine daily basis.  

     Our easy to learn and easy to use natural healthcare and wellness concepts can potentially help American families in remarkable ways!!!  WOW!!!   Lon and Janie Willoughby have developed major breakthroughs in natural healthcare and wellness  maintenance and protective actions.  

     This revolutionary educational Website can now introduce millions of "qualifiable" American citizens to some of our very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  (Free vital healthcare education that is not available in this convenient and easy learning format anywhere else in America.)

   Lon has a good understanding of the major healthcare and wellness concepts deficiency problems that routinely occur throughout the USA for millions of Americans. Fortunately, he also learned how to reduce and minimize some major health problems through practical and responsible natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  

Our Health and Wellness Store

       Our company owned and operated a complex health and wellness store in Greenville County, S.C. for 14 years (1/03/1999 to 4/24/2014).  Lon Willoughby's experiences with more than a thousand customers enabled him to see clearly that American citizens have   not been taught the basic natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they need to understand to do a much better job of managing their natural health.  

     Lon learned that American citizens do not know nearly enough about how to take good care of their very complex body's natural healthcare assets These vital healthcare assets   are natural components of the human body, and they are constantly working to help the body maintain optimized health throughout the very complex body.  

     Fortunately, Lon also learned how to take specific natural healthcare actions that can help some of these natural healthcare assets work better and more reliably in their routine daily efforts to maintain good health in a very complex body.   We will identify these   natural healthcare assets in our Home Extension 1 department as part of Lesson Two in our Free six lessons natural healthcare education program (will be explained below)

     This Website presents a Free six lessons Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program for selected "qualified" visitors (our Certified Qualified Visitors - CQV's).   We will explain our "qualifications criteria" for this very important education program shortly in this Home department's presentation.  Stay with us as we walk you through this life-changing natural healthcare concepts educational experience.  

     The first lesson in this six lessons education program is available to all American visitors to this Website. You are already reviewing the introductory portion of this first lesson.  The other five lessons of this education program are security code protected lessons that require a login code and password code to enter.  Our "Certified Qualified Visitors" are the only visitors that will receive the protective security codes that are needed for access to lessons two through six. (Very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help a lot of CQV's.)  

Home-study Type Education Programs

      You will soon learn that we have other very important Natural Healthcare Education Services.  In addition to those valuable services, Lon and wife Janie Willoughby are currently busy developing our advanced level Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  These programs will present a more comprehensive and more detailed natural healthcare and wellness concepts education than we provide at this Introductory Education Website.   

      You will learn herein that Janie Willoughby is a retired high school teacher with more than 35 years teaching experience.  She has a bachelor of science degree and a master's degree in education.  She is exceptionally well-qualified to work with Lon and help him produce our remarkable home-study education programs.

     Our home-study type education programs will use published textbooks and our Top Secret study guides to provide outstanding natural healthcare and wellness concepts education opportunities.  These high security natural healthcare education programs will be leased only to our "qualified education clients" - we will explain more about our "qualified client" selection criteria later in this Home department presentation

     Lon Willoughby has learned how to teach "qualified education clients" very important  natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help some of their natural healthcare assets function better each day to protect their  natural health.   These are exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that will only be taught to our "qualified education clients." 

Healthcare Problems In America

    As stated previously, more than 30,000 people die prematurely each week in the USA.  Lon and Janie understand that those people had not been educated about our easy to learn and easy to use copyrighted and proprietary alternative health type   natural healthcare and wellness conceptsThe next three paragraphs identify some of the common healthcare deficiencies and problems that affect millions of Americans when they have not been educated about our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Due to a severe deficiency of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, millions of Americans do many things that are harmful to their body in substantial ways:  poor diet - inadequate and improper nutritionconsuming junk foods and junk drinks, improper (harmful) cooking methods for food, consuming way too much sugar and sweetened foods and simple carbohydrate foods - causing the production of way too much insulin hormone, drink too much liquid with their meals, and

     frequently eat too much food at a meal, do not understand food combining concepts for improving digestion of food, consume lots of harmful fats and do not consume enough of the good fats, do not chew food sufficiently, inadequate digestion of food, do not understand the important functions of enzymes in the digestion of food, do not understand how to improve availability and efficiency of enzymes for better food digestion, do not have an adequate understanding of beneficial herbal supplements, or vital major, minor, and trace mineral supplements; and do not adequately understand how to use very helpful vitamin supplement products; do not understand the functions and importance of pH balance of body fluids (acid-alkaline balance) and do not understand how food and liquid consumption can affect these pH values, and 

     many citizens do not understand the importance of drinking filtered or purified water (especially from municipal sourced water), do not understand the serious harm that can be done systemically throughout the body by ingestion of fluoride from drinking water, tooth paste, and fluoride dental treatments; inadequate exercise or too much exercise, too much negative thinking and other harmful negative influences on trillions of body cells on a frequent basis.  Some of these damaging and harmful situations occur on a daily basis for many Americans. 

     Serious deficiencies in knowledge about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts also prevents millions of Americans from doing some important things that could be very helpful to their complex body cells and body organs.   Lon learned that most American citizens do not know what helpful natural healthcare actions they should take routinely, and they do not know how to take these natural healthcare actions in practical and sensible ways that can be very cost-effective.  

     It is clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that American citizens need to be taught how to take responsible care of their very important and very valuable natural health and their natural healthcare assets, and they also need to be taught why it is very important to improve their lifestyle by routinely taking easy to accomplish natural  healthcare and wellness actions (that we specialize in teaching our customers and clients).   

What is The Most Important Action Needed for 
Improving Healthcare
 for Millions of Americans?

Willoughby learned that 
natural healthcare and wellness concepts
 education for ordinary citizens is the most important action that can be taken to improve
 healthcare and wellness actions by millions of American citizens.  This exceptionally important basic education is needed badly by most Americans. 

    Our ABC of Health healthcare and wellness store operation over 14 years enabled Lon Willoughby to acquire very valuable work experiences with a broad variety of healthcare issues.  Some of those experiences motivated him to work on the development of practical, reasonable, and sensible education type solutions for some of the common health conditions that have been causing a lot of sickness and serious suffering for Americans - and also causing a lot of high medical costs for millions of American citizens each year.

High Monthly Death Rate In America 

     Annual death rate data for the USA at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention    (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia for year 2013 divided by 12 months equals 216,416 deaths monthly (

     Think about this tragic situation for a few moments - 216,416 deaths monthly in the    USA (an average death rate).  That is a lot of deaths monthly, especially when you realize that most of them are premature deaths.  This  natural healthcare and wellness concepts    education Website shows why Lon believes that most Americans die

prematurely.  He understands that most Americans do not live a normal modern healthy lifespan (90 to 100+ years), and many Americans tragically suffer with poor health conditions for years before they finally die prematurely.  Their quality of life was severely reduced for years due to their lack of knowledge about very important and very valuable alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Lon and Janie Willoughby are striving to improve those situtaions as much as possible with this educational Website.

Advancements In Healthcare Research 

      Important advancements in healthcare research data have been developing world-wide in recent years that can enable health conscious responsible and sensible Americans to learn how to maintain good health much better and thereby live better and live longer.  Unfortunately, there has not been a good practical way for most Americans to acquire this very important and very valuable improving healthcare and wellness information.  Most of that technical research data needs to be evaluated and interpreted properly by a very knowledgeable healthcare practitioner and then translated into practical usable information before it is suitable for public education. 

      Lon Willoughby knows how to evaluate most health related research data and make practical translations whenever needed.  Consequently, that complex situation improved a lot when Lon and Janie Willoughby decided to use this educational Website to present some of those relevant natural healthcare and wellness concepts in practical usable form for our Certified Qualified Visitors.  

     Millions of Americans can now use this convenient helpful Website to guide them toward very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is easy to understand, and easy to learn, and also easy to use. 

    Having studied very important natural healthcare and wellness issues over many years, Lon understood that the main healthcare problem in America is the serious deficiency   of practical, responsible, and sensible education about very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that most citizens do not know how to take good care of their natural health, and they do not understand how important their daily routine actions could be to help them protect their precious natural health. Consequently, they gradually lose their natural health and then die prematurely.

     An old father said to his middle age son: "Son, if I had known that I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of my health."

We Have Major Natural Healthcare

Education Deficiency Problem In America

     Lon Willoughby has studied these natural healthcare and wellness concepts education situations extensively, and he realized that American adult citizens need to be taught that they are personally responsible for getting educated about natural healthcare   and wellness concepts.  (For their own healthcare maintenance benefits  and also for their healthcare protection benefits.)  Think about that very important healthcare concept for a few moments; most American adults have likely never even thought about the fact that they are personally responsible for getting educated about basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Lon and Janie also understand that American adults have a Very Big Problem here - how can millions of American adult citizens obtain the vital basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that they need?
     Is there a practical way for millions of American adults to obtain the vital basic and  fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that can enable them to take much better care of their natural health in practical, responsible, and sensible ways?  Is it possible for this vital education to be accomplished at affordable reasonable costs? 

     Question: How can millions of American citizens get introduced to these important questions and also get introduced to a special kind of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program that is a practical, responsible, and sensible way to obtain the basis and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that most Americans need badly as soon as possible (ASAP)?   

     Answer:  That very important natural healthcare education information is presented  Free at this special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby are confident that millions of American adults can be educated about basic and fundamental  natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they really need to understand. 
Lon and Janie have been very busy developing practical, responsible, and sensible ways of providing vital natural healthcare education for millions  of Americans, and this
Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website is a major advancement toward that vital objective

     This Website shows that ABC of Health has a program that can educate millions of  American citizens easily and quickly about some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts We specialize in providing  basic, fundamental, and advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that most American adults need badly - as soon as possible (ASAP).

Dangerous Healthcare Myths

     From our many years of experience with hundreds of health store customers, we realize that many American citizens comfortably believe that they already know about all they need to know about taking good care of their  natural health for the years ahead of them.  Our broad healthcare experiences, over many years, found that most American adults seem to be quite comfortable believing that they know how to take good care of their health.

     However, our visitors will soon learn in our Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs department that this commonly held belief tragically enables sickness and disease suffering for millions of Americans that costs  billions of U.S. dollars each year in the USA.  It is very important for visitors to learn about this very dangerous myth and also learn about five additional dangerous healthcare myths that Lon's valuable work experiences with many health store customers enabled him to discover.         

     Those healthcare myths help enable a lot of serious healthcare problems for millions of Americans each year.  Our Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs department clearly exposes six tragic healthcare myths.

Reasons for our Special 
Healthcare Education Actions

The information presented above and below explains some of the very important  reasons that Lon and Janie Willoughby decided to develop a new kind of healthcare business - a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education business that is designed to help educate ordinary American adult citizens about some basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are needed badly.  

     Please understand that we are not trying to educate aspiring students studying to become healthcare practitioners
or various types of practicing healthcare practitioners, although they could learn some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts from our natural healthcare education services.  

     We realize that most healthcare practitioners are effectively our competitors so we do not try to educate them about our corporate healthcare trade secrets.  However, we are striving to educate ordinary American citizens about practical, reasonable, and sensible actions that they can take routinely to help them maintain a healthier body for a much better life. 

    Think about this for a few moments:  If most American citizens had been educated adequately about how to take good care of their natural health, we would not have more than 30,000 people dying prematurely weekly (120,000+ deaths monthly).  Furthermore, a lot of the serious healthcare conditions that millions of Americans 
suffer with daily in America would likely not occur for healthier citizens The tragic re-occurring death rate weekly that is stated above shows how critically important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can be for Americans.

      Lon Willoughby has spent many years working with ABC of Health to provide    natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services to local area American adult citizens that can help reduce some of the very serious healthcare problems that wreck the lives of millions of Americans each year.  That very valuable work experience enabled Lon to learn that the number one major problem in educating American adults about natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions is this

Almost everyone erroneously believes that they already know about all they need to know to take good care of their very complex body.   Unfortunately, they carelessly and conveniently ignore the obvious fact that their body contains several complex organ systems and glandular systems, and a complex blood distribution system, and a complex lymphatic system, and a complex food digestion system, and a food residue elimination system, and a complex hydration system, and a temperature control system, and trillions of quite complex body cells.  

Lon learned that most American citizens apparently know very little about these complex body organ systems and their complex functions, and yet they still naively
want to believe that they know about all they need to know about basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts This is careless and irresponsible thinking - Lon's years of healthcare related work experiences enabled him to understand clearly that most Americans apparently do need some additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts education about their very complex body functions.  This special Website can help millions of Americans understand this very important situation much better.

      Lon's experiences with hundreds of health store customers over 14 years convinced him that most Americans  do not know much about taking good care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets.  Most citizens  don't even know what their natural healthcare assets are, and it is doubtful that they even think about specific actions that they can take routinely to help their natural healthcare assets function better. 

      Most Americans probably do not realize that their negative thought processes can interfere substantially with the functions of some of their natural healthcare assets This very important situation shows that Americans do need some basic and fundamental education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Human Healthcare 

Is Very Complicated

     If human healthcare was as easy and simple as most American adults seem to think it is (and want to believe that it is), would medical students need to complete four years of difficult and demanding science-oriented undergraduate college education, and then complete four more years of very difficult medical school education (where only the most intelligent and most competent students can succeed)?  They may then complete two years of medical system internship work as a new medical doctor before establishing their own independent medical doctor practice. 

     Obviously, we are not going to attempt to teach that kind of detailed complex general healthcare knowledge.  However, our visitors will have a remarkable opportunity to learn some of the basic and  fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts  that Lon Willoughby discovered and developed into proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     We offer this vital natural healthcare education to qualifiable American citizens - those citizens who have developed the good character traits that we are looking for, and also have the good common sense judgment to recognize this remarkable educational opportunity and choose to learn some natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     The best and brightest students who have completed the very difficult education programs that medical nurses and medical doctors are challenged with learning will still need to complete this additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts education because their complex and difficult healthcare education programs did not teach these vital natural healthcare concepts.  They also needed to learn about these natural healthcare concepts but they didn't.  Why not?  

     Human healthcare knowledge is very complex, and it encompasses many important subject areas. Almost all of the medical nurses and medical doctors have been taught selected healthcare knowledge concepts that fit well into the pharmaceutical drug company concepts about healthcare practiceMedical nursing and medical doctor students are not generally taught the alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we focus on introducing at this natural healthcare and wellness concepts education Website

     Let's pause a few moments and think about the statement above.  It is very important for visitors to clearly understand the healthcare concept distinctions stated above.  There are BIG DIFFERENCES in conventional medical system practices and alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness practices

Impatient Visitors  

     We realize that some impatient visitors will hurriedly want to learn all they need to know by reading only a few pages of information at most.  They want us to tell them about some magic pills or magic potions that will make it easy for them to obtain the vital healthcare improvements that they desire for the challenging years ahead of them - without having to read much educational information or having to make major lifestyle improvements.

     Come on folks, let's be real here - human healthcare is just not that simple.  There are some special pills  (capsules or tablets) and liquid potions that can help with certain healthcare issues, and Lon Willoughby has studied and learned about many of them. 

     He and Janie use some of these special nutrition supplements in their advanced level healthy lifestyle, but we do not provide that individualized healthcare nutrition supplement information as suggestions for the general public (all American visitors to this Website).  There are good reasons for this as explained below.

     One very important reason is that we do not know anything at all about each visitor's current or past health conditions, including a careful responsible review of their most recent annual laboratory test results (blood work, lipid tests, and urinalysis results) and also a review of any prescription drugs that they may be taking.  It would be irresponsible for our Website, or anyone else, to suggest taking specific nutrition supplements for American visitors in general before completing a responsible review of the important health related information listed above for each individual involved. 

     A second reason is that we are focused on offering very important and valuable basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to all of our American adult visitors.  This Website also offers additional basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education to "qualified visitors" who choose to become Certified Qualified Visitors.  Some of that educational information does provide some generalized helpful information about selected nutrition supplements that should be considered by many American adults. 

    All visitors need to discard immediately any irresponsible attitudes that they may still have about human healthcare being simple.  It is not simple!!!  The information that American visitors really need to understand about responsible natural healthcare and wellness concepts is not as simple as many Americans want to believe that it isHowever, we have done a lot of difficult complex work to make it easier for visitors to learn about some special natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  Even then, some focused learning effort will be needed to review the   natural healthcare and wellness education concepts that we present herein for consideration by Americans.     

     The impatient visitors who are not willing to put forth this easy learning effort and take the time to do so conveniently will likely join the ranks of the 30,000+ Americans who die prematurely each week in the USA.

     Most of those Americans did not understand that human healthcare is not as simple as they wanted to believe that it was.  Consequently, they did not understand that they needed to get educated about how they could take much better care of their remarkable complex body. 

     They also did not understand what special natural healthcare and wellness concepts    they needed to get educated about, and they did not understand how they could get educated about those natural healthcare and wellness concepts in an easy, convenient, and affordable manner.

     The development of this very special natural healthcare concepts educational Website   has made all of that possible, for the first time in human history, for millions of  qualifiable Americans These special American citizens finally have a very convenient way to get educated easily and quickly and inexpensively about  basic and fundamental  natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are vital healthcare information.  We present special healthcare concepts that most American adults (and teenagers) need to learn ASAP. 

     This remarkable natural healthcare breakthrough Website makes it very easy to acquire this special healthcare knowledge, but some of our copyrighted corporate natural healthcare trade secrets will be shared only with visitors who have qualified to receive them.  We will explain our easy qualifications criteria later in this department.

     Over the years, Lon learned that some of the critically important natural healthcare and wellness supporting actions are easy to do and some of them cost nothing.  However, one must actually learn how to take these  beneficial natural healthcare and wellness actions routinely in order to enjoy very important and valuable  healthcare and wellness benefits - short term, medium term, and long term.

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education experiences also taught him that it is very difficult to educate a person about important natural healthcare and wellness concepts if they believes that they are already educated adequately about important healthcare concepts. They do not want to be educated because they erroneously believe they are already educated enough.  Most American citizens do not realize how little they know about what they need to know to take much better care of their very complex body.

Special Information For Our First Time Visitors

Are You In a Hurry Right Now?

     We understand that you may be in a hurry right now, but if so, you can quickly put this Website in your Favorites and visit us again when you have some time to review this unique Home department. We recommend that you take a few minutes to review the information below before deciding to leave this Website.

     The time you spend with this Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts   Education Website can help motivate you to improve your lifestyle in very important ways that can help you more than you can even imagine right now.   

    The six lessons natural healthcare concepts education program at this Website provides a very special opportunity for "qualified visitors" to review very important natural   healthcare and wellness concepts that can have very beneficial effects on their life - daily for the rest of their life.   

     Our six lessons program introduces very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts to our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's); this special healthcare information can help motivate them to improve their natural healthcare and wellness actions a lot.

     Our CQV's can learn how to improve their lifestyle in very important ways by using some of our natural healthcare and wellness concepts as Free educational gifts.  We will explain later how some of our American adult visitors can easily qualify for access to this program.
     Responsible enlightened (well informed) natural healthcare improvement actions can be very important to the future of all American adults.  In fact, our copyrighted natural     healthcare and wellness concepts can be used to improve one's lifestyle a lot.  This will likely be the most important natural healthcare improvement actions that our Certified Qualified Visitor's (CQV's) have ever taken to improve their long-term health.   

     Our proprietary and copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts can help CQV's improve the way their body functions in some very important respectsOur   CQV's will get much more natural healthcare and wellness concepts education at this Website than our Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's), or our Qualified Visitors(QV's).  However, our AQV's and our QV's will also learn about some very important and very valuable naturalhealthcare and wellness concepts.  

     Getting started quickly with these
natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvement actions will increase the health benefits that Qualified Visitor's (
QV's),   Approved Qualified Visitors (
AQV's), and Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) will ultimately receive from their very smart actions.  

     Getting started with these healthcare improvements is easy, but this will not happen automatically.  One begins by taking some specific practical and responsible healthcare improvement actions and then taking additional healthcare improvement actions that help keep this health improvement process moving forward.   It is important to remember this very old life concept:  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." 

     Just take the first few easy health improvement steps by learning about natural   healthcare and wellness concepts, and then continue these easy health improvement actions routinely as you take a little time to progress with these very important and very valuable healthcare education actions.

     Our company specializes in helping "qualified visitors" learn about basic and fundamental natural healthcare  education actions that can help them improve their life in exceptionally beneficial ways that are practical, responsible, and sensible. 

Every day is important in this natural healthcare and wellness education improvement process, and our QV's,    our AQV's, and our CQV's can easily get started quickly - if they wisely choose to do so

     This Home department and some of our Home Extension departments (Home Extensions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)  identify some of the ways that our copyrighted natural    healthcare and wellness concepts can help our "qualified education clients(qualified clients) in remarkable ways

    One of our leased advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs can greatly improve a 
qualified education client's ability to accomplish whatever they want to achieve with their lifetime opportunities - with their work duties and responsibilities and also in their personal life with family members, relatives, and friends

     CQV's will be able to review some of the remarkable natural healthcare advantages and benefits that our "qualified education clients" can enjoy in their lifetime.  We share some of this information with our CQV's to help them understand the potential healthcare advantages that one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs can provide for our "qualified clients. "

     Becoming aware of some of the benefits of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts can help  CQV's a lot.  This awareness can enable CQV's to see very important reasons for getting motivated to begin using some of our healthcare and wellness concepts to improve their lifestyle in practical and responsible ways that can pay BIG healthcare dividends in the coming years.  

     CQV's can make very important and valuable lifestyle improvements by using some of the helpful introductory level guidance that our copyrighted healthcare and wellness concepts provide in our six lessons natural healthcare and wellness education program.   (At this Website.)  As stated previously, we will explain later the criteria that we use to qualify different levels of visitors to this Website. 

 Special Healthcare Concepts
For Our First-time Visitors

     Hopefully, you already understand that your precious health is worth millions of dollars.  Yes, that's right,  millions of dollars You are unique, like no other person, and your potential is practically unlimited - but you will need important help to gradually develop over time to your lifetime potential.  

     One of the most important goals that you can have in life is to learn how to take good care of   your incredible body This is a vital healthcare concept for everyone.    Unfortunately, it is difficult to learn how to defend and protect your natural healthcare assets in this product-oriented world.  (We will identify your natural healthcare assets in our Home Extension 1 department at Topic 2 - part of Lesson Two in our six lessons natural healthcare education program at this Website).

     Most people are much more interested in acquiring things than in acquiring very important and valuable  natural healthcare concepts knowledge.  Consequently, most of the American marketplace is arranged and organized to offer a broad assortment of "things" for people to purchase conveniently.

     The very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education that we offer our "CQV's" is a unique service that is not available in the conventional marketplace.   However, our exceptionally important life-changing advanced natural   healthcare and wellness concepts education services are reported herein using the amazing communications capability of the remarkable Internet.

    Taking time to acquire a practical and useful understanding of our special natural   healthcare concepts can help tens of thousands of Americans avoid losing their life   prematurely every week.   Unfortunately, most Americans do not know how to search for and find this special Website so those tragic situations will likely continue, and   tens of thousands will continue losing their life prematurely each week Pause and think about these tragic situations for a few moments. Tens of thousands of Americans dying prematurely weekly due to a deficiency of our easy education. 

Healthy Lifestyle Information

     It seems that everyone is looking for the "magic pill or potion" to make it very easy to casually enjoy better health the easy, cheap, and lazy way.  However, take it from Lon Willoughby (at age 82), after studying natural  healthcare and wellness concepts for thousands of hours during the past 47 years, the really smart way to enjoy better health   long-term is to responsibly learn how to develop a truly healthy lifestyle that routinely encompasses several very important major parameters of natural health-promoting actions.

     Our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, has spent thousands of hours researching and studying very important natural healthcare and wellness issues during the past 47 years. 

    Fortunately, his dedicated diligent research was very successful.  He learned a lot about natural healthcare actions that Americans can take to improve their potential to live a much healthier life and a much safer life.  He learned how a natural healthcare concepts educated person can develop a truly healthy lifestyle.  

     Lon has spent many years of his life and hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars in his determined and diligent efforts to share some of his very important copyrighted natural   healthcare and wellness concepts with many American citizens living in the Greenville, South Carolina area.  

     Unfortunately, almost everyone was "too busy" to be willing to attend the weekly Free classes that our healthcare and wellness store (ABC of Health) advertised many times for two years (at a cost of many thousands of U.S. dollars).   Lon and his wife Janie Willoughby were the stock holders of this corporate health and wellness store business, and these were very important healthcare classes

     Lon wanted to share with the local Mauldin and Simpsonville area public some of the very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that he had developed and copyrighted, over a period of many years, for exclusive educational use by ABC of Health.

     Lon and Janie were very disappointed that the local area public was not willing to attend very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts classes that were advertised weekly in the local area to about forty thousand homes as Free classes - we did this many times.  

     Why were so many local area residents (about 40 thousand homes) not willing to attend very important and valuable natural healthcare education classes that were Free 

     Why did about 40+ thousand adults living within our advertising area not visit our   very important Natural Healthcare Education Website and take advantage of the very important and valuable natural healthcare education that we provided for them - also Free healthcare education information 

     All of our advertisements for the major Greenville area presented our Website address.  Our multiple health category type ads in the local  AT & T phone book (for the major Greenville area) also listed our Website address (we had advertisements in multiple categories such as:  Air Purifiers, Health Stores, Nutrition, Vitamins, Water Purifiers - we paid for those ads for many years).  However, our Website's monthly action traffic counts  showed that very few people visited our very important Website during each month. 

     Consequently, most of our major Greenville area citizens received no benefit at all from the important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that our Website provided for them Free.   Why was there so little interest in our very important healthcare educational Website?

Analysis Of Those Low Activity And

  Low Healthcare Interest Situations

     Lon is a scientifically-oriented person with important science education and more than twenty years of science-oriented evaluation type work experiences with very complex electronics systems used by the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for military air traffic control, commercial air traffic control, and civilian air traffic control, along with critically important military defense of our air space in the southern portion of the USA.  

     As a result of his technical education and many years of complex electronic systems analysis work experiences, Lon's highly developed analytical critical-thinking skills   enabled him to evaluate why most people living within our advertising area were not willing to attend our Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes, and why only a few people within the greater Greenville area visit our important helpful  Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Website.  (provided lots of Free natural healthcare information)

     Lon's detailed written report analysis of those very disappointing and frustrating situations was so important  that we developed a separate department at this Website to present his important analysis of those very disappointing natural healthcare and wellness concepts education situations. 

     That valuable report is available Free to all visitors to this Website, and it can be very helpful to visitors that review this very relevant analysis report before they try to decide whether or not they may benefit a lot from the Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we have developed for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).

     We realize that Lon's special analysis report can be very important to all American adult visitors.  We believe all American adult citizens should review his very valuable report about this critically important natural healthcare and wellness education subject  because it can affect 300+ million Americans in very important beneficial ways.

     We will provide a special link down below to detour you over to our Healthcare Myths Dangerous Beliefs department so you can review what Lon Willoughby reported about   healthcare myths that can become very dangerous beliefs that enable thousands of premature deaths each week in the USA. 

     Those common healthcare myths can be very dangerous because they can affect the lives of many millions of Americans in very detrimental ways.  Lon understands that those very harmful healthcare myths and their corresponding dangerous beliefs probably help enable tens of thousands of tragic premature deaths in the USA each week that goes by (52 weeks per year). 

     Lon Willoughby estimates that those very dangerous myths result in more than one million premature deaths in the USA each year.  Consequently, you can see that this is a very serious healthcare situation for America.   We understands that this tragic situation can be improved a lot for millions of Americans by using the special   natural healthcare and wellness education concepts that Lon has discovered, developed, and copyrighted for   ABC of Health since year 2000.

     Fortunately, Lon Willoughby's analysis of those mythical situations also enabled him to evaluate and determine  what natural healthcare actions Americans can take to begin managing their natural healthcare actions in much more effective ways that are also practical, responsible, and sensible.  

     It is difficult for the USA to maintain a very strong and reliable military defense of our very important "shining city on a hill" nation (a beacon of hope for billions of people) when so many of our citizens are in poor health.  (So unhealthy that they die prematurely at the rate of more than 120,000 per month - 120,000+ deaths x 12 months equals 1,440,000+ premature deaths per year in the USA.

     Lon understands that it is not just the premature deaths that are very important here; it is also the poor health conditions that are frequently associated with those premature deaths.  If American citizens were educated about taking much better care of their natural health, we would have a lot less sickness, disease conditions, and mental and physical suffering - that costs billions ($$$) each year.

     Can you see that this is the major healthcare problem in America?  Lon and Janie Willoughby have developed practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare    education solutions that can greatly reduce this healthcare  education deficiency by teaching our vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Important Detour Actions 

     Before we detour you over to our very important Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs department, we need to detour you over to our Healthcare Problems in USA department.  We want you to get a good understanding of how serious these healthcare problems are in America.  Healthcare problems affect the lives of millions of  Americans severely each year, and it is important for all visitors to review our Healthcare Problems in USA  department (A very important Free healthcare report.)

     Fortunately, Lon has learned how to make major improvements in most of these healthcare problem conditions by using our alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.

     Think about this situation for a few moments:  Without our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, there will likely not be any substantial improvements in these very tragic healthcare and wellness problems that affect the lives of millions of American citizens each year.

     It is very important for all visitors to responsibly review our Healthcare Problems in USA department and this is a good time to make that visit.  Without understanding what the major healthcare problems in America actually are, and without having some clear understanding of how serious these major healthcare problems really are, it is unlikely that most visitors will understand the great need that exists in the USA for the very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we provide Free in this Home department's  presentation for all American adult visitors 

     It is important to remember that when one wants to solve a problem of any kind, including healthcare problems, we should first take time to define the problem so we understand clearly what problem we are striving to solve.  This detour will help you define (understand the nature of) the major healthcare problems that all American adults need to understand well.

     The very important basic and fundamental level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we present at this Website will enable our visitors to begin developing some sincere appreciation for the pioneering  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education work that ABC of Health is providing Free for the  enlightenment of all American adult visitors. 

     You can use the convenient link below to detour over to that department and then use your Back Arrow Function to come back to this exact location to continue below.  

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your viewing system provides TABs at the top of your viewing screen, observe the TAB that you are using now before this transfer action and also observe the TAB change taking place at the top of your viewing screen.  If you don't actually transfer to the department listed below, simply select the new TAB that appeared at the top of your viewing screen to complete this transfer action. 

Healthcare Problems in USA

     Welcome back to this Home department.  You now have a better understanding of the major health problems in America (USA).  Now let's detour you over to our Healthcare Myths- Dangerous Beliefs department so you can understand why many millions of good Americans have unknowingly doomed themselves to having poor health and dying a premature death before getting to their golden years.

     Use the convenient special link below to detour to that very important department instantly.  You will be able to use your Back Arrow Function to come back to this exact location when you are ready to return here and continue with the information below. 

Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs

     Welcome back to this Home department.  You now understand that the major healthcare problem in America is a serious deficiency of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  You also see clearly why almost everyone in America is seriously deficient in special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education - even when it is available to them locally.  You now understand why the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lonnie Willoughby researched, developed, and copyrighted for ABC of Health are incredibly important concepts for American citizens - BIG TIME!!!  

     Congratulations, you now have a much better understanding of the massive healthcare dilemma in America than 99.00 % of all Americans alive today.  You now have a very good understanding of the major causes of the serious healthcare problems that affect millions of Americans each year.  

     You also have a very good understanding of why our alternative health and complementary health type  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can help Americans begin making substantial progress in reducing these very serious national healthcare and wellness problems in practical and sensible ways.  

     You now understand that our natural healthcare education opportunities are the most practical way to make major improvements quickly in natural healthcare and wellness in America.

     Education is clearly the main solution that is badly needed to improve healthcare and wellness in America  quickly in very important ways However, we must always remember that "a person convinced against their will - is of the same opinion still."   Until American citizens review both of the departments that you just reviewed, they will not likely understand the massive size of our healthcare problems in the USA, and they will not likely understand that they actually do need more education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts - like this Website can provide in a very convenient and easy to learn introductory format that is Free.

     Consequently, all visitors need to personally take responsible easy actions to encourage people within their "circle of influence" to visit this special educational Website and review the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts presented in this Home department's presentation.  

Healthcare and Wellness Education Resources

       Please understand that there is a lot of good healthcare and wellness education information in the marketplace, but most of it is limited in scope.  In general, one, two, or three good health type books can help most people a lot, but books will usually not educate a person adequately about developing a healthy lifestyle in the  comprehensive manner that Lon believes every adult and teenager in the USA needs to understand.

     Most of that natural healthcare information can help one improve some important aspects of a lifestyle, but it will usually not be comprehensive enough to include the special advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon developed and copyrighted for exclusive use by our company.  We are the only healthcare education company in the USA that can legally teach our copyrighted corporate healthcare trade secrets.

Comprehensive Natural Healthcare Concepts

Education Is Very Difficult To Acquire


      Why is this true?  Because it is very complicated; it took many years of researching, studying, discovering,  and evaluating for Lonnie Willoughby to develop the special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that he copyrighted for ABC's of Health, Inc. We will introduce some of those special healthcare and wellness concepts  for QV's, and AQV's, and present more concepts for CQV's.

     A lot of very complex work was necessary for Lon to be able to gradually learn how to develop a practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare and wellness education program that will be comprehensive enough  (but also simplified enough), to be very helpful to most ordinary people. 

     As you can see from this overview explanation, this was a very challenging and very difficult natural healthcare and wellness concepts education objective for anyone to attempt to achieve.  What other company in America has gone through the very difficult, very complex, herculean natural healthcare and wellness concepts education  developmental processes that are necessary to develop alternative health type advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs in practical, responsible, and sensible ways that can be very helpful to ordinary American citizens?

     Lonnie Willoughby has many years of research and study in alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts, but he did not find any natural healthcare concepts education program that was specifically developed for home-study education by ordinary American citizens. 

     His extensive healthcare experiences discovered that most medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionist, and other healthcare practitioners do not fully understand what ordinary people really need to know about the  practical and sensible aspects of natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     Some of those important dedicated healthcare practitioners have acquired a lot of important and valuable  healthcare education, training, and experience, and they can help people a lot in many ways.  However, Lon Willoughby discovered that most healthcare practitioners were not taught some of the advanced natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that he discovered as vital natural healthcare knowledge.

     It has taken many years of research, discovery, study, and evaluation for Lon to put the major pieces of this very complicated natural healthcare and wellness concepts puzzle together in a comprehensive but simplified manner  that is practical, responsible, and sensible, and will also be easy to learn for ordinary American citizens.  

Four Categories of American Visitors

   For our educational purposes, we will have four categories of visitors at this Website. 

      Most of our visitors will be in Category One: Regular American Visitors (RAV's). 

      Many of these visitors will be eligible to become a Category Two "Qualified Visitor" (QV).

     We define a Qualified Visitor (QV) as an American citizen visitor (natural born or  naturalized), who has a Christian-oriented religious background and faith belief system and also has a patriotic-minded primary   allegiance to the United States of America.

     We are striving to help educate QV's that have responsibly reviewed our Copyright Information department   and our Terms of Use department (both departments are at this Website and will be introduced later).  We will help educate QV's that responsibly agree to comply in reasonable ways with the protective conditions explained in each of those two departments - regarding each QV's use of some of our very important proprietary and    copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets.  

    Qualified Visitors (QV's) who want to advance into Category Three, our Approved Qualified Visitor status  (AQV), must also agree to responsibly use the access to special healthcare and wellness concepts that we will   provide to them when we approve their advancement into our Approved Qualified Visitor status (AQV).  

     As you can see, the temporary apparent QV status is an initial qualifying status that is a prerequisite requirement for advancing into a Category Three Visitor - an Approved Qualified Visitor status (AQV).  The next paragraph explains briefly why we must have protective security evaluation procedures for approving an apparent QV (Category Two Visitor) for advancement into an Approved Qualified Visitor status (AQV).   We will explain these important security issues in more detail later in this Home department.

     ABC of Health has protective security evaluation procedures because our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is so important and so valuable that we must carefully avoid educating any of America's  competitors or enemies - either military, political, or economic (they may be USA citizens or foreign residents living within the USA). 

     A Regular American Visitor (RAV) who appears to qualify as a Qualified Visitor (as defined above) can choose to apply to ABC of Health via an easy and convenient E-mail request for our careful and responsible review of their apparent QV status.      

     Their E-mail to us will explain why they believe they meet our Qualified Visitor acceptance standards and they provide basic information that answers this question:  Do I/we (spouses) fully qualify as a Qualified Visitor(s) 

     If the initial qualifying information that they provide to ABC of Health shows that they meet our basic criteria for a Qualified Visitor (QV), we will E-mail them our Qualified Visitor Welcome Letter and also send them some  important natural healthcare and wellness information to help them improve their natural healthcare actions and their lifestyle - quickly and easily.   

      Our E-mail response will also explain the easy additional actions involved for their qualifying as an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV) so they can begin considering this desirable option.  This information will explain our very modest security evaluation fee structure.

     In this AQV situation, they will need to mail us photocopies of certain personal identification documents for our review in our protective security evaluation process 

Category One: Regular American Visitor >

 Category Two: Qualified Visitor 

> Category Three: Approved Qualified Visitor

        If an apparent QV chooses to start our protective security evaluation process, and sends us the identification documents that we need for evaluating their Approved Qualified Visitor status, we will carefully evaluate their situation to see if we can approve their request for an Approved Qualified Visitor status (advancing them to a Category Three Visitor).

     After we review their identification papers, we will communicate with the Qualified Visitor applicant via E-mail to let them know what our decision is about their status advancement request.  If we approve their Approved Qualified Visitor status, we will charge their credit card for the nominal evaluation fee(s) involved (for an individual or for a married couple - or a responsible stable living together couple).

     We will then send our AQV Welcome Letter via E-mail and also send some very helpful natural healthcare information that will help then get on the fast track to improving their lifestyle and their natural healthcare actions.  

     NOTE:  We will make a basic evaluation charge of $15.00 to their credit card if we cannot approve their actions to advance to the Approved Qualified Visitor status (a Category Three Visitor).  If their application was clearly made in a dishonest and fraudulent manner to harass our business, we will make a non-refundable charge to their credit card of $35.00.  This provision is necessary to prevent a few people from maliciously trying to cause us frivolous work activity in a harassment manner (providing fraudulent information in their application).

     Some of our Approved Qualified Visitor's (AQV's) can then choose to go forward to become a Category Four Visitor - a "Certified Qualified Visitor" (CQV).  The CQV status will enable them to have access to a lot of additional very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education - that we provide at this Website for all CQV's - as explained below.  

     An AQV can apply via E-mail for our protective security system evaluation of them to see if we will qualify them as a "Certified Qualified Visitor" (CQV).  The security evaluation is more stringent for  their CQV status approval than it was for their AQV status approval.  We will mail them some forms to complete and then mail back to us along with their written agreement to pay the specified nominal protective security system evaluation fee that is involved.  (Payment by Discovery, MasterCard, or Visa credit card (not debit cards) - or payment can be made by USPS postal money order.   

     When an Approved QV (AQVchooses to apply to ABC of Health via E-mail for approval as a Certified    Qualified Visitor (CQV)
, we will communicate by E-mail with each AQV about actions that they will need to take for completing our evaluation forms and mailing them back to us.  We will already have their photocopies of some personal identification documents that they sent us when we evaluated their Approved Qualified Visitor status.

     When the AQV agrees via E-mail communications for us to go forward with our evaluation of them for Certified Qualified Visitor status, we will promptly mail them the Application and Registration papers that they will need to complete and then return to ABC of Health via USPS mail for our protective security evaluation purposes 

     We will charge a nominal 
security evaluation processing fee for this necessary protective security evaluation  (payment by Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card (not debit card), or payment by a USPS post office type money order).  This modest and very reasonable fee will be explained later at this Website.

     NOTE:  We have an alternative protective evaluation procedure that an apparent QV can use when initially applying for approval of their AQV status. They can request approval of their AQV status and their CQV status   simultaneously.  We will then send the forms that they need to complete and mail back to us along with their identification documents that we need to evaluate carefully.  We will communicate via E-mail during this process.

     All CQV's must agree to responsibly use the special access that we will provide to them for our very important and very valuable six lessons Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program.  (This very special program contains some of our corporate healthcare trade secrets). These additional six levels of Free education access at this Website are not granted to any other visitors - not RAV's, or QV's or even AQV's. 

     If we approve our evaluations of their AQV status and their CQV status simultaneously, we will reduce the nominal protective security evaluation fee for their AQV status evaluation These details will be explained in our E-mail response to their initial E-mail inquiry about applying for an upgrade of their apparent QV status to our CQV status. 

Qualified Visitor > Approved Qualified Visitor > Certified Qualified Visitor  

Qualified Visitor > Approved Qualified Visitor
and Certified Qualified Visitor
evaluated simultaneously - faster processing time
and costs less for the AQV evaluation fee(s) 

     A newly approved CQV will receive two security access codes to use with six restricted access education departments at this Website.  Only CQV's get access to these very important and very valuable natural   healthcare and wellness concepts.  (These security code protected healthcare and wellness concepts   departments are shared only with QV's who have advanced to a CQV status. 

     All six lessons of our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program are accessible to our CQV's- but to no one else.  We do allow all visitors to review the first lesson in this education program.     Lesson One contains a lot of very important and very valuable information about healthcare services and    healthcare systems in America.  Lesson One also provides some very important and valuable natural    healthcare and wellness concepts that all American adult citizens (and their smart teenage children) need to review as soon as possible (ASAP).  

     Five of our six security protected departments contain one additional lesson each in our six lessons Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program for CQV's.  The sixth restricted access department contain  very important healthcare and wellness concepts that will be explained later.  Our CQV's are the only visitors at this Website that will be provided with the security access codes that will enable access into our security code protected departments.        

    Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) status will be explained in more detail later, but for now, you need to understand that a Regular American Visitor (RAV) who appears to qualify as a Qualified Visitor (QV) can then apply to ABC of Health via E-mail for approval as an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV).  After they are evaluated by ABC of Health for an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV) status, they can apply for CQV status at a later date.  

     Or they can choose to use our alternative evaluation procedure for doing both evaluations simultaneously (AQV and CQV), as explained previously.  This combined protective security evaluation process gets them to the CQV status quicker, and it also reduces our modest customary AQV protective security evaluation fee(s).

Regular American Visitor > apparent Qualified Visitor
Simultaneous Evaluations:  

Approved Qualified Visitor
Certified Qualified Visitor

     A Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) will have access to a lot more natural healthcare and wellness Concepts at this Website than an apparent Qualified Visitor (QV) or even an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV) because each  CQV will obtain access to five additional lessons of our Free Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program.  (RAV'sQV's, and AQV's can review only Lesson One.)   

     Each CQV will also obtain access to our Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Department. This sixth restricted access department contains some very important copyrighted healthcare concepts that are  available only to our CQV's.  These special natural healthcare and wellness concepts should be reviewed carefully by all American adults  (and their smart teenagers), but due to our protective security requirements, that situation is not feasible.  

     However, we do present some very important information about these two serious health problems in another  department that can be reviewed by all visitors to this Website.  (Healthcare Problems in USA All American adults (and their smart teenage children) need to review the vital information that we present about these two serious healthcare problems!!!

     CQV's will also get
 access to information about
 the special kinds of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that we can provide for our "qualified education clients- using one of our convenient leased natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs
.  Learning basic and fundamental information about these very special natural healthcare home-study type education services  can be helpful to our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).

     Sequence of progression actions:  We realize that the sequence of qualification actions described briefly above may be a bit confusing with your first reading about these qualification actions, but we will explain these progressive actions again as we go along.  Just be patient about these sequential progressive actions - they will become clearer as we continue discussing some of these issues.  

     If you feel a bit confused about these visitor levels, it may be helpful to simply go back and read through the brief overview presented above one more time.  A careful repetitive reading can usually clear up any confusion that may occur within an explanation of multiple closely related actions. 

Our Home-study Type Natural 
Healthcare Education Programs

      In addition to the very important and very valuable Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we present at this Website for visitors at different security qualification levels, we are currently developing much more comprehensive and detailed advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education programs that will be in printed home-study education format.  

     Our protective security evaluation standards will be stringent for our "qualified education clients."   We will also have to be very careful here about whom we qualify to become a "qualified education client" (to lease one of our healthcare home-study education programs).  We must carefully avoid educating any of America's competitors or enemies - either military, political, or economic competitors or enemies (may be USA citizens or may be USA residents - foreign people living in the USA).    

    NOTE: Qualified education clients (qualified clients) will also have a Christian-oriented religious background and faith belief system, and they will be patriotic-minded natural born American citizens that have a primary allegiance to the United States of America.  

     They will be fully qualified to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs Currently, "qualified education clients" 
must live in the upstate area of South Carolina with a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .  The distribution area for leasing actions for our home-study type healthcare education programs will be expanded at appropriate times in the future.

      Our natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs will use published text books plus the Top Secret educational guidance manuals that we will publish to ensure that our proprietary and  copyrighted home-study education programs present a convenient way for our "qualified education  clients" to learn natural healthcare and wellness concepts in a more comprehensive manner than the  introductory level natural healthcare concepts education that we present Free in this special Website.

     We have learned how to use the Internet's communications capabilities for easy and quick natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, and we also know how to use the special copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness home-study education programs that we are currently developing to educate millions of "qualified education clients" about our copyrighted advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are a remarkable breakthrough in natural healthcare and wellness actions

advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs
 can provide very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for our 
"qualified education  clients
."  We will explain in more detail later why we must very carefully "qualify" education clients for  leasing one of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs.  

     There is no way to purchase one of our security protected home-study education programs; they can only be leased for a reasonable period of time due to our stringent security protective procedures.  Remember,  Americans have many enemies (domestic and foreign), and we carefully avoid educating potential military, political, and/or economic competitors or potential enemies of the USA

    As stated previously, our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will initially be available for lease only by fully qualified natural born American adult citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina - with a permanent home or residence address Zip Code of 296 _ _ .  

     That restricted lease situation means that most American adult citizens will not be able to qualify to lease one of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness home-study education programs (when they initially become available - hopefully several months from now).  We considered this very restricted lease distribution situation carefully, and we decided to develop an additional education objective for this Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website.

Major Modifications Were Made
To This Large Website


      This Home department and several other departments were modified extensively to develop an introductory-level basic and fundamental type natural healthcare and wellness concepts three-phase education program. 

      We can now enable America adult citizens (natural born or naturalized) to benefit from some of our entirely new "Phase One" Education.   This is our introductory-level basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is available Free to all American adult visitors in this Home department's very

informative presentation. 

This Modified Website Now Provides 
Three Phases of Education  

 Phase One Education is available Free for all American adult citizen visitors - they can review this Home department, plus seven additional departments that are linked within this vital presentation (identified below)
.  This Home department and the seven linked departments that are listed below present very important information that all American adult citizens need to review ASAP. 

     All American adult visitors are authorized to review this lengthy (expanded)  Home department and the seven linked departments that are listed below - at any time.  

1.  Healthcare Problems in USA,   2.  Healthcare Myths - Dangerous Beliefs  

3. Free Healthcare Education,    4.  Copyright Information,    5.  Terms of Use,

6.  Judicial Corruption Exposed,  7.  Unfair Healthcare Deck for Americans.

In addition, all visitors can also visit at any time the 

Contact ABC of Health and/or Comments and Reviews departments.

       Phase Two Education is for our Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's) - we use the same QV qualifications   criteria that was explained previously.  In review, QV's should have a Christian-oriented religious background and faith belief system, and they should be responsible patriotic-minded Americans who have a definite primary allegiance to the United States of America.

      AQV applicants must also agree to honor and respect, in an honest and responsible manner, our copyrighted   and proprietary natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets - that we share with them at this Website for their personal and family use only - as an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV).  This same information is also presented for use by our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's). 

     Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's) and our CQV's can maintain one primary residence in one of  America's 48 contiguous states - we may make some exceptions at times to this broad statement.  

     This Home department presents important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts for all  American adult citizen visitors (as shown above for Phase One Education); however, our QV's and other non-qualified visitors are restricted from reviewing other departments (that are not listed above) until they have progressed to an AQV status or a CQV status 

Apparent QV's - Should Send an E-mail to ABC of Health

      Initially, an apparent QV should send ABC of Health an E-mail that lets us know that they believe they apparently meet our qualification standards for being a Qualified Visitor.  It is very important that they let us know about their apparent QV status so we can E-mail them our Welcome QV letter and some important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts information that can be very helpful to them during the months and years ahead of them. (May help them improve their life quickly.)

     If they already feel that they will likely want to apply for qualification as an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV), they can also let us know that in their initial E-mail to ABC of Health.  Our E-mail response can then provide helpful information about our AQV protective security evaluation process.

    When we qualify a single visitor, or a married couple, or a stable living together couple, for our AQV status, we will respond with our AQVWelcome Letter and also send them some important and valuable   natural healthcare information that can be very helpful to them during the months and years ahead of them. (This special natural healthcare information may help them improve their lifestyle easily and quickly.)

     All of our AQV's will have full access to all available departments of this large Website except seven  security code protected departments they can be accessed only by our CQV's.     

     Phase Three Education is available only to our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's).  This phase of our natural healthcare and wellness education includes all of Phase One Education and all of Phase Two Education plus the major addition of our five Home Extension departments (that require a Login Code and a Password Code to enter into these special higher security level protected departments).

     Phase Three also includes access to our Diabetes and Hypoglycemia department - another security protected department that contains some exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that all   American adults and smart teenagers need to be educated about.  However, we have protective security conditions  that have been implemented for this very special department. 

     Due to our restricted access for that very important department, we provide a reduced amount of that very  important information in another department that is accessible to all visitors.    

     The next Sub-Topic (right below) will explain why we must use a protective security evaluation process for evaluating apparent QV's who want to become an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV) and for evaluating  AQV's  who want to advance to a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) status.

More Information About Our Protective Security System

      Unfortunately, there are millions of American citizens, and billions of other people on this planet, that must be prohibited from reviewing some of this Website.  That situation causes very important security complications for the Confidential and Secret natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we publish at this special educational Website. 

     We developed a protective security evaluation process to use for an apparent QV who wants to qualify as an  AQV so they can obtain easy access to a lot of additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts at this Website.  

     ABC of Health uses a more extensive protective security evaluation process to evaluate an AQV who wants to advance to a CQV status.  We also use protective security codes to ensure that only CQV's can obtain access to six protected departments.

    Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) will have full access to the six protected departments of Natural  Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Information that we present at this Website for the exclusive use of our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's). 

     For now, you need to understand that we developed an easy way for an Approved Qualified Visitor (AQV) to be evaluated for becoming approved as a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV).  Our very important and very valuable Free six lessons Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program is truly a remarkable value in  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.  This unique education program is not available anywhere else to anyone at any price. 

     Regular American Visitors, and apparent Qualified Visitors, and Approved Qualified Visitors will have Free access to the first lesson of our six lessons Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program.  However, we present additional copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness education concepts in six special departments that those visitors will not be able to access (enter into) until after they have properly applied for security evaluation(s) and have been approved as a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV) 

     The other five lessons of our six lessons Free Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Program   will present additional important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can provide   remarkable healthcare education value, but those lessons (lessons 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) are available only to Qualified Visitors or Approved Qualified Visitors who progress to a Certified Qualified Visitor status (CQV).  

    The Free natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented in this lengthy Home department presentation for all visitors will enable them to obtain a very important reasonable and responsible understanding of the true nature of America's very serious natural healthcare and wellness concepts education deficiency dilemma.  

     Those very serous health problem situations are making us a weaker nation health-wise day-by-day, and they are also bankrupting a lot of American families, and some cities, and some counties, and some states - and yes, even the USA federal government. 

     We want all American adult citizens to review these very important healthcare and wellness problem issues to  help them understand why American adults should strive to make responsible major improvements in these very serious healthcare situations.  We strongly suggest using the badly needed natural healthcare and wellness  education concepts that Lonnie and wife Janie Willoughby have developed over a period of many years at a cost of more than 1.7 million U.S. dollars (costs for Lon and Janie together and ABC of Health).

Quick Review of Educational

Information Provided at this Website

     This extensively revised Introductory Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Website still introduces local Greenville upstate area citizens to our vital healthcare and wellness education programs (as it did before), but it now also introduces American citizen visitors (throughout the 50 USA states and USA territories) to important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are Free.  (Phase One)

     We also provide additional important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness education concepts for our Approved Qualified Visitors (AQV's).  (Phase Two)

     We then present a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for our Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) by using six additional healthcare education  departments that only CQV's can access with codes.  

     Five of those restricted access departments present one additional lesson each in our six lessons Free Natural Healthcare and Wellness Education Program  The sixth restricted area department presents our Diabetes and Hypoglycemia department 

     Phase One Education and Phase Two Education plus our six additional security coded departments make up our Phase 3 Education.

  This unique very special natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational Websites the only place  on the Internet (or anywhere else) that this copyrighted and proprietary introductory-level natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is available in our well-organized easy to understand and learn format.

     The information presented herein is incredibly important and valuable, and it can help visitors improve their life in major ways that can help them daily for the rest of their life - and it is FREE WOW!


Comprehensive Healthcare Concepts Education Plan  
This Website Education + Our Home-study Education Program   

     You may have noticed by now that we have a comprehensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education  master plan that includes all of the basic and fundamental healthcare education that is available at this special Website and the plan then progresses into one of our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs.  (all voluntary actions of course)

     ABC of Health is the only natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company in the USA that has a comprehensive master education plan of this type.  Lon Willoughby realizes that anything short of this comprehensive natural healthcare education program will likely have some serious deficiencies (missing some very important and valuable detailed healthcare and wellness concepts). 

     Certified Qualified Visitors (CQV's) should consider this comprehensive master healthcare education plan right up front even though they may not live in the upstate area of South Carolina.  If Lon and Janie Willoughby have the specialized healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge to develop these advanced level Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Programs (for different groups of people), and if they have the  specialized education teaching skills to develop these advanced level natural healthcare education programs, they surely have the specialized knowledge and teaching skills to competently present the introductory-level basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is available at this educational Website.  

      We understand that many visitors will not be able to qualify for our initial leasing offer for one of our home-study type healthcare and wellness concepts education programs because their permanent residence Zip Code will not be within the codes of 296_ _.  (This will be a standard requirement for our initial leasing opportunity.) 

      It is important for you to understand that the qualifying levels explained previously are essential preliminary requirements for a natural born American citizen to qualify as one of our "Qualified Education Clients."  In other words, anyone wanting to lease one of our home-study education programs must complete the qualification actions required for becoming a Certified Qualified Visitor (CQV), and then review all six lessons  of our Free natural healthcare concepts education program before they try to lease one of our advanced natural   healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs 

     The very important and very valuable basic and fundamental natural healthcare and wellness concepts education presented at this Website for our CQV's establishes the basic and foundation health and wellness concepts education that is needed before beginning to study one of our leased advanced level natural   healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs.

     You can see that we have carefully developed a very good progressive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education process.  We begin by providing a practical, responsible, and sensible natural healthcare and wellness concepts introductory-level basic and fundamental education process at this special Website.  This process can be very helpful to millions of "qualified" American adult citizens.  

     We will then be able to further educate our "qualified education clients" with one of our leased advanced level home-study education programs (if they so choose). This remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education process for ordinary Americans has never been available before.

Regular American Visitor > Qualified Visitor > Approved Qualified Visitor 

> Certified Qualified Visitor > Qualified Education Client (Home-study Program)

     IMPORTANT NOTES:  We understand that the explanations provided for our different visitor qualification levels may be confusing for some visitors.  We recommend a second reading of the qualification explanations presented previously to help clear up any confusion that may have occurred. 

    For most visitors, it would be wise to pause this first reading at this point and go back to the beginning and review this information one more time, either now or on your next review visit.  We have already presented many important healthcare concepts that will be understood better after a second reading.  It is your choice however.  The six red + markers right below identify this first suggested stopping point.  Make a note of a phrase in this paragraph and then use your Control F function to find that phrase when you are ready to return to this paragraph in an instant manner.  ( Your phrase could be "markers right below")

+  +  +  1  +  +  +

Let's take a closer look at some of our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts.
What are we talking about when we use the term natural healthcare concepts?

What does the term natural mean?

     When we use the term natural healthcare at this Website, the underlined word natural shows that we are referring to an alternative healthcare system (actions, practices, procedures, or protocols) that is very different from the conventional healthcare services that are commonly provided in America by most conventionally educated and trained medical doctors and medical nurses.  

     We are talking about healthy lifestyle considerations such as: a good diet with quality wholesome foods (raw or cooked in healthy ways), and beneficial herbs, quality minerals, and quality vitamin supplements, etc.  These very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions are quite different from the usual healthcare drugs and remedies offered by conventionally educated and trained medical doctors.

Conventional Medical Systems in America

     As you know, most medical doctors routinely use various prescription type pharmaceutical drugs for treatment of most healthcare problem conditions.  Lon understands that 800,000+ medical doctors in the USA provide a lot of helpful healthcare services for millions of Americans each year.

     Lon has also learned, with many years of healthcare experiences in our health and wellness store with hundreds of customers, that those medical system healthcare services are frequently not very successful for many patients.  Unfortunately, most patients do not know about the very important advantages that alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts can provide for them so they therefore cannot responsibly compare the effectiveness of each of the healthcare systems. 

     Lon's experiences with hundreds of health store customers, and his dedicated and diligent research review and study about alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts, enabled him to learn that there is usually a much better way to provide most of those medical system healthcare services for millions of American citizens each year. 

     Healthcare patients would generally be much better served (served more effectively) 
if both healthcare service systems were used together in a complementary manner for each patient (conventional medicine system and the alternative health type healthcare system), but that is not usually done in the conventional medical system practices that are commonly available in America. 

     In essence, the two very different healthcare systems are usually considered by most medical doctors and nurses to be competing systems of healthcare services in America
, rather than properly considering the two systems to be complementary systems that can work together very well to provide much better results for patients for many healthcare problem conditions.  

     Lon understands that healthcare services in America should not be provided in that separated way, but he also realizes that this is the way that "
medical profession healthcare" is usually provided in America.  Consequently, healthcare patients in America need to personally learn how to make choices between the two different healthcare systems regarding the healthcare treatment practices that each patient will choose to use for each healthcare condition that the patient wants to improve.  

     It is clear that most healthcare patients do not have adequate education about alternative health type  natural healthcare and wellness concepts to make those decisions responsibly.  Consequently, they should consult with a natural healthcare consultant (similar to Lonnie Willoughby - if they can find one).  A 
nutrition consultant can help medical patients make nutrition supplement choices and lifestyle choices that might  improve their health substantially - when used with most typical medical system healthcare services. 

     As you surely know, both healthcare systems are not being used responsibly and competently in a complementary way in the typical American medical doctor practice - whether in general practice, specialty type medical practice, or with surgery situations.  Alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts could be used, and should be used, in most healthcare situations to provide much better healthcare benefits to each patient.  However, natural healthcare and wellness concepts are usually ignored and not used at all by most conventionally educated and trained medical doctors.  

     Unfortunately, the much healthier lifestyle that is usually needed for medical system patients is generally ignored to a large extend by the medical profession in America because that kind of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education belongs in the alternative health type healthcare services This is another situation where a natural healthcare consultant (like Lon Willoughby) could help most medical patients a lot, but most patients do not understand that they need help from this kind of healthcare consultant, in addition to the help that they get from their medical doctor.

     It is very important to understand that most medical doctors and nurses in America have not been educated and trained to provide this special kind of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education It would require many hours of education time with each patient to provide those special education services    adequately and competently.  

     You can see that it is clearly not practical for conventionally educated and trained medical doctors and nurses to attempt to provide these 
badly needed natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services  for their patients.  (Typically, they do not know how to do this competently; that kind of natural healthcare and wellness knowledge is outside their area of healthcare expertise.) 
     It is therefore very clear that American citizens should not assume that they will be educated by their local medical doctor or nurse whenever education is needed about important natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  That is not likely to happen for many years, if it ever happens in America (unlikely!).

How can millions of American citizens get the natural 
healthcare and wellness concepts education 
they need?

     Lon Willoughby understands this 
critically important education deficiency situation, and he and Janie are busy developing our advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts home-study education programs to greatly improve these situations for our qualified clients.  

    Our company is pioneering very effective ways to help meet these
 very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education needs by using very convenient home-study type education programs.  (The most practical education for most adult citizens and especially families that have some teenage children.)

A Better Way To Provide Many Medical Services   

     Lon knows that there is a much better way of providing healthcare services, and we are in the very important business of educating our clients about much better actions that they can take to maintain their good natural health (that they had in their earlier years of life).  We are in the vital business of helping educate our "qualified education clients" about how they can take much better care of their precious health - using alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are practical, reasonable, and sensible.

    We understand why the medical system situation described above is commonly practiced (and actively promoted) within the medical profession in America - in a word it is MONEY!  You see, there is a lot more money to be made in the American medical profession by simply ignoring alternative health type services than would be available if the medical profession actively used alternative health type (or complementary health typenatural  healthcare and wellness services whenever this was appropriate for a patient's best healthcare benefits (short term, medium term, and also long term). 

    You can understand that a lot more money can be made in the medical profession in America (and by the closely allied pharmaceutical industry) by more frequently "treating" people who have not learned how to take good care of their very complex body compared to infrequently "treating" much healthier people who have learned very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts about taking much better care of their complex body.  
    The healthier people gradually learned how to take more control of their health, and they learned how to take better care of their very complex body on a regular routine basis.  They probably learned that there are many good books in the marketplace that can help Americans learn about some of the complex natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are involved.  Fortunately, most of these very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts are rather easy to learn once you find them, as Lon Willoughby did by reading hundreds of very good natural healthcare type books over many years of continuing study.  

     The major education problem that Lon discovered is this:  how should a responsible health-conscious person try to educate them-self about the most important complex healthcare and wellness issues - without having to spend thousands of hours studying hundreds of good healthcare type books over a period of many years?  (As Lon did.)

     It would be very helpful if health-conscious Americans could find someone who has already been there and done that and could then act as a very competent guide for millions of health-conscious Americans who recognize that they could use some help with these complex natural healthcare and wellness concepts education issues 

     That is why Lon and Janie Willoughby decided that they were uniquely qualified to become an education team that would focus their combined education efforts on teaching some of the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon had gradually learned over a period of 37 years.  They both recognized the tremendous need that exists in America for some really easy to understand helpful guidance with the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are exceptionally important for American adult citizens